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Gerard Butler: Party in Malibu!

Gerard Butler: Party in Malibu!

Gerard Butler smiles as he leaves a party on Sunday (July 3) in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud shared a laugh with photographers as he left the beachside celebration.

Gerry stepped out with his beloved pug, Lolita, earlier in the day for a walk on the beach.

Last weekend, Gerry was spotted going surfing with friends – and later walking shirtless – on the beach in Malibu.

Gerry was recently invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Invitees are recognized for their distinguished work in the entertainment field.

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517 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Party in Malibu!”

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  1. 126
    so gullible Says:

    Welll I understand the issue about suing sometimes a stern letter from a lawyer is enough and some celebs like Brangelina who are not afraid to take on the paps, have made some good coin which yes some donate to charity.

    Whether it makes the tabloids think twice who knows but what is he paying his PR people for, beyond calling the paps for photo ops. Got quicker reaction and denials from his camp when he was linked to Lohan and Biel. That’s warped man, more concerned about romantic rumors then being called a raging drunk?

  2. 127
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @Katie in LA: Well, this may duplicate another post, JJ is acting up!

    Katie, there are a number of real G fans here, people who like the man and not just people who pick on him.

    We ignore the negative posters; you actually get used to it after a while. People think I am bit too G oriented sometimes, based on my posts, but what I want people to do is stand back, and consider the anonymous nonsense that gets tossed out at celebs, from gossip bloggers and rumor makers.

    He is a good kid (well, at my age, he is a kid…. :), and we enjoy his personality immensely. It is not uncommon to see negative posts on these kinds of sites, there are people who need to vent on anything, and find anonymity allows that. More positive posts are on Weirdly Obsessive (despite the name, most are funny, humorous, nice ladies) and Gerard Butler Gals.

    Here we see the jealous, the cynical, the literally crazy, those who are fantasizing, and some who are just malicious, along with the true fans.

    In my opinion, he is also a hard worker, and his real fans here are hoping he has good news with MGP and Coriolanus, as some of us think he has been seriously under rated since coming to the US.

    Many who seem snarky here also like him, but just feel the need to be humorous at his expense.

    Don’t despair , he has a huge fan base that sees him not just as good looking (there are lots of those men), but a funny outgoing guy with lots of personality and a good heart. I would personally recommend against getting drawn into any into exchanges with the negative posters or trying to convince them of anything about G.

  3. 128
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @so gullible: Have no clue why you think his PR people are calling the paps! He really dislikes them, and that is clear in many videos. I personally think he ought to go back to giving them the middle finger salute!

    Many of his fans comment that they get annoyed on his behalf when they see these videos of paps bugging him. Publicity is one thing, the paps are another.

    The video of the party which has been posted here I think, shows what happens, and how he reacts. He tolerates the paps, he does not like them.

  4. 129
    Swansong/Paisley Says:

    @Katie in LA:

    Katie, anyone here who claims to have inside info about Gerry is always suspect and usually accused of being a liar, a stalker, or a “phannie”. Unless of course the inside info happens to be of a negative nature with regards to Gerry’s behavior or character. In that case, the inside info will be taken as legit. Thanks for the tidbits! I guess folks assume that if he’s back to smoking, he must be back to drinking too. On JJ it’s very easy to get from point A to point Z with very little real information between.

  5. 130
    OFFS Says:

    Thank goodness for Manny, says it like it is,

    JJ is ruined by those that defend the indefensible, there are so many gushy fan sites ladies why don’t you go there?Let’s keep it real here on Just Jared, ok?

    Some here should give it a rest for awhile. They post way too much.

  6. 131
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @OFFS: Very few posters here keep it real. They post speculation that is off the mark, way beyond the pics we see here.

    JJ is ruined by those that defend the indefensible? Isnt that what JJ is for, so that people can post OPPOSING viewpoints? Not just negative ones? Most of us “defending” G merely point out the negative posters are relying on unfounded gossip, one or two pics, and very little actual knowledge. Not defending, just saying give it break, there are many interpretations, and we just do not know what is going on in a celebs private life.

    Few say G is an angel, I do not expect him to be and if you think he is, or you think his fans think so, you are mistaken. I think he is a hard working dude, I like him, I do not need to defend that at all. I am free to say that over and over reminding people not to trash someone on unsupported gossip, and you are free to skip those posts.

  7. 132
    Manny Says:

    Sorry you feel that way she. Not my intent and a little off base. But oh well the language barrier doesn’t always translate well when it comes to jokes.
    I have never been hostile or sarcastic with you. But again, you will think what you will.
    Have a great day girlie!

  8. 133
    she Says:

    @Manny: I have to go but I just wanted to write that I get your jokes and I like your humer most of the time, but I didn’t feel comfortable today when t you made it on my expense. You and I know each other for awhile here on this board so I think that I can write you if I don’t like something. I hope I cleared things.

  9. 134
    Manny Says:

    Sorry you felt the joke was at your expense, which it was not. My bad. Cheers!

