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Leonardo DiCaprio & Gerard Butler: Dinner in Italy!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Gerard Butler: Dinner in Italy!

Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys a meal outside with Gerard Butler and others on Saturday (July 9) in Capri, Italy.

Leo, 36, also brought along his mom, Irmelin, for his relaxing vacation, where they all spent their evening eating and chatting with pals.

Gerard, 41, who has been vacationing in Italy as well, went shirtless on a boat ride earlier in the day!

It was recently reported that Leo may star opposite Beyonce in the remake of A Star is Born!

Last month, Leo was one of several celebrities that took part in a campaign to save California’s shark population. Others involved in the cause included Alexander Skarsgard, Ke$ha, Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, and more!

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500 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio & Gerard Butler: Dinner in Italy!”

  1. 1
    Bella Says:

    aww how sweet…

  2. 2
    A Says:

    Thumbs up if you saw Gerard Butler.

  3. 3
    How cute Says:

    How cute he is with his mommy that is so sweet. I’m happy to see him great actor.

  4. 4
    keira Says:

    Seeing his mother finally gave me an understanding of his taste in women. Dude has a serious mother complex. That is one butterface.

  5. 5
    How cute Says:

    @keira: you jerk don’t say that about Leo!

  6. 6
    Orion Says:

    Where is Blake?

  7. 7
    sara Says:

    Looks like his Godson Milan next to him. I love how close they are.

  8. 8
    ck Says:

    Blake is currently shooting the movie Savages in LA. Think she is supposed to attend BAFTA’s Brits to Watch gala tonight (as per NY Post).

  9. 9
    keira Says:

    @How cute:

    OMG someone on the internet called me a jerk, brb going to go purge in the bathroom and cry my eyes out.

    Whatever.. I guess beauty is subjective and even ugly people will have someone find them attractive. You’re probably that someone

  10. 10
    unknown Says:

    So his fling with Blake is over and most likely was a publicity stunt? Shocking!

  11. 11
    Kat Says:

    awww how sweet
    i wanna marry him

  12. 12
    njunie Says:

    leo is looking gooood. who’s the young dark haired guy to his left? he’s a hottie. i saw pics yesterday of blake filming oliver stone’s new flick savages in malibu.

  13. 13
    njunie Says:


    you were called a jerk for talking about his mother that way. he’s a public person, but she’s not. it’s rude to talk about hisma that way. but since you think it’s cool why don’t you post your picture so we can all comment?

  14. 14
    keira Says:


    His mom is a butterface and so are his girlfriends. I just pointed out the resemblance. She’s not going to read these comments so I don’t see how this is rude.. I’m sure she’s happy and living her life well despite an internet stranger hating on her looks

    If one is allowed to think she’s cute and post it despite her not being a public person I don’t see why one isn’t allowed to not find her beautiful?

    If it’s positive it’s fine but once it’s negative it’s off limits because she’s not a celebrity? whatever

  15. 15
    lold Says:

    He could have taken that cap off. At least while eating.

  16. 16
    manners Says:


    $$$ dont buy class

  17. 17
    niknoks Says:

    I think when Leo finally pops his clogs he’ll be buried in a baseball cap, is it like a security blanket?

  18. 18
    njunie Says:


    show some respect for your elders. this is a public forum. you don’t know who reads it. she was minding her own business having lunch with her son.

  19. 19
    C / G Says:

    Ahh… it’s so nice to see Leo and his mom. They both look great.
    Oh, @keira:, honey. You’re a c**t. Have a great weekend toots, because we all know who the butterface is. You, b*tch.
    Leo-fans, red thumb this sk*nk.

  20. 20
    ice queen NL Says:

    Leonardo and Mom are looking great.

  21. 21
    Nicki Says:

    Nice pictures! Always sweet to see a young man vacationing with his mom!

    I guess the flame is over with Lively….

  22. 22
    C / G Says:

    Hi to the Leo-fans: dr brown, tinkerbell, Raven, tinkerbellssidekick, curi2, Revolutionary Girl, …., donie, KS Fan, LEONARDODICAPRIOFAN, etc.

  23. 23
    C / G Says:

    Hi @ice queen NL: :)

  24. 24
    ice queen NL Says:

    frendly *waves* at C/G

  25. 25
    Vita Says:

    While admirning the bay from the top of Riccio’s Blue Grotto in Capri, DiCaprio has confessed to the Director of the Capri Palace Ermanno Zanini that he intends to carry out another “mission” to get married the next summer with his new love Blake Lively, the blonde actress who seems to have conquered the heart of the restless Leo forever. The location scouting has already begun yesterday afternoon on his return from Riccio and management of the Capri Palace has already been used to try to satisfy all requests, which will certainly be special and unconventional from Leonardo DiCaprio, who appears to have forgotten forever Bar Rafaeli.

  26. 26
    lool Says:


  27. 27
    lool Says:


  28. 28
    Twitterati Says:

    4th of July

    @radiofreejohn: Just saw Leo at the San Diego Zoo… With Blake Lively. They’re hot. 21 minutes ago via Twitter for Android

    @meganf: Yesterday I spotted Leonardo DiCaprio at the San Diego Zoo. Not as breathtaking as the cheetah, though.

  29. 29
    Cammie Says:

    Gossip, Sites keep trying to convince people that he is SOOOO into Blake, whatever, the girl has been working for mths for his attention,like with Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, hopeful he has enough sense to drop her like Ryan Gosling did.

    Nice seeing him with his mother not Fake Lively

  30. 30
    Cammie Says:

    Also He is going to Australia soon…how much longer can this fling last.

  31. 31
    Twitterati Says:

    @shereemurphy: @supersue1979 @cricketfashion not this time…but we did go to soho house and Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively were there!! X 1 Jul

  32. 32
    Tina Says:


    Yeah right he is planning on Marrying a girl whois dating only about 2mths.. also he wouldn’t randomly tell his business , he private…did Blake’s people call this in to the Italian press

  33. 33
    Tina Says:


    All those twits and no pics…whatever. I don’t belive it.Someone twitterd that Blake was in Rome Italy..that was false, I belive this fling is over..

  34. 34
    Tina Says:


    Where’s the pics….Don’t tell me all those people don’t have cameras on there phones…Just random twits,

  35. 35
    larson Says:

    Yay to new post but I am all talked out, lol. There is nothing left to say. Please don’t bring Blake in here, she’s not in the pics.

  36. 36
    Lainey Gossip Says:

    Gossip Status Update: on Leo & Blake

    Many of you have been writing wondering what’s up between the two since there have been no photos. And since there are no photos, some are speculating that the two are done. They are not done.

    Blake has been living at Leo’s in LA. She’s there even when he’s not, when he’s out of town, like right now for Ryan Kavanaugh’s wedding. Haven’t heard yet if she’s been invited, or if he wants her there. But he’s still very much into her, at least as of last week. Wants to get to know her family too. They all might hang out at some point and at Leo’s request. Yes. Him. Leo.

    I’m still as perplexed about it as you are. But it’s been consistent across the board – all sources report that he hasn’t felt this strongly about a girl in long time. And, as already mentioned, I have been HUNTING HARD for someone, anyone to tell me the opposite. Can’t find.

  37. 37
    Cammie Says:

    People Magazine hasn’t mentioned a word about Fake Lively and Leo in a long time, if those Twits are true, People mag would have reported it and somebody would have gotten a pic..even if it’s blurry.

    I don’t know if their still dating, but I hope not he can do better then Mrs. Fake nose/tits, liar Lively.

  38. 38
    For Orion & Nicky Says:


    They asked / brought her up

  39. 39
    Cammie Says:

    @Lainey Gossip:

    Umm Lainey takes everything US weekly reports like it’s the truth and she is bias towards Blake, she is trying extra hard to convince us that Leo is so taken with Blake, well she was the main person posting in her articles how Blake was trying extra hard to get with ANY A-List actor..Who are her sources…Leo’s Mom and Luke Haas…Please Lainey is full of it.She is telling people what she wants to believe, but honestly she doesn’t know crap.l

    She reported that Justin Timberlake was happy to get rid of Jessica Biel, but now obviously she was WRONG,because now they are back together.

  40. 40
    larson Says:

    @For Orion & Nicky: I know, it’s just annoying but it really is because there is nothing new to say.

  41. 41
    Duh Says:

    @Lainey Gossip
    How much is Lively’s PR team paying to report all this bull**t?

    How are you trying to fool exactly?

  42. 42
    2 Says:

    LOL at people acting like he has some addiction to butter faces. Boy has an addiction to long legs and big boobs. Not butterfaces. And yeah, Gisele and Blake are pretty but not gorgeous IMHO. But Bar is gorgeous face wise.

  43. 43
    Joan Says:


    Blake boobs are fake so is her nose

    Her face is average mall cute even with Nosejob

    Gisele has a model or not

  44. 44
    wth? Says:

    what’s with posters always dissing people’s mom’s on here. Mom’s should be off limits in these discussions, I guess that person must be Delpie’s friend. Irmelin is so cute, leave her out of it.
    Leo is the weird one with the worst taste in women ever. Bar had a smashed up face, Blake looks like a witch with that huge nose and ugly mole which probably has a hair on it, and even though Gisele was the best looking one, she still had a manly face to her. I guess he must go for what’s on the inside LMAO just kidding :)

  45. 45
    curi2 Says:

    @C / G: Hey!!!

    Great to a have a new post that other one was getting long.I was hoping for new pics even grainy!
    I’m really looking forward to getting to see some Great Gatsby set shots.
    BTW for the person on the last thread asking about the book.I haven’t read it,I know shame on me ,but if you want to you can read it online.Found a couple of free sites that have it.

  46. 46
    raven Says:

    Hi C/G! *hugs* Hope you are well.

    How cute does he look spending time with his mom. Just adorable!! I like seeing him spend time with family, I hope it keeps him grounded. I hope to see more pics of him and his mom, they are just too cute together! I like the backwards hat as well :)

  47. 47
    delpie Says:

    @wth?: Bi tch, i am not the one who wrote about his mom or anything else. First and for most i am back, second, who ever wrote that is the person who always call his girlfriend butter face. My best guess is you, LMAO or curir2 one of you probably wrote it. As always a low class that you are, now you even call his family out you c u nt. I am going to bash you to hell you fu ck bi tch. Prepare are your sword.

  48. 48
    shut up delpie Says:


    shut up delpie, you are the fugly man face lover. Nobody wants you here, you have crabs and herpes on your wrinkled fish odor, *****.

  49. 49
    delpie Says:

    @shut up delpie: Your pu ssy look like Gerard face…. oops.. i think i complimented you, my bad. lol

  50. 50
    sally Says:

    Leo should change his name to Oedipus Rex.

  51. 51
    no Says:

    fat cat

  52. 52
    slig o lambert^________^ cute Says:

    leonardo look so handsome and cute ^_^

  53. 53
    blah Says:

    Someone posted that he spent time with Melissa Satta in Capri

  54. 54
    Kà simply àmazing!! Says:

    Leonardo looks young and more handsome

  55. 55
    from italian media Says:

    Capri, island blue spotted Leonardo DiCaprio
    The actor, having attended the wedding of a friend, stayed on the island for a few days of relaxation

    After the party for a friend’s wedding, the star of “Titanic” has decided to stay on the island of the sirens to enjoy a few relaxing days.

    It seems that Leonardo DiCaprio would have stayed at the Hotel “Capri Palace”, at least until yesterday. And just last night, after bathing establishment “The Song of the Sea” in the company of Melissa Satta, has also rented a room, the “Anema e Core”, reopened yesterday evening after a few weeks ago that the measure had established the close.

    The actor, who already had been sighted on the island last month in the company of beautiful model Naomi Campbell has now been seen with friends at “Bar Tiberio”.

  56. 56
    from italian media Says:

    his mom is more than 65 years old she is so beauty for her age! i dont know what do u mean about his mom?just i want toknow he was with his mom becuase his mom was invited for wedding too or just want to show he is still with bl or he want to say he is done with bl?!i m sure there is something becuase:
    1)last week a french media told that he was with model anna with some kisses and bl was with ryan raynold according to one of her friends and she forgets leo when she is with rayan raynolds! BEFORE THE DIFFERENT PATCH AND BREAK UP RUMMERS OF LEO AND BAR A FRENCH MEDIA MENTION THEY HAD TRUBEL ACCORDING TO THEIR ARRIVING JFK’S PHOTOS WHILE THERE WAS NOT ANYTHING IN AMERICAN PAGES THEN IT COMES TRUE! DO U REMEMBER?
    2)we have a lot of different tweets without any photo ! wherever leo goes according to the tweeters after a while on e tweet come about bl was there too but photo? nothing!its impossible mags always talk about leo and bl are together just according to the unmention sources of bl and talk about so so privet things between them ,so could it possible when the pages are so hungry about this relationship any paps not aroud them even in la or nyc?! a few sites just according to lainy said they move in together in leo’s home in la so why there is not any sithing of bl to move in there at least some thing got to was with her for move in and paps got to had a photo of it becuase they are always in front of a listers’s home for having some news esp in LA !
    how there was some photos of leo and bar on the bike in the front of leo’s house a few days before or there r a lot about other celebs that said x/y/z celeb went to have a coffee or walking the dog or else at the … time for examp,but we dont have any photo of leo and bl at anywhere!
    3) leo always has one treat about his breaks up:he never pay attention to gossips when they say they r still together just going with his male friends in public or slowly stay alone more and more at everywhere whether photos or not just share it at everywhere so slowly! then gossips about cheatting/night clubs/unknown models/etc come out then hook up with a one girl at his type as a new rummer gf (when he want to done forever)but when his official gf goes with another seriously he shows his new relationship is just a hook up! do u remember gis?leo went with ciana miller(she was young blond actress/model and leggy) then gis went with another officialy and leo showes himself alone! when leo was with bl in europe he showed his broke up is real while we never saw him by that way then everything was disappeared just some gossip from bl’s pr ! well bar is with another now and i hope it comes officialy more and more so soon!
    4)leo ‘s face is like when he was done with bar look at his face and bl ‘s face was so sad by a forcing laugh on her face at bafta brit galla like bar’s face at met galla just more sad covers bl’s face ! and another rummers about leo went with melissa satta !
    5)leo was in capri after wedding with some friends just for rest and away from bl and bl was in la !well its usual just when i think more :leo came back with lively from europe before for her mtv red carpet then at the evening they went to disney together as the mags said so why this time prefer to be away from bl?when i come to put these things together i feel maybe this staying away in capri is important !
    just his mom?why he is with his mom at there?just for wedding /for saying break up somehow /for saying he is still with bl and want peopl knows he didnt any betraid or something else?anyway we will find out so so soon!

  57. 57
    a future teller Says:

    a future teller last week said to me when i asked about leo:u will see at this week photos of him and the girl who is rummered with him _seperated it showes u they r seperate and after that u will see the break up photo that they break up forever ! and u know leo break up with her!
    before at the start of this showmance(i belive it is just a showmance and i hope it be) the future teller said to me about them that it goes nowhere! and he never marry or engaged with her!he said he will engaged and marry just with his soul mate who is brunet frome his diffrent race not a model not an actress nearer 30 years old!they will marry so fast together but after marage will have some trubel together becuase of their so huge love to each other(they r so sensetive about others around each others) but after that everything will come to peace and thier first child is a son!
    i never send these before because i wanted to know def. its true?and now i see their seperated photo(s)!i wish all of these predictions comes to trueeeeeeeeeeeeee right now now now now! whatever u call me im pretty sure and wait for that in real! i def. hope so!

  58. 58
    E Says:

    Irmelin is a very good mother; she’s always near to her son when he has a difficult period of life. I think they are very close in soul. That’s why it’s not so easy for him to find a girl whom he can trust for 100% like his mom. And I don’t know, why I think he’s feeling now inside very empty and cold, like in this song about the past love.
    I like this song; maybe you will like it too. Enjoy…

  59. 59
    tasathelma Says:

    they have good time…great

  60. 60
    M Says:

    Let’s just say Leo hooks up with Melissa Satta she’s very pretty but she looks like a hungry famewhore. Who will suck up this fame so fast that it will leave Leo tired and depressed maybe.

  61. 61
    still together Says:

    lol there were multiple sightings of Leo at the San Diego zoo on the 4rth with Blake, there was an entertainment site called popbytes that said on twitter that a little birdie told them Leo and blake were going to be at Soho house that night (June 28) and then a twitterer confirmed she sat next to them there. so ya the reason shes not there are because she is filming a movie. They’re not broken up. I know your going to say, How come we didn’t get pictures?? Well not every person takes pics of a celeb they see.

    Also FYI Melissa Satta is going out with Lukas Haas!

  62. 62
    Dasha Says:

    Handsome man is handsome, love you Leo

  63. 63
    hotness Says: Hatless leo, looks like he got sexy new haircut :) i love how good e is with his godson and kids n general!

  64. 64
    i heart leo Says: with his godson again, man he really likes this kid….must be pretty cool to say your godfather is leo dicaprio!!

  65. 65
    the things i wud do... Says:

    I WANT TO SEE HIM SHIRTLESS……….PLEASE GOD grant me this wish!!!!!!!

  66. 66
    BFreak Says:

    Seems like a bellafreak is here working hard on their case. Not much drooling to do these days? haha Everything you posted is based on skype and `we know that` is not that reliable. No photos to prove the skype sightings or a reliable source to confirm. And Us Weekly in their case is not that reliable for me. Or Lainey…
    I`m not saying I`m convinced that they are over unfortunately but all you have is twitter and … popbytes ( their sighting was confirmed by … tweets ).

  67. 67
    BFreak Says:

    Skype??? What am I talking about? Ooops! Of course I meant TWITTER and TWEETS!

  68. 68
    Sly Says:

    For a guy who is supposed to be madly in love with someone…??? He was first seen (after 3 weeks of dating) at 2am with a gorgeous model laughing, flirting and smoking her cigarette…. then he was spotted in Capri after the Kavanaugh wedding spending time with Melissa Satta! And he brings his mom and friends to Italy? Yeah it must be love between him and Blively for sure, LOL!!!!

  69. 69
    loving it!! Says:

    @a future teller:

    awesome prediction, lets hope it comes TRUE!!

  70. 70
    MJ Says:

    @Lainey Gossip:
    I have read the same stories others have that Leo “has never felt this way” about a woman before, says a “pal.” I doubt anyone who is close enough to him to have that knowledge would be blabbing to the press. Plus if I recall it was a story from some British tabloid, and they are kown to be worse than the ones here in the US for making stuff up, LOL. But hey, who knows? Blake Lively did say she had a “premonition” she would marry Leo one day when she was 9 or so. But a lot of other girls at that time probably felt sure they would be the one to marry him :).
    Not seeing them together all the time doesn’t mean anything if she is currently working. But it’s none of anyone’s business anyway I guess.

  71. 71
    Chris Suiter Says:

    Leo isn’t wearing a Michigan cap…that is WVU!!!

  72. 72
    MJ Says:

    If they have pictures of him with everyone else he is in Italy with, where are the pictures of him and Melissa Satta? And it’s not like if he did chat up some other woman that he slept with her. He was with Bar for a long time and maybe he isn’t interested in anything serious right now?

  73. 73
    @MJ Says:

    At least the Melissa Satta thing is not from twitter just like everything else about Fake and Leo. Plus Melissa was seen out with Lukas. Nothing is reliable and that includes the fact how crazy Leo is about Fake Blake. She said she would marry Dicaprio? And she wasn`t shy to share her crush on Leo on Letterman. Everything for attention. Just like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez…etc. all confessed their crush on Leo. So all of them are going to marry him or it`s Fake Blake and her mole will do that because she is so awesome?

  74. 74
    raven Says:

    @a future teller: I hope what you say does come true and that he meets his soulmate. But i don’t understand what you mean by the trouble they will have, will it be jealousy or something like that? I hope it’s not something too bad and the trouble isn’t hurtful. how cute will it be to see a son from Leo. Do you know if the soulmate will get along with his mom?

  75. 75
    Moley not marrying Capi Says:

    @@MJ: lots of stars have admitted they wanted to marry Leo and had crushes on him and still do….you can also add Kim Kardashian and Vivica A Fox to the list…..I will get a list. Its all bullsh*t. I’m sure lots of people when they were younger felt they were going to marry Michael Jackson and Elvis Prestley.
    The only thing Fake Moley will be marrying is her mole!! Surely NOT Leo.

  76. 76
    loving it!! Says:

    @a future teller:

    I remember someone saying that he was going to meet this woman in August a while back…(in the Leo and Gisele thread), and than another psychic also said it in the last Leo thread about August. So hopefully it’s true, cos I seriously can not bare to look at Blake anymore. She may be a nice person, but I just can’t look at that face anymore. She gives me the heebie jeebies.

  77. 77
    larson Says:

    I swear it must be a huge ego boost to this man to hear of all these women who were so in love with him. Kinda like yeah I’m the shite, lol. Kim I remembered but I didn’t know Vivica Fox did. I remember her blind item about him though. Must be nice for him, Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Here’s to hoping for more pics. I feel like the only woman he has sincerely loved is his mother.

  78. 78
    Darla Castilloooo Says:

    Im sure Gisele cares what you think about her as the #1 highest paid model in the world, you internet nobody.
    Lemme guess – you a bank teller? Nurse? Teacher? Accountant or attorney?
    You can’t afford to sniff her a&&.

  79. 79
    Debutante Says:

    I’m not that lying sack, Georgia*.
    Grow up, Gerard has dated more women under the radar than you losers think.

  80. 80
    Mall-Face Blake Lively Says:

    Bar was tall enough to be worthy of Leo – after all, no breeding short inferior people, but she was a bit too flabby.

  81. 81
    @78-80 Says:

    @Mall-Face Blake Lively:

    shut up B*tch, take your tall ass, pituitary gland disorder, freak of nature, man face out of this thread. Your comments are making no sense whatsoever. And it’s so obvious you are the same person posting from 78-80. What the hell does Gisele, Bar and Gerard have to do with anything? leave them out of it, this is a Leo thread.

  82. 82
    loving it!! Says:

    look at this pic of Leo’s parents they posted on Bellazon.. you can REALLY see how much he looks like Irmelin here. He looks exactly like her except for the big eyebrows he gets from his dad, and he also looks like his dad in the eyes, but mostly he is like his mom all the way. I think she was so pretty.

  83. 83
    Rebeca Says:

    I adore him 4ever ‘n ever!

  84. 84
    Casting stones at others Says:


    Can we have see your pictures please?

    You seem to think you’re better looking than his mother and some of his GF. I would like to an objective impression of this, you see, as I happen to think both his ex-GF, Giselle and Bar were not only beautiful but also very intelligent women as is Blake Lively btw.

    You must be one of those superficial teens who think that if somebody doesn’t correspond to what society now believes is the perfect person, then those who do not even remotely resemble that perfect person are not worthy of life, love and be successful.

    Thank God, not everybody thinks like you. There are people considered homely or even ugly out there who are successful in their careers and personal lives.

    So sad to see somebody be as shallow as you! Look at yourself in a mirror and I doubt you’ll see perfection there as even women like Bar Rafaeli have been known to not like their looks. Every normal person does that and want to change something about themselves. Even Heidi Klum has admitted to not being into her own looks.

  85. 85
    Casting stones at others Says:


    Ischia is a festival where actors will yes, hang around, other actors and being seen for an American actor or somebody like GB with an Italian actress there or some actress from other parts of the world does not mean they are having an affair (they might but they also might not) as for most of the time they will be talking about the possiblity of making movies together.

    Ischia is a place to make important contacts just like in Cannes. Paps are always in a hurry to link any famous personality with somebody even when there’s nothing true about it.

    You have to take it as mere gossip till the interested parties, in this case Leo and that Melissa come out on vacations somewhere else looking like they’re a couple. Till then I would think he talked to her, even parties with her but then that is what they all do at Ischia and not all of them do more than talking to some of the people they pose with.

  86. 86
    pretty moms Says:

    @Casting stones at others:

    I know you mean well, but I wish people would stop bringing Leo’s mom into the equation with Leo’s exes. I just think it’s disrespectful and annoying. Keira is obviously an idiot, so who cares what she thinks. Leo’s mother is much more beautiful, than all those girls put together …in that picture of when she was young you can clearly see how much prettier she was at that age than all those so called “models” he dated..Irmelin buries all his exes and Blake put together. She has the most beatiful eyes, that Leo obviously inherited from her, and none of his exes have that. Sorry to Gisele, Bar and Blake, but hell no… they don’t have those eyes and never will..

  87. 87
    addy Says:

    will u people stop talking about his ex girlfriends already? Leo has dated a ton of women. Quit acting like he has to settle for some short,average brunette chick. That is obviously not his type and never has been. next…

  88. 88
    marriage material Says:

    Just to let you heffers know…people dont marry their “types.” They always go for someone that is the opposite of their type. It will be the same for Leo. It is written in the stars and no one can change that…too bad if you dont like it…

  89. 89
    delpie Says:

    @what an ignoramus: Ya sure, and your sources so far has guest it right, right?lol You need the one who need to shut the he ll up dork.

  90. 90
    Delpie lives in a looney bin Says:


    why don’t you shut the hell up and go back to your room at the psych ward, LOSER!! and please stop stinking up the Leo threads with your psychotic gibberish!!

  91. 91
    larson Says:

    How did hair color get into this convo? Anyway if you want to get technical ALL of Leo’s gfs have been brunettes. Giselle isn’t really blonde, her hair is more of a light brown, Bar bleached her hair into oblivion and Blake also bleaches. Kirsten I think is a bottled blonde as well. I remember reading someone that in 200 years natural blondes will be extinct. I guess we will all be short and average. *Insert eye roll here*

  92. 92
    Blonde ambition tour Says:


    You’re right Larson, the only real blonde in Leo’s life has always been his momma :). None of his girlfriends have ever been real blondes, that came from a bottle LOL!!

