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Angelina Jolie Takes Her Little Ones Bowling

Angelina Jolie Takes Her Little Ones Bowling

Angelina Jolie takes her little ones to a bowling alley on Wednesday (July 6) in St. Julian’s, Malta.

The 36-year-old actress was spotted bringing Knox, Vivienne, and Shiloh into the family fun center.

Earlier in the week, Angelina‘s partner, Brad Pitt, spoke out in favor of recent legislation for marriage equality.

Brad and Angelina have previously said that they will not marry until marriage is legal for everyone.

FYI: The family is currently in Malta while Brad films his latest project, World War Z.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie going bowling with her little ones…

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angelina jolie bowling knox vivienne shiloh 01
angelina jolie bowling knox vivienne shiloh 02
angelina jolie bowling knox vivienne shiloh 03
angelina jolie bowling knox vivienne shiloh 04
angelina jolie bowling knox vivienne shiloh 05
angelina jolie bowling knox vivienne shiloh 06
angelina jolie bowling knox vivienne shiloh 07
angelina jolie bowling knox vivienne shiloh 08
angelina jolie bowling knox vivienne shiloh 09
angelina jolie bowling knox vivienne shiloh 10

Photos: WENN, INFdaily
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  • catchy

    do they have friends? they are always alone – when out, on premiers etc.
    that’s who FOREVER ALONE.
    ugh.. pathetic people

  • noplace

    Gorgeous mama and kids. Viv is sooooooooooo rocking that purse!

  • luvangie4ever

    Beautiful, Angie’s face is simply exquisite!

  • prairiegirl

    cut that mop

  • ?

    anyone know the sunglasses brand?

  • ?

    anyone know the sunglasses brand?

  • sullivan

    Look at that amazing face. Jolie is arguably the most beautiful woman in the world.

  • CK

    Shiloh was a prettier baby than Vivienne.

  • sillyme

    So, when they say they wont marry until marriage is legal for everyone, does that include bisexuals? I mean, why can’t they be married to a man AND a woman. I’m sure that will be Brad and Angie’s next reason not to marry – what about the bisexuals?

    When you think about it, though, it’s a silly reason. I mean, even gays in states with gay marriage aren’t going to hold out until everyone can marry. Brad just doesn’t want to marry her.

  • anustin

    so much fun !!!!

  • lil

    glad they are having fun.

  • fiona

    always a good day when we have pictures of the precious little ones and their gorgeous mama.
    look, the place is a family fun center that has a bowling alley. it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all bowling there. maybe there’s some bouncy castles for the little one to play in and arcade games for the older kids.
    @catchy — yes they have friends, more than the general public will know because brad and angie DO NOT use other people to appear popular and likable like some celebs do. i think it’s nice they’re not manipulative like that. do you also assume stars like meryl streep, julia roberts, and kate winslet don’t have friends as well just because they don’t intentionally get photographed with other celebs ‘hanging out’? “look at me, i’m so bff’s with other famous people!” only people that stupid deserve to be manipulated by those mediawh*re$.

  • catchy

    @sillyme: silly you, what do you mean? there’s only two ways for bisexuals – hetero marriage or homo marriage, there’s no marriage for bi.
    what are you talking about is a polygamy.

  • Kate

    wow she looks amazing! does anyone know which brand her sunglasses are?

    i can see she’s wearing her new LV bag, love it! she looks soooooooo beautiful !!!!

  • Dakota

    Wow, Angie is sure strong to be holding two toddlers at once. They are all adorable! I wish the paps would leave the children alone, Knox looks a little afraid of them. Angie is a fantastic mother and gives all the kids quality time and makes do with fun activities wherever they are while Brad is filming.

  • yeah silly you

    Sillyme – So Brad does not want to marry Angelina? And you know this because you’re their BFF? Stop making sh!t up. I love how they’re still together and how it’s killing their haterz. Hope all the negativity makes you implode.

  • catchy

    @fiona: oh really! they use ‘charity’ for manipulation

  • love this family

    you are silly alright. and stupid. it is no one’s business if and when they have a marriage ceremony. They already have said they are committed to staying together and growing old together.

    And Jared, Angelina never said any such thing. The latest is they are being asked about it by the kids so they may have to start thinking about it if the kid’s want it.

  • Lara

    Gosh they are all beautiful, what stunners. Wonderful mother with a heart of gold.

  • alexanderina

    Awwww so cute

  • busted

    OK Viv is killing me with that purse..

    so cute. I can’t believe they will be 3 next week. So cute and chubby..

    Angie and handle her babies no problem. And yes she is very strong.

    Beautiful woman and family..

    thanks for the pics jared..

