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Miranda Kerr & Flynn Take Flight

Miranda Kerr & Flynn Take Flight

Miranda Kerr brings her adorable son, Flynn, to LAX airport on Monday (July 4) to catch a flight out of Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old Aussie model dressed Flynn, who’s nearly six months old, in a striped long sleeved shirt and red sweatpants.

Earlier in the weekend, Miranda was spotted refueling her car and going for a workout with hubby Orlando Bloom.

Miranda recently told OK that she stayed in shape throughout her pregnancy with the help of yoga!

“I practiced yoga throughout my whole pregnancy and I continue to practice it now,” she said. “For me, it really works. I love it. I do a combination of Kundalina and Hatha yoga and I’m also training as well,” she dished.

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  • Idril

    What a beautiful baby!

  • An

    flynn so much like miranda

  • Yo-Landi

    The baby is ADORABLE. But with parents like them, you can’t go wrong in the genes. Kerr doesn’t look like a woman who gave birth not long ago, look at that bod :O

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    miranda so shop to buy new toy for flynn

  • Halli

    Big beautiful baby boy! Boys get so big and so fast between the first months and 8 months.

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    jared where other celeb like leo

  • blair

    Sooo adorable!

  • Mike

    Fugly chick. Fugly kid.

  • cabbapatch

    cute baby! now that’s where fat cheeks are supposed to be; on cute little babies; not grown adult women who look like cabbage patch kids.

  • Flukee

    @An: yes their heads are identical.

  • Mike

    There are plenty of other celebs who can keep their offspring away from the press. The cherish and protect their children. This woman is using her son to get attention, making no attempt to shield him from the paps or the press and it’s s disgusting act of famewh@ring. I hope the child grows up to hate her for what she’s doing to him.

  • @Mike

    “There are plenty of other celebs who can keep their offspring away from the press”

    For example?

    “I hope the child grows up to hate her for what she’s doing to him.”

    Aw! Isn’t she adorable? She’s wishing that a child grows to hate his mother. How cute!

  • Scott

    That baby looks like a cabbage patch kid.

  • janie

    Ooo, he’s a cutie. He’s gonna be a heartbreaker.

  • Frida

    Wow, he’s such a cutie! He looks just like Orlando!

  • cute

    OMG Flynn is so cute!!!<3


    look at Miranda’s baby photos. flynn looks exactly like his mom.

  • LOL!

    that’s not ok, miranda’s face is nice on a girl, but on a guy, it would look bizarre. men are handsome for that chiseled look, the round baby face looks amazing on girls, but not on men. but bloom doesn’t have too much chisel either, so we’ll see.

  • sj

    love this family. flynn is one of the cutiest celebs babies.

  • terri

    She left LA last week for a few days and there were pics of her at the airport but no one, not even JJ picked them up so THIS time she made sure to bring along her favorite little attention getting accessory and that did the trick! What a famewh@re.

  • sonotvogue

    Miranda’s body doesnt need to lose anymore weight, her face does!

  • @12

    Examples? Christian Bale, Penelope Cruz, James McAvoy…do you really need me to go on? If this woman wanted to keep her son sacred and private like she once claimed she did she would not parade him around in front of the paps at every possible oppertunity. This kid is what is keeping people talking about her and she is using him as a prop to get attention and if you are just too freaking stupid to see it, well I feel very sorry for you. And I agree with Mike, I do hope he hates her when he grows up because that means he will ahve a brain in his big old head instead of nothing but air like his mother and her retarded fans.

  • LOL!

    That is the ugliest baby I have ever seen.

  • Ugly.Baby.

    Ugly baby. I can say that with impunity because his mother is waving him around for the world to see constantly. She has put him out there for public scrutiny and after some scrutinizing, this member of the public has decided that the kid looks just like his mother and is therefore as ugly as she is. I have as much freedom to say that as anyone of her moron @$$ kissing fans can say that he’s cute because his mother has turned him into a public figure as much as she is and the man who has claimed to be his father is. Orlando and Miranda are not making any attempt to shield him so let the arrows fly!

  • @SnOOKIE

    That baby is all Kerr and no Bloom. The brown eyes prove nothing. Unless of course her fans want to claim that Bloom is the only man in the world with brown eyes and that all brown eyed babies therefore must be his.

  • Mayfray Bloom


  • Mally

    lawdy im not a fan but its the lowest of the low to bash babies and call them names……ugh no wonder this world is fu*ked.

  • LOL!

    No, no one has a right to pick on an innocent baby.
    Not only do you lack morals (just as any other proud delphidioty), you lack taste and proper vision.
    That baby is gorgeous. Anyone who says otherwise is blinded by hate.
    You need help.
    Serious help.
    BTW, to the moron giving examples of celebs who “shield” their kids….
    We’ve seen plenty of pics of Penelope’s new baby. And we have seen lots of pics of Bale’s, Depp’s, Salma’s, Damon’s, and Pink’s kids. Not enough people care about McAvoy to follow him, but he does talk about his kids often in his latest interviews (even when he said that he never would).
    Care to try again with your idiotic delphi double standards?

  • @snookie

    no, orlando is not the only man in the world with brown eyes. he just happens to be the brown eyed man who fathered that gorgeous baby.
    as someone else said in another thread, even most haters have admitted that the baby looks like him, only the most sad, desperate and hateful are clinging to the belief that he doesn;t have orlando’s eyes. guess that makes you one of the most sad, desperate and hateful, huh?

  • hmmm

    The last time Miranda was seen at the airport, the haters were condemning her for not taking Flynn.
    Now they are complaining that she is taking him?
    And they wonder why people mock you morons?

  • sara

    Just look at that smile!
    And those teeth! He is one healthy, happy, gorgeous baby!
    And he has gotten so big! Such a beautiful boy! Just like his daddy!

  • hungry

    Her t/ttie is almost hanging out must be feeding time………

  • boston61

    Who cares? People breed like rats.

  • Jory

    My God he’s so cute actually both of them and her body is awesome..

  • Bella

    what a cute baby!

  • 12

    So Cuuuuuuute !

  • vv

    Oh my God, look at him! He’s like a tiny Orlando.

  • Adorable!

    What a cute baby!

  • sammi

    He is such a beautiful baby! And Miranda looks great, too.
    Wonder where they are going?

  • yajaira

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that smile, so handsome jajaja

  • deke

    That precious baby looks like Orlando!

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Orlando trys to shields Flynn from the paps all the time and i think Orlando and Flynn looks so cute 2gether. I get why alot of you dont like Miranda thats fine if you dont like her im not a fan of Miranda. But why take it out on a baby? So just stop the hate on Flynn he is just a baby.

  • kå simply àmazing!

    flynn lookalike son kourtney kardashian mason

  • lucky

    Flynn even inherited Orlando’s incredible eyelashes. He’s going to have dreamy eyes, just like his daddy.
    Lucky boy!

  • Mari

    One of the cutest babies ever!

  • Katie

    Flynn is adorable !!!

  • @23

    I’ll be needing more examples, those are not valid.
    Don’t feel sorry for me, at least my blood is not pure poison XD

  • feri

    beautiful mom and son.

  • carrienae

    soooooo cuuuuteeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!