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Cher Lloyd: 'Swagger Jagger' Video Premiere!

Cher Lloyd: 'Swagger Jagger' Video Premiere!

Check out the just released music video for Cher Lloyd‘s new single “Swagger Jagger”!

The 17-year-old X Factor UK finalist will release her debut, self-titled album on August 22.

Cher, who was mentored on The X Factor by Cheryl Cole, recently said that they no longer keep in touch with each other.

“I didn’t really get dumped, did I? I’m working, so is she. She’s busy as well. I don’t know what the big deal is with that. She isn’t my mum, she isn’t my auntie or my sister. I don’t think it’s a big deal her staying in touch with me. That was a TV show. This is my time now,” Cher told BBC’s Newsbeat.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Cher Lloyd’s music video?

Cher Lloyd: “Swagger Jagger” Video Premiere
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  • Sarah

    OMG, cher you are an embarrassment to the UK. what is this?

  • jessa

    she’s 17????
    ok somethin wrong with brit women and premature aging.
    poor girls.

  • torrance

    LOL hm. ok. this will only be a hit in britain. guaranteed.

  • timby

    I don’t give a sh*t about what people think i like it and i love her!!

  • timby

    just because you don’t like something that doesn’t mean that you have to be mean or a hater so just don’t f*cking listen to it!! f*cking simple!

  • BEAN

    Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. Someone else takes a HUGE crap on music WOW!

  • Alaia

    So how much did you get paid to post this crap? No one likes her except for chavs/people with bad taste in music who watch The X-Factor.

  • john

    WHUT THE EFF WUZ THAT?? no seriously what was that????

  • shania

    I feel bad for her
    she’s so young and actually talented
    but this was so bad.

    sorry cher

  • essie

    it looks like a parody video.. eeps…

  • Charlotte

    This song sounds like a nursery rhyme for chavs. Asbo kids are going to love this…….

  • laverdadduele

    At what point in time did music turned to the c r a p that is today?

  • t


  • ….what did i just watch

    o m g

    that was so….unbelievably…..bad
    i expected it to be somewhat amusing
    but it’s so bad i can’t even make fun of it

  • http://www. V

    @laverdadduele: I don’t think this will even make it into the top 100 charts. Let’s not judge today’s music by this lol.

  • abc

    Never heard of her but she looks a lot older than 17. And she sounds kinda b!tchy in that quote.

  • livvyloo

    This is the 4th recent to shoutout to Jagger in a song. Enough! :)

  • Louise

    I’m British and I’m sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but this girl is not a true representation of British Music!

    I couldn’t stand her in the X-Factor and I cant stand her now. She didn’t win for a reason and that was because she alienated practically everyone she worked with, has a terrible work ethic and she had hardly any talent apart from semi- rapping pretty poorly in every song.

    She’s been at this album for mths apparently and this is what her team come up with…lmao.

    Bloody awful song, awful, awful..I hope she goes away and fast. YUCK.

  • Not a fan

    Oh no…I loved her on the X Factor, she sounded original and I thought she had a lot of potential, but this song is so cheesy and commercial-sounding. It’s horrible. Whoever she teamed up with to record this, she needs to run the other way quick before it’s too late.

  • Don

    The lyrics are awful. Her rapping his awful. The tune is awful. The way she dresses is awful. The sound of her voice is awful. The choreography is awful. Her attitude and general demeanor are beyond awful. The graphics of the video are awful. Her interview quotes are awful. Everything about this is just awful.

    I would love to be able to say, “This is not for me, but I wish her well”. I truly would. Or to say nothing at all, since I usually don’t comment in blogs. But in this case I just can’t help it. The awfulness of everything to do with her is just staggering, and I hope she’ll just disappear from the music scene, fast.

    I hate to make a post this negative, and to sound like just another internet hater. But this video is so awful, I just can’t help it. I had to speak my mind, although accurately speaking my mind is virtually impossible since the video is too awful for words. Just awful.

