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Megan Fox: Giorgio Armani Beauty Ads!

Megan Fox: Giorgio Armani Beauty Ads!

Check out Megan Fox in Giorgio Armani‘s summer 2011 beauty ad campaign!

The 25-year-old actress got glammed up in the brand’s Gloss d’Armani as well as its limited edition summer 2011 heat collection, which includes eye shadow, sheer bronzer, blush, mascara, and sheer lipstick.

Megan is also the face of the fashion brand’s fragrance, Armani Code, and appeared in Emporio Armani‘s women’s underwear and Armani Jeans ads last year.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Megan Fox’s Giorgio Armani beauty ad campaign?

Megan Fox – Giorgio Armani’s Face of Beauty
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megan fox giorgio armani beauty 01
megan fox giorgio armani beauty 02
megan fox giorgio armani beauty 03
megan fox giorgio armani beauty 04

Photos: Giorgio Armani
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  • sdvsdvdas


  • Ooo it’s megan

    I actually thought she was lindsy Lohan with lots of airbrushing

  • Theo

    No words can describe her beauty.

  • Wes


  • Silv

    hahahahahahahahahaha aaaaahaa ahaaha no

  • Tiff

    she’s beautiful , I have seen these pics before though

  • anybody?anybody?

    THIS is what Megan does best. Her acting career is fast going down the drain, and I always thought she would’ve made a better model than actress. She is STUNNING, but sometimes when this girl opens her mouth she doesn’t do herself ANY favors. But when shots like this come out, I fall on my knees in worship!

  • Reba

    She’s beautiful, that’s a given. I think she does take herself seriously as an actress and her two forthcoming movies will hopefully reveal a greater depth.

  • zoz

    People talk about her mouth. When was the last time she has said anything. She quit saying ridiculous crap a year or two ago. Move on.

  • zoz

    People talk about her mouth. When was the last time she has said anything. She quit saying ridiculous crap a year or two ago. Move on.

  • bree

    She’s absolutely stunning!

  • JJ

    Airbrushed flop

  • Putnam

    Not retaliating at all to the ridiculous crap said about her shows a level of class. lt’s super funny that people still want to say that she was fired for her Hitler comment when Shia himself called Bay a ^&**sucker. Yeah, she left, deal with it and has a huge future ahead of her.

  • dawson


  • dawson


  • BOJI

    She’s a rare beauty. Transformers is not the same without her. Pity, Steven Spielberg didn’t appreciate the humour behind her comment. She’s intelligent and I love watching her interviews. You know some people are just so hung up about the mention of Nazis or Hitler, get over it. The inhumanity done by our predecessors stamped from ignorance, sadism and greed for power and that was history. I find Steven’s reaction totally petty and childish.

  • fozzy

    I wish she’d own up to the plastic surgery. I’d like her just fine if she’d admit to it, but I see her as hypocritical and vain for complaining all the time about being objectified and not taken seriously as an “actor” when she chose to get a nose job, implants, injectables, etc.

  • superman


  • keith133

    ive seen pictures of her in high school and she didnt look that different she has probably had some work done but not as much as some people claim

  • Melly

    SOooooo Gorgeousssss

  • unknown

    LMAO these are SO photoshopped. Stop being such sheep. She wrecked her face since 2010 and will never be as famous as she once was

  • unknown

    @keith133: Oh really? Your attention to detail must be nonexistent then. she’s had gradual nose jobs, boob implants, endless lip injections, botox, cheek fillers, something done to her jaw, and possibly something to make her eyes more pulled up unless that’s an effect of the cheek fillers.

  • good job

    she is not a natural beauty, a natural beauty doesn’t have to get plastic surgery to make herself look that way so stop worshiping her shes not even a good role model with getting surgery at such a young age shed already gotten lip injections by the 2nd transformers she is not pretty walking down a street you would not stop and go OMG she gorgeous cause she is naturally plain looking with out airbrush and thats that even my bf use tot hink she was hot now hes thinks she looks hideous in normal pictures

  • BOJI

    Well, if what some of you have claimed to be true, ie she’s had plastic surgery, I think the plastic surgeon has to be commended for a fantastic job. She’s near perfection and I cannot fault her beauty. She’s already had the looks in her younger days and going raven(hair) has only emphasized her looks. She looks better with dark hair than blonde.

