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Rachel Bilson: Shopping with Hayden Christensen!

Rachel Bilson: Shopping with Hayden Christensen!

Rachel Bilson enjoys an afternoon of shopping with boyfriend Hayden Christensen on Thursday (July 7) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old Hart of Dixie star joined Hayden who picked up Parrot‘s AR.Drone video game.

Rachel recently shared that one of her new obsessions is designer Matthew Williamson‘s patterned scarves.

“[They] are fun,” she told InStyle. “Use one to make a statement on a plain outfit.”

FYI: Hayden is wearing Creative Recreation “Pilotto” shoes. Rachel is wearing Silverlake shorts by Paige Denim.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson shopping with Hayden Christensen

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rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 01
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 02
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 03
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 04
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 05
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 06
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 07
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 08
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 09
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 10
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 11
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 12
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 13
rachel bilson hayden christensen shopping 14

Photos: AKM
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  • Me

    They never look happy. Geez.

  • lillybell05

    They are never going to break up. Who knew that out of all the couples in Hollywood their relationship would last.

  • JC

    True love. Who doesn’t walk 30 feet behind their girl. He can drop the whole shy routine too. She does look good in shorts though.

  • bilson the fashionista

    Why is she wearing those shoes with cutoffs and a tank??? And she’s a fashion expert?

  • Hackto

    Wow, I have to agree with you guys. What a “happy” couple. *eyeroll* I don’t have a clue why he bothers. Oh wait, never mind. Must be for the all that awesome pu&&y she doles out when she wants to. Must be to die for to go through such misery the rest of the time. Guess we know what he does most of the time anyway, playing video games. Bizarre.

  • BB

    Well I wouldn’t say that will continue lasting. Even if they stay together another five years, look at what HW couples usually end up doing. There’s always a breaking point for these types of couples. Back and forth is a way of life for them usually.

  • DG

    She’s a cutie. Not everyone doles out the PDA in front of all the paparazzi.

  • i was wrong again

    at first I thought that was Katie Holmes but then I looked at the legs and duh Katie’s legs are like 3x that size

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s with Hayden so has to pretend not to like the paps and scowl. Love how these 2 think they are Brad & Angelina!!

  • stephanie

    lol I love Hayden but he’s totally whipped by her.

  • Plaxis

    Not showing PDA is one thing, looking miserable and 100% like what they’re doing is a chore is another. These two have been together on and off for over four years now, you’d think they’d figure out how to look more comfortable together. Unless it really is all for show, for PR. Like a lot of people think. That’s starting to make more and more sense to me. It’s never looked like they even like each other.

  • JC

    @lexy hates bilson:

    Right cause the cameras are just hiding out at what looks like some random back of the building parking area.

  • verity

    I could even see that Natalie Portman is already winning her 3rd Oscar or popping her second child…… while these 2 would just probably adopting/buying a new “dog”.

  • Shea


    The reason for the “stares” instead of emotions is they do NOT want to give the paparazzi fuel to write about or take more pictures! I can’t imagine always being “snapped” everywhere you go outiside of your home…geez, what a real drag!!

  • lol

    Well everyone was right that it was only a matter of time before some more couple pictures were arranged by her pr people and here they are. The two of them looking miserable together as always on this site lol. She looked happy untill he showed up. I guess its that time of the month again… and by that I mean the monthly staged photo op.
    The longer this goes on the more i believe everyone was right all along. These two are just for show so they can try to stay relevant. Without each other they would be written about even less most likely.
    Also the theory that hes only with her to get laid doesnt hold up. Hes a famous enough actor that although not as good looking as he once was is still better looking than your average man, hes got money and nice cars…If the man wanted to get laid all he would have to do is go to any club in LA and find a random girl. It wouldnt be hard.
    I think its more likely these two are a for the press couple only. Weirder things in hollywood have happened.
    She never looks happy around and he never looks happy around her.

    @lexy hates bilson: Brad and Angelina now that is funny. If Brad and Angelina never smiled around eachother and never walked within ten feet of eachother in years lol. I mean at least Brad and Angelina walk next to eachother no matter who is watching. PDA is one thing. But you would think if you really cared about someone and everyone knows your dating by now that you would walk next to eachother once in awhile and maybe even manage a smile.
    I think its asking alot from Rachel and Hayden and their showmance though to do that lol.
    I use to think everyone was just jealous and didnt want to believe they were really together… But as time has gone on Ive changed my mind I think they are one of the most faked relationships ever in Hollywood and that all these pictures are staged. Kind of like how I didnt believe Rachel staged all her pictures until that farm picture with her sisters in the middle of nowhere…Then I realized I was so wrong she stages everything!!!
    Atleast now i can laugh along with everyone else and the whole show thats put on lol

  • Karina

    God Hayden looks so doggone sexy just going out to shop for something! Whew! And Rachel, my God, no make up, hair up and looks unbeivably beautiful! What an elegant couple they make! This life just isn’t fair, ha ha! HAYDEN YOU ROCK, so does RACHEL!!!!!

