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Gerard Butler: Party in Malibu!

Gerard Butler: Party in Malibu!

Gerard Butler smiles as he leaves a party on Sunday (July 3) in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud shared a laugh with photographers as he left the beachside celebration.

Gerry stepped out with his beloved pug, Lolita, earlier in the day for a walk on the beach.

Last weekend, Gerry was spotted going surfing with friends – and later walking shirtless – on the beach in Malibu.

Gerry was recently invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Invitees are recognized for their distinguished work in the entertainment field.

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gerard butler leaving party malibu 01
gerard butler leaving party malibu 02
gerard butler leaving party malibu 03
gerard butler leaving party malibu 04
gerard butler leaving party malibu 05
gerard butler leaving party malibu 06
gerard butler leaving party malibu 07
gerard butler leaving party malibu 08
gerard butler leaving party malibu 09

Credit: Epa; Photos: AKM Images
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  • a question

    @gossiphound: I just found the pictures. I believe you’re right…. There’s no way he was on a 36 bender.

  • Swansong

    @WF: This can’t have been Butler. He was A-list for about a minute a few years ago. Now he is B or C-list at best so the item had to be about someone else unless the writer is a total dope.

    I doubt he is drinking. He can’t handle alcohol and he knows it. If he were drinking we would have papparazi photos of him laying in the streets or stories on Twitter and Facebook of hard partying.

    He is stupid but not that stupid.


  • lolita

    Why are there so many people speculating such trash about him. For heavens sake he can’t pass gas without someone fanning his behind.
    Some pics of him are set up by his PR team but not everything he does is for PR.


    @lolita: VERY WELL SAID!

  • lolita

    WO has found more pics of Gerry with Lolita. She is flirting with some other pups on the beach. Takes after her master. What a sweetie. I like how Gerry is just standing there and letting her have her time in the sun.

  • Hot Mess

    G decided along time ago that he was going to live his own life the way he wanted to no matter if the paps follow him everywhere he goes. When in NY, he walks or rides his bike to events, restaurants, etc. In L.A., he goes to restaurants, gas stations, starbucks and anywhere else he wants to go. He will not let the paps dictate where he goes. That is not craving attention, that is not backing down from them or living your life hidden. Now that he is in Malibu, he is doing the same thing….living his life. The Paps are everywhere and know pretty much where most of the celebrities go.

  • lolita

    If you think they don’t make up stupid stuff about Gerry, there are comments and zooming in on the spot on his pants. Now that is hitting the bottom of the barrel. They really do take liberties when it comes to commenting on him. What a bunch of horse hooey.

  • jmp

    When living in his mansion in Los Feliz, he is really safe there. Now he is in the mainstream, in the limelight down by the beach. Maybe he got bored, living up in the hills. I can see phannies camping out on the beach, wanting to talk to him. Hope he keeps his mansion, he will get tired of this after awhile.
    So for now, this will be his summer. Never a dull moment for G!

  • oldbutnotdead

    @love being famous!: @love being famous!: Well, I do distinguish between the media and the papaparazzi. They are not equivalent. The media includes late night talk shows, Craig Ferguson, photographers at premieres, etc. He has no grudge against them.

    However, he is famous for disliking the papaparazzi, the vulture photographers who stalk celebs. He has complained to them many times about leaving him alone at private parties, at his home. He has not hit one in a while (too bad), and he no longer appears to give the middle finger salute, but the paps invade privacy, and if you look at the party video I posted earlier, you can see how invasive they are. He is much politer to them than most celebs. He can barely see to walk sometimes, and he has complained about that as well. Not the media!

    Many times when he is having a private lunch, I have seen him approach and say if I give you one photo, will you leave? That of course is never good enough. Same types who were chasing Princess Diana when her car crashed. G is an outgoing dude, not shy (DiCaprio nearly always hides behind a baseball cap with his head down), with an extroverted personality. That extroverted outgoing funny personality is one of the reasons many of us like him, and tolerate his failings.

    Paparazzi are NOT the media, and I do not confuse them. To call the paps media is like comparing the National Enquirer to the New York Times.

