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Gerard Butler: Shirtless Boat Ride in Ischia!

Gerard Butler: Shirtless Boat Ride in Ischia!

Gerard Butler goes shirtless while spending time on a boat with a mystery girl on Saturday (July 9) off the coast of the island Ischia in Naples, Italy.

The 41-year-old actor spent time with Pascal Vicedomini, founder of the Ischia Film Festival, earlier in the day. Gerard is in town to receive the Actor of the Year Award at the festival.

The 2011 Ischia Film Festival kicks off on Sunday (July 10) and will last one week. Among the events at the festival will be a premiere of Nicole Kidman‘s film Trespass.

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gerard butler shirtless boat ride in ischia 03
gerard butler shirtless boat ride in ischia 04
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gerard butler shirtless boat ride in ischia 06

Credit: Gigi Iorio; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • oh no!

    more rumours and spec about another “mystery” girl

  • guuuurl

    LMAO his hair.

  • So Swedish

    Thats one boat with precious Scottish cargo!

    By the way, those sunglasses on the woman are weird looking…

  • jk

    is that his natural hair
    black looks better but this haircolor also suits him

  • Mlef

    The blog is a tool for Miranda Kerr / Gerard Butler, the england royal couple / Pippa / Rihanna promotion…

  • So Swedish

    I actually like his hair all tousled and rough. It’s nice with a man that isn’t all about his looks 24/7.
    And we all know that he cleans up really nicely when he wants too….:)

  • Alaia

    Why do people like this guy so much? He’s dull and a sell out (makes crappy Hollywood films apart from Coriolanus which looks interesting).

  • Sacha,

    @Alaia: I have no idea. His accent is alright but he always looks smelly and his movies are wack. He bores me too. I think he has a lot of ‘mature’ fans.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Coriolanus may be a pretty good film..
    Have fun in Ischia Gerry! Looks like it’s great weather there !

  • A True Fan

    Jared the quality of photos lately is really bad. Gerry looks gorgeous no matter what.

  • GFW

    LOL I just knew some shot would show up on some luxury liner have shirtless in his shades next to some rich person. Seriously, is the bracelet real? Ga-bling!
    I’m happy he’s having fun. They invited him so might as well enjoy it to the max. Let them dote and cater to him. He’s their guest, why not?
    For a breather he could just dive into he turquoise sea and float for a spell to get some peace and quiet. Think being ‘on’ like that, even being catered to, could be exhausting.
    He looks super! This is his year. Well done, Gerry. (high-five)

  • nyob


  • Holysunglassesbatman

    That’s no MYSTERY Girl, that’s Priscilla, Queen of the Desert!

  • cubedweller

    It’s a Kardashian stowaway.
    Long lens + drunk pap + shaky hands + cheap camera = cr@ppy photos.
    Brace yourselves, peeps. He’s about to get photo’d with every dlister eurotrash starlet, model wannabe, h0rny cougar, p0rn star and hanger-on who can jetski, dogpaddle, or mail themselves to Ischia. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some nubile young lovely trying to use a portly old cigar-chomping producer as a flotation device, as she desperately tries to catch the Butler’s eye in her miniscule bikini. And she probably will It’s gonna be just like old times.

  • gossiphound

    Crikey Adam Levine has a lot of ink, think I’ll take topless Butler anyday

  • gossiphound

    PS People who think G is too skinny is not looking at the average rocker topless.

  • gossiphound

    @cubedweller: Ischia Redux you mean cube! PSML

  • niknoks


    I’m not a fan of Adam Levine, but as far as ink goes, I generally love it. Have five tattoos myself.

  • cubedweller

    @gossiphound: Adam looks good here, I think.

  • niknoks


    It’s probably why he was working on his groin area a couple of weeks ago, getting in shape… ;-p

  • cubedweller

    @niknoks: It’s always important to train responsibly for a marathon.

  • niknoks


    As long as it is a marathon and not a sprint… ;-p

  • cubedweller

    @niknoks: I have NEVER thought he was joking about 72 seconds.

  • trying to figure it out


    Too funny. At first glance my thought was, that’s no woman.

  • niknoks


    Those glasses are something ‘special’.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Maybe that’s why Gerry turned his face..he didn’t want to laugh at her with those glasses on..Just kidding..Those glasses are “something”..

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    has face butler

  • oldfurniture

    Not only her glasses suck. Look at her bathing suit! o_O

  • suz

    Ha! Excellent! He’s rocking that Glaswegian Afro!

