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Chord Overstreet Not Returning for 'Glee' Season 3

Chord Overstreet Not Returning for 'Glee' Season 3

Chord Overstreet will not be returning for the third season of Glee, as his series regular option has not been picked up, can confirm.

The 22-year-old actor, who plays the role of Sam Evans on the hit FOX series, could return to the show as an occasional guest star next season, according to Deadline.

Chord just tweeted saying “well its been a good yr too bad its over, time for summer and starting fresh.”

Darren Criss and Harry Shum, Jr., who were both recurring guest stars last season, have been bumped up to series regulars for the third season. Dianna Agron will also be returning for the new season!

ARE YOU SAD to see Chord Overstreet leave Glee?

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  • Nathalie

    I really do not think Chord’s character was developed at all last season. It is very difficult to get attached to a character when he is given such sketchy story lines. But things looked promising for more in depth stories, his family hitting hard times and living in a motel, his new romance with Mercedes… Teasers that went nowhere. Strange.
    Too bad we won’t find out more about Sam…I am really very sorry to see him go. I liked Chord.
    As for Harry… I feel that I know him even less than Chord. He is a great dancer and he kisses Jenna a lot. That’s about all I remember him doing in season 1 &2! So if the writers want us to be interested in his character, we need a little more to care.
    Darren… Congratulations, Darren! I don’t quite understand people who say he cannot act because I actually think he is very, very good. I happen to think he, Chris Colfer and Lea Michele have the strongest presence on the screen. (Amber as well, provided she is given more to do). But I am not sure he will have the same impact as a New Direction kid as he had being a Warbler. Hopefully, he won’t be swallowed and lost in the pack. He is going to need some good writing and big stories not to be in Kurt’s shadow and make us forget the swagging dapper charismatic lead singer of the Dalton Academy Warblers. Yes, we loved the blazer. ;-) So I want to see good strong story lines written for him and good songs for him to sing or he might lose some of his Warbler aura. We need to care for Blaine as much as we care for Kurt.
    Nobody told us: is Karofsky staying? Another great potential for good story lines, right there!

  • Lailah

    It’s because he dyed his hair isn’t it? *cries*

    I’m so devastated but let’s be honest..Glee has become a sinkin ship anyway. This past season sucked and then after s3 they’re all graduating.

    So thanks Ryan Murphy for givin me a show I loved. An OTP (puckleberry FTW) and taking a dump all over it because of your enormous ego and incredible need for publicity. Thanks so much!!!

    Jerk. -_-

  • maria



  • Athena

    Are they kidding? They murdered several characterizations last season including most of the mains and now they’re removing one of the only storylines and character developments they got right? Are they insane? Glee is going downhill. Fast. I’ve lost interest when they started mangling characters from season 1 (needy Rachel? jerk Finn? Non-existent Beth? Puck being a minor character?) and now no more Sam?

  • Louise

    It kinda makes sense to be honest, his family was practically homeless and only came to ohio because of a job, it wouldnt suprise me if they said sam and his family went back home. It would also explain the sam/mercedes storyline, he left over summer.

    I thought it was a bit much pairing them together just because they were without partners, it didnt really make much sense and was quickly introduced at the end of the series.

    That’s not to say I didnt like sam but Chord recently announced a record deal so that could also have a lot to do with it too.

  • jj

    I’m really starting to hate Ryan Murphy the truth is that glee has no history not even remember that quinn had a daughter, I wanted quinn and sam he was very sweet to her

    Quinn deserve someone better than finn and puck.

    the only reason I see glee is dianna agron and lea michele .

  • Laura-C

    They are cutting down his screen time, not cutting him completely from the show. Calm yourselves. and besides, they wouldn’t cut down someone who is important to Kurt (one of the faves by fans) and who brought a HUGE fan base that Darren Criss had before Glee with Star Kid. It’s a no brainer. I have a hunch Kurt and Blaine will be helping Karofsky this coming year and hopefully get him comfortably out of the closet.