  • lol

    Also How did JJ know what game he bought….Were the paps in the store with them? lol

  • crapshack

    OMG! These 2 Zlisters does the DON’T LOOK AT ME… BUT LOOK AT ME… to perfection!

    Anyways I thought that Crapchel is reportedly shooting a movie like the other day… now she went shopping (as usual)?!
    Just what & how much is her role in there – just a day w/ 5 or less speaking lines – but its not that possible isnt it – when you have trouble memorizing lines and formidably a no-talent twat.

  • whizbang

    From the looks of it, HayPooo doesnt need or even feel like getting a job anymore. He already did all the acting jobs during their early shoomance while BilPooo being jobless at that time & for all the time; is just in-charge w/ the dirty works in the media.
    But now, that she already got some job even if it would all poop out right before everyone would notice that it even & ever existed. Its time now for HayPooo to rest & bum w/o much disturbance.
    As all he’s tasked for the meantime is do is/are just to participate in a once-in-a-while photo-ops; and put some smile sometimes and put some pout for most of the time and wholla – some easy & little money would still comes in. Life still good right HayPooo…

  • Jax

    Karina, please. Don’t. Just…. don’t. That’s ridiculous.

  • lol

    I think this outfit could of used a scarf……What? She said wear a scarf with a ” plain outfit” I would say this is a extremely plain outfit if ever lol She should take her own fashion advice….If it really is ” her” fashion advice and not someone else doing it for her at Instyle. Im beginning to wonder about that too o.0 Most likely.
    Also who wears scarfs during the summer?!!!!! Besides grandmas…..

  • tennille

    These two reminds me of “Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton” ( does still anyone remembers him or even them?!) – like being together is just sucking desperation & oblivion onto their face.

  • just me


  • Ahari

    This has become the most ridiculous and pathetic example of fame who@ring just for PR purposes I’ve ever seen. I’m astounded that Hayden isn’t so ashamed of himself over this that he can even show his face. This is so far removed from everything he’s ever said he was about, it’s shocking. I’m almost ashamed for him. He needs to disappear in shame. He has become worse than nothing.

  • Kadabra

    @24, I agree. This has become intolerable. If he is with her, so be it. So don’t act and pretend like it isn’t that. If he cares to be with her, he should not act as though he is embarrassed by being seen with her. That is what is looks like. A real man is not embarrassed by the woman he chooses to be with, if it is truly his choice to be with her.

  • Jax

    I’m annoyed. No camel toe.

  • blairite

    Rashchel must have noticed that her JJ’s thread were having hard time reaching a second page anymore; she gets so upset that she had to call on for emergency assistance in aid of another photo-ops that would surely giving her more hits in the gossip blogs.
    So Haydeign came out of his cave to the rescue. Funny when these two started hooking-up, Haydeign is still a B-lister while Rashchel a Dlister; as it still is & by default. Now instead of him bringing his B-list status on her; it’s absolutely the other way around.
    Surely it really sucks when a “bad omen &/or dreadful curse” plastered on one’s face of a celebritard perpetually…

  • wow

    Oh, my gosh, these comments are hilarious! After over 4 years, people still go spastic over Hayden and Rachel, and how they behave together! There is a cute twitpic of them together from today taken with a fan at a shoestore, where they are both smiling, just search Hayden and Rachel on twitter and you will find it. That should help those of you who “never see them smile”. If their relationship is just for PR purposes, they are doing a lousy job of it. They could have much better photos taken for publictiy than buying a video game. They could get alot more publicity by simply finding new people to be with, and it would be easy for both of them to find new people. That would make alot more sense than using the same relationship for years, when it has not done anything career wise for either one of them. After 4 plus years, if this is a fake relationship, they both would have no lives. No one forces them to be together, they can be with whoever they choose to be with. Why get so upset if they have photos taken together, or not? You are taking their relationship way too seriously, if seeing photos of them together makes you think Hayden should “disappear in shame”, lol!

  • just me

    @24 and 25its not hayden fault that rachel lied about the paz taking pictures are her and him.she is the one that doing it for herself and not for him. like someone said here.this was staged like the one with jon hamm that didn’t go nowhere.But as long as she can use hayden she will.and he let her do that to him. cause he’s not working and don’t think about doing any at all.Try not to be so hard on him. Rachel has used everyone including her two sisters. you know when he comes to la to visit she has to run behind him to get a picture with him. we haven’t seen hayden by hisself since he started coming back to la for work. noone really cares either way. no stories about them in magazines nowhere. only on gossip sites. he’s only for a one day visited anyway.

  • BB

    Do you really think they wouldn’t smile with a fan photo? Talk about alienating your audience/bread and butter. I’m still calling shenanigans. Relationships will always and forever be for sale in HW…this isn’t normal at all.

  • searlus

    Yah Manakin is truly a horrible actor through & through. He’s acting horribly in his films same as acting horribly when he is w/ his (IN)significant other – LMAO

  • Jax

    @28, seriously? When posing for a fan pic you don’t think they would smile even if they were plotting to annihilate each other? OMG you are so naive. Fan pics are the gold standard, “see how happy we are, posing with this fan?” Whatever. Good God, so clueless. SMH. These two, especially Hayden need to go away. He’s all washed up. He’s like, Rachel’s bitch now. Wow.

