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Nicole Kidman: Flight with Faith!

Nicole Kidman: Flight with Faith!

Nicole Kidman kisses her adorable 6-month-old daughter Faith at the airport on Wednesday (July 6) in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old actress arrived to catch a flight out of town with husband Keith Urban and their older daughter Sunday, who turns 3 on Thursday!

On Friday, Nicole celebrated Sunday‘s b-day a bit early with a party at her parents’ house.

Keith was recently asked by the Boston Herald if he might be giving up ballads for some mean blues tunes for his upcoming tracks.

“Maybe that’s the next album,” he said with a laugh, adding, “I’ve been thinking a lot about my next album already and maybe that’s what it will be.”

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211 Responses to “Nicole Kidman: Flight with Faith!”

  1. 1
    maggie Says:

    Cute kids…. cute parents

  2. 2
    s Says:

    OMG so cute.
    Sunday is so big and faith so gorgeous.
    nic’s great.
    what a cute family

  3. 3
    Waterman Says:

    awhhhhhh so sweet….love love love!

  4. 4
    emily Says:

    i lovee theem. sunday and faith are gorgeous and nicole and keith are a great coupleeee! wish them happiness forever.

  5. 5
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    Absolute adorable girlys.
    I am a big Nic and Keith fan. Was of hers and his before they married.
    I think she needs to let go ofthe movie scene and just be with Kieth and the least three years. Enjoy to be with full-time every waking moment with her long awaited babies and a real man.Maybe since Bellaand Connor are growing up,they can make a move to see more of their mom. They probably never saw babe Faith. They don’t seem to visit Nic’s parents, their grandparents, but they know Katie Holmes ‘ parents. Weird.
    Nicole has her Oscar win behind her and Oscar nominated roles too. Tons of money and has done her movies.
    I saw Just Go With It at a friends house…a real silly POS crap moive. Of course ,that sounds right for a Jennifer Anniston movie.
    Nic doesn’t need to make bad movies, bombs like Nine, Just Go With It,etc. She seems on a roll of abd roles lately.

  6. 6
    A Says:

    Sunday and Faith are soo cute. Nicole looks great but her boots are just terrible.

  7. 7
    Bella Says:


  8. 8
    Lynn Says:

    The girls are adorable and Nicole is gorgeous as usual.

  9. 9
    andi Says:

    Keith and Nicole makes beautiful kids…looove this family!

  10. 10
    Sandeana Says:

    Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman obviously could not have kids together, so they adopted 2. Then Nicole marries Keith Urban, & has 2 kids with him-just like that! Tom Cruise even managed to have one with his next wife, Katie Holmes. They will probably have one in a year or 2. Cruise & Kidman can have biological kids with their 2nd spouses. But they could not have biological kids together-no matter how much they tried.
    I guess some couples can be incapatible fertility wise. Besides being incapatible otherwise. Cruise & Kidman were really never meant to be together. But they did adopt a couple of attractive kids who are older now. But they live with Cruise, not Kidman. Quite a puzzle, isn’t it?

  11. 11
    moh123 Says:

    Gorgeous family!

  12. 12
    chris0929 Says:

    The girls are adorable and Nicole is gorgeous as usual.Love this family!

  13. 13
    kå simply àmazing! Says:

    ilove they family faith and sunday sooo gorgeous :D

  14. 14
    ZarahLeander Says:


  15. 15
    FB Says:

    yummy cuddly pink blankie :)
    all very cuddly

  16. 16
    love Says:

    adorable family

  17. 17
    priscila Says:

    God! this family is beautiful !!!!!

  18. 18
    ffh Says:

    perfect family, they are cute

  19. 19
    Maya Says:

    maybe it’s a puzzle for someone who likes theories like yours. Not for normal people. They live with their father because as Isabella said they were afraid of changes and that their fragile mother will not be able to raise kids alone. Connor is very touched to his father but Isabella prefers Nicole, Tom’s way of raising them was not good for her. I heard that Nicole is a great mother and friend for Bella and she was the first person that knew about Nicole’s and Keith’s plannes for second baby.

  20. 20
    slig o lambert^________^ cute Says:

    2 kids so beautiful and cute

  21. 21
    AEP Says:

    Just LOVE her! So classy and beautiful..and she looks so very happy. Good for her!!!!

  22. 22
    Thai Says:

    Nicole and her little pig again?

  23. 23
    Yak Says:

    @Maya: What a load of BS!

  24. 24
    litaly Says:

    i hate family nicole

  25. 25
    TIM GUNN Says:

    Absolute Perfection !

    Both children dressed as CHILDREN. Both wearing clothing appropriate for age, travel, and the cold Australian Winter.

    Sunday is wearing thick tights, a little wool dress, a coat, and supportive rubber soled toddler shoes.

    Faith is in her warm and cozy onesie, thick socks, and wrapped in her blanket. Yes, the baby has a baby blanket, not the two year old, who is walking, not being carried.

    Nicole is gorgeous, beautiful, yet casually attired. Keith the rocker that he is in his jeans and T.

    Naturally, all perfectly clean and groomed

    ( Not that we need compare this family to another ;)

  26. 26
    Frozoid Says:

    Why does she always look so awkward and uncomfortable holding her own children?

  27. 27
    Jordyn Says:


    Why do you always make negative statements about her? She looks loving and comfortable to me. Beautiful family.

  28. 28
    Notagoodlook Says:

    Cropped pants with boots look very odd on her with her tall body. Good for a high-water joke. There is something very unnatural looking about her when she is holding her kids.

  29. 29
    FB Says:


    Your comment is atrocious!!

  30. 30
    FB Says:


    Your comment is atrocious!

  31. 31
    FB Says:

    @FB: \\


  32. 32
    FB Says:

    @TIM GUNN:

    You’re right Tim; it’s not necessary, especially from a gentleman of your standing. :)

  33. 33
    boston61 Says:

    She USED another woman to make that baby. She paid for it. She bought that baby. Wonder when she will tell the little girl who her real mother is?

  34. 34
    great Says:

    you can watch this video,sunday is kind of curious in everything!!

    I love this family,especially sunday rose!

  35. 35
    Maeve Says:

    Two of my favs. I’m a big Keith Urban fan. I’m glad he finally found the love of his life. Nicole is perfect for him. It must be the Aussie thing. They sure make beautiful babies! Thanks Jared.

  36. 36
    Maeve Says:

    @boston61 – Nicole and Keith used a surrogate because Nicole was unable to have anymore children. I heard Keith talk about it. They feel very blessed that another woman would carried their child for them. Faith is their biological daughter. (her eggs, his stuff). They paid the carrier but it’s tactless to say they bought their own baby. Many women are in the same infertility boat. Be a little more sensitive.

  37. 37
    Frozoid Says:


    Um, maybe because I believe what I say- just as you believe what you say? Last time I checked we had First Amendment rights here in the U.S. A.

  38. 38
    Eden Says:


    That’s a Max Daniel Baby Rosebuds & Satin baby throw!!

  39. 39
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    Sorry ya’ll gave me negatives.
    let me rephrase.

    I like Nicoleand Keith,was a fan before they married .
    I jsut think Nic has done it all in movies-Osacar,Oscar nom.,enough.
    Be a full-time stay-on-the bus mom (ref. to Keith’s career), and just every day , all day enjoy her sweet,well deserved, well foguht for, family that did not come easy.
    Good girls,Nicole Kidman, do win.
    I likethat.
    maybe,just maybe she could 1 supergoodA+ rare movie once in a while. There are very few, few nad far between good,rare movies. She did her lion’s share of them-Cold Mountain, etc.
    Now, she is going in bad movieville with low budget actresess-Anniston, . bomb movies -Just Fo For It. , Nine.

  40. 40
    holly Says:

    @Frozoid – Um, maybe just because you CAN hide behind a fake name and say something nasty, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. It’s funny how you haters rag on about the integrity of this couple when everything out of your own mouth is so vile. Let’s see, who seems the nicest, happiest and most stable? The Urban family or someone who trolls the internet boards daily, salivating for a place to say anything hateful? I pick Nicole and her really hot husband.

