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Kingston Rossdale: Blue Mohawk!

Kingston Rossdale: Blue Mohawk!

Kingston Rossdale debuts a new blue mohawk as he spends the day out in West Hollywood with his family on Saturday (July 2).

Joining Kingston, 5, were his rocker parents, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, and Kingston‘s 2-year-old brother, Zuma (in a Gap tee).

The family visited a crafts center, where they drew pictures together and picked up ice cream. Gwen and Gavin also went shoe shopping at Sportie LA with the boys during the day.

How cute is Zuma on the drums?

20+ pictures inside of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale taking Kingston and Zuma out for a fun day…

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gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 01
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 02
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 03
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 04
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 05
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 06
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 07
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 08
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 09
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 10
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 11
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 12
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 13
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 14
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 15
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 16
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 17
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 18
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 19
gwen stefani gavin rossdale zuma drums kingston blue mohawk 20

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  • wtf??

    oh my god, what are they doing to this poor child?? this is just sad, he’s too little for these hairstyles and nail polished fingernails. I really don’t understand this couple :S

  • stellartes

    strange amd kinda sick actually

  • Bella

    I can’t believe she does this to her kid….wtf

  • Bella

    & ppl keep complaining about Katie!

  • Glozell xD


  • Jon

    People say bad things about their parents as if they’re hurting them or something. SO WHAT if they got cool hairstyles or nails? Its not a crime and its not gonna hurt the children… And seriously, Kingston is 5, he probably likes the cool, colorful style. If he didn’t, his parents wouldn’t force him.

  • dilara

    That looks awful on the child! He is too young for those wacky hairstyles. even if he asked to get his hair cut like that I woud never except, not until he is old enough at least, but definitely not on a five year old boy. That is just plain ugly and awful!

  • teri

    Sweeeet! One kool kid.

  • la la land

    where else can you do this to a child? sad

  • la la land

    why cant they let a child be a chile, he has his whole teen and adult years to “act out” . really disturbing

  • haha

    @Jon: It’s scientifically proven that hair dye is harmful for your body. It’s not going to kill you, but it’s certainly unhealthy for you, especially for such a young child. Plus, I doubt that a five year old said to his mom, “mommy i want a blue mohawk.” Sure, he could be that smart, but I highly doubt that he’s that smart since he’s Gwen and Gavin’s child.

  • Ismail

    So! The kid wanted to get a Mohawk! Who guys are you the judge Gewn’s parenting?! Is she molesting the kid? Is she starving him? She’s just a mother who cares about what her kid want

  • JC

    It’s better than a “normal” looking kid who has famous parents that neglect him. I don’t see any problem. Hair grows back.

  • G&GFan

    People are actually commeting on someone else’s parenting and kids — srsly?! Have you got nothing else to do! It’s a 5yr olds hair style!

    All I know is that Gwen and Gavin LOVE their children so much, just like an other loving, caring parents.



  • boston61

    They think they are encouraging him to be a creative genius someday. Of course it will appear they were correct because she will pump him up with lots of cash and professional support. Just like the Smiths. Wonder if he will go back in and out of the closet like Dad?

  • Bikini Kill

    IMO, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with letting children positively express themselves. Obviously the kid likes it and that’s what really matters. If children are happy with showing their creativity, why would any concerned parent have a problem with that?

  • la la land

    I’m sure that nic cage let his kid weston dress heavy metal at that age because that is what he is into and now look what trouble this kid is in. gwen thinks a mohawk is cool, so she puts it on her kid, she gives them names that arent even “family” type of names, obv not named after people in their family (even britney gave her kid normal names), forget gavin, he does everything gwen says IMO, he is whipped!

  • julie

    Doesn’t he start 5 year kindergarden this fall? Poor baby, all the other little kids will think he’s weird and will have nothing to do with him. If he is being home schooled it won’t make a difference.

  • Morgan

    @la la land: Why would a child want to be a chile when they can be a peru?

  • S

    In general, this kid seems to be a big brat. For people saying the haircut is cool and he is expressing himself, please. If you saw any other kid with a hairstyle like this you would say his parents were white trash. G&G are permissive parents and that isn’t always a good thing. Plus Gwen tries way too hard.

  • Raichill

    I think Gwen and Gavin do things to Kingston’s hair for shock value. The kid looks ridiculous and all it does is accentuate his wingnut ears. Gwen should stick to dyeing her own hair and painting her own nails and face. I have never once believed that Kingston chose to have his hair dyed when he was a toddler.

  • seila

    i love gwen but that little boy doesn’t look 5 years old, looks like 10! it shouldn’t be like that, and i don’t think the kid wants the blue hair, kids don’t care what they have on, or at least they shouldn’t care… zuma is a cutie.

