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Katie Holmes: Armani Prive Haute Couture Fashion Show!

Katie Holmes: Armani Prive Haute Couture Fashion Show!

Katie Holmes arrives at the Giorgio Armani Prive haute couture fashion show on Tuesday (July 5) at Palais de Chaillot in Paris, France.

The 32-year-old actress checked out the red carpet ready fashion from Armani Prive‘s Fall/Winter 2011/12 collection at the show.

Over the weekend, Katie threw a surprise party for hubby Tom Cruise with friends and family in Miami, Fla.

At the fun celebration for Tom‘s 49th, Tom and Katie‘s daughter, Suri, had her face painted with a butterfly design!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes arriving at the Giorgio Armani Prive haute couture show…

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katie holmes armani prive show 01
katie holmes armani prive show 02
katie holmes armani prive show 03
katie holmes armani prive show 04
katie holmes armani prive show 05
katie holmes armani prive show 06
katie holmes armani prive show 07
katie holmes armani prive show 08
katie holmes armani prive show 09
katie holmes armani prive show 10

Credit: Francois Durand; Photos: Getty
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  • Martha

    I dont like her at all. Shes stupid.

  • boston61

    CULT enabler.

  • Macky

    In fairness she looks pretty here

  • josh

    ugh she looks pretty here. now. she’s weird

  • josh

    ugh she looks pretty here. now. she’s weird

  • josh

    ugh she looks pretty here. now. she’s weird

  • Amory

    Dopey grin. Check.
    Dead eyes. Check
    Ill-fitting, unflattering clothes. Check

  • FrG

    I saw pics of her and she was in Miami yesterday and today she is in Paris! My city! That’s funny…

  • greenlee

    her hair is looking great.

  • justme

    Katie recently said she admired and loved the Duchesse’s style, but funny how Kate Middleton pulls off the classy gorgeous dimpled brunette look and so in love, yet Katie who is a similar type, does not. She looks messy, dirty and her eyes are vacant and her marriage looks loveless. Total opposite brunettes LOL!!

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    me to i dont like

  • ace11

    im going to ask this question

    Why in the Hell would she marry Tom Cruise?

    WHY, WHY, WHY??

  • Bella

    Go Katie! :)

  • Bella

    In the begining he was nice to her I think..

  • fug

    Poor thing….this pigeoned toed duffus tries sooo hard
    she needs to go back to the midwest and disappear, she doesn’t fit in out in lala land

  • Stacee

    Why is it that Katie always looks better when she isn’t around Tom? She looks happier and healthier. I think that marriage is a sham but I don’t think it will end. Its too convenient for both of them. She loves his money. If she didn’t have it she would just be another 30 something actress trying to get work. With it, she can do whatever she wants. Miami one day, Paris the next. Hell of a way to live your life tho.

  • MangerBouger

    SHe looks gorgeous but I feel guilty saying so – since she is married to a scientologist and following that dangerous cult.

  • jules


  • danielle

    Geez, what is she wearing? You look at Cate Blanchett and others who attended–they are mostly all chic, svelte, and put together. Here comes ungainly Katie in an ill fitting tuxedo pant suit. Other sites have pics of her that show how ill fitting this outfit is. The Daily Mirror sports a pic of her standing pigeon toed with the top kind of tucked in, a sliver of her tummy showing, and the bottoms from the crot-ch down wrinkling very unattractively. Next to KH is Cate Blanchett looking exquisitely attired. The article is called A Tale of Two Kates…unfortunately for Katie she comes off wrinkled and unfashionable in this monstrosity.

    However, her hair is very shiny and her make up is good. Glad to see she finally made the effort to get her chipped gel nails off. One would think she could have found time before this to soak her nails in an acetone based polish to remove them or gone to a salon–but glad to see Armani was her impetus to get rid of the very unattractive chips.

  • pluto


    simple. she’s a clueless bimbo

  • Roe

    FREEDOM !!!! She looks nice.

  • Romeo

    You’re imagining all that, #16.

    You’re getting worked up about her NAILS, #20? Get a life!