  41. 41
    Frozoid Says:


    So you are speaking for the owner of this blog? Where are the rules stipulated that one can’t write what one feels about an “actress?”

    This is a PUBLIC BLOG- and people can write whatever they choose. If you don’t like negative comments, go somewhere else.
    You cannot control what people say here.

  42. 42
    Not buying it in Minnesota Says:


    Frozoid is Sue from BFE Minnesota. She’s in love with Keith and hates Nicole and anytime you question her hate she says it’s her American right to post such crap. She’s posted online under usernames like NKsKids4Sale, ihateher, lyncher, banbotox, nomorefan. She’s mentally ill.

  43. 43
    ann Says:

    @frozoid, if you hate her that much, why you google her name.

  44. 44
    Dave Says:

    Kidman is really going bald in these pictures.

  45. 45
    FB Says:

    @Not buying it in Minnesota:

    and “Not buying it in Minnesota” is Skewer Mistress plus a dozen other pseudonyms; pot calling the kettle black much?

  46. 46
    FB Says:

    comment “yummy cuddly pink blankie :)” gets 7 thumbs down,

    comment “That’s a Max Daniel Baby Rosebuds & Satin baby throw!!” gets 5 thumbs up ….

    really gives the thumbing process a lot of credibility, huh?

  47. 47
    holly Says:

    @Frozoid – No one said you couldn’t write whatever stupid, moronic hatefilled thing you wanted on this blog, dumbo. I said just because you CAN, doesn’t mean it the right thing to do. But I guess when you’re raised by a pig, you become a pig.

    @Not buying it in Minnesota – Obviously.

    @ann – If she didn’t google all day, she’s have to get a real life. She enjoys watching their lives instead and pretending she’s part of it.

  48. 48
    @Not buying it in Minnesota Says:

    She also goes by the name of Jabba the Hut.

  49. 49
    Gwen Says:

    @holly: Clearly some people here can’t grasp the concept that yes you can post what you want but you have to deal with the consequences – i.e. look like an idiot, have other readers disagree, tell you when you are a hater, vote your comments down.

  50. 50
    MsGallagher Says:

    Wait….the hater who stalks the Nicole threads is an adult??? I always thought it was a teenie! OMG….that cracks me up!

  51. 51
    Jenn Says:

    Those kids are beautiful & I am so happy for Nicole. I have always been a fan of hers.

  52. 52
    Sophie Says:

    Love this couple my favorite with Will and Kate <3 <3

  53. 53
    sawyer Says:

    @MsGallagher: Keith has his fair share of young crazies like all country stars. But the ones that post here and on E are all adult women over 40. Some are old enough to be grandmothers.

  54. 54
    FB Says:

    Apart from the Urbans’ genuine fans and genuine compliments, the threads are a JOKE! Though sadly lacking in real humour! Sick world we live in! Shame on you SM and your pack.

  55. 55
    GIGI Says:

    Gorgeous family!

  56. 56
    Mickey222 Says:

    I think it is very strange!!!! I was always convinced that Kidman was pregnant with Ewan McGregor’s baby when they were doing Moulin Rouge together. Funny how you NEVER see Kidman with her two adopted kids.

  57. 57
    41529 Says:

    @Mickey222: WTF? What baby?

    Love Nicole. Why does a mention of her bring out the crazies?

  58. 58
    mary Says:

    what a cute family

  59. 59
    Frozoid Says:

    Nope, I am from California… Don’t even bother trying to play sleuth here, because you won’t win.

  60. 60
    Robyn Says:

    Yeah really, what baby? And what is “very strange” about these pictures of Nicole and her beautiful family? Her other two kids are Scientologists. Nicole left that and they’re not allowed to see her. Scientologists shun former members. Mormons do too. Blame them not seeing Nicole on wacky Tom.

  61. 61
    hannahB Says:

    Aww, their baby is so cute! I love them as a couple! They seem so in love. The older girl looks just like Keith. Sweet.

  62. 62
    name Says:

    @Frozoid: Your disgusting comments already prove you’ve lost and are lost. Get help.

  63. 63
    Maria Says:

    awwww so cute. Faith looks like a cherub!

  64. 64
    yuri Says:

    Sunday and Faith are so cute.

  65. 65
    danielle Says:


    Don’t be such an a$$. You are just jealous. Who is Faith’s mother? NICOLE. You managed to insult all adopted kids with that statement. All kids conceived outside of what you consider normal. Your mother and your father are the people that raise and it has nothing to do with biology.

    You constantly harp on her using a gestational carrier. So what! I know people who have worked three jobs, mortgaged their homes and done whatever is necessary whether it is use a gestational, surrogate, test tubes, in vitro or adopt. So, so what if Nicole went this route–the difference is she has money and can easily pay for it. Doesn’t mean there isn’t an emotional toll. The gestational carrier could have rejected the embryo you know. She could have miscarried. She could have fought to keep the baby. Instead this wonderful woman gave Nicole and Keith a wonderful child.

    I don’t know why you are such a bitter and mean person, but it does get tiring reading your same bitter, mean and horrible comments not only about Nicole, but about anyone that you think is not up to your so golden standards.

    Based on previous comments you have made about your orientation–just exactly how do you plan to have a baby if this is your desire? Mmmm?

  66. 66
    Kiki Says:

    Sunday and Faith haven’t smart facial expressions… I wonder why!

  67. 67
    Julie2 Says:


    I bet kiki, they are a lot smarter than you even at that very young age!!!!

  68. 68
    name Says:

    @danielle boston also believes that Nicole bought Sunday and never gave birth despite the fact that one of their own, an actual skeptic, has admitted to knowing the truth. Nicole gave birth to Sunday in Nashville. They won’t ever give up with the hate. But I wanted to applaud you for your comments. It’s these hate mongers that give surrogacy a bad name because they absolutely have no idea what they are talking about. “Gestational carrier” is a term used and accepted within the surrogacy community. The skeptics can’t get over that Nicole and Keith were given another blessing in the face of their 6 year crusade. No amount of money can guarantee a child. The skeptics are livid this family got another miracle.

  69. 69
    mary Says:

    boston61 @ 07/06/2011 at 10:19 am

    first off, i know who you are. you complained on some thread, i forget which one, about the fact that film projects were hiring proven, well established, and talented actresses who were not were American instead of someone like yourself forced to work in bars or pubs because you couldn’t get parts. as a result, you react with anger and hostility towards any actress who has it all; career, children, partner. you’re upset because the actress has what you will never have.

    as i recall, you never answered why the producers should hire you as opposed to someone like, for example, Kate Winslet or Cate Blanchette; both Oscar winners. hate to tell you this, true talent transcends all borders. Directors, Actors, Actresses, etc come from all over the world to work on the same film. as for Nicole Kidman; she was born in Honolulu, Hawaii which makes her an American citizen. so, when directors hire Nicole they are hiring an American citizen. what part of this don’t you understand????

  70. 70
    Dani Says:

    @TIM GUNN:

    Love Nicole’s cream ostrich boots – any idea of the label?

  71. 71
    irene olson Says:

    Keith Urban has got to be a fabulous family man. How many men would come off six or seven concert dates, shoot a video in LA, and then fly that distance to Australia for a few days. He was probably in the air longer than in Australia. When Nicole was pregnant with Sunday (and shooting a film in Australia), Keith flew to Australia for the appointment for the ultrasound and then turned around and flew back to the States. A loving family that works very hard to balance family and careers. You go, URBANS!!

  72. 72
    irene olson Says:

    Kiki, I don’t think you need to worry about the intelligence of the Urban girls. Both Nicole and Keith are EXTREMELY intelligent and talented people. I think these little girls will be quite high on the IQ scale.

  73. 73
    TIM GUNN Says:


    Bad photos, but these are the boots. Marc Jacobs.

