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Gerard Butler: 'Machine Gun Preacher' Gets Release Date

Gerard Butler: 'Machine Gun Preacher' Gets Release Date

Gerard Butler has a chat with Pascal Vicedomini, the founder of the Ischia Global Fest, while dining at a restaurant on Saturday (July 9) on the Island of Ischia in Naples, Italy.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud is in town to receive the Actor of the Year Award at the film festival.

Gerard‘s movie Machine Gun Preacher just received a release date, as well as a new distributor.

The film will be released in limited theaters on September 23 by Relativity Media after the company acquired the rights from Lionsgate.

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  • she

    Gerry will you stop with the stupid cigarette habit?

  • Sharp

    The ‘mommies’ can complain about the smoking, I think the man looks HOT!

  • she

    @Sharp: Will you still think that he is hot if he will breath near you? I will faint…from the smell.

  • partycrasher

    Actor of the Year? For what? The Bounty Hunter?

    must of paid or laid the mafioso

  • Try sitting ina office allday

    I can’t wait to see this movie !

  • she

    @partycrasher: I read that Avi Lerner will be awarded too. Maybe he help Gerry with his connections.

  • Emma

    He always looks so f*kn smelly.

  • So Swedish

    I like it when G visits the old world, he probably likes to get away from the paps in la too.

  • Paisley

    Indie Wire thinks that Machine Gun Preacher may earn Mr. Butler the Oscar this awards season.

  • Justin

    He doesnt look as stinky as Jen’s new guy, ewwwwwwww I can smell his fumes thru my PC, she def dated down from Gerard

  • Elise


    She never dated Gerry just pretended to. Aniston is not his type. He may have played around with her but really why do people keep saying he dated her. LOL..

    sticking your hand up a bum is not dating. He does that to randoms on the street. Kills me how people need to associate that woman with men.Same with Bradley Cooper.. He never dated her either.

    Gerry needs to find a look and stick to it. If he wants to be dirty then be it all the time. Otherwise it is becoming boring.

  • Justin

    OK magazine not that these mags ever get it right always referes Gerard as jen’s ex

  • A True Fan

    I think Gerry is the most exquisite man alive, ciggies or no. I’d love on him with or without them. He deserves my love and devotion regardless. He looks great and deserves this award. Now if my own country (the US) would only see what the rest of the world does …. Love you Gerry – no matter what.

  • justsayin’too

    I’ve always been a fan but I can’t get used to the skinny, dirty look he seems to favor lately.

  • well

    if I had never seen young Gerry I would not be impressed by old Gerry

  • justsayin’too

    well- have to agree, but he could clean up and look so much better if he would just shave and gain some muscle. Oh and take a shower once in awhile.

  • Iz

    “must of” not so sure, “must have” most certainly.

  • Julie

    Gerry looks very handsome even at this weight, but hot went out the window when he lit that cigarette. Not that I really care, it’s none of my business and it’s his body. If he wants to be a slave to tobacco, it’s his choice. I know it’s very hard for some people to quit smoking for good. I wish good things for him in that department and hope he succeeds someday.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @she: Well, I have dated smokers in the long ago past, and lived with them…
    it is generally only bad if the person is a heavy smoker. At this point, we do not know that about G, but it is disappointing for health reasons.

    As for a shower, shaving etc, he is inside, probably his suite, and if he wants to stay unshaven when long distance intrusive paps take his picture, it is ok with me. I like that look on men.

    Really , really hate all the shaved, oiled chests everywhere now…since no one knows if he has taken a shower or not, any comments like that are just for basic snarkiness.

    For those who dislike this look, there are many other less masculine male celebs out there, go find them. Or perhaps such posters prefer Mr. Towel head, Leo?

  • oldbutnotdead

    I am guessing that either Coriolanus or Machine Gun Preacher would be the basis for actor of the year, unless it is just for a body of work (and great PR; I think he is a good actor want to see him in more good roles). We will find out later I suppose.

    He does not get the blame for The Bounty Hunter, he did the best he could with the material. The writers and directors get the blame, and he and Jen Aniston were not a good casting choice.

  • she

    @oldbutnotdead:He does not get the blame for The Bounty Hunter, he did the best he could with the material. The writers and directors get the blame…well, he couls say no to such an embarrassing role. I have a feeling he wasn’t at a good point at his career if he said yes to that role. But things are going to change for him and that’s what I’m waiting for to see.

  • peacesister

    Ladies, this mommy here is concerned. First the beach pics with the security guys and now these. He looks totally panicky paranoid. There’s something fishy going on. *frown*
    OT, Manny, did you watch that movie with Idris Elba in it? With hubby? Just cuddling up???? Come ooon! How much of the movie did you see? ;-)
    And to all the lovelies out there, especially my regs of course (lol), have a rocking good weekend!!! This old hag has to attend a 25th wedding anniversary tonight. Ouch.

  • she

    @peacesister: Wow, Congratulations, how are you celebrating?

  • OrneryCuss

    It’s sad to see him smoking again but it’s an incredibly addictive thing for him to try to kick. Maybe he has stressors in his life that make it hard for him to quit.

    At least his career seems to be on track for bigger and better things ahead.

