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Leonardo DiCaprio & Gerard Butler: Dinner in Italy!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Gerard Butler: Dinner in Italy!

Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys a meal outside with Gerard Butler and others on Saturday (July 9) in Capri, Italy.

Leo, 36, also brought along his mom, Irmelin, for his relaxing vacation, where they all spent their evening eating and chatting with pals.

Gerard, 41, who has been vacationing in Italy as well, went shirtless on a boat ride earlier in the day!

It was recently reported that Leo may star opposite Beyonce in the remake of A Star is Born!

Last month, Leo was one of several celebrities that took part in a campaign to save California’s shark population. Others involved in the cause included Alexander Skarsgard, Ke$ha, Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, and more!

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500 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio & Gerard Butler: Dinner in Italy!”

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  1. 476
    tweets Says:

    @too funny: you are right. leo is the man of habits and he started a new/old circle again. shortly after a break up he is already involved with another airhead. it speaks a lot that a 37 years old grown a** man can`t be alone for a couple of weeks. he went after the exact same type again. young, up-and-coming, hungry for fame, hungry for a guy who will make her happen, gets attached to him quickly and most importantly is willing to play along and lets him be in charge. model or `actress` it doesn`t matter. she was picked for him just like bar. she might just be way too much attention for him that`s why they are super low key and that`s why it might not last for 5 years ( she is already 24 and looks way older than that ).
    leo is on the top of the world. he is uber famous and he sets the rules and everyone around him plays along. that`s what he likes. he wants someone who fits into that. a soulmate? a regular woman? that requires effort and they would be more like equals. leo is the puppet master and his girlfriend is his toy. a regular woman won`t accept that. you are saying he is going to fall – all of a sudden – for someone completely out of his comfort zone. leo`s life is planned and calculated. his private life=his professional life. he won`t `allow` something like that to happen… you think about him more like a `normal guy` but he isn`t. that`s what he wants everyone to believe. but when you walk into a black tie event in cannes wearing jeans with baseball cap and people still kiss your a**… that guy is not normal. plays according to his own rules.
    someone said earlier – it was kind of a soulmate thing – that something serious, something traumatic ( illness, accident ) has to happen to someone close to him to change him. i kind of agree with that. something has to happen that would bump him out of this vegetative mode he is in. or there`s still the possibility that he is indeed like this…

  2. 477
    @tweets Says:

    @tweets: i think you hit the nail on the head with the whole him liking control thing. i mean there aren’t any female stars that are on his level that i can think of, but he does seem to choose women who are younger and drastically less successful than he is. but on the other hand, the prospect of having someone else have power over you when you have so much power yourself would probably make anybody nervous. and hollyweird is such a strange environment where everyone is trying to take advantage of you, it would make sense to want control over your own situation because you never know what people’s intentions are. there is a reason the guy has had the same friends since he was 12, because they’re people he knows he can trust and who like him for him, not because he’s wildly successful. but i agree it seems very strange that he can’t just be by himself, honestly when all of this started i just thought he wanted to date somebody else immediately so that everyone would realize that he and bar were really over. and i can’t hate on the guy for going out with all these hot women who are after him. i’m a fan of him but i certainly don’t envy him, it must be pretty lonely at the top.

  3. 478
    tweets Says:

    one more thing. he needs a woman who boosts his ego because he is vain. flake was blabbing about her childhood crush on him, premonition of marrying him…etc. a lot of young actresses played that card but fake looks like his type, she is `willing` ( rumors are constant about her willingness in hollywood ) to be his puppy and she is just good for his ego. i bet he loves that. i don`t see this guy fall for a completely different type of woman or even if he meets her he won`t go after her. and i have to stay if this thing is true ( i really don`t want to challenge your beliefs i just don`t think it applies to leo ) she should run away from him because he won`t change. he is destined to be a clooney ( whose girlfriends are at least out of the kiddie pool ) or a jack nicholson.
    and whatever you say it is pretty shocking ( in a negative way ) and sad that his team didn`t deny this latest rumor that involved his beloved mother. you don`t even have to read some of the ( mean ) comments about irmelin ( and leo ), just the post to see how she was pictured. he goes `out of character` with his private life for lively`s cr*ppy movie and wh*res himself out for him but he can`t say a word when it comes to a rumor about his mom? sorry but that`s just wrong.

  4. 479
    London Says:

    Standing ovation if you are reading can you please stay in touch?

