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Gerard Butler: Party in Malibu!

Gerard Butler: Party in Malibu!

Gerard Butler smiles as he leaves a party on Sunday (July 3) in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud shared a laugh with photographers as he left the beachside celebration.

Gerry stepped out with his beloved pug, Lolita, earlier in the day for a walk on the beach.

Last weekend, Gerry was spotted going surfing with friends – and later walking shirtless – on the beach in Malibu.

Gerry was recently invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Invitees are recognized for their distinguished work in the entertainment field.

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oldbutnotdead @ 07/05/2011 at 11:52 am

@so gullible: no one will most of the time. When celebs do sue, it has to be something big, not the constant nonsense about sex with waitresses (the other blind we saw was that he was sticking with married women all the time), drinking, etc.

As I mentioned in the lengthy post (well it was late at night) above, if they sued for every phony baloney item, they would be in court all the time.

Brangelina have sued and won (against UK rags I believe), and the money goes to their charities.

Just Guessing @ 07/05/2011 at 11:52 am

A party full of gay men including Gerry, I see young Bobby in the background and G’s old hookup from Brazil is there to took a pic with him(shirtless):


I think there are people who come on here that are genuine fans who just get pissed off with his behaviour sometimes and voice that opinion, there is nothing wrong with that. However, there are others that come on here to just write sh*te and wind others up. I assumed Hot Mess was talking about the latter.

ooOOoops wrong thread…sorry…thought it was his ever-present phone! (slinking away)
Interesting body language here. The camera before and after.
Think he’s become enamored with the idea of living some famous person’s lifestyle that really isn’t suited for him.

Just Guessing @ 07/05/2011 at 12:01 pm

@Just Guessing: I meant to say ” is there to take a pic”

Maggie P.U. @ 07/05/2011 at 12:02 pm

@Manny 102…hey compadre…yeah I know this is a rag (gossip) board…. but gossip is one thing, taking things and running with is another…meaning ok yeah it is said…. but dang that doesn’t mean to crucify whoever…….!!!!

And true, we will get aaawww that is cute or $hit he looks like something the dawg dug up and tried to bury again….. that is typical but don’t go overboard for heavens sake….. point is made!!!

Well… done with the sermon…. long night and I still have class work to do… preach later….



oldbutnotdead @ 07/05/2011 at 12:03 pm

@Oh dear: Interesting, my take on the interview was very different! He seemed nervous, high strung, jumpy, eager to please, not arrogant to me.

Interviewer was not very good, and was in his space the whole time. @Scout:

the dream home is up for sale at 6,500,000; my understanding is that G (or perhaps his company, since it can be construed for business purposes, surfing?) is paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000 a month.

I think these are the interview parts?

@Just Guessing:
Old pic and old news. We discussed it a couple of threads ago…
Well you have been much better on assuming good intent this morning than I have. Cheers!

I have to disagree OBND.. He doesn’t seem engaged at all in the interview. He keeps looking around and losing his train of thought. And I’m not giving him the ADD pass either. It was a one-on-one interview.
I was just glad it wasn’t as bad as his press conference in London for LAC. I guess that is something to applaud him for…

@Maggie P.U.:
Sorry if I hit a nerve. Really wasn’t my intent.
Please don’t be offended. You preached to your choir and I preached to mine. No need to get testy.
Like I stated earlier, I know I will continue to enjoy your posts. Cheers!

oldbutnotdead @ 07/05/2011 at 12:24 pm

@Manny: I agree he was not engaged. It was a fairly stupid interview, imo. He was jumpy and not comfortable. We just have different ways of seeing “not engaged”.

It is not a typical interview for him at all. He may have done it as a favor for someone perhaps.

This man is hot!!!!!!

Believe me ladies this man can change his appearance anytime. But up close and personnal he is delicious. I know.. He is sweet and loves his doggie and his home country. As do we all. Lots of success with Machine Gun Preacher Gerry and the same for Coriolanus. You deserve it.


Joan (HUG) ***

oldbutnotdead @ 07/05/2011 at 12:38 pm

@Manny: ok, I went back and looked at the interview again. Not as bad as I had originally said. I was a bit judgmental I suppose. Certainly he is not arrogant, though, do not know where that came from. He said what he has often said, that when he sees how excited fans get, he remembers that he still has that reaction himself to some famous people.

Manny after a graveyard shift do you stay up to unwind? or does that totally throw off your sleeping/resting, etc.

Maggie P.U. @ 07/05/2011 at 12:38 pm

@112 Manny… nah…you didn’t sorry if I came across b-atchy…like I said trying to get a assignment out in my Legal Comp class…. like I said it is fine to gossip and believe and comment and all but dang when it is old stuff drop it…. let it go… anyway not offended :)



Depends on the shift. We had a lot of activity all night long. I did come home a little wound up to be honest. Been reading here and personal emails, etc. Got a load in the washer and just waiting to put in the dryer and then I can get some rest.
And yes it totally screws up your sleep schedule. Usually I’m on days so this week is an exception. Heaven help my loved ones if I’m this crotchity this early in a grave week.

@Manny: Oh manny, I asked about the red&blue something that he holds in his hand. Way are you allways being sarcastic with me?

I hope it wasn’t red and blue!!!!
I was making a joke She. Gerry calls his peen Mr. Charles… Does it make sense now?

Why did Gerry agree to an interview by some obscure Dutch interviewer? It may have some to do with the fact her hubby is a footballer and G wants to court anyone football related for his movie PTF, esp. in Europe. He is a strategic and purposeful thinking kind of guy, a trait which in many ways helps contribute to his success. Nothing is random for him. I guess I just answered my own question.

May God Bless yoou all! @ 07/05/2011 at 1:43 pm

Matthew 14:30-31
New International Version (NIV)
30 But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!”

31 Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”

If you could step away from one thing that is dragging you under, what would you leave behind?

@Manny: I know what is “Mr. Charles”…I’m just saying that I feel that you are being sarcastic and cynical about me, that’s all

Katie in LA @ 07/05/2011 at 2:02 pm


That is a rather hostile comment. I have had the pleasure of meeting him. Twice as a matter of fact. The first time, my husband and I sat with him at a charity event. He drank club soda. The second was that my husbands production team worked on Law Abiding Citizen – we met him again at the premiere. The film Mavericks is in pre-production currently and my husband is slated to work on that one as well if his schedule permits. Sorry to disappoint however, I have some opportunities to meet these folks that others may not always have. It is unncecessary to be so nasty and try to discredit without having anything to back it up. I am more than willing to provide photos if you would like! The bottom line is that he is a very, very nice man – very grounded and very accomodating to his fans. He doesn’t deserve the nasty things that have been posted here about his looks or the other accusations that are totally uncalled for.

@oldbutnotdead: thanks for the links. He hasn’t done an interview in ages so he’s probably out of practise. We can all appreciate how nervous you feel doing an interview especially when it’s been a while, it is such a difficult thing to. It’s bad enough when someone is delving into your professional life but when a complete stranger starts firing personal questions at you a person is bound to feel uncomfortable. He was very uncomforable and nervous and so of course endearing himself to us even more. He was tongue tide and couldn’t seem to get the answers out. He’s probably all chilled out in his lovely beach home and his brain isn’t engaged for interviews like he would be on a promo tour. Think it shows he is just like the rest of us, human! Great to see him in an interview after so long, his hair looks much shorter and yummy, he’s a chameleon with his looks, don’t know how he manages it. He probably found the interviewer attractive too which threw him off even more! I’m sure when the camera turned off he was all charm.

@curious cat:

“Perhaps that we don’t see GB growing into maturity while he ages physically.”

Perfectly said!

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