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Jennifer Aniston: Hand & Footprint Ceremony!

Jennifer Aniston: Hand & Footprint Ceremony!

Jennifer Aniston attends her Hand and Footprint Ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Thursday (July 7) in Hollywood.

The 42-year-old actress was joined at the event by beau Justin Theroux, her Horrible Bosses co-star Jason Bateman, and pal Chelsea Handler.

Jennifer got her hands dirty making her mark on the cement, which she also signed and dated.

Jen was recently on Inside the Actors Studio, where she opened up about coping with her divorce from Brad Pitt.

“I was slightly familiar with the topic,” she joked with host James Lipton about starring in the 2006 rom-com The Break-Up, which she filmed after her real-life split.

“I honestly felt like, ‘What a great way to sort of exorcise some of that,’” she shared.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Prada dress with Gucci shoes.

Jennifer Aniston – Inside the Actors Studio

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Credit: John Shearer; Photos: Wire Image
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195 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: Hand & Footprint Ceremony!”

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  1. 101
    Manny Says:

    OMFG! It is so nice to see JenJen promoting shopping at Goodwill.
    I see she brought her paid escort. His daily rate must be really low.
    Can’t believe she is promoting her new mag article by saying how The Break Up helped her get over Brad. Get a f*cking clue JenJen. We don’t care!
    Thanks Hollywood for giving my dog a place to have a sh!t. *applauding*

  2. 102
    FayeFaye Says:

    Where is Courtney? On one of the most important days in ticky’s life, and her BFF Coutney isn’t there? What’s wrong with this picture? Maybe, just maybe, if there is a God, now that she’s gotten her star and prints on this walk of fame, broke up a 14-year relationship, and no I don’t believe the relationship was over when Ticky stole him away (isn’t it ironic, Ticky sole someone just like she’s been spouting for 7 years about Angie stealing Brad), and after numerous facial surgeries, which none of the media, reputable or not will touch, she’s fade from the screen. Ticky is only taking a year off because she has no projects lined up. If there is a God, there will be no more nude spreads. I’ve often wondered, as often as she poses nude, Hef didn’t want her? Oh, that’s right, he was after Angie to pose nude, after the birth of her children. Ticky is still coming in second, and is just too dumb to realize it. Let there be a God, and let her and Handler disappear. Anyone who uses a “friend” to intentionally speak ill of children is sick, sick, sick. And if working out for four or five hours a day makes me look like Ticky, I’ll pass. There are other 42 year old women, raising children, single, working long hours, who look 10 times better than Ticky. I’m also on the bandwagon, where is her family? Surely she speaks to her father? I’ve often read that. Or was that a lie too? This girl is pathetic, and I didn’t say woman, I said girl. Please just disappear.

  3. 103
    susie Says:

    Both still fugly

  4. 104
    anon2 Says:

    She looks great here but I think the dress would have been better if it were a little longer. Otherwise, congrats to her…looks like she is very happy.

  5. 105
    Bella Says:

    here she looks like a little girl..

  6. 106
    Lia Says:

    Why is she a bad role model? She didn’t do heroin, unlike someone else..

    it’s almost as if Angelina’s fan wait till there come a thread about Jen, and diss her and when it’s about AJ they praise her to heaven, like a saint.

    Please, go live your lifes, it’s very pathetic that people seem to be obsessed by Angelina.
    She is maybe beautiful and successfull but why all the commotion?
    They ALL have moved on, only the crazy fans post these stupid things..
    Over and over again, as if they go to bed dreaming about Angelina..
    As if these people will make her happy or unhappy, or whatever..

    Seriously WHEN are the FANS going to move on??????
    Probably one decade later..

    I actually like Angie AND Jen, so for the people who are going to attack me.. obviously you care

  7. 107
    Sean Says:

    When Jen does comedy people laugh with her.(Horrible Bosses). When Angelina does comedy people laugh at her (The Tourist). Hahaha God bless Ricky Gervais for exposing that joke of an actress at the Golden Globes!!

  8. 108
    jen a bad role model Says:

    a bad role model for her misogynistic roles. i am not going back 15 years to criticize her. this is recent and i find it annoying when i hear her in interviews talking about empowering women, yet take these type of parts. jmho and has nothing to do with angelina or any other actor. talking about the present, and jennifer only.

  9. 109
    SPONGEBO )p Says:

    fugniston and cheezy handler they look like desperate sisters who need a boy toy. Botox babes, she tries to cover her fresh botox face with her old cheezy handmedown handler. Fake blondes, boobs, nose, eyes, etc. wanna be fugs!!!!

  10. 110
    Anjolie Says:

    That woman has no real friends nor a family.She has to buy them like she bought that new boyfriend.Poor lonely childless woman.
    And being friends with C Handler shows who she really is.She and Handler are alike.

  11. 111
    SPONGEBO )p Says:

    balding boyfriend, no match for georgeous, handsome husband of beautiful and stunning Angelina Jollie!!!!!!!!

