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Lindsay Lohan Covers Italian 'Vanity Fair'

Lindsay Lohan Covers Italian 'Vanity Fair'

Lindsay Lohan graces the cover of Italian Vanity Fair‘s latest issue, on newsstands July 6.

During her house arrest, the 25-year-old actress posed for photographer Alan Gelati in a shoot at her home in Venice, Calif.

“In October, I’ll begin work,” Lindsay said, adding, “I hope to spend next year on set.”

Lindsay also reflected on her stay in jail, where she found herself in close proximity to women who had committed crimes including murder.

“Unless you’re a killer, I don’t see a reason to stay there,” she said of her experience in jail. “I never hurt anyone but myself.”

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Photos: Alan Gelati
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  • Michael

    I’m so glad she is recovering! VERY proud of her! Hopefully she learns her lesson and get’s back to making awesome movies (: Click my name and follow me on Twitter!

  • kå simply àmazing!

    nothing new ?

  • Marvel

    “Unless you’re a killer, I don’t see a reason to stay there,” she said of her experience in jail. “I never hurt anyone but myself.”

    You stupid bimbo!!
    While she was Drinking and Driving, she could have easily hurt someone, risking their lives!!

    Also, only killers belong in jails. What about Paedophiles, Rapists and Robbers.

    What an Idiot!!

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    covers old

  • Alaia

    “Unless you’re a killer, I don’t see a reason to stay there,” she said of her experience in jail. “I never hurt anyone but myself.”

    What a STUPID quote. So she is saying killing someone should be the only crime in the world? IDIOT. Don’t do the crime if you don’t want do the time!

  • Alaia

    to do*

  • Dina

    Enough of her seriously

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    @ka simply
    iam new

  • WTF

    why would you put her in a magazine cover? she is trash after all.

  • Manana

    But she could have killed dozens driving drunk. She is so F’ing stupid !! I will never pay $ to see her in anything.

  • kelli

    So I suppose rapists, attempted murderers, drug dealers who mule women, use children, intimidate witnesses, don’t belong in jail? What she fails to realize is that just because she was doing it to herself, doesn’t mean that she couldn’t have hurt someone else? Nothing that disastrous ever just affects you. I mean, wow.

  • danielle

    What is really sad about Lindsay Lohan, of all the celebutards and fame ho’s–she actually had real acting talent. A lot of acting talent. And unfortunately she was unwilling to work at her craft opting instead for easy fame and fortune. Now she is a laughing stock. Unless she suddenly gets Meryl Streep’s acting chops, people watching her on the screen will be seeing only Lindsay Lohan–bimbo, fame ho, druggie, and after that comment about jail being for murders–idiot.

  • to danielle

    Lindsay still has a lot of acting talent. that’s why people in Hollywood keep giving her chances; they know how good she could be. what this girl needs is to work with Martin Scorcese on one or two projects.

  • C

    Just go away you stupid woman, stop looking for attention and go live your life!!

  • offtheproperty

    She is sooo gingham !

  • HA!

    So stealing from others and driving under the influence chasing down people on the highway is “not hurting anyone”. You DESERVE to go to jail Linds…

  • nina

    and again she has not learned !!!
    Some people leave jail and change, or at least learn from their mistakes … but she doesn’t, she still think she didn’t do anything bad… what an IDIOT!!!
    All the drugs that she took completely ruined her brain … if she still has one…

  • JJ

    “Unless you’re a killer, I don’t see a reason to stay there,” ………This statement shows that Lindsay hasn’t learned anything and she still thinks the world revolves around her…so sad….i see another jail sentence coming in her near future

  • angie

    this girl is so sad i mean.. she obviously dint learn anything from all this experience.. still doesnt know that she put other lives in danger..
    i just cant believe she hasnt learn the lesson yet.. just how stupid and superficial can u be? im amazed…

  • a

    think theres no turning back for this girl.. people wont be able to see her “talent” ( i personally dont think she has a lot of that to be honest or at least no more than other people has) people only will see the disaster she is..i dont think she will be taken seriously again.
    Besides, i dont think she can handle it to be honest, she obviously feels like she is more important that she really is.. so i imagine if someone gives her a part in a movie she will believe she is untouchable again..
    she needs to learn her lesson..
    i wish people would stop paying attention to her for her own good.. and i dont even like her..

  • mrsdestinyhope

    Poor girl, IDK how many times Lindsay has said “I’m going to Be Getting Back to Work” or “I’m Going Work On Recovering and Coming Back As An Actress” and yet she keeps getting in trouble. I know she’s not perfect and nobody is. But Seriously Lindsay, just take a break and regroup yourself for a while. You deserve at least that darling.

