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Jennifer Aniston: Hand & Footprint Ceremony!

Jennifer Aniston: Hand & Footprint Ceremony!

Jennifer Aniston attends her Hand and Footprint Ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Thursday (July 7) in Hollywood.

The 42-year-old actress was joined at the event by beau Justin Theroux, her Horrible Bosses co-star Jason Bateman, and pal Chelsea Handler.

Jennifer got her hands dirty making her mark on the cement, which she also signed and dated.

Jen was recently on Inside the Actors Studio, where she opened up about coping with her divorce from Brad Pitt.

“I was slightly familiar with the topic,” she joked with host James Lipton about starring in the 2006 rom-com The Break-Up, which she filmed after her real-life split.

“I honestly felt like, ‘What a great way to sort of exorcise some of that,’” she shared.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Prada dress with Gucci shoes.

Jennifer Aniston – Inside the Actors Studio

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Credit: John Shearer; Photos: Wire Image
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195 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: Hand & Footprint Ceremony!”

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  1. 176
    tish Says:

    Lia #110 Be honest with yourself , or at least give it a slight try.
    It’s not when are the fans going to move on. Clearly it is THIS.. and it’s very simple, when is Jennifer Aniston going to move on?
    By moving on you know damm well all she has to do is take Brad Pitt out of the equation ( as in long ago.)
    It’s so obvious Vince Vaughn, John Mayer, the model Paul S, camera man etc and *ALLLLL the rest of the faux lor boughten lover’s inbetween were clearly all such ephemeral BS love stories. PPL are so clued into all of that but b/c all the other guys never had The Brad’s stardom , Conniving Aniston as usual had to equivacate her ex husband beyond words.

    Without Brad, Jennifer Aniston is just another nobody from that 80′s Friends show.
    PPl are so sick of Jen’s saturation of Mr. Pitt.. Bloody Ell! Enuff already Lia, it’s ppl like you who are constantly using the ‘lets move on tale by poor Jen. Get Real! Do you honestly think by posting in such an imbiguous way that ppl can’t see thru your disgusting deceptive equivocal language. C Mon After a guesstamated 2,555 days and nights of these mistruths and head games you are NOT fooling anybody but yourself and your phoney names. Try getting another job, how much have you made today at what is it 15 cents a post? Pathetic.

    Hey There Jaye, Excellent post above #124
    I have always enjoyed your well thought out posts and the way you so sensibly make it so easy to read the lies.
    Thanks Bud ,.. Nothing better than an Absolutely wonderful Post after crawling thru the rubbish.

  2. 177
    josha Says:

    Terrible review of Horrible Bosses from NY Post. Jen is now living in NY and I hope she read this. Here’s an excerpt:

    Dale is a dental assistant whose sexy boss is a harasser who keeps grabbing at his crotch and demanding he hit the sheets with her. Since women never do this, the comedy starts out strained and goes nowhere. Worse, the dentist is Jennifer Aniston, whose **** act is neither particularly convincing nor particularly out of character; “Friends,” after all, was pretty smutty. Maybe Reese Witherspoon’s sweetness could have made this one-dimensional vamp surprising, but watching Aniston rattle off pages of naughty talk in order to revive her fading career is as sad as it was watching her and Nicole Kidman do a hula dance-off in “Just Go With It.”

    Read more:

  3. 178
    Loather Says:

    Haha! The older Jen gets, the more she feels the need for public validation for her own self worth! She won’t evolve into a woman like normal people. She still thinks she’s 20 and has many year in the furture in entertainment. She doesnt want to get old and thats why she must show her body to proove it. PS Yes that hula-off scene was very embarrassing.

  4. 179
    Speak Now Says:

    Vote down all the positive comments you haters want, you’re just bitter. :)

  5. 180
    Kassie Says:

    She’s stunning!

  6. 181
    Laurel and Hardy Says:

    Ang pangit talaga nang matandang bruha. Mukhang champoy.