  93. 93
    Lala Says:

    Damn he is HOT

  94. 94
    Mall-Face Blake Lively Says:

    Go sniff a f/art you troll loser no one wants you in this thread –
    And no leo only dates MODELS its only a matter of time before short runt faced ugly blake MAN-FACE Blake is given the boot – like your last man did your inferior assssss.
    Sorry only tall models apply – superior human beings. Is anyone paying you for your picture? Nope! Sorry!

  95. 95
    MAN-Face Blake Lively Says:

    he is not going to settle for some short plain chick – her days are nUMBERED! Can’t wait!

  96. 96
    jude Says:

    NO I hope I have only tall daughters and sons! Darwin, natural selection more successful in life overall! My bf is 6’4 i am 5’6 hopefully the genes come out on his side of things.

  97. 97
    stfu Says:

    @MAN-Face Blake Lively:

    stfu you stupid pituitary gland disorder, moronic ugly ass BIG FOOT neanderthal!! you probably can’t get any guys to date you because you tower over them, like the freak of nature that you are!! You and Blake can take your long, hairy ass legs and shove them straight up your rectums. Men don’t want women to tower over them, they like women they can man handle and toss around and have fun with!! The women in Leo’s family are short and of normal height, so your dissing Leo by dissing shorter women too, you idiot. And his exes weren’t even that tall anyway, so I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Blake is the tallest girl he’s dated so far, so you’re talking out of your ass and not making any sense whatsoever. Go get your cortisol levels checked since it sounds like you may have a pituitary disorder, FREAK!!

  98. 98
    stfu Says:


    um, it ain’t Darwin honey!! Don’t go blaming Darwin and your “natural selection” theories for the pituitary gland disorder that runs in your family sweetheart LOL!!

  99. 99
    larson Says:

    Lord some people on this thread need to pick up a biology textbook. Height doesn’t have anything to do with natural selection or superiority(wtf) it has to do with GENES. Two tall people can still produce a short child because of recessive genes that can skip generations. You and I have no idea of what genes we will pass down to our children. All you can do is hope for the best. Natural selection might be the reason blondes will be extinct in 200 years or the fact that 6′ people are rare. Only in certain places in Europe are average heights above 6 ft.

  100. 100
    well said Says:


    thank YOU Larson!! very well said. I didn’t even realize there were still people out there who entertain these crazy ideas. I mean”natural selection”, really? who thinks like that anymore?… that was like the most ridiculous thing I’ve read on here in a while!! totally creepy to say the least!

  101. 101
    shadows Says:

    That showmance of Leo & Blake is absolutely, clearly & totally a “Jake Gyllenhall & Taylor Swift Redux” Shame for Blake coz she gained nothing here; GL tanks deeper & deeper & deeper everyday…

  102. 102
    hunker Says:

    @97 – Blake is the tallest girl he’s dated so far,
    LOL do read some infos & absorb them in your brain.
    Its Giselle… who stands 5’11″. Blake is just around 5’8′- 5’9″
    But most likely that its Blake who stands out w/ the “most” surgeries & PR hustlings that Leo had ever try to get associated w/.

  103. 103
    I don't care Says:


    I don’t look at their stats, cos I really don’t care about any of these women. Blake looks pretty tall to me, and that’s why I said that. But I really don’t care who is/was his tallest girlfriend. Petite, feminine looking girls will always be cuter to me than tall, manly looking women.

  104. 104
    Horses For Courses Says:

    Ummm…… Just want to squash a few stereotypes here. Feel I need to stick up for myself (and other tall women outthere). Not all of us are manly, and just cause I work with horses doesn’t mean I look like one!!

    Barefoot, I’m 6ft tall (was 5’10″ by the time I was 12),

    Nor am I stupid- I have a university degree- and also made the Dean’s honours List for my thesis on lower leg injuries in young horses. For the record my natural hair is dark blonde/lightbrown (depends who you ask) nor am I a size 0.

    No freaky geneology here either. Born and raised Australian, with English grandparents who have viking ancestry (Gdftr- who was 6’4″) and spanish ancestry (Gdmthr).

    JUST SAYING- some of the haterism on here is getting very specific and nasty- we aren’t all the same. For the record I don’t like the GF’s mentioned- but then nor do I conduct myself like a *****- wearing next to nothing and hanging off of men!

  105. 105
    Leo loves the ladies!! Says:

    Wait, I though Fake Moley was the love of his life!? hahahahaha!! lolololol

  106. 106
    cant dance Says:

    @Leo loves the ladies!!: I’m sorry but Leo looks like an idiot in those pictures and he doesnt look like a good dancer at all…but glad to see him dancing with the ladies!!

  107. 107
    Horses For Courses Says:

    Don’t know if this has been posted but its too Funny

  108. 108
    FrG Says:

    @Horses for courses
    BTW on that article they said that on the third picture Leo is dancing with his “next partner”… we cant see her face but for people who don’t know that woman is his mother…!!

  109. 109
    LMAO Says:

    I think he looks funny and cute on those dancing pictures. Yes, the third `partner` is definitely his mother. How sweet that he took his mom for a dance! Boy, he wasn`t bored at that wedding. All the women he danced with were young and pretty! Clearly he had fun!
    @107: I really don`t see why he looks like an idiot. He is having fun and these are paparazzi photos. Maybe he can`t dance tango but that doesn`t make him look like an idiot.
    It was good to see these photos and to see him having fun with all those pretty girls…
    @109: Take it easy! Sometimes comments show up a couple of minutes later. Why so nasty about it?

  110. 110
    raven Says:

    LOL, at the dancing pictures. Seriously LOL! I like seeing this goofy side of him. I’m glad to see that he had fun. I think he was a little drunk too, lol.

  111. 111
    @just jared Says:

    JARED!!!! stop with the gerard butler pics and post the picsof leo DANCING at the wedding reception THERE HILARIOUS!!!! :D

  112. 112
    @just jared Says:

    JARED!!!! stop with the gerard butler pics and post the picsof leo DANCING at the wedding reception THERE HILARIOUS!!!! :D

  113. 113
    LOL Says:

    hahaahah those pic are HILARIOUS wasnt there a tweet saying he was “absolutly hammerd” in downtown capri…i believe it now LOL

  114. 114
    Brunette Says:

    Irmelin is not a natural blonde. He looks exactly like her. Mother and Son look soo cute. Good to see Leo with his MOM, hadn’t seen her in a long long time.

  115. 115
    ichi Says:

    OH GOD this photos made my day, is so nice to see him been so cool, he is having fun, and so we!

  116. 116
    a future teller Says:

    @raven: dear, the future teller said that his mom will love her so much and leo never was/ is in love any girl before! leo and his soul mate will fall in love each other at the first sight! her sm is really brunnethe_her real hair color and her diyning color both r brunet! and about trouble:they will have some jealousy becuase they will afraid about other girls/men around esp leo will be so jealous about her esp becuase of a tall young man who is so famous that always around his sm and def.wants her while he knows she is with leo and is in love leo! leo will put away his playboy tread completly because of her!
    this is whatever i can say ! just i hope it comes to true so so soon. about agus i dont have any idea just i hope leo will marry with his real soul mate and dumb all of these hungary women ! well whenever i look at his face with the girls i cant see any love ! he has that naughty sight in the playboy eyes for bl that he had with others even with the model anna a few weeks ago exacly the same laugh the same look the same staring i cant see anything more just when he was with gis i felt a little bit love attention a few times! i belive some body like leo will marry just when he be in real love or when he feel he is so so so alone and just wants a baby but without any love he will divorce!this is my oponion!

  117. 117
    delpie Says:

    @a future teller: Let me guess it is blake lively because she is in love with his mother and she is brunette according to haters. lol. You write basically your ideal what you fantasize him to be with brunette and tall. Girl, you sound like six grader try next time harder fool. lol
    Oh i forgot what about Kate Winslet, i heard she is also in the run to be his SM according to haters. lol. All you Titanic freaks need to get over your fantasy and get real. Fools.

  118. 118
    Tall is beautiful too :) Says:


    talk about the pot calling the kettle black, you are the one that sounds like the 6th grader around here sweetheart. Please don’t fool yourself into thinking you sound like an intelligent person, because you clearly DON’T!!

    @Horses For Courses:

    and I apologize to you and all the other tall ladies on here. That person really upset me with her ignorant remarks about shorter women. My comments were really directed at her, not the other tall women that post here.There are many tall women I find to be very beautiful, but Leo’s exes just are not at the top of my list. And neither is Blake, she has a great body, but that’s where it ends for me. I think of all his exes Kristen Zang was the prettiest with the most beautiful eyes. But when posters start making stupid comments about natural selection and Darwin theories, my fangs will come out. I’m not going to put up with those kind of prejudices about anybody. And I guess I let my temper take over. Sorry!!

  119. 119
    Tall is beautiful too :) Says:

    @a future teller:

    your prediction sounds very romantic, lets hope it comes true :)

  120. 120
    Mari Says:


    I agree, he was definitely having lots of fun and perhaps was a little drunk, too! It’s good to see him happy and relaxed. He looks like he’d be so much fun just to be around.

  121. 121
    delpie Says:

    @Tall is beautiful too :): I know you are smart because you predicted that he will find his SM this year when you make your prediction last year. So why back down now and make another prediction. You clearly find the one didn’t you? I am sure blake will be ecstatic knowing that you make her wishes dream come true since she was nine. lol. I can’t wait your next prediction when his start dating Rosie in 3 years ha You are really teeny popper! lol

  122. 122
    LMAO Says:

    Yeah, it’s good to see him having fun and it’s even better not to see him with Fake.

  123. 123
    lovebarhateleo Says:

    Bar doesnt need ugly leo!

  124. 124
    delpie Says:

    @lovebarhateleo: Ya he dumps her fat asss to the curb ha ha…lol. She needs to milk her billionaire money before he dumps her as well. She obviously looking for the stars but i hope she succeed this time for her own sake and for her mother sake. IMAO. Who is Bar now? Ans. She is LEO ex girlfriend. lol. This is her legacy in her career. Is that some thing to be proud of? Well, i will let you answer that. Imao.

  125. 125
    piedpiper Says:


  126. 126
    delpie Says:

    @piedpiper: You are ****** as your nick name. lol

  127. 127
    tit for tat Says:


    and Leo doesn’t need ugly Bar :)

  128. 128
    larson Says:

    @piedpiper: Thanks I couldn’t remember his other sn for nothing. Leo looks so funny and cute dancing.

  129. 129
    larson Says:

    O.M.G can people please ignore Donnie? Please and thank you.

  130. 130
    LMAO Says:

    Ted has a post about Bar and her new boyfriend. I find it sad and funny that they don`t have anything else to write about her besides her tweets. Why bother posting about her if there`s nothing interesting to say? It`s embarrassing for her ( which I don`t care about that much ) and for the blogger who tries to create something out of nothing. Jared has the same photo with the same post….
    Anyway I just wanted to say I think her new boyfriend is cute and seems like a better fit for her than Leo. At least by looking at them…
    Ted`s post has a comment ( #3) stating that ( this time ) Lively`s family says that Leo has a HUGE thing for Blake for quite a while BUT it`s not mutual so that`s why it`s cooling… How about that? It`s always team Fake coming with the stories how amazing Fake is and how crazy Leo is about her…etc. And now she is the one who doesn`t want him? Why does it sound like the next run of her PR game?

  131. 131
    raven Says:

    @ a future teller: thanks for responding to my question! How sweet that his mom will love the SM. Yeah, I loved reading that! and Oh HELL no, to the famous guy that is going to try to come between leo and the sm!! He better step the f… off!! I wonder who its going to be though? Interesting that Leo will be jealous and have to face that challenge with that other guy, i think that will probably be a first for him to be jealous over a girl. Anyway, I hope Leo and her do meet and fall in love and that they are happy.

    @Mari: I agree with you seeing him happy is really nice and yeah he probably is fun to be around, especially when he pulls stunts like in the dancing pictures. lol.

  132. 132
    thanks for the update Says:


    thanks for sharing that info. I never read Ted anymore, unless you guys mention something interesting on here, so thanks for the update. So now Blake is the one who doesn’t want Leo huh? LOL that is too funny! you’re right it does sound like her PR is trying to twist it around again. Maybe she is realizing she can’t manipulate Leo the way she was hoping to do. I get that weird feeling like she wants to really have him wrapped around her finger, but it’s not working the way she was hoping it would. I can’t see Leo falling for her like that either, sorry, but that is not at all believable to me.

  133. 133
    chiming in... Says:


    say it sister LOL he better step the hell off like you said. I love all the psychic predictions, but I just hope they come true once and for all.

    I like to see Leo when he’s drunk and acting nutty too. We need to see more of those kind of pics and less of the “Leo being so in love with Blake Lively” nonsense! it’s just straight up boring. I don’t even bother reading any of the gossip anymore. Who cares!

  134. 134
    LMAO Says:

    Well, it`s a comment so who knows if it`s true. It certainly sounds like all the fairy tale cr*p we got from Us Weekly, Lainey and their sources. Again it`s Blake who is Leo`s utter desire. She is just incredible and Leo is all over her. Now that people started asking what happened to the media-not-shy couple there`s this comment that Leo has a huge thing for her but she doesn`t? Come on! IF it`s true it sounds like the usual PR team Lively stuff don`t you think? I just don`t see Leo falling for her this hard for several reasons and it all sounds like stuff coming from her PR people from the very beginning. The comment say it`s cooling off and they weren`t even that hot ever! Really?

  135. 135
    larson Says:

    The sm stuff is interesting but the last one is confusing me. It has been said multiple times that the sm won’t be in the business. So how is it that there will be some other famous guy who will like her? Maybe Leo will introduce her to someone?

  136. 136
    Barfywho Says:

    BARF is not better than Blake she s a spoiled arrogant ,stupid Bit+chhh ….glad to see Leo spending time with his mom …No Barf breathing down his back trying to get face time with the paps….Alot of u guys must have forgotten her disgusting behavior through the years…so please with the Barfy is a victim BS!!!! she a nobody LOL!

  137. 137
    @136 Says:

    What the heck are you talking about? Barf is not better than Blake? Well, Blake is not better than Barf. Now what?

  138. 138
    @136 Says:

    I knew some loser was gonna defend Barf as usual all of sudden Barfy is the saint and Blake is the devil?? Barflies are mad that he dumped her pathetic A$$ … No wonder the real Leofans are MIA only the pathetic pretenders talking to themselves hour after hour saying nothing……wheres Tinkerbell,Canada girl,iheartcomments,candycotton,french,lol,ella,brazil,they could”t stand Barf…. Dating Blake or not Leo still in a better situation than he was 7months ago in the claws of Barf!!!

  139. 139
    curi2 Says:

    @LMAO: I believe I’ve read that comment before on some of Teds other post about them.I think that’s a regular commenter.
    Love the dancing pics we need a video to see them moves in

  140. 140
    Old Comments Says:

    this is hilarious from 2010….. . You can tell Leo doesnt find Barf funny because he never laughs at anything she says. He just looks at her and stare. Sometimes he might have a barely there smile on his face. But look at this pic! This is EXACTLY how retarded people act!!! The only thing left for her to do is to jump up and down and to start to flap her hands!! I’m sure her IQ is quite low!

    Thats right BARFY smile like The EMPTY…FAKE PATHETIC B*TCH U ARE!!!….Leo’s just taking this fugly AS* puppy for a walk…and feeding her the Famewh*re bone!!! That keeps her happy cause she’s Desperate for any attension she CAN get!! (only with Leo)… No looks, No talent,No personality….No brains… Just a fake smile …And saggy boobs…to show to the world!! LEO FANS should NOT get Upset over this!!…This WH*RE CAN’T even spell LAKERS!!!…..HAH!!!
    doesn’t seem in love.
    In fact he totally could be in love . Because despite the critics we can have about Bar, Love is not a matter of reason , but of feelings. And feelings can’t be controled. But he just doesn’t seem to be in love.

    I remember he once said that his model for women is his mum, and that wishes to found a girl that have even only a half of her qualities.
    I don’t really think that he took the right way by dating Bar.
    It’s hard to make an opinion, about somedy we don’t know, but she seems to be only a pretty girl with a great body. And beauty whitout intelligence or personnality is so inconsistent and sad.
    And his focus on appearence seems so immature and phoney (even if i do love him) if he says wanting such a wonderful woman in his life.
    On the Titanic set , for example he said to Kate -who was curvier at the time-, to not lose weight, because it was important that girls outside know that they do’nt have to be skinny to have a bf and be succesfull, etc…
    No wonder people say he has double standards…as he only dates 20 y.old models.
    BARF WAS NEVER LIKED!!! LEOFANS in their own words LMAOF

  141. 141
    well I never Says:

    @Old Comments:

    how dare you say all the real fans are gone? how rude LOL :) I’m a long time Leo fan and I’m still here. I think a lot of the fans aren’t posting anymore, because there’s really nothing left to talk about. I agree that Leo is in a better place than he was 7 months ago. There is no doubt about that, but why are you still bringing up Bar? Let her be. Leo has moved on and I don’t see the point in bringing her up anymore. I haven’t forgotten what a user she seemed to be and all the messed up things she did when she was with Leo, but I don’t see the point in dwelling on it anymore. I say it’s best to leave it in the past and move on. I don’t dislike Blake, because I think she’s a nice person, but I just don’t see her as a good match for Leo. They seem really different to me.. Leo seems like he would need someone with more of an edge. Blake seems too cookie cutter for me.

    and this is KS fan btw.. HELLO to all the Leofans, I haven’t been using my name but I’m still here :) I just don’t know if Leo is really KS anymore..I’m having my doubts, but I’m still here. Waves to all the ladies, CG, curi, larson, LMAO, raven, Tink and all the other girls that post here, past and present…hope y’all are at least lurking..:)

  142. 142
    ice queen NL Says:

    Don’t know if you saw it, but in case u didn’t, Here it is: Chinese Phone commercial with Leonardo

  143. 143
    It's Been happening Says:

    I’m not surprised that a lot of the psychics that use to comment on here are not on here anymore. Thanks @a future teller. It’s always been a timing thing with Leo and his soul mate as psychics have predicted. I wouldn’t be surprise if Leo’s soulmate looked like his mother. In Pyschology, people who have a strong connection with your parents tend to find qualities like that in there mates. Leo’s mumsy has been his pillar for all is life supporting him, I’m sure Leo wants the same thing. I wouldn’t be surprise if Leo’s sm is Petite like his mom, and maybe the same built but not the face. Come on guys! Really immature to comment on Leo’s mom’s face.

    In regard to Leo’s SM being watched by other guys! OMG yes! For some reason, I totally feel that Leo’s soulmate is going to be SMART as HELL and creative business wise. She doesn’t need his money, because this girl is like Leo she can amass her own fortune with out Leo’s name.

    Who doesn’t want a sexy smart chick who know her own power and how to use it positively! Leo and his Soulmate are so ready to meet now!

  144. 144
    LMAO Says:

    Someone said on an earlier Leo & Flake thread that this is going to be a condensed version of Leo&Bar. IF this new rumor is true this is indeed a very condensed version ( = fling/rebound ). I wonder how quickly her team is going to deny it with another fairy tale story or a ( twitter ) sighting.

  145. 145
    heyy Says:

    haha I’m sick of all this Blake and Leo talk. Its ShowbizSpy, they’ll make up anything to have another Leo and Blake story in the news. I’m sure they’ll break up in like 5 months after trying to force this relationship too much. It doesn’t matter I’m just happy to see him hanging with his mom again. It seems like its been a while sense we’ve gotten pics of them!

  146. 146
    makes sense Says:


    of course he doesn’t want to be tied down. This story is actually more believable than all the other nonsense I’ve read about them so far. LOL Who would want to be tied down when just getting out of a 6 year relationship, or whatever that Bar thing was supposed to be? I know I certainly wouldn’t want to be with anyone unless I’m really, and I mean REALLY into that person. Otherwise, leave me ALONE, that’s what I would tell the girls that try to get into relationship right away! LOL

  147. 147
    Leo keeps dumping Blake! Says:

    Not even a year into the showmanship and he’s dumping her already. I think Bar got at least a full year before her first dump!!!! Leo is starting the process with Fakey early!!! haha

  148. 148
    LMAO Says:

    It does sound more realistic and more `Leo like` than the usual stuff we get from tabloids. I don`t remember who said that about the `condensed version of Leo&Bar` but it was spot on. I guess Fake Blake is not all that after all if Leo already dumped her twice even though they have been dating for only two months… Otherwise why would he run from her? IF the story is true…
    @146: Exactly why would he wanna be tied down especially to someone like Fake Blake? But then again why is he in a relationship ( if you can call it that ) already if he wants his freedom? What he needs is therapy or some growing up to do, maybe some alone time not the fake PR princess of Hollywood!

  149. 149
    LMAO Says:

    … and what do you know? The bellazon stalkers say it`s `unreliable`. Of course since it won`t fit into their drool-fest! Of course I can`t say with 100% certainty that it is valid info but I also can`t say it`s absolutely false.

  150. 150
    I agree Says:


    I agree with you, those people are really annoying. Their adulation for Leo, models and other celebs makes my skin crawl. I don’t think I would want people drooling over me in that way if I were a famous person. It would freak me the hell out. MAJOR TURN OFF!

  151. 151
    I'm in LOV Says:

    has anyone watched the Robert Redford version of the Great Gatsby yet? I highly recommend it for whoever hasn’t. I watched it again last night and I am SO in love with that character. I’m getting really excited to see how this will play out. I think Leo is the perfect choice, I look at Robert Redford as Gatsby and I can’t imagine any other actor but Leo playing that part. Here is my favorite scene from the movie at 2:06… you guys can watch the whole thing on youtube btw.

  152. 152
    I'm in LOVE with Gatsby Says:

    I meant to say I’m in love with Gatsby, don’t know why it got cut off.

  153. 153
    larson Says:

    @LMAO: IDK why I got so bent out of shape about this whole thing because it’s becoming obvious this was rebound city. Seriously. It kinda sucks for him that he couldn’t get a less interested in fame girl to bang. I think that if it was just some no name model he was rebounding with, no one would have cared, just like no one cared about about anna j. But Blake who has a rep in hollywood and is not even that many years in? I know I don’t get to choose who someone sleeps with but this had me scratching my head. But alas there really isn’t anything left to say. I can’t lie, the fact that this chick is so unattractive is bugging me to. He’s so handsome, he outlooks her by MILES. I mean c’mon. Is being tall, blonde and thin the only criteria for being beautiful? I see shorter, curvier, brunettes of all races in NYC everyday. Once again I can’t choose what someone finds beautiful but Blake is far from beautiful even far from being pretty.

  154. 154
    it's not all about the looks.. Says:


    but I agree that she’s not pretty in the face, her only saving grace “physically speaking” is that she has a long, lean body. His exes were not that pretty to me either, Bar’s body is awful. Sorry, that I’m bringing her up again, but I just looked at those new pics that were posted today, and wow. Her upper body is so huge. these people make a living from their looks, I just don’t understand how someone can be that stocky and still make a paycheck from modelling. At least Gisele is thin with a rock hard body. With her I can understand her stature in the modelling world, but with Bar it’s just beyond me..

  155. 155
    ewwleo Says:

    eww leo is ugly and ole! haha Bar is so much better,richer prettier than him! her new man is hotter 2! check it out: she doesn’t need poor leo. she is a rich supermodel she have more fame than him!

  156. 156
    it's not all about the looks.. Says:


    you’re joking right?? LMAO first of all that set of pictures is awful. She looks like a stocky, out of shape housewife. Absolutely awful! And second of all, she is in no way “richer” or “better looking” than Leo. Leo has always been prettier than all of his girlfriends. He looks more masculine now that he’s gotten older, but Leo circa (1997-2005) when his face was still more on the feminine side, has always been prettier than his co-stars as well as his girlfriends…so please, don’t even make me laugh honey!!

  157. 157
    delpie Says:

    @ewwleo: Go back to your fugly house wife. Barfy is looking like Fergie fugly… lol. She is what 26, i can’t wait to see her at 36 if she still around of course. chumpy and bufffy is her new nick name. LOL

  158. 158
    Prettier?? Says:

    WHY Would LEO want be know as Being PRETTIER than his FEMALE Co-Stars… What’s he wanna be a PRETTY WOMAN??? – Do us a Favor, and Try to keep him on a Masculine Shelf… not the Panty Section at Victoria Secrets… alright!?!? – Plain Weird to make that kind of Comparison… Strange!!!

  159. 159
    LMAO Says:

    I just don`t care about Bar anymore. I`m happy that she is out of the picture. No more supermodel title and the only things to mention about her are her tweets. Who would have seen it coming. The new boyfriend is kind of hot. That`s all. Oh, and the fact that Leo managed to downgrade even from Bar. That wasn`t an easy task for him but he managed to underwhelm again. For the record that doesn`t mean I like Bar. It simply means that Leo downgraded again.

  160. 160
    it's not all about the looks.. Says:


    well he has always been the prettier one, Romeo and Juliet, Titanic, GONY, with the exception of the Beach with Virginie Ledoyen and Aviator with Kate Beckinsale, most of his co-stars were never as good looking as Leo….he’s always been the prettier one. It’s not weird to make that comparison sweetie pie. There are many people who say the same thing. Including many of my “male” friends!!

  161. 161
    rolly Says:

    @LMAO: He is always going to downgrade until he married with you. LOL.