  • Megan

    Aww Cher. I wish her well, she’s gutsy.There are better songs on the album though, I hear.

    (also has Cowell already got to you already on JJ? X Factor US doesn’t start until autumn! ;))

  • yoooohooo



  • Nancy T

    Looks like the UK has a new chola in town! Throw up those gangsta signs girl! LOL! Am I watching Cher Lloyd or Fergie?

  • whitney lee

    Oh my gosh, who is commenting people in their thirties?Times are changing-the way she is dressed , her rapping what is wrong? It is young and fresh! What is up with everyone saying she is an ‘embarrassment’ to the UK? If anything she is a breath of fresh air for the Uk, everyone considers ppl from there to be snooty as hell. I love cher! Her attitude, style, braveness is thoroughly seen in this video! I’m *SO* glad she won!! I have yet to see anyone like her before… she can sing so beautifully but has that anger/gutsy side of her that can actually spit out a good rap! I hope good things happen for her! totally buying her CD

  • whitney lee is an idiot

    @whitney lee: Hey whitney, please do the world a favor and never reproduce. We don’t need your awful taste in music to spread.

  • dee

    wow didn’t know anything about this girl soI did watch it with an open mind but man was that awful. Was that for real?
    She made Kesha looked like John Lennon… Heck even Rebecca Black’s Friday was better than that..for real!

  • aa

    Is this a joke.. ?

  • XYZ

    All retards get famous nowadays…

  • http://@cherrydoll1 jennie

    i think she should get some of her own swagger jagger and stop copying cheryl cole .

  • Larissa

    you’re so rude people,lets give her a chance, she worked so hard

  • meduza

    That was BEYOND bad.

  • http://me Looky

    Wow that was bad!!! Yuck!!!

  • http://me Looky

    The first shot will the sweat pants and multi color sneakers she totally stole that look from Willow Smith!!

  • http://me Looky

    The first shot will the sweat pants and multi color sneakers she totally stole that look from Willow Smith!!

  • Sian

    I’m a Brit and 17 and I am actually ashamed to admit im from the same bloody country as her. Is she trying to be like the chav version of Jedward? She is a no talent loser who needs to get a grip and stop soiling Britain and the music that we can produce (take that for one!)
    She should just go crawl in a hole and never come out. She looks like a tramp.

  • Madi

    I like it!

  • Madi

    I like it!

  • Erika

    This s**t is worse than Friday by Rebecca Black!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heidi

    The rapping is extremely mediocre here, and the chorus part, i can’t even.. I know a children’s song that sounds just like that, at first i thought they had purposely used the same melody for irony or something, but actually i’m not sure if that song exists in english or not.

  • Deedz

    I stopped watching after 45 seconds. I don’t think I missed anything after that.

  • Beth

    I feel ashamed to be British right now…

  • amensister

    Oh my Darling, Oh my Darling, Oh my Darling Clemintine

  • Who Cares

    I hate this song. A lot.

  • Sean Badger

    I love this song! It’s fun! All the hatters in here are just lame and prolly listen to depressing sad music ALL the time!

  • Kiki

    Her hair/makeup is horrible….she comes across as such a wannabe, rather than fresh and talented, which she is not.

  • Leanne

    I love Cher, and i will always remember sitting at uni with my friends, watching this -> and crying like a baby after! i <3 Cher!

  • SJC

    I cannot wait for her to disappear like the rest of the wannabe ‘superstars’ but who are just awful! But what is worse is that there’s a talented girl somewhere in the UK who can’t get a deal because of this pathetic excuse for talent has one. I think the UK music industry needs to wake up and realise that she is not talented!

  • CoolBeans

    She looks like a Chola :3 LOL

  • holly

    omg! god i hated this girl on the x factor and now someones actually gone and let her record crap like this. the girl cant even sing she forces everything like shes trying to be a better singer than she is lets just hope she dissapears up her own a**e and we never hear from her again before she ruins british music !!