  • Haendel

    Ryan Murphy got a great idea last year when Chord was cast and Glee second season see some great moments with him, and now out of the blue they just cut him off, really it’s the dumbest decision ever! I guess there won’t be any glee past 3rd season, not just for the regulars going away but because the ratings itself will drown to the point it won’t be enough… I’m just really upset…

  • eduardo

    glee is all about the boys rachel is pathetic letting be treated like trash and quinn the same after what finn did at graduation not break up with him.
    finn is a hypocrite

  • Angel

    I am furious and disappointed. Sam fit in so well with New Directions and Chord with the Glee cast. It was like he had always been there. Now they ditch him for no reason! I honestly don’t think I’ll continue to watch. All our other favorites are leaving anyway, might as well end it now. It’s like they WANT this show to get cancelled.

  • Anthony

    So pissed off!!!! WTF!!! BOYCOT GLEE UNTIL CHORD IS BACK!

  • Evie

    Well stop focusing on effin Lea Michele and Cory Monteith’s storyline and all would be good. I’m so sick of the Rachel and Finn storyline. B-O-R-I-N-G Move onto the others who can sing as well and better than Cory.

  • Lisa Ann

    Too bad. The actor’s cute as hell. And the character of Sam had a great, home-hitting storyline of a teen who’s family loses their home. It’s a hard, embarassing situation for any young adult, but common in many parts of the country. The way the show portrayed it was very moving.
    There was also the storyline Glee peaked at but never went with: manorexia. Sam had it, you saw it in the Rocky Horror episode, he thought he was flabby & out of shape when he’s anything but. Maybe too many issues in one season. I hope the actor is onto better things. And I do hope the in-the-closet-bully character (cannot remember his name) is back.

  • Elaina

    I’m absolutely devastated! I love his character and now what about Samcedes?!

  • SarahC

    I literally just screamed at the computer. This is the stupidest thing. Seriously. Ryan Murphy, I’m no longer a fan on you and I will be watching Glee just for Mark Salling and Dianna Agron. That is all. PS: This isn’t the stupidest thing, YOU are.

  • Ninarosa

    Why?!?!!? I live Chord! Sam is awesome! I am crying so much right now. This is so stoopid! Sam Evans is amazing and the show will not be the same without him! Ugh, this is SO DUMB!!!!

  • Dee

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I actually really love him!! This pisses me off. No offense to Glee but the gloss is starting to wear off and them getting rid of Chord is just adding to the dissapointment. That’s my opinion anyone who bitches can suck it lol I was looking forward to the Mercedes/Sam “thing”

  • Miimow

    Gosh no! It can happen, Chord is by far the funniest castmember of the show and I know he has things ahead but I’m so so sad that I don’t know if I will handle that :( I love you Trouty Mouth :’( :’( :’(

  • Shirley

    I’m getting more and more depressed as news keeps coming in about Glee.
    First, the original cast will all graduate and be replaced and now Sam won’t be there for 3rd season!!!!!!
    What is going on??????? Ryan Murphy needs to start listening to the fans and not whatever is going on in his head!!!

  •!/Leo_U Leo

    he was the best thing to happen in season 2 and they’re cutting him off? if ryan murphy thinks the show will still be a hit when the original cast leaves he’s delusional, so he better hold em tight until he’s got them

  • gleekout07

    Why was Harry Shum, Jr. able to stay on as a regularly recurring character for two seasons while Chord Overstreet can’t be afforded the same option? Screw introducing 4 new characters next season! With graduation being tossed about for season 3′s finale, we need to spend as much time with the characters we know and love more than ever!

  • Gen

    Nooooooooooo :(
    His character was so adorable and sweet, and ugh the storyline with him and Mercedes.

    She finally got herself a love interest, and now this?

  • Vanessa

    WTF??? I really like Chord’s character Sam, and I cannot believe they would cut him out of the show … and in favor of Harry Shum, Jr.!!! Sorry, but Mike Chang is a character I could live without, while I will really miss Sam.

    Who made that stupid decision??? It looks like many “Glee” fans are unhappy about losing Chord … this whole thing might just backfire for the producers of “Glee”.

  • Violet

    What about continuity?! They do make some odd decisions!

  • jo

    super angry!!! ever!!!

  • Mtkolvia

    Fans are starting a campaign of buying “Billionaire” on iTunes to send the message that Sam and his poverty storyline have a lot of support. If Chord retains the same non-regular-but-recurring status as last season, that could be enough to keep them from writing him off the show entirely.