  10. 135
    she Says:

    @Manny: Thank you for your respond…cheers

  11. 136
    niknoks Says:

    Wow, I feel the atmosphere around here is getting a little tense at the moment, even amongst people that usually get on and have a laugh together. What’s going on? It’s bad enough having to deal with the regular crazies, without getting tetchy with each other.


    Anyways I’m going to be engaged with Idris Elba for the next hour, then off for another lovely jubbly night shift.

  12. 137
    Manny Says:

    I have to disagree. How do you know they are based on unfounded gossip? Because they are negative??? From his very own mouth Butler has said, “if you really knew me you wouldn’t like me.

  13. 138
    Manny Says:

    Idris is a dream. Have a great time. :)

  14. 139
    OFFS Says:

    @oldbutnotdead: well I can’t argue with a lawyer because that is like pis/sing into the wind. You have to be right ALL the time.

  15. 140
    niknoks Says:


    If you get the chance to watch Luther, I think it’s shown on BBC America over there, it’s amazing, Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson are brilliant.

  16. 141
    Manny Says:

    I’ll have to check it out. I think Idris is one sexy man… but if he smokes… please don’t tell me. I couldn’t take a second disappointment in a week. :P

  17. 142
    Hot Mess Says:

    Thanks Kathy in LA for your comments. Most here don’t know Butler personally. From speaking with others that know him, I have gotten the same feedback from them as yours. That he is professional, hardworking and very disciplined on set giving time for his fans and treating all with respect. I do not have rose color glasses. I know he is not perfect, he is human. We all fall short ….that is why we needed a savior. I wasn’t calling anyone out for being a fan or not. If I stepped on toes, I am not sorry…that was my point. I don’t see the point in hearing or reading glossip and going with it like it is true. I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me as it would be very hurtful. I do try to treat others as I would like to be treated. I know better than to call out a poster on this Board personally because you will not win…You will just cause hurt feelings and that is not my intent. Have a good day…

  18. 143
    OFFS Says:

    Yeah, just checking, Just Jared , gossip board.

    dot. net
    Gerry’s corner…FAN SITES!

    I guessvI am still waiting for my epiphany, the guy is an actor not a saint. Sorry to burst your bubble, people here come to gossip, speculate, comment, slam, criticize and offend, not to worship blindly any actor. If you can’t handle it go somewhere else. Or grow a set and defend him then.

  19. 144
    Hot Mess Says:

    So, most come here to slam, criticize and OFFEND… it…..

  20. 145
    niknoks Says:


    It’s not about defending GB. I know he’s not a saint and yes, he acts like a pr*ck sometimes but if you dislike him regardless of what he does, good or bad, why would you waste your time commenting?

    Criticising him or a particular aspect of his behaviour is one thing and i have no issue with that but if you come here just to ‘slam and offend’, is that not just petulant and immature and well, just downright pathetic.

  21. 146
    LauraB Says:

    New pix – from yesterday….

  22. 147
    igetit Says:

    learn something new everyday

  23. 148
    Summer's Eve Says:

    I think Gerry can create his own problems sometimes with things he says joking around. As regards the scene in the restaurant with the waitress, I could see him following her outside where she probably was having a cig, he had one too and talked to her trying to get a hook up or number. She may have shut him down, maybe not. He came back and told his friends some fantastical story to get a rise out of them, maybe to save face if she did turn him down. Not everyone is enamored with GB and then someone over heard it! It’s like a sitcom! They could probably make a sitcom based on his life.

    I think he was quite personable in the interview. Not sure why he did it either but he didn’t seem arrogant. I think he fights being nervous sometimes. I felt the emotion coming from him when he talked about Scotland and the view from his Mum’s place.

    I didn’t particularly care for the interviewers. The woman could barely speak English. They kept cutting to photos, one is a known photoshoped. They were more interested in his sex appeal then his acting. It was obvious. I would have been asking him about his surfing and how difficult it was, his playing Hesson, etc. Where do they get these interviewers?

    I worry about his smoking and the damage it will do to his health. That is what upsets me. I don’t think he’s drinking. For all we know, all the drinking and bad boy persona he’s claimed may all be trumped up on his part from his past was to get attention. Who knows! Makes for a good tale. Only time will tell about all the rest. If any of it’s true, it always catches up to you.

    I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt today! I’m feeling generous! LOL!

  24. 149
    GFW Says:

    “But once out of the saddle, he was the gentlest of men.”
    ~War Horse
    Think the above sums Gerry up well enough.
    As for surfing again so soon after his Pilates session? I suspect he got his PT’s approval feeling stronger so wanted to test the results.
    I’d hate to be hound-dogged like this.

  25. 150
    Katie in LA Says:

    Thank you for the kind words. He was very, very gracious when my hubby and I met him – really down to earth. I came to the realization that little if anything that is published is true. I usually do not chime in but the ugliness annoyed me especially having met him and spent the better part of a week around him as well as seeing him again at the charity event if. He is just a doll – not kidding. Just a super nice person. When he ran into us again, he even asked about our kids – one is getting ready to go to USC in the fall for film. I do hope that my hubby gets the Mavericks assignment. My husband may be “in the business” but I still get star struck.

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