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Megan Fox: No Botox Here!

Megan Fox: No Botox Here!

Megan Fox proves she’s naturally beautiful in a series of new shots posted to her official Facebook page.

The 25-year-old actress uploaded photos with the album caption “Things you can’t do with your face when you have Botox”. In the pics, Megan furrows her brow and points out naturally occurring lines in her forehead when she raises her eyebrows.

Earlier in the week, shots of Megan as the face of Giorgio Armani‘s latest beauty campaign were released.

Megan‘s also the face of Armani Code, the fashion line’s fragrance.

Just Jared on Facebook
megan fox no botox facebook 01
megan fox no botox facebook 02
megan fox no botox facebook 03
megan fox no botox facebook 04

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  • lol

    No botox, but she still has done something to her face. I miss Megan Fox circa Transformers.

  • unknown

    LOL what is this supposed to prove?! SO SAD WHAT SHE’S DONE TO HERSELF. She can deny botox all she wants, the major PLASTIC SURGERY face remains. She doesn’t look real anymore. Guys do NOT think she is the hottest girl anymore… doubt many are into the Amanda Lepore look!!

  • Zahra

    I must be the only who thinks that the reason she looks so different is simply weight loss

  • Curious George

    That does not even look like her..

    I don’t think every hollywood woman uses botox.. but Megan has done something to her face.

    I didn’t even know it was her.. And why does she care what people she does not know think.

    You dig yourself in a deep hole when you start trying to prove the lies as lies.. Just live you life and FU to the ones that doubt. How does it affect you anyway.

    This whole display is pathetic a bit.

  • Silv

    HAHAHAHAHA WHAT A JOKE she cant even smile anymore

  • Alaia

    The forehead picture is truly frightening. That is the face of worn botox.

  • tan

    This girl was GORGEOUS. Now she looks like a 40+ year Hollywood gal trying to look 29 again. Her lips are pumped full of something and she did something to her cheeks and eyes. So so utterly sad that someone THAT gorgeous was so insecure she altered her natural beauty. I hope it is all temporary and she lets it go natural again!

  • li

    thereĀ“s a lot of botox in her mouth…..

  • tata

    lol at all you miserable uglies ….she is still hotter/sexier/beautiful/perfect/stunning…ect than all of you! NEVER FORGET THAT!

  • Wes

    She must have done something to her face. She just looks too different now then she did back on Transformers. I know it was a few years ago but still.. she had something done. I don’t see why she would get anything done because she’s only in her 20s and still looks youthful.

  • Mari

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  • Theo

    Nice face expressions!

  • JC

    She’s not all that.

  • Asha

    She did SOMETHING to her face. She almost looks alien like. That is not a natural face.

  • Kiki

    Celebrities are so delusional lol…she’s funny.
    Megan skipped an appointment, and seeing that she hasn’t been in the spotlight lately felt the need to prove she’s all natural.
    Someone needs to let her know that the world doesn’t care what she does to her face. People aren’t blind, not only has she had Botox, but a few other things to go with it.

  • unknown

    @tata: Nope, not even close. These actually give me an ego boost because i never needed surgery and I’m happy with my face. lol Megan ruined herself, wouldn’t doubt she’s reading these JJ comments and perhaps defending herself under false names. What a mess

  • Gina

    LOL, well, there is a lot more you can do to your face with plastic surgery than just botox which is really ‘just’ injections. Megan has had some serious work done, that’s painfully obvious when you look at her transformed face. I actually think she has plumped up her lips even more since I last saw closeup pics of her.

  • Jasmine

    Is that her real Facebook account? It’s nice that she’s actually interacting with fans in SOME capacity…I agree that she doesn’t look the same, it’s obvious that she’s had multiple surgeries in the past several years. She looked beautiful in the first Transformers movie before the first nose job but she also looked fantastic afterward during the second. She really should have stopped after that…I hope she stops now because she really doesn’t look the same anymore.

