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Halle Berry Still Being Considered for Aretha Franklin Biopic

Halle Berry Still Being Considered for Aretha Franklin Biopic

Halle Berry drops her car off with the valet while out and about on Friday (July 8) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 44-year-old actress is still in considerations to play Aretha Franklin in an upcoming biopic about the singer, according to Aretha herself.

“Ms. [Jennifer] Hudson and Fantasia are two of the people being considered but Halle Berry is back in the game!” Aretha told Macleans.

“I just saw her at the curtain of Oprah‘s farewell event and she let me know that she still wants to play the role and she didn’t know that she wasn’t expected to sing. I told her, ‘No, we never expected you to sing, we already knew you weren’t a singer!’ However, I do think she could pull it off,” Aretha added.

DO YOU THINK Halle Berry would make a good Aretha Franklin?

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  • tami

    No I do not think Halle would be a good choice to play Aretha Franklin.

  • A

    Oh my god.
    Aretha give up already! She has been trying to get Halle to play her for years and deep down Halle does not want to do it or else should would have already! She was just being polite.
    Halle looks nothing like Aretha, aretha is so delusional.
    Jennifer Hudson would be a much better fit! Not to be harsh, but Aretha is and was fat, darker skinned and had much more African American features (wide nose etc) and Halle is the complete opposite of that! (and please don’t start with the nose job that no one knows if she had one or not, it’s irrelevant, Halle still looks nothing like Aretha).
    Aretha just wants someone attractive to play her.

  • Wes

    I can see it happening!

  • JacquesJames

    Halle, really?!?!?!!!!
    I’m a huge Aretha fan! I still listen to her voice and get chills n tears from the golden chords GOD gave her. But….Halle is NOT the one! Just as Beyonce was not the one for Ms Etta James.
    Just because they’re bankable beauties does not mean they should get a bio-pic role!
    The looks alone are apples n oranges!

  • http://habistarr Danishi

    @A: your comment is littered with stereotypes

  • Damien

    I think Halle should do it because Aretha has said over and over that she wants her to do it, and only her. Halle said she would lip synch, which would make sense. I’d want to hear Aretha’s voice in a biopic about her.

  • A

    @Danishi: No, it’s not.
    Halle looks nothing like Aretha, that’s fact not fiction.
    African Americans DO have stereotypically more West African features, that’s not a lie.
    Majority of African Americans are NOT light skinned, only in the media.
    Something like 5% or less are lighter skinned.
    But my point is this; Aretha does not look like Halle and never looked like Halle.
    Aretha claimed that she looked like Halle when she was younger, this is a lie, i’ve seen the pics and she did not look like Halle.
    Aretha just wants to portray herself as attractive, she was never attractive to begin with, cute at best.
    She is delusional.

  • Damien

    @A: Aretha’s life is worth more than what she looks like. That is not the point of the story. Jennifer Hudson looks nothing like Aretha either, but you have no problem with her taking the role because her skin is dark. Have you seen Jennifer’s thin nose, almond shaped eyes, oval head? It is the opposite of Aretha’s features, and yes they are both African American.

  • miapocca

    Halle did have a nose job

    Aretha is about the same color just thicker features etc

    Halle will be seriously challenged in the role and it will be a major flop

    Secretely Aretha wants someone who cant sing so they will use all her original songs with HER voice…

  • miapocca


    Couldnt have said it better Damien…you go boy!

    for the record, there is no typical african look..some africans are lighter than halle with almond shaped eyes…have you seen the bush men of the kalahari??? learn about the people of african, they all dont look the same aight?

  • Artofwar

    @ Danishi–….Stereotypes are indeed stereotypes because they are largely true or they would not be stereotypical. Now I realize this statement will hit with some degree of difficulty for you, and people similar to you to comprehend, however, stew on it a bit tonight before you lie head to pillow, and maybe an epiphany will come to light….Artofwar

  • morikumo_atoshi

    How can Halle Berry play Aretha Franklin when Halle cannot act at all! Have you seen the trailer to her next movie about the sharks. It is getting bad reviews. I don’t care what Halle looks like, she cannot bring out the essense of Ms. Franklin let alone speak clear english!

  • A

    @Damien: She looks more like Aretha than Halle does AND she can sing.
    This is just Aretha being superficial and delusional, if she was serious about actual talent and acting skills then she would choose someone like Jennifer Hudson or Fantasia.
    Both of them can at least sing and Jennifer has proved she have some acting ability.

