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Rachel Bilson Picks Up Pies

Rachel Bilson Picks Up Pies

Rachel Bilson gets a pie to-go from House of Pies on Friday (July 8) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 29-year-old Hart of Dixie recently shared one of her latest obsessions.

“I always take my coffee on the go. [The DCI Product Eco Cup] is cute and reusable,” she told InStyle.

The day before, Rachel and boyfriend Hayden Christensen did some shopping and picked up a new video game.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson stopping by House of Pies…

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rachel bilson pies 01
rachel bilson pies 02
rachel bilson pies 03
rachel bilson pies 04
rachel bilson pies 05
rachel bilson pies 06
rachel bilson pies 07
rachel bilson pies 08
rachel bilson pies 09
rachel bilson pies 10
rachel bilson pies 11

Photos: GSI Media
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  • Ahari

    I thought baking was one of her “obsessions?” Why didn’t she bake it herself then?

  • lol

    pies? wow awesome news.

  • cc

    House of Pies’ pies taste awful.

  • JC


    She probably couldn’t figure out how to turn on the oven, or she didn’t want to turn on the oven without someone with a camera there documenting it.

  • BB

    Seriously, I really doubt the paps were lingering around the house of pies! C’mon, stop calling them already Rachel!

  • Pepto

    LOL, JC, but Hayden is going to build her a studio kitchen on the farm for her cooking show, remember? LMAO. As if. How freaking ridiculous!

  • annie

    someone should pie her in the face.

  • Lena

    @BB: I was waiting at the bus stop at Vermont today and saw her. There were about a dozen or so paparazzi WAITING directly at the entrance of House of Pies to take her photo. They photographed her entrance on arrival! How did they randomly know she would be there? It was a clear photo op. Thumbs down all you want but she DOES call the paparazzi on herself.

  • BB

    Thanks Lena! I can’t believe how sad that is. Really, at the house of pies. I can understand going to the Oscars (well…the parties really for her), but dang…food?

  • Kate

    Good God you guys are sooo cruel. I guess the internet is a place to be that way since you are anonymous there. Just remember this is how facism, Nazism and totolitarianism started…it’s called hate. The only way to live your life is by choosing right thoughts and right actions…even on the internet.

  • sidony

    Whoa, bumming all over again w/ her utmost bffs (paparazzi) in the world?!
    Looks like its a dead sure now that Douchel just had a “day or most is a day any half” filming that reported movie called “To Do List”
    Shame (3x)… when it was reported, she was all over the news like she’s the female lead in the movie when in reality she was just like an “extra”.
    Such a bankable & popular (h)actress – ROTFLMAO!

  • reedley

    This OC-Relic got onlyngs in her Sillywood career : shopping and photo ops! She is a forlorn twart whose main profession consist & specialized only in “Manipulative Attention Wh*ring Management”. She is that 30ish harebrained wackadoodle celebutard who’s a true “epitome” of despair, gibberish & mockery.

    What you have stated is nothing new; its actually like a biblical fact eversince she had started her Sillywood career.

  • reedley

    I mean – “This OC-Relic got only two thngs in her Sillywood career”……….

  • lol

    @Kate: You said… “The only way to live your life is by choosing right thoughts and right actions…even on the internet”
    Right is a point of view first of all.
    For example Nazi’s thought they were ” right” and did horrible awful things to so many people. Communists also thought they were right and did makes the lives of people difficult.
    So who decides whats RIGHT… you? For other people than yourself? What they think and how they act…. I think not.
    You need to get off your high horse. Its the internet after all. People sharing opinions that are cruel and harsh are nothing new.
    Case and point: Casey Anthony… alot of people said she killed her daughter the jury found her not guilty ( although i think she did it but thats my opinion which is my whole point here) so by our own laws it would be WRONG for people to still call her a murderer and they will because people think she did it none the less and that continuing to call her a child killer is the right thing to do…..
    So what is right exactly?

