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Nickelodeon's Ryan Rottman Arrested for DUI

Nickelodeon's Ryan Rottman Arrested for DUI
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  • Lilia

    Isn’t this dude zac efrons buddy what kind if friends is zac hanging around with

  • Mia

    That’s waht I’m thinking! Zac shouldn’t spend his time with such guys. But he is most possibly the same as them. I always thought he is a little bit wiser.

  • :)

    It was just a matter of time before this happend to one of the ninja guys. They think they’re so cool and untouchable. The surprise to me is that it wasn’t Zac but I wouldn’t doubt if he’s the same way.

  • kerri


  • Mia

    He won’t! Or better she won’t get back together with him. She now got someone ‘better’.

  • fan

    Hopefully next time if this should happen again for Ryan and all his ninja run friends that he/they call a cab or limo service to drive him/them home from the club. I am very sure that he and his friends can afford paying for a cab or limo service to drive. Either that, have a designated sober driver. The good thing is he did not hurt other people or damage any properties while he was drunk driving or hurt himself.

  • kami

    the main ninja zac was caught on video smoking last night. maybe a cigarette maybe not. but that kathryn girl needs to remove “he doesn’t smoke” from the zefron site where everyone bows down to worship his perfect image.

    Is it true that Zac just quit smoking?
    Zac has never smoked and doesn’t intend to start. He’s very health conscious.

    just proves that statements made about zac on that site are not always true. she doesn’t know the true zac. she knows the image he presents to her.

  • Amber

    So, Ryan is an idiot, and Zac is too because he’s friends with him?

    I wonder why none of you guys are saying the same thing about Victoria Justice. She’s his gf, you know.

    Those bitter Vanessa fans should just stop. They must be ecstatic now since they can hate on Zac again. If you think she’s now got someone ‘better’, why are you still obsessed with him?

    That being said, I do agree Zac shouldn’t hang out with Ryan. Don’t know much about his other friends.

  • http://fanpopgirl life saver

    Not cool ryan just not cool and it’s true MR ZAC EFRON was smoking maybe rumer willis encouraged him to well zac i can see u are not doing good without vanessa

  • jr

    Ok victoria’s an idiot too. Happy now?

  • Amber

    Of course I was being sarcastic. Don’t take everything literally.

    Zac and Victoria are not involved in this situation. So leave them out of this. OK?

  • !!!!????

    This was a really dumb more for Ryan. I don’t stand for DUI and according to TMZ he was released without bail, how did he get away with that! I really hate celeb that gets away with things they do wrong. I saw somewhere that he jump the curb or something and cops saw it happened and pulled him over and given a test and that’s when he got arrested. So what it’s a slap on the hand cause he did not kill someone?

  • jr

    Well there’s an old saying. “You are the company you keep”

  • lol

    Ryan must have been fairly lit if he jumped the curb. Ridiculous why this guy couldn’t have called a cab or hooked a ride with someone. And, I think that show he was on was cancelled. Then again, this guy always struck me as a complete loser. Zac can do what he wants but it seems like he would pick a better group of friends than those D-listers he hangs with. But than again, his choice, his life. He’s a big boy now.

  • jr

    Theres actually pap video of all this it looks like ryan zac and rumer were all together and it looks like the cops were questiong zac too.

  • betsy

    @jr: where?

  • fan

    There were twitters saying Zac Efron was at the Beach Madhouse in LA with his friends drinking heavily last night, which includes Rumis Willis. Zac was drinking as well. I am sure that Ryan was with him as well, and that might explain the DUI.

  • facts

    You’re all idiots! The reason Zac even named his production company Ninja’s Running Wild is because of the inside joke they all have. Zac smokes and drinks. And he evades the paparazzi. But it’s all done out of sight ad so none of his precious fangirls get to see and therefore IF YOU DON’T SEE IT IT DOESN’T EXIST. He’s like a ninja, doing all the badboy stuff in secret. Him, Tisdale, Vanessa, Willis, Rottman, and a whole bunch of other rich peeps. Zac has a new image they’re slowing starting to unveil. They want him to break out of the goodboy niceguy routine because he has some serious movies coming out soon. That’s also why he doesn’t wax his chest anymore and just lets the hair grow. They’re gonna promote him as a grown up badboy. It’s already starting. Mark my words :)

  • soren

    ooo i think this is the guy that zac efron is dating!!??

  • jr
  • Elena


  • kami


    ryan was arrested outside dillon’s. the group prbly went to beach madhouse after that. without ryan.

  • fan

    @kami…The point is they were all drinking heavily. I am pretty sure Zac was smart enough to hire a limo to drive him home. Ryan could have done that. They are all over 21 years of age and legal to drink but hopefully they were smart enough not to be driving under the influence of booze. Ryan could of kill someone or himself.

  • david

    This is just a stupid trend among celebrities and it’s embarrassing and despicable what with so many hit-and-run accidents and deaths in California. He should really be ashamed. At the same time, everyone makes mistakes and I hope he doesn’t take this lightly.

  • wicked wench

    One of Zac’s hangers-on. It seems Zac doesn’t realize they hang onto him because he has something they don’t (like real talent, like a career) but they are more likely to drag him down than he is to “lift” them up.

    Some people you must love carefully, because if you grow too close you’ll get sucked down the rabbits hole with them. Trust me, I’ve been there, been to Wonderland, and I promise you it’s more like Dante’s Inferno than Carroll’s imaginary funhouse.

  • wicked wench


    That’s what Health Ledger and River Phoenix (two of my favorite actors, btw) thought. Zac reminds me of them both in looks and in raw acting talent. I keep hoping he’ll be their legacy, the one that lives to experience what they could have become had they not been lost to Follywood.

  • cacau

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