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Justin Theroux Shaves His Beard

Justin Theroux Shaves His Beard

Justin Theroux shows off his new clean-shaven face while attending Jennifer Aniston‘s Hand and Footprint Ceremony on Thursday (July 7) in Hollywood.

The 39-year-old actor and director, who sat next to Jennifer‘s production partner Kristen Hahn, proudly watched as the 42-year-old actress was immortalized in front of the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Jen even blew a kiss to Justin, People reports, adding that the Horrible Bosses star was “beaming. She couldn’t have looked happier.”

10+ pictures inside of a clean-shaven Justin Theroux at Jennifer Aniston‘s Hand and Footprint Ceremony…

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Credit: Frazer Harrison, Jason Kempin, Nikki Nelson; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • yes

    looking good

  • Emma

    He looks a thousand times better without the beard. Good for you Jennifer! Hopefully this ones a keeper..

  • IllWill

    he looks like a psycho

  • Ber

    He looks like Jennifer PR Huven, they are related?

  • S@n

    Much better!

  • anon2

    He is very handsome but looks like Brad a little. I hope this guy works out for her because it would be nice if she found a great guy and had a long term relationship, not necessarily marriage.


    he looks so much better and grown up! good choice

  • BEAN

    This is not even CELEBRITY newsworthy man… Dude shaved his beard, cool. Anyway they are quite open about their relationship – no hiding like her others. Its nice to see. She seems extremely happy and happier than she has looked in a long time. Course thats what you get dating a leo. Just awesome :D

  • Lia

    He is so hot, I would want him too!

  • LOLZ

    he is fine!!! i would take him over brad pitt any day!!! mmmmmm….

  • A

    He’s only with her for publicity and fame.

  • girlfromechopark

    that is great !she is amazing , and deserve everything after suffering like she did because of angelina jolie and brad pitt…I think both are really happy in their realtionships now …
    atta girl Jen ! great catch ! :) Justin is awesome ! AND way more interresting then Brad pitt … look those eyes …is pure mystery… hot!

  • girlfromechopark
  • Bella

    yayyy…lol :P

  • Appletini

    He’s opened Pandora’s box now, I hope he realizes what he’s done to himself. Good luck, Justin, you’re really going to need it.

  • Curious George


    That’s good because you could never get Brad Pitt.

    OH and once again Brad is brought up in this thread that is not about him.
    seriously some of you are very sad.

    If this is the guy for jennifer good for her..But man why is every guy compared to Brad Pitt. Brad was 7 years ago.

    When you bring him up.. well LOSERS..

  • Kat

    He is really handsome and lovely without the beard.
    Jen’s best choice so far..
    So glad she moved on from the childish John Mayer..
    And came to this hot thing

  • Appletini


    Suffering how? She & Brad were separated, and she told her husband to go have an affair to get it out of his system. He told her no, he wanted a divorce first. She’s the one that put off filing for divorce, so it seems to me that Brad was the one who suffered from what Jennifer did. Brad is happy now, Jen seems happy, lets please quit bringing up old, INACCURATE, tabloid gossip of Brad & Angelina and move on.

  • Observer

    Does this “actress” have a movie coming out soon?

    Can one “buy” a space such as this or does one have to be nominated and then voted in?

    She must have fired her stylist.
    What was she thinking wearing this??
    She should have worn a simple black dress in order to display her “decade of hottness” .

    No matter how much money she has, I actually feel pity for this person who is so obviously lost.

    I’m no hater, just an observer.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    oh look, Eddie Munster all grown up.


    both deserved each others ugliness

  • solais

    Eddie Munster…’s the dyed black hair.

  • Sacha,

    He’s sexy with or without his beard.

  • Ben

    He can do better than Aniston.

  • ….

    something about his face reminds me of marlon brando :O

  • justsayin’too

    I have to say he looks much better without the beard.

  • solais

    How come Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow haven’t been given stars? They have both been in the same sitcom and films and are better actresses than her…oh wait they didn’t marry/divorce an international film star and use that relationship to promote their films or become tabloid queens.

  • hollywoodlooks

    I really like the looks of this man. He is handsome. Old Hollywood movie star looks.

  • Julia Thorne

    He looks really good without all that hair on his face. I hope he makes her happy she definitely needs a good man who is worthy of her. Good luck and much happiness.

  • Brad is FUG
  • TRD

    He looks hot! very nice!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Brad is FUG @ 07/07/2011 at 9:03 pm

    Tell me. Where was this Eddie Munster dude when Brad was voted the Sexiest Man Alive?…..twice. I’ll bet when this dude gets to Brad’s age he wouldn’t look as good as Brad.

