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Katie Holmes: Cup of Coffee in Miami!

Katie Holmes: Cup of Coffee in Miami!

Katie Holmes picks up a cup of hot coffee on Monday (July 4) outside the Soho Hotel in Miami, Fla.

The 32-year-old actress, who wore her hair in a topknot, rocked a bikini as she celebrated hubby Tom Cruise‘s birthday on Sunday.

Katie put together a surprise party for Tom, inviting 40 guests for dinner, music and a huge chocolate cake!

At the party, Tom and Katie‘s daughter, Suri, got her face painted to look like a butterfly! Tom‘s son, Connor, also came to town for the celebration.

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Credit: Thibault Monnier/Rachid Ait; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Tina

    BARF!!!! Can’t stand her anymore.

  • http://a slig o lambert^________^ cute

    lol lol she so geting boring

  • samrobot

    those veins yuck

  • danielle

    Rocked a bikini? Puh-leeze Jared. She tanked big time in it. Bad lipo showed and her pot belly. A one piece with a ruched middle in a color that complimented her coloring would have rocked.

  • sorry

    dont they have room service in the hotel?

  • sorry

    dont they have room service in the hotel?

  • KC

    Her belly button is not attractive.

  • VictoriaGirl

    When you are young and you have huge bulging vains on your hands, you are too damn skinny!

  • Bella

    she looks very happy these days….wonder what happened during the last few years.

  • pigeoned toed duffus

    this girl needs to go away
    she is just gross – she tries ooo hard but, please. GROSS

  • ck

    Katie “rocked” that bikini like the Titanic rocked that iceberg.

  • haha

    really? daily Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise? until when? until his movie comes out?

  • annie

    there are a set of pics elsewhere, which tells you more about their relationship than any pic that I have seen of them, all you see is Katies face and Toms hand, and you don’t need to see anything else.

  • dabu

    Okay, JJ insists on not letting me post a link no matter what. There is a picture on Zimbio of The Bottle. Wow. A five year old still on the bottle.

    Go to Zimbio and look at the photos of Tom with Suri sleeping on his chest. In photo 11 and 12 of 37 under the story “Katie Holmes Throws Tom Cruise a Surprise 49th Birthday Party” – which is still on the first page. Photo 11 and 12 shows the bottle clearly. Then he must have figured out they were being photographed because the bottle disappears.

  • lui


  • lucy2

    I’ve sort of ignored the bottle comments in the past because I couldn’t see it in some of the photos that people mentioned, but Holy Cr*p!! I checked out the Zimbio photos, and it’s clear as day, and you are correct that it disappeared, and Tom must have jostled Suri when moving it because her head popped up.
    That is SOOOOOOOOO sad. A 5 year old still on the bottle? Suri is going to need massive amounts of therapy if she is ever to assimilate into normal society. Tom and Katie are truly sick.

  • annie

    I’m willing to make a bet that a lot of kids have a bottle, maybe she needs it when she wants to sleep, Suri certainly doesn’t have it, at any other time, because we have seen her drinking water, drinks, hot chocolate. Why didn’t you say how nice those pictures were of Tom having a loving and quiet father /daughter time instead of concentrating on the bottle. Amazing how we see , what we want to see, and completely disregard the obvious.
    Whether it’s right or wrong, it’s their daughter , all children are not the same, and these last couple of weeks it’s become so clear to me what a loving family the Cruises are.
    And I doubt that she’s going to need therapy, because when you are as loved as that little girl is……that’s what is going to remain in her thoughts , and however her life turns out, because nobody knows what the future holds for anybody, that love her parents lavish on her will remain forever.
    Clearly… no parents around here!

  • lucy2

    annie: I am a mother and have numerous nieces, nephews, and friends with kids. I’ve never seen a 5 year old with a bottle. Kids that age are in Kindergarten, not nursery school. Keep telling yourself whatever you need to in order to justify the poor parenting of Katie and Tom. Suri napping on Tom is not a surprise and is affectionate, but again, she is 5 and Tom or Katie always have her swaddled in a blankie as if she was 2.
    What I see is a little girl who developmentally delayed at the hands of her mother and “father”. I see a child who is always the outsider when other kids are around, and again, Tom and Katie have caused this.

  • Bella

    I think Isabella has been moved and out of Tomy Girl and Scientology life, I hope she stays with Nicole or somewhere far away from Xenu.
    No sign of her picture everywhere, I saw only Suri’s nanny who was simmilar with Bella.

  • pluto


    yeah…saw the bottle! LOL…what a big 5+ year old brat. They still carry her wrapped in a blanket still.

    They treat her like an infant. Weird!

    They will have a little Hilton…but, probably much worse. Yikes.

  • sorry

    ive worked with 4 and 5 year olds for 15 years. Not once have i seen a child that age use a baby bottle, nor would they want to.

  • danielle


    First Annie, I don’t think most of us would argue that Suri is loved. But there is a difference between loving your child as a parent rather than an adult with adult emotions (Xenu philosophy). Most parents that are successful set limits.