  • Botox

    I’m not a hater, and wish the best toward’s everyone, but let’s be real why is Megan famous….cause I cant exactly call her an actress. She has had work done on her face prior to being on Transformers as well as after…which is fine it’s her face, but it’s stupid to publicly claim you are natural.

  • Storie
    That picture actually scared me! WTF, she doesn’t even look real anymore! *shudder*

  • barbie

    WTF? She must be on drugs? At least she still has a sense of humor

  • shimmy

    maybe no botox, but looks like definite eyebrow lift, lip injections and whatever else she did to alter the shape of her face. Lets not forget those pics of her swollen face after what must have been surgical procedures.
    Megan, u were truly hot before, now ure so plastic :(

  • giovana

    Whatever that Botox thing is the girl is beyond gorgeous, STOP BEING A JEALOUS BITCH

  • DailyNightly

    Look at the line going from the corner of her mouth back to her ear. Madonnna had the same thing going on 2-3 yrs ago when coming out of the Kabbalah center w/ Lourdes. Some sort of mini face lift and those lips have some collagen thing going on. She is way too young and beautiful for this crap.

  • Sarah

    She’s intentionally making botox faces for irony. Its called being funny but I guess no one can really understand her sense of humor to get it.

  • Hahaha

    Hahaha… Why is it that her face look’s frozen on the second pic, despite her expression. Failed! Megan no one is holding you at gun point, just except who you are and stop trying so hard to come across as this natural goddess. Everyone in Hollywood has work done including Megan.

  • skskj

    I love tht people insist on her having botox and when she proves she doesn’t u just find another excuse lol

  • fatties to the left

    she had work done on her face to remove acne scars. that was it.

  • unknown

    @fatties to the left: lmao! Stay delusional

  • barbie

    maybe her audition for a Klingon in the next Star Trek

  • nyob


    That’s all I’ve got.

  • ezra

    @unknown: why do you hate beauty?

  • Loather

    Dear Megan,

    Stop trying to be Angie.

    your hater

  • Chris Vaughn

    Dude, why is she telling the media she doesn’t have botox? She is only 25! That’s like natural beauty time….wtf.

  • unknown

    @ezra: Beauty is not overly plastic, injected features. Megan was beautiful before 2010 when she REALLY starting messing with her face

  • keith133

    i guess she was annoyed that everyone was saying she had botox on her
    comments and wanted to prove she hadnt her face looks better than i did last year so aybe she has layed off surgery lately

  • joker

    no botox maybe but plastic surgery YES.

  • ezra

    @unknown: how was that bacon cheese burger? good??

  • stephanie

    These are the only pictures where I actually find Megan Fox attractive. Normal looking facial expressions, not that much makeup and yeah.

  • 2funny

    um her “proving” just shows she is insecure and cares what others think about her; hence her obsession with manipulating her face in the first place, lol…

  • OMG

    She looks so not real.

  • unknown

    @ezra: hi megan. how’s your failed career and ruined looks? i have no problem saying another woman is beautiful.. i’m happy with myself. i even gave megan a compliment that she was beautiful before 2010. keep up the cliche lame replies :)

  • Spoli

    she went from Average looking white girl to Jolie wannabe ( her hottest “moment”) to plastic surgery nightmare. YIKES.

  • Bella

    why would a 25yr old need botox anyway? she looks strange..

  • Susan

    I think Megan is gorgeous! I don’t think she had Botox done but she does look different. Hopefully no surgery. She’s way too young to be thinking about surgery.

  • keith133

    didnt anybody see her pictures last year she looks 1000 times better now she looked like the cat lady then

  • MF

    @unknown: it’s sad that you find misfortune satisfying tbh i’m sad for you :(

  • superman


  • megan’s mask

    Olivia Munn is now more relevant and naturally attractive than Megan. and that’s saying something

  • winda

    stupid megan fox,did u have another job to do,than yo posted pict unnessesry like that soooo stupiddd