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Rachel Weisz: Bulgari's New Face for Jasmin Noir Fragrance!

Rachel Weisz: Bulgari's New Face for Jasmin Noir Fragrance!

Rachel Weisz has been chosen as the new face for Bulgari‘s Jasmin Noir fragrance, according to WWD.

The 41-year-old actress will be featured in a campaign for the fragrance due out in August. The campaign was shot by photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, who “opted for a seductive and sophisticated boudoir-style aura.”

Rachel recently married Daniel Craig after dating since late last year. The pair have known each other for many years and grew close while filming the upcoming movie Dream House.

of Rachel Weisz as the new face of Bulgari‘s fragrance?

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • susan

    i think Rachel looks beautiful, as always, in this photo.

  • Radio

    Yuck she’s hideous.

  • taylor

    Adultery always pays off.

  • Monica

    Rachel looks sooooooo young for her age!! She’s absolutely stunning.

  • susan

    taylor @ 07/02/2011 at 3:05 am

    Rachel and Darren were not married. so how exactly did she commit adultery.

  • Bobson

    It is a right decision that Bulgari chose Rachel. She has inherent dignity.

  • ana

    i am so glad for her……she is so beautiful, seductive, sophisticated and smart ….. i love her classic beauty :-)
    i love her :)

  • Julia

    Lovely news!! I like Rachel Weisz better than Kirsten Dunst as Bulgari’s face.

  • Mia

    I don’t care about her marriage but I hate the constant lie “became close after separating from their former partners”. This is blatantly untrue – his fiance was apparently in a state of shock after becoming friendly with Rachel during the filming of “Dream House” only to find out that her lover, with whom she had lived for quite some time, was having an affair with Rachel, who was also still in a relationship with her long-time partner. Marriages that start like that can end badly though I certainly don’t wish them harm. What goes around, comes around.

    It is certainly none of our business but why the obvious lie? The public isn’t stupid.

  • dud

    i though kirsten dunst was chosen already for this campaign?? btw love rachel!

  • to Mia

    You do not know anything.
    You nothing but believe the tabloid.
    Because you want to believe it, you only believe it.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Always nice to see a TALENTED Rachel on this site for a change!!

  • patz

    Her good looks attract the stares of many people!

  • bissgirl

    Love her, she is beautiful, and shes got Dan. Go girl!

  • PinkRose

    Rachel Weisz is my favorite actress. She and Daniel Craig are the hottest couple ever!

  • Thank Goodness


    How can she commit adultery when she’s never been married? Clueless person…

    BTW, Rachel is stunning as usual!

  • lydia

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    Rachel Weisz is my favorite actress. She and Daniel Craig are the hottest couple ever!

  • PinkRose

    Why did you steal my comment?

  • Nick


    It’s that the same daily mail that said Rachel left her son in the holidays to be with Daniel only to be proven wrong when in fact her son was with her all along? You think the daily mail is a leginamte source of news? Especially with growing reports surfacing that it was Rachel’s ex Darren who was cheating all the long?

    Grow up

  • Mia

    to Mia @ 07/02/2011 at 6:04 am +10

    You do not know anything.
    You nothing but believe the tabloid.
    Because you want to believe it, you
    I don’t believe the tabloids but I also don’t believe all this PR about their affair. It means nothing to me but why lie? They started their relationship back in the Spring of 2010, told their former partners and moved on. These things happen in life and I am actually amazed that he has married a woman of his own age and not someone 15-20 years younger.

    Do people actually marry after an affair of 6 months? Come on…

    I see that their PR team is working hard on this board.

  • Mia

    Nick @ 07/02/2011 at 12:23 pm -1


    It’s that the same daily mail that said Rachel left her son in the holidays to be with Daniel only to be proven wrong when in fact her son was with her all along? You think the daily mail is a leginamte source of news? Especially with growing reports surfacing that it was Rachel’s ex Darren who was cheating all the long?

    Grow up
    Same person commenting about me – same spelling mistakes. I DON’T CARE ABOUT THEIR AFFAIR OR THEIR LIVES. BUT I DON’T LIKE THESE PR LIES. Everyone knows that their PR person is not telling the truth, even the Huffington Post have a laugh about it.

    They should be adult enough to admit it and move on after all they have both been involved with a lot of people over the past 20 years.

  • susan

    Mia @ 07/02/2011 at 12:36 pm

    if you don’t care about their affair, as you call it, then why bring it up. you obviously do care, why else would you keep bringing it up. you say that “they should be adult enough to admit it”. where do you get the idea that Daniel and Rachel should have to admit to anything. they are not required to explain anything they’ve done to you or anyone else. you, personally, don’t like the way Rachel and Daniel allegedly got together too bad. as a previous poster said ; Grow up! and move on.

  • Questions of a fan

    By the way Susan, this is the SAME Daily Mail. That reported their Marriage and got it confirmed by their reps!(NOTW did as well) If you refuse to believe the article that’s fine. But Mia has a point here and I agree with it. Someone confirmed that this romance started on set of DH. You and others don’t want to face the truth which is much clearer now than 7 months ago. And I don’t think she(mia) cares about the marriage as do I. Whatever floats their boat….but they should come clean and admit it and stop the lying. The reason I think they keep doing so is because they know that it will tarnish their image and both care heavily about their careers. Enough Said. So you grow up and move on. Stop thinking you always have to say something when someone talks about Daniel and actually speaks the truth. Gosh you have such a BIG mouth!. I’m beginning to wonder if you work for Daniel.

  • sea

    Whoever choses Rachel for an ad is a winner. She’s stunning and intriguing.