  162. 162
    LMAO Says:

    @rolly: Trying to be funny? Try harder, dummy! LOL.

  163. 163
    rolly Says:

    @LMAO: I don’t have to try hard

  164. 164
    LMAO Says:

    Yeah, you should because you are pretty lame. Putting words into my mouth I never said or meant to say is pretty lame. Go back to the Bar thread maybe someone takes you seriously there…

  165. 165
    rolly Says:

    @LMAO: Are you taking to me or yourself.
    My bad you are are taking to Leo to marry you. lol

  166. 166
    so annoying Says:

    rolly = delpie

    You sound like Delpie again. Why don’t you leave people alone instead of always trying to start sh*t. You are so annoying!!

  167. 167
    rolly Says:

    @LMAO: Are you talking to me or yourself.
    My bad you are talking to leo to marry you. lol

  168. 168
    rolly Says:

    @so annoying: I love you too. lol

  169. 169
    caca Says:

    Bar’s new man hotter than Fleo.

  170. 170
    LMAO Says:

    @rolly: Your comment just doesn`t make sense. So it`s pointless to talk to you. I agree rolly=delpie=donnie. Nonsense!

  171. 171
    rolly Says:

    @caca: Yes and he doesn’t have to work like Barf, he inherited his daddy money and he is spending it on out of work model. They look perfect to each other. I would like to see them on Atlanta housewives reality show. The hebrew version of course. lol.

  172. 172
    rolly Says:

    @LMAO: I love you too much to stop you from dreaming about marring Leo. lol Keep believing, keep dreaming lol.

  173. 173
    Zara Says:

    Leo still with Blake or not, what’s the deal with these two?

  174. 174
    LMAO Says:

    @rolly: You are sheer stupid and a mor*n. Keep pushing your nonsense if that`s what makes you happy, you idi*t!

  175. 175
    rolly Says:

    @LMAO: I really love you and i am sending this message through Leo phone ha ha….lol. Keep believing never give up on your love. ummoua… love you too. Leo

  176. 176
    oldnewss Says:

    @Zara: Leo is not only with Blake he is with Blake and plenty of other blonds. He is just having fun with Blake’s tatas for now, as they’re not as saggy as Barf’s. When she starts her yearly weight gain like Barf did, she will be old news (if she even lasts that long which I doubt she will)…

  177. 177
    larson Says:

    I can’t believe some people have not made the distinction that he is prettier/better looking than his female co-stars and gfs. Let’s do that. It’s something knew to talk about. Now I haven’t seen Total Eclipse and his co-star was a man anyway and Don’s Plum was a bunch of people, also haven’t seen this boy’s life,the basketball diaries, and marvin’s room. Now this is all IN MY OPINION before anyone gets their panties in a bunch.
    WEGG- Juliette Lewis(wasn’t paired with him but still co-star)
    Romeo + Juliet – Claire Danes
    Titanic- Kate Winslet
    The man in the iron mask- didn’t really have female stars except mother and Christine
    Haven’t seen the beach in awhile
    Gangs of New York- Cameron Diaz
    Catch me if you can- bunch of girls including amy adams, jen garner ellen pompeo, elizabeth banks( just saw this for the first time this so I was SOOOO surprised to see the last two women)
    The Aviator- again a bunch of girls including cate blanchett, kate beckinsale, gwen stefani and kelli garner
    The Departed- Vera Farmiga
    Blood Diamond- Jennifer Connelly
    Body of Lies- Golshifteh Farahani
    Revolutionary Road- Kate Winslet again
    Shutter Island- Different girls again but mainly Michelle Williams, also Emily Mortimer and Patricia Clarkson
    Inception- Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page
    The (public) gfs were/are Blake Lively(?), Bar Refaeli( tempted to put a ? here too) Giselle Bundchen, Kirsten Wang.
    Whoo that took some time. Anyway back to my disclaimer IMO, the only pretty ones were amy adams, kate beckinsale, elizabeth banks, jen connelly and Golshifteh Farahani and Kirsten of the gfs. There’s barely any pictures of her. Also IMO Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Connelly are the best actresses with Kate Winslet coming in third. I know the who is the best actress of all his costars game has been played, but who do you think is the prettiest/best looking? I already named mine. All the female costars except the few movies I haven’t seen.

  178. 178
    brunette girl sounding off.. Says:


    you might be right, but you forgot to mention the black girls he’s been rumored to see on the side too. I love it how some people choose to ignore the many stories we’ve heard about Leo’s other hookups. I’m not even black, and I’m offended by it. Leo doesn’t just have white fans with blond hair that come here and comment on these threads..When people talk about Leo only liking blonde women who are tall, they don’t realize how racist and offensive that can sound to some people. And with all the times we’ve heard about his other hookups with “non-white” women behind the scenes,I don’t understand why people keep saying that. And that’s the part that bothers me the most. It’s like certain people just choose to ignore it for some reason.. I wish he would get photographed making out with the the most darkest haired girl he can find so that people would just shut the hell up about the blonde hair thing already! I’m seriously sick to death of hearing that sh*t!

  179. 179
    brunette girl sounding off.. Says:


    hey Larson, good topic. I’m also amazed that the previous poster questioned my pretty boy comment. LOL We all know Leo was a pretty boy when he first came on the scene. He’s a lot more manly and rugged looking now, but come on! Everyone knows what made him so famous in Titanic and it wasn’t the acting! Yeah that was also good, but it was his good looks that shot him to stardom. How anyone can question that is beyond me.

    to me his most beautiful co-star was Virginie Ledoyen in the Beach…that girl was GORGEOUS and super sexy. To me of all his co-stars she is the one that really was on the same level as Leo in the looks department. Also like you I like kristen Zang the best…especially when she was younger, she was very pretty. she had these big, crystal blue eyes… I think Kate Beckinsale was very pretty in Aviator as well…the best actress for me is Kate Winslet, than Cate Blanchett…

  180. 180
    brunette girl sounding off.. Says:


    by the way, I didn’t add Amy Adams, but there’s something about her. She is very cute. She reminds me of a little girl sometimes. I liked her a lot in CMIYC. I thought her and Leo as a couple were so cute in that movie.

  181. 181
    larson Says:

    @brunette girl sounding off..: Have you been over to Lipstick Alley? If not we have had huuuuuuuuuggggggggge discussions about that topic there. To “oh he’s not hiding the black women/gfs, it’s that the media won’t show them off” to the “yes he’s hiding them/ashamed of them/fears pissing off his white female fanbase by openly dating them”. IDK which it is or if it’s even true but I believe it to be because there have been too many accounts and a lot of them by legitimate posters. Then again it’s his life and he’s happy with what he’s doing I can’t stop him. The thing is people over there said they have been hearing about this thing with his women for years which means he’s probably a big cheater. Most men famous or not are too. To your second post, I need to see the beach again, I haven’t seen it in so long.

  182. 182
    brunette girl sounding off.. Says:


    Oh yeah, I know all about Lipstickalley and I’ve read a lot of the discussions about him. Mostly from people that would talk about it on here, like Tinkerbell and others. That’s why I get so annoyed with the “Leo has a type” thing. Well if he had a “type” he wouldn’t be dating all those other girls that are not tall & blonde, now would he? :S

    I haven’t watched the Beach in a while too. She kind of reminds me of Olivia Hussey a little.

    Every time I’ve watched Romeo and Juliet I’ve always wished it was Olivia Hussey playing alongside Leo instead of Claire Danes. I’ve never really liked her. Sorry to the Claire fans, but Olivia will always be the best onscreen Juliet imho.

  183. 183
    king schlomg? Says:

    past week i asked ted casabelanca twice that is leonardo dicaprio king *******?! but he didnt answer and this week i asked again and for being sure that ted respond my questions or just dont want talk about the name of leo as ks, i asked at that time imediately:
    Dear Ted:
    How do you know King ******* had sex with another man? By himself or the man whom he had sex with?
    because its so important for me to know ted talks about leo or not ! well i dont care about others if leo is not ks but ted just answerd this question and didnt respond about my another question(is leonardo dicaprio king *******?) while i asked both at the same time! i dont know what i got to say just i can be pretty sure ted didnt respond deliberately because leo is def ks! well i dont like it at allllllllll! i dont like leo had sex with another man ( even once or twice when he was young )according to ted! before somebody said was sent the question about leo to ted but he didnt respond! now what can i say except leo is def. ks! if he never was with another man i could be surprise but now im surprised becuase he is not with men anymore and it was just 1/2 time when he was young! as a fan i can forgive and pass it and wish the best for him and hope be always far from having sex with another men!just i def hope leo’s sex with another man was false as n.o 1 comment in awful truth respond to ted! i hope bios / homs dont be angry just i dont like to see leo in this tread!
    but im so so glad at least he does not with bl like his ex-s that he wasnt as ted said about ks and all the rummers about leo and bl is false! if leo has this tread now its just because he is not with his right woman at all and he def. never was in love no one before! i wish he will be with his sm so so soon forever and ever! im sure that time he will stay from his playboy tread ! who can be with its reall love and be with anothers?!nobody!

  184. 184
    ?! Says:

    where is leo now? do u know it?

  185. 185
    LMAO Says:

    @184: He is back in LA at least that’s what some twitter sightings suggest. Apparently he was seen running up in Runyon Canyon yesterday.

  186. 186
    KS Says:

    @king schlomg?:

    your accent is so cute LOL sorry, but I had to say that. I love your writing style and I love how you spell rummer :)
    and same goes for me, I asked Ted about Leo at least 3 times when he first first came out with the KS blind vice and he totally ignored me and others who asked about Leo…soooo, who else could it be right? I don’t have a problem with Leo possibly being bi-sexual, or perhaps experimenting when he was younger, but I have the feeling that whoever sent that story to Ted about KS sleeping with a man was someone out for revenge or to tarnish his image.. That’s always been my hunch since the very beginning, but who knows. Maybe he did kiss or have sex with a guy once or twice, people do wild/crazy things when their young. :)

  187. 187
    rolly Says:

    @KS: No he has sex with me. I am a man with HIV. I gave to him as well, now we in love. lol

  188. 188
    KS Says:


    hardy har har…very funny. How old are you? 12?

  189. 189
    LMAO Says:

    @KS: Thanks for your comments! About rolly: Just ignore that idi*t! It`s not worth the time! I just won`t respond to rolly=delpie=donnie. After a while hopefully she will give up and goes away! Put her on ignore that`s the best thing you can do IMHO.

  190. 190
    rolly Says:

    @LMAO: Hi i am Leo I want to marry you all. Fa ggots. lol

  191. 191
    don't worry! Says:

    For real, you all should stop talking about Blake. I wish we could talk about something else besides her every once in a while.
    He’ll stay with her for 5 months, after hes sexually satisfied and is bored, then he will break up with her. Lets leave it at that.

  192. 192
    rolly Says:

    @don’t worry!: I would say after 4 years may be 5 not certainly 5 months.

  193. 193
    less than a year Says:

    @rolly: actually “don’t worry” is right, astrologically speaking it HAS to be this year or next year..and Blake is already 24 so she has a head start as well as give head I’m suuuuure! Personally I think its going to be this summer. We might get a few more summer sightings but once he heads off to Australia thats it…its over.. :)

  194. 194
    ewww Says:

    @don’t worry!:

    First of all, please don’t talk about Leo having sex with Blake cos just the thought makes me wanna hurl. All I keep thinking is that mole and her big nose and him having to stare at that thing when they’re having sex… Second of all, I don’t see the sexual satisfaction part happening either. LOL Sorry, but Blake doesn’t seem that adventurous of a person to cause that kind of effect on him or anybody. She reminds me of a Stepford wife with all the constant talk of what a great cook she is and how she loves to stay at home and be domestic. That is nice and all, but not when you’re only 23. Also, if Leo is in fact KS, than he will probably be seeking “satisfaction” in other places as well.

  195. 195
    Fake the Stepford Wife! Says:

    @ewww: Stepford Wife! That perfectly describes her! And she got straight A’s in high school she likes to cook and bake cookies, she doesnt go to night clubs…snoooooreeeee!! hahahahahahahaha Soon when she’s doing an interview shes going to pop and out will come the wires from her neck!!! Everybody run for cover!! lol

  196. 196
    ewww Says:

    @Fake the Stepford Wife!:

    exactly, a girl like that would put me to sleep. I keep thinking what is wrong with her and that’s what it is. She’s too cookie cutter for me.

  197. 197
    king schlomg? Says:

    @KS: what do u mean about ur accent is cute lol and then say sorry? i cant understand!r u make me joke?! and about spell of rumour im sorry i didnt pay attention! but about ur comment about leo thank u for responding!

  198. 198
    Horses For Courses Says:

    SAY WHAT?!?!?

    GOD I HOPE NOT! If this is even remotely true I say RUN LEO RUN– As fast and as far as your little player legs will take you!!

  199. 199
    LMAO Says:

    @198: I doubt it`s true. Once she already lives in his house and now she is renting? 2 months into the `relationship` and she is already wants to get married? Even if it`s true it will make Leo run faster than you think! But I don`t give it any credit! It`s from Life&Style. It might as well be National Enquirer.

  200. 200
    curi2 Says:

    @Horses For Courses: lollolololol!!!
    thanks for the laugh…I thought they are already living together,now she is renting by him?Besides I thought some one on here said she had a house. I see Leo still ain’t letting them have a key. lol

  201. 201
    raven Says:

    @chiming in: Thanks for the support. Leo better not let some other guy come between him and his soulmate. I agree with you as well, I like seeing the silly side of him instead of hearing the other gossip. I liked the predictions as well, although everyone has a different interpretation they were positive and nice to read.

    @well I never: Hi! *waves* I agree I would like to see him with someone with an edge to them, maybe that wouldn’t bore him.

    @it’s been happening: I also think that timing is what is preventing them meeting. Maybe the are not supposed to meet yet? Maybe they still have lessons to learn before they meet? who knows it could be many things? I do hope they eventually meet and soon. I do think that he needs someone very supportive to be his life partner because of all the drama and selfish people in the entertainment industry. I liked your comment about his sm being watched by other guys, lol. I liked your thoughts about what you think she might be like, what makes you believe she will be like you say? I hope its true though. I would love to see him with a smart woman that does not need his money or fame for advancement.

  202. 202
    LMAO Says:

    A Leo+Bradley Cooper sighting from People. Seems like Leo hangs out a lot with bachelor Bradley. There were tweets about Leo out in LA yesterday without Fake Blake. He was apparently in a museum ( with Lukas? ) and went to see a movie. The bellazon stalkers have the tweets.
    Interesting that People added that little question right at the beginning of the sighting…

    ` Where’s Blake? Leonardo DiCaprio added a new member to his posse – Bradley Cooper – during a night out at Beacher’s Madhouse inside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The guys snuck into the club before 1 a.m. and took a seat in the front row for the vaudeville show. DiCaprio cheered for the burlesque performers and seemed more animated than usual. Grabbing Cooper’s attention? The same troop of burlesque dancers.`

  203. 203
    HAHA Says:

    He was never going out with blake when are you going to remember tou musnt be so gullible.

  204. 204
    HAHA Says:

    He was never going out with blake when are you going to remember you musnt be so gullible. As if he’d ever go out with her he’s not that stupid.

  205. 205
    CeCe Says:

    Is Leo in New york or L.A and when is he going to Australia to film movie.

  206. 206
    nobody wants it 2 b true Says:

    everybody’s waiting for Leo soulmate but nobody really is wanting it to be so. i was wrong to have ever posted here, or to trash bar or flake. but it’s true, when u guys r told something, u just want something else. No girl of Leo’s ever going to be good enough here. Even the soulmate will be trashed here cos u guys are never going to admit that someone is actually Leo’s soulmate. I kind of feel that i know who his soulmate is, but coz i’ve been doubted and suppressed in my opinion and told over and over again that i m wrong and charged with allegations directly on here, i’m starting to feel u guys don’t want Leo to be with his soulmate, if she exists at all and lets juts leave it to that. Let Fate decide where and with whom he’s going to end up with. Psychics are no God. U all want Leo to find his soulmate and marry her, ask the girl too u know, maybe she’s not where he is.

  207. 207
    showmance is tinkerbell Says:

    @nobody wants it 2 b true: I am sorry, but whats ur moniker? And why have u been trashed before? But I agree But do tell for people like me who are neutral and just fans, who do u think is his soulmate? And what do u mean by – “maybe sh’s not where he is” ?

  208. 208
    @207 Says:

    Showmance is NOT tinkerbell, FYI.
    Enough with the soulmate stuff. Leo is simply too shallow and self centered to be with a real woman, a soulmate. Get used to the idea! Leo is the kind of guy who falls for someone like Blake Lively or Bar Refaeli. Deal with it! He is not any better than his latest two girlfriends and probably that`s why Gisele made the right decision and kicked him out.
    PS: Leo was seen with Blake out for dinner in LA twice recently so clearly he is still with her. That`s says it all about him!

  209. 209
    CeCe Says:

    @@207: How do you know he was with Blake do you know him personally!

  210. 210
    @209 Says:

    Come on! Now we have to know him personally to believe that he is still with her? There were twitter sightings of them two nights. I know you`ll say tweets are not reliable but what would make you think they are not together anymore? Leo is not well known for flings… It`s hard to accept that fact that he is indeed this shallow and dumb, right?

  211. 211
    cute Says:

    I think Leo is cute, but when I tell my friends that Leo is so hot they think I am crazy! They say he is Gay or ugly. All my guy friends think he is so gay. I still think he is cute.

  212. 212
    its not you Says:

    @nobody wants it 2 b true: you are not his soulmate!

  213. 213
    haha Says:

    @its not you: If Leo got together with Kate Winslett, there would still be haters here! people who are not contented with their own lives live through other people, Leo is the one they can dream about and fantasise about, they are not really fans just dreamers

  214. 214
    Horses For Courses Says:

    UH- HUH! NOW this one we hope is true! Sounds like he’s lacing up his running shoes!!

    Dear Blake,

    FYI- you declare to the world that you not only want to land him as a husband- but your actually actively working toward it then 99% men are going to go ice cold. Just a heads up

  215. 215
    Horses For Courses Says:

    UH-HUH!! NOW this one we hope is true! sounds like our boy is lacing up his running shoes!!

    FYI miss Lively- when you publicly declare to the world that you not only want to ‘land’ the guy as a husband but your also actually working and scheming to achieve it- then YES most men are going to go stone cold

  216. 216
    Horses For Courses Says:

    Sorry for double was told the 1st didn’t go through

  217. 217
    classic leo Says:

    @Horses For Courses: @Horses For Courses: classic leo, goodness is that you feel sorry for blake but one really tends to laugh at it all. Blake knew he was with bar when he started chasing her. She gave in and got shot on yacht and in italy disregarding another woman’s feeling.

  218. 218
    Horses For Courses Says:

    Here’s another- not sure of validity of site- their grammar is atrocious: but heres the link:

  219. 219
    my astro utopia Says:

    Don’t let these twitter sightings fool you, in the bigger picture it means nothing. Whether these twitter sightings are real or not, Leo and Blake will be over this summer. Yes, its true that Leo does have a soulmate and when they get together it will seem like such an out of the blue scenario that people are going to be wondering wtf?!?! She is completely unknown to the celeb world and I’m now getting that Leo actually knows this girl already, so what might seem new and speedy to us has actually been a long time coming. He knows her but he doesnt “see her” AS YET! Think about that statement for a minute. Leo is going to have a thunderbolt AWAKENING where he will step up to the plate pretty darn quickly. It is Leo’s destiny to be with his soulmate, there is no other, there is no Plan B.
    As soon as you see this girl with Leo you will know that she’s the soulmate, not only because of the chemistry between these two but also because this will be a very stimulating relationship for us as well. People will be extremely drawn to them as a couple. Leo will be very protective of this girl and he will step up and be a man unlike in his past relationships. One major difference in the way that Leo will treat his soulmate and the way he treats his other girlfriends is that he WON’T be running away from the paps leaving the girl to fend for herself.
    Why would you run away from someone that is essentially apart of you?! Together THEY ARE ONE and this is why he would never leave her behind. He will be holding this girls hand constantly from the beginning to eternity, it doesnt matter if they’re on the red carpet or an ordinary street. Public displays of affection will be very omnipresent in this relationship but it wont be the kind that will gross people out. He will live up to his name and be quite the lion and be very protective of this girl. You don’t have to believe me but it matters not as what the wheels of fate have already set in motion is coming to an end for the groundwork of this relationship and out born from this will be a physical manifestation for all to see. A little birdie told me that this year will be an interesting one for Mr. Leo DiCaprio.

  220. 220
    HAHA Says:

    @my astro utopia: So how do you get your feelings? Dreams? Flashes? Instincts?

  221. 221
    Linz Says:

    I don’t think the twitter posting are as reliable as we want them to be. Unless I see pictures I don’t believe the twitter crap. My personal opinion is they are cooling off. We really haven’t seen any pictures since the middle of June. That tells a lot! Personally he can do so much better! The rumors of marriage are hilarious.The fact that she wants to marry him is hilarious! Doesn’t she know him at all?! If Leo is smart he is getting his running shoes ready

  222. 222
    raven Says:

    @my astro utopia: that was beautiful to read! when you say he knows her but does not see her, what do you mean? Does it mean he knows her personally but doesn’t see her as a girlfriend right now, or does it mean he knows her spiritually but has yet to meet her in person? I can’t wait to see him being protective over her, aww! Could you tell us something about her? Yeah, I hope it happens soon!!

  223. 223
    bar Says:

    Maybe he’s doing his shoelaces up to run back into the arms of Bar lol

  224. 224
    @@207 Says:

    @@207: you are the only one here with any sense at all!

  225. 225
    happy Says:

    @Horses For Courses: thanks a lot for ur links i hope thier break up officialy comes out right now forever in jj and others too!oh god thanks!
    @my astro utopia: darling thank u so so so soooooooooooooo much! these predictions r like water in desert! i love it and i def wish all these good predictions about leo and his sm be true and come in reall right now!
    @bar: leo is done with br forever and be with bl just for showing he is really broke up with bar forever in public and show it to br everything is over forever and ever!

  226. 226
    happy Says:

    @raven: im not my astro utopia just i feel astro wants to say leo knows her spiritually but( somehow) doesnt meet her personally yet! but i hope astro answer ur question because it is the question of a lots!it seems all future tellers say the truth because all say the one as i know!just about time i dont know what really goes on!

  227. 227
    MissPlaceCrystalBallHere Says:

    Disclaimer: This is what I have seen, over several years. I take nothing too seriously. I could be getting messages, I could have a funny subconscious, an awesome imagination, or I could be outing myself as a nut. Meh, whatever. At the very least, be entertained.

    Leo, his mother, and his soulmate each have much karma to work through together. Think a “Psyche and Eros” kind of story. (It’s even more fitting as Leo’s mother is supposedly born on Valentine’s Day.) One of Leo’s main issues is never feeling loved for who he truly is, but more for what he is. There is no doubt Leo’s mother is influential with her son. She is the number one woman in his life and dethroning her takes some nerve to even imagine. Anyone ever date a mama’s boy? Then you know. His soulmate is daunted by almost everything about Leo. His fame, his money, the women, his mother, and his apparent inability to truly commit. Even the crap people are waiting to throw at this woman already is worrying. Her looks, her background, everything about her will be dissected, maybe even vilified if she is not a supermodel with three PhDs. If you’re not a gold-digger, who would be eager for that? She is aware of him and what he is to her, but she is wary of the world he lives in. She is an intelligent woman (gifted with words and music, but not as a career), is his equal in every way that matters, will make him want to be the best version of himself possible (and he will do the same for her), but the road there looks like the happy-trail to Mick Jagger’s peen: Not a fun one to follow at all. Add on top of that the past karmic b.s. to work through, and it might be that one or all of them will just think “Yeah, I’ll get back to you….Next life for sure.”

    Leo’s soulmate is a bit of an enigma. I feel that the spirit world has all but slapped her in the face with a “That’s HIM!!!” sign, but she’s not ready, feels he isn’t, and is just trying to work on herself. Not getting details, but she has been emotionally wounded to the point where trusting seems too dangerous to her. And yet, she is so bright, I get a sense of her being simply a beautiful soul. If you know her, you will love her, but she is not an easy one to know. She has a lot of light around and within her, but there is also a definite dark side. Not evil, just hidden and subversive. Darkly funny, even. Like Leo. I once had a vision (such a cheesy word) while meditating with medicinal herbs (think outside the box before you judge), and it was like I was watching a dream she and Leo were both in. She shared her sadness with him, told him about her life, and “Dream Leo” became the typical knight in shining armor basically telling her to “name names.” Dream Leo reassured her, said he’d protect her from everything, told her “I will give up all of them for one of you.” It was quite an experience. I can remember what she looks like, but don’t feel comfortable going in to details because she’ll get enough comments on that if she appears in his life and looks as I’ve seen, and I didn’t see her clearly. But roughly, in the dream, physically, she was not tall (about 5’5″-5’7″), she had dark hair, was not of his race (controversy over this is a fear of hers), and had the accent of someone who moved to the US young but still pronounced certain words as they did in their country of origin. I don’t remember thinking “God, paper bag, stat!” But I didn’t see her clearly anyway, if she even looks like I saw. *See disclaimer.*

    (I should actually be using the words twin flame when talking about Leo and his mate because we can have several soulmates, but one twin flame. There is no other like this for you. And that’s what she is to him, and vice versa.)

