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Gerard Butler: Party in Malibu!

Gerard Butler: Party in Malibu!

Gerard Butler smiles as he leaves a party on Sunday (July 3) in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud shared a laugh with photographers as he left the beachside celebration.

Gerry stepped out with his beloved pug, Lolita, earlier in the day for a walk on the beach.

Last weekend, Gerry was spotted going surfing with friends – and later walking shirtless – on the beach in Malibu.

Gerry was recently invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Invitees are recognized for their distinguished work in the entertainment field.

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# 1

Soo Handsome! I<3 him

# 2


# 3

Interesting, isn’t it, how he’s never been associated with any lady in an actual relationship? He’s supposedly such a hound dog … yet.. it seems to be merely for show.

You know the reason, if you’re open minded.

# 4

Yeah, he’s got his ‘angry face’ on – you can tell that he’s sooo over the paps in Malibu. I actually love his angry face, though – weird, huh?

# 5

forever single

# 6

Gerard will remain single all his life. He cannot live with anyone, neither a woman nor a man.

# 7
well it was a party @ 07/04/2011 at 10:56 am

man is he totally sh/tfaced!

# 8

He finally lost the weight but he has really aged. Look at all the lines on his face! Too much sun.

His looks are done and so is his career. If he had spent more time developing his craft he would still have a future but since all he wanted were leading men parts in romantic comedies, his days are numbered.

Of course he is always alone. Men like him don’t get into relationships. He wants to Play The Field.


# 9
love being famous! @ 07/04/2011 at 11:20 am

Gerard Butler priorities:
- being a celeb
- hanging with other celebs (make sure to be seen!)
- se x
- party
- the occassional “work” in a film”

curious cat @ 07/04/2011 at 11:26 am

Rarely to I get to the thread party so early. I have to say this, looking at all the recent pictures, from terrific (walking Lolita on the beach) to horrific (crouched like a troll puffing on a cigarette)—

I can’t think of when I’ve ever seen a man age so fast, except for the presidents of the USA. Their aging has become such a cliche that as soon as Barack Obama was elected artists were photoshopping how he would look in 4 years, and 8 years if he played the full game.

But those men took on what is considered to be perhaps the biggest job in the world for an absurdly small salary for what’s involved.

I really don’t know what GB earns but I know it’s far more than what Barack Obama earns.

Ever since he hit paydirt with “300″ and became this Hollywood hunk, hottie, etc. he seems to have aged faster than fast. Everything about him looks much older. His face, his body, and something thats undefinable. I’m not sayin’ this is all bad, we all age, unless we die first, And we don’t age evenly. We can look much the same for awhile, then suddenly change. But with some of our A-List movie stars, they seem to age gracefully. Paul Newman for instance. They seem to ease into old age, taking roles that bring out the best of the age they are. And they have real lives away from Hollywood.

I’m not doing a good job of explaining my thinking I know. Perhaps that we don’t see GB growing into maturity while he ages physically.

love being famous! @ 07/04/2011 at 11:29 am

@curious cat:

ITAWY, it is very disappointing that he loves hollywood so much instead of being a real artist and perhaps living far far from h/w

He looks breakable and lonely lately.

I’m giggling… The piccies look like he is complaining all “why are you guys following me? I’m waiting for you f****** to get tired of following me…” He probably has someone waiting for him to start off his 4th of July and doesn’t want to be followed home.
BTW he looks like a homeless man sitting outside my local grocery store here. They must shop for their jackets in the same place. Butler does have thing up on my local, my local doesn’t pay for a bodyguard. :P
He doesn’t look well in these piccies. His face is showing every line. Sun and smokes will do that to you. Now I’m wondering if we are going to start seeing Botox Gerry again. Ugh.

redOctober @ 07/04/2011 at 11:40 am

@curious cat:

“horrific (crouched like a troll puffing on a cigarette)—”…like many have said in other threads is not like he’s a serial killer now, but that image is for ever ingrained in my brain now. And there’s that “something undefinable” you mention …I’ve felt it too but can’t explain it more clearly with words.

@love being famous!:

Far from HW would be great, less money but more quality life and career. IMO.

gossiphound @ 07/04/2011 at 11:51 am

Going on the scuttlebutt and his own admissions, I think Gerry has injured himself a few times, he overdid the training for 300, and has perhaps suffered every since, his injuries on the set of Gamer and Shattered, so he might be living with chronic pain issues.though he does a good job of hiding it overall if that is the case. He admitted in that one interview with Men’s Journal that he has tinnitus, well you try living with that- we all experienced the ringing in the ears from a concert and the relief when it goes away – no wonder he can’t sleep and my understanding is that most treatments are not effective. Those issues alone will age you more quickly.

love being famous! @ 07/04/2011 at 11:51 am


success has truly spoiled Gerard Butler :(

Summer's Eve @ 07/04/2011 at 11:56 am


Just asking a question……why do you bother? Nothing better to do?
@curious cat:
I think your right about how we all age differently but HOW we age is reflected by how we live our lives. You can have the best genetics in the world and look like crap if you treated your body that way. Just like my parents, both always looked younger then their years, looked healthy as did their family but they both smoked. Its seems like just one day it hit them….boom……they looked like crap, became diseased and died too young. That’s what I worry about with Gerry and all they did was smoke. They didn’t live the fast life he does.

Gerry seems like he was going to great lengths to improve his health and along the way with that slimming down but I think it was all for image more then healthy lifestyle. His retreating back to smoking shows he has no concern about his health but just staying skinny. That’s how I see it anyway. It will catch up with him fast now.

It was amusing in his recent interview he talked about how he likes to just stay home and chill out…..what a BSer he is! I’ll bet the man never spends an evening at home just watching the tube.

Many celebs have hobbies like painting, photography, crafts, antiquing, old cars, collecting stuff, etc. Does Gerry have a hobby besides partyng? Oh, maybe karaoke? Forgot! LOL!

I guess I was being selfish believing he was different then the rest of the shallow HW types. Makes me sad.

It seems Kola Boof needs attention again… UGH
KolaBoof 9:32am via TweetDeck

I know TONS of celebrities from Gerard Butler to Marlon Wayans to Whitney & Mia Farrow. So what. I talk what I know. @NBL4Sheila @ddtomlin
What a bore she is…

Has the tide phinally turned? Do the phannies phinally see Gerrry’s true phace? I’m phlabbergasted.



My younger brother has tinnitus, it’s not only the ringing in the ears but it effects his balance, he can even feel dizzy, faint & sometimes has the sensation of falling when lying down. Meds were useless, the best & most effective advice he got was a varied exercise regime & a low sodium diet.

gossiphound @ 07/04/2011 at 12:49 pm

It is the catch 22 though with losing weight, especially if you’ve been overweight for a long time, the face is one of the first places the fat goes and you almost always look older when you lose weight especially if you lose too much weight too fast. Most doctors of course would rather you lose the weight and look older because they can fix the latter LOL. Personally I don’t think Gerry looks any older thinner, because he was not looking that healthy before he lost the weight frankly. Compare the CFDA photos and the ones from the recent APJ event to the award photos from 2010 for example.

Summer's Eve @ 07/04/2011 at 1:07 pm


NO….you’re a PHOOL! LOL!

Gerry is like everyone else. Depending on the circumstances, (lighting, what he’s wearing…what he’s been doing,.and lately, whether or not he has been wearing a hat;) in some photos he looks great and in others he looks rough. What’s funny to me is that often the good and the bad photos appear back to back. Yeah, he’s aged probably more than he would have had he not smoked or been in the sun too much. The same thing could be said of stars like Steve McQueen, Clark Gable…and even George Clooney. Frankly, I don’t care. He’s still handsome and can still look drop dead gorgeous when he wants to. The rest of the time I guess he’s comfortable just schlepping around like the rest of us. Good for him.



Couldn’t have put it better myself.

@curious cat:

The difference is that in Hollywood’s golden age there was no internet and stars were not photographed as they are now, in some cases daily….so you rarely saw them without their game face on. The internet subjects us all to a more physically realistic journal of how celebs look from one day to the next; and with poor lighting, and a star’s unhappy expressions at being photographed AGAIN….many of today’s celebs, including Mr Butler, can look like like crap. Back in Hollywood’s heyday, unless you went out and bought a gossip magazine, the stars of old were mostly seen at their best.

love being famous! @ 07/04/2011 at 2:24 pm

oh, how could I possibly forget -travelling anywhere and everywhere- from the priorities lists, seriously JJ EDIT BUTTON!

love being famous! @ 07/04/2011 at 2:34 pm


ITAWY. Today is a TMI society even with regular people’s lives. But celebs were up to the same shananigans (sp?) we all just didnt know about it and they would indeed show the best pics and positive stories of them unless it was in the yellow rags like Star, Enq., etc. Frankly, I would rather see them in a positive light, like back then. I know it’s all for show, hence “show biz” but it was alot more fun.

curious cat @ 07/04/2011 at 2:56 pm


Well, I don’t go as far back as Hollywood’s golden age :) but I agree that the internet and ubiquitous cameras have given stars more exposure. Still, GB has been a phenomenon for only a few years in the USA and that’s the period in which I knew of him and feel I’ve noticed rapid aging. Maybe it’s the Hollywood lifestyle, the pressure of fame, the jetting all over the world. I don’t know. But I haven’t noticed it so much in contemporaries of his. Paul Newman was perhaps a poor example because he was from another era. But Newman seemed to have a very balanced life, married to the same woman for many years, living in Connecticut, across the country from Hollywood, starting his food business, his camps for underprivileged kids, indulging his race car driving hobby. I think i’ve heard that as a rising young HW star he had his wild side. I’m no authority on any of this, GB just seems to have aged a lot in what, 5 years or so?

curious cat @ 07/04/2011 at 2:59 pm

p.s. I still think he’s attractive. Not saying he isn’t. Except when he is puffing on a cigarette.

The Noise In The Walls @ 07/04/2011 at 3:06 pm

I agree with gossiphound in that he has had afew injuries on many of the sets..

Paps..again..oh well..It must become annoying at times..I loved his Malibu interview :)…He seemed relaxed to me especially when he was talking about Scotland..That little country put a smile on his face and he’s right when he sez that when people visit there…they never forget it…I know I never will :)..Good to see him by the water..Being pisces..I love the water..relaxing for me..Happy Fourth to everyone!!

Well, we better enjoy the pics while we can. He is going to disappear soon for some much needed R&R back home. I think he finds a peacefulness that Scotland offers. Home to unwind for a few days then to his friends wedding and Italy. I wonder if he only survives on catnaps. He will get some TLC from his Mum, then she’ll make him wash dishes.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/04/2011 at 3:27 pm

@curious cat:

A new thread already. Poor G needs to get to work. I think he looks for age appropriate, although I noticed that he had aged after filming in South Africa for MGP, for a while he looked stressed and older. video of the party, he is not as happy with the paps as it seems:

I think he is just walking home, so not concerned about security apparently.

As most here know, he had a serious right ear infection as a child, Mastoiditis, required surgery, and in fact said the surgery caused some facial muscle problems; he said for a while the right side of his face looked like he had a stroke as a child. That has probably left residual problems for that ear.

I agree, I like his look in Rocknrolla best, too thin for my taste now! But still a fan…

PoorG, good thing he has said he never reads these sites, and does not want to be told what is being said about him!

Based on these postings, he is close to being a has been (who can pay $30,000 a month rental for a third home), uncharitable, lost his looks, etc, etc, etc…egads…lost all his hotness because he is an addict (two cigarettes in public so far), … the intense scrutiny and dissection is fascinating, particularly since people keep coming back to see what he is doing anyway… :)

Hope everyone has a safe holiday here in the US!

gossiphound @ 07/04/2011 at 3:27 pm

@love being famous!: Well I believe Joan Collins has written about this, being raised in that era she rather deplores the casual chic of today’s stars exactly because it makes them seem too ordinary.

It was not just the case of the paparazzi using the nicest photos, the stars of that era would not be caught going even to the variety store without their makeup in the case of the women and without being dressed to a higher standard in an era like the 50s where the dress standard was already higher than today for even the average joe. I imagine under the studio system it was almost a job requirement to look glamorous at all times and you might get called out if you were caught looking slovenly.

And yes stars were up to shenanigans then but while reported less, the same wheeling and dealing went on no doubt between the gossip columnists, publicists and the studios to bury stories, but some of those shenanigans did got reported and in those days it could be potentially career ending, like the Bergman- Rossellini affair. Liz Taylor had been a tabloid darling providing tons of material for decades,l perhaps because she didn’t seem to hide her behaviour but one wonders if she didn’t hurt her career at certain points of it because of it.

Paul Newman and Robert Redford sundried those fabulous faces of theirs, are you kidding, but they were already past their career peaks and were busy doing stuff off screen or behind the camera especially in the case of Redford so it didn’t matter. And those blue eyes on Paul, sigh.

justsayin'too @ 07/04/2011 at 3:27 pm

I have to agree with curious cat, red octobe and others. There is something I can’t quite put my finger on in how GB looks this past year. His rapid weight loss did age him, but I feel like he never sleeps and that will age you quicker than even that. He just looks unnatural to me so thin but maybe that is because I do like a muscular man. Oh well, he is still attractive, but I feel he does not have peace in his life and that is hurting him more than anything else. Just my opinion, I really know nothing about him.

angelsrock @ 07/04/2011 at 3:36 pm


I’m inclined to agree with you. I’d love to see him in a nice relationship, but I have a feeling he’s a bachelor for life.

gossiphound @ 07/04/2011 at 3:37 pm

And just saying, one of the most terrifying things I have ever seen on film was Marilyn Monroe leaving the hospital after having a miscarriage, can’t remember if she was married to DiMaggio or Miller at the time, maybe DiMaggio because he was more popular than any movie star at the time except Marilyn, and the throng of paparazzi was like nothing I have ever seen. I thought how could they harass this poor frail woman, do they have no compassion, until the narrator pointed out that Marilyn did not have to leave the hospital by that entrance and was in fact offered a way to escape paparazzi free but such offer was declined. Sigh.


Seriously? Then I guess I am just naive. IMO, anyone who craves that kind of invasive and persistent attention is just plain sick in the head. If I knew for a FACT (fact, not just opinions) that Gerry wants to be followed and snapped everywhere he goes, I would probably lose interest in him. I can’t see how this kind of negative attention is in any way beneficial to him, or to any other celeb.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/04/2011 at 4:21 pm

@well it was a party: Pretty silly comment. I posted the video connected to these photos. Take a look. He is fine. He is annoyed with the paps, and is trying to walking with multiple flashes in his face.

I do not see him as looking any older than many outdoors men of his age. But he does need cupcakes…maybe he will not do the body building again due to too many injuries who knows.

Blaming the victim?

Why would so many posters continue to insist that G. craves attention and that he loves the paparazzi???

Why can’t it simply be a case of a man going to a party and being hounded by the paps. He doesn’t love it. He hates it. (Remember he punched one out a few years back.)

Try sitting ina office allday @ 07/04/2011 at 4:33 pm

@lolita: hello !
He is going home? great news – i wish he would go home more often – wonder if he will ever move back home or if the US is now his home?
He looks good – fit & healthy. Happy – not so sure?

oldbutnotdead @ 07/04/2011 at 4:42 pm

@love being famous!:

He did two films in 2010, many out of the country shoots, both required a lot of physical work, so that was a difficult year for him.

He is doing two films this year, and has completed the outdoor shoots on one of them, working for quite a long time in Lousiana.

He is partly in Malibu because he can surf there regularly if he wishes, he has a lot of friends there, and he is working on his surfing movie (mentor to a famous surfer), which begins filming this fall. If many of your friends are in the film business, that is who you hang out with.

He had three films come out in 2009, and had two (one of them the voice work for How to Train Your Dragon, which is a lot more work than you think) come out in 2010.

Since 1997 he has had 26 or more films come out, including British films and tv miniseries, plus numerous other small things (such as Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, 1999). Plus lots of talk show interviews for movies, studio mandated interviews for films (hundreds and hundreds) charitable PAs, premieres, traveling for charities, putting on charitable events, etc, etc.

He works like crazy. Too many nitpickers here!

From CDAN Blind items revealed:
#1 – What A list movie actor managed to walk the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival despite drinking for 36 hours straight. People got drunk from his fumes it was so bad.

#1 – Gerard Butler

a question @ 07/04/2011 at 4:55 pm

I can hear the phans now making excuses for that reveal.

love being famous! @ 07/04/2011 at 4:58 pm


He makes tons of bank, that’s for sure! He loves to travel and mingle. IMO unless the movie is physically taxing, like a 300, it’s really not “work”. He Loves! charity events only because there are other celebs he can mingle and party with and take pics that will be posted on every gossip site (not that the recipients care where the money comes from).

oldbutnotdead @ 07/04/2011 at 5:27 pm

@love being famous!:

Well, we can agree to disagree… :), cynicism often colors one’s perspective, so I generally reserve my cynicism for those who do not live as openly as G does (no, I am not referring to his sex life here). He does not like the paps, although he apparently no longer curses them out or gives them the finger as he has in the past. One got hit, and needed stitches, but he deserved it and that is several years in the past.

Both MGP and Coriolanus were physically taxing, so I am not sure why you think otherwise, as were Gamer, Attila, and Beowulf; 300 was overboard in physical work. MGP was partly shot in South Africa, and not in comfortable indoor sets. G learns something for every film, whether it is how to use a sword, shield and spear; for MGP (he deliberately gained weight) he learned how to use a machine gun. For Mavericks, he is learning surfing, and has been practicing that for quite a while, here and in Hawaii. Not easy to learn for the first time at 41.

There are many celebs I find boring, idiotic or self serving. G is not one of them so far. As a retired lawyer, cynicism was my stock in trade, so I usually recognize when to use it and when I can drop it.

@Try sitting ina office allday: Hello, how you doing? I agree, sometimes he looks happy and sometimes the look in his eyes is that he is somewhere else lost in thought. I’m surprised he is not blind with all the flashes that hit his eyes. Will he ever go home for good, I doubt it, I do think he will travel back there when he feels homesick. I could be wrong but I think he goes home to regenerate himself and his family sets him straight when he gets to big for his britches. Lately his britches are to big for him. A nice pair of tight pants to show that body is in order. Hope your day is going well for you.

love being famous! @ 07/04/2011 at 5:40 pm


This is meant in the most polite way, no mean spirit here…….:)

How can you possibly think he does not love the media?? How do you explain him always being photographed? He knows his pic will be taken at countless events that he attends. It just seems to be he loves to get his pic taken, he is a bit narcisstic.
The only thing of course we all know is he is EXTREMELY secretive about his love/sex life, we see him with people, but unless we know him personally, we have no idea what his relationship is with them!
And please, the crazy pranks he has done in the past few years, must be for attention, maybe more than fame, he certainly seems to crave attention!

gossiphound @ 07/04/2011 at 5:44 pm

@a question: Well given there is tons of video from that event and no one noticed anything amiss makes it hard to believe and I had my money on some of the other actors at the Berlin Festival, ones known for drinking too much already and as such more likely to be functioning alcoholics. True Grit ehem.

Anyone who had been drinking alcohol for 36 hours straight if not passed out and near puking would be stumbling around, unsteady on their feet and be rather incoherent at the press conference which he was not. Guess we’ll have to look at it again. Didn’t think enty considered Gerard A list. He’s moving on up in the world then?

a question @ 07/04/2011 at 6:09 pm

@gossiphound: I just found the pictures. I believe you’re right…. There’s no way he was on a 36 bender.

@WF: This can’t have been Butler. He was A-list for about a minute a few years ago. Now he is B or C-list at best so the item had to be about someone else unless the writer is a total dope.

I doubt he is drinking. He can’t handle alcohol and he knows it. If he were drinking we would have papparazi photos of him laying in the streets or stories on Twitter and Facebook of hard partying.

He is stupid but not that stupid.


Why are there so many people speculating such trash about him. For heavens sake he can’t pass gas without someone fanning his behind.
Some pics of him are set up by his PR team but not everything he does is for PR.


@lolita: VERY WELL SAID!

WO has found more pics of Gerry with Lolita. She is flirting with some other pups on the beach. Takes after her master. What a sweetie. I like how Gerry is just standing there and letting her have her time in the sun.

G decided along time ago that he was going to live his own life the way he wanted to no matter if the paps follow him everywhere he goes. When in NY, he walks or rides his bike to events, restaurants, etc. In L.A., he goes to restaurants, gas stations, starbucks and anywhere else he wants to go. He will not let the paps dictate where he goes. That is not craving attention, that is not backing down from them or living your life hidden. Now that he is in Malibu, he is doing the same thing….living his life. The Paps are everywhere and know pretty much where most of the celebrities go.

If you think they don’t make up stupid stuff about Gerry, there are comments and zooming in on the spot on his pants. Now that is hitting the bottom of the barrel. They really do take liberties when it comes to commenting on him. What a bunch of horse hooey.

When living in his mansion in Los Feliz, he is really safe there. Now he is in the mainstream, in the limelight down by the beach. Maybe he got bored, living up in the hills. I can see phannies camping out on the beach, wanting to talk to him. Hope he keeps his mansion, he will get tired of this after awhile.
So for now, this will be his summer. Never a dull moment for G!

oldbutnotdead @ 07/04/2011 at 9:11 pm

@love being famous!: @love being famous!: Well, I do distinguish between the media and the papaparazzi. They are not equivalent. The media includes late night talk shows, Craig Ferguson, photographers at premieres, etc. He has no grudge against them.

However, he is famous for disliking the papaparazzi, the vulture photographers who stalk celebs. He has complained to them many times about leaving him alone at private parties, at his home. He has not hit one in a while (too bad), and he no longer appears to give the middle finger salute, but the paps invade privacy, and if you look at the party video I posted earlier, you can see how invasive they are. He is much politer to them than most celebs. He can barely see to walk sometimes, and he has complained about that as well. Not the media!

Many times when he is having a private lunch, I have seen him approach and say if I give you one photo, will you leave? That of course is never good enough. Same types who were chasing Princess Diana when her car crashed. G is an outgoing dude, not shy (DiCaprio nearly always hides behind a baseball cap with his head down), with an extroverted personality. That extroverted outgoing funny personality is one of the reasons many of us like him, and tolerate his failings.

Paparazzi are NOT the media, and I do not confuse them. To call the paps media is like comparing the National Enquirer to the New York Times.

Ick - not again @ 07/04/2011 at 10:32 pm

Another CDAN revealed blind:
I am going to make this a blind item, but it is also a What Do You Think, because I really am curious. This A list movie actor who probably should not be A based on his most recent track record at the box office, was at dinner two nights ago. A waitress came to his table which he was sharing with two women and another guy. After taking the drink order, the waitress said someone else would deliver it because she was going on break. Now, the person who told me this, was there, and did not see any eye contact or anything between the actor and the waitress that was out of the ordinary. However, as soon as the waitress walked away, our actor got up and followed. He came back 20 minutes later. His companions asked where he had been and he said that he took a break with the waitress and later expanded by saying the waitress serviced him orally in her car. Now, as this waitress, you must know nothing is going to come of this, so why would you do this? Would you do it with any random customer? Is it because you want to say a celebrity used you?
Gerard Butler

love being famous! @ 07/04/2011 at 11:11 pm

@Ick – not again:

wow what is it pick on Gerard Butler day for the 4th, lol? Yuck if it’s true, but there are countless of people, waitresses or anyone else, who would certainly run at the opportunity to have their 20 mins with a celeb! Nothing new.


