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Daniel Craig Covers 'Esquire' August 2011

Daniel Craig Covers 'Esquire' August 2011

Daniel Craig covers Esquire magazine’s August 2011 issue, on newsstands Tuesday (July 12).

Here’s what the 43-year-old Cowboys & Aliens – and newly married – actor had to share:

On constantly being associated with James Bond: “This has become my way, it’s as simple as that. I mean, since I’ve just become James Bond. And I think, you know, that means being something that people feel they own. And all of the sudden I’m getting magazine covers, when I got nothing for ten years before that. I say it’s just pure luck. And doing covers, people interviewing me, and they want to know everything and I’m going, I’m not gonna f—ing tell you!”

On The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: “It’s as adult as you can possibly make it. This is adult drama. I grew up, as we f—ing all did, watching The Godfather and that, movies that were made for adults. And this is a $100 million R-rated movie. Nobody makes those anymore. And [director David Fincher], he’s not holding back. They’ve given him free rein. He showed me some scenes recently, and my hand was over my mouth, going, Are you f—ing serious?”

For more from Daniel, visit!

Bigger cover pic inside…

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Photos: Nigel Parry
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  • Heathcliff

    Yet while we might know with the sensible part of our brains that Weisz has actually bagged a 43-year old father-of-one who went to school in West Kirby, somehow this does not alter our secret conviction that she just married 007. We know that their honeymoon will be spent with him abseiling in through the hotel window, bearing a vodka Martini and sporting the brooding countenance of Heathcliff. (She will, of course, be both shaken and stirred.)
    of course, i believe that honeymoon takes place in Heathcliff.
    no pics from wedding, no pics from honeymoon, no pics of them so often, just rarely and just at the airport as Daniel is VERY busy. he ‘reportedly’ found two days to marry Racheleybrows.

  • to testicles

    who, honestly, other than you really cares about Satsuki anymore. she’s no longer part of Daniel’s life. end of story.

  • to yo susan

    i don’t know what your motive is and, really, i don’t care. but coming on this board and telling people what they can and cannot do is not going to work. you don’t have that kind of power. but thanks for the information that you seem to think we should have; even though we didn’t ask for it. so now you’ve told us; move on.

  • Jason Isaacs

    talked about his friend Daniel being married now and being very very happy. So who needs PR people to confirm?
    STFU Gina!

  • Poor gina

    Can’t admit she was wrong, comes on this board to annoy people with her nonsense. More sad than anything else.

  • to 199 Gina

    Who says Daniel is really married? People magazine? Daily Mail? In Touch? and where is STATEMENT and TRUE MEDIA?
    His publicist made the statement officially.
    BBC said.
    Reuters said.
    Los Angeles Times, TIME, Washington Post, FOX News, CBS News, CNN, etc, etc….. All major media said!

  • to 199 Gina

    And Rachel’s dad and Daniel’s dad congratulated them on their marriage.
    ”Rachel’s father George Weisz last night wished them both “continued joy”.”
    Daniel’s dad tweeted ”so happy” on his twitter.
    DrumImages: @mailreturns Congratulations on your new daughter-in-law!
    Mailreturns: @DrumImages Oh so happy! Looking forward to seeing you on 13th

  • to 202 Gina

    I can’t make out why you can make a fool of Rachel.
    It’s obvious, you can’t hold a candle to Rachel.

  • Amy

    Daniel, Olivia, Favreau – Perfect sandwich!!
    Jon_Favreau: Final day of Cowboys & Aliens junket #hipstamatic
    about 2 hours ago via Echofon

  • Amy

    OMG! Favreau seemed to delete the photo on his page! Sad….
    OK, does this link work?

  • To 199

    in a few weeks August comes, I gave a time to Fincher to finish the movie! I hope he can do it!
    Gina……. do you have maggots in your brain?

  • 207
  • Smoother

    Why the fuzz both are also wearing their wedding bands.