    Secondly, not only does this 5.3 year old use a bottle, but she also uses a pacifier, has her blankie and her favorite stuffed animal. That is four crutches this child uses to deal with the world. According to Xenu she will give them up when she is ready. At the rate she is going she’ll be on her deathbed before relinquishing her crutches to deal with the world. Furthermore Tom and Katie carry her most places because she doesn’t like the paps. Don’t you think they should, instead of carrying her all the time and hauling her crapola around–don’t you think perhaps helping her to deal with the paps (since they obviously don’t want to give up their photo ops) would be a better way to go? Personally I don’t think a child who needs a binkie, blankie, bottle, and stuffed animal and demands to be carried all the time is successfully dealing with her life at five years old do you?

    Although I’m sure Suri will not be raised a strict Scientologist regardless of what Cruise preaches–if she were raised as “normal” children are raised–well, abuse runs rampant. Children as young as Suri are expected work and are punished when they cannot whether it is attitude or illness. There are plenty of stories out there about kids who were sick with fevers and because Xenu feels Thetan vibes can overcome a 105 fever, they are not excused from working. Do you honestly see Suri getting this treatment. Google children and scientology–there are tons of stories out there that support this.

    I don’t know any child that is still on a bottle or bre-ast at 5.3 years of age. Most of them no longer have a binkie. I do know a lot of kids who have a blankie, but unless traveling, it is left at home. More age appropriate things are brought to restaurants, shopping excursions etc. — items that will interest them–crayons, interactive toys, books.

    Loving a child is easy, it is the parenting of a child that is hard. Katie and Tom want to be her friend. That is not parenting a child.

  • annie

    @ danielle
    I’m a parent, I have 2 sons, things are not cut and dry as you make them out. I have a friend, whose 3 1/2 yr old will not eat solids, she’s taken him to every pediartrian there is, all he wants is the breast, what is she supposed to do.
    The only time in 5 yrs, when she had a pacifier ,was when she came out of the toy shop.
    There are heaps of pics of Suri drinking water from a bottle, or soft drink . or hot chocolate or whatever, it’s not something she seems to use all the time. I think she wants when she’s tired. How can you say carrying a around a stuffed animal is a problem.
    You keep on talking about the abuse in Scie, you know the statistics Danielle, the abuse that goes on out there, and what happens when little kids have to share their lives with drug addicted parents and partner, after partner, who abuse the hell out of their tiny life.
    I don’t give 2 hoots about Scie, all I know is, the horrible things I see in the news every day, and I don’t really recall reading that any of those horrible people were connected to Scie.
    So really for me, all this Scie hate that goes on here , doesn’t make sense. I’m not saying at all that it doesn’t happen, just like other religions where they stone you death, or if you fall in love with the wrong guy , you’re gone. I don’t see them blowing up anybody, the celebs who are part of Scie, seem quite nice from what I can see.
    Jennifer Lopez said her father has been a Scientologist for 20 yrs or something.
    You know Danielle, spiritual enlightment can come in many forms, so I don’t hold it against anyone , to each his own.
    As for Suri, they don’t hide anything, her bottle we’ve seen it, her blanket , we see it, her whole public life we see it. They don’t pretend it doesn’t exist. Actually the more I see of them , the more I respect them, and liking them has nothing to do with it.

  • danielle


    You are right spiritual enlightment can come in many forms, but when you attempt to leave that enlightenment and you are harassed, the people you love that stay are told you are a suppressive person and you are not allowed to interact with them any more–well I would call that abusive. The only reason they enjoy tax exempt status in the US as a religion is because the filed over 2,000 law suits against the IRS and the IRS was tired of fighting them. Spiritual enlightenment? I don’t think so. I’d call it devious and underhanded cult like actions.

    If Tom and Katie want to follow the tenants of a science fiction writer who once said “if you want to get rich, start a cult” then they are free to do so. The cult has rewritten L Ron Hubbard’s biography. They conveniently forget to mention how many times he has been married, that he was an abuser (physical, mental and emotional) towards the women he married–and once he wasn’t divorced from the second one before he married the third (bigamist). He was adamantly against homosexuality and caused (or murdered if you believe the extreme) one of his sons to commit suicide.

    If you google what are the signs of a cult, Xenu has almost all the hallmarks. So I don’t find a whole lot admirable about the way Katie dumped her friends, her religion, etc. for a man she just met. And I still think that they should PARENT this child rather than be her servant.

  • Peapo

    I can’t find the pic with Suri and the bottle. will someone provide me with a link? I just gotta see this!

  • lucy2

    Peabo: I typed Zimbio Tom Cruise 49th birthday and I got to the story. The story has a bar with about 10 pics below and if you click on (I chose one with Suri and Tom) then you can scroll through all 30 something. Jared won’t allow links from some sites.
    Pic 11 is a good shot with the bottle and Tom seeing the paps, and several after that.
    I’ll attempt to attach the link after I submit this comment, but if Dabu is correct it won’t post.

  • lucy2
  • Peapo


    Thanks for the link. That is a bottle alright. I just think it is kinda creepy lying wrapped in a blanket at five years old with a bottle. the 4/5 year olds I know are proud of and insist on drinking from a cup. I couldn’t imagine them even WANTING to go back to bottles,. And Suri has never stopped. very strange family!

  • Bella

    thanks….the kid acts like a baby!

  • Yvonne

    Those pictures are disturbing, these parents are damaging their daughter for there own needs!!! She will grow up to be a woman dealing with infantilism because her parents confused her to think that kind of behavior warrants love!!!!

  • CDL

    I used to like her more before, so boring now!

  • dione bushman

    You call that news…who cares!!!

  • jd

    32? She looks 62. What a ugly chick.