I meant more paps, tho he certainly does love to be interviewed and on talk shows and have his handsome pics published in the tabs. I think like most celebs he loves the positive attention, but when they write something untrue or annoying, or pester him, he will hate it. If the blind item is not true, I think he prob will think it sucks (so to speak) that they wrote something untrue, rather than he will prob say, “Oh good the masses think I got another bj!”

“Looks like he’s finally gone over to do the dark side and embraced the shallow Hollywood lifestyle. Really sad. Hey ho. Is this the real GB? Or, is he merely entering the “a**hole” phase of stardom.”

This is from the last thread. You have to hope this isn’t true. That he isn’t changing and going to the dark side. Is this the real GB?
A good question to ask….I hope he stays true to himself.

I’m pretty sure now that Just Jared caters to movie starts looking to get some attention. Because I can’t imagine the paps out there stalking Butler. He looks just gross and unkempt……theres no appeal at all. Who is his market anyway? Boys or girls, men or women? Theres just nothing there if you ask me.

This seems way more believable than the other revealed vice. The quickie BJ is probably more the norm, least amount of commitment and effort required. Gag.

Well enty is a lawyer I would imagine that he is very careful about things he could get in trouble for. He must have his butt covered. I agree with whoever said G has some sh/t going on. These blinds I am sure is why you see G walking Lolita on the beach. And I am sure we will see a few other fan friendly ‘candid’ moments. If the drinking is true, it just shows how none of the people closest to G are true friends.

Interesting @ 07/05/2011 at 12:20 am

@oldbutnotdead: Your post are curous. It’s like a gb “mind-meld”.

cubedweller @ 07/05/2011 at 12:30 am

Great – another Butler is a world-class manho story. Wait – a no-class manho. Note to self – don’t eat at THAT restaurant :-P Anyone for hand sanitizer?
IF.IF.IF this is for real, I’m thinking there was a cash transaction involved. And how repulsive if he went back to the table and bragged about it.
I’m so tired of it. I’m tired of the pervasive culture of sleaze that seems to follow this guy. The blurbs, the stories, the jokes, the blinds, the TMZ song for gawd’s sake. I just want to see a good movie out of him. And as a bonus I’d like for him, as a person, not to self-destruct.
And I’d like to see him do a real, non-puff piece interview with a genuine journalist – one that is not flipping her hair and hiking her dress up to her spleen. Is that so much to ask, Butler PR geniuses?

While I have no doubt that some of the CDAN blind item reveals are true and that a lot more are based in a grain of truth, when you read them all together at the same time, they somehow seem collectively less true.

Have to agree Cubie. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth, well at least that waitress’ mouth. :P
I truly believe that this is how Butler has been all along. He is just getting outted because of social media. I think back to Ischia all those years ago and it seems he hasn’t changed a bit in that aspect. He was tagging whatever would wave her fanny at him and he still seems to be doing it.
The problem I find with Butler is he seems to be believing his own BS PR. That interview just posted got my gag reflex going. He didn’t seem sincere or genuine. It was like he was playing at being interviewed. His head, not the one the waitress serviced, is growing to huge proportions.
I’m tired of the PR BS too. The smoking took the last of his sex appeal away for me. If his next movie isn’t good, I’m going to be a lost fan. At the rate he is going, his movies won’t come out soon enough for even his die-hards to hang in there.

I don’t buy the drinking one but I highly suspect the BJ one to have foundation. Remember Shanna Moakler? The RUMORS of her servicing him in the restroom at Shin’s opening…
Or how about the stripper at Voyeur? Beatriz? Martina? Laurie? And the list goes on and on.


I tend to agree with your assessment of GB’s blind items on the site, but if you want some serious entertainment I’d recommend reading the rest of them as well. It seems like this time he (and I have my doubts it’s really a him and really a lawyer) really went more for the jugular. Lots of item reveals that may not have been revealed in the past because they were too “sensitive”- affairs, outings, etc. My favorite may be the one that Anniston and Pitt only got married because she wouldn’t sleep with him until he did.

cubedweller @ 07/05/2011 at 1:15 am

@Manny: He said it himself – If you don’t have fans you don’t have a career.
.”His head, not the one the waitress serviced, is growing to huge proportions.”
Yes – I detected that as well. I was looking forward to watching this because I almost always enjoy his interviews, but I couldn’t wait till it ended, it was so empty.

cubedweller @ 07/05/2011 at 1:29 am

It will be interesting to see if there are any repercussions from these reveals. The one about the drinking is the one most potentially dangerous to Butler’s career and reputation, so if indeed it’s false, he might want to get out there and make a strong, clear denial. Making a flippant comment to the paps, which he has done in the past regarding rumors, isn’t going to cut it.

Katie in LA @ 07/05/2011 at 1:50 am

I have read many of these comments and it is amazing the assumptions that so many make about someone whom they do not know. Everyone here knows what they have read of which much is manufactured by the rags. Gerry does not “party” by the standard definition that most would assume. He does not drink or do drugs. He may go to alot of functions – some of that is part of the job and part of it is because he enjoys traveling and meeting people but you will never see him with an alcoholic drink in hand. Recently, he has grown his hair and lost the weight for his upcoming film, Mavericks in which he will portray Rick “Frosty” Hesson, surfer Jay Moriorty’s mentor. This is why he has been spending time in Malibu surfing. He also happens to have a number of projects scheduled for both his production company as well as some others. So he is far from at the end of his career – Swansong. He will continue to work as long as his movies make money and they make a TON of money. He has nothing to worry about for quite some time to come.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/05/2011 at 1:54 am

@Interesting: I spent 25 years analyzing case files, and pulling out facts, as a lawyer. After retirement, I have spent the last five years analyzing journal articles in Anthropology, Archaeology and Geography. Analysis in order to put a picture together is what I have been doing for decades, so it comes as second nature to me. I like to write, and have another writer in the family, who has been writing fiction for over 35 years.

I could always pull facts out of the largest case file, I just remembered everything it held. I am still that way, although day to day things may get forgotten, or put aside. If a subject interests me, I will research it to death; does not mean I am always right in my assessment, but I do work a subject. I was aggressive as an California State attorney, turning facts on applicants in workers comp cases, and when I retired, the attorneys on the other side said they wanted to attend to make sure that I was really retiring. Now I am older, tired (!!! … :) and down to doing lectures for a community group on archaeology and geography, nowhere near as aggressive as I used to be, but still like to analyze facts.

I am not sure exactly what you mean though by GB meld. Interesting comment!

As for the two silly “blind” articles, I am always distrustful of people who make anonymous accusations of this nature. They read as if the blogger found a tiny bit of info, and then expanded it.

The BJ article makes it sound like one of G’s male friends talked. I really, really doubt it. I have never heard of an unattached man (and many married ones) who would not go out of his way for a BJ, and I am sure G is in that category, but I really doubt his friends talked, or a waitress would talk, so I doubt the incident. A waitress away from her station for 20 minutes? Wow, a really understanding management at that restaurant!

As a retired lawyer, let me be cynical about lawyers. Every year Iawyers who break the rules either become disbarred or suspended or put on probation, and the list is published monthly in the California Bar Journal. I do not know who Enty is, where he or she is located, but as long as a name is not attached to his articles, he could be possibly protected. I have never read that material. Whoever the four women are that attach names to the blind articles, may not be protected from slander, if anyone cared to follow up. However, celebs get this kind of stuff published all the time, if they sued all the time, they would indeed be busy in court daily and the lawyers would get rich!

Harvey Levin, of TMZ is an inactive lawyer, Cal Bar No. 66577, and he often says things that are just barely within legal. I admit I find Harvey funny and watch his show, although it is sometimes a bit cruel.

regular customer? @ 07/05/2011 at 2:11 am

@Ick – not again: Option 1) If that really happened the waitress would have been with him before, their signal was “I’m going on break”, and then Gerry paid her. Let’s face it, waitresses don’t earn much. Any extra “tip” would be welcome. Poor girl.
Option 2) If Gerry did hang out with this girl during her break, he may have tried to get some but didn’t, and being a frat boy, he made up the bj story to be “funny” or brag.
Option 3) The story is complete fiction.

He is drinking and smoking again. Ew real NICE.
My cousin said he was “just too weird.” I told her he was an artist!
But she is beautiful and stupid but a nice person… just has too many men beating her door down to appreciate it.
She went off to someone else incidentally, GEORGIA so you are dead wrong.

grossfatpiggerard @ 07/05/2011 at 2:46 am

…wow quickie blo/jjobs gerard?
wasnt that what shanna girl was too??

As I said on the last thread – I was really shocked at how smug he was in the latest interview. He was just way too pleased with himself. It was really off putting. I think it’s brilliant that he’s done so well.  But he just came across as really arrogant. So disappointing, so disheartening.  

And all this hiding of these dopey  women, well it’s just ridiculous. If anything it makes him look like a really untrustworthy, nasty, sh***y person.  For crying out loud why doesn’t he want to be seen with one of his numerous dozy young chicks?  All he has to do is smile sweetly and say  ” …oh we’re just really good friends…”
I’ve never seen a man with so many  really good female friends, who he doesn’t want to go anywhere near in public. 

From now on, every time I hear him say a woman or a female co-star is “… just a good friend…”  I am going to think, rightly or wrongly, he’s has, or is pumping her. Even if she’s 100.  No wonder the old phannies love him so much. They think there in with a chance. And you know what. With all his, really good female friends.  I think they might be right. If the rumours true the man is hornier than a demented rabbit.  

the nature of the beast @ 07/05/2011 at 3:24 am

The reality isn’t interesting enough, so let’s make up something based on fan perception. If you repeat something enough it becomes true by sheer repetition (whether there is any truth to it or not). Look at what happens here.

Put up a photo out of context and it can mean anything you want it to mean.

CDAN and Enty do their research and they cater to those who look for the salacious. It’s so easy. Build a story and they will come.

I am also becoming very worried for Lolita. She is looking very  bdiscombobulated of late. The poor thing is probably very confused, what with all of GB’s very good female friends literally coming, then going.  God only knows what that poor fat pug has seen. She’s probably scarred for life. No wonder she looks at him in a skewy way sometimes.  

curious cat @ 07/05/2011 at 3:52 am


Yes, I have read about that. He has talked about that, and also about how one ear stuck out more than the other, which the film people noticed when he had really short hair for a role. Tomb Raider? I forget. He said they had to tape his ear to make it match the other, but I believe he said he had it operated on later. No big deal. I had “stick out ears” as a kid, and had them “pinned back” in my early 20s. One of the best things I ever did for myself. I’m no movie star, and girls can hide elephant ears better than guys with hair, but the operation made me feel better about myself. I could pull my hair back in a pony tail or wear it up or swept back and not feel self-conscious. I believe totally in plastic surgery if it corrects a defect that is hampering someone’s confidence. One surgeon I interviewed once said most people who undergo plastic just want to correct some flaw that bothers them. And if it will change their lives it’s a good thing. The people who want what he called “the witness protection special”, who think they can be completely remade are the ones he worries about, the one with emotional problems that need to be addressed.
Plastic surgery, he and others point out, can not make a 50 year old look 30. It can only make a better looking 50 year old.
Sometimes Butler has seemed too self-conscious about his self-perceived flaws. Obvioulsy millions of women don’t care. His noticeably crooked mouth is adorable. He doesn’t need to account for everything. He probably doesn’t read these threads, I hope not for his sake, but I think somebody connected to him does because it seems as if every time some issue comes up, he addresses it.
Living in the limelight has its downside. Life on a hot plate.

curious cat @ 07/05/2011 at 4:04 am

Cubie, suggest me. I have the creds. But the networks like young brassy blondes with dark roots and gushy manners.

I am also becoming very worried for Lolita. She is looking very  bdiscombobulated of late. The poor thing is probably very confused, what with all of GB’s very good female friends literally coming, if they’re lucky, then going.  God only knows what that poor fat pug has seen. She’s probably scarred for life. No wonder she looks at him in a skewy way sometimes.  

Looks like Superior Steakhouse, Shreveport, (16 April), ought to watch its waitresses. Presumably a local teenager.

Try sitting ina office allday @ 07/05/2011 at 4:19 am

@lolita: Hello again all good – but very busy at the mo – i haven’t catch up with all the latest GB news & photos. So many new photos – very nice – always looking great GB- interesting video – no discussion of up coming movies ?? i don’t get why he would do an interview & not bother talking about his movies – unless i missed something ?? anyway- hope your day or night is going well. x

all are human.. evry1 will age…all hav der own private lyf… so does he.. no 1 knows him personally except his mother n himself… so pls stop wasting ur tym by writing comments dat wont encourage any1..

@Try sitting ina office allday: I’m off to work but I will respond when I get home. Have a good day also.

Just because the media manipulation is so annoying.

Look at Kaiser’s selection of pics of the same time.

He’s smiling, I don’t see any wrinkles, his hair looks healthy. In the JJ pics, he looks greasy and – just yikes.

so gullible @ 07/05/2011 at 8:20 am

@the nature of the beast: But print a lie and you get sued or do these gossip sites rely on the fact no one will, most of the time.

What does Gerry holds in his right hand?

His lifeline and anchor.

How can some of you say you are a fan when we you say the crap you do about him? I sure wouldn’t want some of you as a fan or a friend. You would stab me in the back as soon as I succeeded at something I wanted…, diet, relationship, etc. Some of you regulars and not so regulars would do Butler a great favor to quit coming on this board and being his fan….he can do without your support.

I guess I should have proof read what I wrote, but you know what I was trying to say….most here don’t appear to be a fan….

@Hot Mess:

I think a lot of people come on here for no other reason than to start arguments and wind others up. They aren’t fans of GB and I suspect they go onto various threads and do the same to fans of other celebs.

I always said I would just ignore posters like that but yesterday I was in a sh*tty mood and spoiling for an argument so I told someone what I thought. I meant every word I said (well typed) but I wish I hadn’t rose to the bait.

Maggie P.U. @ 07/05/2011 at 11:41 am

@95 Hot Mess….. I agree 100%…. first off the day everyone admits Gerry is human things will be better….. but at the same time to go and stab this man (or who ever,) in the back, meaning if you do it on a board to someone you don’t even know (or many of you have never met) just by what you read (assumption and speculation) then whos to say you don’t do it to others including your friends and family. How would you feel or even like it done to you? Especially if you call yourselves Gerry’s fans…..

To me, unless I hear it from the man himself…. or the individual/s who WERE THERE and can validate it to the “T”…… then it is as it is…. another media whors attention getter. It is easy to hide behind words, moniker and say what you will… but to face up and say something well, that is a different story… it is called having a back bone and respecting not only the person you are talking about but yourself as well. Respect is is as respect does. Don’t jodge someone on heresay…because who is to say that one day that person may be you….

I have surfed these sites often and have noticed the back stabbing on some and then on the fansites bu//-kissing….. and it is made easy by monikers to hide behind. And also, at the same time, I read about other celebs… and I am here to tell you with what I read Gerry is a Saint…… so quit pointing fingers at Gerry….. he is nothing in the “closets” of Hollywood. No one knows why (except Gerry himself) why he is off the wagon now…. maybe it is that he knows he is being pic’d and doing it on purpose, maybe the stress is high at this point…. do not judge unless you walk in ones shoes……. Being prior service, I hate the media, papers and so forth, many have been hurt by the abuse of the Constitutional Admendment-freedom of speech-which many media use to protect them. But, what they fail to admit they abuse that right because if you read it, they are. If you notice how many times in articles/interviews you find yourself reading the same thing, or a little “ad-lib ” to get the readers attention whether it is true or not….

Anyway, keep all this in mind the next time you read/hear about what Gerry did or Russell Crowe….. because who really are saints. Definitely not anyone on this earth. And with everyone needing money and wanting attention… you are going to have those like the media stooping to extremely low levels to get it. And those like Gerry will always be a target while he puts himself out there or allows it. One mnute he is “hit” with picking his nose (like he is the only one who does DUH!) the next eating and so forth……this should make one ask themself….does these people who “stalk” others for the sake of a pic or a BS article have anything better to get or have a life? And those who call themselves fans and do and say what they do-are they any better? Made easy by hiding behind monikers….. We all need to ask ourselves that and take a very long look in the mirror.



Mr. Charles…
@Hot Mess:
Tsk Tsk Tsk…
Welcome to the realm of real fans. Does being a fan mean you give him a pass on all his outlandish behavior or conveniently slip it under the rug? Does being a fan mean you have to be an enabler? Does it mean that you say “how adorable” when he kisses randoms in the street? Or how about those godawful smoking pics, do you sit there and say “OMG isn’t he healthy and handsome?” Being a fan doesn’t mean being a friend. Big difference. If you can’t be true to what your values are and you give a pass to those who you idolize, what does that say about you?
Butler is living his life on a public level and has invited the public to take a look. I’m not telling him how to live his life, BUT this is a gossip board for OPINIONS. If he doesn’t like the criticism, then he should
1. Grow up and quit doing stupid sh!t; or
2. Get a career that doesn’t invite anyone to view and analyze his life to criticize.
I’ve been a fan for more than four years and all you have to do is watch to see and learn that Butler is far from perfect and does NOT deserve being put on a pedestal. He is a good actor, entertaining celebrity, and a handsome man. Not sexy anymore, but smoking kills that for some people like me.
Sorry to burst your bubble. If you want to be in a place where Butler can do no wrong, go to one of his fansites. Don’t berate people for opinions on an open board.

Can someone post the link to the interview I’m lost with all these new posts and can’t find it, ta very much. That house in Malibu is my dream home soooooooo jealous of ya Gerry!

What does Gerry holds in his right hand?
His life-jacket, beacon, straight-jacket, oxygen mask, life-boat, right oar. His past; his present; his future.

Look on the last thread for the links.
@Maggie P.U.:
Sorry Maggie – Usually you and I seem to be in the same ballpark but I don’t agree with you. THIS IS NOT A FAN SITE. IT IS A GOSSIP BOARD. Big difference.
Even with fandom there will always be many different sides because everyone is different… There will be those who say “Isn’t it cute or adorable” when others will say “WTF dude.” It is what it is.
I’m getting a little p!ssy with Hot Mess’ comment because she is trying to define how others should worship Saint Gerry. I choose to be here because it is an open forum without moderation by phannie who don’t want to face reality.
Okay… I’m off my pedestal. Cheers Maggie, I suspect you will still be a poster who I continue to love and read your comments.
I just got off a grave shift and I’m a little b!tchy. Oh well. We are all human after all. :)

oldbutnotdead @ 07/05/2011 at 11:52 am

@so gullible: no one will most of the time. When celebs do sue, it has to be something big, not the constant nonsense about sex with waitresses (the other blind we saw was that he was sticking with married women all the time), drinking, etc.

As I mentioned in the lengthy post (well it was late at night) above, if they sued for every phony baloney item, they would be in court all the time.

Brangelina have sued and won (against UK rags I believe), and the money goes to their charities.

Just Guessing @ 07/05/2011 at 11:52 am

A party full of gay men including Gerry, I see young Bobby in the background and G’s old hookup from Brazil is there to took a pic with him(shirtless):


I think there are people who come on here that are genuine fans who just get pissed off with his behaviour sometimes and voice that opinion, there is nothing wrong with that. However, there are others that come on here to just write sh*te and wind others up. I assumed Hot Mess was talking about the latter.

ooOOoops wrong thread…sorry…thought it was his ever-present phone! (slinking away)
Interesting body language here. The camera before and after.
Think he’s become enamored with the idea of living some famous person’s lifestyle that really isn’t suited for him.

Just Guessing @ 07/05/2011 at 12:01 pm

@Just Guessing: I meant to say ” is there to take a pic”

Maggie P.U. @ 07/05/2011 at 12:02 pm

@Manny 102…hey compadre…yeah I know this is a rag (gossip) board…. but gossip is one thing, taking things and running with is another…meaning ok yeah it is said…. but dang that doesn’t mean to crucify whoever…….!!!!

And true, we will get aaawww that is cute or $hit he looks like something the dawg dug up and tried to bury again….. that is typical but don’t go overboard for heavens sake….. point is made!!!

Well… done with the sermon…. long night and I still have class work to do… preach later….



oldbutnotdead @ 07/05/2011 at 12:03 pm

@Oh dear: Interesting, my take on the interview was very different! He seemed nervous, high strung, jumpy, eager to please, not arrogant to me.

Interviewer was not very good, and was in his space the whole time. @Scout:

the dream home is up for sale at 6,500,000; my understanding is that G (or perhaps his company, since it can be construed for business purposes, surfing?) is paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000 a month.

I think these are the interview parts?

@Just Guessing:
Old pic and old news. We discussed it a couple of threads ago…
Well you have been much better on assuming good intent this morning than I have. Cheers!

I have to disagree OBND.. He doesn’t seem engaged at all in the interview. He keeps looking around and losing his train of thought. And I’m not giving him the ADD pass either. It was a one-on-one interview.
I was just glad it wasn’t as bad as his press conference in London for LAC. I guess that is something to applaud him for…

@Maggie P.U.:
Sorry if I hit a nerve. Really wasn’t my intent.
Please don’t be offended. You preached to your choir and I preached to mine. No need to get testy.
Like I stated earlier, I know I will continue to enjoy your posts. Cheers!

oldbutnotdead @ 07/05/2011 at 12:24 pm

@Manny: I agree he was not engaged. It was a fairly stupid interview, imo. He was jumpy and not comfortable. We just have different ways of seeing “not engaged”.

It is not a typical interview for him at all. He may have done it as a favor for someone perhaps.

This man is hot!!!!!!

Believe me ladies this man can change his appearance anytime. But up close and personnal he is delicious. I know.. He is sweet and loves his doggie and his home country. As do we all. Lots of success with Machine Gun Preacher Gerry and the same for Coriolanus. You deserve it.


Joan (HUG) ***

oldbutnotdead @ 07/05/2011 at 12:38 pm

@Manny: ok, I went back and looked at the interview again. Not as bad as I had originally said. I was a bit judgmental I suppose. Certainly he is not arrogant, though, do not know where that came from. He said what he has often said, that when he sees how excited fans get, he remembers that he still has that reaction himself to some famous people.

Manny after a graveyard shift do you stay up to unwind? or does that totally throw off your sleeping/resting, etc.

Maggie P.U. @ 07/05/2011 at 12:38 pm

@112 Manny… nah…you didn’t sorry if I came across b-atchy…like I said trying to get a assignment out in my Legal Comp class…. like I said it is fine to gossip and believe and comment and all but dang when it is old stuff drop it…. let it go… anyway not offended :)



Depends on the shift. We had a lot of activity all night long. I did come home a little wound up to be honest. Been reading here and personal emails, etc. Got a load in the washer and just waiting to put in the dryer and then I can get some rest.
And yes it totally screws up your sleep schedule. Usually I’m on days so this week is an exception. Heaven help my loved ones if I’m this crotchity this early in a grave week.

@Manny: Oh manny, I asked about the red&blue something that he holds in his hand. Way are you allways being sarcastic with me?

I hope it wasn’t red and blue!!!!
I was making a joke She. Gerry calls his peen Mr. Charles… Does it make sense now?

Why did Gerry agree to an interview by some obscure Dutch interviewer? It may have some to do with the fact her hubby is a footballer and G wants to court anyone football related for his movie PTF, esp. in Europe. He is a strategic and purposeful thinking kind of guy, a trait which in many ways helps contribute to his success. Nothing is random for him. I guess I just answered my own question.

May God Bless yoou all! @ 07/05/2011 at 1:43 pm

Matthew 14:30-31
New International Version (NIV)
30 But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!”

31 Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”

If you could step away from one thing that is dragging you under, what would you leave behind?

