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Zac Efron: Urban Outfitters with Rumer & Ryan!

Zac Efron: Urban Outfitters with Rumer & Ryan!

Zac Efron goes shopping at Urban Outfitters on Tuesday (July 5) in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actor was joined for the afternoon by a group of friends, including close pal Ryan Rottman and Rumer Willis, who sipped a smoothie.

Over the weekend, Zac spent some time in Malibu, first celebrating his High School Musical co-star Ashley Tisdale‘s 26th birthday at the beach, where he gave her a piggyback ride.

Zac then hit a Fourth of July bash two days later.

FYI: Zac is wearing TOMS classics and A|X cargo shorts.

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54 Responses to “Zac Efron: Urban Outfitters with Rumer & Ryan!”

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  1. 26
    alex Says:

    E you are a smart person i give u that,i wold agree with u that he maby have a chance to be in big movies before high school musical but after doing these kinde of disney musical movies its very hard to be taken seriusly by hollywood the only one that came from the same place as zac is shia labouef but he is somthing else the guy have some strange charm that people pay money to watch his movies.zac dost have that extra thing,its a fact disney childs dont end up doing big budget movies if they are not shia labouef .but zac can try ,no one died trying justine tembrlike stell try to be a movie star ,he will never be one but bless him he go zac

  2. 27
    ÕÔO Says:

    Shia Labeouf is soo overrated

  3. 28
    alex Says:

    an overrated actor that grossed 4 bilion dollars with hits like disturbia trasformars 123 eagle eye india jones.if u wann see him realy act watch aguide to recognize your saints and you will see areal actor so that overrated for yo go watch some glee or highe school musical you know ****** stuff

  4. 29
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful Zac!

  5. 30
    Tosh Says:

    Guys should never wear Toms… Bleh!
    And Rumor Willis?!? Really?

  6. 31
    Us Says:

    Omg! These are the most ridiculous comments I’ve ever read!!!!
    LMFAO!!! are you guys serious? The only point being made here is that this site has VERY young readers…

  7. 32
    alex Says:


  8. 33

    Awh, he looks like a surfer dude with that hair – so cute and adorable! (Though my favorite remains the butch, razor cut, shredded spikes on top)

    When I walk on by, girls be looking like damn he’s fly
    This is how I roll, animal print pants outta control,

    Girl look at that body
    Girl look at that body
    Girl look at that body
    I work out

    I’m sexy and I know it

  9. 34
    Teddi Says:

    @alex: Probably not! But some of us are more mature than some of you!!! Would it matter if US was?

  10. 35
    zac-is-wack Says:

    aside from his lack of acting talent (reminder: good looks doesn’t mean you can act), how can he progress as an actor when he is always: a) staging pap photo-ops with his homies, b) holding tequila 24/7 rather than movie scripts, and c) groping bimbos while dazed and drunk.

  11. 36
    zac-is-wack Says:

    zac is the next ryan philippe. they have the same vibe. forget about dicaprio, at least leo can act while zac sucks terribly.

  12. 37
    flor Says:


  13. 38
    ava Says:


    I’m not sure where you get your information from but it seems to me that the sightings with the tequila and the “bimbos” (what a wonderful non-sexist term, by the way) have died down some. I’m not a fan of all the drinking that we’ve heard about either but I also know that he’s young and frankly I expected him to play the field and experiment a bit post break up.

    Also, he’s got two great roles coming up in August in a Lee Daniels film with Matthew McConaughey and possibly Nicole Kidman, and the other film is alongside Dennis Quaid. I don’t understand your unbridled hate for him, and why you insist on posting if you hate him so much.

  14. 39
    Teddi Says:

    Haters. Your fingers must be sore from continually pushing ‘thumbs down’ ! Does it make you happy being so damn negative all the time? And I expect to get lots of thumbs down for asking this too ! LOL

  15. 40
    lola Says:

    zac is a crappy actor. he is destined to be an actor who cannot win an Oscar. his acting prowess is at best as good as honey-baked ham.
    i agree he is like ryan philippe. he’s got the face but no character. he can never be a leo dicaprio or shia lebouf or tobey maguirre. he lacks substance. that’s just the way it is.