  • Bond 23
  • Mendel

    to Fio

    “Getting fantastic buzz from early Cowboys and Aliens press junket screenings”

    This sounds ever so promising. It won’t be long now until it’s in the cinemas!!!

    And I want that cup!!!

    Hi Guinness

    “Hi Mendel–wow, being good on a friday night?”

    Knackered more likely… ;)

    “Has Murdoch got you depressed … why does money count so much.”

    Yes, our Muggle world is really obsessed with money. At least in Harry’s world, it is more important to have a good strong wand!

    Did you enjoy the film???

    “(ah, did someone clean the carpet rug covering the entire back area? hope so, cuz i had some fun with him last time in there….then i woke up!)”


    to Amy

    “Favreau seemed to delete the photo on his page!”

    No, it was there just now. Thanks for the link, it’s a great pic!

    to Bond 23

    “Rhys Ifans, Javier Bardem confirmed for Bond 23?”

    Oh I hope so!!!! Keep your fingers crossed!

  • Dan explains secret marriage

    Gina, Daniel admitted that he has married Rachel. Get it?

    FIRST PUBLISHED: July 17, 2011 6:54 PM EDT
    LOS ANGELES, Calif. —

    After a very quiet courtship, Daniel Craig pulled off a secret wedding to British beauty Rachel Weisz with Bond-like stealth, surprising fans in late June with their nuptial news.

    So how did the 007 and “Cowboys & Aliens” star keep the marriage under wraps?

    “I did it secretly — I can’t tell you how I pulled it off,” Daniel told Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos with a shy smile, of he and Rachel’s intimate nuptials, at a junket for “Cowboys & Aliens,” in picturesque Greenough, Montana. “My private life is incredibly important to me, and certainly that aspect of it is more than incredibly important to me.”

    While the 43-year-old blue-eyed hunk remained tight-lipped about his recent marriage, Daniel was happy to expound upon the topic of his highly anticipated upcoming drama, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” — based on the first novel in the late Stieg Larsson’s acutely violent Millennium Trilogy.

    “I was shocked by [the violence] — and I literally have seen [only] minutes of the movie,” Daniel told Maria of his surprise at the level of brutality that was transferred from the best-selling book to the film – due out in theaters on December 21.

    “But in the books, if you read the books, there’s this sort of implicit violence that’s going through them all the time that makes you turn the page because you’re not ever sure what’s going to happen next. And it’s in the movie.

    “It’s there,” he added, emphatically.

    If the film’s poster is any indication of how gritty the David Fincher-helmed thriller will be, audiences are in for a very true-to-the-story rendering, as the black and white shot shows Daniel (as wrongly maligned journalist Mikael Blomkvist) with one arm wrapped protectively around his half-nude co-star, Rooney Mara (who plays antiheroine Lisbeth Salander).

    Though the poster is revealing, Daniel said he doesn’t understand why fans would be off-put by the topless shot given the graphic nature of the material.

    “The biggest issue is sex — and it’s like, there’s nothing offensive about it,” Daniel explained. “People have opinions about it, but I think it sort of works as a poster because [Rooney] looks great.

    “I think it sort of really illustrates the two characters in the movie very well,” he added.

  • Guinness

    Hi HI HI !
    no time for anything!!
    Harry potter was great—they did it justice. Although—the (spoiler alert) the end battle between the 2 could have been more epic as in the books–but it was ok to let slide. I cried at the end.
    and wow–certain wands are very important in the muggle world….come on now cheeky girl!! (wow–would i like to get my hands on dan’s wand—THAT would be epic!!)
    anyhoooo…..why does football matches have to be decided that way? why can’t they just play until they drop? so unfair. but both teams deserve to win. blah!!
    And the carp is really being flung over there about the phone hacking, huh? You’re group talking about it? I am glad because how in the bleep could such power and people at the top not be making decisions when so much money is being used as bribes? wow.