  7. 182
    dayum Says:

    It doesn’t take any prompting at t’all for Jenny to bring up Pitt–again and again—doesn’t matter who the new man is in her life–this new guy or John or the Johns before that. Jenny doesn’t want you all to forget, she needs you to remember, why? Hmm….what man (or woman) –in general—wants a relationship with a manipulator like that? Big turn off for any new person in one’s life, no wonder they don’t stay.

  8. 183
    Stacy Says:

    Totally looove the dress! Flawless!

  9. 184
    shes just so lovely Says:

    ahwwww. that SMILE!!!!!!! *Melts*

  10. 185
    yep Says:

    @Lucky Charm: jen isn’t trying to change her image. why should she? she is playing a part in a movie in horrible bosses! Love the movie and jen! congrats! long time deserving.

  11. 186
    yep Says:

    love the dress! love her hair! jen looks awesome! happy for her! she continues to move forward – learns from her past! what more can we do as people!

  12. 187
    yep Says:

    @solais: lol! haters are so sad! you don’t make 110 million by not being talented! facts are facts you might not personally like her however that doesn’t take away a person’s success. Yes, JENNIFER is a talented, successful actress! and brangelinas can’t take that away. Jen has taken it to the bank! also, a smart business lady too! Jen continues to move forward and living her life while brangelina fans continue their hate on a person they have never spoken a word too! hate never wins!

  13. 188
    cheryl Says:

    She deserves it!

  14. 189
    Ivermom Says:

    Jen is absolutely adorable in this dress! Not many could pull it off but she can. She looks happy! :)

  15. 190
    ellie' Says:

    Jen deserves that star…also award for Hotness…and Jen made all her own money on her own…no help with ex..
    I notice Angie (horsey) since Brad much higher overrated…

  16. 191
    ellie' Says:

    You go girl..we love you!!!

  17. 192
    dd Says:

    please stop promoting your films by mentioning pitt, please oh please oh please its been six years

  18. 193
    BlogBrat Says:

    She looks fantastic as always…She so deserves this…She is the top recognized actress in Hollywood at the moment…I can almost see the J/P fans heads blowing right off their shoulders over this one…Ho-lee doesn’t have a star on the walk of fame or a gorgeous boyfriend on her arm…The reason the J/P fans always HAVE to bring the J/P’s up on Jens threads is because without Jen they are NOTHING…They need Jen to keep them in the spotlight…Otherwise, they are just an ugly “D” list couple with a bunch of unrulely kids and no movies that have made anyone any money…I know I just brought them into this thread, but so many posters wonder why J/P fans must come to Jens threads and post such immature hateful comments…Just remember The J/P’s need Jen or else they are just common hollywood steerage…I love Jen and believe Brad does to…He is sorry he ever looked that Ho’s way…But I believe he loves his kids and has accepted his fate…He would never walk away from his kids anymore than Jen would ever take him back…She filed for the divorce and she did not fight for him…He obviously was not worth it…Justin is a very high powered producer that can make or break a star…I bet Ho-lee is gonna have a much harder time getting roles now that Justin is in the picture…lol…Go Jen!!!!!

  19. 194
    Appletini Says:

    You keep right on thinking that if it makes you happy. The only thing you got right was that Brad loves all of his children, and that JA filed the divorce papers (but only because she couldn’t keep stalling any longer or else Brad was going to do it himself).

  20. 195
    MB Says:

    Crap azzzzz movie. We went to see it and my husband was the biggest decision maker b/c it was his BD. He wanted to leave in the middle of it. I didn’t want to tell him …told you so.

    Aniston is playing Rachel Green again with some dirty talk and she sounds forced so sounds really stupid.

    We did end up leaving before the end so all was not good .

    This pathetic HO is always buying men or PR and in this pic she bought her star on the HW block. If truth be told and i am sure someone explained how you get chosen to be doing what this dipstick is doing ..well er.. she has no business being there…boughten again.
    Desperate and Pathetic as always.

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