@Manny: I know what is “Mr. Charles”…I’m just saying that I feel that you are being sarcastic and cynical about me, that’s all

Katie in LA @ 07/05/2011 at 2:02 pm


That is a rather hostile comment. I have had the pleasure of meeting him. Twice as a matter of fact. The first time, my husband and I sat with him at a charity event. He drank club soda. The second was that my husbands production team worked on Law Abiding Citizen – we met him again at the premiere. The film Mavericks is in pre-production currently and my husband is slated to work on that one as well if his schedule permits. Sorry to disappoint however, I have some opportunities to meet these folks that others may not always have. It is unncecessary to be so nasty and try to discredit without having anything to back it up. I am more than willing to provide photos if you would like! The bottom line is that he is a very, very nice man – very grounded and very accomodating to his fans. He doesn’t deserve the nasty things that have been posted here about his looks or the other accusations that are totally uncalled for.

@oldbutnotdead: thanks for the links. He hasn’t done an interview in ages so he’s probably out of practise. We can all appreciate how nervous you feel doing an interview especially when it’s been a while, it is such a difficult thing to. It’s bad enough when someone is delving into your professional life but when a complete stranger starts firing personal questions at you a person is bound to feel uncomfortable. He was very uncomforable and nervous and so of course endearing himself to us even more. He was tongue tide and couldn’t seem to get the answers out. He’s probably all chilled out in his lovely beach home and his brain isn’t engaged for interviews like he would be on a promo tour. Think it shows he is just like the rest of us, human! Great to see him in an interview after so long, his hair looks much shorter and yummy, he’s a chameleon with his looks, don’t know how he manages it. He probably found the interviewer attractive too which threw him off even more! I’m sure when the camera turned off he was all charm.

@curious cat:

“Perhaps that we don’t see GB growing into maturity while he ages physically.”

Perfectly said!

so gullible @ 07/05/2011 at 2:46 pm

Welll I understand the issue about suing sometimes a stern letter from a lawyer is enough and some celebs like Brangelina who are not afraid to take on the paps, have made some good coin which yes some donate to charity.

Whether it makes the tabloids think twice who knows but what is he paying his PR people for, beyond calling the paps for photo ops. Got quicker reaction and denials from his camp when he was linked to Lohan and Biel. That’s warped man, more concerned about romantic rumors then being called a raging drunk?

oldbutnotdead @ 07/05/2011 at 2:59 pm

@Katie in LA: Well, this may duplicate another post, JJ is acting up!

Katie, there are a number of real G fans here, people who like the man and not just people who pick on him.

We ignore the negative posters; you actually get used to it after a while. People think I am bit too G oriented sometimes, based on my posts, but what I want people to do is stand back, and consider the anonymous nonsense that gets tossed out at celebs, from gossip bloggers and rumor makers.

He is a good kid (well, at my age, he is a kid…. :), and we enjoy his personality immensely. It is not uncommon to see negative posts on these kinds of sites, there are people who need to vent on anything, and find anonymity allows that. More positive posts are on Weirdly Obsessive (despite the name, most are funny, humorous, nice ladies) and Gerard Butler Gals.

Here we see the jealous, the cynical, the literally crazy, those who are fantasizing, and some who are just malicious, along with the true fans.

In my opinion, he is also a hard worker, and his real fans here are hoping he has good news with MGP and Coriolanus, as some of us think he has been seriously under rated since coming to the US.

Many who seem snarky here also like him, but just feel the need to be humorous at his expense.

Don’t despair , he has a huge fan base that sees him not just as good looking (there are lots of those men), but a funny outgoing guy with lots of personality and a good heart. I would personally recommend against getting drawn into any into exchanges with the negative posters or trying to convince them of anything about G.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/05/2011 at 3:04 pm

@so gullible: Have no clue why you think his PR people are calling the paps! He really dislikes them, and that is clear in many videos. I personally think he ought to go back to giving them the middle finger salute!

Many of his fans comment that they get annoyed on his behalf when they see these videos of paps bugging him. Publicity is one thing, the paps are another.

The video of the party which has been posted here I think, shows what happens, and how he reacts. He tolerates the paps, he does not like them.

@Katie in LA:

Katie, anyone here who claims to have inside info about Gerry is always suspect and usually accused of being a liar, a stalker, or a “phannie”. Unless of course the inside info happens to be of a negative nature with regards to Gerry’s behavior or character. In that case, the inside info will be taken as legit. Thanks for the tidbits! I guess folks assume that if he’s back to smoking, he must be back to drinking too. On JJ it’s very easy to get from point A to point Z with very little real information between.

Thank goodness for Manny, says it like it is,

JJ is ruined by those that defend the indefensible, there are so many gushy fan sites ladies why don’t you go there?Let’s keep it real here on Just Jared, ok?

Some here should give it a rest for awhile. They post way too much.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/05/2011 at 3:25 pm

@OFFS: Very few posters here keep it real. They post speculation that is off the mark, way beyond the pics we see here.

JJ is ruined by those that defend the indefensible? Isnt that what JJ is for, so that people can post OPPOSING viewpoints? Not just negative ones? Most of us “defending” G merely point out the negative posters are relying on unfounded gossip, one or two pics, and very little actual knowledge. Not defending, just saying give it break, there are many interpretations, and we just do not know what is going on in a celebs private life.

Few say G is an angel, I do not expect him to be and if you think he is, or you think his fans think so, you are mistaken. I think he is a hard working dude, I like him, I do not need to defend that at all. I am free to say that over and over reminding people not to trash someone on unsupported gossip, and you are free to skip those posts.

Sorry you feel that way she. Not my intent and a little off base. But oh well the language barrier doesn’t always translate well when it comes to jokes.
I have never been hostile or sarcastic with you. But again, you will think what you will.
Have a great day girlie!

@Manny: I have to go but I just wanted to write that I get your jokes and I like your humer most of the time, but I didn’t feel comfortable today when t you made it on my expense. You and I know each other for awhile here on this board so I think that I can write you if I don’t like something. I hope I cleared things.

Sorry you felt the joke was at your expense, which it was not. My bad. Cheers!

@Manny: Thank you for your respond…cheers

Wow, I feel the atmosphere around here is getting a little tense at the moment, even amongst people that usually get on and have a laugh together. What’s going on? It’s bad enough having to deal with the regular crazies, without getting tetchy with each other.


Anyways I’m going to be engaged with Idris Elba for the next hour, then off for another lovely jubbly night shift.

I have to disagree. How do you know they are based on unfounded gossip? Because they are negative??? From his very own mouth Butler has said, “if you really knew me you wouldn’t like me.

Idris is a dream. Have a great time. :)

@oldbutnotdead: well I can’t argue with a lawyer because that is like pis/sing into the wind. You have to be right ALL the time.


If you get the chance to watch Luther, I think it’s shown on BBC America over there, it’s amazing, Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson are brilliant.

I’ll have to check it out. I think Idris is one sexy man… but if he smokes… please don’t tell me. I couldn’t take a second disappointment in a week. :P

Thanks Kathy in LA for your comments. Most here don’t know Butler personally. From speaking with others that know him, I have gotten the same feedback from them as yours. That he is professional, hardworking and very disciplined on set giving time for his fans and treating all with respect. I do not have rose color glasses. I know he is not perfect, he is human. We all fall short ….that is why we needed a savior. I wasn’t calling anyone out for being a fan or not. If I stepped on toes, I am not sorry…that was my point. I don’t see the point in hearing or reading glossip and going with it like it is true. I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me as it would be very hurtful. I do try to treat others as I would like to be treated. I know better than to call out a poster on this Board personally because you will not win…You will just cause hurt feelings and that is not my intent. Have a good day…

Yeah, just checking, Just Jared , gossip board.

dot. net
Gerry’s corner…FAN SITES!

I guessvI am still waiting for my epiphany, the guy is an actor not a saint. Sorry to burst your bubble, people here come to gossip, speculate, comment, slam, criticize and offend, not to worship blindly any actor. If you can’t handle it go somewhere else. Or grow a set and defend him then.

So, most come here to slam, criticize and OFFEND… it…..


It’s not about defending GB. I know he’s not a saint and yes, he acts like a pr*ck sometimes but if you dislike him regardless of what he does, good or bad, why would you waste your time commenting?

Criticising him or a particular aspect of his behaviour is one thing and i have no issue with that but if you come here just to ‘slam and offend’, is that not just petulant and immature and well, just downright pathetic.

learn something new everyday

Summer's Eve @ 07/05/2011 at 5:48 pm

I think Gerry can create his own problems sometimes with things he says joking around. As regards the scene in the restaurant with the waitress, I could see him following her outside where she probably was having a cig, he had one too and talked to her trying to get a hook up or number. She may have shut him down, maybe not. He came back and told his friends some fantastical story to get a rise out of them, maybe to save face if she did turn him down. Not everyone is enamored with GB and then someone over heard it! It’s like a sitcom! They could probably make a sitcom based on his life.

I think he was quite personable in the interview. Not sure why he did it either but he didn’t seem arrogant. I think he fights being nervous sometimes. I felt the emotion coming from him when he talked about Scotland and the view from his Mum’s place.

I didn’t particularly care for the interviewers. The woman could barely speak English. They kept cutting to photos, one is a known photoshoped. They were more interested in his sex appeal then his acting. It was obvious. I would have been asking him about his surfing and how difficult it was, his playing Hesson, etc. Where do they get these interviewers?

I worry about his smoking and the damage it will do to his health. That is what upsets me. I don’t think he’s drinking. For all we know, all the drinking and bad boy persona he’s claimed may all be trumped up on his part from his past was to get attention. Who knows! Makes for a good tale. Only time will tell about all the rest. If any of it’s true, it always catches up to you.

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt today! I’m feeling generous! LOL!

“But once out of the saddle, he was the gentlest of men.”
~War Horse
Think the above sums Gerry up well enough.
As for surfing again so soon after his Pilates session? I suspect he got his PT’s approval feeling stronger so wanted to test the results.
I’d hate to be hound-dogged like this.

Katie in LA @ 07/05/2011 at 6:29 pm

Thank you for the kind words. He was very, very gracious when my hubby and I met him – really down to earth. I came to the realization that little if anything that is published is true. I usually do not chime in but the ugliness annoyed me especially having met him and spent the better part of a week around him as well as seeing him again at the charity event if. He is just a doll – not kidding. Just a super nice person. When he ran into us again, he even asked about our kids – one is getting ready to go to USC in the fall for film. I do hope that my hubby gets the Mavericks assignment. My husband may be “in the business” but I still get star struck.

Hot mess, I agree with you for the most part. We’re all here for various reasons, but I can’t understand the reason for posting here strictly to bash someone you don’t even know unless it’s just to stir the pot. I think everyone has a right to voice their opinions or perspectives whether we all agree with them or not. GB is not nor ever will be a saint, but then none of us are either. As you said that why we needed a savior. Either you take GB with all his flaws and questionable behavior or you don’t. That’s what makes things interesting here. No one really knows what is true and what isn’t, unless technology has come up with a way to get inside his head and I for one would rather remain oblivious to that kind of truth. Some of us (regulars as some call us) have been here for a few years and have seen it all. We take half of what’s said here as gossip and the other half with a grain of salt. People will always chooses to believe what they want to in the end. His close friends and family love him for who he is. We don’t have to and I think that’s okay with him as long as they (family and friends) do. I think most here know he’s no angel and continue to follow the Butler sage out of interest and curiosity and/or plain devotion as a fan. Fans can come in all shapes, sizes, colors and various kinds of mental stability as we’ve seen here. We don’t have to be friends, but we can be respectful to anonymous posters as you have pointed out, like we would want to be treated. We’re all hot messes one way or another. I’m not sure that makes sense, but I think you know what I mean.

wow, touchy bunch aren’t you, like I said why are you not at fan sites, if you don’t like Gerard criticized. Now I am pathetic and immature, really? I can”t be a fan if I have a different personal opinion of him than you? But i suppose I am stirring the pot now, eh?


“Now I am pathetic and immature, really? …. But i suppose I am stirring the pot now, eh?”

You said it.

@Well: Its been so nice chatting with you Butler fans, he must be so proud of you all. I look forward to his next movie, as a fan I can say that. Or can I? God help the poor bug/ger if he ever gets a real girlfriend. You don’t mind lobbing the criticisms then. Thanks for proving my point. No room for opposition here, let the phannies have it. Good luck Manny.

@ TrySittinginanoffice. This is my take on the interview. When he tried to talk about Mavericks she cut him off and wanted to see the house. When they came inside he did look distracted a little. She went right for the hookup with Biel. If I was the interviewer I would have grilled him like a drill sargent. I would have asked more questions about the Maverick movie and how he became interested in it. I would have asked him about the oscar buzz and how he felt about that, would it be a blessing of a curse. If he wins how would he try and top that performance. The two books he has the rights to, is he planning on acting and producing in them. How far if anything has changed on the Burns role. What other types of movies is he interested in making. Does he plan on doing any tv shows or movies for tv. There is so much that could have been asked of him in regards to his career. One last question I would have asked him if I could give him a hug. I would restrain myself from shimmying up his leg with all the strength I could muster.


Judging by the way they introduced him, they were going for ‘sex symbol’ angle, they weren’t interested in his career. I also had a look at the interview with Sylvie van der Vaart that Yolanthe (the presenter) did, it was atrocious. Sylvie is a model, presenter, breast cancer survivor and subsequent campaigner and all Yolanthe wanted to talk about was her marriage to footballer Rafael van der Vaart. She seems to me as someone who is incapable of doing an interview of any real substance.

@niknoks: Nik, that is how she came off to me too. The boring question, the sex symbol question, not what he is doing but who. That was more tabloid than an interview. He usually is more animated in interviews but he really wasn’t given anything to work with. IMO

oldbutnotdead @ 07/05/2011 at 9:26 pm

@OFFS: Well, I may not like your comment, ….but it is funny…. :)

@redOctober: Red, thanks for the pics. I like the one where Gerry is standing there waiting on her while she socializes with her new found friends. I’m glad he didn’t give her away. She must be very well behaved because she stays so near to him when they are out in public.

justsayin'too @ 07/05/2011 at 9:43 pm

Katie in LA- Nice to hear the good things about GB and his professionalism. I like him even though my interest in his films has been sorely tested with several made in the past year or two. I first saw him in Attila and there was something about him beyond his great looks that hooked me. I saw such tremendous potential for his future. His early films seemed to confirm it until lately. It may not be his fault, but I think I can speak for lots of fans that have been VERY disappointed in his career choices but also in the way he is perceived in the media. I have to say he has contributed to the disappointment considerably with all the “mystery” about his personal life. Instead of making him a bigger star it makes him a media ***** that takes AWAY from his talent and career. My problem with him has been the fact he is almost 42 and all this subterfuge about his love life is really getting old. If you date someone, who cares if you are seen with them. A list Stars like Brad Pitt, Russell Crowe, etc… have personal lives and it doesn’t take away from their career. Even Clooney, who is a confirmed bachelor takes his latest squeeze out in public and everyone has heard him say over and over, no kids or marriage for him. Many of us want to see him get the credit he deserves for his talent but he is not making it easy with all the PR shenanigans. Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus look like they could give him some serious consideration for awards season, but not if it is overshadowed by his latest romantic escapades. Die hard phannies will say poor GB, it’s not his fault, but I disagree. He has the power to end a lot of the media bullsh#t by just being open about his life. He CHOSE the spotlight so deal with it and all that the new media entails(twitter, FB, etc..) Of course if he is shagging a new one every other night, maybe he is that shallow and that is all there is to him. I’m waiting to see what happens this next year and then I may be done watching his career for good. Many of us are fans, but tired of the attention being drawn away from his films and given to speculating who he is involved with. He’s a grown man and unless he is celibate, he probably has relationships from time to time. Who cares if they are few and far between, male or female, or a new one every week, just be open and then the media will move on to someone else they can speculate about and GB can focus on his roles and get serious about his career.

JMO and I’ll admit I’ve not been on this gossip site very long and I usually just read but I’m kind of tired of the fluffy interviews that most people do.I get tired of the interviews that a lot of newspapers and tabloids do because I always get the feeling that the interviewer is anamored with the celeb or star they are interviewing.They seem to lack asking intelligent questions. I know stars have something to promote and they all want to do an interview with them but I’d rather see/ read one or two depth interviews than a bunch of fluff. Tell me something I don’t already know if that’s at all possible.



oldbutnotdead @ 07/05/2011 at 10:15 pm

@Aqua: You will not usually find any good interviews in HW, but G has had a few, you can try to find them at Gerard Butler Gals, but I think you have to be a member to download, not sure.

Lots of them on Youtube. I liked the Dorothe Skappel interviews. (part 1) (part 2)

oldbutnotdead @ 07/05/2011 at 10:38 pm

@OFFS: I have no problems with opposition, if it gives me new information that is real, that I did not have before. But the kind of people who are reporting these “blind” articles are not offering opposition, no facts, just smears that can neither be denied or confirmed.

In the Dorthe Skappel interviews of 2009, he indicated he stopped reading a lot of what is out there on the net and in public media because “at times it can be downright hurtful, unfair and dishonest…”.

and that is where a good deal of the posting on JJ falls. Not all of it of course. If you have facts, go for it. If you do not, and all you have is guestimating, you may find people opposing you.


Interesting, sort of a sandwich statement, I like him but….imo (yes, I am going to render yet another opinion…!) he owes us movies, but he does not owe us any info on his private life or the way he lives it or the personal choices he makes. Sometimes it annoys me, but he does not owe it to me.

I would love to see him happily married and with kids, but, I am sure his mom says that as well as his brother and sister; he will do whatever he wishes to do!

He may have goals he wishes to attain first.

sorryladies @ 07/05/2011 at 10:40 pm

I work in the media and I’ve been lucky enough to meet quite a few movie stars. I have to say most have been really nice, professional and accommodating.

I’ve also met Mr Butler. Sorry to break it to you ladies – he was one of the rudest. Nice looking, but very up himself. Again sorry cause I know most of you really adore him. I’ll understand if you don’t believe me, or thumb me down.


It;s okay to have that personal opinion, particularly if you’ve met him. Not everyone is going to like everyone else. That’s okay, nothing wrong with that.


It’s people who talk utter sh*te and write bile about people they don’t know and have never met. I’m not talking about general criticism of someone’s actions or behaviour but just purely offensive trash with no basis.

justsayin'too @ 07/05/2011 at 11:14 pm

oldbutnotdead- I enjoy your comments, but I do have to agree to disagree on this one. His career is based on the public buying into his films, career and yes his lifestyle. This is part of the business and he can’t pick and choose the parts he wants to indulge in and then say no to others. This is my perception lately of him, he gives interviews and answers questions about who he has or hasn’t dated especially when promoting something he is going to make or has made money off of from the public yet he plays coy when he wants and says his private life is private. I say stop toying with the media and giving out tidbits when you want something from them and just be who you are. The media will play games with someone else and you can get on with what matters. I don’t care if he marries or has kids or is another Clooney, Just get on with it already and put out some great work and keep your private life truly private and not use it to promote bad movies. I have bought movie tickets and DVD’s so I think I have a right to voice my opinion. Of course it is ONLY an opinion and others on this board have theirs which is fine with me! I just see him as a media ***** lately and not a serious actor, but maybe that is a problem with his advisors or management and maybe he needs to clean house and get better representation.

TrySittingonMyFace @ 07/06/2011 at 12:11 am

I have met Gerard and he was a total sweetheart.
A little goofy but sweet…

RedOctober. Thank you for the photos. For me they are the only interesting things in these pages of prattle. I adore Gerry, but I find the comments here just plain tedious, and I’m not reading them anymore. I want to see him and read about his movie opening dates and premieres. The rest of his stuff is so boring. Speculation, back and forth or boring opinions. Yackyity yack. Some of you must have a lot of time on your hands to keep blabbing silly stuff.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/06/2011 at 1:03 am

@sorryladies: Totally the opposite of what Katie in LA said above, whose husband has met him, and what has been said over and over again by other people who have met him. You could be right, maybe he had a bad day…or maybe you did?

We all have bad days. I have far fewer now that I am retired …. :)

I’ve met him and was not impressed but when I posted it here months ago, I was torn a new one. It’s best to keep your month shut and let others believe what they hope is true.

@niknoks: “Wow, I feel the atmosphere around here is getting a little tense at the moment, even amongst people that usually get on and have a laugh together. What’s going on? It’s bad enough having to deal with the regular crazies, without getting tetchy with each other.”

If you wrote this regarding my convesation with manny, I think that even with best friend sometimes misunderstanding happens and the way Manny responded I admire her more. I find that she is a sensitive person

In the interview when he was asked about his family his voice softened and his love for Scotland came through. He also said he is Mum’s boy. That was the best part of the interview, honest answers to her questions. I am not always in a good mood and can be sarcastic at times but I try to be decent to people who are decent to me. Sometimes I fall short of that, so if he is rude sometimes, maybe there was a reason. We just finished one of the toughest closing of month end at work. My last nerve was really being tested.


It’s not any one person or altercation in particular it’s just that everyone seems a bit on edge, including myself. I lost my rag a little in the last thread. :)


I can sympathise with you there, I was an accountant for a few years, in a former life, Month End can be a real b!tch.

@niknoks: This place has different vibes at different times. What I have learned is that it’s temporary and then come a new thread or new posters and all is forgotten.

Summer's Eve @ 07/06/2011 at 9:38 am

I think Gerry’s rude to people who are probably rude to him. I DO believe he’s very nice in person. I’m also certain he can get grumpy too, especially if he’s bugged in his down time by people asking him too personal silly questions or taking photos without permission.

The only thing I can surmise is that there are still a few jealous males that come to this site and try everything they can to put him in a negative light, maybe even paps venture in here. If they’d copped a better attitude themselves, they’d get more photos and dates! LOL!

There sure were a lot of pictures of the 4th July parties for all of hollywood. Alot of pics of guys with shirts off….guess this is normal being at a pool or the Lots of bikini pics. Glad it seems everyone had a good time….Hope GB has a nice time in Italy… Well, now back to the real world….

May God Bless yoou all! @ 07/06/2011 at 10:38 am

Psa 31:7
New International Version
I will be glad and rejoice in your love, for you saw my affliction and knew the anguish of my soul.

angelsrock @ 07/06/2011 at 11:00 am


Very very true! Most days it’s quite entertaining and enjoyable. People agree to disagree and we move on to the next topic. We just have to learn to put up with the immature mud-slinging and the potty-mouthed adolescents who show up every now and again. Some days it seems their goal is to turn us all to the dark side. But we grin and bear it and return another day to enjoy and discuss and comment on Gerry’s antics, pics, and vids. Seriously, do any other actors get the dialogues that we have here. (I wouldn’t know since I don’t visit other actor’s gossip sites.) Which reminds me also that I don’t get visiting an actor’s gossip site to bash them. Who has the time or energy??!! If that brings them joy then so be it.

@angelsrock: I don’t know what happens on other actor sites too. As for gerry’s sites, this is the only thread I post. I like it here despite all the problems.
It doesn’t take a lot of time or energy to write a comment that will make someone feel bad. It’s an attitude. I believe that poeple who are being ugly here are being ugly in the real world too.

That’s nice for him to get back home for a few days

Summer's Eve @ 07/06/2011 at 2:58 pm


See….GRUMPY Gerry! LOL!

So Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are back together?????
Didn’t see that one coming (yeah, right).

so gullible @ 07/06/2011 at 3:35 pm

@Hmm: Do they both have movies coming out soon?

Question. @ 07/06/2011 at 4:03 pm

Where has @jmp ‘s post gone to?.