  • oh no!

    she is odd looking

  • How do I put this…?

    “It’s probably why he was working on his groin area a couple of weeks ago, getting in shape… ;-p”

    That was funny.
    And THIS looks like NO mystery “girl (age-wise)” X-D

    (That’s right. I said it.)

  • justsayin’too

    enough with the “mystery girl” crap already.

  • oh no!


    JJ started it!

    its funny how much better he looks on this thread than the very last, I’ve never seen someone change their looks from day-to-day

  • thirtysomething

    I love Gerry to bits but really Actor of the Year? What year?

  • curious cat

    We have a comedy team brewing here. Niknoks and cubie are the Abbott & Costello of JJ today. Add suz and 30-something and we have the Marx Sisters. Come in, Oy.

    BUT, more pictures with a woman wearing sunglasses behind him, who may or may NOT be WITH him, or just sitting there on the same boat, or with smeone else. But she must be analyzed and evaluated now from hair folicles to tonails.

  • goodgravy

    It’s Christmas in July. It’s Ischia time!

    Porn stars, married ladies and half naked photos oh my…

    Those old blue trunk photos… mmmmmmmm

    I miss beefy Gerry :(

  • niknoks

    @curious cat:

    “We have a comedy team brewing here. Niknoks and cubie are the Abbott & Costello of JJ today. Add suz and 30-something and we have the Marx Sisters. Come in, Oy.”

    I must state at this point, there is a two drink minimum to read my comments… ;-p

  • oldbutnotdead

    @jk: Someone told me his hair is completely gray and has been for years, so he has to keep coloring it.

    He really has nice thick curly hair though, I imagine a lot of men his age are gritting their teeth….

  • niknoks


    Looking at GB’s mum, who has lovely white hair, that wouldn’t surprise me if it was true.


    Speaking of going grey, just seen pictures of Rob Lowe at the Royal Polo event, what in the name of all that it holy has happened to his hair?

  • Fionellarumertumahumaboomer

    She looks like another hanger-on who just happened to be in the boat he was invited into. She/he is a gay actor groupie. I bet her/his last name is Squidward with the beak she’s sporting. I wonder if we’ll get any good “ass-scratching” pics because the crabs are hoppin’ in Ischia this time of year if history repeats itself from his last Ischia appearance.

  • realitycheck

    Ah yes, time to insult the women seen near GB—same old pattern.

  • Manny

    So who is keeping score of the dance card in Ischia? Girl 1 is Area 51 Glasses girl…
    Did Trojan stock just go up several points??? Little Gerry will be acting as Butler’s compass for the next few. I agree. Hang on gang.
    Welcome back OF. Missed you!
    @oh no!:
    I so agree. He looked godawful on the last thread and unhealthy. Now he looks fab. Why??? A little tail always picked up his spirits. :)

  • Hot Mess

    I just saw on ET that Rob is playing 57 year old Drew Peterson…reason for grey hair.

  • oldbutnotdead


    This is so rude, and pretty darned funny!!!

  • oldbutnotdead

    @oh no!: yes, she is, poor thing; some of these Euro types make our nouveau riche look tasteful… :).

    Doubt she is “with” him, just a woman who had an opportunity to sit and talk to him on the yacht. Maybe the wife of the yacht owner?

  • Hot Mess

    That picture of Gerry on last thread could be bad because of the long lens camera. It had a hard, dark look to it. This picture is light and seems better quality. I don’t know about anything else that could have made such a difference, but there definitely is. The group picture taken Thursday at the wedding, he looked smoking hawt….

  • niknoks

    @Hot Mess:

    Thank the Lord for that, it really was atrocious, if it’s for a part I can forgive that.

  • cubedweller

    @Manny: Doesn’t smoking damage the cardiovascular system? And therefore, sexual performance? So methinks he better get the tail while he can still do something with it.
    And while we’re on the medical topic – he needs to get this thing on his forehead checked. Where the h*ll is his buddy Dr. Andy? I’m not a doctor, just a dedicated hypochondriac, so I think it looks ominous, and it’s been there a while.

  • niknoks


    It also effects fertility, not that I think that matters to GB, and at the risk of sounding gross, it also effects the taste of certain ‘things’.

  • cubedweller

    @niknoks: “at the risk of sounding gross, it also effects the taste of certain ‘things’.”
    Absolutely. Somebody pass Butler an extra large serving of pineapple please. :-X