  • keith133

    their is a bit of a double standard here whenever their are pictures of nicole kidman people dont keep going on about her plastic surgery

  • kå simply àmazing!

    nice video ads

  • ellie’

    Megan is perfection..stunning beautiful woman..

  • Amazed

    Wow she is definably beautiful.

    agree with BOJI

  • barbie

    way too much airbrushing

  • Karih

    Easy to be HOT with SURGERY.

  • disgraces

    All this show to advertise a lipstick? This ad is more like a self promotion rather than an advert. Im tired of Megan Fox she’s another Hollysh*t toy.

  • RitaMargarita

    omg Megan…

  • Lily

    She looks beautiful !

  • Leea

    why have all the good comments about megan been hidden. LEAVE MEGAN ALONE! how do you know she has had plastic surgery? the only way a person can know for sure is if they ask her themselves. If you people keep judging her then you’re the one with the problem, not her. How would you like to be judged over every little thing you do. Haters, go get a life. You must be really insecure about yourselves to write all this crap about her so just grow up and let her do what she wants.

  • unknown

    @Leea: “how do you know she has had plastic surgery?” Because we have eyes. Are you serious ffs

  • Leea

    @unknown: i just don’t think it’s fair that people judge her nobody would like it if someone did it to them so don’t do it to her. if people are going to judge her than keep to yourself don’t take your insecurities out on her.

  • lafamepoma

    she doesn’t need to make money from movies only with Armani she makes a lot

  • anna

    @unknown: you may have eyes but that still doesn’t make you 100% certain of that. stop judging her and go find something else to do.

  • anna

    @Leea: you’re right, no one knows for a fact that she has had plastic surgery.

  • FoxFanBoy

    @Leea: i know why do they hate her so much? i understand that some my not like her but why the hate?
    megan is so sweet

  • good job

    @FoxFanBoy: i dont hate meagn fox i am just sick of everyone saying she is a NATURAL beauty when she is not she has obviously had alot of surgery so she is not natural at all i dont like the girls acting either but i dont hate her as a person i am just sick of all the worshipping she gets like she is a queen hahahha

  • Lol

    @Leea: hi, Megan!

  • Leea

    @Lol: Look, all I’m saying is people should just keep their judgements to themselves

  • ace11

    why are all these comments hidden due to a low comment rating?

    some are ok

  • Putnam

    wow cant you people just appreciate the fact that she looks beautiful in these ads without thumbing down to death? @good job: She’s beautiful, hey there are a gazzilion troll websites on Megan Fox why don’t you and you’re goons take a hike? hmm?

  • zilla

    She is the anti natural beauty. how dare someone say such a thing! why do you think people (particularly men) loved her before all her surgeries? because she has always had a very fake,cheap appearance. extensions,black hair dye,gallons of makeup,fake tan,sl*tty dresses,etc…she’s looks like a porn star, not a classy hollywood actress. class + megan fox shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence.

  • Richard

    wow are her fans foreign? lol…GOSH Seriously come to America there are “hot” chicks like her EVERYWHEREEEEE! well maybe not everywhere, lol but at every strip club,bar in town, yes there are. I see hot dark haired women like her all the time here. Its nothing special. I guess I prefer more exotic beauties. She’s too plain and American looking. *yawn*

  • Bryony

    Bad choice, Armani. Use a model like Emily Didonato for your campaign instead! Not a plastic so-called actress!

  • handledatroof

    She was a natural beauty and still is a straight up beauty surgery or not STFU please!

  • lynn

    if you think that megan fox has no class, then why she became the sexiest girl in fhm for 2 years, armani contracted her and she won the battle versus rosie in every site?