    Telling people to have the ” right thoughts and the right actions” is how BRAIN WASHING that occured with the Nazis and groups like them even happened.
    Example : Dont have your own opinion ….especially if its not a nice one, Or one certain people would view as nice.
    People get to say horrible things because it is their right to have their opinion and not you or anyone else can take that away from them lol
    If you dont like the cruel comments.. Try not reading them.
    But dont start telling people to edit themselves…Because YOU view their words as cruel lol

    And yes breaking news.. Rachel Bilson stages photos alot lol
    What a surprise… lol

  • Lena

    @<a href=”/2011/07/@reedley: 08/rachel-bilson-pies/comment-page-1/#comment-18314916″>BB: It surprised me because I’ve lived in LA my entire life and I’m used to seeing celebrities randomly. In Los Feliz the paparazzi don’t hang out in hopes of catching celebrities. They receive tips. It IS possible for people to go unnoticed. I’ve never seen such a blatant act of fame whoring in my life. She gives Kate Bosworth a run for her money…

  • reedley

    @ 11 – Looks like its a dead sure now that Douchel just had a “day or most is a day any half” filming…

    Surprised?! NON!
    Midge(t) also spent some 5 days or even less shooting that “BFF & Baby” – and were all talking about movie filming here huh and not just an hour TV series – geeez!
    She just actually, obviously & religiously pays her publicist & those gossip webmasters a whole lot of money to keep her homely-despondent mug in the news as her whatever career is built on “99% all-publicity and 1% actual work load”.

  • kosher

    And its goes to say that if famewh0ring is such a crime, She’s already sentenced & executed in a death row by now… so someone in the Congress must create & pass that bill – a-s-a-p!
    Retarchel’s tragic case is the ultimate proof of that – LOL

  • lexy hates bilson

    Bad quote JJ….if she’s SOOO concerned about the environment (afterall she drives a Prius) why is she using a plastic bag for her pie?? Also, we’ve seen her PLENTY of times drinking out of regular NON-reusable coffee cups…here on JJ!! When she’s out with friends…out with her mom…she’s drinking out of the standard throw-away coffee shop/juice cup…
    Also JJ I thought she was a baker who LOVED to bake for her friends?? That’s why she’s coming out with her “home” line – b/c she’s the next Martha Stewart?? What’s she doing at the bakery?? She’s too busy working to bake?? LMAO…
    JJ you REALLY have to stop these InStyle quotes – they’re just making you look silly!!!

  • just a silly question

    If the paps were at the pie shop BEFORE Bilson arrived, then why are the pics only of her leaving? Not that I’m a fan, I’m just wondering how this ‘Calling the Paps” thing works.

  • Lena

    @just a silly question: Look at picture #3,6,7 and 8. She has no pie in her hand. That was her arrival. They were waiting directly by the side of the entrance on the left hand side (Their backs were facing Vermont.) She came out of her car and they started shooting away. I didn’t get to see the rest because my bus came but it looked extremely staged. Think of it this way, who cares about Rachel Bilson? Why is she constantly being photographed?

  • just a silly question

    OMG, you’re right, Lena. I didn’t notice because the pix are mixed up. How pathetic and desperate to call the paps for yourself!

  • lol

    By the way .
    “The 29-year-old Hart of Dixie recently shared one of her latest obsessions”
    So shes not an actress anymore… shes a 29 year old Hart of Dixie?
    That or it looks like someone was rushing this onto the site as soon as possible and didnt proof read and edit first lol

  • Chelly

    It’s really sad that the majority of posts in JJ for hayden are actually for Rachel with Hayden only be mentioned as her bf and the majority of the photos are of her. so really, she’s taking up the publicity for 2 people. Prolly what her ego wants.

  • @lena

    Good work & good thinking girl…

  • lena stalks

    @Lena and where is your “bus stop”?

    funny :
    “it surprised me because I’ve lived in LA my entire life and I’m used to seeing celebrities randomly.

  • whodie

    So where she is now huh?! “Sulking” at the moment… coz she didnt get invited at the BAFTA ball of Prince William & Kate M. – she’s an an A-lister isnt it? – on a famewh0ring & paparazzi tipping category LOL