  • annie

    there are heaps of beautiful pics, and as usual not at JJ. even tho she is gorgeous, the pants are not a good fit at all . iI don’t know if it’s Armani, what Katie is wearing, it probably is, but what works on the runway may not work when you have to get in and out of cars,and sit down and stand up every time having your pic taken. in some pics it’s a good fit ,in others not so much.
    i’m compaining a lot today, but , something bothers me , and I might be wrong here, and i’m sorry if i am , because i could be laying the blame on the wrong person, but why is Jeanne Yang there for. It must be hard for katie to see , if something is not right , but what about her, can’t she whisper and say something.
    I saw once Pen Cruz shake her hair wildly before her picture was taken, and when she finished she told them to take her pic…and they did wait. i have read what jeanne has done, she does a lot of male celebs. Why I say this is , and i keep on going back , but Katie really was quite put together, nothing flash or extraordinary, but very pretty.
    now a lot of details arn’t right. maybe her clothes were uncomlicated before, can’t make it out. i’m not having a good katie day today.

  • @ annie

    You scare me. You really are obsessed with Katie! So now its Jeanne Yang’s fault that Katie looks awkward? Why would it be hard for Katie to see how she looks? Is she blind or too stupid to feel her pants riding up?? You truly need to get a life annie. I have never seen anyone make so many excuses for somebody they don’t even know. In the real world, they would call you an enabler. I honestly think that if Katie murdered somebody, you’d find a reason to justify it or blame someone else for it.

    Here’s a novel idea. Why don’t you put your time into raising your own family and living your own life rather than writing these weird justifications and essays about Katie Holmes all over the internet. You’re everywhere there’s a Katie picture!! Seriously. Get a life. You need one more than the haters here or any fan I have ever seen.

    PS: I am not a hater. Katie is fine. Nothing special, nothing horrible. She sometimes gets it right and sometimes gets it wrong just like all of us. I actually read about her just to see annie’s latest diatribe and Romeo’s latest freak out session. Both amaze me because they’re so out of touch with reality and have so much time to spend talking about someone who doesn’t know they’re alive. Me? I never comment. I just come in to have a few laughs every few days, and this time I had to say something. Maybe crazy annie will look in the mirror when she reads this. If I were still in college, I’d write a paper on her. How someone becomes so obsessed with a person they don’t know that they take time from their own lives day after day to spend hours writing about it in a place where no one cares what they have to say. What happened in their life to make them so obsessed? Why would you focus on what is essentially an imaginary figure (since she’s simply projecting what she wants Katie to be based on her own disfunction)? Why does she justify her parenting choices? Why is it so important to annie for Katie Holmes to be right? Girlfriend needs the services of a mental health pro.

  • annie

    ”me i don’t comment.”.. you want me to believe that .. which one are you… robobride , danielle. rainy day , toria.. you all want her to get it wrong.
    i make no excuses, believe it or not it’s my coffee break. i write what comes to my mind, how come you’ve never come out to say anything when she’s getting bashed. I know you’re just passing through, and decided to drop a line .

  • joel

    WHAT THE HECK are those pants she’s wearing? She looks STUPID!

  • @ annie

    Please get some help dear. I’m not any of those people you mentioned. I don’t want Katie to do anything, wrong or otherwise. You’ve seriously strayed into delusional territory here.

    The discussion right now is NOT about Katie Holmes. It’s about an obsessed woman who obviously has no life and needs serious help from a mental health professional. NO ONE should care as much as you do about a complete stranger and NO ONE should be so delusional that they actually make excuses for her and blame others when her clothing is a bit messed up. It happens. It doesn’t require some lunatic who should be watching her own children or doing her job to blame her friend.

    Bottom line is, you’re completely delusional, obsessed and really need to seek help. Holmes is fine. I have no problem with her. You’re the one who’s sick. Please stop thinking everyone else is lying or has alterior motives. My only motive is that I see you on any thread related to Katie Holmes and finally had to comment. You’re totally, completely, astonishingly OFF YOUR ROCKER.

    Now, please have a lovely day. LOL.