  74. 74
    jonie Says:

    How long will it be before “they” suggest that the pics are photoshopped because Keith has on a tshirt and the girls have on winter clothes. He wasn’t really in Australia, you know. LOL

  75. 75
    lots to learn Says:

    @jonie: oh jonie that’s an old old skeptic trick. They’ve said at many points photos have been photoshopped and Nicole had employed body doubles for her, Keith, and Keith’s parents. The body doubles were at a county fair. Keith’s parents had doubles when they were seen with them in Australia. Nicole was carrying around a sack of potatoes or a fake baby, the kind used in Hollywood movies, when she traveled with Sunday in a baby sling.

    The latest excuse – Keith’s hair is shorter in the snapshot of a video he filmed before coming to Sydney last week than the photos of him at the airport. Therefore he is lying about his whereabouts. That’s what they are left with, these skeptics. Trying to prove through pap photos that Keith isn’t where he says he is. One even suggested that Keith was catting around in Vegas when he was supposed to be with the fam in CA. The truth was she was using old video of him posted a few weeks late from a public radio event pre-ACM awards to make that claim. The skeptics will lie about anything. Just ask Tara aka hit n run. She’s now making up stories about Keith’s latest #1 single, that it was bought and paid for by Nicole. She makes up the stories and then posts them on line as ” loud rumors”. She made them up, she should know! BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. 76
    Bella 1st Says:

    For anyone who always mention that Nicole is a bad mother who doesn’t care to her other children “Bella and Connor”, are TOTALY WRONG. The fact that Bella is very close to her mother “Nicole”, what @Maya #19 said is true.
    Again THE FACT THAT BELLA WASN’T LIVING WITH TOMY GIRL ANYMORE, she may live with Nicole now or lived with friend in an apartment, but most importantly, that BELLA WAS OUT OF SCIENTOLOGY AND OUT OF TOMY GIRL LIFE.
    Tomy, Tomy, you can’t fool everybody with hiring someone who is similar to your daughter “Bella”, just to convince everyone that your daughter still lives with you and Scientology, so pathetic.

  77. 77
    FB Says:

    ‘Not buying it in Minnesota’ #42 = SKEWER MISTRESS
    ‘@Not buying it in Minnesota’ #48 = SKEWER MISTRESS
    ‘holly’ #47 = SKEWER MISTRESS
    ‘sawyer’ #53 = SKEWER MISTRESS
    ‘name’ # 62 = SKEWER MISTRESS
    ‘name’ #68 = SKEWER MISTRESS
    ‘sawyer’ #53 = SKEWER MISTRESS
    ‘lots to learn’ #75 = SKEWER MISTRESS

    and probably some others too – wonder why she takes on so many different names in the same thread??? hmmm! And even responds to her own comments, LOL! “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the craziest of them ALL”

    @Frozoid: SKEWER MISTRESS has also tried to say I am “Sue”, lol, and I don’t even live in America! And I don’t fill her criteria for being one of her ‘outed’ bunch.

    oi vey

  78. 78
    Gingerbread Says:

    When can we see Nicole with her two older kids with Tom?

  79. 79
    holly Says:

    “FB” #15, #29, #30, #31, #32, #45, #46, #54, #77 = MENTALLY ILL

    I’m not your infatuation, Skewer Mistress.

    Who’s the craziest of them all? Quite obviously it’s you, bucko.

  80. 80
    Got Truth? Says:

    Well one of the haters just pulled a no-no and admitted that she’s going to his next concert because “his fingers fascinate” her. Somebody else keeps posting links to pictures of Keith and Nicole, then writes “how boring” after them. Do they REALLY think they’re fooling anyone? If they’re so boring, why are you looking for pictures? And if by now you haven’t figured out that they’re totally delusional, check out this post “You know the stuff on this tread is really building traction when it is clear they are now scrambling to “counter” what is being pointed out here! ” They actually believe THEY dictate what Keith and Nicole do! Cuckoo….cuckoo.

  81. 81
    Fuju Says:

    What’s FB stand for? Fat *****? Freaky *******?

  82. 82
    western Says:

    @Got Truth?: Skeptics still go to concerts. Hit n run as “Tara” on the Urban Myths blog said she went to one recently but won’t admit to it on E. Everyone knows she’s both posters but won’t cop to it. Cricket also attended but she goes every time he’s in her area. She’s not on E anymore but she posts trash about Nicole everywhere else…Perez, Dlisted. She knows nothing, she’s a store clerk in the Midwest.

  83. 83
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @western: Do you know their blood types and adjusted gross income for 2010 too? Stalker.

  84. 84
    Fuju Says:

    @UNeedHelp: No need to stalk. The skeptics have provided all that info by themselves. They provided the pictures, their life stories, their fantasies about Keith, and all their usernames. If you don’t want people to know, don’t put it on the internet.

  85. 85
    don't worry Says:

    The commentors that put out the stalker label are the skeptics themselves. nomorefan is infamous for doing so. She claims she’s been harassed and stalked for years when she is the model schoolyard bully.They try to deflect as much as they can but 6 years of lying online on public boards and to each other on private boards has caught up with them

  86. 86
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @Fuju: Do you really hope that the millions of people who surf the internet everyday really care to read your “tattle tailing” on people for posting comments on Perez and Dlisted? Isn’t that what the internet is used for and millions of others are doing it at this very moment? I’m sure someone in South Africa is out-raged that a “Tara” “Hit n run” and “Cricket” are posting comments on the internet. Your efforts are inane.

  87. 87
    Fuju Says:

    @UNeedHelp: Then it doesn’t matter if we continue talking about the delusional comments the skeptics make and show links to the pictures they posted of themselves at Keith Urban concerts. Don’t read them if you don’t want to.

  88. 88

    First of all, Keith looked tired but good. It was arranged that we meet at the venue and I gotta admit I didnt know what to expect at all. But then all of a sudden there he was holding out his arms and smileing at me. It is a moment that I will never forget. There were some tender moments and we hugged. He sounded congested and a bit hoarse and told me he was sick. And that he thought he had caught it on his flight in from Australia where he went to see his Wife. At the mention of his Wife, I asked him “How is that going? ” and laughed. He got this great big smile on his face and said- and I quote, ” It`s going ” And he laughed. I thought that was a funny thing to say and I said ( smart ass that I am) ” going where? ” He just laughed again. He looked good I gotta say. His eyes were clear and just as I had remembered them. He was sick but looking healthy- if that makes any sense? We talked about Why I left Nashville and how hard it was for me, He got philisophical on me several times. He said that he missed me, and other personal things that brought tears to my eyes. He kept his arm around me and held onto my hand the whole time. Personal observations while he was close: His thights were larger and very hard, his butt is bigger but not in a bad way. No manboobs anymore, trim tummy, he was Keith- but he looked like he had aged about 10 years in two years. I could tell that when he was close he was holding back. I think he had decided in his mind not to cheat on his Wife. I asked him about rehab and he told me that he almost died. ( there ya go ) He got really emotional and started to cry which just about killed me inside. He was all choked up and all stuffed up and all I could think was, this poor guy has been through the ringer. It was quite a moment let me tell ya. He explained that he wants to be happy- and that he didnt really know what that meant. That he had always longed for it but never knew how to acheive it. He did all but admit that he suffered some sort of mental breakdown. I asked what he meant by almost dieing and he looked down and didnt want to answer me. I didnt push him,Though something inside me knew. He said that his Wife stood by him and didnt leave him when he screwed up and that he really didnt think she would stick around. ( He never said Nic, Nicole, not once while we talked- he called her his Wife) He told me he would like me to meet His Wife sometime. And I started laughing at him. ” yeah, I dont think she would want to meet me Keith” And he laughed and said, ” Yeah she would – she would lkie you” Inside I cringed and was thinking all of the names that we have called her. Pez, Botoxia, Noko, ect… Anyways, I dont think so. He was very genuine and seemed to me was being very honest. He didnt seem to be acting at all. And I was being skeptical in my brain. I asked him if he was happy and he replied that ” He was working on it” and he didnt laugh. He looked at me dead on. We talked more about what happened in Nashvile between us and he said that ” Everything happens for a reason and that nothing is what it appears.” Funny because that is something that I say all the time- I have even said it on E. He told me that he never thought that this would be the path that he took in marrying who he did. And that he really missed me when I left – and why didnt I try harder to come back? I didnt know what to say. I told him that after I got back I found out WHO he was dating and knew that I could never compete with all of that. He looked sad and really serious and assured me that I could have. ( but I knew that I couldnt have) He said that things moved really fast with his Wife. ( not Nicole- his Wife) I thought, how strange to always call her his Wife. Isnt it? I told him some really personal things that I wont repeat here. I told him that I was glad that he didnt die. ( and I was getting all emotional on him). I told him that I thought that I was pregnant after I got home. He looked concerned and asked ” Was I?” I told him No- just late. He didnt look releaved that I wasnt- like most guys would. He just looked sad. And he was there for me. There were some funny moments when we talked about the E board and he cracked me up. I asked him What kind of cookie he thought he was? And he roared with laughter. We decided he was more of a SMORE. LOL He liked that. We were together about 2 hours and then somebody knocked on the door and summoned him. He said he didnt want to go but had to. That this was a big tour and that he always had something to do or to check. I felt like I was going to cry at this point and he looked like he really didnt want to go at all. We hugged and we had a small but tender kiss. He made sure that my number was still correct. I told him that if he ever wanted or needed to talk to call me. He looked touched and surprised that I said it and assured me that he just might. He told me to be try and be happy and so me other things……. I smiled and he told me he missed that when I left. Then there was another knock and he really did have to go. Another quick hug and he asked where I was sitting- and he was whisked away. I went straight to my car and had a good cry.