  • anon2

    I love Gwen but this is ridiculous. I seems to me that the parents are starting to feel like aging rock stars and feel the need to connect to “cool” through their children, hence the clothes and hairsyles they make/allow the children wear.

  • whateves

    i think they are trying way to hard to be the “cool” family. Seems pretty pathetic at this point

  • ByeCasey

    YOUNG kids do not need GATORADE

    Its too much salt and sugar!

  • LoriLori

    Love Gwens outfit, killer shoes she looks Great
    Can’t believe some people are going overboard about Kingston mohawk
    it’s just hair people

  • LoriLori

    Oh and Gavin looks Hot too!

  • Zoe

    Her kids will grow up and rebel by wearing Brooks Brothers all the time.

  • Katie

    IT’S ONLY HAIR ! She’s allowing him to express himself and it will always grow back. It’s not a big deal ! And before you say you know a young child didn’t ask for it , mine did. He saw it , liked it , wanted it…got it ! He kept it for a year , then grew it long , then wanted a military cut….all his choices. I mean come on it’s only hair ! When do you think children should be allowed simple choices about their style? Should they have to wait till they are teens or adults? Letting them express themselves in a harmless way is fine !! It’s not like hes getting piercings ! And they do have natural dye that isn’t harmful…look into it.

  • ffgsdfs

    they did not dye his roots, you can plainly see

  • la la land


    That’s the point. Now it’s the hair/mohawk. Next, the piercings and tatts – he’ll see them, like them, want them and will get them! That’ll be only a few threads away, you”ll see him all pierced and inked!

  • who is Suri

    If you see Gwen’s face she doesn’t look happy and has a face expression of circumstances. It’s sad that THEY HAVE TO do this to their own child and even worse when they don’t want to.

  • mozhgan

    poor Kingston is so cute without this ridiclous hair,when he was a baby with that brown hair he was so cute.Gwen must stop doing this to him

  • http://justjared sarah

    I always thought gwen was a good mother but i’m not sure now.what has she done to poor kingston !

  • gwenfan

    I don’t like Kingston hair, can’t he have his natural hair at such a young age? Zuma is the cutest

  • reni

    she is a sick bitch.
    this is a 5-year-old boy and she treats him like he is a little doll that she can play with..
    He shouldn’t have painted nails and wierd hairstyles, even if he was a girl. let him be a kid u idiot.
    and that woman that she has as a husband should start to grow some ball…….

  • daisy

    guys i don’t think its perminant hair dye, i think its the wash out one because in othber pictures i’ve seen zuma has a very light blue streak in his hair, if it is real though whats the big deal, i think kingston looks awesome! just because his hair is dyed it doe not make g&g bad parents, geez lighten up!
    anyways zuma & kingston both look adorable!!

  • burnt bacon

    I hope this was a case of the kid begging for the hairstyle and the parents saying “sure, why not?” instead of them foisting it on him because they want the world to know how oh so very unique they are. It’s bad enough that they saddle these kids with stupid names. Not that Kingston is a stupid name, I’m talking about celebs in general.

  • African Girl

    Everyone keeps saying GWEN, GWEN, GWEN….where’s GAVIN in this whole thing? Last I checked, she is not a single parent, so why single her out?

  • Helen

    is she pregnant? whats up with the shirt?

  • Lia

    Since when does a little 5 year old know what expressing himself is? Really? So it is always good to say yes to a child?
    She already has him blonde, now blue?
    I really don’t buy the, the are so happy, cool and fashionable family thing they want to show us.
    What kind of parents are they really?

  • anon2


    I am sure they are good parents and love their children. They are always with the kids and do not seem to have alot of nannies or personal assistants with them when out with the children.

  • Petunia

    They one upped their friends Brangelina with this move. What are they gonna do next, start dressing their youngest boy like a girl?

  • mwannirs
  • e

    You know when he gets to be a teenager he is going to totally rebel and dress like a Mormon.

  • ali

    The word is NO. You say NO to your kid when he wants to do this. It is disturbed, disturbing. If he is treating his body as an object at this young age, what will he do at 18?

  • Anna Garcia

    And @la la land
    piercings and tattoos are ilegal in most places until your 18. And if he does after that, WHAT’S THE F-ING PROBLEM!
    He’s 5 and starts to think about style with such parents that he’s got. I’m sure Gwen make sure it was well made and harmless!
    He’s a punk rock kid, Suri wears high heels because she’s a princess styled girl and trust me, that’s even worst!
    guys, IT’S JUST HAIR!
    It will grow up again soon, and they he’ll request for a new hair style, new clothes, new lifestyle…
    He’s a kid looking for his own style and life!

  • Anna Garcia

    and about people who says Gavin has no word on his kids…
    I remember you that he’s the leader of a great rock band, I’m sure K&Z love his daddy’s life!

  • G&GFan

    @Anna Garcia: Thank you — I agree with that! :D