I thought one had disappeared, couldn’t figure out which one it was. I don’t think there was anything wrong with it. It seems the JJ board is turning it the Bermuda triangle.

curious cat @ 07/06/2011 at 4:15 pm


You can go right to it by printing “Gerard Butler Malibu interview” in search engine and it comes up. No need to wade through the thread. I like that house too! Wow! Let’s get together and buy it!

@so gullible @ 07/06/2011 at 4:21 pm

I think that he has,don’t think she has one out yet.But I don’t think that has anything to do with it.It was always on the cards that they’d get back together.Everyone else could see it.That little bike ride with Gerry was to make JT jealous.It seems to have worked.

Just realised my last post made no sense at all, this is what I get for Alt & Tabbing between posting on this board and tweeting on The Apprentice.

curious cat @ 07/06/2011 at 5:50 pm

Oh, my, so much said since I was here last only…when? my posts are always too long and I don’t really have much to add here, so I won’t bother addressing individual comments except RedO, thanks for hte pics, oldbutnotdead, for the Skappel link and others, Lolita, you would be a good interviewer.
I have spent some years in the journalism businesss and so many of these superficial reporters really aren’t trained journalists. They don’t know how to do research or how to ask solid quesions.

For the most part this has been a very civilized thread even though people disagree.
I want to weigh in two cents on a couple of things. Skappel interview unfortunately to me, focused also on his personal life, not even the movie on the poster behind them. In the last 24 hours sometime I caught part of an interiew with Rob Lowe, who I think said better what I think GB was trying to say.
In interview by Gayle King, he was asked about his public exploits and rumors and scandals in his younger days.(including drunken parties and a sex tape, which I just don’t remember anything about.) All his exact words tI forget but some of it was that you can get carried away by fame at first and start to believe your press, especially if it comes when you are young and immature. You do things you have to own and then try to move on. But that he learned all these fans who seemed to love and adore him didn’t love HIM at all; they didn’t KNOW him. They were projecting an image of their own making on to him, it actually objectifed him and became uncomfortable and degrading to deal with. His language of choice suggests he might have had professional therapy to get these insights, but I never really followed his career.

I’ve often thought GB was the kind of entertainer who curried attention–even from the old days he’s talked about when he got drunk and amused his friends–without thinking of the quality of attention he got.

People ask why others come here if they don’t like him. It’s not a matter of that. People can like him and be disappointed. As Manny said, this isn’t a fan site.

I expected oldbutnotdead to weigh in a bit more on the libel issue. Gossip has always been part of the movie industry and yes there have been periodic lawsuits when the yellow rags went too far.
But the Internet is the wild frontier. GB touched on that from the celebrity pov in that interview too. Nowadays veryone has a cell phone and a camera, and there is Facebook. Information is being delivered all over by people with no concept of the laws of libel and rights of privacy.He said someone can see him having coffee with someone with someone and snap and picture and it’s around the world in minutes, starting gossip. I noticed that he never actually said what the gossip would be. Interesting. Just “rumors.” Has he been coached? Probably. Definitely. He has talked about being sent to media training seminars. We all know that if you repeat a rumor, even to deny it, it reinforces the original message.

From my understanding, lawyers are working out how to prosecute people for libel on the internet. My understanding is that they will go after the sites, not individual anonymous posters (although don’t assume they can’t find out who we are!) Then, As obnd said, they’d REALLY be in court, not just all day but 24/7/ I have been told this has already happened but I would have to dig that up.

What I surmise will happen is what has already been the pattern in more conventional media. Professional media organizations and their lawyers sometimes know the law is being violated, whether it’s libel, plagirism. copyright violation, etc. But they wait until there is a really, really big target with deep pockets to go after. A megaconlomeration they can sue successfully and establish a precedent.

It’s all amazing to me, what people feel free to say on the internet. As a journalist I’ve been involved in numerous editorial conferences in which some news story about someone is discussed. The rule of thumb was you have 3 reliable sources to validate a story, and even then the editorial board evaluated the sources and discussed whether the public’s right to know and need to know outweighed the subject’s right to privacy.

If a local senator is caught drunk driving with a police report the public has a right to know. If some paparazzo on the internet thinks Mr. Butler “looked” drunk on a picture in which a) he showed no signs of drunkenness or 2) is claimed to be a person who isn’t even recognizable those two items should never have been sent out. As an editor, I would have killed those stories and not because of any worship of Mr. Butler.

But you can’t stop the internet. SO FAR!!

redOctober @ 07/06/2011 at 6:24 pm

@curious cat:

You’re welcome …and thanks to you for your interesting post. Like you said I’m here because I like Gerry , the actor, about the man I know close to nothing. But I have the right to voice my disappointment like everybody else, in a polite way, of course.

@curious cat:
“In interview by Gayle King, he was asked about his public exploits and rumors and scandals in his younger days.(including drunken parties and a sex tape, which I just don’t remember anything about.) All his exact words tI forget but some of it was that you can get carried away by fame at first and start to believe your press, especially if it comes when you are young and immature. You do things you have to own and then try to move on. But that he learned all these fans who seemed to love and adore him didn’t love HIM at all; they didn’t KNOW him. They were projecting an image of their own making on to him, it actually objectifed him and became uncomfortable and degrading to deal with. His language of choice suggests he might have had professional therapy to get these insights, but I never really followed his career.”
I’ve never heard of this Gayle King interview.
He talks about a sex tape?!!!
He says it’s degrading to be objectified by his fans?
Do you have a link to this interview?

I believe Gerry is in a relationship with the girl photographed a couple times at Malibu beach. He likes to show he is interested in actresses and models recently to throw off the trail. I think she was the same girl from an awards party a couple months back. It is the closest thing to a girlfriend (of the moment).

@Question.: Good question. Thanks for noticing….

@Strange: Yeah. I heard he was begging paps to give him the photos of her and him at the beach on a date. They walked away from each other when the paps showed up.

@Question.: Thanks for noticing….

I am happy he may have a girlfriend but sad that he is smoking again.

To clarify @ 07/06/2011 at 7:26 pm

@?: Curious Cat was referring to Rob Lowe doing an interview with Gayle King, NOT Gerard Butler.

Smokin, wrinkled, thin and blonder…sounds like a mid life crisis.




That girl from the Malibu pics looks like she could be the kid sister/cousin to Gerard’s friend Gina(sp) Robinette and she left with Evan and Gina.. She was probably just hanging out with them.

@To clarify: @Related:
Glad you clarified that Curious Cat was talking about Rob Lowe. Funny, about to get another rumour started. lol.. I came in reading the last page and saw that and thought…I have never heard this story and I have been following Butler for a long time. I guess you have to really read these posts carefully…ha, ha.. Also, I don’t think that girl on the beach was with him…I think she may be a friend of Gina’s also. Don’t know for sure, but she didn’t seem to be with him. All just my speculation.

Thanks OBND,it was an interesting to hear what he really thinks about fame,rumors and all that goes with it.I hope he was honest about it and didn’t give media answers.Even though a celebrity needs to live their life I still think you need to be aware of what one may say or do to add fuel to the nonsense.

Adding my two cents worth on this subject.I honestly don’t care who he goes out with trying to figure it out would truly drive me crazy or even if he gets married and starts a family.I hope he treats her well and with great respect and I hope he doesn’t feel the need to hide her if that is indeed what he does.As for his career I hope he does well and it is going the way he wants it too,every actor/actress has had their fair share of the bumps along the way.

To All: I really enjoy the pictures that everyone finds some of them can be out loud funny!I

Even though it’s not the weekend yet,have a great one everybody!

Mavericks @ 07/06/2011 at 8:34 pm

Blonde,wrinkles, and thinner are from surfing, getting ready for next movie starting in Sept. Smoking, well only seen him smoking once so don’t know what that meant–I guess a weak moment. I know they are hard to quit.

I don’t think the smoking was a weak moment. He was photographed smoking twice — June 25th and June 27th.


I agree. I have a feeling the beach girl is a girlfriend. I stress a girlfriend. Probably one of several regulars. I think she is the same girl at the oscars do. I reckon  he’s thing is not just bluff but double bluff- the models and actresses are supposed to be red  herrings, but i’m sure he’ll happily have sex with them if they’re offering. If the beach girl is a girlfriend. All I can say is  poor thing. She’s probably gaga about him, therefore open to be taken advantage of. I reckon she puts up with shagging around. She’s probably just grateful  he turns up to see her whenever he feels like it. Very similar to his poor dog, lolita. I think the dog is akin to how he likes his women – just so grateful whenever he’s around. But I hope I’m wrong.

@strange /@oh dear
The girl at the beach is not the same girl from the oscars.Gerry is not dating the girl from the beach,but he is dating and has been for a while.He probably wanted the pictures so they weren’t printed and some silly story is made up.

I doubt anyone here knows who he’s dating, or not dating, or anything about his sex ife.
At least some posters are honest about the fact that they’re speculating.

So right Anna….none of us here have a clue who he is dating or anything about his personal life. It is all speculation.

Are you refering to me? If so I am only saying what I’ve heard and seen.The same girl has been around for months.They never arrive or leave together,always 5 or 10 mins within each other.He leaves with his friends and her with hers,but they are apparently together.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/06/2011 at 9:58 pm

@?: I think she is referring to Rob Lowe, not GB?

Models Inc. @ 07/06/2011 at 10:16 pm

No – actually I think that YOU are the hairy flabby girl from the beach herself here posting and trying to get us to care about you and your GUNT.
Go on a diet 1) and two stop trying to start rumors on a site that is waaaaay ahead of you, hun. We know his type and YOU AREN’T IT.
You probably clean his house or do his laundry, hmm?
Get a life and start exercising, he likes FLAT STOMACHS.

Awwww ……. the secret, hidden girlfriend myth is back … always a fav on gossip boards, complete with the secret insider bringing us their special knowledge without one single ounce of proof. I have alot more respect for the people who admit they’re guessing, and have little time for our resident fantasists. I’m sure Georgia* will be along shortly to claim you’re talking about her. So many insiders, so much bull.

Fools on ice @ 07/06/2011 at 10:19 pm

I agree – that Malibu man-woman was a little too ugly to actually be with Gerard.
Also he rolled around making out with Laurie.
Didn’t exactly see him doing anything like that with “Malibu She-Beast.”

Fools on ice @ 07/06/2011 at 10:19 pm

No proof. Try again Georgia.

The Noise In The Walls @ 07/06/2011 at 10:22 pm

Just thought I’d peek in..hummmm..

@The Noise In The Walls:

Did the same thing while on a coffee break, don’t think we’re missing much, judging by the last couple of posts, they’ve switched the internet access on at the insane asylum.

You’re entitled to your opinion,just as I am mine.I have actually been in the same clubs and heard what is said.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/06/2011 at 10:26 pm

@Models Inc.: This kind of post may be part of the reason G does not like his friends to be photographed. Hurtful, cruel and dishonest, as he said to Skappel.

This kind of foul talk always makes me think it is a male poster. I suppose though there are women foul enough to talk this way?

FFS, stop judging!, firstly when photos are shot in rapid succession like that everyone ends up with a bad shot, making them look angry,even drunk …then look behind him the dickhead in the red shirt is obviously giving him a hard time…wouldnt you be peeved if youd just had a good night then had to deal with buttheads like that!

oldbutnotdead @ 07/06/2011 at 10:31 pm

@Fools on ice: Another post illustrating G’s comment about people being cruel, hurtful and dishonest.

No wonder he keeps them under wraps.

It’s obvious why he wanted the pics to be deleted. Now I understand, and I honestly can’t blame the guy.
This poor girl that happened to be in his company, has been subjected to vile and degrading comments only by being next to him. You criticize him for not wanting to be seen with anyone in public but then some turn around and call this poor girl all sorts of disgusting names.
WTF is wrong with some people? what on earth has this poor girl done to deserve this c**p. Or any of the women that are pictured with him. Do any of you realize on why he’s probably behaving oddly and doesn’t want to be pictured with any woman (whether they are together or not) You people brought this upon yourselves in the first place. Now suck it up, he will probably never be pictured with anyone, and for the woman’s sake I hope not.

And the ones that criticize the most, better take a good look at themselves in the mirror, they are the most likely to judge someone, due to their own complexes and insecurities.

Niknoks, I think you may be right about the insane aslyum. I hope the pull the plug soon…lol

Or either the parents have gone to bed and the kids are on the computer again…same ole, same ole….

curious cat @ 07/06/2011 at 10:37 pm


I have no link. The interview was shown on TV just a day or two ago in my city. Since, as I said, I haven’t followed the career of Rob Lowe closely, and almost never watch Gayle, I have no idea if it was current or a rerun and only caught part of it. Just searching for “Gayle King interview Rob Lowe” might bring it up. I’ll try to find, but you may find it as quickly.
Also, as I pointed out, I couldn’t recall all his exact words and phrases. Some I paraphrased. It just struck me that he was talking about the same phenomena of fame GB discussed in the link above. Rob did say he became uncomfortable with the attention, and the fans loved an image they projected, they didn”t know HIM, and that this objectified him. Not sure he used the word degrading but something that implied that.

They kind of danced around the sex tape issue. She brought it up and he addressed it but was vague, just said he was too drunk at the time to remember much, but you have to own up to behaviors like that and move on. I gathered that he was at a party where there was heavy drinking, he ended up in a sex tape and it came out that the girls involved were underage.

He seemed uncomfortable with that, was frank enough but not forthcoming, then talked about how much more grounded he is now that he’s older, married and a father and how much he liked his role on The West Wing. That was about it.

Ok you obviously don’t want to hear what I’ve got to say ,so I won’t waste my time.You really want to make up your minds though.You want him to have a GF in some posts and then if anyone mentions that there might be,you all go wild with jealousy and start throwing insults around.I totally agree with @oldbutnotdead and @dfsa on why he keeps that side of his life private.Wouldn’t you if you were him judging by some of these comments?.

The Noise In The Walls @ 07/06/2011 at 10:41 pm

Hey Niknoks :)
Thanks for the laugh..It’s a shame that some people just love to trash others behind a computer screen?..Can we say cowards?..

Hot Mess..Yeah they need to pull the plug..

only niknoks, hot mess and oldbutnotdead and their little clique are allowed to post, everyone else is insane, or some loser guy, why don’t you log off then and let someone else have a turn.

justsayin'too @ 07/06/2011 at 10:47 pm

dfsa- here is the other side of the issue. BECAUSE he keeps his dates and hook-ups a “mystery” and doesn’t want to be photographed like a normal person including A-list celebrities who are married and have normal relationships, he ASKS for all the speculation. With that also comes ugly remarks from immature people sometimes. If he just went about his life it would NO LONGER be relevant to “catch” him with someone and he would be left alone except the occasional PR photo. He brings this on himself and could easily stop it by not being so “secretive.” Just my opinion.

@oh i see: Go ahead and have your turn, I am going to bed…nite all..

Whether it’s what people want to hear or not is irrelevant. Stop making things up. You’re as phony as a three dollar bill.

@justsayin'too @ 07/06/2011 at 11:02 pm

If he wants to keep certain areas of his life private thats his business,NOT yours or anyone else’s here.To say he asks for it or brings it on himself is just ridiculous.Truth is none of you here can handle the truth,so it probably is for the best that he keeps it a secret.

curious cat @ 07/06/2011 at 11:04 pm

Sorry, peeps. I thought it was clear I was talking about a Gayle King interview with ROB LOWE, NOT with GB. But I see I did go back and forth between them with comments, was making the point that I thought Lowe and Butler were addressing the same issues in different ways.

I actually thought GB came pretty close in HIS interview to saying he isn’t the “player” some people think he is, emphasizing the long hours he works and how many of the social functions he goes to are work oriented and industry networking. Many times he has seemed to be titillating interviewers and audiences, teasing and implying all kinds of things.

It’s just my opinion, but I felt he did get caught up the Hollywood buzz about him at first, from reports (admittedly unsubstantiated gossip at times) and also behavior we saw in vids and news stories and interviews.

I never liked seeing him flip the bird at paps. I feltwhen he did that, he appeared to be flipping it at anyone who looked at the picture, all his fans, the world and especially the HW people who were making him rich and famous,. Imo it made him look rude, immature and ungrateful for all the success and attention he was getting. I for one kept almost hoping meanly that someone would cut off that digit! : ( I don’t mean that seriously but it sure annoyed me. Maybe his people pointed out that this didn’t enhance his image. I haven’t seen him do it lately. I agree the paps can be rude and annoying, but he wanted this life, and we are all guilty of fostering the paps’ publicity fever by going to these boards and lapping up all the pix we can get. :)

I know what I’ve heard and it comes from a very reliable source.I’ve also seen the same girl on at least 5 different occassions over the last six weeks.

“he ASKS for all the speculation.
If he just went about his life it would NO LONGER be relevant to “catch” him with someone and he would be left alone except the occasional PR photo.”
Maybe that’s a deliberate PR strategy. Maybe he wants people constantly speculating. I think there was a very conscious decision by Gerard’s peeps to sell G to the public with a lady-killer image. Constant speculation about who he is with today, tomorrow, the next day, plays into that image. I’m not saying I think it’s a smart idea, lol. Just that it may be a deliberate choice made by his PR team to keep people guessing like this. Maybe they believe the benefits of making Gerard appear to always be available and able to date any one of his adoring female fans next, outweighs the negatives of the false rumors.

@@justsayin’too: I call BS. If he wanted his life to be private in any aspect of his life it would be. Let me share with you how. If privacy was a factor in Gerrys life he would live outside of LA and Malibu. Before the whole blow up after the Oscars, Sandra Bullock lived in Orange County at the beach and was able to live a normal life. Guess what, there are no paps in Orange County. If Gerry did not need the status of being in Malibu or HW hills he could go get coffee and surf to his hearts content in any beach South(or north) of LA with out seeing one pap. just an occasional fan pick. The real celebs who guard their privacy do. He craves it. If something really bothers you, you find a way to change it. The question is, does it really bother him or does he enjoy it ‘bothering him’.

concerned citizen @ 07/06/2011 at 11:22 pm

Georgia, take your meds.

I wish people here @ 07/06/2011 at 11:24 pm

would give some newer posters a break instead of jumping down their throats! Of course no one likes the brutally foul language but some posters are being picked on just for expressing an opinion. If a poster suggests a girlfriend or paints Gerry in a negative way, bombs away or mega thumbs. They attack. You don’t own this place. There is room for all. Truth or speculation it does not matter. Is freedom of speech okay with you so called regulars?

The Noise In The Walls @ 07/06/2011 at 11:34 pm

I wish People here..#249
Hi :)..I agree..people are entitled to their opinions but I, for one don’t like it when he’s pictured with a girl or whoever and they immediately attack and trash her..

I also agree with PyschoB..there are areas were celebrities can go where there is privacy..I think as much as celebrities hate the paps..they also like the attention which gets their name circulating..It’s all a catch 22….:)

oldbutnotdead @ 07/06/2011 at 11:35 pm

@Brooke: Brooke, we have a lot of negative, snarky posters here, ignore them.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/06/2011 at 11:37 pm

@oh i see: have a turn, just do not trash people you do not know, that is all we ask.

@I wish people here: I would say to anyone posting to have a thick skin. Many people ‘in the know’ reinvent themselves monthly, so people here tend to call them out all the time.
I tend to ignore most of the name calling. And unlike OBND, I do not think they are dateless dudes. They are most definitely woman. Their diction gives them away.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/06/2011 at 11:41 pm

@I wish people here: foul language, trash talk on some poor unknown girl, reporting “blind” gossip that is really a smear with no foundation, gets thumbed down. Usually anyway.

Honest opinions, if there is one, that is not foul and not trash talk, are welcome, but none of the unknown posters of the last few posts seem to be offering opinions.

Point one out to me that is just an opinion, not foul language, not trash talk, and I will apologize profusely to you and to that poster. Brooke is getting trashed, she has a right to say what she is saying. There is no reason for it.

so gullible @ 07/06/2011 at 11:44 pm

I have to agree, give newbies a chance, just cuz this board’s been graced by the faker of all fakers let other people have their say, and don’t scare everyone away . If you don’t believe it don’t believe it but don’t jump on them. Give them some benefit of the doubt, the fakers always trip themselves up sooner or later.

If there are peeps hanging in the LA scene and heard stuff and seen stuff I want to hear it and we can all judge for ourselves whether to believe it, not like anyone is accusing Butler of being a serial murderer or something. As is oft repeated this is a GOSSIP site so let there be gossip.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/06/2011 at 11:47 pm

@curious cat: Funny! His middle finger salute to the paps is one of my favorites! He is so Gerry and so Scottish when he is doing that…Sorry curious… :) but then I am an evil old lady anyway, … :)


Ok I’ll run with it. What does she look like?

oldbutnotdead @ 07/06/2011 at 11:49 pm

@PsychoB: Maybe I just do not know enough foul mouthed females who use expletives and trash talk that describe women’s private body parts….Most of the time that has been male, when I have run into it.

So we can sign the JJ Contract, and agree to disagree!

@I wish people here: Many of whom you refer to as ‘so called regulars’ are really relative newbies themselves. A lot of the old regulars are missing in action. For several years, the same people used to post here. That’s when I first came upon the place, and really liked it. Guess everything goes in cycles. Nothing stays the same. Perhaps I look at the ‘good old days’ with rose colored glasses. There used to be some classic fights. Some how it all seemed more fun, but I guess it was because it was familiar territory. Now things are different, but who is to say if one era was/is better than another? I just am still having a difficult time with the new conversations, even tho the basics are the same. Things and people changed during the months I was off.

@oldbutnotdead: Unfortunately from my job I can say there are plenty of women who think there is only one way to get people to listen to their opinion. The choice in words for a lot of the late night posters are phrases mostly used by women.

When posters try to sell gossip as the “truth”, people have a right to call them on it. Freedom of speech works both ways. It’s checks and balances. People want to just post whatever the hell they want and not be accountable. When talking about someone’s private life, you should be accountable for what you say. If anything should be held up to scrutiny it’s that. If your “information” can’t handle scrutiny maybe you shouldn’t have been posting it on a public board. Brooke claims to have private information about Gerry, information she’s claiming he’s trying to hide from the public, and yet here she is posting it publicly. Does her “reliable source” know she’s doing that? Myself, I call bullsh/it on the existence of a reliable source and I’m entitled to that opinion. I’m entitled to disbelieve her, just as others are entitled to believe her.
There’s a bias around here that as long as it’s a version of Gerard that people want to hear then they shouldn’t be criticized. It’s the “Curious Carla” syndrome. Most clear headed people could tell she was pulling this stuff out of her ass, but because it was a version of Gerard the fans wanted to hear they thumbed her up and encouraged her. Then she came back as “Charlemagne” and did the same damn thing. I don’t think lying is okay, even if it’s a lie you want to hear. If you’re going to claim inside knowledge with no proof, you’re going to have that knowledge held up to scrutiny, and that’s as it should be.


Very well said…

Wow… I see some people are still stuck on that girl that was on the beach with him. Only Gerry knows who she is. And as for the “Insiders” claiming they know stuff, that’s gotten really old and nobody believes that C**p anymore.

@partycrasher: And the funniest moment of the night? That one came early, as big, handsome and very blonde Gerard Butler and an equally large and buff pal slipped by security to get onto the patio. As the men in dark suits descended on them, planning a quick and forceful ejection of those two “party crashers,” Butler spoke up loud and clear over the music and chatter.

“Hey mate, I think you’d better check your facts,” he bellowed. “I’m someone they want to be here!”

What an ego! It sounds like he wasn’t on the guest list but showed up anyhow, kind of like that party in Brazil that he crashed. How rude.