  • Ick – not again

    Another CDAN revealed blind:
    I am going to make this a blind item, but it is also a What Do You Think, because I really am curious. This A list movie actor who probably should not be A based on his most recent track record at the box office, was at dinner two nights ago. A waitress came to his table which he was sharing with two women and another guy. After taking the drink order, the waitress said someone else would deliver it because she was going on break. Now, the person who told me this, was there, and did not see any eye contact or anything between the actor and the waitress that was out of the ordinary. However, as soon as the waitress walked away, our actor got up and followed. He came back 20 minutes later. His companions asked where he had been and he said that he took a break with the waitress and later expanded by saying the waitress serviced him orally in her car. Now, as this waitress, you must know nothing is going to come of this, so why would you do this? Would you do it with any random customer? Is it because you want to say a celebrity used you?
    Gerard Butler

  • love being famous!

    @Ick – not again:

    wow what is it pick on Gerard Butler day for the 4th, lol? Yuck if it’s true, but there are countless of people, waitresses or anyone else, who would certainly run at the opportunity to have their 20 mins with a celeb! Nothing new.


    I meant more paps, tho he certainly does love to be interviewed and on talk shows and have his handsome pics published in the tabs. I think like most celebs he loves the positive attention, but when they write something untrue or annoying, or pester him, he will hate it. If the blind item is not true, I think he prob will think it sucks (so to speak) that they wrote something untrue, rather than he will prob say, “Oh good the masses think I got another bj!”

  • jmp

    “Looks like he’s finally gone over to do the dark side and embraced the shallow Hollywood lifestyle. Really sad. Hey ho. Is this the real GB? Or, is he merely entering the “a**hole” phase of stardom.”

    This is from the last thread. You have to hope this isn’t true. That he isn’t changing and going to the dark side. Is this the real GB?
    A good question to ask….I hope he stays true to himself.

  • nothere

    I’m pretty sure now that Just Jared caters to movie starts looking to get some attention. Because I can’t imagine the paps out there stalking Butler. He looks just gross and unkempt……theres no appeal at all. Who is his market anyway? Boys or girls, men or women? Theres just nothing there if you ask me.

  • groan

    This seems way more believable than the other revealed vice. The quickie BJ is probably more the norm, least amount of commitment and effort required. Gag.

  • PsychoB

    Well enty is a lawyer I would imagine that he is very careful about things he could get in trouble for. He must have his butt covered. I agree with whoever said G has some sh/t going on. These blinds I am sure is why you see G walking Lolita on the beach. And I am sure we will see a few other fan friendly ‘candid’ moments. If the drinking is true, it just shows how none of the people closest to G are true friends.

  • Interesting

    @oldbutnotdead: Your post are curous. It’s like a gb “mind-meld”.

  • cubedweller

    Great – another Butler is a world-class manho story. Wait – a no-class manho. Note to self – don’t eat at THAT restaurant :-P Anyone for hand sanitizer?
    IF.IF.IF this is for real, I’m thinking there was a cash transaction involved. And how repulsive if he went back to the table and bragged about it.
    I’m so tired of it. I’m tired of the pervasive culture of sleaze that seems to follow this guy. The blurbs, the stories, the jokes, the blinds, the TMZ song for gawd’s sake. I just want to see a good movie out of him. And as a bonus I’d like for him, as a person, not to self-destruct.
    And I’d like to see him do a real, non-puff piece interview with a genuine journalist – one that is not flipping her hair and hiking her dress up to her spleen. Is that so much to ask, Butler PR geniuses?

  • BBB

    While I have no doubt that some of the CDAN blind item reveals are true and that a lot more are based in a grain of truth, when you read them all together at the same time, they somehow seem collectively less true.