    One other thing I do get the impression of is that Leo has competition for this girl. (Sometimes in life, you will prefer to be with a soulmate over your twin flame if things are too complicated to resolve with your twin in your current incarnation.) There is a bizarre love-triangle of sorts. This other helped Leo’s mate up when she was down, and she has a strong spiritual connection to him because of that. Plus, this other reads pretty awesome in his own right. Not in terms of what he has in the bank, but he is a powerful personality. Leo is THE match, but this guy would be the best friend you want to lick every now and then. I don’t feel she’s met this other in this life yet, but he’s there.

    Blake Lively is not his twin flame. It might be a PR deal, it might be a fling, it might be both, but eventually the reality of being together will set in and they will see that they have fallen for matter and not spirit. Bar had at least one past life love experience with Leo, and they were meant to find each other in this lifetime to remember how it’s NOT supposed to be, and to become aware of the shadow areas of their personalities. All of the women he has been with have been there to prepare him for his true mate. Meeting your twin flame before you’re ready sucks

  228. 228
    Love it!! Says:


    I got goosebumps when I was reading your predictions.. thanks for sharing that with us. Personally, I would love to see Leo with someone of another race, as a non-white fan, I wouldn’t mind it at all! It’s already two people that have mentioned that on here, so you guys must be on to something. I hope your predictions come true in this lifetime!!

  229. 229
    loved it too Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere:thanks for sharing. Is Leo aware of this girl now? Does he know that she exist? Or he has yet to meet her?!?

  230. 230
    Soap Opera Already! Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: Thank you crystal, much appreciated. Didnt another reader said that his soulmate would be someone that a lot of guys would be seeking attention from?!?So she has another soulmate out there for her?! Drama! Leo better watch it! :)

  231. 231
    MissPlaceCrystalBallHere Says:

    I would never call myself a psychic, and the only reason I posted was because this is a recurring message I pick up on and apparently I’m not the only one. Life is strange, who knows what “real” even means. The stigma with the word “psychic” is too much for me. Since none of you know me, I post freely. I also get the feeling Leo’s mate has been to this site. The constant hate towards any of his gfs must be heartwarming to her. No pressure, love!

    Anyway, I do get the impression he’s aware of her, but more in a “met on the astral plane,” “dreaming of you” kind of way. I don’t believe he has met her in the flesh in this life. I say that mainly because I feel you would see drastic changes in him simply from encountering and knowing this woman. I don’t mean like him suddenly smiling for paparazzi photos, but as in he will become, well, mature, I guess. Not boring or radically different, but he will never allow himself to be put in a position that might embarrass his mate or make her worry about his intentions. He has never been in love, I think, and when he sees that he is, he will not let anything jeopardize his relationship. Plus, I believe his woman would not tolerate it. She does have insecurities, but she’s not a doormat. And she’s at a place spiritually where I feel she could very well just watch him live his life without her and be content just knowing he’s alive, in good health, and at least having fun. For them to even have a chance, he will have to change some of those hardcore bachelor ways. No man in love goes to a club as often as he does.

    It’s ironic. The very things that make him one of the most desirable men in the world are the same things that make his mate wary of him. It’s not all on Leo, though. She has to face her demons too. And let go of a lot of crap.

    This isn’t all I could say, but I think I’ve said enough already. It’s a bit cool and unnerving that other people have had similar intuitions. Good luck to Leo and his mate, though.

  232. 232
    cool Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: what kinda demons does she have?

  233. 233
    MissPlaceCrystalBallHere Says:

    @232 Marilyn Monroe kind of demons, I feel. Somebody once said that Marilyn Monroe played the best game with the worst hand dealt in the game of life, and I get the same impression with Leo’s mate. (If you ignore the gossip about Monroe, you’ll see she was a lovely person, more than just a pretty face, but that’s another story.) On one hand, I believe she’s as magnetic as they come, but I don’t think she believes she’s really loved. Somehow it’s been reinforced that she isn’t worth all the fuss. I feel she’s an old soul, and a misunderstood person. I didn’t say everything that happened in that “dream vision” I had because some of it is just frigging depressing and could be misinterpreted even if it somehow proved to be true. She is someone who only wants love out of life. The kind who would live in a hole with the man she loved, but life has not been an awesome experience for her. That’s what I feel.

    Also, she would not make herself known to Leo if she thought it would hurt him in any way. Even in the most superficial ways. If he wouldn’t get an Oscar because some white-supremacist wouldn’t vote for him, she’d wait until he won to say “Hi.” Or be the secret gf. She doesn’t want to ride his coattails, doesn’t want his money, doesn’t want anything but the man. Lots of people would go to Heaven to get their mate, but she’s the type who would go to Hell if needed. I wish they would get together. I don’t feel it’s for sure that they will get together, though.

  234. 234
    cool Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: it seems like leo has the same kinda demons though…it both seems that they’re looking for love…but I think Leo is looking in the wrong places…like you said no one knows you on here so please go ahead and share more. You could be wrong you could be right so what difference does it make? So many people have spoken on this topic and I don’t think anyone has the whole picture but people do have bits and pieces Im sure…
    Since you dont want to go into details about what this girl looks like can you tell us about what she likes to do? Her personality? Why will Leo be so much into her?!

  235. 235
    MissPlaceCrystalBallHere Says:

    He would be into her because she does not get off on the fact that he is Leonardo DiCaprio, actor extraordinaire. To her, he would be the funniest, sexiest, most interesting man simply because of who he is when no one else is around. And he would love her because in her he would find one of the the most humbling, generous, kind, naturally intelligent, and instinctively sexy human beings he’s ever met. Leo is a human, but he is an extraordinary human being, and his mate is the same. They are both people who leave a strong impression on others because they have a larger than life aura. Even though his parents didn’t live happily ever after together, Leo is blessed in them because they let him be who he wanted to be. The mate wasn’t so lucky. If anything I’ve felt is true, this woman had to battle from young just to be who she wanted to be. Again, I feel weird going into detail, but I get the “underdog” feeling from her. A strong character, but how much can one person take before they just give up? I’m not a fan of the woman who needs to be saved, and I don’t feel that this is the type of woman who looks to a man to save her, but, from what I’ve intuited and felt, she deserves a happy “Cinderella” ending. She seems to be the kind of soul who came in just wanting to live and let live, and got her @ss handed to her. Also, the other man who wants her is very hard to ignore. This other man was there for her when she needed, and it’s difficult for her to forget him spiritually. Even though she recognizes Leo, she also holds back because she holds it against Leo that this other man was there when he wasn’t. Even if that’s irrational, I feel it’s true. I can’t stress how attractive a spirit this woman has. She is almost like a beacon of light in darkness. I believe that’s why a lot of pain has come her way as well.

    Again, that’s just my intuition. If it feels off to you, trust in yourself.

  236. 236
    cool Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: didnt you say that she didnt meet this other man in this life yet? So how could he be there for her when Leo wasnt if she hasnt met him in this life?!? And dont worry about what you’re revealing.. You might be wrong like you said so who cares? And if you’re right, there must be a reason you have this info to “put it out there” I know many on here like to hear about this stuff instead of the other crap.

  237. 237
    MissPlaceCrystalBallHere Says:

    I meant that the other was someone she hasn’t met in this life yet, but when she did know him, he was a source of strength for her and she has not forgotten him spiritually. You know how you meet some people, and without knowing why, you like them? Almost like you knew them in a past life and they were one of your favorite people? I feel this other is like that for her. She doesn’t know him yet in this life, but if she were ever to meet him again, there would be a strong bond, and it might be strong enough to make her desire to be with him. It seems that it would be easier with him, but it would eventually be more fulfilling to be with Leo.

  238. 238
    cool Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: oooohhhhhh I get you…:) I think what you’re saying has a lot of truths to it. Do you think this girl went through a lot of different relationships like how Leo has?

  239. 239
    MissPlaceCrystalBallHere Says:

    I have never had the impression that she has had many relationships. I don’t believe she is a virgin, but I don’t think the number of people she’s been with can be counted on more than one hand. Not because she’s a prude, but because she doesn’t appear “easy” to handle. She seems to be the sort who can’t enjoy sex unless she thinks she’s in love, and she doesn’t fall in love easily. *insert trust issues here.”

    By the way, thank you, cool, for asking the questions. I’ve wanted to discuss this with someone, but I’m sane enough to know how strange it seems to believe you’re getting messages about celebrities lives. Now i just need someone to question me on Brad and Angelina, and my rambling spleen will be clean.

  240. 240
    dreem Says:

    what’s the deal with brad and angelina and how’s it relate to leo and the sm?
    how has the spirit world shown leo’s sm that it’s “HIM”???

  241. 241
    dreem Says:


    please see comment above thx

  242. 242
    cool Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: hey missplacecrystal, I know you said that you’re not psychic and I respect that but can I ask you a question about my own personal past life if thats ok? Is there an email that you can make up where I can talk to you!?

  243. 243
    cool Says:

    @dreem: Brad and Angelina has absolutely nothing to do with Leo and his sm. There is your answer.

  244. 244
    MissPlaceCrystalBallHere Says:

    Not to derail a Leo thread, but I’ll briefly touch on Brad and Angelina. First off, I actually like Angelina. She doesn’t have to do half the charity work she does (but if you’re a cynic you’ll say she knows she’d better do at least half if she doesn’t want to be crucified as a homewrecker.) She is definitely one of those beautiful but insecure women. Anyway, from what my mind has picked up on or I’ve been shown, Aniston was the real deal for Pitt on any plane of existence. Pitt bought into the Angelina image, and she is an awesome woman, but it’s almost like they were karmic enemies in a past life, and now all of that energy, when coming from the male-to-female alignment, proved to be too attractive to deny, obviously. (Astrologically, squares, or tense synastric aspects between charts can be as attractive as harmonious ones.) Jolie is a soulmate for Pitt, but they’re relationship is about more than the two of them together. They are meant to bring a bigger message to the world about unity. Aniston is the woman Pitt would be happy scratching his @ss on a beach with, or anywhere else. Jolie is the one who will help him enlighten the world, bring about a broader meaning of love and family. I believe in soul contracts, and I believe Angelina and Brad both wanted to bring a message of unity in diversity to the world. Doesn’t mean she is his twin flame. Just the one best suited for this path.

    About how the spirit world showed Leo’s mate he was the one: I feel she dreams of him. This from dreams/visions/ughwhatever I’ve felt like a voyeur in. And she hates “Titanic.” I don’t get that she’s a fan, really. She thinks he’s a good actor, but with a “So what?” feeling to it. She is a humanitarian at heart, and doesn’t hold much stock in the entertainment business. “So you think you can dance? Great, do something to feed the hungry now.”

    I know I’m repeating myself, but even though I’m speaking like it’s fact, that’s only because saying “I might be a lunatic but” all the time would be too annoying to read. Looking forward to what others might be picking up on.

  245. 245
    chica Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: MissPlace you’ve come to the right place because thats all people want to talk about here believe it or not many do not think you’re crazy and just wish the best girl FOR HIM… I hope you will stick around for awhile. It would be cool if we could have a site just to discuss Leo and his future soulmate and keep the jj trolls out. Somebody make one please..

  246. 246
    Ethnicity? Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: we’ve had everything here from purple to gray so to speak so you telling us actually wont spill the beans but it is still fun to read as many people here dont take things seriously…we still wouldnt know. I’m very curious as to what she looked like to you and is her age closer to Leo’s?!?.

  247. 247
    Brad & Angie Says:

    For those who want information on Brad and Angie… they are together to show the world what you can do with being a celebrity , helping others… They have an agreement together but its about to end. Yes, they’re going to break up but it wont be nasty. They will still remain friends. They have retrospective soulmates waiting for them too.

  248. 248
    Sex Life? Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: Can you tell us about their sex life? Will Leo bring it? Or will he be a dud in bed?!

  249. 249
    dreem Says:


    she dreams of him? that’s it? Im sure many girls DREAM of him. how’s that set her apart? that’s not much of sign if any…and that could be ANYONE.

    also, do u know her astrology synastry with him?

  250. 250
    True Says:

    @dreem: lots of people dream of Leo! lol Heck, I dream of leo and I’m NOT his soulmate…

  251. 251
    MissPlaceCrystalBallHere Says:

    @ dreem

    I don’t mean I’m a voyeur in a dream where she’s having sex with him. Even I’ve had dreams of passing by him and giving a squeeze. There are weirder things I could say, like the numerological matchups, astrology sync ups from when I felt she was born, but that is just too much to get into for me. And truly, something is telling me to shut the hell up. Maybe that’s shame, or some higher spirit. My mind is open. You’re already judging what I’m telling you, so what’s the point of saying anything more? I came here to just express what I’ve felt has been strange but true for me, and don’t have to justify anything to anyone if it’s not enough for them. Good night, it’s late where I am.

  252. 252
    dreem Says:


    my apologies if I came across judgmental- your insight is fascinating, just didn’t understand that post. Could you please explain what kind of astrology sync ups and numerology? I am studying these and am excited someone here knows about it, esp in regards to leo.
    thanks! :)

  253. 253
    Ethnicity Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: PLEASE DON’T SHUT UP, we’re all having fun here….just ignore people if they dont believe…can you tell us the astro make up and ethnicity of this girl?!? If you dont believe it find! We can all believe different things. Can you tell us some more weird things! :)

  254. 254
    @MissPlace Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: if you don’t tell us who are you going to tell? I’m sure no one in your real life cares about this, what better place to give your input but on a Leo thread?!?! More want you to stay than go. I’m sure when mother teresa was alive there were people that didnt like her…now one is going to agree with anyone 100 percent so relax and SPILL!

  255. 255
    Signs Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: what astro signs do you see for her? Thanx

  256. 256
    dreem Says:

    actually everyone here likes you & your input. It just sparks imagination & questions as it is new to most.

  257. 257
    before you go for good Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: can you tell us the numerological matchups, astrology sync ups and stuff from when she was born, there was a poster on here before called “Bar vs. Soulmate” and he said a whole lot about Leo and his sm matching up even down to her name meant something. Can we hear what you have to say. I wish I could find that post to show you…it might convince you to stay around!! Maybe someone can resurrect that post.

  258. 258
    Love it!! Says:


    omg, I’m really loving all the insights you gave us today. I’m gone for a few hours and I come back to all these cool psychic insights. :) Well if they do meet in this lifetime, I just hope they’re not old and decrepit by the time they meet. No offense to the older folks on here, but I think it’s better to meet your mate, when you’re still fairly young as opposed to when you’re already in your 50′s or something like that.. If they are meant to be together, than I hope they meet before they turn 40 at least.
    btw, I don’t think it’s appropriate to ask about their sex life to whoever asked that question, that should remain private and between the sheets of Leo and the girl !!

  259. 259
    Love it!! Says:


    I’m not a psychic by any means. I get hunches, and messages in my dreams sometimes.. numbers, signs and that’s where it usually ends for me. And it only happens once in a blue moon too, which really sucks cos I love all this psychic/new agey stuff :) But I just wanted to say that your messages really resonated with me big time, and I feel like you are truly tapping into something there. And everything you talked about regarding the girl and Leo REALLY rang true to me. You are good girl!! I was getting goosebumps the whole time I was reading your comments. That usually means to me that the reading is accurate. I listen to this psychic radio show and they say when you get goosebumps or some sort of physical reaction, it means that the message is true. Just FYI for anyone interested in this stuff :)
    I don’t think Leo or his SM/twin flame/perfect match or whatever people want to call it will ever be happy unless they meet eachother. They will always think about meeting eachother/being together until god knows when. Probably till their old and decrepit. I know I would never be happy unless i’m with the perfect guy for me :) It’s going to suck because the thought and desire will always be there not letting them move on and be happy with someone else.

  260. 260
    ok Says:

    @Love it!!: what do you have to bring to the table then? What’s your number or hunch? :)

  261. 261
    happy Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: dear,thanks for ur informations! i have some questions too: as u told i feel u say leo’s sm is a weak person thats why she will be with another man just for support, i got right?! and u said ” Lots of people would go to Heaven to get their mate, but she’s the type who would go to Hell if needed. I wish they would get together. I don’t feel it’s for sure that they will get together, though.”what do u mean?! do u mean the reall hell or a sad life as a hell?is she a good girl or bad girl?is she under the name of god or under the name of devil?what do u really mean?!and do u mean maybe leo and his sm wont meet each other or wont marry together?! by the way,is another man a celeb/an a-lister?!did u see him too?if yes say something about it?!
    i feel u see leo’s sm to know what she do and etc by ur way,i got right?!
    i feel somehow u r a man and ur way for knowing is the soul fly,right?!if yes so thats why u cant say everything and i know what ur mean is why u cant say everything!
    can u say the name of leo’s sm or at least say the first letter of her name?!whats her eyes color? can u say what does her job in america?and is she in america right now or not?! how will they meet each other?!just say something more, i feel u def know the truth and say right!

  262. 262
    happy Says:

    i feel u see leo’s sm to know what she do and etc by ur way,i got right?!
    i mean u see her even now while she is not with leo yet, right?

  263. 263
    showmance is tinkerbell Says:

    @happy: I am sorry darling, but ur definitely stupid. First, MissPlace means that SM is a strong girl but she has had an unfortunate and a painful life. Second, she is the kind of woman who would stick to her man no matter what. Third, MissPlace is a female, it seems. But I am as curious as you and I have the same questions for MsPlace. Tell.. MissPlace , you are a superstar here :)

  264. 264
    WTF Says:

    @showmance is tinkerbell: Oh My Gosh you lot are seriously nuts hahahahaha.

  265. 265
    ? Says:

    @happy: I dont think she knows details like a person name and eye color,…and if she did that would be way too much information to put on a message board.

  266. 266
    happy Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: is she beauty or not?u said” she’ll get enough comments on that if she appears in his life and looks as I’ve seen” why a lot of bodies talk about her look?is she ugly and others talks about her as leo’s other girls or she is so beauty thats why they talk about it so much?! what do u mean?!
    u said “Her looks, her background, everything about her will be dissected”!somebody said before leo’s sm will come to america by unusual way and she never ever talk about her past! do u mean nobody knows about her past and it will be a secret?what do u mean everything about her will be dissected?can u explain more?!thank u!

  267. 267
    happy Says:

    @showmance is tinkerbell: why do u call me stuped?i said what i feel maybe i got right and u r wrong dear! leo miss place answer! at least miss place didnt insult!

  268. 268
    MissPlace is Gone Says:

    @happy: MissPlace has left the building and I don’t think she’s coming back. Happy stop being so nosey about Leo’s sm. Im not her and I’m annoyed you want to know her name. The girl isnt even with Leo yet and people are all into her business. How gross!! Would you want to know her streeet address too? I hope Missplace if she has that kinda information which I doubt she has will never reveal it. Come on people, dont be morons! Thank you missplace for the information that you provided but enough is enough.

  269. 269
    Mari Says:

    No idea if there’s any merit to this article, but if it’s to be believed, things are cooling off between Blake and Leo. I really do think this is going to be just a summer romance, which I think is good considering he just got out of a long term relationship. Leo should have fun and not get into another serious relationship right away.

  270. 270
    HAHA Says:

    @Mari: so why is there no pictures of then kissing or cuddling?

  271. 271
    D Says:

    @Miss Place
    Please don´t go.
    And if you´re still around reading, could I ask you, if you know how many past lives Leo and her were together? and what happened on those? because of the karma you say Leo, his mom and her share. I think this is one of the main issues of this whole situation. Thank you, I really appreciate it.

  272. 272
    I love psychics!! Says:

    @MissPlace is Gone:

    I second the motion. I think that asking the woman’s name is completely inappropriate. I loved hearing Miss Crystal Ball’s premonitions. I feel they were very detailed which is the sign to me of a very good psychic. She really tapped into some deep stuff there.. But it’s asking too much to know this woman’s name and what she does for a living and if she’s pretty or ugly? i mean what the hell? LOL.She more than likely doesn’t want strangers knowing too many personal details about her life.
    I want to hear about if they’re going to ever meet in this life time, and if not than what happens after that? do they have to reincarnate all over again and re-visit all the same karma all over again? that’s the part that would scare me..I rather get it all done and not have to revisit the same old patterns again. It’s like being stuck in the twilight zone when you keep re-experiencing the same things through your lifetimes because you can’t get past or learn whatever that experience was supposed to teach you. That would be my main concern for people who have these soul contracts that never get fulfilled.

  273. 273
    so... Says:

    How come that whenever Leo is out with Blake there`s only twitter sightings about them but when he is out with someone else there are other sources? Like E! has a sighting of him having lunch in Malibu with Lukas, Paris Hilton and her new boyfriend ( the guy who directed Hangover ) over the weekend. Or the People sighting of him out in LA with Bradley Cooper? Italy with his mom and godson posted on several websites. But when it comes to Fake Blake it`s only twitter…

  274. 274
    cool Says:

    @so…: well there is a reason why she’s called FAKE!

  275. 275
    I hear ya sister! Says:


    I don’t think he was ever that into her to begin with. He probably just wanted someone to hang out with for a little while. And also, I’m sorry, but I just don’t see Blake as even being his type. I don’t care how blonde or how tall she is. I don’t buy the “Leo has a type thing” either. And people keep forgetting that he’s a 36 year old man, nobody falls in love over night at that age, especially not with a 23 year old girl, that he has absolutely nothing in common with. What the heck are they gonna talk about? baking cookies or what dishes she learned to cook at Le Cordon blue? or what her favorite scene is in Titanic ? LOL

  276. 276
    golden Says:


    PLEASE come back it’s going back to shallow and negative comments again. help ! tell us about astrology sync ups.. how fun!

  277. 277
    cool Says:

    @golden: i agree i hope she comes back too….

  278. 278
    iheartcomments Says:

    Yes, I love the psychic stuff! If MissCrystalBall doesn’t wanna come back, I hope others will pitch in. Much more interesting than gossip. Well, a little more interesting…:)

  279. 279
    dreem Says:

    my astro @my astro utopia:

    where’d u go? u never elaborated. any other insights? astro? how’s he know her already?

  280. 280
    !? Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: thanks for shairing ur predictions! i just have 1 question dear explain why people will talk about the look /the background of leo’s sm?! is she ugly or so so beauty thats why peaople will talk about her look a lot?what’s the matter? at least answer this question! i’m so curious!thanks a lot!

  281. 281
    London Says:

    No way i’ve posted 3 of the same post seperate times within the last 12 hours and theyre still waiting to be moderated! :(

  282. 282
    Horses For Courses Says:

    WOW!! – Don’t check in for 48hours and look at all the things that pop up. Interesting insights here, and great for the positive vibes ( all though theres some not nice ones trying to creep in).

    In the spirit of this blog, (friendly debate and discussion:) I hope) I’m just going to set the cat among the pidgeons here- cause I think that a few of you are taking this far too literally. Bare with me- will be on my soap box for a minute and apologies if it turns into an essay. No haterism- am just saying (and offering different perspective and hoping to broaden a few views)…

    In terms of the ‘ethnicity’ debate. There are more ethnic groups than white, black (negro, aboriginal) and yellow (asian, middle eastern). I’m even cringing writing that description cause it seems terribly racist.
    However, for the record, causian is not technically used to describe ethnicity but appearance. That is- if you ask any aussie copper (policeman- to those who don’t understand our lingo) a suspect can be described as causian (white in appearance) but of eastern european descent – or ethnicity- (ie serbian, hungarian, romanian). (my uncle been on force for 20 odd years)
    Point being- ethnicity and appearance are no where close to being mutually exclusive. Therebye, not are all white people are the same ‘ethnic’ background. Same as not all black people are the same ( an african american is vastly different from an afrikaan, whose different again from aboringal whose different again from an islander). Ditto to the various asian backgrounds and middleeastern backgrounds.
    So heres a hypothetical for you: Leo is technically of mediterranian descent with italian daddy, so someone of different ‘ethnicity’ could actually include a girl thats English, Australian, New Zealander etc… They can all have brown hair- personally I don’t believe psychic predictions are not that specific. But think about- look at the promos for titanic Leo is a good 5 shades darker than Miss Winslet!! Just Saying!!

    Next point. Having recently visited a psychic (My mother paid as she thinks I need change in life dirction or something :( !) I asked a couple of questions about what he was seeing (he talking to spirits, sees symbols and stuff). And no, I didn’t ask about leo- thats just silly-sorry (shrug).
    I asked about what he was being shown- is it a literal translation? His answer was no- and this was a face to face reading. He said the meaning is not always clear or black and white ( even if it seems clear). For example, in the mentioned leo ‘readings’ Miss crystalball says she says someone shorter- yes, this could be the literal meaning, HOWEVER, a difference in stature can also be representative of differing personalities (overt and reserved), a difference in public personas (how the world sees them), or a difference in egos etc…

    I’m not having a go at the psychics- its interesting to read the predictions. Miss crystal ball even had a disclaimer at the start. I just beginning to feel sorry for this woman- people are forming an idea of what they think she should be, and anything else people are going to hate her to the nth degree. Just thinking outside the box?!?!

    Ohh- One last thing- if the psychic time lines are correct (for the end of this year) that puts him square on Australian Soil- From August til end November. Just some food for thought!!

  283. 283
    HAHA Says:

    @so…: Why when im saying that u all thumb me down??

  284. 284
    shame Says:

    @HAHA: I just do not understand why you cringe at mentioning those different races, why are people ashamed of their color, ethnic origins etc.,why is it wrong to say someone”s black, white people are not offended by beiing called white are they? even though they are more pinkish!! just don’t get it

  285. 285
    somebody Says:

    im not a native english nor dont know english very well as u. i dont know i got the right or not about these sentences when i read the miss place s comments and here it is:” Her looks, her background, everything about her will be dissected, maybe even vilified if she is not a supermodel with three PhDs”
    i think it means leos sm doesnt has a good body like a supermodel! can u say i got the right?!it means she doesnt has good looking?! what miss place wanted to say?! thanks whoever respond me!