  • physique

    i think he smokes so he doesnt eat to keep the weight he lossed in check. i read he loves to eat

  • May God Bless yoou all!

    Heb 4:15-16
    New International Version
    For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are–yet was without sin. Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

  • Nuts

    Wow… that first photo…a rather scrawny look to him. His arm…and then the shirt looks too big.

    What’s goin’ on, G???

  • peacesister

    @she: nooooo, I’m not the one celebrating, I’m just a guest. :-) Still trying to do something with my hair. *slouch* At present I look like a real easy lay, I don’t dare to go out like that. Next round with the blow-dryer. In the end I’ll don a ponytail and think of Mike Chadway “you look like you operate heavy machines or want to clean the cat litter”. :-)

  • niknoks


    Unfortunately if you want to quit or are trying to quit smoking, Italy is one of the worst places in the world, very heavy smoking culture.

  • Hot Mess

    You know in some pictures he can look thin, but in those wet suit pics, he looked very muscular. I can’t remember seeing anyone look that good in a wet suit…I hate he is smoking too for his health, but I know he will quit again when he is ready to do it. Just too much on his plate right now to try. I hope he enjoys himself in Ischia.

  • justsayin’too

    Peacesister, Nuts- I am glad it is not my imagination. I think he looks strange lately as if something is not right. I’m sure living in a fishbowl would play on your anxiety even if that is what you say you want with a career in the public eye. I hope he is able to find peace soon, maybe he can go home to Scotland and get away from the madness soon.

  • Manny

    Okay I’m a fan hanging by a thread here. He looks like a dirt bag. Sorry girlies. I’m not feeling the hot. Dragons were never my taste.

  • Manny

    He is looking unhealthy lately. Gee I wonder why???

  • curious cat

    It hasn’t come up yet on this thread but did on the last and has before. So I am going to pick a couple of nits before they appear.

    Why do people criticize his hair? And his shaving habits? It should be clear that how an actor looks, hair long or short, dark or light, face clean shaven or bearded, can depend a lot on what role he is currently preparing for.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @she: I suspect there was a lot of money involved, and since it was Jennifer A, he may have thought (as did his agent, I am sure), it could be a good move. They never know for sure until there is a finished product, I am guessing…

    They were not good together, although the shower scene is worth waiting for.

    He has lost a lot of weight, for the soccer pic he just finished. About 15 or so pounds underweight for 6’2″, I think. Even his neck is smaller. But he does say he changes his body look all the time.

  • Sharp


    “@Sharp: Will you still think that he is hot if he will breath near you? I will faint…from the smell.”

    I may offer him a mint but yeah I would. “faint from the smell”? That’s a little melodramatic isn’t it?

  • hellotheregb

    wow I have been out of the loop lately. just passing by. he is not looking so great? last summer he was doing the sports car race etc. this summer back in Europe but not looking so happy…. I have not seen the last few threads will have to take a look.

    I am really surprised about the actor of the year award. Cooty hunter? oh dear!!!

    what year is he up for?

  • curious cat


    At old and she. I recall that the first talks between GB and JA were about a movie of “Goree Girls,” an extraordinary true story about women in a Texas prison who formed a band, learned to play instruments and became so popular on radio years ago that they became famous, some won their freedom, some got marriage proposals, etc. It’s a great story, look up the original magazine article and read it. You’ll be blown away. Hell of a great story. I don’t know that it would have been any good with the fluff-puff HW treatment it might have had with JA”s company, but the real story is a winner, and that was the project she originally enlisted GB for. I assume she was going to play the woman who organized the band and he the prison guard who helped her and whom she married. (And later divorced, but they probably would have left that out.)
    It fell apart for reasons we may or may not ever know and suddenly they were doing Bounty Hunter. Who knows what backroom deals were made? What commitments? Whose money got involved? Who said no to the original project?

  • curious cat

    I’ve been told I am not a typical American moviegoer and probably not. I love movies like “The King’s Speech.” I loved “Dances with Wolves,” “The Whale Rider,” “Apollo 13,” “The Right Stuff,” I could go on, movies whether factual and historical or fictional that expose me to other cultures, history, real events. I am on the fence about “300″, there were good things in it but it was bottom line a comic book version of a major historical event in world history. there is a documentary that’s much more compelling, truthful and complete.

    I was excited when I hear Aniston was going to do “Goree Girls” because it is such a powerful story (and if you just google Goree Girls you will find it) but wondered if she had the chops to pull off something like that. Or would it become frivolous and cute. Maybe suits with $$$ didn’t see it as “high concept,” a story from the age of radio. Well, it seems GB couldn’t get Burns going either.

    It’s a truism that a lot of film producers and writers too put out popular schlock to raise the money to make the film they really want to do. Does GB have one in mind?

  • Scout

    I think he looks great. especially in the third pic. why is that woman eating a pepper like it’s an apple? :-)

  • ydabigfun

    He’ got it all!! Talent (big time), brains (and then some), looks (most beuatiful eyes) and he’s funny (the rarest of all!!)
    Go get them Gerry

  • Curt Diepenhorst

    Most need to know he is playing a role as a drug dealer turned missionary to refugee children in Sudan and needs to be, and look, in character when on set. He isn’t doing a cologne commercial here. :)