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'Transformers' Tops Box Office

'Transformers' Tops Box Office

Transformers: Dark of the Moon took the top spot at the weekend’s box office, bringing in a four-day weekend estimated total of $115 million in ticket sales!

Coming in second place was Cars 2, with $30.5 million!

Third place went to Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake‘s film Bad Teacher, with $17 million, followed by Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts‘ latest, Larry Crowne, with $16.7 million.

Rounding out the top five was Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester‘s Monte Carlo, which took in $9 million.

WHAT DID YOU SEE at the movies this weekend?

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  • Girlleader1

    well obviously this isnt right considering this is a 4th of july weekend and final numbers dont come out til tomorrow night.

  • Wes

    I refuse to watch it because there is no Megan Fox!

  • robert

    yay gooo Rosie!


    idiotic Movie :P

  • h

    Actually, Jared, Monte Carlo made 7.6 million in the box office over the weekend, not 9 million.

    Start reporting facts for once.

  • ggffgfgg

    @Girlleader1: @Girlleader1: duh, thats why its called an estimation in the post…

  • h

    Jared, PLEASE CORRECT the post.. you’re misinforming the public.

  • h

    I’m sorry Jared but ALL of the sources out there clearly state that MC made an estimated 7.6 million dollars in the box office, not 9 million. The Hollywood Reporters, Variety, Reuters and Box Office Mojo ALL say the same thing.

  • Kosha

    the movie..really wasn’t that good..honestly..
    ….Walmart giving back after laying off over 50,000 people.. $1,000 giftcards – I grab 2 of Them..LOL

  • ggffgfgg

    @h: actually h, he’s reporting the estimated numbers for the 4-day holiday weekend. he even said that in his post…

  • dee

    @Girlleader1: the key word here is “estimated”


    @ Wes

    You Megan fanboys are a trip. You don’t support her anyway when it’s Jonah Hex, Jennifer’s Body and her other massive bombs, so TF3 don’t need your residual support anyway..
    Never mind. a $ 372 millions worlwide opening which is the third best ever is the best revenge.
    In two years from now, Megan will definitely get her realitiy TV show based on her ever changing jokerish plastic face and her mean cold and arrogant personality.

  • F.A.M.E

    @Wes: well its your lost trust me !

  • clamity

    worst movie ever .. when are they going to make movies worth watching??? these days they just make movies with speical affects but no story lines man i want movies like the godfather to come back with people who can actually act

  • Sunshine

    I saw Transformers and the first two were so much better (though I didn’t really like the second for the same reason I hated the new one). It was too forced and even though I’m no Megan Fox fan I did miss her in this film, because at least her character had some substance while the new girl just posed in tight dresses and five inch heels.

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    what this?

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    i see movie name “slig o to win”

  • alex

    shia delivers again man what hollywood powerful man he is becomming good 4 him in just 1 week its out of this world .he is becomming hollewood first leading man

  • lol

    I saw the new movie and really hoped I was going to love it…. unfortunately I didnt even like it..I hated much as the second disappointed me also. The first one was the best Transformers because no one expected much and it actually was good… since then they have all been down hill. I never liked Megan Fox much especially in the second film so my reasons for thinking the third one was a miss again like the second is based on the fact that Micheal Bay is still getting lost in the franchise and not LOST in a good way lol For a director hes got no direction. Also just because a film does well its first week does not mean it is a good film over all…Third week returns are more revealing on how much the film was or wasnt liked. Some of the biggest films ever on opening weekend also had the worst drop off in ticket sales by the second and third weekend.. Meaning the audience didnt love it enough to come back over and over. That is the sign of a GREAT film they dont see it just once.

  • barbie

    first Transformers is still the best

  • Jordan

    This is the best Transformers, Rosie was really good!

  • AM

    Friends who have seen this say it is shit. Micheal Bay has ruined this franchise. Rose and Megan can’t act they are only in the film as eye candy.

  • viper

    IN YOUR FACES HATERS!!! Say what you want it doesnt matter anymore. Bya is cashing in and Rosie is the CANNON character to the TF continuity.

  • June

    It was really good by far the best. Rosie really surprised me too, no vacant expressions and she showed actual emotion in her face. My brother was like that’s embarrassing seeing that she’s better than Fox and she’s not even an actress. Of course after Megan I didn’t expect much, but Rosie did great. Shia’s movie mom made me laugh so hard. “Son you’re a good looking boy, but your not going to get another one. You got one, then two. You won’t get another unless you’ve got a really big…” I love his movie mom.

  • tripsny

    They swapped Foxy for that Rosie chick, they upgraded to a classier broad but shizz she acts even worse than Megz did. I want Megz back!! There gunna be a campaign about that soon for realz. Rosie is hot like ya’ll but shes like wood and not the good wood that can be used for something something .

  • Fanforlife

    Transformers is one of my favorite franchises and I will always be a fan but I do feel disappointed with Megans replacement. I dont think June watched the same movie that I and my buddies did. She sure is easy on the eye but thats it. Killed the movie for me, she did ONE piece of acting and dialogue delivery was insufferable. Megan Fox is never going to win an Oscar but atleast her breasts made us forget about her acting and she blended in, unlike like posh British girl. Send her back to Britain and get us one of our own to replace her who is more convincing.

  • S

    @June: Agree, TF 3 was awesome and the best. Rosie surprised me too, she was great, she definitely has potential, she’s way a better actress than MF.

  • re

    @S you’re right. Rosie’s got potential as an actress. Loved her.

  • http://justjared samantha

    transformers was crazy in 3D the destriod pieces like went to your face.