@PsychoB: A lot of celebrities live in Montecito, Palm Springs, Ojai, and other locations. No paparazzi around to bother them. Gerry goes directly to the paprazzi and the parties.

@ Anna
Alas whether you like it or not sometimes gossip is truth.

@Oh dear:
and a broken clock is right twice a day …. it doesn’t mean anything

@ Sliva

You said it. Right twice a day. There are too many negative stories going on around the Great Scot for them all not to be true.
He parties harder than most teenagers and he’s in his forties! He’s constantly being papped. Then moans about it in interviews, which I think is really hypocritical. There are plenty of stars of a fair higher caliber than him who have no trouble at all keeping  a very low profile eg: De Niro, Pacino Hoffman, or star nearer his age and single  Jeremy Renner, Idris Alba or Keanu Reeves.  Also there are way too many negative frat boyish stories about how he treats women. I think the guy is nice looking. But you can’t ignore that fact he can behave like a right arrogant p***k sometimes.  Some of us just say it that’s all. And yes some us do speculate about his private life, but as one poster noted- I can’t remember who -I think he likes that. He is definately a big time attention seeker, you’ve gotta admit that. And when you want that much attention some of it is  going to be good and some of it’s going bad. Just goes with the territory. But I am fast losing patience with all his whinging about being photographed and having less privacy.   

BLONDE GRETA @ 07/07/2011 at 5:06 am

Yeah but the Malibu beach SHE-BEAST wasn’t a woman so it doesn’t count hahahaha…i prefer ANY of the women he has been rumored with over that sloppy flabbeast. He also did his best to be as far away from her as possible…
Didn’t see that with Laurie, Jasmine, Bianca did we??? He was right out in the open. That ‘thing’ is obviously just a friend and he didn’t want people to think he would tap that or her gut.
Thanks and yeah, olddeadlady, curious shat, just stupid and the rest, we reserve the right to an opinion, nkay?

BLONDE GRETA @ 07/07/2011 at 5:07 am

That ‘chick’ was hairy too (moustached)! Jeannia’s sister no doubt (Jeannia is quite the tubster herself)

BLONDE GRETA @ 07/07/2011 at 5:09 am

you people are blind and stoopid. Gerard loves the whole being a celeb. Daniel Day Lewis hates the whole thing – THAT is what people do. Gerard calls the paparzzi. Lets be honest with ourselves here.

@lisar: Classy – not!

And the party itself sounds sleazy.

The waitress story sounds all too plausible.

girl on the beach @ 07/07/2011 at 5:53 am

She is actually a younggirl who does some modeling and is friends with a Sports Illistratred Swimsuit model. She is 18, maybe just turned 19. The friend just turned 19 recently. They are young girls working in the business. And she isnt fat at all(those pics were at a wierd angle). She is probably one of his assistants, I doubt even a perv like Gerry would target a teenager. Leave the girl alone. That is probably why he didn’t want then making up stories and posting pics of her.

@girl on the beach: Sounds just what he would target – he has a history of it.

@Oh dear:
I agree with you. The whining is disingenuous considering the choices he makes. I also don’t think he treats the women in his life all that well. Someone compared his gf’s to how he treats Lolita and I don’t think that was far off… jmo.

Any news? @ 07/07/2011 at 7:49 am

Is Gerry in Italy? Back home in Scotland? No sightings – yet.

so gullible @ 07/07/2011 at 8:16 am

@anna: Crew here have believed all sorts of stuff from media and supposed insiders and not challenged them when the sources are dubious. This person Brooke is not claiming to be an insider just stating an observation. No different than those who said they met Gerry and said he was rude or charming. No different than many tweeters who many JJers are willing to give more credit to most of the time and those tweeters or facebookers could just be fabricating stuff negative or positive for whatever agenda. No different than believing revealed blind items from gossip columnists when we have no idea who the actual source is, what their agenda might be so we can’t judge beyond what you think of the columnist or if other “facts” support the blinds. It is ALL in the realm of possibilities.

You may have suspicions about Brooke and you are entitled to them but I at least have to challenge the logic. If one is not an insider nor claiming to be one and simply an observer, you are not betraying any trusts if she notices or others in LA notice that Gerry is trying to hide yet another girlfriend. Not something NEW for him. She is just saying she has seen him with the same girl several times in the last few weeks, you can draw your own conclusion from that. She may in fact have seen what she seen but she’s drawing the wrong conclusion.

But hey we all draw the wrong conclusions from what we see in photos and is reported in the media etc regarding Gerry all the time and we argue about it trying to suss it all out . This is not “The Life of Gerry”, proven facts only, like say the Casey Anthony trial. Even JJ the site doesn’t deal in proven facts for the most part. PR puff pieces are not always rooted in reality, what a shock huh.

It is a gossip site once again. If you can’t stomach gossip, you shouldn’t be here.

justsayin'too @ 07/07/2011 at 8:16 am

PsychoB- Totally agree with you. I live in Nashville and we have tons of music celebs and Oscar winners living and visiting here daily. No one bothers them and they go to the grocery store, etc… and I have run in to several at a local coffee shop and they live regular lives out of the constant pap spotlight. GB wants all the speculation and I think his PR team is using this as a marketing ploy. But the guy is almost 42, give it up already, his Zac Efron and Shia Lebouf days are long gone. It is HURTING his image more than helping and it is time to be serious about his career choices.

@so gullible:
So did you miss the part where Brooke said she had a “reliable source”? No, she’s not just claiming her own “observations”. But even if she was she could still be making them up, you fool. You are, indeed, “so gullible”.
By the way, your reading comprehension skills are very sad. I was saying EXACTLY what you are attempting to now — that posters have the right to challenge ANY of the gossip. None of the gossip should be sacrosanct and free of challenge just because it paints a pretty picture. Anyone should have the right to challenge the veracity of any claim being made.
I can stomach gossip, my dear, and much better than you can, because I can see it for the flawed source of information that it is. However, you seem to forget this is a “comments section”. You know, a place for COMMENTS. A place for discussion, debate, scrutiny and all opinions — not just the opinions that support one idealized version of who the fans want Butler to be.

May God Bless yoou all! @ 07/07/2011 at 9:14 am

Philippians 2:3
New International Version
Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.

curious cat @ 07/07/2011 at 10:37 am


I meant to say earlier I agree with your post at #240.

cubedweller @ 07/07/2011 at 10:40 am

@lisar: I suspect he was well paid to put in an appearance. He probably makes good money off all his partying and clubbing. Every time the paps get him going in or out of a club, it’s a mention of the name. Butler knows how to combine his love for parties, and his love for money. Win-win.
Now I want to know – who was the large buff friend? Most of the usual posse is small and/or skinny. Maybe it was his bodyguard?

curious cat @ 07/07/2011 at 10:41 am

@anna: @justsayin’too:

I meant to say earlier I agree with your post at #240.

@cubedweller @ 07/07/2011 at 10:44 am

The baldy guy from the ATM thread.

cubedweller @ 07/07/2011 at 10:46 am

@justsayin’too: “But the guy is almost 42, give it up already, his Zac Efron and Shia Lebouf days are long gone. It is HURTING his image more than helping and it is time to be serious about his career choices.”
Couldn’t agree more. His new life in Malibu is evidently one nonstop party with the Paris Hilton crowd. Bleecch.

cubedweller @ 07/07/2011 at 10:49 am

@@cubedweller: Ha Ha – good! He’s my new favorite Butler Bestie. I’ve mourned Fry Guy and it’s time to move on.

curious cat @ 07/07/2011 at 11:04 am


“So we can sign the JJ Contract, and agree to disagree!”

We certainly can on the one-finger salute! Each to her own. I don’t find the man “hilarious” in general either, but many fans use that word a lot.

So has Ryan Kavanaugh got married yet?.I thought the wedding was in Capri 4th-6th July?.There has been no news or pictures,so I’m wondering did Gerry go?.

@cubedweller: @justsayin’too:

Have to disagree with both of you, he’s single he has no commitments no responsibilities, why should he stop partying just because he’s in his 40′s. Is he supposed to settle down just because he has hit a certain age and that’s what society expects him to do, that would be unfair on him and the person who he decided to settle down with. Maybe he should just get a pipe and slippers and be done with it.?


I do agree if he wants to go to celebrity parties and ‘the places to be seen’ he has to put up with the paps, it’s not the life he chose but it’s the one he has, although, the paps in NYC and LA seem to be way more intense than the ones we have here, so I can understand him or anyone losing their rag with them occasionally. I have no issue with him flipping the middle finger if they just won’t back off after they’ve got their shots.

@niknoks: I find that he goes to night clubs where the mean age is the early twenties bizarre. Honestly it is def a maturity issue. I don’t know any 40 year olds who have anything in common with the barely legal crowd. Most single men in there 30s or 40s I know wouldn’t be caught dead in HW night clubs. They spend their time at relaxed bar settings and sportsbars. I don’t think I could even stomach one night of being with the company he seems to keep.
Whether he wants to be seen at all the “right” places or he enjoys the company of the Paris Hilton type, I find it a turn off.

Totally agree with the posters who think the sun doesn’t shine out of GB’s ****.  There are crazies, and crazy phannies on this site. There are fans on this site, others who are just passing through, some definately work in the media and entertainment industry and know someone who’s worked with  GB or even dated him. And occasionally there are some who just know the man from his past.  I also believe GB’s people look over this site. As been said a number of times by more objective posters, the man is too much of an attention seeker to ignore an entertainment news sites.  So when you take all that into consideration, of course some of the comments are going to be untrue and negative, but some will be true and negative. But there will always be plenty that are positive and true.  

Another thing, it’s very rare for someone to post information that is true about a celeb, to then start pouring out a ton of details, for other posters to hold up for scrunity. They may give a little more, bit not that much more, because they value their anonymity, unlike stars such as GB.  So you have to employ a big filter and a lot of commonsense, but generally those with half a brain can see the picture painted of GB on this site is far from perfect. He definately has some major character flaws, and because of he’s choice of career they are noted and commented on around the world. Please understand he hold himself up for scrunity. He invites us to do it – that in itself is a major character flaw. And he gets millions out of people like us for it. He using us for his paycheck and we’re using him for our own personal entertainment. That’s the deal he seems to be going for at the moment. It still amazes how guilliable some posters are.   So let’s have less of the pity party for GB, from the rose tinted posters. Also those with a sharp eye will notice when some celebs come out with denials in the media, there’s a good chance that what they’re denying is true. This is going to be a big revelation to some posters, but quite a few celebs do lie to the press.     


I wouldn’t describe people in their early 20′s as ‘barely legal’. I know men in their 40′s that go to clubs, some are married, some are single. They go for various different reasons. They’re not all slimy, the majority of them are great guys who just like a good night out.


I’m in my 30′s, at what age should I stop going to clubs. I just don’t think you can slap an age on someone and say you’re too old for this or you’re too old for that. I think it’s just personal preference and on it’s own says very little about someone’s complete character.

The Noise In The Walls @ 07/07/2011 at 12:35 pm

“@cubedweller: @justsayin’too:

Have to disagree with both of you, he’s single he has no commitments no responsibilities, why should he stop partying just because he’s in his 40’s. Is he supposed to settle down just because he has hit a certain age and that’s what society expects him to do, that would be unfair on him and the person who he decided to settle down with. Maybe he should just get a pipe and slippers and be done with it.?

I have to agree Niknoks..:)

@niknoks: Unless you were famous you wouldn’t be let in a club in HW at your age. That’s the difference.


If that is the case, then surely you can’t call GB out for hanging around with people in their 20′s if they’re are the only people allowed in the club.

Gerry isn’t the only one who goes to the clubs. There are a lot of men who do this and date several women at the same time.
You meet someone in a club, are attracted to them and then say” Your place or mine?” It is very common.
Called hook-ups. Afterwards you just part company. No strings.
I guess when it is GB wanting to hook up with you, you just follow, no questions asked.
It seems tacky and demeaning for women to me, but hey, that is a sign of the times. GB isn’t the only man doing this. I am single, but don’t participate in this. Too scary for me.

CocoaLoco @ 07/07/2011 at 1:13 pm

MGP premieres in both L.A and NYC on 23rd Sept.Wonder which one Gerry will be at?.

“MGP premieres in both L.A and NYC on 23rd Sept.Wonder which one Gerry will be at?”
Wonderful news. I hope they keep that secret. But with the way things are going, with is new film being based on surfing, maybe the answer is obvious?
Gerry’s lifestyle isn’t anything new. It has its ups and downs. I just think, that “scary” vibe should be one he might wish to consider especially as his star rises when out at these meat markets. Beauty can hide ugliness. And no star is airtight.


I don’t think hook-ups or one night stands are any more tacky and demeaning for women than they are for men. In fact, I don’t think they are tacky and demeaning at all. S.ex can just be about having fun, it doesn’t have to come with a load of emotional baggage. Providing everyone is on the same page. I think women enjoy s.ex as much as men, I think women, particularly in this day and age, are up for a bit of NSA s.ex just as much as men. A lot of people prefer NSA s.ex because there are less inhibitions you can really let yourself go, as you know you aren’t going to see that person again.

Providing everyone is safe and consenting, I say go for it. Have fun. Nothing wrong with that.

@niknoks: So he is choosing to hang with people half his age. the purpose? I guarantee its not for the conversation. That is why people call men like Gerry dirty old men and Trout. Again he is free to do anything. I personally find it a turn off. Whether he goes to be seen or whatever the reason.

The biggest turnoff for me with Gerry is his egocentricity and the sad part is that he is so oblivious of this flaw of his. It’s all about him. Listen closely of his interviews and all he talks about is his happiness, his fulfillment, his sadness, his desires, his success… etc. Not a classy act in my book.


I assume the purpose is to have fun, as it is with everyone that goes out, do you have a purpose when you go out with friends, whatever you choose to do? Nobody can guarantee anything. He’s in his early 40′s, he’s hardly old. So what, if is going there to hook up he is single. I don’t see a problem there. Like I said as long as everyone is on the same page, there is no issue. These women are not naive, they know what it’s about just as much as the men do.

I think as you get older, if you’re single the people you are going to meet are going to be younger, simply because more people are settling down.

Painting the entire male race, who like to go clubbing, as dirty old men, purely based on their age is a little unfair.

I guess we judge people in different ways, I judge people by how they treat me, their family and their friends. Providing what they are doing is legal, I pass no judgement on how they choose to have fun, regardless of their age.

With all the speculation that goes on here, I am surprised I have not seen this guess. If Gerard Butler is still in town and declined weddings and film festival awards invites….. could mean he is attending the big BAFTA party for the royals. Rumor has it most of Hollywood’s UK celebs will be there!


It’s an interview about him, where the interviewer asks him to talk about his ‘happiness, his fulfillment, his sadness, his desires, his success… etc’


What’s he supposed to talk about?

cubedweller @ 07/07/2011 at 2:07 pm

@niknoks: We’ll agree to disagree, then. In no way did I imply that Butler needs to crawl into his rocking chair and stay there. But for a guy who supposedly wants so badly to be a respected actor, he is not helping his cause. Showing up at the opening of some beach restaurant, and partying with the hard-drinking, coke-snorting reality show losers and d-listers does not help his credibility. He hasn’t had a movie out in months. He hasn’t done an interview in months. Moviegoers have short memories, and the image this guy puts out there is a shallow party-boy who runs with a very toxic crowd. Seeing him written up with Lohan, Hilton, Cisco Adler for gawd’s sake. I find it disappointing.
But hey – that’s just my own opinion.

@niknoks: Sorry, your reasoning has done a complete 360. I get that you like Gerry. I understand that completely. But your making generalizations earlier about you like to go out and so do other older singles. I agree with you. I am saying the places Gerry goes is a direct reflection on his maturity and his need to be seen. Not on anything else. it isn’t a reflection on liking to have fun or dance. His choices say more about him than anything that comes out of his mouth. He didn’t get a beach house in Santa Barbara or San Diego. He got it in Malibu. Where status and titles are the ticket in the door for anything. It is important to Gerry. Its ego, which is okay. It has its purpose. I’m saying its a turn off for me.


Absolutely, all any of us can do is take the information that’s out there and form our own opinions.


Hey, it would be a pretty boring world if everyone agreed on everything. :-)

curious cat @ 07/07/2011 at 2:12 pm


I find this true of most actors. In the past I’ve written for a couple of industry magazines, but did the business articles, glad I didn’t have to interview the actors as what you said is exactly what they all seem to talk about. A few might be different. I s’spect Angelina Jolie can give a good interview with all her international projects.


I think you misunderstood me, it has nothing to do with me liking Gerry, although I do, what I’m saying is I don’t think you can pass judgements on someone’s entire character based on what clubs they go to. A lot of men go to clubs, a lot the same age as Gerry and not all of them go to p.erv on younger women, that is hardly a generalization.


I’m not naive, I know Gerry isn’t a saint, he has flaws but give me the name of someone who doesn’t.

so gullible @ 07/07/2011 at 2:26 pm

@anna: You failed to comprehend my meaning and my post was not just directed at you specifically but everyone on the board. I’ll be more clear in the future.

The reality is all of this is speculative unless it comes from the horse’s mouth and even that is iffy a lot of the time. In one way it is what makes Gerryology fun, so much mystery, so much truly unknown.

People were jumping on this particular new poster [who may or may not be new in fact - we know how it works around here] sooner and harder than usual, just my observation when in fact they have not jumped on other people with such vigor with even more outrageous claims, including the recently revealed blind items, but that is because the faker of all fakers has everyone more leery than ever. Probably healthy for such skepticism but also makes it less fun than it used to be.

curious cat @ 07/07/2011 at 2:27 pm


I agree with you too, Nik Noks. That’s what interviewers ask about. But I often read or see these interviews and would like to see more about, say, what’s behind the movie they just made, what was involved etc. so many times on talk shows they get off on some personal nonsense when the interviews are timed to promote the movie.

When he does interviews at the time of an up and coming movie, they do ask about the movie and the actors. They ask what made him take this movie and general questions about the movie. This recent interview at Malibu was different. It was mainly about him and his life. One thing GB does is when asked a question, he does try to answer it the best he can. He doesn’t usually give just a short stock answer. That is what I have always liked about his interviews. They are always entertaining. I have seen some interviews with actors that are so boring and uncomfortable. He did the best he could with the interviewer since English is definitely not her native language.

gossiphound @ 07/07/2011 at 2:48 pm

@Gladis: If the interviewer asks questions about his personal self, how else is he going to respond. It depends on the publication or medial outlet.

A more serious film magazine might ask about producing and financing but most entertainment outlets want the personal revelations, are you kidding me? The more the better. It’s like digging for gold.

Gerry just gives ‘em what he thinks they want along with whatever it takes to promote his current film. He never loses sight of that.

You ask intelligent thought provoking questions, you get intelligent thought provoking answers, most of the time. Angelina talking about the kids and all HER charitable efforts is still talking about herself in essence.

I already heard from some Dutchies before the interview aired, that this Yolanthe is a terrible interviewer and has had more shows cancelled than Cholewa. It’s just pure fluff. Using a photoshopped photo of Gerry in the opening montage, tsk tsk. But fluff has its place too I guess.

I’ve always liked some of his movies & his charming interviews etc & I know he’s a bit of player etc but I just don’t understand why hexane admit to a normal relationship like other A-list celebs look at Matt Damon, brad Pitt etc it’s like he’s always got secrets to hide which is understandable to an extent as its their private life but if they want all the success etc this is part of the package and by having a relationship is part of the image! I think if he came out in the open about a relationship he wouldn’t get harassed or linked with every woman he’s around!

my theory is either he has so many girlfriends that he doesn’t want to loose tht option if he committed to one or

he has lots of insecurities & loves all the speculation that surrounds him or either it may well be he hasnt just met tht special person yet that he wants to go public with

@niknoks: You originally said that a lot of people go to clubs for different reasons. I said that in HW to get in a club you have to be known or young. Your response was well than you can’t blame Gerry that only young people are at the clubs. But you can. Gerry chooses to go places where his title of movie star is what gets him in the door. So I can make a statement that Gerry wants to be around people that care more about his title than him. Which is extrememly superficial and a turn off. I can accept everyone for who they are, it doesn’t mean that I want to be around them. And Gerry right now isn’t someone I would want to spend time with. Either is Paris Hilton or anyone at the most recent party Gerry went to. I most definately can judge if a person is someone I would want to hang around by the company they keep. You attract what you are.


I’m afraid I still have to disagree. GB doesn’t decide who gets into those clubs, I assume that is management. So no you cannot blame him for who is in the club when he gets there.


If I go to a club with friends, I go with my friends it’s irrelevant to me who else is in there. When I was single yes I appreciated that there was some good looking blokes in there but that was a bonus, not the reason I went.

I guess we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one. :-)

How many time he mentioned he was a lawyer and he studied law for 5 years? If he thinks that makes him appear intelligent well it doesn’t. He may well have been a very self-absorbed person to begin with and it’s hard to see anyone can live with him beyond the initial physical attraction. Of course this fame and fortune and HW lifestyle have done nothing but turning him into a bigger egocentric. He is not different from any other big headed HW creature.

@niknoks: He decided to go to the clubs, the clubs that care only that he is in the movies. Which is a direct reflection on his need to be known. And often times he goes by himself or with one other person. So again he’s not going to hang out with pals, he’s going to be seen. That is the reason he is there. Again very HW thing to do. Not out of the ordinary for a single movie star. But I personally see it as a turn off. Not at all showing him to be an “old soul” or an exception in HW, which a lot of fans are still clinging too.
He is a smoking 40 year old party goer. That is his image now. Hopefully he finds the movie to turn it around.

justsayin'too @ 07/07/2011 at 3:33 pm

Annie- Those are my thoughts also
PsycoB, Cubedweller, curiouscat- I see we are on a similar page
niknoks, noiseinthewall- I understand your point and realize he doesn’t have to stop going out, etc… as he is single. I don’t expect him to settle down either. My issue is the fact that he says “I don’t want my private life exploited” yet he goes to places that ensure he will be photographed and speculated about. There are LOTS of places a grown man can go to meet women and he has a phone list a mile long I’m sure. I just feel he talks out of both sides of his mouth on this and I think it hurts his credibility as someone who seems to want a reputation that he is so into his career. Interesting to read other points of view, though.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/07/2011 at 3:36 pm

I think G is in Italy for the wedding and for Ischia award.

The Noise In The Walls @ 07/07/2011 at 3:36 pm

There are people who wouldn’t know that he studied Law unless you are a devote Gerry fan..The questions were “personal” How is he suppose to answer?…

As for going to clubs..I still agree with Niknoks..I didn’t realise there was an “age” to do so?..So, the older generation is just suppose to sit at home and knit?..I think alot of it is cultural differences..Europe is “abit” different than the US of A..Like what John Travolta’s character sez in “Pulp Fiction”..”They got the same sh*t they got over here..but just alittle different”..You wouldn’t “see that” if you haven’t experienced it…:)..

Gerry’s in Italy to receive his award!
Here is a photo:
Most of us cannot imagine the life actors lead. They can be extremely out of touch with the real world.
But a Hollywood actor, no matter how well traveled, lives in an insulated bubble where money is plentiful and life is pretty well laid out. Not to say they don’t have problems, but they’re not exactly living in the real world.
Which is why I like to see Gerry doing regular guy stuff. I like to believe he’s a regular guy who acts for a living, but think that’s what he strives for a certain transparency and can obtain it when he wants to. We’ve seen weeks off radar with barely a bleep. But his films are coming out now, so he’ll need to be more visible.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/07/2011 at 3:41 pm

G is in Capri for the Kavanaugh wedding. Then the Ischia film award.