  286. 286
    HAHA Says:

    @shame: dude i’m not talking about that so dont drag my name in

  287. 287
    showmance is tinkerbell Says:

    What is the meaning of “She told Leo that Blake was far too up herself for him.” ?

  288. 288
    Mari Says:

    @showmance is tinkerbell:

    I assume that means she was too into herself, too narcissistic.

  289. 289
    Team Irmelin Says:

    … if the story is true. Finally someone gave Leo the clue.

  290. 290
    London Says:

    Sorry to criticize i agree on a lot of what you said but you can’t tell races/looks in dreams or visions horses for courses was also right. Race is a part of the physical aspect of life she could be the whitest of whites from north sweden. So if you’re picking up on her vibrations person you are seeing is your brain at work it is how YOU are interpreting her or what you would like her to look like, your brain automatically fills in the blanks so that you are able to comprehend the dream (funny thing he’s in inception a lot of true facts) you should learn how to tell the difference between your soul and your mind that way you’ll see things more clearly. I’m very experienced in this matter i’ve had clear dreams/visions since i was a child noticing that these dreams came true even in a matter of days. Also you mentioned to believe in what resonates with you. Do you know how to tell what resonates with you(soul) and what your brain wants it to be(physical) things become much simpler after you master that.

    And i suggest to everyone here that you should meditate everyone with a soul is capable of accessing the spiritual realm. If there’s anyone you should listen to it’s yourself i swear by it no one can help you but you. Also your instincts are always right, it’s that little voice in your head telling you A is correct on a quiz and then you’ll be like naa i’ll go for B and then it turns out it was A. Listen to your soul! And i have a great website for helping you know your astral self so let me know if you want the website and i’ll explain more.

  291. 291
    Mari Says:

    @Team Irmelin:

    If this story is true, Iremlin should next address her son’s unfortunate choice of certain friends, i.e., Paris Hilton and Naomi Campbell. ; ) U really don’t believe that Leo and Blake are together anymore, at least not in any serious sort of way. He’s smart to listen to his mama.

  292. 292
    Mari Says:

    Sorry – should say I don’t believe that they’re together anymore.

  293. 293
    Horses For Courses Says:


    Thank You! Some one else has a broader sense of clarity! I would be interested in looking at your website-out of curiousity. That other guy freaked me out a bit- not sure what to make of it. some seemed to think it was all good but I’m thinking more of a mixed bag.

    Good vibes to Leo.

  294. 294
    not always true Says:

    @London: sometimes its your how your mind project things that make you see them a certain way but sometimes you can dream of a person before you see them and it turns out they look the exact same way in the dream. I’ve dreamt of people before I met them in real life in my dreams and they’ve looked EXACTLY like my dreams minus the dream haziness font. She might be picking up on how the soulmate really looks or it might be her imagination but you can’t say for sure. Many people have astrally travelled in dreams where they have gotten exact precisions and it turned out to be true. The power of the human mind is amazing. You dont know FOR A FACT if she’s wrong or right. The fact that so many different psychics/astrologers/whatever you want to call them have said it is VERY interesting to say the least… I guess we’ll just have to wait to see! My bet is on the astrologers/whatevers! : )

  295. 295
    Dana Says:

    @287 sounds to me like his payback to her constant PR: He is so smitten by her, he cannot even think straight blahblah.
    I can hardly believe they are still a couple (if they ever were), after seeing him in NY flirting hard with that polish model…somehow I doubt they were just friends.

  296. 296
    Leo4ever Says:

    Leo is finally showing who’s the boss. Blake thought he was stuck… Really? Leo? She thought wrong. Leo does what he wants, anytime he wants. I don’t believe he has finished with her just because of the mother, but also because he was not so interested in it. He got tired, is not and never was his profile appear on the cover of gossip magazine because of relationships. Leo is much bigger than all that crap gossip.

  297. 297
    I'm with Irmelin on this one.. Says:

    I think my favorite part of the Now Magazine story is this line:

    “‘But his mum says all she did was talk about Gossip Girl and how she’s a Chanel model”

    LMAO, I can totally believe that Irmelin doesn’t really like her, are at the very least probably finds her annoying, only because I’m annoyed by her and I don’t even know her personally. I can take someone like her in small doses, but she just seems like the type of person that would irritate me real fast. Virgos are the most perfectionist sign of the zodiac and Blake has an overload of Virgo in her chart, it would drive me CRAZY!! and I’m sure the same with Leo and his mama. Those perfectionist types that LOVE to talk about how wonderful they are, and how they are so great at EVERYTHING they do will drive even the most patient person insane.

  298. 298
    so... Says:

    Let`s just wait and see what happens. Is Now Magazine reliable? Why would a british tabloid report this first and not a US one? Sounds too good to be true. I want it to be true but you can`t be sure. The fact is that Fake Blake is working and there aren`t that many Leo sightings in LA either so they might just be low key. Or they are indeed over. I won`t believe anything for sure until there`s more proof.

  299. 299
    jelo Says:

    @I’m with Irmelin on this one..: Leonardo dicaprio and blake lively got engaged secretly in panama during the weekend close source says to people magazine. They will not confirm nor denied, close source added also they will not share for the public now or in the future. Actor kevin Connolly, Lukas Hass, father george dicaprio were at the present. Di caprio took blake lively for secret weekend gate away to caribbean see with his pals were he reportedly asked her out. Blake was free during the weekend from the set savage film and decided to sneak out during the weekend with her hubby. It was a total surprise however it has been reportedly that Leo was talking to his mother for quite sometimes and had made his intention to his love bird for a while. It may be not surprise at all for them close to source says. Mom did not tavel with the crue instead Leo only took his close friend and dad with him to share the news. Leo apparently have met Blake’s family already long before they start dating official were they share home in los angeles city. Leo and Blake may not come out publicly and instead they decided to keep it quite. “I Don’t think Blake will wear her engagement ring anytime soon in the public says source close to the couple”. Source close to the couple added that “Both of there Rep has already decided that they will not share any information and deny any question about there secret engagement or personal matters” Close to the actors concluded.

  300. 300
    @jelo Says:

    Thanks for your fairy tale. Very entertaining… definitely not funny! Don`t you have anything better to do?

  301. 301
    jelo BREAKING NEWS Says:

    Leonardo dicaprio and blake lively got engaged secretly in panama during the weekend close source says to people magazine. They will not confirm nor denied, close source added also they will not share for the public now or in the future. Actor kevin Connolly, Lukas Hass, father george dicaprio were at the present. Di caprio took blake lively for secret weekend gate away to caribbean see with his pals were he reportedly asked her out. Blake was free during the weekend from the set savage film and decided to sneak out during the weekend with her hubby. It was a total surprise however it has been reportedly that Leo was talking to his mother for quite sometimes and had made his intention to his love bird for a while. It may be not surprise at all for them close to source says. Mom did not tavel with the crue instead Leo only took his close friend and dad with him to share the news. Leo apparently have met Blake’s family already long before they start dating official were they share home in los angeles city. Leo and Blake may not come out publicly and instead they decided to keep it quite. “I Don’t think Blake will wear her engagement ring anytime soon in the public says source close to the couple”. Source close to the couple added that “Both of there Rep has already decided that they will not share any information and deny any question about there secret engagement or personal matters” Close to the actors concluded.

  302. 302
    LMAO Says:

    Do you think posting it several times will make people take you seriously? Dummy!

  303. 303
    jelo Says:

    @LMAO:I could careless about these two, I am just posting it because i was shocked to here it. Anyways i checked out. Peace…

  304. 304
    curi2 Says:

    This happened this weekend huh?Eonline says he was in Malibu Saturday night with his pals having dinner/partying?lol!
    Interesting about his mom though this is like the second time one of the rags reported that.Wonder if they are rehashing or what?

  305. 305
    eww, I need some mylanta Says:


    reading that made my stomach turn… EWWWWWW!!! why would you waste so much time on typing all that nonsense? LOL Just the thought of Leo kissing her and looking at her big nose is already making me queasy and now you gotta add these made up fairy tales to the mix?, Please don’t post that crap on here, save that for your therapy sessions in the looney bin.

  306. 306
    Keep Dreaming Says:

    You typed all that from your head! There is NO SUCH PIECE OF TRASH on People online or anywhere on the internet except from an idiotic JJ poster!!

  307. 307
    great english!! Says:

    @jelo BREAKING NEWS: “They will not confirm nor denied…” thanks for the laugh and the BS story!

  308. 308
    intention to his "love bird" Says:

    @great english!!:


    tell me about it, this line was hilarious too!!

    ” It was a total surprise however it has been reportedly that Leo was talking to his mother for quite sometimes and had made his intention to his love bird for a while”

  309. 309
    Oh my god Says:

    I can’t believe it, the fake story that i thought might be true. I read on an article that says that Leo was vacationing the summer in panama on sunday. But it doesn’t say that blake or other people that bs story mention. I am still holding my breath that this is not true. I can’t believe he is going to marry this fake nose flake. IMAO

  310. 310
    Oh my god Says:

    @Oh my god: Yes i read that article too. But it doesn’t mention anything special besides he was just there hanging out. Who knows, it might be that he was just getting away from flake lol.

  311. 311
    flake Says:

    I think people magazine are trying to make story out of it to sell magazine. No way they can get any information like this let alone engagement news from notoriously private person.

  312. 312
    madly in love Says:

    Ok i saw the the Caribbean article and did mention kevin, lucas and flake was there for short summer vacation but there is no mentioning his father. I think it is just for a summer vacation. But how come reliable source like people magazine turn it into engagement story without real information. They must have some inside source or this is just completely made bs story. I think it is just a vacation like the caribbean article says. I don’t believe one bit about people said.

  313. 313
    losee Says:

    @madly in love: The article that you talk about also mention that there were there for two days. I don’t know what they did for two days but if it was for engagement celebration, don’t you think that they will stay at least for a week? It smells pr from flake camp. lol They want everything what leo and flake do together turn into something completely wishful thinking. lol

  314. 314
    wth?? Says:

    @Oh my god:

    what the hell are you talking about? where does it say he was in Panama on Sunday? and why are you writing in broken English in post #309 and than go back to normal in #310? LOL you feeling okay today?

  315. 315
    309-313 Same person!!! Says:

    309-313 is the same mental patient! No article was ever written anywhere online or offline. Just because you have “free time” at the mental ward and have access to a computer, typing whats in your crazy imagination doesnt make it true! Its only makes you CRAZY!!!
    Leo has been spotted numerous time in LA over the weeking and FAKE Moley has been in new york filming gossip stupid girl( people really watch that suck show) No such story is in People.

    They are over!! Whether by nature or nuture THEY ARE OVER!!! Leo will be soon be going to australia in 2 weeks!! Will forget about Moley when he sees all those Aussie Beauties!!! Bye bye Fake Moley!!!

  316. 316
    wth?? Says:

    oh my god and jelo= delpie, donie along with all the other monikers from #309-313… you must be really bored now that Leo and Blake aren’t hanging around each other that much anymore …you are such a boring LOOOOSER Delpie!!! stay away please, it was so much nicer without you messing up the thread.

  317. 317
    losee Says:

    Publicist Ken sunshine threaten people magazine to take there article down from this week issue that mention Leonardo dicaprio and Gossip girl star Blake lively has reportedly got engaged in Panama. “Life & Style”. Are you serious Leo? What! Are you going to sue every gossip magazine from now on that talk about your personal life You should have known better by now before you got involve with this girl. What on earth is thinking lately. He needs to go to Australia now and start filming the freaking movie.

  318. 318
    losee Says:

    @309-313 Same person!!!: What is your problem doll. I am not the person who you mention or talk about looser. If you didn’t read it like me or others, you can google it. Behave well next time. peace.

  319. 319
    wth?? Says:


    are you from Panama or something? LOL I swear you must be the dumbest Leo fan ever! you need help Delpie!!

  320. 320
    madly in love Says:

    @309-313 Same person!!!: Hey, don’t associate me with other like you know me. By the way, this article looks bs to me losee. I think flake is in new york filming like that bi*ch said. But still, i don’t know how people mag come about a story like this?

  321. 321
    Delpie es un IDIOTA Says:

    Delpie es una imbecil y una analfabeta. La pobre no tiene nada mejor que hacer con su tiempo que aburrirnos con sus cuentos de hadas.

  322. 322
    madly in love Says:

    @Oh my god: Leo was with lucas, paris hilton and Todd on friday night. I believe he must have gone late saturday. I wish he left flake in panama on his way back. lol

  323. 323
    madly in love Says:

    @Oh my god: Leo was with lucas, paris hilton and Todd on friday night. I believe he must have gone late saturday. I wish he left flake in panama on his way back. lol

  324. 324
    317-323 Same person!!! Says:

    no one believes this crap story!…ok! hahaha someone has a lot of time on thier hands!!!

  325. 325
    In LA Sat too Says:

    he went to Soho late saturday night/early Sunday morning but what do you care for logic and details!! Please…Of course Fake wasnt with him!! :) They are over for sure!

  326. 326
    madly in love Says:

    @In LA Sat too: I hope so.

  327. 327
    looney tunes Says:

    Don`t bother responding to this idi*t obviously talking to herself. Crappy English, NO LINK to any articles, Leo was seen in Malibu over the weekend, according to a tweet he was in SoHo House and another person tweeted that he was seen in LA ( check the bellafreak`s surveillance posts ). Don`t you guys remember someone did the exact same thing with Leo and Bar? Created a fake engagement announcement with the same crappy English and with no link? Come on!

  328. 328
    Standing Ovation!!! Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere:
    Well done! Well done! Spoken like a true psychic.

    I know you don’t want to call yourself a psychic, but by default everyone is psychic. To which degree people can see, hear, or feel is how they were brought up. Dreams. Visions. Hunches. Everyone has them. Just ask some of the wealthiest people? They would say they go with their gut instinct. I feel that the only time things really change is a person’s free will, your thoughts, or energy is shifting. Kudos to you my love you have the 1st Amendment to cover you. Everything is fair game. I’m a psychic and I can 100% agree with everything you said. It’s almost like your in her shoes and Leo’s shoes. Then again life has to play out. Just because you said what you said doesn’t make it official but you’ve really tuned into both their energies very well. Plus nothing is ever set in stone. Life is has unlimited possibilities.

    Everyone on this planet has at last 25 soul mates because of the accumulated past life your soul has in this life you are living you have 25 options. But which is the best one this life time. Which one will help you live the highest version of yourself?

    In Leo’s case has an equal, his other half his mate. Soul mate/twin flame what ever you want to call it. I feel that they are opposite signs. Taurus/Scorpio which is a very torrid relationship with so much intensity and passion, what he has she lacks and what she has he lacks. She is going to teach him to be more himself in the Hollywood world and to help him transition out of the Hollywood world and into the environmental stuff. I feel Leo will still act, but once he meet hers, he’s going to let be the shinning star. Leo is going to teach her to believe in herself help her see her star power.

    I am picking up that Leo’s soulmate can be anything! She can be an actress, producer, writer, novelist, director, business woman, fashion designer. She alone can build an empire without Leo. She’s looking for love, her true love someone to journey with her while she creates who she in the world. This woman is the modern renaissance woman. She doesn’t need Leo’s connections. People are drawn to this woman because of her energy. But right now she is not known and I agree she is working on herself spiritually, mentally and physically and career wise.

    Funny MissCrystalBall said, “She gets a slap in the face from the Universe, that’s him,” signs. I feel she wakes up every morning or most morning with a voice in her head being reminded that Leo is her soul mate. I feel she thinks, WTF! Seriously! She heards it, and doesn’t really believe it, even though a part of her knows the energy of it.

    She does have trust issue, probably rooted from childhood, so I can understand why she wouldn’t believe Leo is her soul mate.

    Soul mate or not, their energies are undeniable. It’s like a burst of like colliding to make one big bright light.

    I don’t know what she looks like, but I know she’s a different ethnicity, she’s petite from what I can see, and she has magnetic eyes. She is a powerful force. She has her own mission in life. She’s tied to mother earth. She’s a big part of the shift, the awakening. I won’t be surprise if she’s psychic. Not by profession, but intuitive.

    I do agree she dreams about him. They talk in dream time. And I know somehow there are signs in front of them of each other. With her she might encounter a person named Leo where she works. How often do you meet a Leo? I pick up a dream of them in the grocery store as they are checking out, she takes out the grocery recycle bags instead of using plastic and Leo with his hat on gives her a kiss.

    She has self love issues and I feel that is what is preventing her from meeting Leo, is loving herself enough that she deserves the “Cinderella” fairytale.

    She would be content with the other soul mate but I feel she recently met someone but ran the other way, because even though she had a connection with him, she would rather live her life at the highest possible version. She has a mission to accomplish this life time and it’s with LEO, so I agree who ever aid, there’s no PLAN B.

    The plan was to always have Leo be with his Soul MATE. There is freewill here, but it will do no good for them not to be together. The world will benefit on a larger scale if these to forces meet and help create a better world.

  329. 329
    Questions Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!:

    Wow. What other signs would this girl have and how could she ignore them? What’s she supposed to do about it? So interesting this story!

  330. 330
    ichi Says:

    wow, it’s sounds great, but, so opossite sings like fire and water, or earth, and it most be so hard really belive taht Leo is your soul mate, because it can be just a dream for a fan, so, how she can see the difference?

  331. 331
    I love psychics!! Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!:

    that was lovely, thanks for sharing with us!!

  332. 332
    !? Says:

    @jelo BREAKING NEWS:what r these nap trash u said?! i even searched in google and watch all news of leo in people mag however i knew ur lying but even assume 1 percent attention to searching then nothinnnggggggggg!even in this month leo never was in panama nor there is not any article about leo’s engagement in this month!what u want to say now?! u got to be that body who sent a fake news about leo and bar ‘s engagement without no links before then said she did it just for laughing to leo’s fans and now u r doing that again exactly similar! what’s ur problem? r u Psychopath?! ur words r Such as vomiting and all r fake! if u were right u were to be sent a link! i have Compassion and pity for u because u have this melancholic ways for making happy urself! by love i want to say to u check urself by a doctor u def. need it!

  333. 333
    just to add Says:

    This girl won’t be a fan of his. She ‘ll have her own life and purpose. She’ll meet him when they do, she’ll be fine. No issues to speak of. She’ll be loving all that is. Everything is down to timing. You really can’t meet your twin unless you are ready for that kind of union. So if she no longer dates, it’s certainly won’t be because of issues or trust, but simply because she has her life mapped out and is following it. Knowing one aspect of her journey leads to this man, is just that – one aspect.

  334. 334
    just to add Says:

    Their similarities are pitch perfect (and could probably be the same starsign) Thats what makes them one, they have strenghts and no longer need weaknesses, and they know they no longer need another to complete them. They are whole individuals. That, ironically is what brings them together. They have a mission and to be whole allows access to other realms to assist this planet. They will be able to help another see ‘whole’ in themselves, which is love, loving eachother as people is what we need (and have).

  335. 335
    !? Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!: dear u said”she is working on herself spiritually, mentally and physically and career wise. “please explain what do u mean she is working on her physically?! can u say about her look more?! and thanks for sharing ur informations!

  336. 336
    nuts Says:

    @!?: what a load of rubbish, you people are far too gullible and desperate

  337. 337
    Leo and his buddies Says:

    I see Leo has a lot of free time in LA and chooses to spend it with his buddies instead! I heart this dude. This is from today’s people “Caught in the Act”

    ” Leonardo DiCaprio may have grabbed dinner to-go, but the actor and his guy pals still turned heads as they waited for their food at Fig & Olive in L.A. The posse – featuring a who’s who of international stars, including British bad boy Alex Pettyfer and French soccer stud Thierry Henry – laughed it up in the restaurant’s indoor garden as they waited for their free-range chicken with roasted figs and polenta and filet mignon with mashed potatoes. “

  338. 338
    Ted C. Says:

    The bellafreaks posted some tweets from yesterday. There was some basketball game at Leo`s house, Tobey was there. There`s even a short video of them playing even though it`s hard to see anything… He seems to be spending a lot of time with his boys in LA while Fake Blake is in NYC.

    Dear Ted:
    What’s going on with Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively? There are constant breakup rumors and they weren’t seen together for a while. Are they over? Is it cooling off? Are they just low-key since there’s nothing (for her) to promote right now?

    Dear DiLively Dilemma:
    No official word on the status of their juicy relationship. But if they have gone their separate ways, that dirt you’re hearing about Leo’s mom having something to do with it may not be too far off. Total mama’s boy. Just like Justin Timberlake. Good luck to the gal who tries to tie either dude down!

  339. 339
    Ted C. Says:

    Oh, in the article Ted put the word `official` in bold trying to emphasize it for some reason…

  340. 340
    NY Post Says:

    This is from the NY Post from yesterday, not Page Six, it`s from Cindy Adams.
    `Weddings: We speak weddings. On the Isle of Capri the recent joining of Hollywood producer Ryan Kavanaugh to dancer Britta Lazenga brought Bradley Cooper, Gerard Butler, Ryan Seacrest, Leonardo Dicaprio. And Dicaprio`s wedding wardrobe? At this classy affair to which bride and groom imported their own photographer and makeup artist, Dicaprio sported a baseball cap. It was one long table, but he stood mostly propped against a wall. Non-celebs asking to take his photo were refused with: “No. This is a private evening.” And what was Leo doing? Taking his own shots of everyone.`

  341. 341
    Ted C. Says:

    * Italics not bold… Not that it matters the point is that word was emphasized.

  342. 342
    HAHA Says:

    @!?: You really have no clue. Now why would someone like they have described need to work on their looks? please think before you ask ,that was a really stupid question

  343. 343
    London Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!: Have you noticed real phychics usually don’t call themselves phychics, miss crystal ball may have been right about some things but she never said she was 100% phychic. I can tell you know a lot about spiritual things but i can also tell your not so tuned in with leo and his soul mate (if you are tell me what his cycle is or where he is at, i know people who specialize in that)because your saying the obvious. Anyone that knows about soul mates could’ve said that, now what i want to know is how do you know? do you meditate? if so how often? do you do any research? i want to know because you are making quite confident statements that people are believing and i can see the holes in what your saying, i just want to see if your legit.

    You know why i’m a bit sceptical with you because i am very in tune with MY spiritual self and some of what you’re saying is really not gelling with me like really. It’s one thing to say you would like something to happen but to then actually say it is going to happen is a different thing. I’m not going to leave it at that i am going to look it up more not just because of just jared but the whole subject fascinates me. I’m not being rude yeah i just want to find out the truth, all of us should work together but i do have experience and the truth is much more satisfying when it is in stone than when it’s not.

  344. 344
    Mama knows best Says:

    @Ted C.: @Leo and his buddies:

    If he hasn’t stopped seeing her already, than he’s probably trying to get rid of her slowly but surely. More time spent with his friends gives him the perfect excuse to spend less time with her. That’s how men (and some WOMEN ), usually do it so as to spare a person’s feelings. But in reality they just want to kick you to the curb. lol

    Thanks for the NEWS and Ted C. updates!!

  345. 345
    Mama knows best Says:


    I actually agree that some of the things she said weren’t gelling with me either. I was more taken by Miss Crystal’s reading. I really felt like she was incredibly in-tuned with something deep there. But I think a lot of people will interpret their intuitive feelings differently and input some of their own hopes and dreams about their own life in their as well… I think that may be the case with standing ovation in some of the things she said. Maybe this is what she wants to aspire to be in her own life (a successful, industrious, business woman?) and that’s why she wants to see the same for other women, including Leo’s SM as well? At least that was my feeling when I was reading her message. I could be wrong though.

  346. 346
    Standing Ovation!!! Says:


    I’ve already stated the fact that everyone has psychic abilities. Intuition, dreams, gut feelings those are abilities where you can see, hear or feel things and you don’t know why. Calling yourself psychic doesn’t mean you automatically become a reader or do it for a living. Our society has portrayed being psychic as some kind of voodoo, magic, or mystical but yet it is our very nature to see, hear, or feel things. With that being said, some one who is in tuned to their spiritually should know this. When you are in tuned to your spirituality you are open to the spirit realm which means you are open to other people because we are all spirit inside the human body which also means we are connected and when we are connected we can feel other people. Being on the Astro Plane, you know the possibilities are endless.

    I believe people who don’t call themselves psychic haven’t come to terms with their abilities and gifts to see, hear or feel. I also believe that if people where to say they could see, feel or hear, people would get away from you and think you are weird, but it’s normal to you. People don’t want to be called psychic because they are unsure of their abilities to see, here or feel in that aspect, they want to be validated, which means them unsure about themselves. Again being psychic and knowing things it’s not to impress or show off what you know, it’s to help other people see another aspects of life and to help them see and recognize their own power from within. At least that’s my mission as a Psychic. The best way to explore your psychic self is to be around other psychics and other spiritual people who are on that path. When you meet anyone one of them, they do not deny who they are. They will call themselves Psychic. Maybe MissPlaceCrystalBall is a younger soul, so she doesn’t feel comfortable being called a Psychic. She cares what other people think and I feel like her guides are telling her to say what she knows and to embrace that part of herself, instead of being called nuts or Looney.

    I meditate but not that often. I just started to get into astrology, I think it’s fascinating. I know what I know because it is what I feel and sense. I have my spirit guides who I never listen to but are patient with me. I can feel energy and help balance your chakras. I read a lot of spiritual and astrological, and new age books and surround myself with liked minded people.

