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Leonardo DiCaprio & Gerard Butler: Dinner in Italy!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Gerard Butler: Dinner in Italy!

Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys a meal outside with Gerard Butler and others on Saturday (July 9) in Capri, Italy.

Leo, 36, also brought along his mom, Irmelin, for his relaxing vacation, where they all spent their evening eating and chatting with pals.

Gerard, 41, who has been vacationing in Italy as well, went shirtless on a boat ride earlier in the day!

It was recently reported that Leo may star opposite Beyonce in the remake of A Star is Born!

Last month, Leo was one of several celebrities that took part in a campaign to save California’s shark population. Others involved in the cause included Alexander Skarsgard, Ke$ha, Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, and more!

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  • Bella

    aww how sweet…

  • A

    Thumbs up if you saw Gerard Butler.

  • How cute

    How cute he is with his mommy that is so sweet. I’m happy to see him great actor.

  • keira

    Seeing his mother finally gave me an understanding of his taste in women. Dude has a serious mother complex. That is one butterface.

  • How cute

    @keira: you jerk don’t say that about Leo!

  • Orion

    Where is Blake?

  • sara

    Looks like his Godson Milan next to him. I love how close they are.

  • ck

    Blake is currently shooting the movie Savages in LA. Think she is supposed to attend BAFTA’s Brits to Watch gala tonight (as per NY Post).

  • keira

    @How cute:

    OMG someone on the internet called me a jerk, brb going to go purge in the bathroom and cry my eyes out.

    Whatever.. I guess beauty is subjective and even ugly people will have someone find them attractive. You’re probably that someone

  • unknown

    So his fling with Blake is over and most likely was a publicity stunt? Shocking!

  • Kat

    awww how sweet
    i wanna marry him

  • njunie

    leo is looking gooood. who’s the young dark haired guy to his left? he’s a hottie. i saw pics yesterday of blake filming oliver stone’s new flick savages in malibu.

  • njunie


    you were called a jerk for talking about his mother that way. he’s a public person, but she’s not. it’s rude to talk about hisma that way. but since you think it’s cool why don’t you post your picture so we can all comment?

  • keira


    His mom is a butterface and so are his girlfriends. I just pointed out the resemblance. She’s not going to read these comments so I don’t see how this is rude.. I’m sure she’s happy and living her life well despite an internet stranger hating on her looks

    If one is allowed to think she’s cute and post it despite her not being a public person I don’t see why one isn’t allowed to not find her beautiful?

    If it’s positive it’s fine but once it’s negative it’s off limits because she’s not a celebrity? whatever

  • lold

    He could have taken that cap off. At least while eating.

  • manners


    $$$ dont buy class

  • niknoks

    I think when Leo finally pops his clogs he’ll be buried in a baseball cap, is it like a security blanket?

  • njunie


    show some respect for your elders. this is a public forum. you don’t know who reads it. she was minding her own business having lunch with her son.

  • C / G

    Ahh… it’s so nice to see Leo and his mom. They both look great.
    Oh, @keira:, honey. You’re a c**t. Have a great weekend toots, because we all know who the butterface is. You, b*tch.
    Leo-fans, red thumb this sk*nk.

  • ice queen NL

    Leonardo and Mom are looking great.

  • Nicki

    Nice pictures! Always sweet to see a young man vacationing with his mom!

    I guess the flame is over with Lively….

  • C / G

    Hi to the Leo-fans: dr brown, tinkerbell, Raven, tinkerbellssidekick, curi2, Revolutionary Girl, …., donie, KS Fan, LEONARDODICAPRIOFAN, etc.

  • C / G

    Hi @ice queen NL: :)

  • ice queen NL

    frendly *waves* at C/G

  • Vita

    While admirning the bay from the top of Riccio’s Blue Grotto in Capri, DiCaprio has confessed to the Director of the Capri Palace Ermanno Zanini that he intends to carry out another “mission” to get married the next summer with his new love Blake Lively, the blonde actress who seems to have conquered the heart of the restless Leo forever. The location scouting has already begun yesterday afternoon on his return from Riccio and management of the Capri Palace has already been used to try to satisfy all requests, which will certainly be special and unconventional from Leonardo DiCaprio, who appears to have forgotten forever Bar Rafaeli.

  • lool


  • lool


  • Twitterati

    4th of July

    @radiofreejohn: Just saw Leo at the San Diego Zoo… With Blake Lively. They’re hot. 21 minutes ago via Twitter for Android

    @meganf: Yesterday I spotted Leonardo DiCaprio at the San Diego Zoo. Not as breathtaking as the cheetah, though.

  • Cammie

    Gossip, Sites keep trying to convince people that he is SOOOO into Blake, whatever, the girl has been working for mths for his attention,like with Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, hopeful he has enough sense to drop her like Ryan Gosling did.

    Nice seeing him with his mother not Fake Lively

  • Cammie

    Also He is going to Australia soon…how much longer can this fling last.