  89. 89
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @Fuju: Were they posted or stolen? Are you in the pictures too? How would you know who and where they are – are they on stage with Urban? Hold the presses! Stop all further stories about the Anthony sentencing and Will and Kate hit California; there are negative comments being said about the Urbans on the internet. How can it be stopped? Now that’s breaking news!

  90. 90
    lol Says:

    @UNeedHelp: Sue is on the warpath again!

  91. 91
    jellybelly Says:

    Cricket is a joke. Not only does she go to concerts on every tour but she’ll spend money to go to out-of-state shows. How many times have we heard the skeptics make fun of fans who spend money on Keith now that he’s tainted with Nicole cooties. These morons talk like they are in elementary school!

  92. 92
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @jellybelly: How do you know Cricket so well?

  93. 93
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @MADISON’S MADE UP SOB STORY: Who is Madison?

  94. 94
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @lol: Think harder than that.

  95. 95
    ryder Says:

    Playing dumb is never an effective strategy. Thanks for the links and stories. These women are certifiable!

  96. 96
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @ryder: “Playing dumb and certifiable” is posting this fabricated story and not knowing the actual name of the person who made it up. If you don’t know the facts, that’s not an effective strategy either.

  97. 97
    Maggie Says:

    Wow!!! Just … Wow!!!

  98. 98
    Fuju Says:

    @UNeedHelp: They were posted. You can’t “steal” pictures off the internet. No, I’m not in them. They’re mostly fat, middleaged women and I’m neither. We know who they are because skeptics use to be fans so as much as they go on about hating him now, they use to go on about loving him then. They’re not on stage with him although there’s one of Toni Ann on stage with him wrapping him in a bow. They’re in the audience. I can post a picture since you’re so interested. Funny, cause I thought you said no one would be interested but you seem to be so I’ll find the pictures for you. Cricket’s been on Keith fanboards and then skeptic boards since 2004 and she use to blab a lot, not only about what she does but what other skeptics do too. MADISON is Stephanie, the woman with 2 kids who left them and her husband to find Keith and pretends to be having an affair with him since 2005. Anything else you want to know? Maybe about Michelle and the problems she has with her husband which makes her infatuate about country music singers. Or Gret who uses her disabled child to get up close and personal with Keith. Cheyenne’s got a good story too if you want to hear about the death wishes she’s made against Nicole but then she’s an alcoholic. I’ve also got a picture of a overweight skeptic standing in front of his bus in short shorts. Just let me know if you’d like to hear more….since you’re interested afterall. Who knows, maybe someone in South Africa wants to know.

  99. 99
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @Fuju: Yes, you can steal pictures off the internet. You really need to read the fine print! How old are you? 13?

    You must use services in a manner consistent with any and all applicable laws and regulations. The following are examples of the kind of Content that is illegal and prohibited to post on or through our service. We have the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action against anyone who, in our sole discretion, violates this provision, including without limitation, removing the offending Content from our service and terminating the Membership of such violators. Prohibited Content includes, but is not limited to, Content that, in our sole discretion:

    8.2 harasses or advocates harassment of another person;

    8.6 publicly posts information that poses or creates a privacy or security risk to any person;

    8.7 constitutes or promotes information that you know is false or misleading or promotes illegal activities or conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libelous;

    8.14 includes a photograph or video of another person that you have posted without that person’s consent; or

    8.15 violates the privacy rights, publicity rights, defamation rights, copyrights, trademark rights, contract rights or any other rights of any person.

  100. 100
    Missy Says:

    Gret. Isn’t she the one who lives in Hershey, PA? She rode the train when he did the private concert between PA and NYC. They hate him so much yet they can’t stop finding ways to see him. SECURITY!! Gret also claims to know somebody who had a 3-way with Tom and Nicole AND just happens to know one of the nurses who was in the room when Sunday was born. I’m telling ya, they make up whatever will get them some attention. They are all very, very, very sad women.

  101. 101
    Fuju Says:

    Nope, not 13. These pictures weren’t posted on a photography site. They were posted on boards and forums. Some were even in photobucket and flickr. I thought you didn’t care? BTW, you and the other haters might want to reread some of those yourselves. Harassment of another person, posting a security risk to any person, promotes information that you know is false or misleading, conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libelous. Sounds like you for the last 6 years.

  102. 102
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @Fuju: Maybe I should type slower since you obviously can’t read very well!


    It doesn’t matter if it comes from a photography site at all. Have you ever been a member on an official fan message board – like the good old Back in the day, they would not allow any posters to post random concert pictures. The rule was, if you didn’t take the picture, you cannot post it. There were threats of legal proceedings against the fan site back then because people were posting “stolen” pictures from the internet, even those that didn’t have copyrights on them.

  103. 103
    Dixie Says:

    Well, the photos were emailed to me personally by someone in the group a long time ago. They aren’t secret, private pictures anymore than the ones shared on Facebook. Like someone else said, don’t share on the internet unless you don’t care who sees it. I’ve been a fan for almost 10 years now and have emailed with tons of other fans since then. I have many pictures given to me and stories told to me. It only became a big deal when a few didn’t like Nicole and decided to spend 6 years of their own life trying to destroy her reputation, hoping that would somehow get Keith to divorce her. The people in the pictures only care about being seen now that they’re haters. I can’t blame them for having their faces exposed. What they do is appalling but karma always gets you in the end.

  104. 104
    Fuju Says:

    How would typing slower help me read better? That’s dumb. Anyhoo, since nobody cares (your words) about these random people anyway, it won’t matter what’s posted about them. I guess if Jared is worried, he’ll delete them.

    Here’s another place you can see them and a lot more too:


  105. 105
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @Dixie: Hmm, emailed pictures – not the internet. That would be considered very “stolen”. A long time ago? How long is a long time? This is priceless. So you have permission to put the pictures on the internet by every member of the “group”?

  106. 106
    cold hard truth Says:

    MADISON is Stephanie, but she doesn’t post under her real name. The effective strategy is to link the real stories to the posers online. Too bad we have our stories straight and the skeptics keep changing theirs every 5 minutes. More on Steph and her alcoholic buddy Cheyenne who feed off each other’s hate for Nicole. Cheyenne is Red Jasper, Hatti, Jake. Jakra777, Oh So Leery , I’m Still Leery and many others, not to mention the newest E user who pops up just in time for Sunday Rose’s birthday. Her new name is IMPULSE and is already claiming Keith never went to Australia last week. She’s a raging alcoholic who goes these benders and posts outrageous stories and death threats like in this thread

  107. 107
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @Dixie: “They aren’t secret, private pictures anymore than the ones shared on Facebook.”

