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Gerard Butler: Party in Malibu!

Gerard Butler: Party in Malibu!

Gerard Butler smiles as he leaves a party on Sunday (July 3) in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud shared a laugh with photographers as he left the beachside celebration.

Gerry stepped out with his beloved pug, Lolita, earlier in the day for a walk on the beach.

Last weekend, Gerry was spotted going surfing with friends – and later walking shirtless – on the beach in Malibu.

Gerry was recently invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Invitees are recognized for their distinguished work in the entertainment field.

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Credit: Epa; Photos: AKM Images
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  • ?

    @curious cat:
    “In interview by Gayle King, he was asked about his public exploits and rumors and scandals in his younger days.(including drunken parties and a sex tape, which I just don’t remember anything about.) All his exact words tI forget but some of it was that you can get carried away by fame at first and start to believe your press, especially if it comes when you are young and immature. You do things you have to own and then try to move on. But that he learned all these fans who seemed to love and adore him didn’t love HIM at all; they didn’t KNOW him. They were projecting an image of their own making on to him, it actually objectifed him and became uncomfortable and degrading to deal with. His language of choice suggests he might have had professional therapy to get these insights, but I never really followed his career.”
    I’ve never heard of this Gayle King interview.
    He talks about a sex tape?!!!
    He says it’s degrading to be objectified by his fans?
    Do you have a link to this interview?

  • Strange

    I believe Gerry is in a relationship with the girl photographed a couple times at Malibu beach. He likes to show he is interested in actresses and models recently to throw off the trail. I think she was the same girl from an awards party a couple months back. It is the closest thing to a girlfriend (of the moment).

  • jmp

    @Question.: Good question. Thanks for noticing….

  • Agree

    @Strange: Yeah. I heard he was begging paps to give him the photos of her and him at the beach on a date. They walked away from each other when the paps showed up.

  • jmp

    @Question.: Thanks for noticing….

  • Strange

    I am happy he may have a girlfriend but sad that he is smoking again.

  • To clarify

    @?: Curious Cat was referring to Rob Lowe doing an interview with Gayle King, NOT Gerard Butler.

  • Agree

    Smokin, wrinkled, thin and blonder…sounds like a mid life crisis.




  • http://. Related

    That girl from the Malibu pics looks like she could be the kid sister/cousin to Gerard’s friend Gina(sp) Robinette and she left with Evan and Gina.. She was probably just hanging out with them.

  • Hot Mess

    @To clarify: @Related:
    Glad you clarified that Curious Cat was talking about Rob Lowe. Funny, about to get another rumour started. lol.. I came in reading the last page and saw that and thought…I have never heard this story and I have been following Butler for a long time. I guess you have to really read these posts carefully…ha, ha.. Also, I don’t think that girl on the beach was with him…I think she may be a friend of Gina’s also. Don’t know for sure, but she didn’t seem to be with him. All just my speculation.

  • http://JustJared Aqua

    Thanks OBND,it was an interesting to hear what he really thinks about fame,rumors and all that goes with it.I hope he was honest about it and didn’t give media answers.Even though a celebrity needs to live their life I still think you need to be aware of what one may say or do to add fuel to the nonsense.

  • http://JustJared Aqua

    Adding my two cents worth on this subject.I honestly don’t care who he goes out with trying to figure it out would truly drive me crazy or even if he gets married and starts a family.I hope he treats her well and with great respect and I hope he doesn’t feel the need to hide her if that is indeed what he does.As for his career I hope he does well and it is going the way he wants it too,every actor/actress has had their fair share of the bumps along the way.

    To All: I really enjoy the pictures that everyone finds some of them can be out loud funny!I

    Even though it’s not the weekend yet,have a great one everybody!

  • Mavericks

    Blonde,wrinkles, and thinner are from surfing, getting ready for next movie starting in Sept. Smoking, well only seen him smoking once so don’t know what that meant–I guess a weak moment. I know they are hard to quit.

  • fyi

    I don’t think the smoking was a weak moment. He was photographed smoking twice — June 25th and June 27th.

  • oh dear


    I agree. I have a feeling the beach girl is a girlfriend. I stress a girlfriend. Probably one of several regulars. I think she is the same girl at the oscars do. I reckon  he’s thing is not just bluff but double bluff- the models and actresses are supposed to be red  herrings, but i’m sure he’ll happily have sex with them if they’re offering. If the beach girl is a girlfriend. All I can say is  poor thing. She’s probably gaga about him, therefore open to be taken advantage of. I reckon she puts up with shagging around. She’s probably just grateful  he turns up to see her whenever he feels like it. Very similar to his poor dog, lolita. I think the dog is akin to how he likes his women – just so grateful whenever he’s around. But I hope I’m wrong.

  • http://deleted Brooke

    @strange /@oh dear
    The girl at the beach is not the same girl from the oscars.Gerry is not dating the girl from the beach,but he is dating and has been for a while.He probably wanted the pictures so they weren’t printed and some silly story is made up.

  • anna

    I doubt anyone here knows who he’s dating, or not dating, or anything about his sex ife.
    At least some posters are honest about the fact that they’re speculating.