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  • hemoadict

    This is unfair! why Chord leave Glee and Ashley not leave the show? I’m sorry but Lauren is not more important than Sam…Just saying

  • abc

    Ugh, nooooo! Please no! I love Chord and Sam is my favorite male character on the show. It won’t be the same! :(

  • wyatt-H

    leave Chord alone! hes a good singer and should be part of Glee!!!

  • natalia

    i kinda liked sam and i’m sad that he won’t be in season 3 but maybe that means that puck and quinn can FINALLY be together!!!
    and maybe have a chance to see beth again!!!!

  • Christine

    I love Darren, I really do, but NO. RIB, just because he is a cash cow doesn’t mean you should make him a series regular. This probably means he’ll be transferring to McKinley which makes NO SENSE plot-wise.
    NO. SENSE.

    And what about Samcedes, huh?

    So happy for Darren & Harry, but this is wrong, so wrong. Sam’s character had a lot of potential and they are throwing it away in order to cash in on Darren.

    Not. Cool.

  • Christine

    I love Darren, I really do, but NO. RIB, just because he is a cash cow doesn’t mean you should make him a series regular. This probably means he’ll be transferring to McKinley which makes NO SENSE plot-wise.
    NO. SENSE.

    And what about Samcedes, huh?

    So happy for Darren & Harry, but this is wrong, so wrong. Sam’s character had a lot of potential and they are throwing it away in order to cash in on Darren.

    Not. Cool.

  • kate

    yes im sad :(
    i love her voice and what will happen with him and mercedes?they just started dating..come onnn :(

  • Matt

    Sad yes, but…the show never gave him anything to do!!! They used him for the first few episodes and then ignored his character all spring.

  • Megan

    WTH!!! They are taking of Chord to put Ryan Murphy 0.o now i’m really angry!!! No one wants Ryan …. we want CHORD
    Sam Evans rulezz for ever! You guys are going to loss so much audience… He was cute ^^) I dont now if I wan to watch glee now and waht come next taking out Mark(puck)? Corey(Finn)? Oh maybe Lea(Rachel)…. This decison Sucks –’

  • BaBoom

    The only reason Im a little sad is the Mercedes thing. It was nice seeing her happy for a change.
    But Sam always bothered me and I never thought that he could really sing.

  • @55: Yeah they Never give Mercedes a good storyline and they rarely give her the leads in songs. It’s disappointing.
    @J: Agreed. The show has lost its fluidity and it’s annoying.

  • Melissa

    I’m very upset! Sam was one of my fav boys. Sorry, but Harry can’t sing!! Chord can sing and dance and take hi shirt off!!!

    Good luck to Chord! But Ryan can’t suck it!

  • bigfanofher


  • Jean-Pierre St-Jean

    Bonjour ! Hi ! If this is true … It’s surely a loss for the Glee club. But Chord with all his talents and his new fame will get time to invest on plenty of new projects. I’m sure that if he takes time to choose well among the ones his gona get offered … he will do great. Thank’s to Glee for giving us the chance to notice this other wonderfull human being (talented&witty). ;)

  • bigfanofher

    I’m not a big fan of his character, but I love him as part of the group.. This is just so sad..

  • Marianne

    Well either Chord quit (therefore you can’t blame Ryan Murphy), or Ryan Murphy fired him (and you can blame Ryan) OR….it’s just a stunt.

    I remember on a radio show, where Kevin and Mark said that one of them were gonna be cut or something like that….How do we know this isn’t something similar?

  • Kathy

    WTF! noooooooooooooo…i dont like it!

  • Beth!

    This is effing stupid. It makes NO sense, they introduced a new storyline involving him in the finale and now he’s GONE??? Hmph :(

  • R

    He’s half the reason I watch Glee. The other half is Kurt.

  • clamity

    NO NO NO how could they do this ? what about his storyline with mercedes ? wtf they cant just keep killing storylines sorry but i think im over glee the only person i loved was chord and lea michele but her character is just toooo clingy and annoying sometimes oh well all good things must come to an end

  • Catherine

    I am disgusted.

  • .

    NOOOO! Don’t do this RM!!! He is a really good actor!