  • Manny

    Have to agree Cubie. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth, well at least that waitress’ mouth. :P
    I truly believe that this is how Butler has been all along. He is just getting outted because of social media. I think back to Ischia all those years ago and it seems he hasn’t changed a bit in that aspect. He was tagging whatever would wave her fanny at him and he still seems to be doing it.
    The problem I find with Butler is he seems to be believing his own BS PR. That interview just posted got my gag reflex going. He didn’t seem sincere or genuine. It was like he was playing at being interviewed. His head, not the one the waitress serviced, is growing to huge proportions.
    I’m tired of the PR BS too. The smoking took the last of his sex appeal away for me. If his next movie isn’t good, I’m going to be a lost fan. At the rate he is going, his movies won’t come out soon enough for even his die-hards to hang in there.

  • Manny

    I don’t buy the drinking one but I highly suspect the BJ one to have foundation. Remember Shanna Moakler? The RUMORS of her servicing him in the restroom at Shin’s opening…
    Or how about the stripper at Voyeur? Beatriz? Martina? Laurie? And the list goes on and on.

  • BBB


    I tend to agree with your assessment of GB’s blind items on the site, but if you want some serious entertainment I’d recommend reading the rest of them as well. It seems like this time he (and I have my doubts it’s really a him and really a lawyer) really went more for the jugular. Lots of item reveals that may not have been revealed in the past because they were too “sensitive”- affairs, outings, etc. My favorite may be the one that Anniston and Pitt only got married because she wouldn’t sleep with him until he did.

  • cubedweller

    @Manny: He said it himself – If you don’t have fans you don’t have a career.
    .”His head, not the one the waitress serviced, is growing to huge proportions.”
    Yes – I detected that as well. I was looking forward to watching this because I almost always enjoy his interviews, but I couldn’t wait till it ended, it was so empty.

  • cubedweller

    It will be interesting to see if there are any repercussions from these reveals. The one about the drinking is the one most potentially dangerous to Butler’s career and reputation, so if indeed it’s false, he might want to get out there and make a strong, clear denial. Making a flippant comment to the paps, which he has done in the past regarding rumors, isn’t going to cut it.

  • Katie in LA

    I have read many of these comments and it is amazing the assumptions that so many make about someone whom they do not know. Everyone here knows what they have read of which much is manufactured by the rags. Gerry does not “party” by the standard definition that most would assume. He does not drink or do drugs. He may go to alot of functions – some of that is part of the job and part of it is because he enjoys traveling and meeting people but you will never see him with an alcoholic drink in hand. Recently, he has grown his hair and lost the weight for his upcoming film, Mavericks in which he will portray Rick “Frosty” Hesson, surfer Jay Moriorty’s mentor. This is why he has been spending time in Malibu surfing. He also happens to have a number of projects scheduled for both his production company as well as some others. So he is far from at the end of his career – Swansong. He will continue to work as long as his movies make money and they make a TON of money. He has nothing to worry about for quite some time to come.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @Interesting: I spent 25 years analyzing case files, and pulling out facts, as a lawyer. After retirement, I have spent the last five years analyzing journal articles in Anthropology, Archaeology and Geography. Analysis in order to put a picture together is what I have been doing for decades, so it comes as second nature to me. I like to write, and have another writer in the family, who has been writing fiction for over 35 years.

    I could always pull facts out of the largest case file, I just remembered everything it held. I am still that way, although day to day things may get forgotten, or put aside. If a subject interests me, I will research it to death; does not mean I am always right in my assessment, but I do work a subject. I was aggressive as an California State attorney, turning facts on applicants in workers comp cases, and when I retired, the attorneys on the other side said they wanted to attend to make sure that I was really retiring. Now I am older, tired (!!! … :) and down to doing lectures for a community group on archaeology and geography, nowhere near as aggressive as I used to be, but still like to analyze facts.

    I am not sure exactly what you mean though by GB meld. Interesting comment!

    As for the two silly “blind” articles, I am always distrustful of people who make anonymous accusations of this nature. They read as if the blogger found a tiny bit of info, and then expanded it.

    The BJ article makes it sound like one of G’s male friends talked. I really, really doubt it. I have never heard of an unattached man (and many married ones) who would not go out of his way for a BJ, and I am sure G is in that category, but I really doubt his friends talked, or a waitress would talk, so I doubt the incident. A waitress away from her station for 20 minutes? Wow, a really understanding management at that restaurant!