    It’s really okay if what I’m saying isn’t gelling with you. Really it’s okay. I do appreciate your passion for the truth and to search for it and not settle. You have to find out the truth for yourself and everyone should do that. People what a lot off Constant Negative News and people believe in that. If the world started believing in Love, we would be a whole different world. Why not believe in the possibilities of a soul mate? It’s lovely to see all the different prediction. No one has to the right one. But it’s the idea that Leo’s fans what the most amazing woman for him, because he is amazing. Plus haters will always be haters until they learn to love themselves. HA!

    There are some wonderful psychics that I know who can pinpoint time and dates and their predictions are right no. But the reality is everyone of us has the ability to create our own reality. Doesn’t matter what a psychic says. I met a lady who did her first reading at 29 and being a famous psychic to the stars. But before 29 she was just a regular person. She had kids. She got a reading one day and a psychic told her she was going to be a famous psychic and was a famous psychic. Now she’s writing books and other things.

    My reading my sound generic for you, and even a bit reiterated, because most of the psychics on here have said same the same things. People have to understand that life happens and at every moment. So the soul mate is set in stone, but how or who when, where Leo will meet his soul mate is up to God/Universe.

  347. 347
    Congrats to SO! Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!: Thank you SO!! I agree with you 100 percent!! Having intution can also be called “being psychic!” We are all naturally psychic and have lost our abilities along the way but its STILL there!! I’ve had countless experiences with this too!! Well said!!!

  348. 348
    Standing Ovation!!! Says:

    Every time she is asked why she isn’t with anyone, why isn’t she married or why can’t she find a nice boy. Her reply is always, I haven’t found someone that’s my equal, and in the same breath or in seconds she would get a call (assuming she’s at work) and the person at the end of the line, his name is Leo. These are examples, of signs. I don’t know what signs she actually receives but I’m trying to put it in context to your question how signs get to the soul mate. His name can be written on a car and she she’s the name while driving or one of his movies pops on. So, with that being said, it is the Universe giving her a slap in the face. Big time.

    The Universe gets really creative and I mean they know just when to nail signs on you. They’ll keep sending her signs till she meets him.

    She’s ignoring them because she doesn’t believe that she’s going to be with him. She has self worth issues. She doesn’t her worth when it comes to love.

    But regardless of the signs and where she is in her life, she does have her life path to follow.

  349. 349
    Blake denounces rumors AGAIN Says:

    did you guys see this?

    Isn’t it funny how it’s always Blake’s people who are denouncing these rumors? I think Leo is probably trying to find a way to get rid of her but he is stuck between a rock and a hard place. I just have this feeling that she is VERY ANNOYING, and I do believe that Irmelin doesn’t like her.

  350. 350
    a spiritual guide? Says:

    So, if Leos Soul Mate is Reading these JJ Posts, she will meet him in the near Future, maybe in some random setting, or location? Then, should this “Soul Mate” Ask Leo if a “Psychic Reader” told him that she would be HERE Today….?? – I believe “a reader” can Inform a person’s whereabouts, even Find the right “Soul Mate.” – This soul mate woman may not know how to respond to this “Chance, Spiritual Sighting / meeting” with Leo. — I mean, what Decent Woman is going to realize She is More than “A Fan” in a few minutes with Leo? By the way, what would she actually want to say to Leo, if She would meet him somewhere – in an open public place? -* It starts to look Staged, – if a psychic – gives a PREDICTION about when or where they would meet.- I also don’t understand How this could be a Fair way to meet a Decent Woman, Leo’s Soul Mate – I’m so Not saying I am disbelieving… just curious about this Supposed, Spiritual “Guessing”.. – What Clues Indicate a Propper setting / location for Leo & his Future Soul Mate? – Is Leo or his Friends seeking “psychic Advice” on when to meet this decent woman? – I’m also curious about this as well – Like I’ve stated, – I am Not disbelieving, just wondering this: – Why Must there be so many Predictions to this “Supposed” – Chance Meeting? – I know it sounds FUN – but so many Predictions indicated, this Woman needs to Get her life together, before she meets Leo. — Anyway, whenever this Happens… will Leo meet a Great Mate who has her Life in order?? – or – Will he Find her an Adoring Soul mate, who needs help in some “Cinerella” way. – Unfortunately, Most of the readers Make the “Decent Woman” out to be in need of a Complete Life Makeover. – so as a Female Leo fan in California, Thank you to all the readers here, for sending mixed signals about Leo’s Decent Soul Mate Woman. – Can’t wait for the Future to see how amazing this woman truly is for Leo.

  351. 351
    London Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!: Sorry i’ve misunderstood you thought you were into metaphysics, esoteric stuff etc. I thought you were a bit more deep. But now i’ve made up my mind you’ve got good intentions with psychic stuff but your looking in the wrong places I personally now dont believe what your talking about because of your recent comments. You should also think before you speak because you are giving out false information and I am confident about that and I am more than happy to tell you why I dont believe you and fully back it up. Your visions are your brain at work, one simple fact you would never be able to tune in that much to them two with so little meditation or experience unless you are his twin flame.

  352. 352
    a spiritual guide? Says:

    I’m hoping my Paragraph above #350, is read completely. I am not upset about reading any other psychic posts. – I know I repeated myself a bit. — still Curious: just what makes this women a Soul Mate for Leo – if she has Too many Social or Self-esteem Issues?… this kind of stuff, keeps getting written on here. – I don’t understand what kind of impathy on the Universe that she would be a Soul Mate who will truly be Compatible with Leonardo DiCaprio. – again, Thanks!!

  353. 353
    London Says:

    @London: And you phycichs keep mentioning she is of a different race , do you know how many different things that could mean. Now answer this. Did you know that there are different types of souls/beings = different race?? This subject is a heck of a lot deeper than you think and it disappoints me to know that people are still clinging on to this mystic meg crap. There are souls that have been here still here since humans have first been in existence trillions of millions of years ago i’m pretty sure you would have more than 25 soul mates. OH YEAH everyone has a spirit your right but not everyone has a soul (phychic side) do you know about third eye,??

  354. 354
    LMAO Says:

    It’s always team Fake Blake that provides info. Did anyone seriously believe that someone is going to say ‘yes, the story is true’ when it claims that Flake is clingy and Leo’s mom hates her sorry a**? Of course her PR team denied it! Duh! The Srar version with Bar involved indeed sounds ridiculous and I doubt Leo is such a mama’s boy that he would break up with her just because of that. As far as I know Irmelin didn’t like Bar and he was with her for years. She LIVED Gisele and he didn’t marry her. I bet she is a huge influence on him and her opinion matters to Leo but not this much…
    The bellafreaks are hilarious and pathetic. Of course they are all over Lainey’s post even though they gate her and they are posting articles from The Examiner that claims the story is false because it refers to ‘sources’ and ‘friends’. Are you kidding me? What else do we have from all those Us Weekly articles? ‘Sources’ and ‘friends’ close to Lively. How stupid are these people? And the delusional freaks don’t believe the story from Star BUT one idi*t is drooling over the fact ( from the Star story ) that they were indeed having dinner together in Santa Monica last week as the tweet claimed? So the story about them breaking up is not true but the sighting from the same magazine is legit? Seriously how dumb those people on bellazon are? No wonder they are drooling over someone like Fake Blake! PATHETIC! I just laugh at them! Dummies!
    Sorry for my typing mistakes… Cell phones are not the best devices to post long comments!

  355. 355
    It's true... Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!: Remember, we are all ONE and when you don’t have an agenda and come from a place void of ego you can connect with anyone anywhere in the world on many different levels.
    Both of you are very in tuned with Leo’s sm, especially the part about being ethnic. She is ethnic AND she’s also of a different race.
    I know this to be true. I know what it is but I don’t want to spoil the surprise for people as everything will happen in due time and everyone will see that the people that came here to shed some light on Leo and his divine counterpart weren’t so crazy after all. I’m sure some will even come back to these threads post reunion of Leo and his DC to compare notes. It will be fun, but what you’re going to find is that the basic insights that most have been saying about her has a strong commonality to it with little deviations here and there.

  356. 356
    so what? Says:

    @LMAO: why do you care so much about what the bellafreaks think? Are you looking to them for validity or something? I don’t care what they want to believe because I know that Leo and Fakey wont last. Its as simple as that. Even if they’re “still together” they’re about to be over in a hot new york minute. Don’t even tsress about it. I dont get people who stress over the bellafreaks?!?! Now thats funny! lol They will most likely like ANYONE Leo dates. They’re just mindless a**lickers!!!!! How deep do you want it Leo?!?!

  357. 357
    Standing Ovation!!! Says:

    @London: I respect your comment, but you have people out there that don’t even know their psychic and have visions all the time they can’t understand. They don’t even meditate. I’m not asking any approval from anyone to tell me what I see or can’t see. I don’t feel I’ve given any false information as past readers have came on her to give their insights. Even the government gives us false information. ~

    I respect other psychic and intuitive reader on what ever level they are coming on here contributing their insights. They don’t have to be the best reader in the world, but if they know something they share it. Even though the fans want a detailed play by play, the people that post do their best to share what they know.

    So thank you all the readers that come on here and give their insights and whatever insight that maybe.

  358. 358
    I agree Says:


    say it sister!! I agree with everything you said. Bellazon is annoying and you’re right about the bias. If the articles are pro Blake, they are drooling all over it, if it’s pro break-up they call the stories stupid and made up. I can’t even read their comments anymore, they get on last my nerve.

    @It’s true…:
    very well said!!

    London, I think you’re being way too harsh on Standing Ovation…she just came here with an open heart to share her feelings about Leo’s love life with us. You’re response to her was really mean :S

  359. 359
    Standing Ovation!!! Says:

    @London: I know we all come in soul groups. I don’t know the different names. Depending on how the soul evolves and what lessons they need to learn is where they are in their current life. I’m very intrigued London. Are you from Lumeria or Atlantis? Share what you know. I’m open minded. Even if you think it’s over our heads. You should help enlighten us with your knowledge if this is the case.

  360. 360
    Standing Ovation!!! Says:

    Yes I know about the third eye, the akashic records, and the pyramids and the gateways around the world.

  361. 361
    I agree Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!:

    thanks for sharing your insights with us. And I just wanted to say that I can tell you have a beautiful open HEART! And most of us actually do appreciate ALL the intuitives that come here, and all of your messages are equally appreciated. You guys are awesome and it makes this place a lot more fun/interesting place to come to :)

  362. 362
    LMAO Says:

    People on bellazon are way more stupid than I originally thought. `recently I like Gossip Cop a lot of celebs go there to deny rumors`. Katchitup is the lead looney with comments like that. Seriously I wanna vomit reading their stupidity.
    `I hate Lainey but I like what she thinks about Leo and Blake`. How old are these people? 12? bellafreaks and their comments = looney tunes
    The Star article was just stupid but the British one I`m still not so sure about. Posts on other sites say Leo dumped her because of Irmelin. Now says Fake was clingy and Leo started to distance himself. Their source claims ( or rather blames ) Irmelin was the reason. Still sounds believable to me… And there is a reason why other sites are picking up on the story! But the best part is reading comments. The freaks on bellazon are clearly the minority when it comes to Leo and Fake Blake. I saw several comments that says this is only PR.

  363. 363
    Candycotts Back Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY GIGI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BARFS still aloserrrr LOLOL!!!!!

  364. 364
    seriously Says:

    @LMAO: who cares why they break up as long as they do!!

  365. 365
    dreem Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!:

    u said, along with others that he already knows her…. so why keep using the word “meet”…when they “meet’ …could this mean when they “get together/meet”? He doesn’t seem like the love at first sight type required for knowing your soul mate the minute u meet them, and especially not at nearly 37 years old.

  366. 366
    Standing Ovation!!! Says:

    @dreem: Gathering from the threads and what readers have said that Leo knows he’s soul mate on a spiritual level. It’s a knowing. Almost like he has an idea of his dream gal. His dream girl is going to know him. Have you seen Avatar? There’s this line in the movie where the main character says, “I see you.”It goes deeper then the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual. Leo wants his soul mate to see him for him. I’m not sure if it’s a love and first sight, but I feel she’s going to make a big impression on him because her aura is bright. She will be on his radar because she is going to feel different to him. I feel she has a cute smile. They look like big kids togethers. I can see them them giggling from ear to ear. You’d be surprised they say love comes when you least expect it. Thanks for everyone’s kindness and comments.

  367. 367
    curi2 Says:

    @Blake denounces rumors AGAIN: Interesting,that it’s just her side.One of the comments said the rumor of the split was on Entertainment tonight.Anyone watch that show?Just curious to know if they said anymore than what the gossip cop site has?

  368. 368
    dreem Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!:

    awww , very sweet thoughts.this still seems sort of vague. so u mean he knows her but wants to be sure that she sees him for him? how will he even know that? and also what u mean by she will be “on his radar”? that makes it seem like he knows her and is keeping watch.

    thanks for the reply! love this stuff!

  369. 369
    tweets Says:

    … about Leo with Blake in California right now. Some tavern around Santa Barbara. Bellafreaks have the link to the tweets… I guess it was too good to be true! I`m ready to give up ( on him )…

  370. 370
    Question Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!: Standing Ovation, thank you for all that you do. Do you think Leo wil leave his soulmate behind like how he did his past gf? It was kinda like every man for himself?!?!

  371. 371
    curi2 Says:

    @LMAO: lol I just read the Examiner story your talking about.No contradictions there.I guess we are suppose to believe one group of “sources and friends”,but not the others?lolJust wanted to add that.Funny gossip though,couple of weeks it was all lovey stuff now it’s all splits ville stuff.who knows??I do wish we had some new pics of Leo out and about in LA though.

  372. 372
    Paid Tweets? Says:

    @tweets: I heard that paying people for tweets for PR is becoming big business now… How do we even know if they’re real? Where are the pictures?!?! And even if it is real I dont see this lasting past this Summer. Sorry…Fake aint the one! Once Leo starts filming it will be OVER!!!

  373. 373
    larson Says:

    @It’s true…: Yay I love the soulmate stuff. Anyway I feel like you have posted before on a Leo thread when him and Blake got started. Have you? I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe he is meeting with Blake but definitely more on a friend level. Maybe he is trying to wean her and maybe himself off of each other. I get that maybe she is clingy and he doesn’t want to straight out dump her, but maybe wants to let her down slowly before he leaves. Something about her screams sensitivity, clingyness(is that a word?), overemotional and a whole bunch of can’t let go crap. I am also curious as to how people know she is a different race than him. Look people can overcomplicate things all they want and say stuff like oh well she could be an ethnic darker skinned girl who is Mediterranean from Europe, but let’s be for real and just admit when someone says different race and different ethnic background especially from someone like him, it means an African/ black woman, Asian woman, or Hispanic/Latina woman. Hispanic is a little muddy because with Giselle who is Latina and Brazilian by NATIONALITY, she is of German ancestry which technically by American standards means she’s just white. A white Latina. A lot of Latinos and Hispanic people are European by ethnic background but Latina/Latino or Hispanic by nationality. Especially South Americans like Argentinians, Chileans, Ecuadorians. They are pretty much just “white” with a little Native blood thrown in. Some countries in South America have people of African ancestry as well. Sorry for the rambling but IMO Leo’s sm will be either African/black or Asian. We(I’m included in one of those categories) are the most ethnically and racially different from him. Once again this is IMO because race and ethnicity is a very muddy topic and everyone has differing opinions on what is especially “white” or “black”. “Asian” as well.

  374. 374
    larson Says:

    @Paid Tweets?: That’s true too, but for reasons I already said I think he is still seeing her. Someone on bellazon and others have mentioned that in L.A. it is much easier to hide from the paps if you know their hangouts, don’t get your people to call them up to drum up publicity for pictures. He could be doing that, but it is suspicious that we get reliable sightings of him with his friends in mags and all we get of Blake is tweets that can’t be verified. It doesn’t make sense.

  375. 375
    tweets Says:

    if it’s such a big business to pay for tweets by pr teams why don’t these paid twitter sightings get more attention? i assume you consider last week’s twitter sightings of them paid as well. so why isn’t there anyone mentioning those in the middle of this break up rumor? why would anyone pay for them if they are overlooked. tweets can be unreliable and unverifiable so media won’t really rely on random tweets. so what’s the point of planting or paying for them?
    it seems like leo is trying to avoid the paparazzi only when he is with her. has anyone noticed that the recent dinner tweets about them are out of la? there were the ones from san diego, last week and now santa barbara. not paparazzi hotspots so no photos. i don’t think they are over and he wouldn’t be still with her if it was just a rebound summer fling or if he wasn’t indeed interested in her

  376. 376
    It's true... Says:

    @larson: I love the soulmate stuff too and yeah I have posted before. Sometimes I would love to be in this girls shoes but at other times I wouldnt want to be in her shoes. Of course I would want to be in her shoes because she gets Leo’s bleeding heart… but is it worth all the other crap that she has to deal with? The paps/fans/mom/media/world/supermarket stands?!? How weird is it going to be for this girl to start dating Leo and see her name & face all over the place?? She is “one of us” ya know… My sympathies go out to her, not envy…

    I would say its not worth it but I’m not her so maybe she feels differently.

    To those worrying about Leo and Blake I would tell you this, please don’t worry. This soulmate stuff for Leo is very real, we’re not talking out our b.u.m holes here. ITS completely real. Leo knows…if you were to talk to him about it and look him straight in the eye it would be a dead giveaway… If by any lucky chance you ever see him just ask! : )

    Watch his eyes widen before he realizes that he has to cover himself. Can’t go into that either…Much is going on behind the scenes people that not even I completely understand. Lots have to do with the media too.. ITS A GAME….

    I would love to talk more about this stuff and if JJ wasnt so public I would go into details but I want to respect this girls privacy or at least what I think she would want. Anyways, its more fun like this dont you think guys? Keep you all on your toes. I have met Leo before. Nice guy…

  377. 377
    He's just not that into her Says:

    Leo is NOT into Fakey, I dont care if they eat one dinner or two dinners together, HE’S NOT THAT INTO HER.
    The way leo is acting is no different than when he was with Barf. Its like Barf all over again only this time he’s in the speed lane. I think he’s trying to get all his douchebagery out of his system so he wil be clean for his soulmate, fingernails and all.

  378. 378
    lovecomeswhenyouleastexpectit Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!: as you said standing, and so does a break up! :)))))) Calling all Fakes…calling all fakes!!! :))))

  379. 379
    larson Says:

    @It’s true…: I had a feeling you had posted before. I read other sites about him and one in particular, a poster on another website said that he is a hopeless romantic. Do you feel that is true? Maybe he could just be one of those men that plays the field deeply, but when he finds the one he feels like he could love, he’ll stop all the bs he does on the side. I don’t know much about astrology, but I know Scorpio is an intense sign, so I feel like maybe when he really does fall in love, he’ll fall hard and deep and will be fiercely loyal and faithful. I have never met him either, but from the various sites I have read all have said that he’s a nice guy. Also on the sm tip and this truly IMO, but it would be better for him, since he’s such a private guy to date and marry out of his race. The media doesn’t give two squirts of piss about the non-white women white men in the industry marry. Especially black women. She could go about freely without being bothered and he could stay private with his life. I have also heard some bad things about him as well, mainly that he’s arrogant and egotistical. Who knows if it’s true though……….

  380. 380
    who cares Says:


    oh god, who even cares anymore. Do you guys really care about him and Blake? It’s like why force it when it’s not even interesting. Blake looks like the female Enrique Iglesias, that’s about as interesting as she gets for me:) I rather hear more of the Psychic stuff. !!
    Speaking of which, I definitely feel like Leo is forcing himself to be with Blake. Maybe he’s trying to make it seem like he’s moved on…but I definitely feel like he’s forcing this. and I feel sorry for him that he feels he needs to keep up with appearances. How is he ever going to be fulfilled if he doesn’t start living authentically?. It’s a shame and a waste of life. He’s wasted a lot of time on people he’s really not that into and I think that’s very unfortunate.

  381. 381
    who cares Says:

    @larson: @It’s true…:

    I think that if he ever did date a “non-famous” black girl, there wouldn’t be that much attention surrounding the relationship. I do agree with that, but I think if he were dating someone like say Rihanna, that would be a different story..Larson, I think I understand what you mean, but that would only be true if the girl were a “non-famous” person. Regardless of her race, people wouldn’t pay that much attention to the relationship because the gossip rags would have nothing on the girl. If she’s not famous, there is nothing they can draw from about her. Unless they start making up phony sh*t what can they really dig up about a non-famous person? they only focus on people who are in entertainment.

  382. 382
    It's true... Says:

    @larson: you’re right about everything, he’s going to fall hard for her and he’s going to be fiercely loyal to this girl. Leo will do a complete 180. I mean the kinda love that is coming into Leo’s life is of the Romeo and Juliet caliber without the tragic ending. They are meant for each other, they’re meant to be together. Her body is tailor made for his and viceversa.

  383. 383
    London Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!: oh I get you now. I take my comment back but its just the other people here it just frustrates me when people dont know. Actually tell us more of what you see. How was the comment mean? (to the other person) your far too sensitive.

  384. 384
    Amused Aussie Says:

    Hahaha- to all of the above!!
    Heres something to rock your worlds! If this is right then hes a Libra!

    BTW- Whats with the Gerald Butler link theres like 1000+ cmts??

  385. 385
    dreem Says:

    ppl that r pushing that r full of it… zodiac is based on PLANETS not constellations!!!!!!! this was false when they tried to pull this crap months ago and still is! they r looking for attention….even if signs were based on stars ur sign would still be based on they day u were born. I really question the intelligence of Minnesota ppl now…can’t believe this crock is still trying to be pushed. so lame

  386. 386
    Amused Aussie Says:

    the way this article is headlined and written is comical:

  387. 387
    Gerry Butler Says:

    @Amused Aussie: Gerry Butler has a big fan following just like Leo. Funny. both of them are scorpios!!

  388. 388
    Round two Says:

    Again from Now. Maybe the success of their previous article got into their heads and they are pushing it further? Or is it true?
    BTW the person who tweeted yesterday has some sort of gossip site and the other tweet from a different person was sent straight to E! News to let them know about them being seen together.

  389. 389
    Funny Says:’t-make-it/

  390. 390
    epic Says:

    This Flake will end like Barfilla. A couple of miserable threads in months, with only 50 posts, nothing to promote and a BF with a rich father who pays his bills, inclusive his&barfie’s expensive vacations and accomodations.

  391. 391
    observer Says:

    It seems leo wants to get outta there as fast as possible. I guess all those articles, whether they are exaggerated or not, have Leo pr. written all over them.

  392. 392
    Standing Ovation!!! Says:

    @dreem: When the intuitives say “He knows her,” it means that it’s a feeling he knows. I don’t know if this can be explained. Have you ever met someone and for the first time and you automatically feel like you know them without them saying a word? They feel familiar to you but you can’t explain it. They feel natural. That is how Leo will feel when he’s around his soul mate, he already knows her, part being that she is his mirror, and since Leo knows who he is, he will be able to know his mate.

    This knowing of Leo’s soul mate isn’t a physical thing, although it’s a mind body and soul thing, but it goes even deeper then that, which I feel 80% of society doesn’t understand because of the lack of awareness of this level of being in love. When you are able to connect with a person more then just mind body and soul it is amazing.

    Society hasn’t really touched deeply in the subject of love. Everyone seems to think of love negatively because of pass experiences and what we observe from other people and most important how we were raised. From what see, the general consensus is that love doesn’t exist. Love is a fairy tale, or love equals hurt break. Love is for fools.

    But love is the opposite of those and the first place to start to love is within yourself. Love yourself. Love every part of yourself, you past, your present, your future, love your flaws love your body. When you emanate love, you send it out, and you’ll realize how many people are living in Fear. And FEAR is the opposite of LOVE. Because we live in duality world, up down, here, there, hot, cold, male, female, ying, yang, there’s fear and love two of the most extreme emotions. You either act out of Fear or Love.

    In a previous Leo thread somewhere I remember reading that someone posted he did an article in Parade magazine and he was asked, “So, why did he become an actor? “We’re all after love, aren’t we? Love is what people are hungry for. That’s absolutely why I became an actor,” he admits.”

    So even though Leo hasn’t physically met his soul mate yet, he already knows her. I don’t know how else to explain it. Sometimes the knowing of something can’t be explained because you just know.

  393. 393
    Standing Ovation!!! Says:

    @London: Don’t get frustrated London, share the knowledge. Sometimes reading some of the questions on here, are…. “You know what I mean” but the important thing is to help people become awake. You are wide awake and know things, but it doesn’t help to exclude anyone out of that knowing, because then you just come across as ignorant or cocky, which i’m sure you are not since you are in tuned with yourself. You said you have a website to pass on? I would love to see it. I’m all about expanding and learning. Everyone should seek out their truth. It’s one thing to seek out a truth and it’s another to press it upon people. We are all evolving and everyone evolves at different paces.

  394. 394
    no comment Says:

  395. 395
    London Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!: I have a lot of websites not the type to be putting on a public threads you would know why(certain people dont want us to be awake). Its actually refreshing to know that you know so much I take my comment back big time I thought you were all talk.

  396. 396
    London Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!: I now know why it wasnt gelling it wasnt you.

  397. 397
    linz Says:

    This is hilarious! you have one camp saying there still together (my guess Blake) and one saying they’re dunzo (probably Leo). Man that girl is trying anything to milk the last bit of attention from him, and Leo just wants to get the hell away from her lol. This is seriously great entertainment. I love it too when tabloid reports aways say “from the source.” Always wanted to know who this source person is. HAHA!

  398. 398
    London Says:

    Hey tell ya what. If you really want to know the websites I can make a new email account. and i’ll post it here then you can make a new one for all or individual and I can send links that way. Tell me what you think of the idea or any suggestions.

