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Chord Overstreet Not Returning for 'Glee' Season 3

Chord Overstreet Not Returning for 'Glee' Season 3

Chord Overstreet will not be returning for the third season of Glee, as his series regular option has not been picked up, can confirm.

The 22-year-old actor, who plays the role of Sam Evans on the hit FOX series, could return to the show as an occasional guest star next season, according to Deadline.

Chord just tweeted saying “well its been a good yr too bad its over, time for summer and starting fresh.”

Darren Criss and Harry Shum, Jr., who were both recurring guest stars last season, have been bumped up to series regulars for the third season. Dianna Agron will also be returning for the new season!

ARE YOU SAD to see Chord Overstreet leave Glee?

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  • Nima Nakhshab

    what the EFF?

  • Emma

    Are you freaking kidding me, Ryan Murphy? Chord is a way better actor than Darren and Harry has barely said a complete sentence in his two seasons on the show. Whatever. I guess is doesn’t matter anyway since they’re all graduating. I just hope Ryan Murphy is prepared for the downward spiral in the ratings that is no doubt going to happen from these dumb ass decisions he keeps making.

  • Umm what about the whole Sam/Mercedes thing they introduced in the Finale??!?!?!?!?

  • Laura-C

    I’m sorry to see Chord going, he was very sweet and has a great voice but Ryan did say that he wanted to delve deeper in Mike Chang’s life more this season because they are graduating this year. I’ll be interesting to see Blaine in the show more than he was, him coming to McKinley, perhaps?! That would be amazing! Them holding hands in the halls, aww!

    Let’s hear your album, Chord!

  • Remi

    My heart just broke. I love Chord.

  • Tara

    What the hell!! I love chord. out of all of the characters to kick off the show why chord? just lost some major respect for this show. It wont be the same without him.

  • t

    Whaaaaaat? Ryan Murphy just said he didn’t consider Chord a “senior” as if he’d not only be there now but even when the rest of the cast has “graduated” in future seasons. I hope the writing is much improved this season to make up for it.

  • Laura-C

    He’s not going to be a season regular but still on, he’ll probably either move to another county and they see one another around or they have a break off adding to both of their stories.

  • damn

    Well, this sucks!
    Harry deserved to be upgraded because he’s been there since the beginning but freakin’ Darren??? Why? Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy but Chord over Darren ANYTIME! I’m gonna miss him.
    The writers are stupid, once the original cast leaves next year they can sit back and watch the show go downhill.

  • Wes

    I don’t even watch Glee and I am pissed! He’s so HOT!

  • Samm

    what?! I love Chord!

  • Celia

    So they make Darren a regular (when he has ties to no one but Kurt) and let go Chord who’s character had ties to many cast members. I’m getting less and less excited for Glee. I think I’ll stop watching when they start graduating.

  • Lee

    Thrilled for Darren and Harry, bummed about Chord though. :/

    Here’s hoping this means a good plotline for Mike and Tina at least.

  • Lauren

    WHAT?! You can’t cut Chord! He actually had a storyline going for him! And Sam! Sam is so sweet! He doesn’t deserve to be gone! He’s my favorite character! Poor Chord! Can you imagine what it’s like to be him right now? To have done and entire season and gone on tour and be thinking he has something ahead for him, just to be cut from the show? And what about all the people he’s made friends with, that he’s gonna have to say goodbye to now? And Mercedes? There was a little teaser about Sam and Mercedes at the end of the season! What’s gonna happen to them now?! I don’t know that I even wanna watch the show without my cute, dorky Trouty Mouth. :(

  • http://kelisale alejandra tirapegui

    nooooo why??? and what is going to happen to mercedes!!!! i dont like the new decision of Ryan Murphy.

  • Suzanne

    I loved Sam Evans character. I was a late to the party gleek and he was the reason I started watching. I don’t think I will be able to bring myself to watch next season. I can’t believe Chord Overstreet got the news while still on tour…he deserved better!

  • Verena

    Kinda an odd thing. As much as I do love Darren and every song he sings for the show…he doesn’t even go to their school. So, to kick someone off who actually goes to the school and is IN the New Directions…odd. Maybe things will be better for Chord. He’ll put out an album and maybe get some better gigs. Glee’s story lines have really gone down anyway, so I guess I’m not surprised they kick off someone really good.