    As a retired lawyer, let me be cynical about lawyers. Every year Iawyers who break the rules either become disbarred or suspended or put on probation, and the list is published monthly in the California Bar Journal. I do not know who Enty is, where he or she is located, but as long as a name is not attached to his articles, he could be possibly protected. I have never read that material. Whoever the four women are that attach names to the blind articles, may not be protected from slander, if anyone cared to follow up. However, celebs get this kind of stuff published all the time, if they sued all the time, they would indeed be busy in court daily and the lawyers would get rich!

    Harvey Levin, of TMZ is an inactive lawyer, Cal Bar No. 66577, and he often says things that are just barely within legal. I admit I find Harvey funny and watch his show, although it is sometimes a bit cruel.

  • regular customer?

    @Ick – not again: Option 1) If that really happened the waitress would have been with him before, their signal was “I’m going on break”, and then Gerry paid her. Let’s face it, waitresses don’t earn much. Any extra “tip” would be welcome. Poor girl.
    Option 2) If Gerry did hang out with this girl during her break, he may have tried to get some but didn’t, and being a frat boy, he made up the bj story to be “funny” or brag.
    Option 3) The story is complete fiction.

  • Heart

    He is drinking and smoking again. Ew real NICE.
    My cousin said he was “just too weird.” I told her he was an artist!
    But she is beautiful and stupid but a nice person… just has too many men beating her door down to appreciate it.
    She went off to someone else incidentally, GEORGIA so you are dead wrong.

  • grossfatpiggerard

    …wow quickie blo/jjobs gerard?
    wasnt that what shanna girl was too??

  • Oh dear

    As I said on the last thread – I was really shocked at how smug he was in the latest interview. He was just way too pleased with himself. It was really off putting. I think it’s brilliant that he’s done so well.  But he just came across as really arrogant. So disappointing, so disheartening.  

    And all this hiding of these dopey  women, well it’s just ridiculous. If anything it makes him look like a really untrustworthy, nasty, sh***y person.  For crying out loud why doesn’t he want to be seen with one of his numerous dozy young chicks?  All he has to do is smile sweetly and say  ” …oh we’re just really good friends…”
    I’ve never seen a man with so many  really good female friends, who he doesn’t want to go anywhere near in public. 

    From now on, every time I hear him say a woman or a female co-star is “… just a good friend…”  I am going to think, rightly or wrongly, he’s has, or is pumping her. Even if she’s 100.  No wonder the old phannies love him so much. They think there in with a chance. And you know what. With all his, really good female friends.  I think they might be right. If the rumours true the man is hornier than a demented rabbit.  

  • the nature of the beast

    The reality isn’t interesting enough, so let’s make up something based on fan perception. If you repeat something enough it becomes true by sheer repetition (whether there is any truth to it or not). Look at what happens here.

    Put up a photo out of context and it can mean anything you want it to mean.

    CDAN and Enty do their research and they cater to those who look for the salacious. It’s so easy. Build a story and they will come.

  • Oh dear

    I am also becoming very worried for Lolita. She is looking very  bdiscombobulated of late. The poor thing is probably very confused, what with all of GB’s very good female friends literally coming, then going.  God only knows what that poor fat pug has seen. She’s probably scarred for life. No wonder she looks at him in a skewy way sometimes.  

