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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Coffee Couple!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Coffee Couple!

Orlando Bloom and his wife Miranda Kerr grab a cup of coffee before they head to the gym for a workout on Saturday (July 2) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The couple wore the same workout gear that they donned the weekend before when they hit the same gym!

Earlier this week, the new trailer for Orlando‘s upcoming flick The Three Musketeers was released!

The action film, which also stars Logan Lerman, hits theaters on October 21.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr grabbing coffee before their workout…

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    I guess it’s not cool to be married and wear your ring on your finger.

  • dawg

    ugly double chin egg head.

  • Mike

    Fugly chick.

  • bram

    There is a common belief that ultimately, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, a man marries his mother and a woman marries her father and I think that no other couple in this world epitomizes that more than Orlando and Miranda. He married a demanding, scheming shrew who went out and found another man to knock her up so that she could secure the Bloom name and money for her bastard. She married a downtrodden, put-upon schmuck who gives her everything she wants just so she’ll shut her big yap and leave him alone.

  • terri


    Wedding rings are only cool if you’re really married.

  • mayfrayn bloom


  • Baby makes three

    Where’s Baby Bloom? Haven’t seen much of the little guy lately. Thought Daddy Bloom was supposed to be filming a part for The Hobbit? Wonder if the whole family will travel to NZ for filming since Australia isn’t that far away.

  • jake

    she needs to have a few more of those frapps. with whole milk. and whipped cream. oh, and some food, too. lots of food. she looks like a refugee from a third world country. a famine stricken. her hips don’t lie man, she’s too freaking skinny. her legs are bowed. disgusting. uncool and unsexy.

  • kip

    You have achieved the “skeleton with pony tail” look, Miranda. You can stop working out now.

  • leemur

    omg her head is huge! That melon of her’s has it’s own gravitational pull!

  • kimmy


    Some of his fans would defend him by saying that its not all about jewelry, its about love. Not that they know what love is. I mean Kerr-Bloom. His fans don’t know either, but that’s beside the point. Of course she wears her’s though. And her flashy diamond engagement ring. The materialistic wench.

  • mayfrayn bloom


  • Orlando

    she is so overrated with her big head. decent body but nothing to rave about.

  • LOL!

    YAY! Sockpuppets!
    Hateful, bitter, pathetic, stalker sockpuppets!
    Orlando and Miranda both look great!
    They are happy, healthy, gorgeous, successful, in love and TOGETHER!
    THAT what has the delphidiots so worked up.
    And I guess that is Melissa at #4? Plagarizing your own sick fan fiction I see.
    Such a LOSER!!!
    My godness you people are sad.

  • wow

    Such bitterness on this thread.
    You would thin that Miranda killed your puppy or something. Why so much hate? They are obviously very close, and have a beautiful baby. A baby that looks exactly like Orlando, I might add. Maybe you haters should think before you post. You are coming across as severely unbalanced.
    No wonder people call you loons (and worse).

  • sara

    They both look great!

  • notgood

    fat cheeks only get fatter….

  • Sook

    finally they put Orli’s name in front of hers! ugh. he;’s the “real star”!!!

  • Kerra

    @bram: Woa! You need help!

  • HUH?

    Skeleton? You haters really are fat, aren’t you.
    She looks toned, fit and healthy. She has meat on her arms, a great rear end, and a fantastic bustline (milk does a body good).
    She looks FANTASTIC!

  • not interesting

    It looks their life is far from interesting. Gym , doing nothing, gym doing nothing, gym doing nothing…. Are they working at all? He is not, we know, what about her? They are young, they should be working. Working is good and healthy- for mind and body. For body they went to gym, but the rest…..

  • hmm…

    Sheesh, there’s a lot of jealousy on this thread.
    They are a gorgeous couple!

  • wtf?

    @not interesting:

    Are you serious? These two have been working hard for years!
    They’ve not long had a child. It’s normal to take time off. In fact most women take 12months off before going back to work.
    Plus, they are involved in a lot of other projects besides acting and modeling.

    I swear the comments on these threads are just getting more immature by the minute.

  • not interesting

    blah blah- what are you talking about- you forgot that she took 8 weeks old Flynn to Paris on two and half days when she had something to do. Time off? Ther is no time off for supermodels, only when nobody calls them, which is not good. About Orlando- he did nothing since musketeers – sorry- he did Boss. As I said- gym, nothing, gym nothing…

  • @not interesting

    Orlando has made so much money in his highly successful career that he never has to work again, He worked non-stop for almost ten years. He has earned the priviledge of doing nothing. But he isn’t content to rest on his laurels.
    So since you asked…
    Just after he did 3M, he took time to be with Miranda during her last tri-mester.
    After Flynn was born, yes, he did Boss and UniQlo (sp?), but he also did Shakespeare with Dudamel.
    Then he toured to promote Boss, and Sympathy for Delicious.
    I’m sure, since you seem to know him personally (how else could you comment on his private life), you are also aware of how much behind the scenes work he is doing for past and future projects. Trying to find a distributor for The Good Doctor, and tudying scripts for The Laureate, Cities, and The Hobbit.
    Miranda has been working steadily ever since she did the runway show for Balenciaga just a few short months after she gave birth. She has since done several photo shoots and public appearances, not to mention numerous shoots for VS.
    You say that supermodels only take time off when no one calls them? I guess that no one called Gisele, Ale, Adriana or Doutzen after they had their babies either then, right? Or does your rule only apply to Miranda?