  • http://Endrys Endrys

    i´m about to have a serious heart attacked! are u kiddin me?!! Why?!! i had so much hope for him and mercedes next season! :´( what a pity

  • P

    Disappointed. Depressed. What will happen to his story lines!? I wanted my Fabrevans as end game but I’m willing to give a chance to Samcedes. My goodness. They can’t just pair Quinn up with every damn guy on Glee. Her character isn’t a playgirl. I hope Fox and Ryan know what the freak they’re doing. I also hope they know people are tired of Finchel.

  • Nicole

    Poor boy. Can you imagine getting the news that you’re not coming back while you’re on tour? My heart breaks for you Chord. :(

  • Taylor

    Alright cool, let’s just cut my favorite character. It’s not like he had any good storylines ahead for him or anything. :/
    (Sarcasm, incase you didn’t already pick that up)

  • Kaylee

    Harry Shum in my opinion is the weakest actor on the show and that’s saying something. I could barley tolerate the few lines he had this season, much less would I want to watch a whole episode where he has dialog. And I actually don’t mind that they are getting rid of Chord his character was dull and he has absolutely no screen presence, nothing special about him to me. Darren Chris is decent at both singing and acting but he has been way to “in your face” this year and I got tired of him pretty quick. I really hope they focus on character development for season 3. Because season 2 was all over the place and all together, just sucked.

  • Lyndsay

    Ryan Murphy, You best sleep with one eye open cuz I am NOT happy about this. :/

  • vale


  • Luna

    NOOOOOOO :((((((.
    chord’s character grew on me. i loved his storyline – so much more could have developed from what was left off. i’m really hoping to see him next season! he was a wonderful contribution to glee.

  • Colin

    As a person who doesn’t even watch Glee, I’m kinda disappointed by by this, because it means I’ll probably never hear the other verses to “Trouty Mouth.” :(

  • Carolyn

    Wtf???!!!!! I’m glad Darren got made a series regular, I think he is great but Harry over Chord?? Are you serious Ryan Murphy! Chord has actually one of the best male voices on the show and his character could have seriously developed next season and we could have actually seen Mercedes have a boyfriend to start the season off with. I absolutely love Glee but seriously WTF.

    I also feel really bad for him considering the cast is still on freaking tour… ugh Ryan Murphy ugh

  • jacqueline

    They created a sad, but beautiful, story for Sam, we met his little siblings, fell more in love with and now they CUT HIM OUT?
    Seriously? Sam and Mike Chang are the ONLY guys who are good to the girls… and Sam was good to Kurt in a way no one else was!
    Chord is just so sweet, all the fans love him, the Glee cast loves him… he has the most adorable bromance with Mark!

  • http://@maifonseca marcella fonseca

    ARE YOU SAD to see Chord Overstreet leave Glee?

    so sad. why??? he’s so amazing.

  • Cristina

    Ryan Murphy is making a big mistake. I am now looking less forward to watching season 3.

  • well…

    Chord isn’t very talented at all and his comedic timing sucks. Darren has more charisma and is more enjoyable to watch.

  • 55

    @: They NEVER give Mercedes a proper storyline. They embarass her here and there with the tatter tots episode and her love life..but they never evolve anything.

  • Melissa

    Noooooo! I’m gonna miss Sam and all his impressions and Avatar quotes! :(

  • Courtney

    Whether Darren is a fabulous actor or not — which by the way I don’t see Darren or Chord ranking over each other in acting, they’re just as good at the other and neither of them are amazing. Although they BOTH are better than Corey — I will not be angry over Ryan Murphy keeping Darren OVER Chord. Darren’s musical talent gives him the right to be on the show regardless and he can act. Now the actor who plays Mike Chang…he can just go. He’s a talented dancer, but his moves are repetitive at this point and he can’t act nor sing. Chord should’ve been kept over HIM, but let’s not start a Darren/Chord war.

  • Piper

    WHY? He is one of the best guy characters on the show. What about Samcedes? If he leaves, I will refuse to watch Glee. That’s that.