    oh!! “my Dan” said C&A looks really good and he may actually see it with me!!! I was glad he said that cuz i have a biased opinion that it is gonna be great anyway., so it helps to get his view cuz he isn’t very nice about him sometimes cuz he’s jealous of my crush….oh well, I just remind him of his wife he has now, then we are even. does that make sense? it does in my world…..

    not long now you are right Mendel…So “we” get to see C&A before the UK or anyone else?
    cool. and VERY sexy things he said in Montana……thx for those posts!
    see ya tomorrow! love & hugs~G

  • so sexy
  • I

    saw a press pre screening. People get ready for the most amazing summer blockbust movie I’ve seen in YEARS.
    Call me cougar, I’m now in love with Dano!

  • Fio

    to Bond 23
    Thanks for the link. Interesting. Daniel and Rhys – their chemistry has been right from the beginning, I think. My dream come true if it’s true!
    “Much of the filming will take place in South Africa”.
    Sound like Carte Blanche. It means Bond 24? :)
    Hi, Mendel
    “And I want that cup!!!”
    Yeah, he looks like sweating on that cup… Aww
    to Dan explains secret marriage
    Thanks for the article.
    “My private life is incredibly important to me, and certainly that aspect of it is more than incredibly important to me.”
    I know… but sorry I want to dig your info. lol
    Hi, Guinness
    Oh, don’t let me know the details. I’m going to see HP one of these days.
    to so sexy
    Thanks for the clip!! Yeah, the more attractive he became. I love him all the better for his hotnes!! And I notice that Daniel looks so happy with beautiful girl. lol
    And more clip…
    Daniel Craig: I’m ‘Shocked’ By The ‘Implicit Violence’ In ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’

  • Fio

    (VIDEO) Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Cowboys and Aliens!

  • Fio

    (VIDEO) Daniel Craig Fulfils A Dream To Play A Cowboy In ‘Cowboys & Aliens’
    (VIDEO) Sixteen New Cowboys and Aliens Video Interviews – Steven Spielberg, Sam Rockwell, Paul Dano, Daniel Craig, Alex Kurtzman, Brian Grazer, Damon Lindelof, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Ron Howard, Robert Orci, Olivia Wilde, Jon Favreau, Noah Ringer, Keith Carradine, Harrison Ford, Clancy Brown…

  • Fio

    Honies, we have been chomping at the bit to get this future celebrity gossip story out to all our gorgeous honies, because it is something we have seen for a little while.
    Newlyweds, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz surprised everyone when they recently tied the knot in a very private and intimate ceremony.
    Sure many may have been surprised by the speed at which the two married – but who cares honies, it’s their life and their business, and they obviously respect and love each other very much.
    Will it last??????
    Well, we’re not going there just yet with you kiddies…
    …because at the moment, there are more important fish to fry in this kitchen!
    And that is the very exciting future celebrity pregnancy news that…
    Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are pregnant and expecting their first child together!!!
    Mazel tov kids!!!
    Very exciting indeed.
    Daniel and Rachel will remain very quiet in regards to flaunting their relationship publicly as they are both very private and avoid media, and the general public for that matter.
    Actually when we energetically “look” at how Daniel Craig moves around the world and on film sets around other people, he is very stealth! He moves to avoid people and situations he doesn’t want to get in to, and he generally wants to keep to himself and his own people that are with him.
    Daniel and Rachel will shepherd in the birth of their first child together amidst the filming of certain movie projects we have discussed. And their relationship and their family will take priority over everything – so this could potentially be the reason he could pull out of certain projects that Daniel will commit himself to.
    Good luck to the pair and we wish them a healthy and loving pregnancy!
    And we’ll be back sometime in the future to offer even more future poop on this gorgeous couple…
    - future celebrity gossip

  • Fio

    Ladies and gentlemen….
    Drum role please….

    Because future celebrity gossip has got all the future poop on Sony Pictures future movie project – the adaptation of Stacy Schiff’s book, Cleopatra: A Life.