“He is a smoking 40 year old party goer. That is his image now. Hopefully he finds the movie to turn it around.”

That’s just your image of him, which is fine, nothing wrong with that, but that isn’t necessarily everyone’s image of him.

He’s got two movies coming out at the end of this year,Coriolanus & MGP, two confirmed for next year PTF and Movie 43. He’s confirmed for another two movies, Mavericks & HTTYD2 and his production company has bought the rights to two books. He’s a busy man, he’s just enjoying some downtime, partying, blowing off some steam, Nothing wrong with that, whatever your age.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/07/2011 at 3:50 pm

@oldbutnotdead: If you are interested, this will translate if you put it into Google search and click translate (if you have that google feature). Looks like the paps are just as annoying there, based on the description of pushing and shoving…LOL.

@niknoks: For normal people yes, nothing wrong with that. But Gerry’s diehard fans don’t make up the majority of his box office. The regular movie goer sees him in articles going to parties with Paris Hilton and Brody Jenner and they see him as a celebrity. Like Cubie said it puts him in a class of people that doesn’t bring in the movie watchers.

The Noise In The Walls @ 07/07/2011 at 4:00 pm

Thx for the info
oldbut not dead :)


I’m definitely not a diehard fan of GB or anyone else for that matter, from what I’ve seen of him I like the bloke as a person, I think he is funny, flirty, honest and doesn’t conform to what people think he should be, but as I’ve said before he can occasionally act like a bit of a pr*ck. I like him as an actor too although he has made some stinkers.

If people can’t distinguish between the actor and the man, then that’s their problem, although, I think most people can. I think a lot of movie goers go to a film, because the storyline or genre appeals to them, not because of who is in the movie and a lot of movie goers also don’t pay attention to celebrity gossip.

I think a lot of the issues on here stem from people trying to read between the lines of hearsay and celebrity blogs, not taking into consideration that 95% of them are probably BS. Some people take this stuff far too seriously, I take it all with a pinch of salt.

angelsrock @ 07/07/2011 at 4:20 pm


I was just going to say the exact same thing/?? Who is he supposed to talk about when the interviewer is interviewing Gerry?

oldbutnotdead @ 07/07/2011 at 4:27 pm

nice place! This is where the Kavanaugh wedding is going to be held, out of reach of paps:

CocoaLoco @ 07/07/2011 at 4:28 pm

Thanks for the photo,I must say he’s looking mighty fine.

Thanks. I didn’t read the translation. So it’s wedding first, then award? Makes sense that he should get the award later in the festival.
He looks great! Weather looks like its cooperating as well.
Looking forward to new photos of him all cleaned-up and suited up again, Italian no doubt. ;o)
Fame comes at a price, and one I’m sure Gerry’s acutely aware of. It’s his life, his dream, and he made it happen doing it his way. He deserves all of this, especially his award for his hard-work.

Ischia film festival does not start until Sunday.Although Sting’s wife Trudie Styler is hosting a dinner the night before.Gerry is doing a workshop thing for 20 / 30 students with Paul Haggis on Monday morning and he recieves his award at a dinner on the Monday night.

“Studio to Release Biopic Starring Butler This Fall

(Beverly Hills, CA) July 7, 2011 – Relativity Media announced today that it has acquired North American rights from Lionsgate to theatrically market and distribute Machine Gun Preacher. Directed and produced by DGA and Golden Globe®-nominee Marc Forster (Finding Neverland, Monster’s Ball) and written by Jason Keller (Relativity’s Untitled Snow White Project), the film stars Gerard Butler (300) in a tour de force performance and will release in Los Angeles and New York on September 23, 2011. The film will expand markets in the weeks to follow. Lionsgate will continue to oversee international distribution on the film, working in partnership with Relativity.”


Looks like the release date is September 23 in LA and NYC, and it rolls out to other markets in the following weeks.

Maybe GB needs to start putting a towel on his head like Leo DeC. so no one will know who he is. Too funny. Second thought, I believe I would still know it was him. lol…Kniknok, he also has that whale documentary that he narrated some parts that is coming out once they get all the financing… It has already been completed.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/07/2011 at 6:07 pm

Just read a bit about Ryan Kavanaugh. He is very interesting. He was broke in 2001 (well, by his standards), and has climbed back up. He has a home in Malibu, and is a friend of G’s, perhaps that is the other reason G is renting there? He was the producer for Salt, 300, and Movie 43, working on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and has taken over distribution of MGP. He is still under 40!

Interesting stuff about his family as well.

Gerry goes to the clubs because he likes to socialize and he gets bored sitting at home between filming. He likes to dance and he likes to sing and he is also the ticket that gets his friends into the clubs and, most of them being single, I am assuming they like to go. He is just being Gerry. He has always been like this.

And guess what? He doesn’t care what you do for fun. He figures it’s your life and your business.

Why do people compare him with other actors? Don’t they have different personalities, different emotional needs? I never get that, the comparisons, like everyone should be the same. Are you just like everyone else? Aren’t you an individual with your own likes and idiosyncrasies? Why should he be any different? And please don’t say it’s because he is a public figure. He is an entertainer and he is entertaining. If he wasn’t, you wouldn’t be talking about him.

As far as public perception of him goes, the general public doesn’t read nor post on these kinds of boards so they will not stay away from his movies based on what is said here or what is perceived by fans watching his every move.

If you are posting about him more than once, whether negative or positive, you are a fan.

Sh-it, even Ryan Kavanaugh is a fan.

The Noise In The Walls @ 07/07/2011 at 6:42 pm

Amen to that :) …


Hear, hear.

Beautifully put.

Thank you…nicely put…

curious cat @ 07/07/2011 at 8:12 pm


Many journos far more prominent than moi got out of the business because it has come to this.

curious cat @ 07/07/2011 at 8:15 pm

I think a bucket of salt is more like it.

Now I want to know – who was the large buff friend? Most of the usual posse is small and/or skinny. Maybe it was his bodyguard?
It was his ego. :)

justsayin'too @ 07/07/2011 at 8:25 pm

Off topic- I don’t know who Joe Manganiello is but my gawd what a body. That is how I remember GB in 300 even though I know he wasn’t always that brawny and had to kill himself working out. I wish he could have built his body up slowly to prevent the damage he did. I guess I could photoshop his head on that body although Joe is a hot guy so no need. The guy is 7 years younger but looks 15 or more. It makes me miss the muscular GB.
niknoks- I don’t remember saying this-
“He is a smoking 40 year old party goer. That is his image now. Hopefully he finds the movie to turn it around.’
but I do have a similar view.


Sorry, meant to hit reply to PsychoB and your post was right underneath….

justsayin'too @ 07/07/2011 at 8:42 pm

niknoks- no problem- I just thought maybe I was having a brain **** and forgot what I had written-lol

justvisitin' @ 07/07/2011 at 8:43 pm

Ahhhh, just love the man! At the least, he’s never boring! Hot, not hot, skinny, puffy, nice, angry, orange, not orange, red hair, grey hair, mask, codpiece, whatever. He’s still got “it”!


I think your argument is a little naive to say the least. I like most people on this board can see the appeal of GB. 

if you don’t get why people compare him  to other actors-  well what can I say. I’m stunned. What a totally bizarre thing to say.  Of course people are going to compare him to other actors. Because he is an actor? And a public figure? I know you obviously don’t like people saying he’s a public figure, but from the amount of interviews, photographs and films he’s made, I’m afraid he is.  Sorry to burst your bubble there.   
Unlike most people maybe you live in some kind of  vaccum, but everyone I know compares themselves to others, that is one of the most obivious ways of learning about yourself.

Most people’s perception of GB  is probably is the guy from 300, who’s a player, who parties a lot and makes crap films.. That’s pretty much it. 

 What a weird post.  

Drive Bye @ 07/07/2011 at 9:23 pm


LOL @justvisitin’

Gerard Butler. Tour De Force. In the same sentence. I’m kind of a tough room, we’ll see…Suprise me, Mr. Big Schtuff.

curious cat @ 07/07/2011 at 9:27 pm

There is really little or nothing left to say on this thread. There is just one thing that bothered me and I am going to say it and shut up. Newcomers to the thread complaining that oldtimers are cliquish and don’t want to hear their opinions. It really isn’t THAT. It isn’t that a clique of insiders is conspiring to exclude or put down outsiders.

I got started on going to boards maybe 4 or even 5 years ago, not just to Jj, although this is the only one where I have posted on topics concerning GB. I am into other things, exchanging information and opinions on the Internet, and the pattern is the same.

The rudeness and ignorance is beyond belief. People attacking other people they don’t know, calling them names, calling them idiots, fools, telling them to take their meds, get a life, you’re old and fat. etc.

Some of us here have been posting for a long time. We sort of “know” other people here, although we don’t really know them in real life, and respect them and their opinons even if they differ from ours. I am willing to share the information that I am a journalist, a history buff and briefly was a college history teacher. I currently live in Hawaii, have lived in several states in the U.S. and for several years in Australia. I admit to being older than GB, enough older that I am not in contention for his affections even if I ever met him and have no fantasies or illusions that I am.
I’m going to stop and see if this posts and go on only if it isn’t monitored.

But my most standards, I am not fat, I am not crazy,

curious cat @ 07/07/2011 at 9:36 pm

It posted. No words there that upset JJ. So I go on. I’ve been on threads in which intelligent people were ridden out of town on a rail so to speak, because they claimed some credentials. Like me, a journo. Like OBND, a lawyer. Another lawyer, another journo I recall, a psychologist. Some interesting people who enlivened the thread with more than GB gossip. They were attacked and bashed by people too ignorant to believe these people could be real.
Another stop to make sure JJ doesnt cut me off for some ill advised word.

curious cat @ 07/07/2011 at 9:45 pm

Calling people names is primary school kindergarten. But the longer you are on these threads, the more impatient you get with the same old stuff. I got attacked viciously as a newbie and to this day don’t know why exactly. but I do know that people who have posted for awhile are looking for new information, not the gushing “Ooo I love him:” or “What does anyone see in this ugly dude?”

@justvisitin’: I agree…he does still have it for me also.

justsayin'too @ 07/07/2011 at 10:02 pm

curious cat- I enjoy your comments and I have to say recently I have commented more because most people have been very adult in their exchanges. The name calling and attacking those with different views makes me lose interest in the board and I have to stay away for awhile. There is enough negativity in the world without involving myself personally. I really like GB and some of his past movie roles and saw such potential. Yes I liked him more muscular with hair a little shorter- I can’t help it. I have been disappointed in his current perception in the media and feel he USES his “need for privacy in his personal life” as a marketing tool to keep his name out there and paps chasing to find him with his “mystery woman.”
This is just my opinion and I am entitled to it.

You can compare and evaluate artistic ability, but wanting him to be more like some other actor emotionally or comparing their maturity is fruitless. You may not like everything about any one person (who does), but wanting them to be different and lamenting that they are not is fruitless.

We are who we are. We can change certain things, but we are still born with a certain emotional wiring and we deal with it the best we can.

People judge what he does in his leisure time through the prism of their own value system and their preferences . He acts from his own and by what he needs. As long as he is not hurting anyone else and he can live with it, that is what choice is all about.

The Noise In The Walls @ 07/07/2011 at 10:21 pm

Glad to see you on the boards justsayingin’too :)..

justsayin'too @ 07/07/2011 at 10:33 pm

The Noise in the Walls- and you too. So glad the L3 madness is gone for now, but who knows it may be


Yeah, men in their 40s and above do go clubbing. But I think most are more discerning, and go to the ones where there are people around their age.  Totally agree with Psycho B,  Gerry does seem to go to alot of clubs where the mean age is the early twenties. And he and his 40 something friends seem love the company of young women in their early twenties. I know it’s an alpha rich guy thing, but that doesn’t make it any less creepy.

There are many appealing things about  GB, but there are things I don’t like him  All I can say to you is the more rumours, stories and facts you hear about him and the way he treats some of his female “friends”, the less likely you’ll be so quick to defend him. Unless you turn into a phannie.  

justsayin'too @ 07/07/2011 at 10:59 pm

Aphorism- I do realize wanting GB’s face on Joe Manganiello’s body is fruitless but I can dream!-LOL
Sorry I just feel GB is looking dirty and kind of sleazy lately and I have a thing about personal hygiene. Still like him, just miss the clean shaven and dare I say it, healthy looking version. I’m sure I’ll catch it for saying this but it is just an opinion people so no body needs to go off.

@Aphorism: Again my problem with fans is this. Don’t compare him to other actors? that is ALL that fans do. “He is so much more masculine than any other Actors”, and so on. The problem you have is he is being negatively compared, not the comparison itself. You can’t have it one way and not the other. Gerry is a celebrity. If all he wished to do was entertain than he wouldn’t need PR people. Gerrys life is dominated by public perception or he would not be crash dieting and killing himself to look thin. And sorry but all you have to do to realize what people think of him is search on Twitter. People think he is a manwhore who parties and hasn’t had a decent movie since 300.


Oh so it’s alright to compare now, as long as it’s artistic. I totally disagree. We are learning from comparisons in every area of life, everyday. It may be  good. It may be bad. But it is never, ever fruitless.

@Oh dear:

I never listen to rumours or ‘stories’, whether it is about celebs, friends, family or work colleagues. Particularly celebs, as the more sensational a story, the more likely it is to sell, regardless of whether it is true or not. That doesn’t make me a ‘phannie’. It just means that when I pass judgement on people I will do it based on my experience of that person, I certainly won’t base it on rumours, stories or internet gossip.


Take the whole smoking thing for instance, the first pics we saw of him smoking again, the comments were unreal. In one thread, he went from a someone who had fallen off the nicotine wagon to a pothead, a full blown druggie and a s.exual deviant. If rumours are based on people interpreting pictures like that, is it any wonder that I choose not to take them seriously.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/08/2011 at 12:22 am

@niknoks: Well, I think you are making great sense, as is aphorism, but it is likely to be filtered through the mind of people who respond with negative language to posters who request facts and not speculation.

In the eyes of these kinds of posters, any suggestion that they are overboard, reaching or being just plain silly makes you a phanny who sees G through rose-colored glasses.

No real fan of G does that, and most people just want the facts to be offered, not this endless speculation about someone whose reasons for many of his actions, we will never know.

He was not hanging out with the Hilton girl, he was at the same party along with a lot of other people. There are always a cross section of people at these parties. As he puts it, he may talk to 150 people in an evening, and somehow something is always made out of nothing.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/08/2011 at 12:25 am

@niknoks: You people should celebrate!

I had a long post, supporting Niknoks, but JJ moderated it! LOL…..

oldbutnotdead @ 07/08/2011 at 12:28 am

@niknoks: G does not have to move to anywhere else. He has a lot of friends in Malibu, including Ryan Kavanaugh. He was clearly not happy with the helicopter paps flying over on July 4.

He has a right to work on his next film within driving distance to his home in Los Feliz, near where he takes helicopter lessons (Santa Monica), near where most of his friends are. Saying that a celeb is always seeking out the paps is ridiculous. Why do you think Leo hides his face? Why does Clooney stay in Italy? Because they hate the paps. G does too, but refuses to change his chosen life for them. He lets them take pics and then asks them to stop, or suggests that is enough, as he did in the Malibu vid. Does he do PR? Of course, that is what the Malibu Inn thing was! G is a businessman, and he is the core of the business.

The only reason some of you think it’s acceptable for Gerry to club and hang with young 20 somethings is because you like him. If we were talking about an actor you didn’t care for, your opinion would be different. That is just human nature. You think you aren’t projecting your feelings on him or someone you don’t like, but you are.

goodgravy @ 07/08/2011 at 1:17 am

I’ll be the first to admit I’m judgmental at times. If I saw Paris Hilton in a club I would give her bitchface, Naomi Campbell too. That being said, if Gerry had to live my life he would probably die of boredom. If I had to live Gerry’s life I would pull my hair out. To each his own.

@Bad Day:

If you think it’s not acceptable for GB to go to a club and hang with ‘young 20 somethings’ (as opposed to old 20 somethings) that’s fine. That is your opinion and you’re perfectly entitled to that. All I’m saying is it makes no difference to me one way or another.

I know blokes that go clubbing who are older than GB, most of them are great but, for example, my old boss used to come out clubbing with us and a few of the other guys around the same age and I thought he was a complete c*ck, not because he did or didn’t come clubbing, that bore no relevance when I formed my opinion of him.

You are perfectly entitled your opinion, as is everyone else on here, but please do not tell me what my opinion would or wouldn’t be on any given subject, you don’t know me, you’ve never met me and you’re in no position to judge that.

Gerard finally managed to crack into the Colony Climbers Club. This saddens me. I’d so hoped he’d push harder to chum up to Broadway royalty. I was dying to see him in Fiddler on the Roof because I still have my plastic poncho from the old Gallagher shows and planned to wear it in the front row during “Sunrise. Sunset.”

He’s looking more like Topol every day.

I didn’t state my opinion on Gerry’s clubbing ways. Niknoks, you may be one of the few people in the world that can separate your opinions from your feelings and if you are, I commend you. You are a rarity.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/08/2011 at 1:40 am

The guard video of the paps commenting about the guards with G, indicates they were not going to leave no matter what. They sell these pics to JJ and other outlets; they are like the numerous professional autograph hunters who are always after him to sign. There was one there as he was leaving the Malibu party. He signed just one for him although he had a handful of pics. I have seen the same guy in other vids.

G can go to parties, night clubs, whatever he likes, he owes no explanations. He likes certain parts of L.A., so what. I am amazed at the commenters who are so sure all these clubs (now they do not even live in California, let alone frequent these clubs, are frequented by very young people only. These kinds of Hollywood places attract people of several decades apart based on the vids I have seen of club openings, etc.

oldbutnotdead @ 07/08/2011 at 1:45 am

I would sure like to know what part of the long post that got moderated JJ did not like. So I posted parts of it, and it went through….oh well…


I’ve had a post about Wimbledon moderated before now & a post moderated because it used the word w.ealthy. I have no idea what kind of weird filters JJ has on this board.

justsayin'too @ 07/08/2011 at 4:10 am

oy- too funny- have to agree!

curious cat @ 07/08/2011 at 4:36 am


I agree with you that GB seems to use secrecy as a tool to generate interest, whether it’s his idea or his PR people. After several years of speculation–is he seeing this woman or that one, or maybe men–you get so you just don’t give a rip. Because imho, he has made a string of movies I pretty much forgot as soon as I left the theater. Other than Burns, which we hear nothing about any more, I wonder if there is some big film that’s his dream to make.

Blonde Greta @ 07/08/2011 at 4:45 am

@girl on the beach:
What kind of “modeling”? – LOL Barbizon??
No tummy or leg tone so she isn’t doing swimsuit or lingerie;
She isn’t hip-less and long and broad-shoulderd enough to high fashion;
I know! She’s a PLUS SIZE MODEL!
The PS industry must like moustaches.

curious cat @ 07/08/2011 at 4:59 am

Comment awaiting moderation means it won’t appear. And lord only knows what word or phrase triggered the moderation.

Nice to see a now rare comment from the witty Oy. Happy new year and more to come.

This is a weird and occasionally wonderful place and Butler often seems of only incidental interest. He has an enviable lifestyle, clearly doesn’t want any responsibilities towards another human being and seeks only to gratify what ‘lies between the navel and the knee’. A valid lifestyle choice. Carry on debating girls and more power to you all.

angelsrock @ 07/08/2011 at 8:33 am

@Bad Day:

Explain why it isn’t “acceptable”? He likes to dance and sing. Should he go to the local VFW instead? What is the “acceptable” thing for single 40 yr old men and women? What is the age in your opinion that you should stop partying?

angelsrock @ 07/08/2011 at 8:57 am


Now if he were married or in a relationship and frequented these clubs without his significant other than I would be angry with him. But who is he hurting???

A little clip from Ryan Kav’s wedding.Gerry is at 0.44 .

Some pix from the wedding.A few of Gerry getting into the car, just keep clicking the > to move them along.

I realize I’m a little behind the curve here, but RL will do that to a fan…
“And the funniest moment of the night? That one came early, as big, handsome and very blonde Gerard Butler and an equally large and buff pal slipped by security to get onto the patio. As the men in dark suits descended on them, planning a quick and forceful ejection of those two “party crashers,” Butler spoke up loud and clear over the music and chatter.

“Hey mate, I think you’d better check your facts,” he bellowed. “I’m someone they want to be here!” ”
I just have to say… the blonder Butler gets the bigger his Hollywood d0uche behavior gets. He is pulling the Philly “don’t you know who I am” again. And here I thought he had evolved. UGH…
I wish he would take on the nature of a surfer, not the Malibu trust fund type, and just hang loose and quit taking himself so seriously because we are not taking him seriously any longer. Good Lord what a disappointment he is becoming.
How Lindsay Hohan of him. :)
Now I need to finish catching up with all your comments. Happy Friday JJers.

angelsrock, I didn’t say Gerry’s clubbing was or wasn’t acceptable nor did I state my opinion on that subject matter. I was stating a fact about human nature and why someone might think it would be acceptable and others would not.

Again I’m probably a little slow here… BUT…
On the club thing. We statesiders have a very different perception of this than most Europeans. We, Americans, need to remember that the British especially grow up with a neighborhood pub. We really don’t have an eqivalent. Everyone in every age group goes and hangs at the local pub, watches football, etc. Gerry grew up in this atmosphere.
Now saying that, I don’t club, never really had a desire to, but Butler grew up in a culture that if things were boring you headed to the neighborhood pub to see what was going on. We don’t have those in the US, at least in the three states I have lived in, our neighborhood bars tend to house the lushes and drunks.
I can’t speak for Butler and you know I love to rip him a new one on his crap behavior, but seriously what other choices do we have to a neighborhood pub here in the states???
Okay, now for the down and dirty. I do believe he loves going to clubs/bars that have younger (20s) because it is his favorite hunting ground. Those furnish the prey he most enjoys for his romps and also strokes his ego because they tend, due to inexperience, to think he is the sh!t. He loves to be the big dog in the park and enjoys the attention that is fawned all over him IMO. Older more experienced people are not that impressionable IMO so his reception would not be the same. I think that is why that age group has some appeal for him.
One thing I have no doubt about is that Butler loves to be loved. Sometimes watching him you can see the need to be appreciated and liked. Other times we get the stern temper of the Great Scot. And lately we get to see his inner d0uche making an appearance.
Okay one more page and I’m caught up. :)

Good Gravey…… is Friday…why don’t everyone go to a club tonight and let your hair down. Life is too short to argue this subject any longer. Happy Friday….

All caught up. Whew…..
oy so glad to see our mad genius back. I’m still giggling to myself over your comment. Hang around babe. You always bring humor that is sorely needed. *mwah*
Okay I’m winding my way through those photos on Capri whatever site and LMAO. Is that the bride with her bathrobe over her head or did Leo DiCaprio come to the wedding without a ball cap???
OMG in the video I noticed one attendee has endangered the motorists in the city by wearing the city’s manhole covers as earrings…
God it nice to get this work week behind me. Looking forward to a lazy weekend!

@Bad Day:

You’re right you didn’t offer an opinion in GB’s clubbing but I wholly disagree with your rationale and it is certainly not fact.

To say that people base their opinions on certain aspects of someone’s behaviour acceptable or unacceptable on whether they like that person or not just simply isn’t true and suggests that people aren’t capable of separating behaviour from character.

It isn’t human nature, in fact I don’t know any rational adult that thinks like that but it is the kind of rationale you see in a school playground.