  • Courtney

    Ummm…Piper…did you watch GLEE before he got there or did you just start watching FOR him? Because if he’s leaving, why would that make you stop watching? He might have had scheduling conflicts and they couldn’t work it out which is why he’s not fired, he’s just not a regular. If you stop watching and he comes back for a few episodes – you’ll miss him.

  • JoBros271

    At least Dianna is staying. I wish they wud stop giving her so many bad stuffs happening to her. Hope a new guy will sweep her off her feet.

  • epuni

    it’s because he can’t dance. have you ever noticed they never put the camera on him in the dance sequences and if it’s on him, it’s for a brief second or two. both darren and harry dance really well.

  • Stace

    He’s better off getting out now, Glee is old news. I would have gotten rid ofthat shorty Darren! He doesn’t sound good live that’s for sure.

  • Stace

    He’s better off getting out now, Glee is old news. I would have gotten rid ofthat shorty Darren! He doesn’t sound good live that’s for sure.

  • Nicole

    No I am not ready for Chord to go. Ryan Murphy has been really pissing me off a lot about the 3rd season.You just don’t put Sam in relationship with Mercedes and then get rid of Sam. Ugggh. And also I read that they are possibly bringing back Matt Rutherford. But then I am also at the same time happy Harry Shum Jr is gonna be a regualar and gonna have an actual story line.

  • Taylor

    As happy as I am about Darren becoming a series regular…I am sad to see Chord go! He was one of my favorites and getting rid of him is such a stupid mistake. Why couldn’t they get rid of Ashley Fink?! I like her and all but her character does nothing! Honestly, Chris is her best friend and I think that’s probably the reason she’s still on there and the only way I see Darren as a series regular is that he must be leaving Dalton and going to McKinley next season.

  • Alex

    Okay, Ryan Murphy, I’m really starting to dislike you. First, you break up my Fabrevans, then you create Samcedes, and now you get rid of my favorite guy character. That’s three strikes. I’m probably not gonna watch glee anymore. I love Chord, and I hope he does great with his solo album and stuff now. I was hoping so badly for Fabrevans to end up as endgame but that won’t happen anymore. Glee will never be the same, I hope the writers know that. My heart is broken. So, thanks Ryan Murphy, thanks a lot.

  • http://jj fmartinez

    Sign to keep Chord on Glee!

  • dominique

    I’m soo upset thts chord is not coming back for season 3 he was my fav last season, I luv his character sam…im gonna miss him I hope he’ll make apperences

  •!/KT1ara Krys

    Well, the thing about getting rid of Darren, is that

    A) That would be devastating…

    B) Ryan’s already said that he had a lot in store for the Klaine relationship…

    C) No Blaine means no ties to any of the Warblers anymore either…

    Don’t get me wrong though. I’m very sad to see Chord leaving. I was excited to see Samcedes! I swear, I was giggling to myself so much on the last episode, thinking about what a cute couple they are!!!

    Oh, and some leftover giggles from the Klaine ‘I love you’s, but… Anyway… my best wishes to Chord. :)

  • Talia

    It’s official NEVER WATCHING GLEE AGAIN I hope they know that they just lost a big fan

  • ilovenaya

    This is not fair to Chord. Instead I actually find this ridiculous. Sam’s storyline last year was good, I must say. He falls in love but then have to lose the girl cuz she cheated on him for her ex boyfriend. He even gave her a promise ring. And promise is a really big word. If he were to leave, he’ll be breaking that promise. Is that the kind of message glee wants the viewers to remember? I was looking forward to Sam’s development as a character after having a rough year in season 2 but I am devastated now that he is leaving. Leaving glee would only leave his character in the midst of developing. His storyline of being cheated was actually relatable to teens today and I bet we all wanted to see how he’d overcome this but I guess there’s no hope.

    For Darren and Harry, I’m happy for you but I don’t think I’ll enjoy watching glee after knowing Chord is leaving.
    For the writers of glee, I hope you’re happy with your ridiculous decision.

  • J

    @: I know! I was wondering the same thing. This show is notorious for not finishing up story lines as well as inconsistency, though. Glee used to be a good show but now these writers are just kind of ruining it. This isn’t the first and won’t be the last disappointment we’ll see.

  • demisfault

    I blame Demi Lovato

    Once they found out they were friends they said eww