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Gwyneth Paltrow: Italian Getaway with Apple and Moses!

Gwyneth Paltrow: Italian Getaway with Apple and Moses!

Gwyneth Paltrow does some window shopping while holding hands with her daughter, Apple, on Saturday (July 9) in Porto Cervo, Italy.

The 38-year-old actress was also joined on her Italian vacation by her son Moses, 5, and friend and director Steven Spielberg.

The day before, Gwyn enjoyed some fun in the sun in a red bikini. The family spent the day on Steven‘s yacht, the “Seven Seas.” Gwyneth even enjoyed some time on a jetski!

15+ pictures inside of Gwyneth Paltrow shopping in Porto Cervo with her children and Steven Spielberg.

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# 1

She isn’t my favorite person, but she seems to be a very good mother. Her kids are adorable.

# 2

Wouldn’t it be weird if she were having an affair with Spielberg?

# 3
ModestMouse @ 07/09/2011 at 7:51 pm

Isn’t Spielberg also her godfather?

# 4

I love her dress and her tan!

# 5

Her daughter is dress is beautiful.

# 6

G.P. looks like a giraffe

# 7

Apple looks like something from a horror movie!

# 8

Apple looks like Chris Martin’s mini-me.

# 9

I love her ass a lot !!!

@ModestMouse: Yes he is. That nice they spend time together.

hintofmint @ 07/09/2011 at 8:15 pm

Cute kids. Shame about the absentee father.

Gwyn looks like a grown up Jan Brady

Apple looks so much like her grandmother, wow!

Her kids are cute. It seems like Apple has been the same height for the past two years though.

I wonder if she will be short or suddenly sprout up when she gets older.

@meme: Nah, Moses is his mini-me

ugly chick

I see little of the Danner-Paltrow side in Apple.
She’s pure Martin.

@Cruise: Disagree, Moses takes after his mother. Apple looks like her daddy.

Gwynnie looked petty good in those bikini shots but she looks kind of rough here.

@mickey: I think she’s more average looking than ugly. If she weren’t so tall, she wouldn’t stand out at all.

ground hog day @ 07/09/2011 at 8:27 pm

Not a fan of this woman and really don’t find her that attractive. Just big, tall and blonde.

I will give her credit for keeping her kids well-groomed and dressed like normal children.



The girl needs to wear an eye-patch. It’ll correct her lazy eye since she is so young.

We are all naturally jealous. This person, Gwyneth, has been given everything in life on a silver platter. She has never had to face any adversity. Never had to worry about paying the rent. She was born well connected. And everyone always told her how wonderful she is. It is unfair. It sucks.


If Woody Allen can hook up with the daughter of his girlfriend, then what’s to stop Spielberg from hooking up with Paltrow?

Hard to believe she is out and about with the kids its like she never does anything with them, let alone the fact of is she or isnt she actually married. when is the last time anyone has seen her with him. never mind a family outing with all 4. i think she is a single mom who doesnt see her family very much.

I think Apple looks like a mini Kate Moss! Could totally see her grow up and be a model, she has a unique face but it looks like a little kid high fashion model face lol…

No matter how many times I hear that name it is still idiotic!! Poor girl growing up with a name like Apple.

damn there’s gwynnie with her bff steven spielberg.
high rollin it.

@Erin: girl, you’re so right. apple has the wide-set eyes thing going. it’s the unconventional pretty high fashion model look.

Apple looks like a female version of her father.
Not sure how that will translate as an adult but she’s cute now.

i love how her children have normal cute names…

to the people criticizing the kids,that is so disgusting.Leave the kids alone..they have done nothing wrong.

In England they block out the faces of celebrity children in gossip papers.They should do that here,for all you haters

I always try to avoid to make nasty comments ’cause I don’t like to be mean or hate for no reason but I just can’t help myself this time…

You know it’s bad (or you’re a bad actress) when you’re close friends with Steven Spielberg yet you can’t get a decent role in soo many years…

There, I said it…

Chris Martin is never around… why????

@LG: Chris Martin is never around… why???? #38

I believe they are not together, and haven’t been for years. But Gwyneth don’t want the public to know the truth.

Are Steven Spielberg, and Gwyneth a couple, now?

@I’m E:

Steven can only help her to a certain point. He helped her get into the biz and helped her win the Academy Award over Cate B. (which Cate deserved for Elizabeth) but Steven can’t make people like Gwyneth and support her movies. That is why she is not able to get decent roles because Hollywood knows she is not liked by the public.

The only reason her husband isn’t around is because him and the rest of Coldplay are performing at festivals.
And to those that are saying that Chris and Gwyneth are never seen together: Gwyneth was clearly in the crowd supporting her husband when Coldplay performed at Glastonbury.

I know, that was a way of saying she’s a bad actress… I totally agree with you, she didn’t deserve that Oscar. She gave a good performance but not Oscar worthy, certainly no over Cate B. (not in a million years!).

I guess nepotism helped her to a certain point then, right?. Don’t like her, love her mom though.

@LG: He’s probably hanging around with Ben Affleck… lol

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