  • Alaia

    @A: Don’t know where you’ve been for the past several months, but you just implied that Jennifer Hudson was fat! Are you an idiot?

  • A

    @Alaia: I know she’s not fat, I never said she is.
    She could gain weight for the part.
    It’s not like Aretha was obese in her younger years, Jennifer just needs to eat a couple of burgers and she’s Arethas size when she was young.

  • me

    Another oscar, when Halle gains 300 pounds and wears a fake nose and put a little more collagen in her lips

  • Koree

    Speaking as a light skinned African American, there is definately more than 5% of us

  • Meant

    @A: Jennifer Hudson does not look a thing like Aretha Franklin. She also does not sound a thing like Aretha. The actress should lip synch, and therefore it doesn’t matter who is doing the lip synching. The End.

  • panwang

    hot mama

  • Frozoid

    She’s too old to be wearing cutoff shorts like that.

  • A

    @Koree: Keyword: America.

  • Koree



  • lool

    i hate halle,,she looks like a man.

  • haha

    Is she still with Olivier, btw?

  • jk

    She’s got awesome body.



  • really

    FROG LEGS! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  • really

    There is nothing awesome about her long torso, frog legs body. …she has the body of a FROG.

    and she is a total NUTJOB!

  • http://@Zetaprime Zetaprime

    Halle just would not be believable as Aretha since there is absolutely no resemblance between the tho of them. Lip syncing aside ,even if the actress doesn’t have a similar face, she would at least have to have a similar body type and skin tone to allow viewers to believe even for an instant that she is a young Aretha. The same thing happened when I watched Star Trek with Zoe Saldana in the role of Uhura. It didn’t work for me because her body type was all wrong for the part.

  • http://@Zetaprime Zetaprime


    But she does, or at least used used to have the same body type as the younger Aretha.

  • WOW

    aretha you need to stop it.

  • Jimmy

    Sorry Aretha, Halle is wayyyyyyy too beautiful to play you! WTF is wrong with you?

  • Amour

    They should cast an unknown to play the role. There is a lot of undiscovered talent out there. Jennifer Hudson shouldn’t be playing every role that requires an African-American singer/actor. And I could totally see Halle Berry playing Lena Horne in a biopic, but her as Aretha Franklin wouldn’t be believeable.

  • Reggie Robertson

    It would be a huge mistake to cast Halle Berry and have her lip-synch, even if they used Aretha’s recordings. Plus, Halle looks nothing like Aretha.

    It would be much more interesting movie if they had someone actually SINGING the songs. They really need to cast Jennifer Hudson. She can act, and she can sound AND look the part.

    Click here to see a side by side comparison of Jennifer and Aretha!

    Also, @Amour, the only singing role Jennifer Hudson has done is Dreamgirls. All of her other movies are non-singing parts. Unless you are aware of all these other films where she has been cast as a singer…? There’s only been one so far, sorry! And that was 5 years ago.

    If common sense is being used, then Jennifer should have the part in the bag. Otherwise, I guess we’re stuck with Halle and lip-synching.

  • esi

    Agree Aretha is delusional about being insistent on having Halle Berry play her. I think this is more of Franklin’s bs or wishful thinking. Halle has said numerous times no she doesn’t want to do it nor has she ever been in negotiations with Aretha as she claimed awhile back on Wendy Williams show via the telephone. If I can find the clip, I’ll post it. She was bragging to the contrary making it sound it was a done deal. That’s when Halle spoke up to I think Ryan Seacrest at some red carpet event saying that they’ve never been convos about the role and she couldn’t do her justice.



    Let us remember that Angela Basset did not look like Tina Turner, but she played the part like she was.

    Aretha doesn’t want Halle to play her throughout the film. She only wants her to play a certain period in her life. If you see older promo shots of Aretha, I can see Halle playing her.

  • P. Harper

    With all due respect to Ms. Franklin, she really needs to stop this obsession with Halle Berry playing her in the movie!!! Halle Berry is a beautiful woman and a good actress but simply put, she is not suitable for this particular role!!! I have been wondering for some time why Ms. Franklin is so insistent that Ms. Berry take this role and I think I figured it out. She doesn’t want Jennifer or Fantasia because they CAN sing & she secretly feels she’ll be upstaged by younger & talented singers. Now, can that be it? What do you think?

  • Penny

    @P. Harper: Seriously Aretha has nothing to worry about vocally, Fantasia’s voice sounds like S. to me, and J. Hud has a really great gospel voice. Aretha is royalty compared to them. She is however delusional to want Halle. Halle is gorgeous, she is …