  • cop out

    so funny

  • hangover

    Ang looks like she’s in hell.

  • OH wow

    Angelina, brad is cheating on you. Run. and Run fast. don’t even bother taking all the kids. way too many.

  • Missy

    Viv is so cute. That close-up of her is just adorable.

  • Very Telling

    @catchy: Well I’m sure the people who received homes from MIR or treatment from the Maddox Jolie center,ther kids at the hospital in Missouri or the kids at the SOS villagesor the people who will get treatment from the TB /HIV clinic in Ethiopia don’t care why they have donated millions, dear.

  • fiona

    @catchy — and how does doing charity equate to manipulation in your screwed up little world? they help people in need – with their time, energy, money, and with all their hearts. and you feel manipulated by this?

  • OH wow

    @hangover: I know. how would you feel if after 6 years of popping and adopting kids , media firestorms over your relatationship and after all that he cheats? Eww.

  • Angelina

    Am I the only one who thinks it is a little creepy the way she keeps dressing Shilo like a little boy?? When you are that age you do not shop for you own clothes your parents do it for you, so that is creepy, maybe Brad wanted his first biological child with her to be a boy

  • OH wow

    @Opinions please…: I think Kate middleton looks genuinely happy. Angelina doesn’t.

  • Very Telling

    Great! no tabloid covers only sidebar BS on Lies & Style and Outatouch.

  • prairiegirl

    Forever the homewrecker

  • Jess

    They love bowling. Angie mother’s family owned a bowling valley in Chicago. Jolie-Pitt children are beautiful.


    because of this?

    Brad Pitt Flirting With ‘Drop-Dead Gorgeous’ Brunette On Set, Angelina Jolie ‘Paranoid’

  • jen

    Viv is so girly. Angelina used to dress Shi in girly clothes when she was little. We saw pictures of Shi in dresses. I wonder if it’s Brad who allow Shi dress in boy clothes now that she’s bigger. He likes to consider gay people.

  • catchy

    @WHY IS SHE SAD?: she’s alson anorexic, pathetic, talentless and overall boring. overpaid and overrated too btw.

  • FYI

    Kate Middleton is a lot more beautiful than Angelina FYI

  • Brad

    “Ang and I will marry on Feb the 30th”

  • Knox 05-06


  • Bunny

    She is sooooo cool, luv her!! I can’t imagine any celebrity bowling unless they have bowling alleys in their homes. Sure as shitte JA would never bowl unless there was a man standing directly behind her with peneee to buttie to show her how to bend and thrust. Tee hee

  • joliepitt

    Yeah, someone is out without the medication (x) .
    Beautiful kids and the xfans are screaming again and knox,shilo and viv will keep reminding them why brad dumped the looser(oh the real homewrecker,ha,ha!!!) for angelina !!!
    Love the pictures!!

  • catherine

    Angelina is a very strong woman. I have two kids similar to Knox and Vivienne ages. I can only hold one at a time, can never hold two. Angelina is physically strong.


    the girl they are talking about has been around brad the whole time on set.there are more pics of them laughing together and sharing jokes.she is the one zahara was giving her,her dead stare.maybe she had noticed something. isn’t it weird that angie only visited him once and they never go out together anymore and he didn’t even make time for family outing this week? something is going on between these two and there are more than one pic of them smiling and laughing together and having fun. there is actually one pic of her and brad laughing together when maddox and pax came for a visit just 2 days ago.

  • anna

    Shilou looks so lost. Maybe she wears boys clothing because she wants attention. Instead of helping other countries why doesn’t Angie help the US? There is ALOT of children who need help.

  • Racine

    I am one of many many many

  • a Lurker

    The kids are so cute. In 6 days, the twins will be 3 years old. How fast time flies.

  • busted


    I get that you are an idiot but can you not make is so obvious

    Brad and Angie and family spent the holiday together. Brad goes home after work. So how are they not spending time together. YOU are a fool There were no pics of Brad on set Sunday, Monday or Tuesday..

    Since you know so much where was he.

    They are living in a wonderful house.. lots of room and a pool. Angie is spending time with her kids and Brad every single day.

    YOU tabloid sneaks need to find another couple. People are not buying these silly stories anymore.

    YOU played those cards too many times.


  • busted


    Maybe she and Brad are waiting for people like you and Aniston to get off you as*ses an help. Get off this site and go help a needy child.

    OH.. I get it.. you just want to post on the web..

  • lurker

    gorgeous family,poor trolls they cannot stay away from JP threads lol

  • Very Telling

    @anna: Jane Pitt Pediatratic cancer wing, SOS villages, jewelry line benefits American children who have lost a parent in Conflict as well.