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Kate Gosselin: Pink Sports Bra!

Kate Gosselin: Pink Sports Bra!

Kate Gosselin goes for a run in a pink sports bra on Monday (July 4) in West Reading, Pennsylvania.

Later in the day, the 36-year-old reality TV mama stepped outside of her home to speak with ex-husband Jon as he dropped off their children at her place.

Since officially divorcing from Kate in December of 2009, Jon has been laying low and avoiding media appearances altogether.

Back in February, Jon was photographed at work on a construction site installing solar panels on the roof of a storage building.

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24 Responses to “Kate Gosselin: Pink Sports Bra!”

  1. 1
    Mlef Says:

    I barely know that 2 persons, but I think that this choice of photo for the man is LAME !

  2. 2
    puuke Says:

    hope she gets heatstroke and drops

  3. 3
    Halli Says:

    Nasty thanks for that barf worthy photo Jared.

  4. 4
    kk Says:

    Jon got out just before the nasty witch released the hounds.

  5. 5
    alex Says:

    when is she going 2 understand that she needs to leave i hate this bic h .this ugly hag is using her children to be famous and make money thats is childe abuse but it seems 2 be ok with america.if it was 4 me i wold send her sorry ass to prison 4 some childe abuse thing.

  6. 6
    anna Says:

    i hope she drop dead already.i thught her show was done but i think she sold he soul to the devil so we will be seen her a lot, fu@ck this *****. jared stop posting about her

  7. 7
    lisak Says:

    To all of you who made hateful and negative comments….why don’t you just stop reading articles about him/her? Why do you feel the need to comment on them? You do realize that when you comment on articles about them, it keeps them in the spotlight? Yes, even the negative comments help to keep them relevant!

  8. 8
    mary Says:

    no one likes the *****

  9. 9
    Janey Says:


    anna? You hope a woman with 8 kids dies? What’s wrong with you? Says a lot about people who wish harm to this woman…what is wrong with you?

    mary, plenty of people like Kate and have compassion for her. If you think there are only people like you around, maybe you should get out more.

    Do the Duggars get this sort of ugliness when they appear on TODAY to announce the birth of their hundredth child, or when they do their reality tv show? It’s jealousy, right, but people aren’t jealous of the Duggars because they live in a boring bubble, while Kate lives like a normal American woman who likes nice clothes etc. Jealousy is sad, and so are the people who are jealous of Kate to the point where they want her to go away, but never fail to comment on her articles.


  10. 10
    catchy Says:

    wow, so hair transplantation didnt work for him? he looks awful overall. while kate, who gave birth to their eight kids, looking fit and fresh.

  11. 11
    anna Says:

    janey theres a lot of women like kate gossling with kids but they worke there asses of 2 support them and give them a good invirment 2 grow in they have my tottal respect .she in the other hand will do anything for the sake of beying on tv not for the sake of her children ,so u see where the hate is comming from ,u have to understand that these kid will grow up and wiil never be normal becous there mom just sold the to the god of tv 4 her 15 min .so yeh maby they are better without her , foster family will do it its better than living like that

  12. 12
    fit'n fresh Says:

    those shorts are up real high…. hiding her Frankenstein tummy tuck scars

  13. 13
    anna Says:

    fyi if the show will be canceld and she will never get another work on tv how is she going to survive she spend a lot of money on hiar dresser ,plastic surgery,the good life that she barley can afford so when there will be no money left .we will see kate crying on tv becous she dosnt have money for food,wate and see people

  14. 14
    Shelly Says:

    What makes me think Kate’s “MeTime” is her every waking hour, 7 days a week?

  15. 15
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    This posst needs to be closer to the Rachel Bilson post. These 2 are about in the same league of celebrity.

  16. 16
    superman Says:


  17. 17
    jo Says:

    I thought he was in computers?

  18. 18
    Amory Says:

    @ Janey: I think folks like the Duggars because they haven’t changed who they are and appear to actually love and cherish their children. Mrs. Duggar didn’t get an extreme make-over and seek fame above the needs of her children. Nor does she constantly scream at them or her husband. I believe people relate to the love the Duggars have for their children even if they can’t relate to the many children they’ve had. By contrast, most see nothing worthy or redeemable about Kate. She seems truly hateful, self-indulgent, and oblivious to the needs of her poor children.

  19. 19
    screw u haters Says:

    @mary: actually lots of people like the ***** so stfu!

  20. 20
    Shae Says:

    She has no personality and no talent. The show used to be great when she and her Husband Jon were married and raising 8 children together as a team. Now the show is all about boring her. She got real trashy, I feel sorry for her kids.

  21. 21
    linda mccullough Says:

    leave her alone her life has and always will be what is best for her kids im a 68, yr old greatgrandma from so fla and i love her show. cutest show on tv. shame on you with the dirty mouths should be washed out with soap .if you dont like her, just dont watch her . didnt your mothers teach you if you dont have something nice to say dont say anything at all .you are not funny

  22. 22
    Lex Says:

    If this is the best plastic surgery can do… I thought those surgeons were better! :-)

  23. 23
    Hannahlightfoot Says:

    You can see her nipples but I guess that is
    what a born again Christian woman dresses like since she bragged so much on the show at one time that she was so spiritual yet she dresses like a ****** twenty year old. I can’t stand this phony who profits off the backs of her kids and calls it a “job”.

  24. 24
    Hannahlightfoot Says:

    Granny Linda don’t get your panties in a bunch. She lives in my town and is hated here. YOu have no idea what she is really like. Her main focus is herself and how she looks and money, the good life. So SHUTUP will ya.

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