  • anon2

    @Brad is FUG:

    Yes, without his beard he looks like a dark haired version of Brad…from some angles. Especially in the main photo. His profile looks like a cross between Johnny Knoxville and Ron Livingston.

  • Julie

    I think Anniston seems like a nice person, so I am sorry to say this, but I get a bad vibe with this guy. Like he is just with her for the fame and A-list lifestyle. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

  • Julie

    Anniston seems like a nice person ,so I am sory to say this ,but I get a bad vibe from this guy. Theroux likes the fame and the A-list perks. I hope I am wrong.

  • Loather

    If you go on you can see the same day but different angle from the side, he had a HUGE blad spot on the back of his head. He tried to comb the front over it but fell to the side, exposing the bald spot. Thats why it’s all gelled back to hold in place but oops!!

  • chelsey

    Umm Brad who???? Lets face it Jen had Brad when he was at his prime…remember Troy? Since then the years haven’t been that good for Brad. Whereas this hottie…damn he is HOTTTTT and Jen is GORGEOUS….PERFECT PAIR!!!

  • To #32

    How much you wanna bet that now that he is bonking Aniston he gets voted as People’s sexiest man?? She and Huvane will pay for it to happen, of course that’s if ole boy don’t jump off the promo wagon after their bomb in The fall. also, her fans would call the Lochness Monster cute if he was dating Aniston…they just want old pruny to have a man and a baby that Aniston obviously don’t won’t but constantly lies that she do.

  • Sweetness

    Suddenly this no body knows who he is gets his name mentioned and we will witness him attached to movie deals … This guy is in it for the fame and yes she has a new movie to promote so shoving the new bf in peoples face is great pr.

    Angelina you are such a class act, you don’t have to go out of your way to seek attention, the world wants to know what you are doing even when it’s doing something simple like going bowling!

  • tan

    Has anyone read the ‘personal quotes’ section of this guy’s IMDb page?!

    He basically degrades actors who have had gained celebrity from their commerical success. He even disses Tom Hanks. Seriously- when you start to diss Tom Hanks I am done with you!

    He actually is quoted as saying: If I was roped into a seven-year TV contract I’d probably hang myself. It’s a TV show – selling cars, cereal, soda pop. TV is like that. The shows are incidental to the commercials.

    His “Personal Quotes” section IMDb:
    It’s like, once you’ve seen Tom Hanks win the Golden Globes, the Oscars, you’ve seen his wife, what kind of car he drives, when you watch his movies, you can’t fully get really lost in them.

    I watched the movie Cast Away (2000). It’s a perfectly fine movie. But you can never fully believe that movie. How can we believe this man is being cast away? We know it’s Tom Hanks and we know the color of his couch in his house in L.A. because we saw a picture of it in People magazine. His celebrity has corrupted his art form.

    If I was roped into a seven-year TV contract I’d probably hang myself. It’s a TV show – selling cars, cereal, soda pop. TV is like that. The shows are incidental to the commercials. I always laugh when TV shows pat themselves on the back for being cutting-edge. I mean, an interracial kiss on “Ally McBeal” (1997) is cutting-edge? I’ve never been shocked by anything on television, except the news.

  • tan

    @Appletini: And you have private details about their relationship and divorce?!? LOL

  • Marnie

    They seem really happy together. I hope this relationship works out for them. They’re already wearing matching rings.

  • Aniston’s new Norman

    I see she has already started making him her pet project! First Brad he bailed, than Vince he bailed, and John Mayer he bailed TWICE!! She just started dating this guy and she is already trying to change him….narcsistic crazy ass Aniston. she will never keep a man because she always want to turn them into a Ken doll. he’ll get what he needs and will bail soon.

  • from Us Magazine

    Eeeew. He’s balding BIG TIME, middle-aged and at only 5’5″, a midget – a guy who was unknown until he was contracted by her big PR firm to be her rent-a-date while she pimps her movie, so, in what alternate universe would he be ‘better than Brad Pitt.’ Muahahaha. This guy can’t even compete with all the other guys that dumped her, Vince Vaughn, John Mayer, that male model. You going back 7 years to Brad Pitt, a man who’s not even thinking of homely aniston, just shows how much he still rocks her cat lady fans worlds. hahahaha.

  • Marnie

    Oh, and he is really hot. Why don’t you dig up some of the dumb things Angelina has said or done in the past like tongue kissing her brother etc?

  • Drive Bye

    They look like they could share spray-tan sessions. He’s lookin’ a bit orangey, no?

  • Jory

    Oh baby he’s sexy good job Jen.

  • Disturbing still

    @tan #40 and now he is eating his words. dating a TV star!!!

  • Britt

    Wait! Is this the guy from Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle that played the Irish guy?

  • jk

    He is supportive of her. Love does that.