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Casey Anthony Sentenced to 4 Years, Will Be Released July 13

Casey Anthony Sentenced to 4 Years, Will Be Released July 13

Casey Anthony was ordered to spend four years in jail for lying to investigators on Thursday (July 7) at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Fla.

But the 25-year-old mother of Caylee Anthony will be released next Wednesday (July 13) due to credit for time served and good behavior, according to the court.

Casey, who was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, was, however, convicted of four misdemeanor count of providing false information to law enforcement.

Judge Belvin Perry handed down the maximum sentence of one year in jail for each counts, along with a $4,000 fine. But he explained Casey would be able to get out early since she has already spent nearly three years behind bars.

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  • Samm

    omg! look at her smirk! She’s a disgusting human being and she never be let out around normal people

  • BEAN

    Outrageous. Absolute failure of the judicial system. Hopefully within these 4 years more evidence appears to send her butt to jail for life. It really pisses me off that she is smiling and her lawyers went and had a drink after all of it. Difficult case and proud of their win Im sure but they forget a child still died in all this. Disgusting

  • Ashley

    I hate Florida so much right now… and I live here for God’s sake.

  • Allianorah

    The pic scares the shit out of me…

  • BEAN

    Hold up what? She’s not even spending the 4 years in jail? I thought she’d be going back. That is even worse omg what a joke

  • despicable…

    but don’t worry, people. She still has a life sentence of sharing space with the rest of us, who know who and what she is and will never let her forget it.

  • Fuju

    Casey… OJ. OJ….Casey.

  • lissett

    i hope everywhere she goes people hit her with rocks.

  • Ladies & Gentleman

    Presenting the face of a Cold Blooded Killer……

  • Mlef

    The choose of the photo is not innocent as usual.
    I don’t defend her, I live in France and I don’t really understand all the passion around that.

    I think it’s dangerous when people wanna be the judges of other people.
    If she did it, she will pay it anyway, you cant’ live in peace with that.

    And if she is not…And if she is crazy…
    I heard america can send to death simple minds, and innocent people too sometimes.

  • LaTanya

    {Sigh}….It is what it is! It’s just ashame that poor Caylee won’t get any justice. She should be fixed like a dog to where she can’t have anymore kids!!!!!

  • mary

    she’s looks like the Cheshire Cat. and why not? Casey killed her child and the jury let her get away with it. those people on that jury make the jurors at OJ Simpson’s trial look intelligent. i want to know what this jury will do and say when Casey does it again.

  • mary

    she’s looks like the Cheshire Cat. and why not? Casey killed her child and the jury let her get away with it. those people on that jury make the jurors at OJ Simpson’s trial look intelligent. i want to know what this jury will do and say when Casey does it again.

  • boston61

    M U R D E R E R ! !

  • bri

    everyone just shut up. im so sick of the shit thats been coming out of peoples mouths who have no idea what their talking about. move on, caylee isnt coming back, as much as we all wish she would..its just not gonna happen.

  • Giuseppe Sallo

    She is so sexy!

  • Please!!!

    She was proven not guilty. Let her be free. If she really did it, karmas a bit ch. If she didn’t do it, it wouldn’t be fare to lock her up for life. Everyone needs to lay off her

  • Susan

    If I were her, I’d be freakin’ out. Does she not realize there are MANY ANGRY people waiting outside those jail door’s?

  • Mief # 10

    I am glad you are all the way in France.

  • I wish there was a real


  • mortimer’s sister

    Thousands of little kids get abused or die every day in America. What about them. I was very sad about what happened to Caylee, but maybe we should use what happened as a chance to try to do something for other kids. There’s organizations who need help and volunteers. We can’t save Caylee but we can use our disappointment to save some other kid in her memory. I am erasing this rotten woman from my mind. As far as I am concerned she is invisible. If I walk passed her on the street I wouldn’t see her. She can rot for as far as I’m concerned. I hope she walks the earth friendless and alone forever. When someone dies who is a defenseless baby, you don’t get a “do over.”

  • J

    I hope she gets hit by a bus, the moment she walks out into the street.

  • Allianorah

    @Mief # 10:
    I’m french, and usually against the death penalty but in this case, the death penalty for casey would have been too soft for her…

  • neon

    when she leaves the court room does she wear a bullet proof vest I wonder?

  • essie

    i think even society overall has its faults, not only the justice system. as we saw with OJ, not only did he get away free, but he was able to continue in his fame and fortune… i have the same feeling casey will too with book deals and paid interviews..

  • to Mief #10

    For someone who disapproves of judgement, you sure sound judgemental yourself. You French people really do think you and your country are better than the rest of us, don’t you? Arrogant biatch.