  • Michael

    @angie: Why don’t you STFU, i’ll admit Lindsay has amde her mistakes, but alot of the statements she makes are taken out of context, so you REALLy shouldn’t take them at face value. i’m sure she DOES know she did something wrong, she just has a hard time admitting it to herself, as would you and everyone else passing judgement on this page! So get a goddamn life and quit obsessing over Lindsay’s! Unlike most people, I can seperate fiction from reality, so when I see Lindsay act, I won’t think of her public persona, i’ll think of the same amazing girl I fell in love with in Mean Girls all those years ago, sorry if the rest of you are too thick-headed to seperate fact from fiction!

  • Lena

    @kelli: This just proves that she is not an intelligent person, but a egotistical, narcassistic little brat. She thinks she should be able to do whatever she wants, whether it’s against the law or not, and get away with it.
    She’s lucky her father is paying the legal bills, otherwise she would definitely be in jail right now.
    She also seems to understand nothing of the law, which is why she should shut up about who should and shouldn’t be in jail, because just like with designing she is not qualified to put her two cents in there. She definitely should have been in jail, but thanks to bribes and a good defence attorney she managed to wiggle out of another serious offence. I think it’s only a matter of time though until she’ll do something else that’ll get her in trouble with the law.

  • laughs@god

    She won’t change! People like her never do! It’s the person she is! Like a paedophile never stops thinking about young kids, Lindsay Logan will never stop thinking about herself. She’s brain damaged that way. Not normal.

  • CDL

    Unless you’re a killer, I don’t see a reason to stay there,” she said of her experience in jail.

    LOL. Is this chick for real? Common…

  • nancyjomac

    There is a reason why drunk driving is illegal-because it has KILLED people-she’s very selfish and obtuse.

  • sara

    @Michael-are you kidding?? Claiming that you are more intelligent than others because you can seperate fiction from reality?? The reality is that acting is ridiculously hard to be successful at. There are so many people who who train for years and work crummy jobs trying to pay their bills while hoping for a break that might never come, and this spoiled child threw all of her opportunities away! She is an adult and refuses to behave like one. Considering the ridiculous sums of money successful actors make, I as a movie-goer, would rather put my money in the pockets of people who don’t have such a blatant disregard for others. That isn’t my inability to seperate an actor from a role, but my choice as a thinking person.

  • Jess

    She’s LUCKY she never hurt anyone but herself. It’s attitudes like that that prove someone can never change.

  • wild

    Those quotes are as if we were living in tribes in prehistoric times where there was no justice. Well, in these times justice isn’t still good in many countries. It’s worse than in the Middle Age.

  • Sick of this LOSER

    Everytime she opens her mouth it just goes to show how STUPID this person is. It’s beyond pathetic. I really want her out of Venice. She lives down the street from me and I’ve seen her 3 times since and she just brings very bad energy where she goes. We are sick and tired of hearing about her, seeing her. She ‘s already 25, has made NO effort to change her ways. I dont see her making it to 30.

  • Anakaranina

    Amazing how many love to cast stones, but go to clubs and then drive home; she is trash and should go away but most of you read and respond to articles like this one about her. I feel sorry for her and for the lot of you.

  • Love

    @Anakaranina: Speaking from experience? There are actually people out there who drink responsibly. If you have a lot to lose like your legal or medical license. You WILL get a cab there and back or get a designated driver. That IS what’s sad… She had money to get a driver but she was drunk and high on coke and who knows what else when she drove and thankfully arrested.

  • Ang

    She’ll always repeat the same BS all over again, it’s always the same with her. She says she’ll get her shit together but never does. She’s old news, just put her in jail where she should have already been.

  • Rachel

    I am not that much of a fan of Lindsey, but she dug herself soooo much of a huge hole that no matter what she does…someone will point out a negative about her. Disney curse? ….idk

  • Joe Fattal

    So she is only hurt herself. Good hurt yourself good so we don’t hear from you again.

  • Lastat Bain

    She may have alot of personnal problems. But why do you think that the magazine put her on the front cover. You girls are jelious as hell,because you and i know she is on of the hottest looking girl on the planet. She is here to stay and will become a very good and very sexy actress.The press knows this and i do to.

  • catzs

    your still an idiot, Linds.

  • blop

    I want her

  • paul

    @WTF: yeah her and all the other pop tarts

  • paul

    why does anybody take any of these people seriously anyway

  • paul

    @angie: where did you learn how to spell ……………. didn’t