  399. 399
    Standing Ovation!!! Says:

    I have my moments London, no worries. I should meditate more, but I get soooo much channeled information that I really have to be on a totally another level to receive this information and this is big stuff, were not talking about Leo and his soul mate but, but big stuff, you know what I mean. They can try to keep us asleep, but too bad, most of the key players are awake now.

    This is a general statement and I hope everyone can appreciate or feel what I have to say, and it’s okay if what you’re reading don’t make sense to you or you don’t get it. You don’t have to get it, you just have to keep being you and do whatever makes you happy. Live in your happiness, not anyone else. Everyone in life is where they need to be, there are no accidents and no coincidences. We all have a role in this mass awakening and it’s huge. Time is flying. Literally and I feel that its so important to pay attention to your thought process. Are you thinking negatively or positively, as a collective or as a whole society, world and universe this is what defines us. If we look at our world today, what do we see? Is our world a paradise? Is our world beautiful? Is everyone happy? On a group scale no, we are not happy. Look at our Government, OMG! If you notice everything is breaking down. Just look at the front headlines of every major newspaper. Old paradigm shifts are crumbling down. There is new energy coming in. And when I say new energy I mean positive energy.You can be anything you want despite what anyone, any standard, any culture says. In astrology they call it the Saturn in Libra generation is a resurgence in the Arts. A New Hollywood/New Music artist are on the way. And the New Hollywood are people who actually have talent and purpose. Sundance there was a new movie called Pariah. Check it out, this one is emotional. It’s about finding yourself and being broken inside doesn’t mean you are messed up, it means you are free. I cried when I watched this. But this film is so liberating. If you are pretending to be someone your not, stop it right now, because you know it’s more effort to be liked for your false self then it is to be the real you. The New artist, They just don’t want to become actors they have a mission, a plan, they believe in destiny and have other pursuits to save the world. Lady GaGa anyone! To some of you she maybe out there, but she is most definitely awake. Just watch her Monster Ball HBO special which is up for an Emmy award. The best thing about Lady GaGa is she doesn’t give a f*c* what you think. She epitomizes the true meaning of an underdog. Look at her now. Yet she knows where she came from.

    Leo is part of the Saturn-Libra generation and so is his soul mate! There will be this amazing quality in his soul mate that will ignite Leo to be who he truly is. Leo feels lonely. He hasn’t connected with anyone on his level. Aside from his mentors Martin S. and Kate is a great example of another soul mate of Leo, they have such admiration for each other, such genuine love, except that with the soul mate there will be a love chemistry and the added Lovers union feel to this mix. Leo feels normal with Kate because he can be who he is without judgment

  400. 400
    my astro utopia Says:

    I’m back. I have good news and I have bad news but it’s really not that bad. I will tell you the bad news first. The bad news is I don’t know if Leo and Blake are still seeing each other. But, the good news is THEY WILL BE OVER FOR GOOD BY OCTOBER 31st OF THIS YEAR 2011!!!!

    Remember, who told you first!

    Leo WILL NOT ring in his 37th birthday with Blake Lively. She will be gone from his life. This doesnt mean that they will break up in October, it just means that from the timeline they can break up today, tomorrow, anytime between now and OCTOBER 31st, 2011, if they havent done so already.

    I will come back when I have something important to tell you and when this has been fulfilled, which won’t be too long. Before you know it October will be here.Take care everyone, see you soon.

  401. 401
    wow Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!: thank you

  402. 402
    my astro utopia Says:

    I’m back. I have good news and I have bad news but it’s really not that bad. I will tell you the bad news first. The bad news is I don’t know if Leo and Blake are still seeing each other. But, the good news is THEY WILL BE OVER FOR GOOD BY OCTOBER 31st OF THIS YEAR 2011!!!!

    Remember, who told you first!

    Leo WILL NOT ring in his 37th birthday with Blake Lively. She will be gone from his life. This doesnt mean that they will break up in October, it just means that from the timeline they can break up today, tomorrow, anytime between now and OCTOBER 31st, 2011, if they havent done so already.

    I will come back when I have something important to tell you and when this has been fulfilled, which won’t be too long. Before you know it October will be here.Take care everyone, see you soon…

  403. 403
    London Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!: All i’m saying and to everyone here get your act together before September because i’m sure you dont want to repeat this cycle again. Key word elenin

  404. 404
    Curious Says:

    Standing ovation, can you shed light on why most people have picked up on these two in particular? Most people dont have a sign saying ”this direction”, I understand it’s for a purpose, but how on earth did you and past readers/intuitives know he was due someone like this and for this??? Threads as far back as 2008/9 have been predicting this and I’m curious as to how he became so transparent? Why have people been so drawn to his life like this? is it just because he wasn’t with anyone who looked like him in energy (bar or blake) or is it because it was time for his sm to notice him?? does that make sense?? Like, how come you know this is gonna happen??

  405. 405
    tweets Says:

    and one more tweet of them together. again in santa barbara just like yesterday and last week.
    now has a new article on blake calling her `dicaprio`s ex`. apparently pretty premature…

  406. 406
    mmm Says:

    @tweets: nobody cares about stupid tweets, so back to the bellafreaks with your tweets!! lol

  407. 407
    tweets Says:

    sorry to disappoint you but i`m not a bellafreak. i haven`t seen it on bz i saw it on actual twitter and i`m not happier about it than you are… but it seems like they are still together.

  408. 408
    mmm Says:

    @tweets: I dont really care where you saw it. And no one really cares if they’re “still together” the end result will still be like bar so why waste time looking up and posting tweets here! NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  409. 409
    tweets Says:

    sure, whatever you say whatever makes you happy…

  410. 410
    same old Says:

    stuff to me it seems to be back to the same old stuff.We just have a different named girl.When she’s around he’s with her when she’s gone he The gossip is hilarious though,it’s so hard to believe any of it.So I’m not surprised the break -up stories aren’t true so far( seriously has she even meet his mom???)…I’m actually wondering what we are going to get next week.And oh boy what kind of gossip are we going to get when he goes to Australia???It’s kind of weird on how fast the tabs are moving this relationship though.I swear they are going to have them married and divorced before the year is out.
    Is it just me or has he been hanging out with her and his other friends separately,like he don’t want to mix them together too much.
    I’m just rambling here.I want a Leo post to get up to 1000 or so comments…lol

  411. 411
    @410 Says:

    Exactly. The same old cr*p again but a speed up version of him with Bar. Same low level, same stuff… boring and pathetic. Seriously who wants to go through this tragicomedy all over again? Leo seems more laughable and pathetic to be honest.

  412. 412
    Standing Ovation!!! Says:

    Yes, if you go back to read the threads they say the same thing. The vision hasn’t changed. Most readers believe he will still end up with a soul mate.

    Again depending on the intuitives/astrologers/psychic reads or whatever you want to call them, they tap into energies that are unseen. Therefore when intuitive people tap into the unseen energy of people they can pick what kind of energy they are vibrating at. This really goes deeper then the boy meet’s girl thing. But you’re asking to explain a very intense and metaphysical topic that you may or may not get. Leo has an incredible energy field and aura. I’m not saying he’s pure. I’m saying that he glows. There are people with glowing auras. If you want to know about auras, research it. Everything that we talk about on these JJ threads can be searchable on Google. Ask and you shall receive. Start Googling spirit realms, soul mate, twin flame, metaphysical, spirit guides, astrology. Start somewhere and form your own opinions of Leo’s love life. I would love to see how Leo fans tap into their psychic side and give predictions, who knows, this might even help you in your own lives. I’m trying to get you guys to think outside the box, don’t believe everything you read. Even my comment. Only trust what feels right and what resonates with your soul, what moves your soul, what makes you smile, or what makes you feel warm or relaxed.

    We are not alone, I feel that everyone get’s direction, but WHO LISTENS? All these years, we don’t’ know what exactly happened with Leo and Bar, or what’s going to happen to Leo and Blake, but are they listening themselves? Is Leo listening to his own spirit? Makes you wonder huh? People are often caught up in fear, doubt, unhappiness, being the victim and caring what other people think that it’s clouded their judgment. People are literally paralyzed at the thought of making a decision that is derived from societal and past experience but not from within or from the heart. The idea of self is lost. “When the inner voices are louder then the outer voices, you’ve mastered your life.” –The Secret.

    Leo being a scorpio water sign clearly indicates that he himself has a “psychic sense,” he’s intuitive and he knows things. Obviously that isn’t a quality that we can see because we are a society of ‘seeing is believing.’ I believe we are drawn to Leo because of his aura and his energy. He is good looking, he’s rich, he’s a good actor, he has everything going for him right? Well he’s not the most good looking guy. There’s a lot of other rich people and other good actors with more depth. We love him because there’s something about him, the fans love his charm, his charisma and his passion. This man has PASSION. That is why fans are attracted to him. If you go to any Leo movie, you can see that he wears his passion and his passion is ACTING and the environment. When you have a person like Leo, doesn’t he uplift you somehow when he is on his best note. (not when he’s in a bad light.) Everyone has their moments. Leo is intense. Scorpio which are ruled officers of the zodiac.

    I can’t explain to you what I know and how I know it. I can only tell you what I know. Whether you believe it or not is not my choice. I can’t speak for all the readers/psychic/astrologers, but we know that a shift is happening on earth. A positive shift that will make us rethink what we know of life. So petty things like Blake being with Leo, come on, all of the fans instinctively have a reaction! HA! Gee I wonder why? (being sarcastic) See already the fans know Blake isn’t the girl. Just looking a Blake what can you tell me about her. Study her face, what kind of energy do you think she has. Why would Leo be in her life at this moment. I’m teaching you guys to see the real truth, and not trust gossip pages that go for miles or PR stunts that are a waste of time. I only believe in Good PR that promotes the Good of people, not PR that covers up SHEET!

    With the big shift happening and LOVE being the vibration that leads to transformation, Leo and his soul mate are not the only couples that is going to be together. It’s funny because Gerard Butler who is in this same thread has a soul mate too and he has a wilder reputation then Leo. Gerard Butler wants to be with his soul mate too. So you’ve got two Scorpio’s who both attend a wedding, it’s not written on their faces or you can’t see signs. You can only feel their energy.

    Again, I can only say that Leo being in the position he is in right now and where he is in his life he needs to meet his equal, why would he settle for anything else. He didn’t settle to being a marine biologist, he become an actor. Why should he settle for Blake or Bar or some model chick. He can if he wanted that or I think we would’ve already been married with some model chick, but that hasn’t happened. Why? He’s waiting for the one.

  413. 413
    same old Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!: Very interesting points you brought up,especially that last part.If he really wanted it he would have it I agree.He would have made a really hot marine biologist I personally look at Blake and see boring,cookie cutter boring.Dare I say this at least Bar gave us something to talk about with her stupid antics.My prediction I give it a year or 2 if that long.

  414. 414
    omg!!! Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!: WOW!!!!! You deserve a standing ovation of your own because everything that you’ve just said is the truth and I got this from a different source than your own. You’re GOOD!!!!!

  415. 415
    larson Says:

    Did you guys see the pic of them in SB on bellazon? I told you, they’re still “together”. In what capacity I don’t know, but they are still ‘seeing” each other.

  416. 416
    linz Says:

    Just when we thought he was rid of BLAKE THE FAKE. Sorry to break it to you guys :-(

  417. 417
    larson Says:

    Look some of us called it, including me. As soon as we saw new pics of Bar out with her surprisingly cute bf, we were gonna see pics of him out with Blake. It is what it is. Bar is not worrying about this man, she really isn’t. But I do think they are going out in a friend capacity. In the pic I can’t tell if they are holding hands.

  418. 418
    linz Says:

    @larson: You make a great point. How funny we see pictures of Bar and her man then a few days later a pic of Leo and Blake shows up. This is so calculating haha. One thing I’ve noticed in all the pictures we’ve seen, they are never intimate with eachother no kissing, no tight embrace and we’ve only seen them holding hands once. Come on Leo wake up! SHES USING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  419. 419
    Leo never changes Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!:
    I really love your messages because they are so full of POSITIVITY, and so many of you guys seem to have so much faith in Leo..I think it’s very sweet, but I just don’t share your enthusiasm, sorry:S.
    I’ve been reading about Leo and his love life for a long time and I haven’t seen any change whatsoever in him in all that time. He’s been stuck in the same patterns for as long as I can remember. I find his life to be very boring and like a movie that keeps playing the same scene over and over again. I think I just read about him now because I’m curious to see if things will ever change for him, but they seriously never do. If this girl of his really is a twin flame/soulmate and they do ever wind up meeteing I have a feeling she will be married with children and Leo will still be single doing the same thing he’s been doing for the past 11-12 years. I hate to be the killjoy here, but I’m not as enthused and confident about the whole soulmate thing as you guys are.. Also, I think that any woman, soulmate or not will have a hard time ever taking him seriously. And I’m talking about REAL women here. Not women who are doing PR stunts or that are with him to get their name out there. He probably thinks that because it’s so easy for him to get these women, that it will be the same way for him when he meets someone that’s REAL (if he ever does). But if he ever does meet someone that’s REAL, he is going to have a rude awakening. He can’t buy his way to every woman’s heart. That doesn’t work with everybody..but I think he’s living his life almost like in a bubble. And if that bubble ever finally pops, he’s going to be in for a rude awakening. He’s been blessed with money and success, but that will never buy him LOVE, RESPECT or the things that really matter in this life.

  420. 420
    larson Says:

    @linz: Exactly. Look Leo, WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU. YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE. And your “sources” don’t count. Now this is just me, but if I was wildly in love with someone or totally smitten with them as reports have said, I would be all up underneath that person. You wouldn’t be able to keep me away. I would be hugging, kissing, holding hands with them at every possible moment. I wouldn’t care about no damn razzi. They are doing very little to come off as believable as a couple. Maybe this is a rebound or fwb situation. I know that they don’t necessarily have to prove anything, but come on. Maybe they are doing all the kissing and hugging off camera(insert eye roll). One grainy ass pic in the dead of night doesn’t count.

  421. 421
    linz Says:

    @larson: It would definitely be difficult to hide affection from the paps. Bottom line this is just not believeable. They aren’t fooling anyone. When he was with Gisele and Bar, in the beginning he couldn’t keep his hands off them. Haven’t seen any pics like that with Blake. Pics of them are proving he’s just not into her and he doesn’t know how to break it to her lol. Or she doesn’t know how to take no for an answer lol.

  422. 422
    Leo never changes Says:

    @larson: @linz:

    You guys are so right. When I saw the new pics of Bar and that guy, I had the feeling we would get new pics of Leo with Blake a few days later. That just goes to show you how much in his EGO he is. These are things people do when they’re in their egos. These actions don’t come from a place of LOVE or AUTHENTICITY.
    Btw, you can pretty much compare the twitter pic above to the pics of Leo with Gisele and Leo with Bar. I swear, it’s the same pic but different women like someone else mentioned. NOTHING about Leo has changed in the past 11 years.. And that’s the part that I find so depressing and sad about him. I take year long breaks from reading about him sometimes and when I come back, it’s still the same old thing like the poster above mentioned…. The only “out of the norm” and exciting thing I read about him this year was the possibility of him being King Schl*ng. That was a shocker for me, but at least it added some “newness” to his life!!

  423. 423
    dreem Says:

    um how do we know this is recent at all??? and where did it come from? WHO did it come from??

  424. 424
    linz Says:

    @dreem: I was thinking the same thing. You never know this could be an older pic of them together attached to some stupid twitter rumor. Wasn’t she just in NY busy filming GG? How could she get time off so quickly when they’ve just started?@Leo never changes: Cut him a little slack. Deep down he’s a good guy. I feel sorry for him. He seems very lost and lonely right now.

  425. 425
    ichi Says:

    this girl has that hat only, isn’t? common, this is boring all ready, she most be so desperade, because the Guy went to Europe to a weadding and don’t invited her, so he call her and the same story, the same poppy,

    well, for me he is the best actor in the world, but at this time I’m done with him, it most be even more desperado than her, to be with some one just because he is too COVARDE to be SOLO. SM or not he is too blinde to see her right now, even if she pass in front of his eyes.

  426. 426
    funny Says:

    now that there is a twitter sighting and a pic of them… articles of them breaking up is not letting up!! lol here is the latest!! i think the have more fake-vincing to do…

  427. 427
    Curious Says:

    Thanks Standing Ovation
    I understand alot of what you’re saying, I’m aware of what’s happening, awakening etc. Just curious to see what they will be like together. I’m pretty sure he will do an about turn when they meet you think she will resonate with him? ( as he’s done for her) For those who feel he hasn’t/won’t /not able to change may be in for an awakening themselves ..we all are, which is fantastic!!!! for all we know they (ex’s) have played a role for you to see what someone is like ‘hiding’ or truly avoiding . When he meets/see/hears the lady in question, in the physical, who knows??
    He may feel really drawn to her, maybe disimilar to anything before, or similar to his soulmates like kate etc He might just be letting go of who he was before (as we speak, whether he’s with blake or not). Though we are due a big shift over the next year and lots of people are here to help and prepare us all for this. I’m sure Leo will assist with the environmental side & she the spiritual. What they look like together is the surprise, and to be fair fans deserve that!! To ‘see’ him. He hides it in public, and there really is no need to anymore, he’s good at what he does because he reveals himself in his passion, he hides in ‘life’ & it’s probably wearing thin now, he’s ready to meet someone new, who will shatter that for him, the illusion (in a good way). Thanks Standing Ovation, really nice to read your insights;-)

  428. 428
    Curious Says:

    Btw notice the time at which my msg has loaded, Its 222, which for those interested may wish to look up, under angel numbers, Angelic assistance is here (and always has been,) for everyone. Including you guys!! we’re all getting nudges to seek more, of who we are, if we so chose xx

  429. 429
    tweets Says:

    … so it seems the tweets were correct and they are indeed still together, there’s no trouble in paradise. maybe instead of daydreaming about a soulmate you should just start dealing with the fact that leo is not the guy you think he was. he is worse and is into lively, it’s not just PR and you can expect this to keep going on since he is not really known for flings and short romances. it’s gonna be a him and bar round two over again… brace yourselves to see and hear more of them together. even if it ends eventually does anyone really think he is going to pick someone better than refaeli or lively? that would require taste, intelligence and not being shallow. that’s not leo

  430. 430
    funny Says:

    @tweets: yes, I do believe he will pick someone better than her and this is still goinng to end this year I dont need to brace myself for nothing you’re the one that should since you seem so upset about it!! long live leo!!:)

  431. 431
    222 Says:

    @Curious: You are right. Its kinda impossile for Leo to stay with Blake for 2 long because of the time we’re in. This isnt going to be a relationship that will last a year even. Once Leo lays his eyes on this girl they’re going to be together all the time. Expect to see a different Leo than the one that you’re use to seeing. We wont have long to wait. Curious you’re right and so is Standing Ovation. Bring on the shift!

  432. 432
    The Great Eye Says:

    Blakey’s time with Leo is almost over, he’ll be on the right way very soon :) I can feel this, my intuition never deceives me :)

  433. 433
    InSight Says:

    @The Great Eye: and the num@Curious: of course she’s going to resonate with him just as much as he resonates with her. They’re apart of each others soul so why wouldnt they. Its going to happen pretty soon we just can’t nail down the exact timing, that is up to the universe. Lots of people didnt think leo was going to leave bar and he did. I knew all along he was going to leave her because thats not in his life plan for him and bar to live happily ever after and its the same with blake too. I feel it will be over this year sooner rather than later too..

  434. 434
    vicky Says:

    Hi everyone.Hope everyone is well and healthy.All i can say is that I am a little diapppointed with the allegations of Irmelin hating on Blake.I think it is rude and i think it had made Irmelin look very small and she does not deserve this. I hope Leo finds his SM ASAP.

  435. 435
    tweets Says:

    and what makes these know-it-all people believe that it will end soon and it`s impossible for him to stay with her long? that they have been dating for like two months and in spite of the rumors they are on ever since? first they were wh*ring the whole thing out to publicize her sorry career and now they went low key and steady. just like he did with the previous long term girlfriends. is that supposed to make anyone believe that it`s gonna be over soon? very believable! it was funny to read that this break up rumor came from leo`s pr team. indeed it had to be them making a complete idi*t out of him as a mommy`s boy and making irmelin look bad. i`m actually surprised he didn`t comment on this one since it put his beloved mother in a negative light. his image is above all. it was ok for fake blake to wh*re himself out but he wouldn`t deny a rumor for his mother`s sake. what a man! keep waiting for him and his soulmate… if you don`t have anything better to do in your life other than waiting for something that so clearly won`t happen. good luck with that.

  436. 436
    123 Says:

    @tweets: ok then leave. Bye! You wont be missed! I’m sure you also have something better to do with your life also.:)

  437. 437
    tweets Says:

    oh, i`m not going anywhere. i wanna see how long it takes for you, daydreamers, to realize that you are imagining a fairy tale for him but he is no prince charming. quite the contrary. you talk about him as a regular guy but he has hollywood, pr and his career in his blood. that guy doesn`t think the way as you think. bar and fake were picked by his team for a reason. she fits into his life(style), he picked a non-model, somewhat older , someone who brings plenty of attention even without being seen with her. that`s what matters to this guy not a soulmate. get real! eventually everyone is going to realize what a sham ( or shame) this guy is. just as shallow as his girlfriends…

  438. 438
    123 Says:

    @tweets: oh please bish, people have a right to believe what they want. You’re not going to convince anyone, certainly NOT ME. I think Leo is great!! Wonderful! Fantastic actor! I don’t care that he’s w/ BL at the moment. I know it wont last. You feel differently. Good for you. But you’re not going to convince and see anyone convert to anything!! :) So you dropped off the boat and don’t like him anymore or whatever. Big deal…for every person that drops you have 10 more new Leo admirers. Life goes on. Yes, hes not perfect, NO ONE IS but that doesnt mean he’s not a GREAT guy!!! LOVE LEO!!! ALWAYS WILL!!! LOVE LEO AND HIS FUTURE SM JUST AS MUCH!! :)))))))

  439. 439
    Leo4ever Says:

    Come on… I come up here and I have read that Leo is a loser. Really?! Leo is a great actor… the greatest of this generation and one of the greatest of all time. There’re people here who are confused and questioning his talent because of personal life. Lack of common sense … one thing has nothing to do with the other. Leo is great and will continue to grow up. And just to clarify: Losers are those who come here just to speak ill of the life of a person who doesn’t know… get to work!

  440. 440
    London Says:

    @InSight: It’s not up to the universe when they meet it’s up to them the same way it’s not because of the universe that we’re here it’s always our choice. Also i know what race she is the others were right not his, and i have a website below that has his profile on it, i have tested it on myself and about 7 other people and it has correctly identified what they’re like so i think you should read this maybe even type yourself in.

  441. 441
    Leo4ever Says:

    Bar has “fans” (freaks) trying to say here that this picture of the two (Leo/Blake) together appeared just because the “model” was photographed with the new (and ugly) “boyfriend”. Attention: Leo doesn’t need it, but came up Bar hand in hand with that idiot just to show (for Leo, of course) who had moved on (seriously? I think not). Bar hanging out with a guy that only serves to appears in the glossy magazines (as ex girlfriend of Leo DiCaprio and not as a model, of course) and to pay her bills. Bar, please, go to work (real work) and let get stay with a guy that only serves to pay your bills. You with that playboy and your credit card aren’t about anything! Leo doesn’t feel his absence, and to be honest, nobody here feels. Leo will find a woman that makes he happy, I feel it. My dream couple: Leo and Kate. Love them both.

  442. 442
    WOWZA Says:

    @London: you know about elenin look it up its true we dont hve years left. years left was years ago. Its too late now if you dont beleive we’ve had enough time if u hvent completed ur task on earth when the earth moves on without you which it wil. youll have to start again on another planet thats on the 3rd dimension, and don’t be like i dont wanna die, ever heard of be careful what u wish for cuz when you do die youll come straight back, from the start age 0 i’m sure ur souls been through enough. dont do it to yourselves.

  443. 443
    @London Says:

    @London: London before you were implying that the readers/psychics/astrologers were wrong or that they couldn’t possible tell that Leo’s sm was of a different race and now you’re saying its true? Why the sudden turn around and why are you now saying they are right?!? By the way what is she!?! :)

  444. 444
    London Says:

    @@London: becuase i had a certain race in mind which i think was wrong that was me forgetting that there are other races not just the one so that was my bad i’ve admitted it now. I have no shame in being wrong it helps me learn it benefits me. i would say not asian and thats not just from me.

  445. 445
    @London Says:

    @London: Good for you London. Most people don’t like to admit stuff like that. How did you know she’s not of his race? Was it a feeling you get, can you see this girl? And when did you come to this conclusion? Last night?

  446. 446
    daydreamers Says:

    leo`s soulmate is his publicist and hollywood in general. deal with it. i just read on a diff. site that he said in a rolling stone interview that everything he does is planned. and he keeps proving it over and over again. he is the product of hollywood and his pr team. too bad that leo the `great` cannot live up to it. environmentalist? right as long as it`s comfortable for him but definitely not on vacation. then he has no problem using private jets and yachts… pr to have a cause and a good image. trying to sound so intelligent meanwhile he spends time with people like paris hilton or naomi campbell just to name a few. and then the women he dates… further proof that he has an image but the real leo is nowhere close to that. he just cannot live up to that image. even the best pr team in hollywood can`t help him to have personality or substance. no, he is not a loser. he managed to pick a good pr team that made someone out of him, he can sell his image and he definitely can act. look how many of you fell for him… keep dreaming about a soulmate. it`s your way of denial. denying the fact that this is what important for him. being with women like lively and refaeli. these kind of women and relationships are his soulmates.