  • wised cracked

    Yo peeps…get your facts straight! They dated -probably long before you were born, awhile back sometime 20 yrs ago and still good friends from there:

    Its not like they just met on the set, then all the sudden they’re married like you all are quoting, then making asumptions of their future married relationship?

    Yeah, like you all never ever cheated or tell a lie? Who gives you the right to judge?

    Im totally happy for them and GOOD for them that they’re married. Yeaay!! :D :D

  • Guinness

    susan is ok, and if she works for Dan’s camp, even better!!

    statistically, the DM can have their facts straight— say, 1 out of 3000 stories. so, their marriage was the one correct story…now we have to wait for 2999 more stories before they get it correct again, eh?

    And it has been rumored they dated 20 years ago…if they dated, it was a hook up only. Unless the infinite “halls of Daniel” can verify that for us…(they rarely respond to my questions, but lets give it a shot)

    Hey DTM—or DIH—have Dan and Rach dated in the past? (just so I can have accurate info, cuz I always trusted your accuracy…thx)
    and Damn Sats… you got burned–u shoulda left years ago.

  • susan

    to questions of a fan

    no i don’t work for Daniel. i think you don’t like it when someone challenges what your post. i’ve noticed it not just with me but with others as well. for someone reason, you see it as a personal against your honor. i wonder why you’re so determined that both Rachel and Daniel should, somehow, answer for what they’ve done. neither one is going to and nor should they. so are you somehow related to either Darren or the former girlfriend.

    neither Daniel nor Rachel were married to their previous partners. Daniel couldn’t have been taken away from the former girlfriend if he didn’t want to go go. the same is for Rachel. the fact is that these two people fell in love and got married.

    tarnish their image and and heavily damage their careers? since when! this is 2011 not the 1950′s . will people not go to see C&A, Dragon Tattoo, and/or James Bond because of this? i doubt it. will people stop going to see films with Rachel in them; i don’t think so either.

  • Guinness

    hi susan, don’t get sucked in.
    ~those of us who are sane can still talk back and forth…. and if we keep pushing the down button, we won’t be distracted by mean, strange accusations…so if you do work for DC (luckkkkheee) keep telling people to down the thumb on that post. I do.


  • Kit

    @Questions of a fan:

    It was not The “Daily Mail” that broke the news about marriage, it was ” The News of the World.” Get your facts straight before you open your mouth.

  • Mike

    Geez, Daily Mail, Daily Mail, Daily Mail……………..
    QOF, you don’t know about DM at all.
    Remember someone sold the Daniel and Sats ‘s marriage story to Daily Mail last Feb.
    Of course gossip cop denied it immediately. Well, it was not true. I didn’t think Sats was the type of the woman of selling the private life. However, I have to admit I was wrong now. Sats sold the no true marriage story to Daily mail last Feb, or she was one of the people who were deeply involved in the marriage story project.
    How sad…..
    Now we know there still is connection between Sats and Daily Mail people…..

  • Mike

    Tell me, why does DM know the contact address of Satsuki’s dad? LOL
    It means DM got some informations from her people before, right?

  • to MIKE 30 + 31

    How right you are. That is exactly what happened .. interesting that now they (the Daily Mail) are giving HER side of the break up but the comments are the most interesting.

    So she already knew there was something wrong with her relationship with Daniel, and she says that Daniel could not be the man she wanted him to be and she could not be happier that they split.

    Just goes to show that she was and still is a golddigger and just stuck around for the lifestyle, red carpet and kudos (as a commenter wisely said ) even after she knew that the continuing relationship was not what she wanted…

    And too bad that she could not accept Daniel for who he was , good and bad. She tried to change him and make him into the man ‘she wanted him to be’ according to her father in this Daily Mail interview. That always works out so well…not.

  • Amy

    ”Family of the fiancee” ?!
    Were they engaged to be married? Really? Was the ring of her flashy Cartier an engagement ring? Anyways Satsuki and her people still claimed she was his FIANCEE! How miserable they are! :(

  • Biel

    I was right! Satsuki/her people keep coming! Satsuki still obsessed with Daniel so she sold her sob story to tabloids. She sold the false marriage story to DM last year and she told a lie to DM this time, too!
    I think she’s a girl who always make things up. Great storyteller! Lol

  • JEN

    I would like to be Rachel Weisz!! She has everything! She can have our own way in everything!

  • Heliez

    Gorgeous!! She has become more and more beautiful, yeah, the more attractive she become.

  • Daniel

    MY SWEET BABY!!!!!

  • to Mia

    Stop calling people who have your opinion different from the opinion ”PR team”. You should admit that you are in the minority. Go to the Daily Mail, and read those comments. Most people think this story to be a ridiculous typical sob story. And look at other threads on JJ. Kate Bosworth, Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Aniston, Blake Lively, LeAnn Rimes, etc, etc……… They all are bashed by many people on JJ. So do you think that these celeb’s PR team are lazy?
    No way! They all are soooooooooooo big PR persons!!

  • to 20

    Do people actually marry after an affair of 6 months? Come on…
    Eh? It’s not unusual! It takes all sorts to make a world, I mean, the world is made up of all sorts of people. So, there are as many opinions as there are people. You know nothing of the world, and are unbelievably naive!! I can’t believe you’re so clueless. You’re like a babe in the woods.

  • to 39

    well, i know two people who got married after only three weeks. that was 7 years ago and they’re still together.

  • Alice
  • Daniel

    Thank you, Alice! She is drop-dead gorgeous, I eager to see the ads!

  • susan

    to all fellow Americans here; Happy 4th of July.

  • wised cracked

    ok boys n’ girls… wonder Daniel made sure he doesn’t let this woman go…

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