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Rachel Bilson Gets to Work in Woodland Hills

Rachel Bilson Gets to Work in Woodland Hills

Rachel Bilson heads to her trailer on the set of a new project on Tuesday (July 5) in Woodland Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress, who paired a striped tank and a pair of grey cutoff shorts with a pair of suede booties, shared a laugh with a crew member named Rob as she walked to her trailer.

Late last week, Rachel picked up a few gifts as she visited a boutique in North Hollywood.

Rachel was also recently spotted taking her beloved pooch, Thurmen Murmen, for a walk in Los Feliz.

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rachel bilson on set trailer 01
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Photos: GSI Media
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  • Isabela

    she’s so beautiful and I love her clothes

  • Claire

    Such a pretty girl.. i love rachel.

  • Valeria
  • 12

    Just like that, why some do not like it? I ask because it’s just a celebrity, neither more, nor less !

  • lexy hates bilson

    Get’s to work on what??? ANOTHER faux job? She SHOULD get to work on her acting skills and take a few classes. Or wait, maybe this is for her ice cream job – that doesn’t require her to talk.

  • lauralove

    her hair is so annoying.

  • Sara

    Cute outfit! She is on the set of the new movie she has been cast in called The To Do List. Articles on the internet say she is probably playing the main female character’s older sister. Seems she is getting more work than she used to, the second movie in less than a year. Say what you want about the ice cream commercials, she got her face all over the place, and got noticed more. Hayden has a new movie he is supposed to start filming in late July or August called The Unknown Son, if it actually starts filming. Hope this one actually pans out for him.

  • lol

    Rachel Bilson Gets To Work……… Its about time lol
    Im going to guess her people have noticed people all over the net are always complaining and noticing her career isnt what it use to be long ago and are trying hard to make it known she is ” working” and not just staging photos and shopping.
    Her new ” big project ” is playing the older sister role of the main character in a film. So shes already playing the older sister instead of grabbing the lead role? How long before she gets cast as the mother of the lead character in things? lol
    By the way its a bit odd that these photos were taken in the late morning in California and were then posted on JJ within about an hour later and that the name of the crew member ” Rob” also came with the pictures… How would the paps know the crew members name to begin with…..Unless this was all planned lol A little bit obvious.
    Guess it is good she is working doing something anything at this point . But lets be honest this is the best she can get.

  • annie

    ughly as usual

  • lol

    Her new movie the To Do List use to be called the Hand J*b… Yes thats what it was called. The changed the name for obvious reasons no one wanted to make it even with Andy Samberg etc in the film. The old title angered alot of people on IMDB it seems.

    Plot of The To Do List……
    “The story follows a recent high-school graduate who has mastered academics but has a lot to learn about sex. She’s determined to fill in this part of her education, so she decides to make a list and check off every possible sex act (you can fill in the specifics for yourself) before starting college in the fall. Not surprisingly, her friends and family are shocked by her out-of-character quest.”
    So basically some 18 year old girl makes a list of every sexual thing she has never done and trys to do it all in one summer…….
    How charming….. lol
    They dont expect the film to even be released until 2013.. thats assuming it ever is released after all the problems its faced already. Rachel is expected to play the older sister lol

    @Sara: Also the other film BFF & Baby she did title was changed to L!fe Happens… but still doesnt look like its going to be released even with the name change lol These parts shes gets arent exactly A list roles or even B list roles.
    Probably the most interesting bit about this film is that Andy Samberg is going to be in the film in some supporting part… Which is interesting considering just last year Bilsons people tried to start a rumor about her and him dating which if I remember correctly Samberg’s people shot quickly down saying he had a girlfriend already lol

  • Sara

    @ lol

    The name “Rob” is written in the middle of the man’s shirt that is showing Rachel to her trailor. So yes, it is obvious his name is visible to anyone who looks at his shirt. Planned so people know who he is, I would say. She is working, that is better than doing nothing but shopping and eating out all the time.

  • sterling

    MIdge(t) is NOT even the leading lady but more like on a 3rd or on a 4th supporting role; Geeez all her years of “frontlining” the famewhoring department and all she got these days were minor supporting roles… so yah these few tweentards of hers were all screaming to death about this nutcase LOL

  • aberfitch

    RATchel’s had the “same” hairstyle for like a thousand years. As she has a clause in her paparazzi contract which states “Afghan-Hound hair must never be touched, cut, styled shown differently on any photo-ops. It must retain a “curtain” like status (for most of the time) to cover up her clueless & homely zits face at all times.

  • juniper

    Well you know when a hactress’ career is “dead” (welll as if its been on a run ever since huh!) when acting jobs have been so scarced for very a loooooong while and when she get some; she would have to support a Zlister like her that would automatically goes straight to DVD.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She only looks happy when she’s NOT with Hayden. When she’s with him she puts her “scowl” on. So who are the other STARS of this movie? Obviously she’s not the lead so where is everyone else – like the lead character?
    Also, isn’t it interesting how the paps are allowed where she works. When we see pics the paps take of other celebs on set it’s usually shooting an outdoor scene where the paps can use there zoom lenses to get the shot. I don’t see Cameron Diaz or Jen Aniston parking their car on the “set”.

  • unreechy

    I’ve never seen or heard much of the name “Aubrey Plaza” in HW news most esp on gossip blogs; yet here she is heading this smorgasboard movie called To Do List whereas Ms. BilHO who’s always got a “starring role” in those “tipped” gossip blogs & opening of the envelope events; would just play another sidekick role – such an “feat” (lmao)
    Funny her name was announced much later when most likely that all important characters were cast already and possibly that at least three actresses or so had turned down the role so the director/producer had to decide & think fast of another budget (h)actress who’ll be available to fill in the role anytime plus the fact that said movie would have a free-promo-name-dropping (courtesy of course, of RB pimp blogger JJ) everytime that Ms. BilHO is staging her regular photo-ops.
    So yah any/some small-time budgeted movie would have to love that!

  • Jay

    Why do you guys hate her so much?? I Think she’s so pretty, simple and I love her style…It’s not her fault if Jared always posts topics about her daytime and even if he posts about some job project you’re not happy.
    Seriously what’s wrong with you? You’re hard to please!

  • kaleigh

    This screwed-up-no-talent-hack is much easier to hate and much more easier to dismiss – and that’s a fact.