  12. 112
    to lia Says:

    why are you bringing up angie if you claim to like her? and you have no way of knowing if aniston has ever done heroin or not..we wouldnt have known about angie if SHE hadnt told us herself how she tried drugs as a teen and early twenties and QUIT. i find her a role model for talking about it, how destructive that time was, and how she turned her life around and began looking to help others..a long time ago.

    what does this though, have to do with angie, or what the poster was saying about jen’s roles?

    nothing that i can see.

  13. 113
    SPONGEBO )p Says:


  14. 114
    GFW Says:

    Jen deserves this. She looks sincerely happy. Let’s hope love lets her keep the change.
    GB supporter who know love let’s him keep the change

  15. 115
    SPONGEBO )p Says:


  16. 116
    alexanderina Says:

    @Sean: the Tourist made almost 300 millions who is laughing now and let see how much aniston’s movie will make. U are an idiot

  17. 117
    Josephina Says:

    Sean, Sean, Sean—

    Angelina was NOMINATED for Best Comedic Actress in 2010 for The Tourist. Jennifer has not been nominated for… anything… since she began her “film career.” Furthermore, The Tourist made a lot more money (280M) than Just Go With It, where Aniston was a supporting actress..again being paired with a proven, great male comedian to bring in the bucks. But not enough bucks to outrank Jolie as most powerful actress or highest paid actress (Forbes Magazine 2011.)

    Again, numbers don’t lie. In the last 15 years, there STILL not enough of you fans to support her in a lead role, let alone a supporting side-kick role.

    You guys simply cannot handle the truth. Angelina has it all. She has great beauty, body, sex appeal, tops the list as the most beautiful woman in the world frequently, has a huge worldwide fanbase, beautiful family, great love, sex symbol hottie- Brad, critically acclaimed movie career. She is the most requested actress to star in a movie, great humanitarian, world traveler, rich, great heart, and is in company with prime ministers, ambassadors and presidents all over the world. She is a very powerful woman who uses influence and her millions to help refugees.

    Aniston? Hah! She spends her millions on Steven Huvane, her hair, her daily chicken salad lunches, Mexico, yoga and pilates. She uses her influence to manipulate the media with the various PR manufactured personalities to attract fans like you.

    See the difference in character now? Even if you don’t, the rest of the world has.

  18. 118
    JCali129 Says:

    It would be nice to see her dress like a grownup for once.

  19. 119
    hmm Says:

    she is dresses like a little kid, maybe justin likes little girls, he is friends with that pervert, richardson.

  20. 120
    jaye Says:

    Courtney @ 07/07/2011 at 4:14 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +13

    this is so wrong this is supposed to be an honor reserved for huge stars some of whom don’t have them yet like Franco Nero doesn’t have his yet and he’s been acting more than 4 decades and nor does his wife Vanessa Redgrave have her prints at graumans yet and has been in the industry for more than 5 decades been nominated for 6 oscars so far and won 1
    It’s more of a Chamber of Commerce ploy to attract tourists and part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. All that’s required is that you meet the criteria of being in one of the 5 categories of the Industry ( there have been exceptions) and be in the industry a certain amount of years; five, I think. You have to agreed to the nomination and agree to show up for the ceremony; so it isn’t a surprise to the person that they are being considered.
    By the way, anyone can nominate you, including a fan. You go on the list and it you’re not chosen by the ‘committee’ within 2 years you can be renominated time and time again. They only do a select number each year, so not everyone gets chosen the first time they’re nominated. There is a $20,000-30,000 fee ( yep, that’s thousand) that has to be forked over to buy the ‘star’ and maintain it. The money is paid by the winner, their rep, the person who nominated them or any other willing person.
    The walk of fame is very long, but the theater is arguably the most well known sight on the ‘walk’. I’m sure a little MORE palm greasing can get someone that ‘special’ place. Someone is working very hard to revive Aniston’s career and the publicity won’t hurt her.
    Most people associate the ‘honor’ of being on the Walk of Fame as more than it really is. By the way, stars have turn down the honor of being on the Walk of Fame. Not everyone is interested. It’s a fun thing and of interest to tourists and locals alike, but being selected has nothing to do with the quality of your work, although there are some exceptional people on the Walk. Even fictional characters and animal entertainers have their Stars and prints on the walk of fame.

  21. 121
    fact is Says:

    She takes these roles cause they are all she gets offered. You can’t tell me this 15 minute role was what she chose after turning down a starring role in another movie. She can’t even get that Goring Girls movie that she has been talking about foi years now, financed.

    she can’t get a film greenlit on her name alone, unlike someone

    So, she gets excited for anything she can get and doesn’t care if the roles are degrading to herself or women in general.

  22. 122
    fact is Says:

    She takes these roles cause they are all she gets offered. You can’t tell me this 15 minute role was what she chose after turning down a starring role in another movie. She can’t even get that Goring Girls movie that she has been talking about foi years now, financed.

    she can’t get a film greenlit on her name alone, unlike someone

    So, she gets excited for anything she can get and doesn’t care if the roles are degrading to herself or women in general.

  23. 123
    GD Says:

    Cute summer dress looks lovely on her and shows off her great legs.

    Congrats to her, very cool!

  24. 124
    well Says:

    At least she isn’t naked for a change.

  25. 125
    give suri her dress back Says:

    she looks ridiculous.

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