    What if they don’t post pictures on Facebook?

    Stolen and illegal. You are such a great group of crazed fans.

  108. 108
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @Fuju: You really don’t have a sense of humor if you didn’t get the whole typing/reading line. You must be 13.

  109. 109
    lol Says:

    @UNeedHelp: You, nomorefan, are a pathological liar too blinded by hate to worry about what you’ve been doing for 6 years. Karma baby, karma!

  110. 110
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @lol: I’m laughing so hard right now because you are such an immature Urban fan to believe in this karma stuff. Same old same old. Nothing has changed in six years for me. When is the big bolt of lightening going to hit me? Tonight? Tomorrow night? Grow up!

  111. 111
    Hello ihateher / lynchher Says:

    Remember when you used to keep spouting “Karma is a b*tch!”. Tables are turned now that the truth is out and ya’ll are exposed. You aren’t laughing and everyone knows it!

  112. 112
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @Hello ihateher / lynchher: I guess “ihateher” and “lynchher” will have to address this issue, as I shouldn’t take their thunder away from them. Get that Fuju, I just said another joke – get it – lightening – thunder – get it?

    Yes, I’m laughing harder now because you think you have the power of the internet behind your cause.

  113. 113
    Dixie Says:

    @UNeedHelp, now how could it be stealing if they were given to me by one in the group? Honey, you need to calm down. There’s nothing bad about the pictures. No naked stuff or compromising positions. I understand you’d rather hide behind anonymity after saying such unpleasant and untrue things but there’s really nothing you can do about pictures floating around on the internet, especially when you put them there yourself. Watch Judge Judy. LOL.

  114. 114
    GET HELP NOW Says:

    You can’t fess up to anything can you? All you can do is try to make the skeptics look like innocent victims. You are sad pathetic people who need emergency mental health evaluations, long in-patient treatment, and for some alcohol rehab. This could all end today if you just give up the fight and fight for your own lives. You don’t have one now as it is.

  115. 115
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @Dixie: I guess I need to type really slow now. Did the person, who supposedly was in the “group”, take the picture with their camera? Then, did the entire group in the pictures give you permission to use in a defamatory way and pass it along to others? Let’s see the release forms, please. If these pictures were sent in email by someone who didn’t take the pictures, then who put them on the internet? Not the owner of the pictures, and that is stealing personal, private pictures, and it is illegal.

  116. 116
    Fuju Says:

    @UNeedHelp: Hmmm, joke? The only joke I see is you trying to scare me into not posting your butt-ugly picture. I’m laughing really hard about that one.

  117. 117
    more truth Says:

    @UNeedHelp: Sorry but YOU FAILED YOU. You thought you’d post your fantasy about Nicole Kidman Wicked Witch of The West on every board that would allow you to post. You got kicked off every one and then you found E. I’m actually glad you’re there because it’s all in one convenient place. All the lies, deceit, backtracking, rumors. All of it can be linked back to a handful of you who are still there having conversations over lies you made up 4, 5, 6 years ago. You are paving the way for yourselves right into your own sinkhole.

    Read it and weep ladies and gentleman, the lies of the skeptics for 6 years!

    It’s 2011 and you still haven’t gotten anyone to replace Keith. Which is hilarious because you claim he was never filling a void in your alleged perfect lives to begin with.

  118. 118
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @Fuju: I’m trying to scare you? Sorry sweetheart, but it is fact. Clear your cache on your computer. (Tell me if you don’t know what that means or how to do it?) Go to page 2 of the comments on here and click on one of the links you posted! Then put a big old “L” on your forehead because you just proved that you post on here under multiple screen names!

  119. 119
    holly Says:

    @UNEEDHELP – Good luck making that stick in court, you crazy loon you. Maybe you should sue the person who sent her the pictures. And what defamatory way are they being used? Somebody just put a picture to the username. Be a man. Stand by your hate.

  120. 120
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @more truth: You people are a riot! I was kicked off boards now? Would you tell that to the admins of the boards that I am currently on? It is things like this that make the skeptics laugh their asses off at you people – along with the skewering misfit site. Not many readers these days?

  121. 121
    more truth Says:


    You spend so much time here because the sinking ship that is the E Negative thread can’t be saved.

    Better scurry back before Leery tells everyone she’s really Sunday’s mother! LMAO!

  122. 122
    Fuju Says:

    @UNeedHelp: What the HE double hockey sticks are you talking about? What links? You said nobody cares about the usernames we talk about, even people in South Africa. So why are you getting your big girl panties in a wad about? Who cares, right?

  123. 123
    more truth Says:

    @UNeedHelp: No one minds being laughed at by delusional loons. You think Keith Urban is in a paid contract marriage with kids that aren’t his. That alone makes us laugh like hyenas at you! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  124. 124
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @more truth: PUHLEEZE, Leery and IMPULSE are your BFFs!

  125. 125
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @more truth: To prove my point that the skeptics aren’t doing anything illegal, but Keith Urban’s little monkeys, will do anything, even if it is illegal, to defend him. What would Keithy say about that? Would he want fans like you?

  126. 126
    truth truth Says:

    Don’t throw off your pals that you’ve decided to stick by for 6 years. Name one time you’ve ever told Cheyenne she’s mentally ill and needs help. Not once because of course why would someone named lynchher be bothered by death threats made on Nicole’s life from another skeptic!

    As for boards we could go back to Mates and the Cherry Pickers if you really want the skeptics’ history all out in the open.

  127. 127
    redvine Says:

    @UNeedHelp: Sue just plaster your face all over your posts. Everyone knows it’s you. You are pathetic. Your kids and husband don’t have a wife or mother worth a damn anymore. You think the lies are the truth. Seriously, get some help.

  128. 128
    truth truth Says:

    @UNeedHelp: Death threats are illegal. Slander and libel are illegal when you knowingly do so with false information – Nicole is a pedophile.

    This has been going on for 6 years. Moving to Nashville, using your kids to get closer to Keith, lying about a celebrity’s marriage and children are not illegal but it is reprehensible. Why should it take jail time to get you to stop?

  129. 129
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @truth truth: I am sorry, but I don’t know who Cheyenne is, and I haven’t read anything in the news about death threats to Nicole. I’m sure Ansel was on that, right? I mean Gary Allan had a stalker and it made the news. I am sure death threats would for sure. I’ve only heard about Mates, but that was long before I came into the picture.

  130. 130
    truth truth Says:


    Does that sound familiar?

    You are a very sick, very ill woman. You’ll deny that today is Thursday if it suits your purposes. Get help, if not for you then your family that must be suffering.

  131. 131
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @truth truth: I live in Nashville. House, townhouse or an apartment?

  132. 132
    holly Says:

    Oh brother. UNeedHelp should take her own advice and get some. Her alzheimer’s is showing.

  133. 133
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @truth truth: Why would I be doing jail time? Ansel was notified about all the skeptics over two years ago as well as attempts made to bring down E. Well, Ansel hasn’t shown up at my front door, and as far as I know, E is still in operation with no lawsuits pending. Have you ever read the real nasty things Bieber’s fans say about Gomez? Get a back-bone or grow-up.

    Again, is Cheyenne on one of these boards you keep speaking about because I don’t know the name.

  134. 134
    truth truth Says:

    @UNeedHelp LIAR.

  135. 135
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @truth truth: Why did you stop using the name Fuju on here? Let me play – LIAR!

  136. 136
    truth truth Says:

    I’m not Fuju, but you definitely are a LIAR, LIAR!

  137. 137
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @truth truth: You are so junior high.

  138. 138
    holly Says:

    Hmmm, me thinks old UNeedHelp just got caught in a lie. She knows that Ansel was notified about the skeptics 2 years ago and about the complaints to E. Both of those happened when the UrbanMythsRevealed blog came out. The complaints to E were about some nut who wanted to run Nicole over with a bus, aka, a death threat. Soooo, it would appear old UNeedHelp would know about the death thread if she knows about the complaints to E. And since she read the blog, she would have read about Cheyenne.