  • JJ

    She will always be known as a MURDERER, Baby Killer, a Liar, a Thief and according to Baez, a Slut. She destroyed her parents lives. Her brother and George are sexual predators and Cindy just a bad parent. She is a sociopath and in need of counseling for years to come. Mason needs to hire her because no one else will, but his wife beware because he can still use a finger. Hide the DUCT TAPE and Credit Cards. They will soon see her true value. I pity her and anyone who comes in contact with her. She seems to be on top of the world But Karma is a real BITCH

  • lawsuit gallore

    Every person who can sue her should.

  • lawsuit gallore

    @JJ: the mom & dad are so freaking weird too. they are always in court for that idiot… The dad should run for his life.

  • bry

    The case is over. It is time to move on and make peace with what has occurred.

  • kat

    I hope she she is ostracized and left to rot. May she burn in hell.

  • besane

    Can’t every service, every single person who volunteered to help the Anthonys sue her? They should take every bit of her time and her money, to constantly remind her what she has put the people through! Isn’t the Florida tax payers shouldering the expenses for this? Can’t they sue her for the prosecution’s expenses? Anthony parents won’t sue her for wrongful death, and by all accounts, they knew all along what their daughter did and shielded her from death penalty.

    They should have gone with manslaughter and she would have found guilty… it was the death penalty which got her off I think.

  • Katt

    I just want to punch that nasty face of hers.

  • Giuseppe Sallo

    Welcome to AMERICA! Where the the guilty are freed, and the innocent are ignored. Albeit, Not enough evidence to convict her, the defense should have came up with a “Plan B”. Too late now.

    Btw, nancy grace is a joke.

  • Frozoid

    @essie: Might I remind you that OJ has been in federal prison for the last two and a half years.

  • J

    Good thing she not black, and the baby was white. This case would of drag on senselessly, and racist would be pouring out like crazy, like the OJ trial. It funny how there not that much controversy about it now that it over though.

  • Mayle

    She looks like that surfer girl from 90210, not that I watch that show or anything…

  • sicksister

    There is one thing I hope everyone can agree on: Casey Anthony should not profit from the murder of her child. Let’s all make a pact right now to BOYCOTT CASEY ANTHONY and anything she does. Don’t buy her book. Don’t watch her movie.

    I’m done hearing her lies and I hope you are all with me on this!

  • essie


    i was speaking when he was released.. ppl were in a uproar as well yet he was not prevented to to live his lavish lifestyle.. his reason being in jail now is not in connection to his previous trial

  • Vanessa

    It’s a Shame in our society that woman who killed her baby can go free and a person who sell drugs get 20 years but a baby killer get to walk and be carefree and this killer with the society we live in will be filthy rich because there are actually news program will pay this monster to lie again and hopefully with the lies she tells somehow there will be a way to charger with something there happen to be a way to get some justice for caylee and thank god for nancy grace because of her and her program caylee has a voice

  • Giuseppe Sallo


    She’s still gonna get a book/movie deal…. and probably get a huge fee for interviews.

  • Fake

    The face of a cold blooded sociopath who drugged and suffocated her baby so she could party and punish the parents she hated so much.
    I would love to see her suffer for the rest of her life..unfortunately sociopaths have no conscience. She will always maintain she didn’t do it and will never shed a real tear for her child….this sick evil b*tch will get her karma but good….you just watch…

  • WhatATool

    @essie #25

    Since you’re comparing her to OJ, not true he did not continue w/fame fortune he is always will be a Pariah.
    Not so with this psychopath Casey she will ease back into society

  • sue her butt off

    I wonder if they find out who the father was/is if his family could sue her for wrongful death.

  • WhatATool

    Robert Blake, got away with m u r d er he was at the scene of the crime with a gun and was still found not guilty.
    Even the people on this thread defending CA know she is quilty- the judicial system FAILED
    It’s ok for Some mothers to k i l l their children (Andrea yates)

  • Sean

    I hope we make her life a living hell and force her to move out of the country. Make her a pariah. She shouldn’t be able to walk in a supermarket without being harassed.

  • syndee

    If you don’t pay your light bill
    for 31 days.. no power! If you don’t pay your water bill for 31 days.. no water!
    If you don’t return a movie you rented for 31 days.. you pay for that movie! If
    you don’t report your child missing for 31 days, what happens?? ABSOLUTELY

  • KC

    She is all kinds of crazy! Just look at those creepy eyes.

  • rhonda

    what are the odds of finding 12 jurors that stupid. I hope they can’t sleep and catch hell as well

  • m

    Baked potato nose bitch!