    FCG was very excited to be the first in the world to actually confirm that Angelina Jolie would play Cleopatra in the Amy Pascal lead project.

    So after the many rumours of different directors being attached to the project, your ol’ Goss Boss has been feeling the cogs turning (if ever so slowly) and signatures being put to this project.

    BUTTTTTT…….there could be a huge curve ball toward the end of all this pre-pre-pre-production, among all the other curve balls that are going to get flung this projects way!

    Again we say, WHY WHY WHY?????!!!!! Why are we doing this movie again? Because from where we sit, half in the physical and half in the energetics of things, this movie is going to be one ell-of-a palarva for everyone.

    Sure this movie will do well, eventually – but it is certainly going to cost a lot of money. Locations and locals will be incredibly difficult; they will end up having to change locations because of world disasters and politics; water is going to be the biggest issue; and freak accidents and injuries happening to the crew and the actors; and if one of their lead actors looks as though he could pull out – then what?

    Oh my, if only the studios had the vision to have someone like your ol’ Goss Boss to give them the full poop!

    Honies, we could positively rave on for hours about why the “ancients” in spirit don’t want this movie done again. Just as other energetic forces endevour to stop other movie projects we have observed. One that sticks out the most was the desperation of the man (in spirit) that Tom Cruise was portraying in the movie, Valkyrie. He definitely did NOT want this movie made, and he tried and he tried to get it stopped.

    The energetic world has a say here kiddies, and there are still some things that are fiercely protected – and people wonder why everything goes wrong when they try to do it!

    And Cleopatra is one of those movies. As we said, yes it will eventually do well and be successful, but not huge huge enormous box office records stuff. And there are going to be accidents, injuries, actors dropping out, film location problems, money, money, money!!!

    Okay honies we know, we’re here to discuss who could possibly cut the mustard and play Marc Antony opposite Angelina Jolie?…

    And at this current moment in time (and over the last week or so) your ol’ Goss Boss has been “seeing” commitments and signatures being put down for Daniel Craig to play Marc Antony!

    BUT….Daniel could pull out at the very last minute – or at least threaten to. Ouch! (You will find out part of why in our next post)

    We feel David Fincher will direct the movie, and that will clinch the deal for Daniel to play the role, as Daniel trusts David’s work and direction. (Hey there’s another FCG future poop first – David Fincher will direct Cleopatra!)

    Stay tuned kiddies, as FCG will keep our gorgeous ears, eyes and hearts open to the cacophony of noises that are permeating from this future movie project and the halls of Sony Pictures.

    As we see this future news change, we will keep you updated, even if this lead role changes…
    …so stick around, you’re cute!
    - future celebrity gossip

  • Fio

    Awesome!! What an all‐star cast!
    Stars turn out for new Craig film
    Mark Strong, John Hannah and Lacey Turner stepped out for a new film narrated by Daniel Craig.
    Other celebrity guests at the London premiere of BBC Earth’s new One Life nature documentary film included Nina Wadia, a heavily pregnant Kate Silverton and model Alice Dellal.

    “An amazing film to see with children, this film has taught them more than I ever could about the struggle of life,” said Green Lantern star Mark.

    Spartacus actor John added: “The film is a true triumph, I could not take my eyes from the screen throughout.

    “It really puts our struggles as humans into perspective but also shows that in terms of day-to-day life, animals aren’t so different to us.”

    Former EastEnders actress Lacey had only compliments too. She said: “The humour throughout the film was amazing, something which you just don’t find in many nature documentaries. Daniel Craig’s narration was sublime.”

    One Life, to be released in the UK in September, documents the journey all living things take from the moment they are born to the delivery of the next generation.

    Daniel has said: “For the filmmakers who spend their entire lives recording beautiful images of planet earth’s dwindling wildlife, I have only a sense of awe and a deep rooted respect.

    “I am incredibly fortunate to have been given the chance to play a very small part in that process.”