People are more likely to forgive bad behaviour if they like the person in question but that is a completely different thing. In this case I don’t find GB’s clubbing behaviour bad or unacceptable.

Like I said before I had a boss I couldn’t stand but I didn’t have a problem with him clubbing and it bore no relevance to what I thought of him. On the reverse, I have a friend that went to prison for f.raud and t.heft, while I find those actions completely unacceptable and he deserved to go to p.rison, he is still my friend and I visited him in while he was inside.

If you base your opinions on behaviour on whether you like a person or not, that is fine and your absolute right to do so but that is not the way most people think, certainly not the people I know anyway.

@Hot Mess:

I would go to a club tonight but according to some people on here at the grand old age of 30, I am far too old. ;-p

Niknoks, ITAWY!! Well said. It’s all just individual perspective as to what you choose to do with your life or how you live it, good or bad choices. I like the way you think.

Aphorism, I agree, well said!

Maggie P.U. @ 07/08/2011 at 11:45 am

@391 Nik….. I definitely and wholeheartedly agree with you because I am the exact same way…… there are people I do not like and I could care less what they do…. and then friends though some mess up they are just as I say my friends.




There is a completely different culture here, although I have to say I rarely go to clubs I am more of a pub girl.

I don’t necessarily go to drink, I will go to hang out with friends or whoever is in there, play pool, watch a match or just blow off a little steam after a hard day at work.

I think this maybe a duplicate post – this board is playing up again.

Well I personally am looking forward to any upcoming interviews in support of his new movies . . . as well as seeing his new movies. The Malibu interview was what it was . . . yes it was fluffy but it’s always great to see GB’s personality shine through. As far as his PR strategy goes . . . whatever it is I think most would understand that he needs to continue to generate awareness since both of his recent films (and perhaps himself as well) are possible contenders for awards seasons. He needs to be seen and be top of mind at this point . . . and although the reason he is in Malibu is most likely surfing related the affluence associated with that city only helps to complete the picture of a movie star’s lifestyle. Many people may envy that lifestyle and find their life boring in comparison and I truly feel sorry for them. Each person’s life is all in how they look at it . . . it’s only boring if you make it that way. Everyone makes their own choices. As far as his choices are concerned . . . well, he is a grown man and is single . . . basically he can do whatever he wants (as long as it’s legal of course). There is nothing wrong with wanting to go to clubs to dance, sing, whatever and while it may seem a little creepy to some that a 40-something guy keeps looking to pick-up 20-somethings . . . well, that is also his prerogative. There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to be social and hang with friends . . . regardless of your age. It’s actually a lot of fun . . . whether you go to a club, restaurant, sports bar, etc! I don’t think you should stop having fun just because you hit a certain number . . . that would be ridiculous.

angelsrock @ 07/08/2011 at 12:14 pm

@Hot Mess:

Now you’re talking!!!!! But at 48 would it be inappropriate?

Yes, each person lives their life in a way that meets their individual needs and no one should harshly judge that . . .sure, we all have opinions because that’s just human nature but we also have to realize that everyone is different and we should be accepting of that. To each their own! Although someone who is a celeb may have more lifestyle options available to them it DOES NOT make them a better person than someone at the opposite end of the spectrum. A person of lesser means may have a heart of gold while a rich person may be a complete j.e.r.k. As a fan and/or general movie-goer we should be able to separate an actor’s personal life choices with the character we see on the big screen . . . although I do realize that when some actors/actresses are too overexposed it becomes more difficult to do this. Let’s hope GB is striving for balance. Now, everyone go out and enjoy your life! :)

May God Bless yoou all! @ 07/08/2011 at 12:26 pm

“‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the LORD.’” Isaiah 55:8 (NIV)

The Noise In The Walls @ 07/08/2011 at 12:26 pm

Niknoks..I completely agree…

There is a completely different culture here, although I have to say I rarely go to clubs I am more of a pub girl.

I don’t necessarily go to drink, I will go to hang out with friends or whoever is in there, play pool, watch a match or just blow off a little steam after a hard day at work.

and if people don’t experience that..How would they know??..I was lucky enought to see that :)..Hope u have a great weekend…and if you get a chance..peek into one of those wonderful pubs..I enjoyed them!! :)

Once again, niknoks, I commend you for your acceptance of human behavior. However, the bottom line is likability gathers more passes on questionable behavior.

My hubby and I will go to a club once in a great while to dance. That is about all a club holds any interest for us. We love to go to sports bars to watch games, more like the neighborhood pub where we live. We don’t frequent bars unless we are meeting friends before going to a dinner or a movie because neither of us drink or smoke.
I just don’t think people understand how much of a part the neighborhood pub plays in the life of Europeans. Our teenagers tend to hang in the malls here where British teens will hang at the pub. It is a big cultural difference that some don’t grasp IMO and that is why I’m thinking some of these comments are being thrown around.
I just remind the detractors of saying pubs is age specific that is so wrong. Don’t you remember how happy and relaxed Butler was watching the World Cup in Detroit? He was in his element, not because of the age group there but the comraderie that resembled the neighborhood pub IMO.
As for Butler scoping 20 year olds, been there done that many many times. Old news IMO…

@The Noise In The Walls:

As soon as Mr. NikNoks gets home we are heading down the local for a few drinks and so I can give a good thrashing on the pool table, then we may play some pool. ;-p

What is the old saying… “Opinions are like assh0les. Everyone has one.”
I think this subject has run its course. Can we change the subject to something fun to chat about?
How about speculating if America will be able to pay their bills in a couple of weeks??? Just kidding there folks…. or maybe not. :P
OT – WTF is that dress Aniston has on for Grauman’s Theater event? Rack four at Goodwill???

The Noise In The Walls @ 07/08/2011 at 12:42 pm

Awwww..Good for you :)..I miss the pubs there :(..
Have a Good one!!

Manny is correct as well :)..

You randy little Brit. Have a great time. Oh how I’m looking forward to this Friday night too. ;)

oldbutnotdead @ 07/08/2011 at 12:44 pm

@niknoks: Club life in Malibu, Hollywood etc, is not much like the rest of the country…definitely not limited to 20 somethings, sometimes people are working the club for networking Hollywood style …but G likes the night life. People should not apply their familiarity with the club scene in their areas with the club scene in Malibu/Hollywood.

I often wonder just how much he sleeps every night. On July 4 he was in the surf with a board (I hope he is not alone doing this kind of thing, since he is a relative beginner), on July 7, he is already on the isle of Capri. I did not see the paps catch him at the airport, I am wondering if he has been snagging some private plane flights?

Paps in Italy are much funnier with an Italian accent, and really persistent. I guess they were taking those little taxis up to the private area where the wedding is being held?

Fascinating, the jet set life! Also kind of annoying, because I don’t get to live that way! … :)

I suppose Leo did not wear his towel to the wedding….

oldbutnotdead @ 07/08/2011 at 12:46 pm

@Manny: Well, we may disagree on many things, but I have to say I hated that dress! Then, trying to be kind…I thought maybe it looks better in person…. Not.

Okay people a HW club is as far away from a pub you can get. LA has any kind of bar atmosphere you can want on every corner. I bet there are a dozen pubs closer to Gs house than the clubs are. But Gerry chooses the clubs you would find people like Brody Jenner at. He wants to be seen.

I think JenJen picked it out on her own. Any stylist would be embarrassed as hell to admit they selected that look for a client… if her stylist picked it, well they should be shot on the runway at fall Fashion Week… or maybe have to wear that hideous dress for a month. :)

Just saw this on Twitter and I’m ROTFLMAO…
THRNBERRY 10:38am via Twitter for BlackBerry®

RT @TheChainsmokers: My facebook thnks I should be friends with gerard butler, I think it should f**k off I aint friending no 20% on rotten tomatoes

Looks like the groom, Bradley Cooper, Ryan seacrest, Butler and an unidentified man sitting between Seacrest and Butler are in one taxi. Any idea who that man between Butler and Seacrest is?


If Mr NikNoks and I go clubbing we hit Floradita in the West End, a gorgeous Cuban bar, Latin dancing, Latin food and a brilliant night out.

“We don’t frequent bars unless we are meeting friends before going to a dinner or a movie because neither of us drink or smoke.”

I think this is also a big cultural difference, I can happily go to a pub or a bar and not drink alcohol, and I will happily go on my own and just chat with the barman or whoever is there and as for smoking, that’s iIIegal in any and every bar in the UK, so no problems there.

It’s funny what you say about going to Sports Bars that they’re more like the pub atmosphere, that’s why I can’t stand them in the UK, it’s like they are trying too hard to be a pub when there are loads of actual pubs around and you don’t get the same friendly atmosphere.

It’s the same reason I refuse to set foot in an Irish themed pub, they’re very cliché most Irish people I know are insulted by them, yet there are some great genuine Irish pubs in London

Summer's Eve @ 07/08/2011 at 1:00 pm

Even though GB only signs one of the photos in the stack, the others can be forged and sold on ebay. There’s a way GB can get rid of the “autograph hound”. When he sees a guy, with a pile of pix, go ahead and sign one but with “bite my asss” instead of “Gerry Butler”! LOLOLOLOL! On second thought, he might get more money out of one of those!

But seriously, I believe GB can do what he wants but he has to be careful. Frequent clubbing and partying will give people, both fans and peers, the impression he’s a player and a bit immature. Keeping his love life a big secret leads to too much speculation too as to WHY he would. In other words, why does he hide it? Then out come the gay rumors, the bisexual and the lust for the PYTs. He might just have a thing for buffalo wings!

I think ultimately all the negativity that can collect around it can affect his career. It makes him look as if he’s only in it for the wild life, money, fame and women and not his craft, which I don’t believe for a minute. And by the way, I said “frequent” clubbing not occasional, there’s a difference and many of the parties he goes to are to rub elbows a lot of times. We hear about him at a club maybe once a week really. We don’t know about the other nights of the week. He’s a pretty busy man most of the time. I don’t know how he does it! I get exhausted just thinking about it!

Too, he does live in a different world then we do. We look in to it and may be apalled because he’s not following some norm but he may be no different or even as bad as others in the industry. We don’t know.

But any hard partying, wear and tear and toll it’s gonna take on him as he ages as it would on anybody, however, and will start to show. He’s in a business where he can “fix” some things but not every thing. He claims to have abused his body pretty badly when he was younger and continuing to do so, it’s gonna catch up to him one day.

I’ll bet there’s more rehabs in California then any other state in the Union. And I think it’s because celebs live in such a world that it’s easier for them to get carried away with excess. You even heard GB say how different the mind set is of people in Scotland versus HW. But I think everyone in HW is different then the rest of the world. They live in a very self indulgent, self fulfilling environment and I can see the more time he spends there, the more caught up in it he gets.

I’m glad he’s going to Scotland for a while. Gets him grounded again. It’s probably very good timing for him to do that. Talk to Mum. All that’s going on in his life, he needs to touch back with his roots.

I will take your word for it. I’m not from the area and when there have never paid attention. :)


I do like Jennifer ANiston but I wasn’t keen on that dress, it made her look a little frumpy.

@Manny: Even if it was the it thing to wear it’s A) not flattering and B) it will date the picture. she is only going to do this once in her life.

OMG… have you guys seen the brian green+megan fox thread?… brian green’s wearing the exact same “79″ t-shirt that gerry has!! LOL


or…. maybe he just prefers clubs to pubs, I’m the opposite. It’s just personal preference. I’ve never seen a picture of GB with Brody Jenner or any of his ilk. Just because they go to the same clubs it doesn’t mean they hang out or like each other.


I think GB wears it better…. ;-p

Not surprising they have the same shirts though, as far as I am aware they are just Reebok shirts. Reebok make loads of ’79′ shirts as it was the year the brand was introduced to the States.

@niknoks: I personally don’t like the t-shirt much. Doesn’t matter who’s wearing it. It just caught my eye and I thought I’d share it with you guys :)

Summer's Eve @ 07/08/2011 at 1:29 pm

As for the girl on the beach, who knows who she is. It’s possible the paps just made up the thing about them going separate ways when they were spotted to add drama. It does kinda look that way but she may have just been a friend of Jeannia or Evan along for the ride, aspiring actress, GB was talking to her and didn’t want rumors to get started when he’s seen walking with her. Then again, she could be his latest or the one he picked up the night before. No one knows. She looked really young to me but I’ve never been good at guessing someone’s age. But if I was to guess, I’d say barely in her twenties if that. The fact that she was there with an ex of his could be interpreted many different ways I suppose. But I doubt the next Mrs. Butler no matter what.

Summer's Eve @ 07/08/2011 at 1:31 pm

I miss the “Buffs” tee shirt! Guess it got down to the last fiber! LOL!

I enjoy your posts. I don’t have something to add. I don’t find poeple in their 40′s who go clubbing not appropriate. The poeple that make me think what is happening in this world are the ones like Madeleine McCain’s parents who left her alone and went to a party. This behavior I don’t get.


That’s not really what happened with the McCans, they didn’t go to a party, they went for a meal at a restaurant in grounds of the resort they were staying at and were checking on their children every 20 minutes or so. It was very tragic what happened to that poor girl but I don’t think her parents were uncaring but maybe a little naive and they will have to live with it for the rest of their lives.

Leo minus the towel.LOL.

@niknoks: and you find it O.Kץ. to leave a 4 year old for 20 minutes alone? I don’t. When my kids were 4 year old I was afraid to leave them for 5 minutes. You have no idea how reckless behavior is to leave a young child alone. Does it matter if it was a party or a dinner?

@Bad Day:

“Once again, niknoks, I commend you for your acceptance of human behavior. However, the bottom line is likability gathers more passes on questionable behavior.”

I agree on that, but that wasn’t your original point. Your original point was whether people found the behaviour questionable in the first place and if they didn’t find the behaviour questionable it was because they liked the person. That is what I disagreed with.

You are so lucky. You can smoke in bars where I live so that is why we tend not to linger. We have no problem being around our friends who drink but enjoy it more at restaurants where smoking is not allowed.
You know I thought the same damn thing. Why of all the dresses that woman can look fantastic in did she choose to have that one moment in time captured looking like a WalMart mom…
I couldn’t see past Megan’s duckbill lips. OMG what was she thinking!!!
I have to agree. Every time I think of that situation I shake my head.

Giving the parents the benefit of the doubt, I would agree they were naive. Again, when I was a child we didn’t vacation in those type of places so I don’t have a clue what the security is like.
I’m kind of on she’s side of the fence on this. I don’t know if I personally would ever be able to leave my child alone without someone responsible around. It just leaves a lot to chance. Just the way I was raised and not my nature to leave something like that to chance.
Either way, it is nothing short of heart-wrenching tragic.

Agreed. 20 seconds is too long to leave a young child by themselves . . . can’t even imagine 20 minutes . . . especially in a foreign country. Not appropriate at all! This is why you 1) take them with you to dinner or 2) take your dinner to go and eat it al fresco at the park with your child/children. Or, if it’s a date night you’re looking for then you leave them in the care of a family member and/or responsible and trustworthy adult for the evening.
That makes me think . . . who is watching GB right now??? Ha, I’m so just kidding! Couldn’t resist. :)


I didn’t say it was okay. I said it was naive. The children were asleep, you don’t leave your children alone for 20 minutes in a room even when they are asleep? How do you get any sleep.

The McCanns were sitting in a restaurant in view of the apartment their children were sleeping in and checking them regularly. What they did was no different than putting a child to sleep in their bedroom and then going to have a drink or some food in your garden.

If that Madeline had been snatched from her bedroom while her parents were sitting in their garden, would you be vilifying them as much?

The McCanns were from a sleepy village much the same as the one I grew up in, When I was four my mum used to cross me over the road with a list in my pocket for the corner shop keeper at the end of our street. I used to pick the stuff up, the shopkeeper would cross me over the road and I would come back on my own. It’s the small village mentality. The McCanns were maybe naive in using this mentality while abroad.

It’s so easy to sit and judge an event like this in hindsight.

@Manny: I know she looks really weird. Not just her lips, but her whole face…. Michal Jackson use to deny having any surgery on his face too!!

Darn… JJ really needs a “edit” button.


I always travelled abroad a lot, to the Balearics, the Canaries, Eastern Europe and the Far East, I was lucky I had parents who loved to travel and expose us to different cultures. The culture in rural Spain, Portugal and similar places, it is not uncommon to do what the McCanns did, it doesn’t make them bad parents.


Megan Fox has the classic trout pout and the way her eyes are slanting up would suggest botox to me.

You lucky girl. We did travel a lot but mostly in the states. Where I grew up was a suburb of a larger city and we were often sent on errands similar to what you mentioned. Sad times are not like that any longer IMO.
I don’t think they are bad parents. I’m actually gutted for their loss. You never get over it. I’m just saying I don’t think I could do that. My mom was always paranoid about us being “snatched” and so she was very protective when we were out of our neighborhood.

@niknoks: they would have been prosecuted in the US. A 4 year old left in a room that a child is unaccustomed to without supervision, where you are unable to hear if something happens to them. Of course you feel bad for them but I also feel bad for people who leave their kids in the car and the child dies. But it does not relinquish the parents responsibility or their wrong doing.

Niknok….hope you enjoy your thrashing…

We actually had a case here last year where a dad wanted to see the midnight show of some movie. He drove to the theater and made sure his two-year-old was sound asleep and left him in the car and went to the movie. Peeps parking nearby noticed the two-year-old crying and called the police. Now that is negligence in my book. Some peeps should have to apply to be parents.
We have had 8 children die in Utah due to drowning in less than three weeks. Most were in the company of their parents who had exercised poor judgment in getting too close to a raging stream or taking their eyes off their children for a split second in a park.
In this particular case, I don’t know that I could agree with them being negligent as much as making a poor choice. Anyway you look at this situation is just so sad.

Hey niknoks… the US just smash-named the royal couple Widdleton. So British huh? Have a great evening. :)

@Hot Mess:

I always do…. wish Mr. NikNoks would hurry up though, I’m desperate for my Fish and Chips.


Widdleton? Oh Dear. LOL

I’m not a big royalist but they seem like a nice couple.

Well they have certainly given the royal family a more likeable appeal. :)


Much more of a modern couple, more relatable to the public I think, nothing like fresh blood.

justsayin'too @ 07/08/2011 at 4:05 pm

Manny, Me2- WTF has Megan done to herself. She can deny botox but she can no way deny all the fillers she has had injected. I am sooooo sick of the trout lips. Why do people think that is sexy? I look at someone like Dolly Parton who was drop dead gorgeous and had the most beautiful skin and can not imagine her looking worse with a few lines than she does now with all the fillers in her face. I hope this trend stops soon as all the hollywood women are looking sickeningly alike. A few lines and wrinkle look so much better than a plastic face.

Coconot2000 @ 07/08/2011 at 4:12 pm

I agree.


“…To say that people base their opinions on certain aspects of someone’s behaviour acceptable or unacceptable on whether they like that person or not just simply isn’t true and suggests that people aren’t capable of separating behaviour from character…” 

Well, going by your theory, I guess I’m one of those irrational adults, because I sincerely believe actions speak a whole lot louder than words.

On many ocassions, I’ve decided to  distance myself, but remain cordial towards individuals who intially gave the impression of being really good people, but once I got to know them, I found too  many of their actions unacceptable.

I definately believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt-but there is tipping point.

I also find generally what people do to strangers and people they don’t like -if you’re around them long enough- is what they’ll eventually try to do to you.   

@Oh dear:

I don’t understand why’ you have quoted me when you have completely disregarded what I said.

I never said actions didn’t speak louder than words. A collective list of someone’s actions and behaviour make up someone’s character, one action or one particular aspect of someone’s behaviour does not.

If you would disown a friend for no other reason than going clubbing when you thought he was too old for it, that is irrational. If you would disown a friend for making a mistake or one error of judgement that is also irrational.

If over time there is a collective list of actions and patterns of behaviour that are unacceptable to you then that is different, but one thing on it’s own does not give you an accurate picture of someone’s character.


Oh well, I’m glad we cleared up that misunderstanding.

count up all Butler’s sins or saintly acts, form a f/ucking opinion of him/or that action, post it and move on already

oldbutnotdead @ 07/08/2011 at 5:38 pm

What the heck is this? Gerard butler ring tone or something? LOL!

can some tech person explain it to me?

Niknoks, actually that was not my original point, but I see you read it the way you read it.

Summer's Eve @ 07/08/2011 at 6:45 pm


“The McCanns were sitting in a restaurant in view of the apartment their children were sleeping in and checking them regularly. What they did was no different than putting a child to sleep in their bedroom and then going to have a drink or some food in your garden.”


Do you have kids? I have trouble leaving my dog alone in an unfamiliar room let alone a child who is four years old who can get out of bed, open a door, hang themself on a cord, pull a TV over on her, put a hair dryer in to a sink of water, fall off a bed and hit a table, open a window and fall out, put a coffee stirrer in to an electrical socket, leave the room and go looking for mommy, let a stranger in to the room who knocks on the door….STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!

I realize that things can happen even at home but leaving children unattended in a public place, distracted parents in another building? Really? And how can you compare the safety of a child’s bedroom in a home to a hotel room? A child’s room is suppose to be safe and childproof and I doubt the hotel room was.

There’s no excuse for it! People who think it is acceptable to leave young children unattended, in unfamilair surroundings with unknown people around, sleeping in a room in a strange place, should not be allowed to reproduce. Not naive, NOT GOOD PARENTS! No parental instincts whatsoever! Probably shouldn’t own a dog either! And that stupid little, selfish, mindless, sociopath, Casey Anthony should have been fried!

I realize that things used to SEEM different back in the day but I don’t believe it was. I think that people lived in an ignorant bliss and were just not as aware of the dangers that lurked. Pedophiles, rapists and crazies have always been around. It’s just that we have a better awareness of it these days.

My Mother would tell me never to talk to anyone I didn’t know…ever. I remember a car pulling up next to me as I was waiting to cross a road when I was about ten and the man opened his door and ask me to get in that my mom had sent him to pick me up. My house was across the road! I ran back to the neighbors house as fast as I could. Scared the crap out of me! Strangers equaled bad. The fear saved my life! The dangers are always there and in this day and age, there is no excuse.

I was lucky and so were a lot of us back then if we just didn’t cross the path of a bad person but it was always there.

My two cents? You got kids, you don’t go where they can’t. You want to be alone, get a reliable relative and leave them. Go on a cruise where they have professionals to watch them when you want a break, take them with you wherever you go or DON’T GO! People are so selfish these days! They want kids but they don’t understand the sacrifices that have to be made! If you can’t be responsible, don’t be a parent! I’ll get off of my soap box now.


“If over time there is a collective list of actions and patterns of behaviour that are unacceptable to you then that is different, but one thing on it’s own does not give you an accurate picture of someone’s character.”


Oh really? I think there are some things that qualify as a good judge of character. How about lying, abusing an animal, being racist or sexist or a common bully? How about rape or murder? I’m just trying to understand here.

Sometimes it doesn’t take a collective amount of actions to get an accurate picture of the character of a person. I agree it depends on the action but there are some actions that should be a no brainer and there is no need to hang around and give a person another chance to see if things improve or they have other more redeeming qualities that will ofset the bad. For me, a one time, first time for any of those actions would be an immediate deal breaker! LOL!

I met Gerry several times and he was always nice to me and the other people who were with me.

The only time I saw him being rude was when some young fans at TIFF in 2008 kept yelling at him that he had a nice ass but that they wanted to take pictures of his face, not just his ass.

He didn’t even insult them but he made a point of refusing to turn their way till they apologized but they were clueless. He continued writing autographs to the nice fans on the other side.