  • Hot Mess

    So right Anna….none of us here have a clue who he is dating or anything about his personal life. It is all speculation.

  • http://deleted Brooke

    Are you refering to me? If so I am only saying what I’ve heard and seen.The same girl has been around for months.They never arrive or leave together,always 5 or 10 mins within each other.He leaves with his friends and her with hers,but they are apparently together.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @?: I think she is referring to Rob Lowe, not GB?

  • Models Inc.

    No – actually I think that YOU are the hairy flabby girl from the beach herself here posting and trying to get us to care about you and your GUNT.
    Go on a diet 1) and two stop trying to start rumors on a site that is waaaaay ahead of you, hun. We know his type and YOU AREN’T IT.
    You probably clean his house or do his laundry, hmm?
    Get a life and start exercising, he likes FLAT STOMACHS.

  • anna

    Awwww ……. the secret, hidden girlfriend myth is back … always a fav on gossip boards, complete with the secret insider bringing us their special knowledge without one single ounce of proof. I have alot more respect for the people who admit they’re guessing, and have little time for our resident fantasists. I’m sure Georgia* will be along shortly to claim you’re talking about her. So many insiders, so much bull.

  • Fools on ice

    I agree – that Malibu man-woman was a little too ugly to actually be with Gerard.
    Also he rolled around making out with Laurie.
    Didn’t exactly see him doing anything like that with “Malibu She-Beast.”

  • Fools on ice

    No proof. Try again Georgia.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Just thought I’d peek in..hummmm..

  • niknoks

    @The Noise In The Walls:

    Did the same thing while on a coffee break, don’t think we’re missing much, judging by the last couple of posts, they’ve switched the internet access on at the insane asylum.

  • http://deleted Brooke

    You’re entitled to your opinion,just as I am mine.I have actually been in the same clubs and heard what is said.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @Models Inc.: This kind of post may be part of the reason G does not like his friends to be photographed. Hurtful, cruel and dishonest, as he said to Skappel.

    This kind of foul talk always makes me think it is a male poster. I suppose though there are women foul enough to talk this way?

  • Shaz

    FFS, stop judging!, firstly when photos are shot in rapid succession like that everyone ends up with a bad shot, making them look angry,even drunk …then look behind him the dickhead in the red shirt is obviously giving him a hard time…wouldnt you be peeved if youd just had a good night then had to deal with buttheads like that!

  • oldbutnotdead

    @Fools on ice: Another post illustrating G’s comment about people being cruel, hurtful and dishonest.

    No wonder he keeps them under wraps.

  • dfsa

    It’s obvious why he wanted the pics to be deleted. Now I understand, and I honestly can’t blame the guy.
    This poor girl that happened to be in his company, has been subjected to vile and degrading comments only by being next to him. You criticize him for not wanting to be seen with anyone in public but then some turn around and call this poor girl all sorts of disgusting names.
    WTF is wrong with some people? what on earth has this poor girl done to deserve this c**p. Or any of the women that are pictured with him. Do any of you realize on why he’s probably behaving oddly and doesn’t want to be pictured with any woman (whether they are together or not) You people brought this upon yourselves in the first place. Now suck it up, he will probably never be pictured with anyone, and for the woman’s sake I hope not.

    And the ones that criticize the most, better take a good look at themselves in the mirror, they are the most likely to judge someone, due to their own complexes and insecurities.

  • Hot Mess

    Niknoks, I think you may be right about the insane aslyum. I hope the pull the plug soon…lol

  • Hot Mess

    Or either the parents have gone to bed and the kids are on the computer again…same ole, same ole….

  • curious cat


    I have no link. The interview was shown on TV just a day or two ago in my city. Since, as I said, I haven’t followed the career of Rob Lowe closely, and almost never watch Gayle, I have no idea if it was current or a rerun and only caught part of it. Just searching for “Gayle King interview Rob Lowe” might bring it up. I’ll try to find, but you may find it as quickly.
    Also, as I pointed out, I couldn’t recall all his exact words and phrases. Some I paraphrased. It just struck me that he was talking about the same phenomena of fame GB discussed in the link above. Rob did say he became uncomfortable with the attention, and the fans loved an image they projected, they didn”t know HIM, and that this objectified him. Not sure he used the word degrading but something that implied that.

    They kind of danced around the sex tape issue. She brought it up and he addressed it but was vague, just said he was too drunk at the time to remember much, but you have to own up to behaviors like that and move on. I gathered that he was at a party where there was heavy drinking, he ended up in a sex tape and it came out that the girls involved were underage.

    He seemed uncomfortable with that, was frank enough but not forthcoming, then talked about how much more grounded he is now that he’s older, married and a father and how much he liked his role on The West Wing. That was about it.

  • http://deleted Brooke

    Ok you obviously don’t want to hear what I’ve got to say ,so I won’t waste my time.You really want to make up your minds though.You want him to have a GF in some posts and then if anyone mentions that there might be,you all go wild with jealousy and start throwing insults around.I totally agree with @oldbutnotdead and @dfsa on why he keeps that side of his life private.Wouldn’t you if you were him judging by some of these comments?.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Hey Niknoks :)
    Thanks for the laugh..It’s a shame that some people just love to trash others behind a computer screen?..Can we say cowards?..

