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Nicole Kidman: Flight with Faith!

Nicole Kidman: Flight with Faith!

Nicole Kidman kisses her adorable 6-month-old daughter Faith at the airport on Wednesday (July 6) in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old actress arrived to catch a flight out of town with husband Keith Urban and their older daughter Sunday, who turns 3 on Thursday!

On Friday, Nicole celebrated Sunday‘s b-day a bit early with a party at her parents’ house.

Keith was recently asked by the Boston Herald if he might be giving up ballads for some mean blues tunes for his upcoming tracks.

“Maybe that’s the next album,” he said with a laugh, adding, “I’ve been thinking a lot about my next album already and maybe that’s what it will be.”

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  • maggie

    Cute kids…. cute parents

  • s

    OMG so cute.
    Sunday is so big and faith so gorgeous.
    nic’s great.
    what a cute family

  • Waterman

    awhhhhhh so sweet….love love love!

  • emily

    i lovee theem. sunday and faith are gorgeous and nicole and keith are a great coupleeee! wish them happiness forever.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Absolute adorable girlys.
    I am a big Nic and Keith fan. Was of hers and his before they married.
    I think she needs to let go ofthe movie scene and just be with Kieth and the least three years. Enjoy to be with full-time every waking moment with her long awaited babies and a real man.Maybe since Bellaand Connor are growing up,they can make a move to see more of their mom. They probably never saw babe Faith. They don’t seem to visit Nic’s parents, their grandparents, but they know Katie Holmes ‘ parents. Weird.
    Nicole has her Oscar win behind her and Oscar nominated roles too. Tons of money and has done her movies.
    I saw Just Go With It at a friends house…a real silly POS crap moive. Of course ,that sounds right for a Jennifer Anniston movie.
    Nic doesn’t need to make bad movies, bombs like Nine, Just Go With It,etc. She seems on a roll of abd roles lately.

  • A

    Sunday and Faith are soo cute. Nicole looks great but her boots are just terrible.

  • Bella


  • Lynn

    The girls are adorable and Nicole is gorgeous as usual.

  • andi

    Keith and Nicole makes beautiful kids…looove this family!

  • Sandeana

    Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman obviously could not have kids together, so they adopted 2. Then Nicole marries Keith Urban, & has 2 kids with him-just like that! Tom Cruise even managed to have one with his next wife, Katie Holmes. They will probably have one in a year or 2. Cruise & Kidman can have biological kids with their 2nd spouses. But they could not have biological kids together-no matter how much they tried.
    I guess some couples can be incapatible fertility wise. Besides being incapatible otherwise. Cruise & Kidman were really never meant to be together. But they did adopt a couple of attractive kids who are older now. But they live with Cruise, not Kidman. Quite a puzzle, isn’t it?

  • moh123

    Gorgeous family!

  • chris0929

    The girls are adorable and Nicole is gorgeous as usual.Love this family!

  • kå simply àmazing!

    ilove they family faith and sunday sooo gorgeous :D

  • ZarahLeander


  • FB

    yummy cuddly pink blankie :)
    all very cuddly

  • love

    adorable family

  • priscila

    God! this family is beautiful !!!!!

  • ffh

    perfect family, they are cute

  • Maya

    maybe it’s a puzzle for someone who likes theories like yours. Not for normal people. They live with their father because as Isabella said they were afraid of changes and that their fragile mother will not be able to raise kids alone. Connor is very touched to his father but Isabella prefers Nicole, Tom’s way of raising them was not good for her. I heard that Nicole is a great mother and friend for Bella and she was the first person that knew about Nicole’s and Keith’s plannes for second baby.

  • http://aj slig o lambert^________^ cute

    2 kids so beautiful and cute

  • AEP

    Just LOVE her! So classy and beautiful..and she looks so very happy. Good for her!!!!

  • Thai

    Nicole and her little pig again?

  • Yak

    @Maya: What a load of BS!

  • litaly

    i hate family nicole


    Absolute Perfection !

    Both children dressed as CHILDREN. Both wearing clothing appropriate for age, travel, and the cold Australian Winter.

    Sunday is wearing thick tights, a little wool dress, a coat, and supportive rubber soled toddler shoes.

    Faith is in her warm and cozy onesie, thick socks, and wrapped in her blanket. Yes, the baby has a baby blanket, not the two year old, who is walking, not being carried.

    Nicole is gorgeous, beautiful, yet casually attired. Keith the rocker that he is in his jeans and T.

    Naturally, all perfectly clean and groomed

    ( Not that we need compare this family to another ;)

  • Frozoid

    Why does she always look so awkward and uncomfortable holding her own children?

