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Angelina Jolie Departs Malta with Her Family

Angelina Jolie Departs Malta with Her Family

Angelina Jolie steps out of the van and into a private plane on Saturday (July 9) in Luqa, Malta.

The 36-year-old actress was joined by the entire family to depart the city on the plane.

Earlier in the week, Angelina took the kids bowling and carried Knox and Vivienne in her arms as they left the alley.

Angelina recently topped the list of highest paid actresses along with Sarah Jessica Parker. The ladies tied for the top spot, both raking in an estimated $30 million in the last year!

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angelina jolie departs malta with the family 05

Photos: INFdaily
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  • Brad

    Can’t stand that overrated and overexposed talentless sl@ut.

  • Jin

    GOD bless!


    Godbless you Angie and Brad!!!!

  • Jin

    @Brad: Hey bigtime CUCKOO, why are you always here then? Or are you talking about the EX and venting here? Don’t need your answer.


    I see the troll is first yet again…Angie owns your a$$!! On a more superficial note, Angie looks gorgeous as usual!!!!

  • oldwrinkle

    overrated fish face.

  • Lara

    Off to their next exciting adventure and location. God bless Brad, Angie and their children.
    Still wish they’d adopt me, lol :)

  • angielove

    LOVE this woman, one of a kind. Such an inspiration to me. What an amazing family, the world can certainly learn a lesson from this bunch…

  • jen the hag

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  • mariapula

    Where is Brad? ahahahhaha

  • Richard P

    I love Angie

  • jen the hag

    Cindi @ 07/09/2011 at 10:22 am

    yeah right since your idea of beauty is Jennifer ANUSton that’s why you don’t know what is beautiful and what is UGLY bwahahahhahh!!!

  • busted

    I think they (HAGNATION is pissed Brad and Angie are quite together and heading for another adventure.

    I guess they are on their way to Scotland or maybe a quick trip somewhere before Brad starts to film. Either way so glad the sight of her and her family brings JOY to the fans..and Misery to the Haters.

    Life works out perfect sometimes.. LMAO… hahaahahaha

    Brad is walking up the ladder..hahahhah.. Silly Rabbit.
    YOU fools will never ever learn.

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  • jen the hag

    MANISTON got already a man she trapped and stole who look like Charles MANSON why can’t her fans leave ANGELINA JOLIE alone?? oh yeah just because there idol is fast fading into oblivion …the roles that’s coming her way are either a mother or a granny bwahahhahahah!!!

    While directors and producers are lining up to ger Angelina in their… next movies that’s the power of Angelina Jolie!!

  • mariapula
  • busted


    So Brad is not a part of the family.. really

    the reason Angie’s name is in the header is because there is only a clear picture of her. If you look you can see Brad’s blond head walking up the ladder.

    YOU fools do this all the time. YOU did it when Angie and the family left Missouri from visiting Brad’s family after Christmas.. there were not shots of Brad/Pax so you nuts started screaming Brad was not there That Angie had taken the kids and Brad was left or whatever. Angie and the kids are in Malta because of Brad. they came together and left together..

    You better come up with something else. Even if Brad was not on the plane do you really think they are not together.

    you fools never stop amazing me at you stupidity. But keep it up. It is always good for a chuckle..

    YOU should go and find more straws to pull..

  • bizzy bee

    The family’s leaving Malta, that means new location, and new pics to come. Love it!!

  • Justin

    hard to believe jen was married to gorgeous brad now dating skinky skanky looking guy. sigh poor jen

  • dark angel

    Hi busted!
    You have your hands full fending off the trolls. To think a troll is the very first who posted. They really can’t stay away. They are SO OWNED!

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  • bizzy bee

    Angie have said many time she love arriving in new location,, and difference hotel ,she said it fun also for the kids I’m sure enjoy JP family.

  • busted

    @dark angel:

    I actually have to go.. but it is so funny the lengths they go to.. heck I wish i was getting paid to post. but I love Brad/Angie.. and I have an actual career that does me well and I don’t need an extra job on the side.

    which is good in this economy..

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    i know the fanistons are broken hurted of poppa pitts joy and happiness!!!!hehehee lovin it!!!

  • Later Ang

    Popa Pitt’s stayin’ in Malta for the young poon

  • lurker

    They are probably heading to France for the twins birthday. Lovely family, the trolls are losing their s&it while Brad and Angie remain committed to their family.


    Can’t wait for more pics in another location. BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE FOREVER! Sucks to be a Maniston fan. Bwahahahahaha

  • FrG

    Going to the South of France for the holidays…???

  • get to work

    I hear this family leaves a big mess wherever they go for the lowly peasants to clean up.

  • mariapula

    Brad was $leeping with me last night that’s why he isn’t there ahahahahahaha

  • Bamboo Sliver

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  • Dani

    I’m switching topics here a bit, but it always amazes me how Brad and Angelina can protect their kids so well from the paps yet TomKat marches their youngest out ad nauseum. And Tom says it is what it is. Brad and Angie are probably more in demand in terms of selling magazines, blogs etc. than TomKat, yet they manage to give their kids a somewhat normal life and keep them out of the pap’s lenses for the most part. If you compare these pics to the ones of TomKat leaving Miami–obviously a long range lens took these pics from far away. Yet the pics of TomKat leaving are clear as glass.
    I totally commend the Brange for protecting their kids from the intrusiveness of fame, the flashes and lenses of the paps, and from pimping them out for photo ops.

  • gracie

    Poor Yaya has been saying I’m leaving for 3days but can’t resist coming back. Loser, your absence will be best for everyone. Goodbye and good riddiance. I’m sure you will be back using one of multiple names.

  • lame angry comebacks

    we love them….hee

  • ?

    Is Brad shacking up in Malta with his latest HO?

  • I Noticed Something About U.

    I bet Maddox and Pax always imagine their on some sort of exploration to uncharted lands when they travel the world with mom and dad. Maybe on a pirate ship, Mad is the Captain and Pax is Quartermaster. I bet Miss Shiloh would want to be something active, like a Rigger(the one that climbs the sails). Zahara is the navigator and Viv and Knox are(as the youngest’s) the ships mates, they take care of everything else. I read somewhere that Mad and Pax like to pretend their pirate’s. Sounds like alot of fun. :) And Angie, looking gorgeous as usual. I don’t think anything could make her look bad.


    IGNORE the BRAD HATER guys. Don’t ever respond to its moronic posts. He’s been doing that for the last 7 years.. Its useless.

  • gracie

    Angie and her beautiful family looks like they have had a great time and ready for the next adventure. God bless them and keep them safe.