  • Reader

    @Fio: You almost had me! But I wouldn’t be surprised if they do start a family soon. I think that could be a reason why Rachel has committed herself to do 2 major studio films back-to-back before focusing on starting a new family with her husband.

  • Reader

    @Fio: Aww, so sweet. John Hannah is a close friend of Rachel’s, and Mark Strong is a close friend of Daniel’s.

  • Fio

    Brendan Wayne Interview: John Wayne’s Grandson Stars in Spielberg’s ‘Cowboys & Aliens’

    Harrison Ford says ‘Craig didn’t cook for me’

    Harrison Ford has revealed that Daniel Craig “catered” for the cast and crew on the set of their upcoming movie.

    The American actor, who stars alongside the British star in new film Cowboys and Aliens, said that his co-star prepared food for everyone.

    But Harrison joked that Daniel didn’t exactly push the boat out when it came to his hospitality efforts.

    “He catered, he didn’t cook,” Harrison told American website Extra, “Maybe he cooked for Olivia [Wilde]… he didn’t cook for me!”

    Despite chatting freely about his latest movie project, Harrison refused to give anything away about a potential Indiana Jones sequel.

    When asked if he knew about the progress of a new instalment of the popular movie franchise, the 69-year-old said it was in the hands of others.

    However, he did reveal that he would take part in another Indie movie – if it had the right script and production.

    “I would like us to make another ‘Indiana Jones’ movie,” he said. ”I would like us to make a really good Indiana Jones movie and I would be happy to be involved.”

    Cowboys and Aliens will be released on July 29 2011.

  • Fio

    to Reader
    Yeah, I agree with you. One life seems to be worth seeing!!

  • Fio

    Daniel came back to London? Rachel is there, too?
    Queenof7oaks: Daniel Craig man came into work this morning. He’s so hot he should come with a govt health warning!
    40 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

  • susan

    i wonder what Gina and Western Front will say now. Daniel has publicly talked about his marriage to Rachel. which means that what he and Rachel have is the real thing. i don’ know if anyone else has noticed but Western Front has gone strangely silent since the news of Daniel and Rachel’s marriage came out. i guess Western Front can’t face up to the fact that he or she was wrong.

  • to Fio

    According to this today’s tweet “BookmansTucson: Just saw Rachel Weisz at Common Wealth Coffee House in Birmingham. Super awesome!” Rachel is in Birmingham near Detroit right now, filming OZ and according to this tweet “KileyRothweiler At chateau marmont…orlando bloom behind me,daniel craig in front….holy celebrity mecca” Daniel is in LA. IMO just a stop on his way to San Diego

  • to Susan

    WF will say it’s only a sham marriage to cover up his homosexuality and Gina will deny it, because she wasn’t there when Daniel and Rachel “consummated” the marriage and she never sae a pic, so it’s not real LOL

  • Fio

    to to Fio
    Thanks for the tweets. Well, you’re right!! He is Daniel look-alike. Gee.
    Queenof7oaks: @CalypsoGirl007 Yeah it wasn’t ACTUAL Daniel Craig. It was a customer in my shop who looks like he should be Bond!
    42 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

  • susan

    to Susan @ 07/18/2011 at 1:53 pm

    i agree. Western Front and Gina are both so predictable.

  • susan

    to Susan @ 07/18/2011 at 1:53 pm

    i agree. Western Front and Gina are both so predictable.

  • to 232 237

    hey do everybody on this board a favor and let it go. why keep bringing up these 2 poster?
    It’s looks lik all you are doing is trying to stir up trouble.
    why do you care so much what they think.? you seem obsesse with these posters. makes me think you are worried about those rumors. why else would you keep bring them up,. no one else is.
    you look like a TROLL.
    look, daniel and rachel are together that should be enough for you.
    It is enough for everybody else.

  • STFU

    @to 232 237:
    Board Police? A*S*S*H*O*L*E

  • to 239

    JUST what I thuoght A TROLL!
    NOBODY cares about what you think JACK @$$

  • to 240

    why so angry?