    Oh UNeedHelp, you disappoint me so.

    PS: I don’t read Bieber fans like you but I would guess those really nasty things come from teenies, not 45 year old women.

  139. 139
    truth truth Says:

    We’re just posting the truth

    Junior high looks like this

    You should recognize it. I could have posted the butterfly t-shirts but really now, we know the Butterfly Brigade is a huge flop!


  140. 140
    truth truth Says:

  141. 141
    truth truth Says:

    @holly: It’s not hard to do the math. The skeptics all know each other. Nomorefan has been registered there since 2006. aka UNeedHelp. Cheyenne has been on E since at least 2006 and is known by everyone as the crazy drunk who posts death threats.

    UNeedHelp is a pathological liar.

  142. 142
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @holly: What skeptic doesn’t know about the Ansel threat? We too can send emails and PMs, and that was a fantastic laugh, and if contact to Ansel was made by the blogger, they looked like a complete loser. Almost three years and still waiting for Ansel to call.

    truth truth, I can say I am still friends with all my original KU fans, who turned skeptic, can you?

  143. 143
    truth truth Says:


    I know you’re not. Not all your friends turned skeptic either.


  144. 144
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @truth truth: All my friends are skeptics. Are you repeating the 9th grade next year?

  145. 145
    holly Says:

    @UNeedHelp: Ansel doesn’t have to come knocking at your door to know about ya, looneytune. They take their security pretty seriously around these parts. No stone left unturned, you know, in case someone comes barreling in on a bus. So congratulations, Keith finally knows you.

  146. 146
    truth truth Says:

    @UNeedHelp: All your friends NOW are skeptics. That’s all you have left. At least there’s that admission. So we are supposed to believe your only friends are skeptics but you don’t know who Cheynne – Oh So Leery – Red Jasper is? You lost a lot for your crusade, like your grasp of reality. Has it been worth it? Don’t think so.

    You are a liar who can’t let go of some fantasy that was never on God’s green earth going to happen. Have a nice life stewing in your hate.

  147. 147
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @truth truth: Poof! What happened? It really comes in handy to work with attorneys!

  148. 148
    Fuju Says:

    Wrong. Truth truth isn’t me. And wrong again. All your friends aren’t skeptics. You just haven’t figured out who’s been playing you for the fool you are yet. Bahaha.

  149. 149
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @holly: Holly flunked 9th grade too. No **** the attorney doesn’t serve the papers. Keith knows who? He reads this stuff? Really? Hi Keith!

  150. 150
    elf Says:

    @UNeedHelp: You’ve been singing the lawyer tune for 5 years and sniffing too much paint. Get Mimosa to give you some free (meaning worthless) therapy. Oh that’s right, but you don’t know who she is! Bahaha!

  151. 151
    holly Says:

    Wha…??? Another lie? She knows about Mates, knows about the blog, all her friends are skeptic but she’s never heard of Cheyenne? Stick a fork in her. She’s done cooked.

  152. 152
    elf Says:


    She’s cooked on a stick!

    SusieQ is done!

  153. 153
    holly Says:

    @UNeedHelp: Who said anything about attorneys serving papers? Sounds like you’re the flunky, chubs.

  154. 154
    nomorefan has nomorebrains Says:

    @UNeedHelp: “I’ve only heard about Mates, but that was long before I came into the picture.”

    Oh but Teena would be so disappointed to hear you reinvent the past Sue. But I suppose there’s some bad blood not only over the sickos trying to hijack the board but Mates is one of the places where people posted the real local Nashville press on a one Amanda who was exposed for so much. Associating with a promoter who stole money from families battling cancer, bar brawls, the scam artist was her character witness at a court date (bahaha), telling multiple versions about her relationship with Keith, secretly trying to get an agent out of her 15 minutes, posting on fan boards as a crazy stalker before she ever met him.

    Mates isn’t a good place if you are a skeptic. Bahahahaha!

  155. 155
    Cheyenne on the loose Says:

    Does anyone have the number to the local funny farm?


    Posts: 16
    Registered: 7/7/11

    Posted: Jul 7, 2011 3:26 PM in response to: hit n run in response to: hit n run
    Click to reply to this thread Reply

    > Question IMPULSE. If the contract ended, then why
    > would he sign another one? I mean, if its true that
    > there is “hate” between them and he doesn’t want to
    > be a part of this. If he was free, why not walk away?

    Why doesn’t she see her adopted kids? It gives her bad publicity. But she can’t cause Tom has control. She has control over Keith. She’s holding things over his head to make him stay. She could destroy his career and the people he cares about if she wanted to. He’s a puppet.

    I’m Still Leery

    Posts: 655
    Registered: 3/1/10

    Posted: Jul 7, 2011 3:35 PM in response to: IMPULSE in response to: IMPULSE
    Click to reply to this thread Reply

    WOW IMPULSE!!! Everyone is going to think you are me!! ((giggles)) Well I know you’re not, but you sure do have my views.

  156. 156
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @elf: Please, update your Excel spreadsheet on me. Don’t work at a paint company, which, it wasn’t really a paint company – but you guys are morons and couldn’t figure that one out. I see lots of attorneys everyday now!

  157. 157
    raspberry ripple Says:

    What is it with you psychos? You deny and deny and like a bad smell won’t go away until you have a break down and admit who you are.
    We know who you are from Post 1. No use in playing games and trying to have the last word. All of you are guilty as hell for 6 years of sick and twisted behavior – legality be damned. Never needed JJ to prove it either.

    God bless Cheyenne. She may be a scary nut but her acceptance on the E threads and Urban Myths says it all. Proves how sick and desperate the rest of you really are no matter how hard you try to hide behind flower names and Nashville locations and Jimmy Wayne threads!

  158. 158
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @GET HELP NOW: “This could all end today if you just give up the fight and fight for your own lives. You don’t have one now as it is.”

    This could be one of the most sickest threats I have ever read on the internet. What fight is there to win here? Why must you be the winner? Why does there have to be a winner at all? You Nazi Cow! If I don’t have a life, holy cow, what are you doing here then?

  159. 159
    Fakers Says:

    Think the skeptics are innocent bystanders, persecuted simply because they don’t like Nicole Kidman? Wrong. You interfere with their agenda, you don’t believe their lies, you don’t play their game, they turn on you faster than you can blink. They did it to fans online and they did it to KU friends who didn’t go along with the hate.

    nomorefan: I seriously was going to change my tone with you on here, and respect your request but since your tone in this last PM is negative, things will continue like usual on KUNK……Like I said, I have many friends on here, and I could have told them “Give countrycat a break”, but I won’t. However, those of my friends on here who aren’t getting the PMs I am, are very protective of me and have my back. They are fully aware of these “posters”.

  160. 160
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @Fakers: “truth truth” told me that “Fakers” is a super model and working the cat walk right now during fashion week in Paris.

    See how easy it is to type whatever you want on the internet and say someone else told you so? Hearsay – just like there are pictures of skeptics at a Keith Urban concert. Evidence is right in front of your faces that it wasn’t a Keith Urban concert, but you are too dumb to notice a very important fact in the picture. See what you want to see. Read what you want to read. Believe what you wan to believe. Write want you want to write, but like you say to the skeptics, is it the truth?

  161. 161
    bahaha Says:

    @UNeedHelp: “like you say to the skeptics, is it the truth?”

    You must be joking! no need to ask if you are telling the truth. Everything you say is a lie except for “Don’t shoot me but still like Keith.”

    If you got rid of the skeptics that still like Keith Urban there’d be none of you left at E!

    Erased the KU tunes off your phone yet nomorefan?

  162. 162
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @bahaha: I still like Keith? That’s news to me. The last album I bought was Be Here. It is really psychotic how you all think you know what people are thinking and first of all, who they are on here. Why don’t you go after your fellow buddies who purchase concert tickets on the fan club pre-sale and sold them on eBay – if you ever wondered how all those tickets showed up there moments after a pre-sale. It was fellow crazed fans trying to pay for their exotic vacations. If you really want to talk about what goes around comes around – there’s a prime candidate.

