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Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: Miami Hotel Arrival with the Kids!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: Miami Hotel Arrival with the Kids!

Katie Holmes carries her daughter Suri into the Soho Beach House hotel on Saturday (July 2) in Miami, Fla.

The 32-year-old actress was joined by her husband Tom Cruise and his son Connor, who was sporting a new tattoo on his right upper arm.

Later in the afternoon, Katie joined Suri and Tom‘s older daughter Isabella on the balcony of their hotel room to enjoy the weather.

Katie, whose film Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark will be released next month, recently told her feelings on the horror genre.

“I’m a fan of classic horror films like The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby. This reminded me a lot of those kinds of films because the characters were going through real emotional problems. There was tension. There was high stakes. It made the scares more scary,” Katie said.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise at the hotel with their family…

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katie holmes tom cruise miami hotel arrival with the kids 01
katie holmes tom cruise miami hotel arrival with the kids 02
katie holmes tom cruise miami hotel arrival with the kids 03
katie holmes tom cruise miami hotel arrival with the kids 04
katie holmes tom cruise miami hotel arrival with the kids 05
katie holmes tom cruise miami hotel arrival with the kids 06
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katie holmes tom cruise miami hotel arrival with the kids 08
katie holmes tom cruise miami hotel arrival with the kids 09
katie holmes tom cruise miami hotel arrival with the kids 10

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  • Sassy

    WHERE’S BELLA???????

  • namers

    He’s old enough to get a tatoo??

  • stinkeroo


    who cares?

  • sandy
  • binky

    oh for heavens sake Katie,…put the big 5 year old brat down.

    You are so over the top…it’s both sad and hilarious and dumb as well

  • anrea

    I agree with sandy pacey and katie are perfect for one another!

  • commonsense

    I’m just wondering if one of their children said they wanted a tattoo on their face, would they say yes?

  • Macky

    she is beautiful

  • tru dat commonsense

    Connor is not old enough to get a tattoo. The Cruises have to be following the CoS parenting manual to the letter. Let the kids do whatever they want under your mind control. Geez louise I wonder what Nicole thinks of letting an UNDERAGE kid get a tattoo, and one that is not exactly small.

  • Anon56

    How nice they let Connor join their family getaway in Miami.

  • Kyle

    I can’t believe no one is commenting on the size of the cankles in the shot of her from behind. Ouch. And it looks like she borrowed one of Suri’s diapers – those shorts are awful.

  • mary

    to namers

    He’s old enough to get a tatoo??
    Connor is 16. however, he could not have gotten a permanent tattoo without the written consent of his father. assuming that it is a permanent one.

  • abc123

    What the heck did he get inked on his arm? Charlie Tuna?

  • mary

    to sandy

    I want to see Katie with Joshua Jackson! they look perfect
    that was a television show, as in make believe. yes, i know the two of them also dated at one time. however, Joshua has been living with Diane Kruger since 2008. Katie is married to Tom.

  • Chris

    For the love of God. That child is almost as tall as she is. PUT THE CHILD DOWN – SHE CAN WALK ON HER OWN.

    Phew. I feel better now.

  • theresa

    tru dat commonsense @ 07/02/2011 at 10:37 pm

    it’s posible that it’s a fact tattoo that was painted on because of his role in the film Red Dawn.

  • sno

    Isn’t Nicole still their mother (Connor and Isabella)? She and Tom adopted them together but she’s never with them, it’s always Tom or Katie with one or the other….

  • Amory

    Thanks for that update, Mary. I’d say Joshua got the better deal by far.

  • boston61

    So sad that they named their kid after hate monger L. Ron Hubbard’s town of birth in the UK. S U R I. SICK!!

  • haha

    @sno: And you know this how? based on photos you see on JJ? Before Katie Holmes, Tom and Nicole never paraded around their children for photo ops. Katie Holmes is crazier one in this relationship.

  • checkforyourself

    Love the “get the look” . Okay??
    Judging from ANY comment that comes out of her mouth, she’s better around standing still, pigeon-toed, modeling clothes and smirking.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    wow connor has grown up so much

  • memoo2

    Bella hasn’t been seen with them much since she turned 18. Hopefully she has escaped.

  • Joji

    Why is sweaty Tom wearing that hat in the heat? Did he get hair plugs?

  • annie

    don’t know whether katie told Just, but she did say those exact words on ET interview a few days ago. she’s such a beautiful girl.
    and for someone who is bending , stretching and picking up a child, those pics of her look pretty good. Suri has been walking around a lot, I think the paps were in their face, and there are tons of pics elsewhere with her friends .
    I think Tom would be a great father. there are so many pics of him and Bella hugging .
    of course nobody mentioned the lovely pic of him all cuddled up with Suri on the boat last week. I like him, and I like how Katie loves saying ”my husband” blows me away, she’s very proud of her family!
    now before you all have ago at me….just remember the hating you guys are dishing out, so I decided to sweeten things up a little with things that some of you tend to disregard in favour of daggers jumping out from left and right.