  • Ahari

    I’m very disappointed in Hayden. He always said he held himself to a higher standard, and would never ever sell himself out for HW. He always said he would quit before he would do that, no matter what. Then he got involved with Rachel Bilson. The Hayden that his fans knew and loved ceased to exist when then happened. This girl (30 year old woman) is a conniving and manipulating fame wh)(re. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for a shot at a pic. And now he has taken on her persona. Hayden has become Rachel Bilson. Hayden Christensen is dead, people. He is resurrected as Rachel’s bit*h. That’s all he is now. This is a sad day. Someone needs to tell his PR people that he is dead and they no longer need to represent him. That will save his family a lot of money in the final reckoning of his estate. SMH. How hard and how far they fall, when they had the world in the palm of their hand. Sad.

  • CC

    You can tell who posts on here from the Internet Movie Data Base board, that’s for sure!

  • Pepto

    What? Hayden Darth Vader Christensen is a sell out. He’s a fame wh%re. Big f#$@ing deal. Big surprise. What else did he have anyway? Dude doesn’t have shite. Whatever this “relationship” thing is, it’s laughable. Who cares actually? WTF is Rachel Bilson? No one. So she was in the OC. So what? It was cancelled 5 minutes after Mischa Barton announced she was leaving. What does that tell you? Screams PATHETIC to me. All these people are ridiculous. Step off. All of you.

  • whodie

    @ 22
    They looked like or remind me of John Lennon & Yoko Ono (basing on height & facial defects) but who badly needs brains & talent implants.

  • searlus

    @#33 -
    And… every once in a while, Manakin would wake up in reality then bowed down in shame that he’s just & still hooking up w/ a smelly toad.
    Anyways, Manakin just deserves his joblessness & worthlessness these days and for a long while now; he just had it all coming.

  • Brea

    @CC: well ya, when you go 2 hayden’s imdb board it’s the same depressed woman who post here. Losers if you ask me. Nobody should spend that much time hating and bringing other people down.

  • ATLQueen

    You wrote just what I was thinking. So obvious…..

  • Thai

    Hayden is gay, by the time he starred in Star Wars he had a live-in boyfriend.

  • Valeria
  • Valeria
  • annie

    love HAYDEN,he just has bad taste in women,she has a nose ring in hayden,he must love to be dominated by smels b ilson

  • lexy hates bilson

    Hayden is a B-lister?? Where?? LMAO! Sadly at this rate, Rachel’s career is doing better than his. The 2 of them probably smiled for a fan photo b/c they are surprised they have fans!! and BTW, “scarfs are fun” – LMAO!!! I hope InStyle doesn’t pay her too much for this gibberish!!

  • just me

    Saw pictures are rachel and hayden wasn’t with at the clothing store. so where did hayden really come from? So jared why you didn’t show this? There was pictures are her by what is up with the cap over his eyes? Like he didn’t want to be seem with her.He didn’t do that months ago.And jared they never said that they was dating again.and we don’t know if he is her boyfriend.either hayden say so then it is true. with him hiding like that not. Can’t hide about coming here when we know he do. Can’t start doing that again it won’t work.Cause no one talk about you and her in magazines no more. its too late for that. shouldn’t have start hanging with her again last year.its hayden and rachel fault for hooking back up.Things change can’t go back the way it wae. Both need to grow up and move on from each other. He’s not working and she is. it only going to get worse.hayden shouldn’t have hooked up with her again. idon’t think that a video game he’s carrying too big. Try a get some work to hayden.You need to do that for a change.

  • cutegal

    they look too good with each other

  • Valeria
  • Karo

    @ just me alias the truth

    The photos of Hayden and Rachel at Valeria’s German Hayden fansite are from both of them shopping yesterday at the Racket Doctor. You still deny that they are back together after over 8 months, LOL! Yes, they are “boyfriend and girlfriend”, lol. These photos show more of them together, JJ just bought most of the photos with Rachel in them. Love the stare Hayden is giving the pap in the photo of him by himself.

    @ Thai

    It’s called a room mate, lol, Hayden is not gay, he has stated so himself. You forgot to add that all the rest of the good looking men in Hollywood are gay as well, Chris Pine, Bradly Cooper, Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Tom Cruise, Jaren Padalecki, Jake Ghyllanhal, etc, etc,. Funny, you don’t ever see any actors who are not good looking accused of being gay. Some of them are married with children that have gay rumors around them. So he is in good company, lol!

  • Kay

    That man is totally wipped.
    He looks like a frustrated child being dragged to the shops with his mother. He must spend all day playing computer games, whilst she struts about in an outfit that doesn’t scream “fashion icon” at all.
    Where’s the holding hands and loving prolonged looks?!
    Hayden needs to learn when he needs to dodge bullets.

  • Karo

    Hayden has a movie in the works according to his fansites called The Unknown Son, supposed to start filming in late July or August. Will be interesting to see if it comes off. The Cold lost its financing and never happened. I wish him luck with this one, if it is true.