  • Jordyn


    Why do you always make negative statements about her? She looks loving and comfortable to me. Beautiful family.

  • Notagoodlook

    Cropped pants with boots look very odd on her with her tall body. Good for a high-water joke. There is something very unnatural looking about her when she is holding her kids.

  • FB


    Your comment is atrocious!!

  • FB


    Your comment is atrocious!

  • FB

    @FB: \\


  • FB

    @TIM GUNN:

    You’re right Tim; it’s not necessary, especially from a gentleman of your standing. :)

  • boston61

    She USED another woman to make that baby. She paid for it. She bought that baby. Wonder when she will tell the little girl who her real mother is?

  • great

    you can watch this video,sunday is kind of curious in everything!!

    I love this family,especially sunday rose!

  • Maeve

    Two of my favs. I’m a big Keith Urban fan. I’m glad he finally found the love of his life. Nicole is perfect for him. It must be the Aussie thing. They sure make beautiful babies! Thanks Jared.

  • Maeve

    @boston61 – Nicole and Keith used a surrogate because Nicole was unable to have anymore children. I heard Keith talk about it. They feel very blessed that another woman would carried their child for them. Faith is their biological daughter. (her eggs, his stuff). They paid the carrier but it’s tactless to say they bought their own baby. Many women are in the same infertility boat. Be a little more sensitive.

  • Frozoid


    Um, maybe because I believe what I say- just as you believe what you say? Last time I checked we had First Amendment rights here in the U.S. A.

  • Eden


    That’s a Max Daniel Baby Rosebuds & Satin baby throw!!

  • Go Ask Alice

    Sorry ya’ll gave me negatives.
    let me rephrase.

    I like Nicoleand Keith,was a fan before they married .
    I jsut think Nic has done it all in movies-Osacar,Oscar nom.,enough.
    Be a full-time stay-on-the bus mom (ref. to Keith’s career), and just every day , all day enjoy her sweet,well deserved, well foguht for, family that did not come easy.
    Good girls,Nicole Kidman, do win.
    I likethat.
    maybe,just maybe she could 1 supergoodA+ rare movie once in a while. There are very few, few nad far between good,rare movies. She did her lion’s share of them-Cold Mountain, etc.
    Now, she is going in bad movieville with low budget actresess-Anniston, . bomb movies -Just Fo For It. , Nine.

  • holly

    @Frozoid – Um, maybe just because you CAN hide behind a fake name and say something nasty, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. It’s funny how you haters rag on about the integrity of this couple when everything out of your own mouth is so vile. Let’s see, who seems the nicest, happiest and most stable? The Urban family or someone who trolls the internet boards daily, salivating for a place to say anything hateful? I pick Nicole and her really hot husband.

  • Frozoid


    So you are speaking for the owner of this blog? Where are the rules stipulated that one can’t write what one feels about an “actress?”

    This is a PUBLIC BLOG- and people can write whatever they choose. If you don’t like negative comments, go somewhere else.
    You cannot control what people say here.

  • Not buying it in Minnesota


    Frozoid is Sue from BFE Minnesota. She’s in love with Keith and hates Nicole and anytime you question her hate she says it’s her American right to post such crap. She’s posted online under usernames like NKsKids4Sale, ihateher, lyncher, banbotox, nomorefan. She’s mentally ill.

  • ann

    @frozoid, if you hate her that much, why you google her name.

  • Dave

    Kidman is really going bald in these pictures.

  • FB

    @Not buying it in Minnesota:

    and “Not buying it in Minnesota” is Skewer Mistress plus a dozen other pseudonyms; pot calling the kettle black much?

  • FB

    comment “yummy cuddly pink blankie :)” gets 7 thumbs down,

    comment “That’s a Max Daniel Baby Rosebuds & Satin baby throw!!” gets 5 thumbs up ….

    really gives the thumbing process a lot of credibility, huh?

  • holly

    @Frozoid – No one said you couldn’t write whatever stupid, moronic hatefilled thing you wanted on this blog, dumbo. I said just because you CAN, doesn’t mean it the right thing to do. But I guess when you’re raised by a pig, you become a pig.

    @Not buying it in Minnesota – Obviously.

    @ann – If she didn’t google all day, she’s have to get a real life. She enjoys watching their lives instead and pretending she’s part of it.

  • @Not buying it in Minnesota

    She also goes by the name of Jabba the Hut.

  • Gwen

    @holly: Clearly some people here can’t grasp the concept that yes you can post what you want but you have to deal with the consequences – i.e. look like an idiot, have other readers disagree, tell you when you are a hater, vote your comments down.

  • MsGallagher

    Wait….the hater who stalks the Nicole threads is an adult??? I always thought it was a teenie! OMG….that cracks me up!