  • curious cat


    Yes, I have read about that. He has talked about that, and also about how one ear stuck out more than the other, which the film people noticed when he had really short hair for a role. Tomb Raider? I forget. He said they had to tape his ear to make it match the other, but I believe he said he had it operated on later. No big deal. I had “stick out ears” as a kid, and had them “pinned back” in my early 20s. One of the best things I ever did for myself. I’m no movie star, and girls can hide elephant ears better than guys with hair, but the operation made me feel better about myself. I could pull my hair back in a pony tail or wear it up or swept back and not feel self-conscious. I believe totally in plastic surgery if it corrects a defect that is hampering someone’s confidence. One surgeon I interviewed once said most people who undergo plastic just want to correct some flaw that bothers them. And if it will change their lives it’s a good thing. The people who want what he called “the witness protection special”, who think they can be completely remade are the ones he worries about, the one with emotional problems that need to be addressed.
    Plastic surgery, he and others point out, can not make a 50 year old look 30. It can only make a better looking 50 year old.
    Sometimes Butler has seemed too self-conscious about his self-perceived flaws. Obvioulsy millions of women don’t care. His noticeably crooked mouth is adorable. He doesn’t need to account for everything. He probably doesn’t read these threads, I hope not for his sake, but I think somebody connected to him does because it seems as if every time some issue comes up, he addresses it.
    Living in the limelight has its downside. Life on a hot plate.

  • curious cat

    Cubie, suggest me. I have the creds. But the networks like young brassy blondes with dark roots and gushy manners.

  • Oh dear

    I am also becoming very worried for Lolita. She is looking very  bdiscombobulated of late. The poor thing is probably very confused, what with all of GB’s very good female friends literally coming, if they’re lucky, then going.  God only knows what that poor fat pug has seen. She’s probably scarred for life. No wonder she looks at him in a skewy way sometimes.  

  • …..

    Looks like Superior Steakhouse, Shreveport, (16 April), ought to watch its waitresses. Presumably a local teenager.

  • Try sitting ina office allday

    @lolita: Hello again all good – but very busy at the mo – i haven’t catch up with all the latest GB news & photos. So many new photos – very nice – always looking great GB- interesting video – no discussion of up coming movies ?? i don’t get why he would do an interview & not bother talking about his movies – unless i missed something ?? anyway- hope your day or night is going well. x

  • remya

    all are human.. evry1 will age…all hav der own private lyf… so does he.. no 1 knows him personally except his mother n himself… so pls stop wasting ur tym by writing comments dat wont encourage any1..

  • lolita

    @Try sitting ina office allday: I’m off to work but I will respond when I get home. Have a good day also.

  • Sis

    Just because the media manipulation is so annoying.

    Look at Kaiser’s selection of pics of the same time.

    He’s smiling, I don’t see any wrinkles, his hair looks healthy. In the JJ pics, he looks greasy and – just yikes.

  • so gullible

    @the nature of the beast: But print a lie and you get sued or do these gossip sites rely on the fact no one will, most of the time.

  • she

    What does Gerry holds in his right hand?

  • GFW

    His lifeline and anchor.

  • Hot Mess

    How can some of you say you are a fan when we you say the crap you do about him? I sure wouldn’t want some of you as a fan or a friend. You would stab me in the back as soon as I succeeded at something I wanted…, diet, relationship, etc. Some of you regulars and not so regulars would do Butler a great favor to quit coming on this board and being his fan….he can do without your support.

  • Hot Mess

    I guess I should have proof read what I wrote, but you know what I was trying to say….most here don’t appear to be a fan….

  • niknoks

    @Hot Mess:

    I think a lot of people come on here for no other reason than to start arguments and wind others up. They aren’t fans of GB and I suspect they go onto various threads and do the same to fans of other celebs.

    I always said I would just ignore posters like that but yesterday I was in a sh*tty mood and spoiling for an argument so I told someone what I thought. I meant every word I said (well typed) but I wish I hadn’t rose to the bait.

  • Maggie P.U.

    @95 Hot Mess….. I agree 100%…. first off the day everyone admits Gerry is human things will be better….. but at the same time to go and stab this man (or who ever,) in the back, meaning if you do it on a board to someone you don’t even know (or many of you have never met) just by what you read (assumption and speculation) then whos to say you don’t do it to others including your friends and family. How would you feel or even like it done to you? Especially if you call yourselves Gerry’s fans…..

    To me, unless I hear it from the man himself…. or the individual/s who WERE THERE and can validate it to the “T”…… then it is as it is…. another media whors attention getter. It is easy to hide behind words, moniker and say what you will… but to face up and say something well, that is a different story… it is called having a back bone and respecting not only the person you are talking about but yourself as well. Respect is is as respect does. Don’t jodge someone on heresay…because who is to say that one day that person may be you….

