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Orlando Bloom & Logan Lerman: New 'Musketeers' Trailer!

Orlando Bloom & Logan Lerman: New 'Musketeers' Trailer!

Check out Orlando Bloom and Milla Jovovich in the latest trailer for their upcoming film, The Three Musketeers!

The action flick stars Logan Lerman as the hot-headed young D’Artagnan who joins forces with three rogue Musketeers played by Matthew MacFadyen, Luke Evans, and Ray Stevenson. Together they try to stop the evil Richleu (Christoph Waltz) and also face off with Buckingham (Bloom) and Milady (Jovovich).

The reboot of Alexandre Dumas‘s classic story hits theaters Oct. 21.

In case you missed it, check out the film’s posters official poster!

New Three Musketeers Trailer
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  • YES!!

    I can’t wait to see Orlando with his pompadoured bad self!
    LOVE HIM!!!!

  • blair

    I know….it looks good!

  • sara

    Well it doesn’t really look like a classic Three Musketeers, but it sure looks like fun!
    Orlando makes a very handsome Duke!

  • 12

    I like the way he turns !

    Of more his character has me the completely crazy air, I love !

  • http://b slig o lambert^________^ cute

    crazy to in movie how to be 2

  • Dina

    I can actually hear Dumas rolling in his grave.

    Really? Women in impossibly tight corseted dresses fighting like martial artists, musketeers (the true gentlemen of France of the time) behaving like rogue criminals, Cardinal Richelieu (one of the greatest minds in French history) – a cruel tyrant and Buckingham (an idiot who rose to prominence because he was King James’ and King James’ favourite) – an ingenious inventor.

    I’m just glad they are mutilating French history this time.

    A typical Hollywood trash. Even The Man in the Iron Mask was better.

  • theresa

    oh, i really want to see this one. it’s looks like fun

  • tim

    looks like shit!!

  • @6

    They changed some things, but Richelieu was always the bad guy in the story, wasn’t he? Or am I thinking about something else?

  • @6

    Actually, the musketeers were soldiers and guards. Usually from the middle and lower class houses.
    Chivalrous yes, but not ‘true gentlemen’ in the real sense of the word.

  • Meji@6

    And actually Buckingham in the book isn’t an idiot. He’s a dashing gentleman, fabulously rich, and as the King’s favourite he’s in charge of a network of spies and the English army. And Buckingham in the film isn’t an inventor. He doesn’t invent the war machines, he just orders them to be built.

    Word from the test screenings is it is effective dumb fun which has a lot of good 3D spectacle. But it’s a shame the dialogue is so dull. How hard is it to hire a writer to add some memorable lines? Maybe it’s because these big films have to be designed for international audiences.

  • mailey

    milla’s so funny, she cant help herself from playing a bad*ss.
    it is her same character in action films kicking butt, only now she is wearing a corset. nice.

  • abc

    I adore Logan!

  • elliott

    <3 logan!

  • YAY!

    Orlando looks GORGEOUS!

  • ALE

    MR DARCY?? (Matthew MacFadyen) ARE YOU NOW A Musketeer?!

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    ORLANDO LOOKS GOOD in everythink. Cant wait to see this film i have miss him in films love it.

  • maryclinton

    WOW – Looks VERRRRY Interesting – can’t wait to see the actual movie. I have ALL versions of this movie – the one with Kiefer Sutherland & Charlie Sheen (yeah, forgive me) is my most favorite. Let’s see if this version can top that one.

  • http://justjared Mjkingforlife

    Looks great can’t wait.

  • Yasemin

    Wow this looks awesome !!! Cant wait to see Orlando as the bad guy and Logan as badass Dartagnan !!! This is the first time that Dartagnan is gonna be played by an actual 18 year old ;))

  • Mike

    What a massive train wreck of a movie. In 3D!

  • Zach

    It’s not a stretch for Orlando Bloom to play a poncey sod. He actually IS a poncey sod. Easy peasy. Even for a talentless bafoon like him.

  • @22

    Shouldn’t you post the ‘he’s gay’ garbage under your other sockpuppet name? Terri?
    Or should we just call you Mystic?

  • @22

    I guess you call any handsome man that gets the girl a “poncey sod”?
    He gets the gorgeous girls in film, AND in real life. So I guess that “poncy sod” must mean something diferent in your world, hmm?

  • @22

    Sounds like you’re saying you think he does a good job in this role, so that’s encouraging.

    Are you sure you don’t find him believable in any other role BECAUSE you’ve decided he’s a “poncey sod” in real life?

  • Lilly

    Logan Lerman is sooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • dee

    Logan is a gorgeous 100% Jew.