It’s all how you approach him. Most young people these days have no idea how to be polite. They feel the world owes them something and that they are God’s gift to the older generation! For the record, I’m not an ancient crone. That was 3 years ago and I’m in my early 40ies just like him.

So basically if he was rude to you, you probably interrupted a conversation he was having with somebody or you tried to put the move on him (saw many young fans in their late teens try to do that). Just be polite to him as he doesn’t have to talk to you or even sign autographs but he is one of the few who will stay there longer even as his PR is trying to have him move on.

I’m not sure if he’s nice because he wants to be famous but I do know that some of his earlier fans, those who were when he stated get all the time warm welcomes for him and he doesn’t seem to be nice to them for the camera.

Summer's Eve @ 07/08/2011 at 6:56 pm

I think it’s safe to say that everyone has their own list of values they live by. A person knows what they will put up with and what is unacceptable behavior. It is an individual thing.

We’re talking about a celebrity here that is not a member of our friends or family and what they do has no impact on our lives directly. GB’s clubbing means nothing to me really other then I think it shows his maturity level. Clubs are not British pubs. It is not immature for anyone of an adult age over 21 to frequent a pub now and then. A man over forty frequenting clubs catering to the younger crowd does say something……I don’t know what yet. I’ll get back when I figure it out! LOL!

Summer's Eve @ 07/08/2011 at 7:02 pm

@Met him:

I’ve heard that about him and I know people who have run in to him in private and say he’s a sweet guy and a bit shy! It’s like I said before, I think he’s rude to people when they’re rude to him.

Summer's Eve @ 07/08/2011 at 7:05 pm

By the way, that doesn’t even look like Megan Fox! What the hell is she thinking? She’s messing up a perfectly good pretty face! Why would anyone get something done, even Botox, to your face at that age? What a crazy life stars live! Very few stay grounded in reality.

@Summer’s Eve:
I see the hanging judge has arrived.
As to Casey Anthony, since you weren’t a juror I wouldn’t be so quick to convict. Innocent until proven guilty. The only thing I believe that the prosecution proved is that Casey Anthony is a crap person and an even worse parent. Unfortunately they didn’t prove BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that she killed her daughter. Sometimes we don’t get the outcome we think should come but it is the law. May God bless Caylee and find justice for her in this life or the next.
As to pouncing on niknoks and asking does she have kids and she shouldn’t even have a dog… why attack that way? Why not share your opinion and not be so belligerent by attacking personally. I found it hilarious that you would attack and then make a comment about being a common bully. Don’t you recognize this in yourself??? Really??? Sheeeeesh…
My mom was overcautious with us but she never followed us room to room or to our friends’ houses. Your description sounds more like a stalking parent than a cautious parent IMO.
Speaking of funny things moms said, mine would always say when we went to the store or mall, “If I can’t see you a stranger can.” Kept us nearby whenever we went places. Cheers!

@Summer’s Eve: I agree with you, why have kids if you can’t live without visiting a restaurant or club when you have no one around to watch them. That is just callous, selfish and screams Casey and the Mcdummies . No one that loves kids could side with the ”oh the poor parent cra/p”, their kids suffered for their blantant stupidity. At least Butler knows he’s selfish, wants his shag and loves clubbing AND HIS FREEDOM and won’t marry and have kids just to ignore them. Give him credit for that. And Megan Foxs, who?

I agree the McCanns used poor judgment, but I do feel horrible for them. To lose a child because you used poor judgment on their behalf is the worst kind of personal Hell… I just can’t imagine.

I agree with you Eve. Leaving a child in a hotel room is deplorable. A four year old wakes up in a hotel room and her parents are not there they are going to look for them and being able to see the balcony means nothing. One thing I have learned over the years is that this is something that the parents have done before. This was no one time leaving the kids by themselves, those parents, I guarantee, left their kids often by themselves. It was a incident waiting to happen.


You may want to watch what you say about Jeannia and her sister as Jeannia is a close and dear friend of Gerry.

It is from people like you he’s trying to shield ladies friends (who are just that, friends) from abuse on their looks.

Gerry had no problems being seen with Laurie last year and it was obvious she wasn’t just a friend. People bashed her looks and it didn’t seem to bother him. The paps were photographing them without any interference from him to have them stop and he was aware of them in Paris, Cannes and Detroit.

Gerry seems to like his friends more than his flings.


You may want to watch what you say about Jeannia and her sister as Jeannia is a close and dear friend of Gerry.

It is from people like you he’s trying to shield ladies friends (who are just that, friends) from abuse on their looks.

Gerry had no problems being seen with Laurie last year and it was obvious she wasn’t just a friend. People bashed her looks and it didn’t seem to bother him. The paps were photographing them without any interference from him to have them stop and he was aware of them in Paris, Cannes and Detroit.

Gerry seems to like his friends more than his flings.


“Speaking of funny things moms said, mine would always say when we went to the store or mall, “If I can’t see you a stranger can.” Kept us nearby whenever we went places. Cheers!”

My mum always told me that she didn’t worry about me being kidnapped, as anyone who took me would bring me back within an hour begging for forgiveness.

@The Noise In The Walls:

You got it right on the nose! Lol!

Many of the younger generation expect anybody over 35 to sit in a rocking chair, knit or crochet and watch game shows!

And should any of those “supposed older people” still flirt, have sex, they should be ashamed of themselves.

I tell that young naive and silly generation to get your facts straight. Even people in nursing homes still have sex. Nurses, caregivers will even confirm it to you. Sure somebody who’s 70 or 80 is not going to have allnighters or all week sex like people in their 20ies, but they still do.

Actually now the older generation is in better shape than the teens and 20-year old generation because they learned to watch what they eat, to slow down on the drinking and smoking and to exercise more.

I’ve seen 80-year old looking like 50-year old, taking their walk every day and socializing with their friends.

I’ve also seen teens and 20-something with big dark circle around their eyes for partying all night and drinking, smoking and even doing drugs. No wonder some of them need a case of Red Bulls all day long to make it to the next party!

How was your evening out?
BTW found a way to see the back episodes of Luther. Looking forward to viewing this weekend. Thanks for the lead…


Joe plays a werewolf in “True Blood” and yes, he has a rocking hot body and is engaged to be married.

*giggling* That reminds me of what my dad would say when introducing my mom to folks. He would say, “This is my wife. She does the heavy lifting. I’m just the bread winner in our house.” I always loved the fact that Dad held her in a high esteem for having to deal with us at home. We were a rowdy bunch.


It was a good night, pool, few drinks, laughter & fish and chips, my perfect night out, I enjoy the simple pleasures. Mr. NikNoks is crashed out already, he worked a double before we went out.

Great that you found a way to watch Luther, it is so good. I may actually catch up on season 1 again, then watch season 2 again. Weather is forecast to be c.rap all weekend so that takes care of that.

No work for either of us this weekend which is a very rare blessing, so a duvet day with some popcorn is in order.

Sounds like bliss. Hoping to have a snuggle day myself tomorrow. Is Luther something the hubby might like? I can’t think of a better day than being in bed with my hubby cuddling and watching Idris. :)


I would describe it as murder mystery/psychological thriller, can be a little gruesome at times, for me, the perfect excuse to give the fella an extra tight cuddle.


Didn’t they go because somebody from the hotel where they were had the job of looking after the children?

I seem to remember hearing the mother tell that to Oprah when they were interviewed. I could be wrong.

Is anybody else creeped out by the pic of megan fox’s face? I mean seriously what in the blue hell is going on with her face and her mouth? At first I thought it was an asian lady!

@Met him:

They were staying in apartments and I know the resort had a babysitting service but for some reason they didn’t use it, if I remember rightly. They were there with another couple and they took it in turns to go and check on their children.

They were in an open air restaurant not 50m from their front door in plain sight, apparently the abductor could have got in through the window.

So tragic.


I’m not a fan of Megan but at her age, using botox just shows how sick Hollywood has become.

She just killed her career as actors need to be able to show facial expressions when they act.

I don’t remember who said this but it was an actress: I used botox once but won’t do it again. I couldn’t even frown and I need to be able to display anger, happiness and worrying on screen.

justsayin'too @ 07/08/2011 at 8:25 pm

CC- she looks awful! Sad what a beautiful young woman will do to herself all in the quest for perfection. She looked great naturally but probably listened to someone telling her she could improve and now she can’t go back.

Elizabeth Smart was snatched from her own bed in her home with her parents down the hall. Even if Madelaine’s parents were in the apartment, I wonder if Madelaine could have still been taken. God the world can be an ugly place.


Exactly. We (society) take risks with our kids everyday, we just don’t see them as risks until something happens to somebody else.

Parenting is a fine balancing act between protecting your children and not wrapping them in cotton wool.

partycrasher @ 07/08/2011 at 8:35 pm

Anybody else think manny and niknoks should get a room?

Megan looks like one of the piccies that someone has taken and smashed this and elongated that with some photo program.
My hubby and I laughed our asses off watching Trasnformers 2 because she could barely talk and her lips wouldn’t move. Watching her shout “Sam, Sam” through that permapout was just too much.

@Met him: I’m not a fan if hers either but I thought she was so beautiful in the first transformers. And now shes unrecognizable.
@justsayin’too: I have no idea what goes through their minds. She obviously has low self esteem. Sad.
@Manny: when I saw the movie I kept thinking, a decepticon is about to stomp a mud hole in your asss and you dont even look worried! Run hookah!!

@Met him
I have to agree,Gerry is a sweetie when you meet him as long as you don’t pounce on him.He can turn quite easily on those who do.Some people think that they can just grab him or say things to him.Sometimes he lets it go but you know when he’s not happy.
I have to agree with you also, about the clubbing.For those to say he shouldn’t because of his age is just silly.At what age are you supposed to stop living?.Gerry goes to these clubs with his friends,to socialize.It’s not as though he goes mooching around them on his own,that would be different.
Just replying to your post from the other night,if you’re still around.I was mainly going on my own observations of seeing the same person time and time again.However, the reliable source (I don’t know if it is that reliable,maybe you will know more that me) was from a guy called “fred”.Who also hangs around,don’t know if thats his real name he could of just been messing.


I can’t believe a girl would actually say these things about him on a public site. I don’t think there is anything abnormal about being sexually attracted to a hot actor, but why be so graphic? She sounds very young. I see young girls tweeting in a similar fashion about all sorts of male celebrities. I’m still shocked to see 13 and 14 year olds post with that kind of language. I said the F-word once when I was 14 years old and got my mouth washed out with soap! Now it seems to be the norm with teenagers. I guess I’m just getting old. LOL


oldbutnotdead @ 07/08/2011 at 10:10 pm

@Swansong/Paisley: Based on the ads accompanying the site, I think it is possibly an x rated site? Pretty repulsive. Am I being too conservative there?


Each to their own but not appropriate for a site like this.


Hahahaha! I didn’t even notice the ads or that was an x-rated site! *smacks head*. Been really busy, just popped in and saw that post. So maybe it was actually posted by an adult and not a teenager? Sounded like a teenager to me.


curious cat @ 07/08/2011 at 11:00 pm

It’s nice to see some friendly exchanges and chatter here, without fighting and bashing. I’ve said quite enough on this thread, just want to say I appreciate people’s ideas on the variety of topics in the last few pages.

I do agree that there is no cut-off age for enjoying either clubbing or pubbing. Or for enjoying …er…intimacy casual or committed. But nowdays there are so many more diseases around, it’s crazy not to be careful at any age. I’ve read in several publications that doctors have seen a rise in diseases among older folks, who are unaware of everything going around these days.

One way some places handle a variety of customers here, and probably elsewhere, is appealing to different people at different times of the evening or different nights. Several bars in this city have a salsa night, for instance, with Latin music and dance.

One place I know nearby really caters to seniors, 50s, 60s and 70s, on certain nights.

One very popular nightclub here has a variety of clientele, and changes the music to accommodate different tastes, oldies during the earlier hours, and more current stuff later. There are no rules as to who can go when but you tend to see older people doing cocktail hour and the refreshments the club puts out buffet style. The later hours tend to bring in the 20 and 30 somethings and it gets more lively but the older ones aren’t ushered out and sent home to bed. You’ll see a variety of ages at any time. It’s known as a place to socialize and meet potential dates, to put it gently, no matter what your age. And since we frequently discuss the phenomenon here, I’ll mention that place is called Rumours! :)

I know a woman in her early 70s who goes to that club regularly, and to a private club nearby that allows non-members in on Saturday nights when there is a band. The trick is to say you are a guest of the bandleader. Even many older people love to hear music, dance and socialize, whether they drink or not.

The ones I worry about at times are men of any age who go to these places alone, sit alone and drink alone and don’t talk to anyone or look people in the eye.

I think I’ll skip any speculation on why GB goes to any club including that Malibu one. It’s all been said so no reason to get into it. But anyone might go to the opening of a nearby watering hole if they just moved in to the neighborhood, just to check it out. Especially if it’s invitation only with free food and drink which I gather that was.

Have a nice weekend, all. Time for a new thread!

oldbutnotdead @ 07/08/2011 at 11:01 pm

@Swansong/Paisley: Probably meant to, to attract a particular audience.

Google got rid of realtime tweets! Shoot. Some of those GB related tweets were funny.

Summer's Eve @ 07/08/2011 at 11:41 pm


Nah, parents can’t touch their kids these days even with a bar of soap. They’ll get accused of child abuse!

@curious cat:

“Even many older people love to hear music, dance and socialize, whether they drink or not.”


NO! You don’t say? LOL!



I don’t believe I was addressing you but since you feel the need to twist my words, as usual, then jump to defend, I never pounced nor attacked anyone or said anything about niknoks or accused her of anything. I did ask her if she had kids.

I think if I had been attacking, she would be defending herself. I think she got my point. She merely claimed the parents were naive rather then wreckless. I disagree with that theory. I said anyone who believes it is OK to leave children alone like that shouldn’t procreate or even have a dog. I believe that whole heartedly. I don’t believe she thought it was OK , however, her comparing a hotel suite to a child’s bedroom in the home is a bit of a stretch, you have to admit. But it is you who put her in that catagory, not me! By the way, do you have kids? LOL




justsayin'too @ 07/09/2011 at 12:01 am

The CDC has just issued a statement that Gonorrhea is on the rise as it has become resistant to the antibiotics used to treat it. Interesting how sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise among young and old alike. Condoms are effective 99% of the time but my luck I’d be in that 1% if I were in the dating game. I know many on the board have said it is no big deal to have a one night stand or casual sex, but I just don’t see it. Everyone be careful and be safe.

Summer's Eve @ 07/09/2011 at 12:05 am

I wouldn’t have allowed my eighteen year old daughter (or son) to go to Aruba either without me. Maybe I’m over protective, and my parents were pretty strict, but there are some things you just have to use your common sense about. Leaving children that young alone is dangerous on many levels.

Casey Anthony’s little daughter was missing a month before she was reported missing and that was because her grandmother was worried. Casey was either instrumental in the killing of her or she did it. It’s too obvious otherwise she would have reported her gone and been frantically searching for her! The little girl didn’t just die and she dumped the body. What mother goes out partying with her child missing or known to be dead? What kind of hideous, heartless monster is she? She chloraformed her and smoothered her with duct tape. It was so obvious. Now she’s free to have more kids. It sickens me.

I seriously think she would have been convicted and sentenced to a long time if not life in prison if the death penalty had not been in the picture. That caused the jurors to waver on a guilty verdict.

If I were her parents, I would now take her to court on the charge of neglect and contributing to the death of the child. If she were my daughter, she’d be dead to me anyway.

Summer's Eve @ 07/09/2011 at 12:15 am


I totally agree with you! Having a one night stand with a stranger is dangerous and condoms don’t always protect. It’s risky behavior for anyone male or female.

Some that defend risky behavior on the grounds of trying to not be judgemental come off more being just wishy washy. You know what they say, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. LOL!

@ met him

Just going back to the meeting GB topic. Are you implying that the person who works in the media that posted they’d met GB and he was rude them-  was rude to him first?  That’s a bit of a stretch isn’t it. Didn’t the poster say they’d met many famous people and most were very nice and gave an exception as GB? Why is it so difficult for you to accept that sometimes he’s not so nice? I also think the poster was pretty apologetic about telling the board about the encounter. I got the impression they were just trying to give an objective as possible view of their experience of meeting GB.  He’s only human you know, not some deity. We all know he can be pr**k sometimes, and probably without much provocation from anyone in he’s immediate vacinity.

Maggie P.U. @ 07/09/2011 at 12:44 am

@498 amen sista….my thoughts exactly…… child was duct tapped for one that right there should be enough evidence… reported missing 30 days later…. yeah they had plenty to nail Casey on…….

So sad…..



curious cat @ 07/09/2011 at 1:04 am


To think condoms can protect absolutely is to assume that only two body parts connect during the act. Which is obviously isn’t true.

@Summer’s Eve: I was shocked from this story too. I can’t imagine myself what I will do in that situation.
As for the McCain’s story I do believe that the person who kidnapped the little girl knew that her parents are not guarding her good enough and she is an easy target. It wasn’t a coincidence case it was planed in my opinion.

I can’t remember exactly, but I thought I read that it wasn’t the first time the McCanns had left the kids alone in the room while they went to socialize in the evenings with their friends at the resort. If this is the case then it would have been easy for any predator who may have been attracted to the little girl and been watching the family’s daily movements/habits as he would have known that she was being left unattended even if only for a short time.

I must admit when I heard about this case I was shocked at the absolute negligence of the parents, especially in a foreign country. I never went out much, but I never left my kids with anyone but my mother or sisters who never took their eyes off them. They were the only ones I trusted with those so precious to me.

I was looking at this pic from WO and think that the guy standing near the car door as Gerry is getting in kind of looks like Ronnie Madra. Did he accompany Gerry to Italy?
IMO the guy sitting between Gerry and Ryan Seacrest looks a bit like RDJ, although I didn’t see that he was listed among the guests. I recognise Bradley Cooper and Ryan C but can’t see Leo in the car at all. I thought that might have been Leo with the whie towel over his head in another video I saw.

someting nice for a change…My son and I were watching MasterChef. suddenly he tells me mom you need to go their, and I say really? He answered Yes, please mom do that for me. I promised him that I will try next year. Now my son say: good you can practice on me.

anyway…god news to come from Gerry soon. It expend my heart when he wins.


Yes, she’s beautiful it’s just that I don’t think she’s quite a good actress.

It’s Hollywood bad influence on actors as there’s always somebody there telling them they look too old, too fat, etc. They may have the fame and the money but is it worth it in the long run? I don’t think so.


Brooke, you’re right. I saw him in 2008 at TIFF become nervous and not wanting to turn around to one side because the people there were rude to him and some were trying to touch him.

I even saw a woman pinch his cheeks and because he retaliated by pinching, TMZ made a joke about it.

He can be a very touchy-feely kind of guy but it is his decision who he will want to hug or shake hands with. Fans have to respect his space. It can be scary for somebody like him to have some wild fans trying to grab him so it’s no wonder he might not be too nice to those fans.

I’m still shocked about that woman pinching him as what got into her? I got to talk to him myself inside the theatre and I didn’t crowd his space and he was incredibly nice and even recognized me from having met me before.

curious cat @ 07/09/2011 at 9:16 am

@Met him:

I remember seeing the video of that cheek pinching incident. I am not under the impression that he pinched back, He asked quite loudly how she would like it if he pinched her t****. And moved on.

I don’t know what got into her either but in a way I felt bad for the woman. She was probably so excited to see him up close she didn’t think and pinched him as some unthinking people pinch a baby’s or little kid’s cheek. She could have been embarrassed to tears to see herself doing that on world wide TV!

Earlier on the thread I mentioned seeing the intervew with Rob Lowe in which he talked about this kind of fame, how he got caught up in it and eventually realized that all the screaming fan’s “don’t really love ME, they don’t know ME, they love an image they’ve projected on to me.” Lowe said it made him feel “objectifed” and uncomfortable.


:) :) Do not spread any rumours here!

But to be fair, the blame falls on both sides. Hollywood, and the whole entertainment industry, including Nashville, hypes superstars as bigger than life demi-gods to encourage this frenetic star-worship and bring in ka-ching, ka-ching $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

To be honest, I’ve never been much of a star-worshiper. These are just people after all. Talented, ambitious, often brave people, taking big risks to follow their dream, often getting shot down and coming back to try again, not settling for a job at Wal-Mart, and perhaps that is what we most admire about them. I am the first to admit some of them have something I don’t, even it;s just raw chutzpah. But to me, flying to movie sets and red carpet events, to hang outside events to which you haven’t been invited just to catch sight of some star and beg for hugs, kisses and autographs from someone who is really a stranger, is not entirely sane.

Back to GB, I recall another interview in which he said when he first went to these events and heard people screaming his name, he felt frightened and guilty, like a kid who had done something wrong! Didn’t he also talk about flying to India to go to Oneness University and address some of this?

Summer's Eve @ 07/09/2011 at 11:49 am

@curious cat:

“I don’t know what got into her either but in a way I felt bad for the woman. She was probably so excited to see him up close she didn’t think and pinched him as some unthinking people pinch a baby’s or little kid’s cheek. She could have been embarrassed to tears to see herself doing that on world wide TV!”


Obviously, you’ve never met some of the women who attend the GB convention in Vegas! LOL! Embarrasing is not a word in their vocabulary.

Summer's Eve @ 07/09/2011 at 11:49 am

@curious cat:

“I don’t know what got into her either but in a way I felt bad for the woman. She was probably so excited to see him up close she didn’t think and pinched him as some unthinking people pinch a baby’s or little kid’s cheek. She could have been embarrassed to tears to see herself doing that on world wide TV!”


Obviously, you’ve never met some of the women who attend the GB convention in Vegas! LOL! Embarrasing is not a word in their vocabulary.

curious cat @ 07/09/2011 at 5:45 pm

@Summer’s Eve:

No, I haven’t met any of them. But as I recall this woman wasn’t at the GB convention. I thought I made it clear I neither understand nor condone this kind of star worship, but can understand someone getting carried away and doing something she might feel embarrassed about. There are two new threads. Let’s officially retire this one.

curious cat @ 07/09/2011 at 5:45 pm

@Summer’s Eve:

No, I haven’t met any of them. But as I recall this woman wasn’t at the GB convention. I thought I made it clear I neither understand nor condone this kind of star worship, but can understand someone getting carried away and doing something she might feel embarrassed about. There are two new threads. Let’s officially retire this one.

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/10/2011 at 3:25 pm

@curious cat: @<a

Why cop an attitude with me? I wasn’t being nasty with you? And who are you to dictate when a thread is retired or not?
You so called posters her call yourself “regs” here have some kind of sense that you own and run this gossip forum! If we don’t fall in to line or come with a different point of view, you don’t like it! Public forum, babe. Get used to it! LOL!

ciociolina @ 07/21/2011 at 1:26 am

yeah he looks sad and worn out lately……I think he’s SICK OF SHALLOW PLASTIC HOLLYWOOD

Gerard Butler I don’t care what they say about you negatively.To me you will always be the handsomest man on this planet.You are also extremely talented.Your the only one in Hollywood worth watching . You need to play a extreme love story.Make it very dramatic,like the phantom.Your fans want you in a love story.You mostly play comedies and action flicks.Let us see you in a dramatic love story.Your still the best and handsomest leading man that Hollywood has ever had.Do you have a clue on how much your fans really love you.I don’t think so.You showed us your talent in action flicks,comedy flicks,phantosy flicks,why not show your talent in a great love story,after all,you are a Hollywood leading man heartthrob.Do it for your fans.That is what we want.O.k.

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