  163. 163
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @bahaha: Verity, does it get lonely on E?

  164. 164
    Carole Says:

    Sounds like somebody needs some attention. (UNeedHelp). Seriously, what are you people lacking at home that you need to spend an entire day on JustJared being angry at Nicole Kidman? Geez, think about what you’re doing. Is it really that important?

  165. 165
    UNeedHelpIsAPig Says:

    @UNeedHelp….Is A Pig.
    You really need help,maybe Psychiatric hospital is suit you !!!

    Nicole is gorgeous here,and her adorable kids are gorgeous too.Such a perfect family made someone crazy!!They are happy,sweet,but someone has no money,no lovers,no work….she has nothing except a computer to express her jealous!!

    I really sorry for you ,you grown up in a dark family that you do not know what is love,and who is kind person!

  166. 166
    moh123 Says:

  167. 167
    laugh out loud Says:

    UNeedHelp has her hands full. The resident nut Cheynne under new name IMPULSE, who UNeed says she didn’t know about, is posting over and over that Faith is a moving doll, not a real live baby. Keith never went to Australia. Keith’s parents stay away. Guess what, UNeed is trying to get her to shut up! There’s video of Keith and Faith at the airport. Keith’s parents were at his Oz shows but they could have been with them last week too. Gotta love the skeptics. They are their own worst enemies!

  168. 168

    WOW!!! I feel like I have front row seats at a spectacular train smash!!!

    Don’t you see you’re all on the same track, irrespective of which direction you are coming from?

    In a way I buy “a bunch of disappointed fans insanely jealous of their beloved idol’s chosen spouse” (although I DON’T CONDONE ugly and spiteful commentary about it!), HOWEVER, the most ‘fascinating’ of all, in a morbid kindova way, is the activity of SKEWER MISTRESS!!! What possesses an individual to devote SO MUCH time and energy –
    a fully dedicated personal blog, ENDLESS hours (by his/her own admission) on Z-listed blogs & boards, copying&pasting until the cows come home, stalking and outing inconsequential ‘lost’ urban-fans/skeptics/independent commenters/whomever, devising COUNTLESS usernames at any one sitting, (which is fraudulent & hypocritical behaviour at the very least), illogically abusing people such as myself who are finally ‘exposing’ his/her shenanigans – on two fading stars?? Are you (SM) in love with either or both of them, a member of their (extended) family, a sponsor worried about corporate losses, or on the payroll of either of them???? Why else the UNBELIEVABLY OBSESSIVE BEHAVIOUR??? At your own admission: for 6 YEARS NOW?? And how many more to come?? It’s a war NOBODY is going to win!

    @Holly (probably SM): believe me, it is not “an extravagant love” (“infatuation”, as you put it) I have for SM as you say. More of a silly curiosity, really.

    More pseudonyms used by SM in ONE sitting:

    Got Truth?
    cold hard truth
    more truth
    truth truth
    lots to learn
    don’t worry
    nomorefan has nomorebrains
    Cheyenne on the loose

    And POSSIBLY also … (if not, then at least on the same “team”):

    Hello ihateher / lynchher

    (apologies if I have mistaken someone else for SM; you all sound the same!)

    Time to think of other things, like candy floss and butterfly wings.

  169. 169
    whoa, she's back Says:

    fasten your seatbelts!

  170. 170
    Fuju Says:

    Oh, hi FB. I’m not Skewer Mistress btw. You know so much about her blog though, you must go there a lot. Maybe she makes your private parts tingle.

  171. 171
    Fuju Says:

    @laugh out loud: Nuts seem to be drawn to other nuts. Try as she might, Sue, the Grand Poompa, is still surrounded by nuts. You know what they say: you’re only as sane as the company you keep.

  172. 172
    laugh out loud Says:

    @Fuju: And on that note hit n run admitted today that the skeptics know nothing, all in a futile attempt to get rid of IMPULSE, the best thing to happen to the Negative thread in months! Grand Poobah Sue is having a ball today!

    FB must spend hours on Skewer Mistress’ blog. She’s on a doomed mission just like the skeptics. Oh well. It’s her life and her loss. As long as she thinks she’s sane and happy everything is fine, right? Bahahaha!

  173. 173
    I'dbeembarrassedifIwasaKUfan Says:

    To Skewering Mistress, a/k/a
    Got Truth?
    cold hard truth
    more truth
    truth truth
    lots to learn
    don’t worry
    nomorefan has nomorebrains
    Cheyenne on the loose
    Hello ihateher / lynchher
    laugh out loud


  174. 174
    Hey Moron Says:

    The rat is one of your own!

    Cheyenne is IMPULSE! and I’m Still Leery! and Red Jasper! And Cheyenne1063! and Jakra777! and Oh so Leery!

    You don’t need anyone’s help to look dumb Sue.

    Here’s a thought, call her out on her games. But you won’t because you need her to keep the thread alive.

    Oh what a tangled web the skeptics weave, and get caught right in the middle of it!

  175. 175
    I'dbeembarrassedifIwasaKUfan Says:

    Sorry Moron, we know red herring when we see it.

  176. 176
    I'dbeembarrassedifIwasaKUfan Says:

    Talk about keeping a thread alive, if it wasn’t for Verity, that thread would be six feet under the ground. Where have all the fans gone? But you can’t tell a bunny to obey the rules – they MUST win or else.

  177. 177
    I'dbeembarrassedifIwasaKUfan Says:

    @Hey moron: Straight to the point: obsessed, psychotic stalker.

  178. 178
    Fuju Says:

    Funny…I remember when Sunday was born and all the skeptics said she was a fake doll. It’s on one of the archive threads at;

    ALL of the skeptics. meaning nomorefan, mimosa, hitnrun, new beginnings, mychemicalromanc, keithkitty, astilbe, yourscaringme, innervoice…
    Did I mention nomorefan,mimosa and hitnrun? They must have mellowed in 3 years. Bahahaha.

  179. 179
    well duh Says:

    @Fuju: Remember when Leery said that the marriage was never legal? Guess who’s back on that crazy train. IMPULSE of course!

    Fuju there’s live video posted on websites, fansites, and the positive thread of Faith at the airport. No wonder they are trying to shut up Loony Cheyenne!

  180. 180

    @well duh: @Fuju:

    Oh wow, go check out the archive and then click on Keith and Nicole’s baby girl thread. You’ll find the exact same arguments nearly word for word. Too many free tickets given away, Keith lost all these fans, he won’t have a tour, he won’t have an album. This is from 2009. Why can’t they get it through their thick heads they know nothing? When the truth is in their face they go apeshi_t and lie beyond all reason.

    Every concert, sold out or not, gives away tickets. Maybe the haters would like to ask Kenny Chesney why he was giving away tickets for his summer stadium shows at grocery stores. Yeah, that’s not something nomorefan or I’m Still Leery will admit to but where I live at my Albertsons and ones in the surrounding area they were giving away free Chesney tickets for weeks. How much do you want to bet other stores were doing the same around the country and this had nothing to do with fanclub or radio promotions.

  181. 181
    holly Says:

    Well from what I hear, they’ve been trying to shut old Leery up over in Schleptic, I mean Skeptic Land, by-passing her posts, sending the big scary ogre named Mimosa over to slap her crazy hands. Maybe those in the mental ward aren’t fond of muzzles.

  182. 182
    just another day on E! Says:

    Mimosa acting like she’s all into the truth is almost as funny as Impulse pretending to be a new poster. And to really make it a kick in the pants Impulse is saying exactly what Oh so Leery said before she got removed. “I know the truth. I know there’s things that can’t be said here but I want Kidman to know I’ve got her number”. LMBO! And I’m Still Leery is chiming right in, everyone knows she’s talking to herself. nomorefan coming here to put it on JJ readers is typical for her, but absolutely PRICELESS.