  447. 447
    London Says:

    @@London: Thanks! You know what it was last night, it was a feeling i got a really strong one.i can compare it to like, putting your hand on a hot stove your minds just like NO!! Can you identify with it, in my experience when somethings right i get a happy feeling about it, a rush of energy, and then when somethings wrong (i know because i find out after) i get a sinking feeling in my chest and heart. It’s stronger when i’m in tune with myself other times when i’m not in tune with myself i make poorer desicions, thank god i can tell the difference now it makes life a lot easier. I can see her, she’s definitely petite.

  448. 448
    London Says:

    @daydreamers: Go on the website, my previous link and tell me if that website says he’s like that. It got my numerology and others so why wouldn’t it be able to tell his??

  449. 449
    tweets Says:

    @London: oh, so that’s your answer. numerology and pshycics and stuff like that. you are saying you can tell everything about him and his relationship with fake blake based on that without ever meeting the guy in person. am I supposed to take that seriously? really? because the facts suggest otherwise. this relationship is over based on someone’s instinct? give me a break. this is your way of denying how lame leo is for not having any taste in women and being dumb and shallow. same old stuff from the bar era. it’s an excuse not to accept reality. how many times have we heard the same stuff about him and bar and now he picked someone just like her if not worse. the problem, your problem is leo you just don’t see it. don’t wanna see it. you come up with excuses for him for acting like this but the thing is that this is the real leo. and that’s not much…

  450. 450
    @London Says:

    @London: Aww London. That is so sweet. Do you have an email address where I can contact you? You can make one up if you like. I want to tell you something that I’ve gleamed but I don’t want to do it on jj

  451. 451
    tweets Says:

    you are right i can’t tell anyone what to think or believe. i don’t want to change anyone’s mind because it’ll happen naturally and eventually. it seems to happen to a lot of leo fans. sooner or later you’ll all get there. you are certain about him and his soulmate and i’m certain about the fact that you will realize what i think soon. if you keep waiting for his sm you are in for a long wait. couple of years but at least one more until her expiration date ( age 25 ). have fun!

  452. 452
    London Says:

    @@London: Cheers! I made a new one now

  453. 453
    The Great Eye Says:

    I wonder how “shallow” Leo can put so much emotions (which are seem so real) into his screen characters… shallow man can’t do this… just food for thought

  454. 454
    London Says:

    @tweets: Get yourself comfortable because your going to be here a heck of a lot longer than any of us.

  455. 455
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    S H U T T H E ******* UP E V E R Y B O D Y !!!

  456. 456
    tweets Says:

    &London: yeah i’ll be here long reading your daydreaming comments about him and his soulmate. and every time you’ll get more proof that leo and flake are not over and won’t be for a while i’ll be here watching you realizing what i was talking about. it’s gonna take a while and it’s gonna be hard to give up on him and the soulmate stuff but you will…
    @thegreateye: he is an actor and a good one. so what? that’s what he does on and offscreen. just characters for him nothing more. probably that’s why he is such a successful actor. becausehe acts even when he is not working.
    so it’s like two more months before he goes to australia. a lot of time to spend with flakey. are you ready for the ride? another trip to disneyland bumping out kids from their seats? how awesome was that! such a great guy! and the way he defended his mother! no issue turning his back at his principles to promote flake but not to defend his mom!

  457. 457
    tweets Says:

    what a sweet post about their santa barbara outing from us weekly. never list sight of each other and pretty much in love. i’m sure his soulmate is happy to read that…

  458. 458
    tweets Says:

    maybe all that info about leo being so in love with her are true after all… everything seems to point that way except intuition and numerology. convincing!

  459. 459
    @London Says:

    @London: Thank you!!!!!!!

  460. 460
    too funny Says:

    omg, look at her face in this picture? LMAO I hope a fly doesn’t get inside her big mouth :) LOL

  461. 461
    Joke Says:

    @too funny: this relationship is such a joke that it doesnt even bother me that he’s “with her”… I see Leo being annoyed and dumping her just like barf!! On to the next one…

  462. 462
    sos Says:

    lol Of course Us Weekly to the rescue,”they looked so in love”.How many times have we heard that one.I was expecting it though,because of the break -up rumors which I didn’t believe.Gotta dispel the break-up rumors you know.That’s why i was expecting some pics too.That pretty much answered my question about what we were going to be getting next.I did think it was funny that one of the articles called them on-off already.
    BTW tweets,i did like your comment about the expiration date,kind of part of the reason I don’t think it’s gonna go past two years.Which also makes me not buy into the whole smitten thing.Why isn’t Mr smitten flying to NY while she films her show,seems like he’s got down time?
    Anyway Isn’t Gatsby suppose to start filming in August?I hope

  463. 463
    Bar 2.0 Says:

    I wonder why she had to fly out to meet him when he’s not doing anything. Why couldnt he fly to be by her side in a jiffy if he was so smittened?! Does this behaviour remind you of anyone guys?!?! lol

  464. 464
    too funny Says:


    you make some good points. And I don’t see the soul mate thing happening either. I think it’s wonderful to be positive. I’m all for positive thinking and for keeping the faith, but that will only work for so long.. At some point you gotta see things for what they really are. Leo is set in his pattern, and that is not going to change. All the wishful thinking in the world is not going to change a person.. I think people around him will continue to move on with their lives, like Gisele did, and Bar I’m sure will also.. if this woman people see is his supposed soul mate, I’m sure she will also move on with her life if she hasn’t already.. (She’s probably married with 2 kids by now for all we know lol )and he will still be doing the same thing in another 10 years.. The part I definitely agree with you is that some of the people who come here are going to be disappointed when they see that this Blake thing continues on for the next 5 years!!. He’s following the same exact pattern that he did with Gisele and Bar. It’s the same exact story repeating itself. Even when you read the Us weekly story it’s like you’re reading the same exact quotes from these supposed “inside sources” that we used to get with his ex-girlfriends. In every case, “they are so in love” …that is the most “popular” quote they like to use with him. Like you, I don’t see things changing with him. It’s always been this way with him for as long as I can remember. I’m used to it, so I really don’t care anymore. It’s been this way for the past decade, and the element of surprise flew out the window a long time ago for me.!! I’m not disappointed either, because I basically don’t care anymore, but I think a lot of the people that come here will be very disappointed with him and it’s their fault, because they are setting themselves up for it.!!!

  465. 465
    Mari Says:

    My opinion is that they are together, but they’re already having problems, not a good sign after only a couple months. Now, we know In Touch Weekly isn’t very reliable, but I think there’s at least some truth to this story:
    I believe that Irmelin didn’t really care for Blake and it caused some tension with Leo. Also, it’s way too coincidental that we hear they’ve split up or at the very least are having problems and all the sudden there’s an article in US weekly.

  466. 466
    sos Says:

    @Bar 2.0: lol ditto!That’s probably going to jinx us.Speaking of that was just thinking that if she wasn’t working.They would probably be on another Euro vacay.

  467. 467
    larson Says:

    @Mari: The thing to me is awhile ago his mom said that she doesn’t interfere in his relationships, so if this story is true, something is truly not sitting right with her about Blake. I see nothing wrong with him dumping a woman based off of his mother’s opinion IF the opinion was valid. Valid as in she’s using you, she’s a ***** whose slept with married men, has been trying for the longest to snag an a lister. Now if it was some oh I just don’t like her, I could understand him ignoring her. Female and motherly instinct/intuition is very strong. I don’t think I could be with someone my mother didn’t like. It brings tension into the relationship. Man I have so many “I wish I had listened to my mother/friends when they told me not to mess with you” stories. A lot of the times mother does know best.

  468. 468
    and don't forget Cabo!! Says:


    Oh yeah, you know those vacations are a given. And also don’t forget Cabo, that is a BIGGIE for Leo and his women LOL believe me, you will see them spending New Year’s in CABO… just wait and see!! that is MY PREDICTION… just follow the same pattern from his previous relationships and you will be able to map out everything that is going to happen for the next five to six years.!!

  469. 469
    and don't forget Cabo!! Says:


    IMO, Mom always knows best because who is going to love you more than your mom? the answer is NOBODY!!. And I have a feeling that there was some truth to that story about Irmelin not liking Blake.

  470. 470
    @too funny Says:

    @too funny thanks for the link to that article, i read some of the comments and totally forgot that blake has been in acting classes since she was a kid, so, and i don’t mean this in an overly cruel way, but obviously she isn’t very naturally talented. which is something that you could say about half of working actors today. but this idea that i’m supposed to buy her as the next carey mulligan or natalie portman or something is a little too much to take. i mean seriously the girl can’t even talk without sounding like she has marbles in her mouth or something, it’s weird. and again i like to take gossip with a boulder of salt, but you have got to be batsh*t f*cking crazy to believe that she was so good that ben affleck thought she was from boston. i mean i live somewhat near to boston and seriously my ears were bleeding her accent was so off, it was like some crazy 50′s brooklyn sh*t or something. and honestly some people just don’t have a knack for accents, which is perfectly fine, and in my opinion a boston accent is impossible to perfectly emulate unless you have one already. seriously i even thought ben affleck’s accent wasn’t quite right in the town. but my point is that it is perfectly fine to be incapable of doing certain things, but it would be a lot better if you just recognized your limitations and did things within your skill set. which is why blake is perfectly suited to something like gossip girl.

    and all of this sm stuff is super interesting, i’ve always loved psychic predictions and stuff like that. even if it’s completely wrong at least it’s a fun read! but everything i’ve read here rings pretty true to me, i just want to hear more! and seriously anybody who thinks blake is more than just a passing ship is deluding themselves. i did my due diligence as a fan and general crazy person, and compared blake and leo’s astro charts, and they’re pretty incompatible. the funny thing is that (i have way too much time on my hands, i know) i compared leo’s chart to gis and bar, and he was fairly incompatible with them as well. which is yet another reason i buy all of this sm talk and predictions. but hell, i think leo is probably really lucky, i would much rather fall deeply in love with one person in my life than fall in love with more than one person and get my heart broken!

  471. 471
    @too funny Says:

    oh yeah and i just wanted to add two things! first of all i’m not hating on blake because she’s with leo, i disliked her long before this. i disliked her as soon as the mainstream media (ie her PR) tried to sell me on the idea that she is a future academy award winner or something. and secondly, the planets don’t lie people! i love astrology and i like to look at my chart compatibility with anybody i date, and it’s pretty much always been dead on. i even compare my chart to my friends’ charts, and it’s always shown that i would be highly compatible with them, which obviously i am! honestly i like to be kind of skeptical of this kind of stuff, like i’ll keep it in mind but if it winds up being inaccurate i won’t get all bent out of shape. but the thing is, it’s never been inaccurate for me! and seriously, if blake is leo’s soulmate i feel very bad for him, as someone said before she seems like one of the merry wives of stepford.

  472. 472
    too funny Says:

    @@too funny:

    you’re so right about the marbles in the mouth. I knew there was something about her that bugged me. When she talks, it’s like she has marbles in her mouth and also her voice is kinda scratchy.
    I love hearing the predictions too, but I’m not as hopeful as the other girls because I have been reading about this for far too long and it’s always been the same end result. I don’t see him and Blake as being compatible either. I googled her chart and she is ALL Virgo. I mean literally she has all of her major planets in Virgo LOL I have never seen that before. And by the way, that will drive anyone crazy. Virgos can be hell of annoying when it’s just the Sun sign…now imagine having every single planet in Virgo..? what a nightmare. LOL thanks but no thanks!!

  473. 473
    True Says:

    Do you honestly think Leo and Blake relationship will last the 5+ years or end soon before the end of the year. Someone give me an answer please.

  474. 474
    2011 Says:

    @True: It will end this year.

  475. 475
    @too funny Says:

    lol yeah it took forever for me to realize what was up with her, i thought she had some weird speech impediment or something, but i went to see the town with my mom and she was like what is up with that cracked out girl, it sounds like she has a (well my mom used one of the more colorful words for man parts, lol she’s one of those who speaks her mind) in her mouth. and yeah she’s heavily virgo, that’s probably why she bugs the ever living out of me, i’m a sagittarius sun-moon and like three planets, and the rest of my chart is mostly scorpio (like leo, high five for scorpions!) or it could just be because of how “down to earth and normal” she is baking cookies for her costars and stuff. i mean that is a nice thing to do, but don’t talk about it to the press, i dunno it just makes it seem incredibly disingenuous, like you’re not doing it to be nice, but to make people think your nice. and again if you’re learning to cook that’s cool, but don’t try to impress me with it. and seriously if your most impressive skill is the ability to follow directions, that’s pretty sad.

  476. 476
    tweets Says:

    @too funny: you are right. leo is the man of habits and he started a new/old circle again. shortly after a break up he is already involved with another airhead. it speaks a lot that a 37 years old grown a** man can`t be alone for a couple of weeks. he went after the exact same type again. young, up-and-coming, hungry for fame, hungry for a guy who will make her happen, gets attached to him quickly and most importantly is willing to play along and lets him be in charge. model or `actress` it doesn`t matter. she was picked for him just like bar. she might just be way too much attention for him that`s why they are super low key and that`s why it might not last for 5 years ( she is already 24 and looks way older than that ).
    leo is on the top of the world. he is uber famous and he sets the rules and everyone around him plays along. that`s what he likes. he wants someone who fits into that. a soulmate? a regular woman? that requires effort and they would be more like equals. leo is the puppet master and his girlfriend is his toy. a regular woman won`t accept that. you are saying he is going to fall – all of a sudden – for someone completely out of his comfort zone. leo`s life is planned and calculated. his private life=his professional life. he won`t `allow` something like that to happen… you think about him more like a `normal guy` but he isn`t. that`s what he wants everyone to believe. but when you walk into a black tie event in cannes wearing jeans with baseball cap and people still kiss your a**… that guy is not normal. plays according to his own rules.
    someone said earlier – it was kind of a soulmate thing – that something serious, something traumatic ( illness, accident ) has to happen to someone close to him to change him. i kind of agree with that. something has to happen that would bump him out of this vegetative mode he is in. or there`s still the possibility that he is indeed like this…

  477. 477
    @tweets Says:

    @tweets: i think you hit the nail on the head with the whole him liking control thing. i mean there aren’t any female stars that are on his level that i can think of, but he does seem to choose women who are younger and drastically less successful than he is. but on the other hand, the prospect of having someone else have power over you when you have so much power yourself would probably make anybody nervous. and hollyweird is such a strange environment where everyone is trying to take advantage of you, it would make sense to want control over your own situation because you never know what people’s intentions are. there is a reason the guy has had the same friends since he was 12, because they’re people he knows he can trust and who like him for him, not because he’s wildly successful. but i agree it seems very strange that he can’t just be by himself, honestly when all of this started i just thought he wanted to date somebody else immediately so that everyone would realize that he and bar were really over. and i can’t hate on the guy for going out with all these hot women who are after him. i’m a fan of him but i certainly don’t envy him, it must be pretty lonely at the top.

  478. 478
    tweets Says:

    one more thing. he needs a woman who boosts his ego because he is vain. flake was blabbing about her childhood crush on him, premonition of marrying him…etc. a lot of young actresses played that card but fake looks like his type, she is `willing` ( rumors are constant about her willingness in hollywood ) to be his puppy and she is just good for his ego. i bet he loves that. i don`t see this guy fall for a completely different type of woman or even if he meets her he won`t go after her. and i have to stay if this thing is true ( i really don`t want to challenge your beliefs i just don`t think it applies to leo ) she should run away from him because he won`t change. he is destined to be a clooney ( whose girlfriends are at least out of the kiddie pool ) or a jack nicholson.
    and whatever you say it is pretty shocking ( in a negative way ) and sad that his team didn`t deny this latest rumor that involved his beloved mother. you don`t even have to read some of the ( mean ) comments about irmelin ( and leo ), just the post to see how she was pictured. he goes `out of character` with his private life for lively`s cr*ppy movie and wh*res himself out for him but he can`t say a word when it comes to a rumor about his mom? sorry but that`s just wrong.

  479. 479
    London Says:

    Standing ovation if you are reading can you please stay in touch?

  480. 480
    tweets Says:

    @477: you are right. obviously he has trust issue. who wouldn`t have in his shoes? and it`s completely understandable. and that`s one more reason why i don`t think he would go after a soulmate kind of woman ( if she exists for him ). he needs to know before starting dating a woman that he can trust her. i bet that was a requirement when shopping for his next girlfriend. to respect his privacy, not to talk about their private life, avoid paparazzi, be low key…etc. lively was kind of like that. you didn`t see her partying or just frolicking around hollywood before. she is a very professional famewh*re, private life not included.
    by the way has anyone noticed that bar, just like gisele back then, seems to be more relaxed and happy than pre-break up ( while still with leo ). sorry but it is true. and honestly i noticed that lively seems more worn out, way skinnier and way too tanned ( just like bar was a lot ) ever since she started dating him.

  481. 481
    too funny Says:


    I totally agree with you, especially the part about people kissing his ass no matter what he does. There is proof even on here of that. Because he is a “celebrity” in his fans eyes he can do NO WRONG.. You think you are being a “good” and “loyal” fan by accepting everything he does and that’s exactly where the problem lies!! it’s the fans and the groupies that build the distrust in these people and than they get so used to it, that all they know is how to live a FAKE LIFE…fake relationships, fake PR stunts, it’s f*ckin sad, and to them that is perfectly normal.. .Trust me, if Leo were a regular schmo working at CPK or having a regular job, these people wouldn’t be all up his ass the way they are. LOL TRUST ME on that!! Let my broke ass stay broke, but at least I know I don’t have to deal with fake ass people kissing my ass and telling me how wonderful I am every second of every day… I like you because you seem REAL, you aren’t afraid to say exactly what you feel.
    you said that it’s going to take a tragic event to wake him up. Maybe, but I think the tragic event may also be that he’s going to wake up one day and realize that all his friends, everyone around him has moved on with their lives, and he’s still stuck repeating the same pattern, day after day, year after year, like in ground hog day. Nothing ever changes, same relationships, same groupies, same fake PR stunts, day after day, year after year.

  482. 482
    blake the obviously fake Says:

    okay, so i know it seems like i just drank a gallon of blake haterade, but after thinking about it i realized why she irritates me so much. i don’t think that she is a particularly talented actress, but there are plenty of mediocre actresses that i actually kind of admire, because they recognize their own shortcomings, play to their strengths, and don’t try to sell themselves as the next meryl streep. blake, however, seems to love pissing on everyones face and say that it’s raining. like, seriously, there’s probably a handful of actors out there who are truly gifted and capable of playing any role, and she isn’t one of them. and that is perfectly fine! but to act as if you are massively talented when you’re barely mediocre is just insulting the intelligence of everyone who watches you.
    and i don’t like to take rumors at face value generally, but am i genuinely supposed to believe that she isn’t a casting couch actress? if i hear a rumor once, it’s a rumor, but if a rumor persists, well then there is probably fire to accompany all of that smoke. and the fact that all of these people she’s worked with talk about what an amazing actress she is when she clearly is not, well that certainly supports the casting couch theory. i mean hell, even on gossip girl it’s painfully obviously that leighton meester is immensely more talented, and yet blake is the one who gets all the attention? i don’t even think leighton is amazing, but at least she is believable, and more importantly to me she doesn’t seem to have had plastic surgery.
    and on that note, while i know a lot of you think that blake is busted in the face, i actually do think that she is pretty. and i thought she was pretty in the sisterhood of the traveling pants, ie pre plastic surgery. honestly i think the hollywood standard of beauty is crazy, and i hate how so many actresses and singers go out of their way to make themselves more generic. not to go off topic, but for example i think ashlee simpson was much more beautiful pre nose job, i thought her big nose made her more unique and just made me want to look at her more. and now she just looks like everybody else in hollywood. you can say the exact same thing for blake. and honestly i think that plastic surgery is dangerous and usually unnecessary, but it’s moreso the fact that i’m supposed to believe that she hasn’t had any. i mean seriously, DON’T TELL ME SOMETHING ISN’T REAL WHEN I CAN SEE IT WITH MY OWN EYES. and yeah, she has a slammin bod, but she had a nice body before her boob job too. and i’m sorry but is having small boobs really that horrible?! i mean i’m pretty flat chested but it has never bothered me, i figure any person who judges me by my cup size is an idiot, my physical appearance in general is incidental, it has nothing to do with who i am as a person. but i am sick to death of all of these people saying that i need to look and act a certain way to be a valid person. and people like blake make it even worse because they are propagating the idea that not only should i look perfect, but i have to just BE perfect naturally. i dunno it’s just sometimes i wish we had some more interesting stuff to look at instead of a bunch of life sized barbies. and the fact that women like blake are willing to harm themselves in order to fit such a narrow, boring stereotype is pretty crappy.
    and finally, the fact that all of these news outlets are talking about how smitten leo is just goes to show what a manipulative social climber she is. like, i could even buy it if they said he was into her or whatever, but seriously those articles paint her like she’s the second coming of christ or something. nobody on earth is as amazing as they paint her to be! and seriously, people who are truly amazing don’t need to shout how amazing they are to everyone who will listen. ugh and when she was on regis and kelly or whatever talking about banning shark fin sales, it’s just like how pathetic can you possibly be. had she ever mentioned animal rights before? and she has to parrot the guy she likes in order to get him to like her back? maybe i’m overreacting but i just hate it when celebrities jump onto the cause du jour when the couldn’t give a rats ass about it four days ago. ever since blake has been shoved down our throats she has always left a sour taste in my mouth, but now i really can’t stand her. okay rant over!

  483. 483
    @tweets and @too funny Says:

    i agree with both of you how crazy it is to believe that leo is some model of perfection, and agreeing with whatever he does doesn’t make you a good fan. honestly what i like about him is that he does whatever he can for the causes he cares about (and things he cared about before he was a superstar, not just some cause he can stand behind to make himself look good!), but that generally he’s just a normal dude who isn’t perfect and doesn’t always do what people think he should do. lol i like to watch him being interviewed on leno or something looking nervous, because that’s normal! nobody is perfect, and i mean hell i’m an animal rights activist and like to do volunteer work, but i also like to go party with my friends and stuff. and i know how sh*tty i would feel if people said i was a bad person because i like to do things that normal people do, and i honestly can’t believe that he hasn’t gone insane with people scrutinizing everything he does all the time. and if he wants to date women who are in my opinion trashy, well it’s lame but i’m not going to hate on him for it. as long as he makes sweet movies i’ll be a fan!

  484. 484
    sos Says:

    New thread~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~lol it’s the exact opposite of what Us Weekly said same!

  485. 485
    too funny Says:

    @blake the obviously fake:

    I really love your post and I agree 100 percent with this line:

    “people who are truly amazing don’t need to shout how amazing they are to everyone who will listen. ”

    so true, that is what irritates me about her too. The “i’m so perfect, I can cook, i can act, I’m so domestic” crap. Like why are you bragging about that all the time? LOL People who are insecure are the ones who feel the need to brag about how wonderful they are all the time. Someone needs to send that memo to Blake.
    @@tweets and @too funny:

    good post, but I honestly don’t have a problem with him dating women who are trashy. What bothers me is the fake relationships and the PR stunts. I hate to see him being inauthentic in his personal life.. That really bothers me. he’s just been wasting his life away on these fake arrangements, and it’s upsetting when year after year, you watch the same thing unfolding over and over again. I’m like you, I love his movies, love him as an actor. Am looking forward to the Gatsby. :) but I’m still upset of what I’ve witnessed going on in his personal life for the past decade. I’d love to see change, but real change, not fake change LOL

  486. 486
    dreem Says:

    please come back and tell us more !

    @standing ovation!!! : why do u say about the sm that ” how much can one person go through before giving up”?

  487. 487
    showmance = tinkerbell = LMAO Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: ur probably the only true psychic who’s come on this board. Come back immediately !!

  488. 488
    crystal ball? Says:


    why does meeting your twin flame before your ready suck? What happens if you do? Is this what happened with Leo and the sm?

  489. 489
    Mz Kunis Says:

    @crystal ball?: There will be a lot of conflict in the relationship if you meet when you’re not mature. Leo is not mature enough as yet. Leo is working on himself by dating all these woman so that he doesnt act like an @ss to his twin flame because that girl will not be having it.

  490. 490
    Standing Ovation!!! Says:

    @London: Yes London. I’ve emailed you at the findtruth2011.

  491. 491
    crystal ball? Says:

    @Mz Kunis:

    what happens if they meet but don’t date immediately?

  492. 492
    crystal ball? Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!:

    does he know he’s doing this?
    r u mp crystal ball?

  493. 493
    to standing ovation Says:

    can u please stay in touch on my email too…….. it’s

  494. 494
    asian Says:

    scared of Leo’s SM being ASIAN!

  495. 495
    Isnt asian Says:

    Leo’s soulmate isnt asian! Sooorrrrrryyyy!!!!

  496. 496
    psychic or no psychic Says:

    Who knows who she would be. All these people with predictions or whatever work on MAYBES cuz nothing is concrete but what has God planned out for all of us. We just have to wait and see who she is and what all happens to him and his sm. Lets not all jump to any conclusions as yet. Time will reveal everything ITSELF just like it has so far.

  497. 497
    London Says:

    @psychic or no psychic: Phychics have access to that information thats why they are Phychics.

  498. 498
    psychic or no psychic Says:

    @London: BUT they are not GOD. Why r u soooooo offended? just chill dude. ok?

  499. 499
    really Says:

    @asian: shut up with your stupid comments already what’s wrong with leo’s soulmate being asian. When will people stop being so racist it doesnt matter what race anyone is you moron.

  500. 500
    London Says:

    @psychic or no psychic: Who’s offended?

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