  • pluto

    oh hush annie! Who cares? Why are u so concerned?

    It’s hilarious when people comment on this crap.

    no one cares! People are just curious about these weirdos.

    Thats all!

  • Lizzie

    @boston61: Ha! That’s funny, you calling someone a hate monger when you are one yourself in a big way.

  • clearly

    @Joji: It is becuase he doesn’t want the photogs to take a pic of his extention incase the wind blows his hair.

  • Tulip

    Suri is so funny: we have seen her wearing a fur coat for the whole winter period, now she wants to wear flip-flops this summer! Lovely sense of humor. Her little arms are amazing as she does lots of sport. And…Happy Birthday Tommy Cruise! 49 years old today with his family (including Connor and Bella).


    LOL I love when Katie is giving an interview, She always says the same thing. “Oh Tom is AMAZING, Suri is just Amazing and working with so and so was “Just amazing”. LOL

  • Suri Jackson

    Josh definitely got the better deal…and to those who long for Joey/Pacey days…we’ll always have Suri as a living reminder.
    (before you start again annie…Josh and Katie in London Mar 2005…and fake baby bump after Suri’s birth)

  • Tina

    Connor actually looks like he could be Tom’s biological child. Weird that Connor looks more like Tom than Suri does.

  • Sandra

    Wow.. connor u r so cool.
    Suri is most beautiful little girl on earth

  • Regina

    Katie is kinda weird. She wants to hold Suri like a baby but allows her to wear heels and all sort of stuff.

  • Dani

    As usual KH has managed to put together an outfit that reeks of one dragging their fingernails down a chalk board.

  • AEP

    the spaceship must of been handing out bad hats on the flight.

  • ck

    When I first glanced at Connor, I thought it was one of the Jersey Shore kids.

  • annie

    @ pluto
    you care
    would you make that comment if i was bagging them …….don’t think so!
    as long as they are being bashed left right and centre, and I’m sure of what I’m saying , I will support. if i’m not sure- i will def ”hush.”
    when I start writing , how ” I” want things to be be, instead of how things are, then you can tell me to ”hush”.
    hopefully , deep down , we are all nice people- arn’t we?

  • sno

    well, you do see Nicole with her new kids….

  • anon

    @Suri Jackson:

    Suri doesn’t even look like Josh, there’s no way he’s her father. Katie and Josh were probably just catching up with one another in 2005. I do admit the baby bump did look really fake?

  • a\

    sno@ Connor and Isabella are NOT always with Tom and Katie every once in a blue moon Connor and Isabella are seen with Tom, Katie and Suri 90% of the time its Tom, Katie and Suri off as a family traveling together while the other two are back in LA.

  • Jaxx

    Isabella is not in any pics with the family on this site or any others. There is a girl on the balcony at other sites, but it is NOT Bella. Members of the press just assumed it was and of course, the idiot media followed thru.

    Jared ought to attempt to fact check. Bella hasn’t been seen with them in a very long time.

  • Emma

    screw the tattoo, when did conor get so hot? he definitely grew up very nicely.

  • Romeo

    Good question, #2? The Cruises and the Urbans always seemed like such good parents. I hope this was a thoughtful decision.

    You’re an idiot, #5.

    Why do you think Kidman wasn’t consulted, #9?

    Nice. #10? He’s their son!

    Feel better now, #15? See a shrink!

    Ever considered there was nothing to escape from, #23?

    Or maybe he just likes his hate, #24 and #28?

    Suri Cruise looks just like her father, #32. It’s silly that anyone denies this.

  • bill martin

    Is Suri still single?

  • LoriLori

    I understand carrying the child to quickly get away from the paps,what is weird is wraping her in that blanket.
    Connor is looking more and more like his dad TC – Yeah that’s Right!!

  • windy

    maybe suri was taking a nap in the car. i often still carry my 6 year old if he falls asleep on a trip and i dont want to wake him.

  • Coupon Lady

    Don’t usually comment on kids, but I don’t understand why they don’t let this kid walk. I realize that there are probably only two couples right now that the paps stalk en masse –Brangelina and TomKat, but come on Katie and Tom–you have bodyguards–can’t they keep the paps from crushing Suri? And if not, why do you have them? If she won’t walk on her own they should just calmly tell her if she wants to do whatever, she has to walk. And if she refuses, then shut the car door and tell the nanny and driver to take her back home. A few times of following through on this behavior and she’ll walk. AND if things are really that dangerous, then hire more body guards. They are going to look really funny carrying an 18 year old Suri!

    Now I feel better.

  • dabu


    They carry her probably 75 percent of the time. Is she sleeping that much? If so, then they’d better break down and violate xenu tenants about doctors and get that child to a doctor.

  • jenn

    Nicole is never with Connor and Bella.