    I have surfed these sites often and have noticed the back stabbing on some and then on the fansites bu//-kissing….. and it is made easy by monikers to hide behind. And also, at the same time, I read about other celebs… and I am here to tell you with what I read Gerry is a Saint…… so quit pointing fingers at Gerry….. he is nothing in the “closets” of Hollywood. No one knows why (except Gerry himself) why he is off the wagon now…. maybe it is that he knows he is being pic’d and doing it on purpose, maybe the stress is high at this point…. do not judge unless you walk in ones shoes……. Being prior service, I hate the media, papers and so forth, many have been hurt by the abuse of the Constitutional Admendment-freedom of speech-which many media use to protect them. But, what they fail to admit they abuse that right because if you read it, they are. If you notice how many times in articles/interviews you find yourself reading the same thing, or a little “ad-lib ” to get the readers attention whether it is true or not….

    Anyway, keep all this in mind the next time you read/hear about what Gerry did or Russell Crowe….. because who really are saints. Definitely not anyone on this earth. And with everyone needing money and wanting attention… you are going to have those like the media stooping to extremely low levels to get it. And those like Gerry will always be a target while he puts himself out there or allows it. One mnute he is “hit” with picking his nose (like he is the only one who does DUH!) the next eating and so forth……this should make one ask themself….does these people who “stalk” others for the sake of a pic or a BS article have anything better to get or have a life? And those who call themselves fans and do and say what they do-are they any better? Made easy by hiding behind monikers….. We all need to ask ourselves that and take a very long look in the mirror.



  • Manny

    Mr. Charles…
    @Hot Mess:
    Tsk Tsk Tsk…
    Welcome to the realm of real fans. Does being a fan mean you give him a pass on all his outlandish behavior or conveniently slip it under the rug? Does being a fan mean you have to be an enabler? Does it mean that you say “how adorable” when he kisses randoms in the street? Or how about those godawful smoking pics, do you sit there and say “OMG isn’t he healthy and handsome?” Being a fan doesn’t mean being a friend. Big difference. If you can’t be true to what your values are and you give a pass to those who you idolize, what does that say about you?
    Butler is living his life on a public level and has invited the public to take a look. I’m not telling him how to live his life, BUT this is a gossip board for OPINIONS. If he doesn’t like the criticism, then he should
    1. Grow up and quit doing stupid sh!t; or
    2. Get a career that doesn’t invite anyone to view and analyze his life to criticize.
    I’ve been a fan for more than four years and all you have to do is watch to see and learn that Butler is far from perfect and does NOT deserve being put on a pedestal. He is a good actor, entertaining celebrity, and a handsome man. Not sexy anymore, but smoking kills that for some people like me.
    Sorry to burst your bubble. If you want to be in a place where Butler can do no wrong, go to one of his fansites. Don’t berate people for opinions on an open board.

  • Scout

    Can someone post the link to the interview I’m lost with all these new posts and can’t find it, ta very much. That house in Malibu is my dream home soooooooo jealous of ya Gerry!

  • GFW

    What does Gerry holds in his right hand?
    His life-jacket, beacon, straight-jacket, oxygen mask, life-boat, right oar. His past; his present; his future.

  • Manny

    Look on the last thread for the links.
    @Maggie P.U.:
    Sorry Maggie – Usually you and I seem to be in the same ballpark but I don’t agree with you. THIS IS NOT A FAN SITE. IT IS A GOSSIP BOARD. Big difference.
    Even with fandom there will always be many different sides because everyone is different… There will be those who say “Isn’t it cute or adorable” when others will say “WTF dude.” It is what it is.
    I’m getting a little p!ssy with Hot Mess’ comment because she is trying to define how others should worship Saint Gerry. I choose to be here because it is an open forum without moderation by phannie who don’t want to face reality.
    Okay… I’m off my pedestal. Cheers Maggie, I suspect you will still be a poster who I continue to love and read your comments.
    I just got off a grave shift and I’m a little b!tchy. Oh well. We are all human after all. :)