    What’s the saying you lie down with dogs you end up with fleas. I’m sure in 2006 when cheyenne was throwing out death threats and calling Nicole a B-I-T-C-H the skeptics were applauding. They all thought the contract marriage would be over sooner than later and there would be no kids in the picture. Now 5 years and 2 beautiful girls later with the Urban-Kidman careers thriving, the skeptics are stuck with Cheyenne and her BFF Stephanie (MADISON). They can’t get rid of her, E can’t banish her, and she posts more than anyone else on the negative thread. They are screwed with her and screwed without her.

  183. 183
    Candice Says:

    @@Not buying it in Minnesota:

    Boy, are you a lawsuit waiting to happen or what??? Good God. :(

  184. 184
    Candice Says:

    @@Not buying it in Minnesota:

    Looking for lawsuit or what??? STUPID!! :(

  185. 185
    Candice Says:

    @just another day on E!:

    You need some help, girl. YIKES!! :(

  186. 186
    just another day on E! Says:

    @Candice: Do you think everyone is that stupid or do you just treat people like crap online? The truth hurts. Go back to the E! board and deal with your problem child!

  187. 187
    Candice Says:


    OMG! You people really need to get a life!! Being obsessed with Hollywood celebrities is just WRONG. GET a LIFE!

  188. 188
    another low Says:

    Leery’s message to herself…what the sane posters were telling her a year ago when she was lying. Unbelievable!

    “IMP…We have been talking about this for a very long time. Where were you with your truth. If you have truth and you have proof than post it or go to a place that the truth will be used to help the situation. If not, then you are just gossiping and that is what the board provides a place to gossip or post your opinion. “

  189. 189
    Fuju Says:

    @Candice: “being obsessed with Hollywood celebrities is just wrong” says the person trolling JustJared. Moron.

    Anywoo, @thank you fuju: The threads go back to 2006! You should read the real early ones. My favorite so far is Mimosa yelling at someone who didn’t believe her. She said she’s been a fan for 15 years and country music fans talk to the band and crew and meet the stars. She said something like not to disregard what a country fan knows. Bhaaaaaa!

  190. 190
    another low Says:

    @Fuju: It’s Sue, again. “Candice” has made appearances before giving bad legal advice.

  191. 191
    Caughtya Says:

    @just another day on E!: Timing is everything – hey there’s IMPULSE!

  192. 192
    another low Says:

    @Caughtya: You are delusional Sue.

  193. 193
    another low Says:

    Sue tell Mimosa she’s a moron. She was never a fan 15 years ago and Murdoch’s paper that’s being shut down is a hardcore tabloid. Kidman and other celebrities will be glad it’s gone.

    The IQ between the skeptics is 5, maybe!

  194. 194
    Caughtya Says:

    So how many of you crazy Monkeys still make your life-size Keith dolls when you go on KURTs? What are you doing tonight – vaccuming and dusting your KU rooms in your house? Are you still buying pictures of Keithy off eBay for up to $500, but very sadly for you, those pictures have been copied and pasted off the internet – not the original photo. This is grown women doing this immature obsessive stuff – not teenagers. You are nothing but suckers when it comes to Urban. I wonder how much money you spend on family versus Keithy stuff. Oh, is that the timer on your oven? Better check those buckeyes.

  195. 195
    another low Says:

    You are the only sucker, thinking that you are fooling anyone here or people that come across the E Hate thread. You can’t pawn off Cheyenne. She’s one of your own and you are stuck. You made your bed, lie in it!

  196. 196
    God help them Says:

    @Caughtya: Each time I read a diatribe from a skeptic I see so much self-loathing coming through. They hate that they used to be fans of a man who in their minds abandoned them. If Keith Urban is in a loveless marriage with kids that aren’t even his what do his current fans have to do with it? The haters have nothing left but to bash the fans and bash Nicole and her babies and her family in Oz. How sad people like Sue have no life. All they can do is come up with sick names for innocent babies and post that Kidman is a man and a pedophile. God help you all.

  197. 197
    another low Says:

    @Caughtya: You are a grown woman lying for 6 years online and spreading hate everywhere you go. YOU ARE SICK.

    @God Help them – God is the only one that can help them now because they certainly don’t want to stop.

  198. 198
    Caughtya Says:

    @another low: She was never a fan 15 years ago.

    How the eff do you know how long a person has been a fan of a music genre? You are one sick female dog for 1) even making such a comment and 2) for calling out a stranger on the internet for something you have no effing clue about. Please tell us ol’ wise one (ahem), how many times did the skeptics go to the bathroom today, because obviously you know the entire life history of the skeptics? So pathetic – your mamma must have done meth while pregnant with you.

  199. 199
    another low Says:

    @Caughtya: An-al Bead Sue, the real Sue, not the Classy Christian mother you pretend to be on E is coming out. If JJ allowed free range on the language I can only imagine what you’d call us for telling the truth. You are a sick liar. Sick Sick Sick.

  200. 200
    Caughtya Says:

    @another low: another low, you better throw your Keithy blanket in the washer. It smells from your BO.

    Now you know that another skeptic is Christian? Are you sure they aren’t Jewish, Muslim or a Buddhist? Where did you read they are Christian? Can you shake your 8 Ball and ask if the Yankees will win the World Series as I’ll drive to Vegas and place a bet because you appear to have all the answers.

  201. 201
    Get A Clue Says:

    @Caughtya: Sue Sue Sue, skeptics are no strangers to some of us. You don’t know who threw you and your gang under the bus do you?! Look in your own backyard!

  202. 202
    another low Says:


    I can shake my Magic 8 ball and tell you you didn’t get that Charlie’s Angels gig! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  203. 203
    Caughtya Says:

    @Get A Clue: Yea, yea, yea, it is friends that are throwing us under the bus. Blah, blah, blah. If they are friends, why no new stories or pictures for you to share? Ya’ll keep saying the same cr@p and posting the same pictures for years now. A bunny posing as a skeptic – I guess that makes them two-faced. I hope they went to confession because they will have God to face someday for betraying people. Sound familiar?

  204. 204
    Caughtya Says:

    @another low: Home alone tonight – no date – no husband? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    I got a red-eye to catch to AZ. Heading to The Lazy B. Skeptic out!

  205. 205
    Get A Clue Says:

    Don’t want to admit there’s former skeptics that think the ones left are wasting their lives hating people? Don’t think many of them have talked and talked and talked? Think again.

    I’m done with you but I’m sure you’ll be back tomorrow under a new screen name trying to pass as a casual JJ reader. No one buys it.

  206. 206
    Get A Clue Says:

    @Get A Clue: Flying out from your Nashville Penthouse? Say hello to Justice O’Connor!

  207. 207
    jonie Says:

    What is it about these seemingly *saying this because I don’t know them personally* nice couple that attracts such crazies and such hatred? I just don’t get it. Mel Gibson or Casey Anthony maybe, but Keith and NIcole??? They seem pretty quiet and uncontroversial as far as celebrities go.

  208. 208
    Not buying it in Minnesota Says:


    “Talk about keeping a thread alive, if it wasn’t for Verity, that thread would be six feet under the ground.”

    Apparently It only takes one person if they are telling the truth.

    The negative thread has several nuts under different screennames trying to keep the thread alive with lies from 5 years ago.

    Shine the flashlight of truth on the negative thread and watch the cockroaches run for cover!

  209. 209
    Not buying it in Minnesota Says:


    Start here

    The hate that’s posted here is all about Nicole Kidman stealing away Keith Urban.

    Quote from the thread in 2006

    “As for those brokers? They need to get onto the next big thing in Nashville. In two years Keith Urban will be an opening act again.”

  210. 210
    Not buying it in Minnesota Says:

    Here’s another gem in 2006, from Cheyenne, ya know the woman nomorefan has never heard of! BAHAHAHAHA!

    “in 2 years time..i see him back in bars and clubs..trying to figure out how he got there..better start doing some house hunting in oz..he may find himself locked out of Nashville permanently..”

  211. 211
    Jacqueline Says:

    Thank you for the photographs! Wish I could have had a family, so glad they were able to! Faith is an absolutely gorgeous baby and Sunday Rose, wow!!! she has grown into an adorable little girl. Oh Keith….get ready, before you know it, the boys will be knocking on your door! God Bless you all.

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