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Shia LaBeouf Met Girlfriend Karolyn Pho At Karaoke Bar

Shia LaBeouf Met Girlfriend Karolyn Pho At Karaoke Bar

Shia LaBeouf chats on his cell phone after grabbing a cup of coffee on Wednesday (June 6) in Los Angeles.

The same day, the 25-year-old actor was spotted in a parking lot while getting to work on an undisclosed project.

Shia recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which earned $115 million on its opening weekend. But he also opened up a bit about his girlfriend, stylist Karolyn Pho.

“I met her at a [karaoke] bar in Echo Park called The Red Lion,” he revealed. “That was that, yeah … It’s going well.”

Shia LaBeouf – Jimmy Kimmel Live

15+ pictures inside of Shia LaBeouf getting coffee and heading to work…

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shia labeouf coffee work 03
shia labeouf coffee work 04
shia labeouf coffee work 05
shia labeouf coffee work 06
shia labeouf coffee work 07
shia labeouf coffee work 08
shia labeouf coffee work 09
shia labeouf coffee work 10
shia labeouf coffee work 11
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37 Responses to “Shia LaBeouf Met Girlfriend Karolyn Pho At Karaoke Bar”

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  1. 26
    meriam Says:

    i am the biggist fan of shia i just want to die and go to shia heven,i love you shia.

  2. 27
    Ssexy Says:

    Shia is awesome man !!!! and so Sexy…

  3. 28
    adam Says:

    there a lot of teens on this site .what the hell,people can hate him or love him but no one ca denie this dude i a great actor.that loves his work and dosnt care about the fame that comes with it,some times he dosnt think before he open his mouth but at least he is areal dude u gotta give him credit for that he is out of the hollywood fake world all smiles and everybody are so polite, and well dressed and boaring,some that go against this fake world is on my good people list so he is ok

  4. 29
    Montana H. Says:

    red lion is not a karaoke bar.
    i don’t think karolyn poo poo would go to a place like the red lion.

  5. 30
    dodo Says:

    shiaaa i love u so mush, u are the greatest and the sweetist actor alive and the most talanted <3<3

    thank u ( adam ) …… that exactly what i want to say about shia :)))

  6. 31
    Madhatter Says:

    Secret confession: I LOVE him- totally get why he is famous.
    There is just something about him and he makes me laugh every time he does an interview.

  7. 32
    # Says:

    Over exaggerating much?

  8. 33
    Foreign posts? Says:

    These posts are completely unreadable. The grammar is extremely lacking in structure.

  9. 34
    Nyugen Says:

    he’s balding (losseing hairs)

  10. 35
    Jarissa Says:

    Haters, jealousy is really killing you. Yay, his girlfriend is Asian.
    He likes her maybe because she is a woman of substance, intelligent and low maintenance.

    Live and let live, HATERS (ugly human beings) – No Dice, Lindz and Anna.

  11. 36
    anybody?anybody? Says:

    I have loved Shia since his Even Steven days, back then because of his humor, and now because he’s grown into a fine-ass man! He’s so talented, I get withdrawal symptoms when he’s gone between movies, and I LIVE for his interviews. He’s so refreshing to watch, completely honest and real. I love that I could be at one of his favorite bars and maybe become his girlfriend! He’s that accessible/normal :D

  12. 37
    jaye Says:

    The special effects carried Transformer 3. A trained monkey could have played the lead and it still would have made bank. It had a built in audience and no matter how bad, and it was bad, there was TONS of money to be made.
    While Shia was likeable and funny in 1 and 2, he was just d*amn annoying in 3. He came out looking just plain silly; who the h*ell wrote this crap? The story line was so thin they might as well have made it a great big long fight scene between the robots and called it a day. Shia didn’t have the interaction with the other people or robots that he had in 1 and 2. He and Huntington-Whiteley had absolutely NO chemistry.
    LaBeouf said this would be the BEST of the series, but recently he gave an interview that he kind of, in a backhand way, indicated that he wasn’t impressed. He just look like he wasn’t interested and maybe he wasn’t because Megan wasn’t there.
    IMO this was the worse of the Transformer series. Let’s be frank, it was nearly a POS with Bay stealing background scenes from other movies and stealing Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan dialogue; sheesh, he really doesn’t care about insulting the intelligence of his viewers. I can’t believe that it actually took any serious time to write this ‘script’. It should have been a weekend project at the most. The rest of the time must have been spent viewing p*orn stash and drinking beers by the pool.
    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley didn’t make it any better. She was practically brain dead. If they ever need a someone to play dazed and confused, she’s the woman for it.
    Being straight forward is not always a good thing as far as Shia is concerned. He doesn’t need to say everything he thinks, most people censor themselves. Shia doesn’t have that gene. It doesn’t have anything to do with being young, there are younger people than he who know when to keep their mouths shut. Maybe part of the problem has to do with his upbringing, his mother is very much a free spirit. Some of it might have to do with him being an alcoholic. He has stated publicly that he’s an alcoholic. Even Harrison Ford has called him a f—ing idiot for things he has said.

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