  • yahyah

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about…but she does have her ring on. They are a beautiful couple who believe in being healthy… Did writing a rude comment about them make you feel better? or better yet help you get close to looking half as good as they do?

  • @bram

    Loon and proud of it!

  • @kimmy

    Fortunately you’re here to tell us what love is! If it weren’t for you I’d go around happily believing that love has more to do with being together and supporting each other like these two do, but now that you told me that love is about wearing a ring, you saved me. Oh, unless it’s an engagement ring, of course, if you wear that you’re materialistic.

  • http://justjared Mjkingforlife

    It’s hilarious to witness the Delphi loons meltdown every single time pictures of Orlando and Miranda are posted you would think after 4 years a marriage not to mention a baby they would at least get used to it .

  • 12

    It is disturbing the number of resentful comments, go you buy a life for some….

    Furthermore know that most of the English men do not carry alliance (prince William is the most known example)

  • hollywood cuties

    gah! they are so cute!! the both of them, she is simply darling and he is absolutely gorgeous!! they look completely hollywood here, i love it. she’s a total hat person, they look good on her. <3

  • @bram

    That’s actually quite clever.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s SOME truth in it. People do tend to marry partners who are like their parents because

    a) they already have experience of dealing with that type of person. It’s familiar to them, they feel comfortable and they have the skills.

    b) if there’s conflict with the parent, they are driven to try and replay the story with a happier ending. And sometimes they succeed, which is very healing.

    But if Orlando and Miranda are both reprising their parents’ stories, that would mean they are genuinely drawn to each other, and make it far and away more likely that their baby is both of theirs.

  • @32

    Logic? On JJ?
    Brava, darling.
    And about the baby’s paternity, even most haters have admitted that Flynn looks just like Orlando. Only the most desperate and pathetic are still claiming otherwise. The (or should I say ‘she’) are also the ones who refuse to admit that they were wrong about him being gay.
    They are stuck in the fan-fic of 2003.
    Poor lost souls.

  • Toni

    They both look great! And at least they took one vehicle this time.
    Wonder who he stopped to talk to in the Mini?

  • wonky

    I hate her face she looks like a big watermelon head.

  • Teehee

    The haters really do spin out of control whenever these two happily married, gorgeous, young parents are seen together.
    They just can’t stand to be proved wrong….again…..and again……and again…..and again…….and again…..

  • @Kimmy

    His fans don’t know what love is?
    Oh, I’d say that people who are generally happy, and who appreciate happiness in others know a heck of a lot more about love than haters.
    People who live their lives only to stalk and criticize others, while calling complete strangers names that you should not call even your worst enemy, are the ones who lack any knowledge of love. It’s obvious that these haters, hate themselves more than they hate Miranda and/or Orlando. If you don’t love yourself, how can you know ANYTHING about the love of others?
    It’s pretty sad to know that until these people let love into their lives, they will remain the hateful, lonely, desperate, outcasts that they are.

  • LOL!

    you delphites all need to stop dissing miranda, she’s a really nice person, i know cause I’m her biggest fan! I know she puts a lot of love into her skin care, if you used it, you would know, the love vibrations will message your skin. Also, don’t call her a bad mom, every celebrity has a nanny, duh!
    don’t be hating on orlando neither, you don’t know him, I do, he uses her organic anti-aging cream, so they can both stay at 14 foever!
    don’t be making fun of her family, don’t be dissing farmers!
    oh, and don’t be making fun of her brother, I’m serious about this one, do not make fun of people of other sexual orientations.

  • superman


  • Move on already

    Lol at the ridiculous comments! They are looking great, very happy and very fit! So funny that this bugs people!

    It cracks me up all the haters trying to figure out what they are doing, if they are or aren’t working, do they live together, how many cars do they own, where’s the nanny etc, etc, etc. Seriously? Even his and her fans don’t dig that deeply into their lives. And you think their lives are dull??? So pathetic but so, so hilarious!

  • James

    The perfect woman. Still thin after you knock her up. I NEED A MIRANDA KERR.

    Miranda had the baby, and Orlando is the one with the pouch.

  • LOL!

    YAY! My troll is still here!!!!
    I love knowing that I got under their skin!
    That just proves that everything I say (the REAL me anyway) is the truth!
    *points and laughs at the pathetic delphi troll*
    Such a loser!

  • yuck

    She’s ugly.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    I think Orlando is looking GOOD. Like i have said before im not mad on Miranda but they have a lovely baby boy and if Miranda make him happy than im happy for Orlando. If anythink happens with them and it dont last than i will be on Orlando side becoz i think hes lovely and a good person.

  • hollywood cuties

    me too. but that happens in every relationship. i’ve just happened to “know” him longer, so i’ll be on his side. like with bosworth.
    but they’ll never split, they’re too cute together!!!

  • Linda

    They look great. I think she looks healthier and happier since having the baby. I really can’t understand people who make such nasty comments. It must come from insecurity because I can’t imagine looking that great coming to or from the gym! Good luck to both of them and the new bub!