  • to 241

    read the post and you will figure it out.
    I’m sick of these trouble makers on this board. who only want to cause problems.

  • Dream House
    ‛In what is likely another ridiculous decision by the Motion Picture Association of America, the new thriller “Dream House” will still receive an R-rating upon its release. The Hollywood Reporter announced that the movie, which stars Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz has lost the appeal for a lesser rating put forth by Morgan Creek, who produced and financed the project. Never ones to be verbose or clear in their decisions, the Classification and Rating Appeals Board (an arm of the MPAA) simply stated that the rating was based on “some violence” that is featured in the film. Well, that clears it up.’

    This news indicates that things move more quickly now but what surprised me that was -some violence- which put Dream House more down. Producers of DH spent $50 million and apparently almost status of a R-rating for DH. How scary. Too much money ‘almost’ thrown in the air…
    Wondering why there’s no trailer of Dream House which is gonna hit theaters in September? Filmmakers usually edit trailers during process of filming or after finishing a movie so where is the trailer?
    Just a question: what would happen if the movie lost R-rating? Probably would become a B movie?
    I hope the Classification and Rating Appeals Board or any organization, in the nick of time, decides to not let the movie released but put it straight to dvd. I have enough time to wait until I buy a dvd. Wink.

  • to 242

    you are the only troublemaker here, telling other posters what they are allowed to post.

  • see

    The MPAA Appeals Board have ruled against Morgan Creek Productions, deciding that Dream House,starring Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, that the R rating stands.The board decided that the movie merited the rating because of some violence.

    Morgan Creek’s executive VP of marketing, Greg Mielcarz, told TheWrap that he still believes the film will ultimately receive a PG-13 rating: They gave us a list of several things in the movie that they thought should be cut. We’re going to … work with them together to ensure that we receive a PG-13.

    In order to have a rating changed, two-thirds of the members of the appeals board have to agree that the rating is clearly erroneous.

    The Motion Picture Association of America says that the ratings board reviews between 800 and 900 films each year and that fewer than a dozen ratings are appealed each year.

  • to 244

    All I’m saying is why beat a dead horse?
    Daniel and Rachel are happy together. that is pretty clear.
    ( and married)
    so why bring up these other poster? it appears all you are doing is trying to stir up trouble. you keep bringing up that stupid gay rumor. everybody knows that it is not true. so why talk about it. I;m hoping Daniel and the new wife start a family, now thats something worth talikng about,. not this other bs.

  • to 246

    To 246,
    Oh yeah, I believe your story as well to People mag and Daniel’s mysterious nature. Hope it was him who talked and not some astute journalist.
    This is wedding gift for him and Rachel:

    The MPAA Appeals Board have ruled against Morgan Creek Productions, deciding that Dream House,starring Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, that the R rating stands.The board decided that the movie merited the rating because of some violence.

    Morgan Creek’s executive VP of marketing, Greg Mielcarz, told TheWrap that he still believes the film will ultimately receive a PG-13 rating: They gave us a list of several things in the movie that they thought should be cut. We’re going to … work with them together to ensure that we receive a PG-13.

    In order to have a rating changed, two-thirds of the members of the appeals board have to agree that the rating is clearly erroneous.

    The Motion Picture Association of America says that the ratings board reviews between 800 and 900 films each year and that fewer than a dozen ratings are appealed each year.

  • to 247

    Sweet. Hope they dont chicken out and make cuts. Though i’d be more happy if the R was due to intensity than violence for this type of story.

  • to Gina

    R rating “story” was posted on Dan’s thread a long time ago. We already knew it!!

  • Amy

    Fio, thank you for all the clips. Daniel had something tattooed on his left arm? What is the meaning of mark?
    to 248
    I agree with you absolutely!! I hope they don’t stop at half measures.

  • Amy

    Harrison on ABC’s Nightline tonight!
    Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig Talk About Slinging Guns, Slaying Space Invaders in ‘Cowboys and Aliens’