  16. 41
    Moni Says:

    Jeolousy, spite, envy, covetousness, and even love are reasons why people hate. If u read all haters comments you will find one of these there. And if he can never be a leo or whoever, hope u guys know you can’t be them either, wouldnt cut close.

  17. 42
    kyle Says:

    Warner Bros has been as stingy as any major movie outfit on handing out overall production deals to actors in recent years. But the studio has given a 2-year deal to Zac. He is by far the youngest actor with an overall Warner Bros film deal and he joins Steve Carell, Johnny Depp, and Leonardo DiCaprio who already have overall deals at Warner Bros. That is a fact!!! Therefore it amuses me to read posters who thinks that Zac is not talented enough to merit such big breaks. So you think you know better than the big shots in hollywood, eh? Truth is, no one is in a position to give “expert advise” on what path Zac has to take to stay relevant in hollywood….not you, not me.

  18. 43
    Teddi Says:

    @lola: If winning an Oscar is the only thing that makes a good actor, then most of the actors in the world are crap. including most of the ones you named. if an actor can stir the emotions of those watching, they are doing alright. People need to remember that we are all different. One person may love and adore a performance that another detests. That does not mean that one person is wrong. We just need to learn tolerance. There are a lot of very successful films that I hate. Doesn’t mean they are crap, just not to my taste. So please, just cos you are too intelligent to like Zac Efron films, don’t keep dissing the boy, cos he makes a lot of other people very happy indeed.

  19. 44
    jr Says:

    Yeah he has some projects but they’re all the same. Except maybe the paper boy. But if u saw csc they’re pretty much that without the dead brother. Guys a lost soul, meets a girl, they go through ups and downs while falling in love, the end. So he’s got different projects of the same type of movie.

  20. 45
    LMAO Says:

    @e: EXACTLY!! I think he’s gunna crash and burn, cause he makes crappy choices, and he thinks he’s too good to take supporting roles. And don’t give me any sh*t about that New Year’s Eve crap movie. He was desperate to take that, and eveyone is “supporting” in that. His part is probably about 10 minutes in the movie!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 46
    jo Says:

    @kyle: i agree with you all . zac’s doing great and yes his projects are different paperboy and the ramin bahrani movie.Oh well who am i arguing with ,the haters probably the same one or two writing under different names. Haters are just pathetic creatures thats all. He is the one with million of fans around the globe and is earning millions and not u haters who do nothing but hate a celeb and write crap on internet and are too sick of their lives lol. Just find something worthwhile to do instead of wasting time over someone who doesn’t even know abt ur existence.

  22. 47
    yay Says:

    @lola: yeah he can’t be all of those yet a director like Lee daniels recognizes his talent and wants to do a project with him lol . Are you better than him or challenging his expertise……lol that makes u a dumb idiot and nothing else….

  23. 48
    yay Says:

    @LMAO: and so do de niro , ashton kutcher , lea , sofia vergara .Are they desperate too and they all have 10 mins in the movie . Last time i checked they have talent and popularity and thats what is required to be in an esemblage movie……..and so do zac ….and now laugh at yourself you fool.

  24. 49
    yay Says:

    @charlie: and you should be at school doing your homework instead of sitting on the internet and wasting time.Your mommy will scold you.

  25. 50
    jen Says:

    @e: Will you check your facts instead of ranting aimlessly as if he is asking for some advice and believe me there are better people at his disposal to give him advice and that includes leo himself.His resume has a movie like MAOW a limited release with 85 % on RT and e has a role in paperboy a thriller and a bahrani movie which is a farmer drama..And these directors want to work with him coz they have faith in him and expert in their field…and as far as the guys laughing at im goes lol they do that with every holly wood hearthrob e.g pattinson.they do so coz their gf are too interested in them. lol jealousy can be evil…lol

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