  • Twitterati

    @shereemurphy: @supersue1979 @cricketfashion not this time…but we did go to soho house and Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively were there!! X 1 Jul

  • Tina


    Yeah right he is planning on Marrying a girl whois dating only about 2mths.. also he wouldn’t randomly tell his business , he private…did Blake’s people call this in to the Italian press

  • Tina


    All those twits and no pics…whatever. I don’t belive it.Someone twitterd that Blake was in Rome Italy..that was false, I belive this fling is over..

  • Tina


    Where’s the pics….Don’t tell me all those people don’t have cameras on there phones…Just random twits,

  • larson

    Yay to new post but I am all talked out, lol. There is nothing left to say. Please don’t bring Blake in here, she’s not in the pics.

  • Lainey Gossip

    Gossip Status Update: on Leo & Blake

    Many of you have been writing wondering what’s up between the two since there have been no photos. And since there are no photos, some are speculating that the two are done. They are not done.

    Blake has been living at Leo’s in LA. She’s there even when he’s not, when he’s out of town, like right now for Ryan Kavanaugh’s wedding. Haven’t heard yet if she’s been invited, or if he wants her there. But he’s still very much into her, at least as of last week. Wants to get to know her family too. They all might hang out at some point and at Leo’s request. Yes. Him. Leo.

    I’m still as perplexed about it as you are. But it’s been consistent across the board – all sources report that he hasn’t felt this strongly about a girl in long time. And, as already mentioned, I have been HUNTING HARD for someone, anyone to tell me the opposite. Can’t find.

  • Cammie

    People Magazine hasn’t mentioned a word about Fake Lively and Leo in a long time, if those Twits are true, People mag would have reported it and somebody would have gotten a pic..even if it’s blurry.

    I don’t know if their still dating, but I hope not he can do better then Mrs. Fake nose/tits, liar Lively.

  • For Orion & Nicky


    They asked / brought her up

  • Cammie

    @Lainey Gossip:

    Umm Lainey takes everything US weekly reports like it’s the truth and she is bias towards Blake, she is trying extra hard to convince us that Leo is so taken with Blake, well she was the main person posting in her articles how Blake was trying extra hard to get with ANY A-List actor..Who are her sources…Leo’s Mom and Luke Haas…Please Lainey is full of it.She is telling people what she wants to believe, but honestly she doesn’t know crap.l

    She reported that Justin Timberlake was happy to get rid of Jessica Biel, but now obviously she was WRONG,because now they are back together.

  • larson

    @For Orion & Nicky: I know, it’s just annoying but it really is because there is nothing new to say.

  • Duh

    @Lainey Gossip
    How much is Lively’s PR team paying to report all this bull**t?

    How are you trying to fool exactly?

  • 2

    LOL at people acting like he has some addiction to butter faces. Boy has an addiction to long legs and big boobs. Not butterfaces. And yeah, Gisele and Blake are pretty but not gorgeous IMHO. But Bar is gorgeous face wise.

  • Joan


    Blake boobs are fake so is her nose

    Her face is average mall cute even with Nosejob

    Gisele has a model or not

  • wth?

    what’s with posters always dissing people’s mom’s on here. Mom’s should be off limits in these discussions, I guess that person must be Delpie’s friend. Irmelin is so cute, leave her out of it.
    Leo is the weird one with the worst taste in women ever. Bar had a smashed up face, Blake looks like a witch with that huge nose and ugly mole which probably has a hair on it, and even though Gisele was the best looking one, she still had a manly face to her. I guess he must go for what’s on the inside LMAO just kidding :)

  • curi2

    @C / G: Hey!!!

    Great to a have a new post that other one was getting long.I was hoping for new pics even grainy!
    I’m really looking forward to getting to see some Great Gatsby set shots.
    BTW for the person on the last thread asking about the book.I haven’t read it,I know shame on me ,but if you want to you can read it online.Found a couple of free sites that have it.

  • raven

    Hi C/G! *hugs* Hope you are well.

    How cute does he look spending time with his mom. Just adorable!! I like seeing him spend time with family, I hope it keeps him grounded. I hope to see more pics of him and his mom, they are just too cute together! I like the backwards hat as well :)

  • delpie

    @wth?: Bi tch, i am not the one who wrote about his mom or anything else. First and for most i am back, second, who ever wrote that is the person who always call his girlfriend butter face. My best guess is you, LMAO or curir2 one of you probably wrote it. As always a low class that you are, now you even call his family out you c u nt. I am going to bash you to hell you fu ck bi tch. Prepare are your sword.

  • shut up delpie


    shut up delpie, you are the fugly man face lover. Nobody wants you here, you have crabs and herpes on your wrinkled fish odor, pussy.

  • delpie

    @shut up delpie: Your pu ssy look like Gerard face…. oops.. i think i complimented you, my bad. lol

  • sally

    Leo should change his name to Oedipus Rex.