    Hot Mess..Yeah they need to pull the plug..

  • oh i see

    only niknoks, hot mess and oldbutnotdead and their little clique are allowed to post, everyone else is insane, or some loser guy, why don’t you log off then and let someone else have a turn.

  • justsayin’too

    dfsa- here is the other side of the issue. BECAUSE he keeps his dates and hook-ups a “mystery” and doesn’t want to be photographed like a normal person including A-list celebrities who are married and have normal relationships, he ASKS for all the speculation. With that also comes ugly remarks from immature people sometimes. If he just went about his life it would NO LONGER be relevant to “catch” him with someone and he would be left alone except the occasional PR photo. He brings this on himself and could easily stop it by not being so “secretive.” Just my opinion.

  • Hot Mess

    @oh i see: Go ahead and have your turn, I am going to bed…nite all..

  • mxm746

    Whether it’s what people want to hear or not is irrelevant. Stop making things up. You’re as phony as a three dollar bill.

  • @justsayin’too

    If he wants to keep certain areas of his life private thats his business,NOT yours or anyone else’s here.To say he asks for it or brings it on himself is just ridiculous.Truth is none of you here can handle the truth,so it probably is for the best that he keeps it a secret.

  • curious cat

    Sorry, peeps. I thought it was clear I was talking about a Gayle King interview with ROB LOWE, NOT with GB. But I see I did go back and forth between them with comments, was making the point that I thought Lowe and Butler were addressing the same issues in different ways.

    I actually thought GB came pretty close in HIS interview to saying he isn’t the “player” some people think he is, emphasizing the long hours he works and how many of the social functions he goes to are work oriented and industry networking. Many times he has seemed to be titillating interviewers and audiences, teasing and implying all kinds of things.

    It’s just my opinion, but I felt he did get caught up the Hollywood buzz about him at first, from reports (admittedly unsubstantiated gossip at times) and also behavior we saw in vids and news stories and interviews.

    I never liked seeing him flip the bird at paps. I feltwhen he did that, he appeared to be flipping it at anyone who looked at the picture, all his fans, the world and especially the HW people who were making him rich and famous,. Imo it made him look rude, immature and ungrateful for all the success and attention he was getting. I for one kept almost hoping meanly that someone would cut off that digit! : ( I don’t mean that seriously but it sure annoyed me. Maybe his people pointed out that this didn’t enhance his image. I haven’t seen him do it lately. I agree the paps can be rude and annoying, but he wanted this life, and we are all guilty of fostering the paps’ publicity fever by going to these boards and lapping up all the pix we can get. :)

  • http://deleted Brooke

    I know what I’ve heard and it comes from a very reliable source.I’ve also seen the same girl on at least 5 different occassions over the last six weeks.

  • anna

    “he ASKS for all the speculation.
    If he just went about his life it would NO LONGER be relevant to “catch” him with someone and he would be left alone except the occasional PR photo.”
    Maybe that’s a deliberate PR strategy. Maybe he wants people constantly speculating. I think there was a very conscious decision by Gerard’s peeps to sell G to the public with a lady-killer image. Constant speculation about who he is with today, tomorrow, the next day, plays into that image. I’m not saying I think it’s a smart idea, lol. Just that it may be a deliberate choice made by his PR team to keep people guessing like this. Maybe they believe the benefits of making Gerard appear to always be available and able to date any one of his adoring female fans next, outweighs the negatives of the false rumors.

  • PsychoB

    @@justsayin’too: I call BS. If he wanted his life to be private in any aspect of his life it would be. Let me share with you how. If privacy was a factor in Gerrys life he would live outside of LA and Malibu. Before the whole blow up after the Oscars, Sandra Bullock lived in Orange County at the beach and was able to live a normal life. Guess what, there are no paps in Orange County. If Gerry did not need the status of being in Malibu or HW hills he could go get coffee and surf to his hearts content in any beach South(or north) of LA with out seeing one pap. just an occasional fan pick. The real celebs who guard their privacy do. He craves it. If something really bothers you, you find a way to change it. The question is, does it really bother him or does he enjoy it ‘bothering him’.

  • concerned citizen

    Georgia, take your meds.

  • I wish people here

    would give some newer posters a break instead of jumping down their throats! Of course no one likes the brutally foul language but some posters are being picked on just for expressing an opinion. If a poster suggests a girlfriend or paints Gerry in a negative way, bombs away or mega thumbs. They attack. You don’t own this place. There is room for all. Truth or speculation it does not matter. Is freedom of speech okay with you so called regulars?

  • The Noise In The Walls

    I wish People here..#249
    Hi :)..I agree..people are entitled to their opinions but I, for one don’t like it when he’s pictured with a girl or whoever and they immediately attack and trash her..

    I also agree with PyschoB..there are areas were celebrities can go where there is privacy..I think as much as celebrities hate the paps..they also like the attention which gets their name circulating..It’s all a catch 22….:)

  • oldbutnotdead

    @Brooke: Brooke, we have a lot of negative, snarky posters here, ignore them.