  5. 480
    tweets Says:

    @477: you are right. obviously he has trust issue. who wouldn`t have in his shoes? and it`s completely understandable. and that`s one more reason why i don`t think he would go after a soulmate kind of woman ( if she exists for him ). he needs to know before starting dating a woman that he can trust her. i bet that was a requirement when shopping for his next girlfriend. to respect his privacy, not to talk about their private life, avoid paparazzi, be low key…etc. lively was kind of like that. you didn`t see her partying or just frolicking around hollywood before. she is a very professional famewh*re, private life not included.
    by the way has anyone noticed that bar, just like gisele back then, seems to be more relaxed and happy than pre-break up ( while still with leo ). sorry but it is true. and honestly i noticed that lively seems more worn out, way skinnier and way too tanned ( just like bar was a lot ) ever since she started dating him.

  6. 481
    too funny Says:


    I totally agree with you, especially the part about people kissing his ass no matter what he does. There is proof even on here of that. Because he is a “celebrity” in his fans eyes he can do NO WRONG.. You think you are being a “good” and “loyal” fan by accepting everything he does and that’s exactly where the problem lies!! it’s the fans and the groupies that build the distrust in these people and than they get so used to it, that all they know is how to live a FAKE LIFE…fake relationships, fake PR stunts, it’s f*ckin sad, and to them that is perfectly normal.. .Trust me, if Leo were a regular schmo working at CPK or having a regular job, these people wouldn’t be all up his ass the way they are. LOL TRUST ME on that!! Let my broke ass stay broke, but at least I know I don’t have to deal with fake ass people kissing my ass and telling me how wonderful I am every second of every day… I like you because you seem REAL, you aren’t afraid to say exactly what you feel.
    you said that it’s going to take a tragic event to wake him up. Maybe, but I think the tragic event may also be that he’s going to wake up one day and realize that all his friends, everyone around him has moved on with their lives, and he’s still stuck repeating the same pattern, day after day, year after year, like in ground hog day. Nothing ever changes, same relationships, same groupies, same fake PR stunts, day after day, year after year.

  7. 482
    blake the obviously fake Says:

    okay, so i know it seems like i just drank a gallon of blake haterade, but after thinking about it i realized why she irritates me so much. i don’t think that she is a particularly talented actress, but there are plenty of mediocre actresses that i actually kind of admire, because they recognize their own shortcomings, play to their strengths, and don’t try to sell themselves as the next meryl streep. blake, however, seems to love pissing on everyones face and say that it’s raining. like, seriously, there’s probably a handful of actors out there who are truly gifted and capable of playing any role, and she isn’t one of them. and that is perfectly fine! but to act as if you are massively talented when you’re barely mediocre is just insulting the intelligence of everyone who watches you.
    and i don’t like to take rumors at face value generally, but am i genuinely supposed to believe that she isn’t a casting couch actress? if i hear a rumor once, it’s a rumor, but if a rumor persists, well then there is probably fire to accompany all of that smoke. and the fact that all of these people she’s worked with talk about what an amazing actress she is when she clearly is not, well that certainly supports the casting couch theory. i mean hell, even on gossip girl it’s painfully obviously that leighton meester is immensely more talented, and yet blake is the one who gets all the attention? i don’t even think leighton is amazing, but at least she is believable, and more importantly to me she doesn’t seem to have had plastic surgery.
    and on that note, while i know a lot of you think that blake is busted in the face, i actually do think that she is pretty. and i thought she was pretty in the sisterhood of the traveling pants, ie pre plastic surgery. honestly i think the hollywood standard of beauty is crazy, and i hate how so many actresses and singers go out of their way to make themselves more generic. not to go off topic, but for example i think ashlee simpson was much more beautiful pre nose job, i thought her big nose made her more unique and just made me want to look at her more. and now she just looks like everybody else in hollywood. you can say the exact same thing for blake. and honestly i think that plastic surgery is dangerous and usually unnecessary, but it’s moreso the fact that i’m supposed to believe that she hasn’t had any. i mean seriously, DON’T TELL ME SOMETHING ISN’T REAL WHEN I CAN SEE IT WITH MY OWN EYES. and yeah, she has a slammin bod, but she had a nice body before her boob job too. and i’m sorry but is having small boobs really that horrible?! i mean i’m pretty flat chested but it has never bothered me, i figure any person who judges me by my cup size is an idiot, my physical appearance in general is incidental, it has nothing to do with who i am as a person. but i am sick to death of all of these people saying that i need to look and act a certain way to be a valid person. and people like blake make it even worse because they are propagating the idea that not only should i look perfect, but i have to just BE perfect naturally. i dunno it’s just sometimes i wish we had some more interesting stuff to look at instead of a bunch of life sized barbies. and the fact that women like blake are willing to harm themselves in order to fit such a narrow, boring stereotype is pretty crappy.
    and finally, the fact that all of these news outlets are talking about how smitten leo is just goes to show what a manipulative social climber she is. like, i could even buy it if they said he was into her or whatever, but seriously those articles paint her like she’s the second coming of christ or something. nobody on earth is as amazing as they paint her to be! and seriously, people who are truly amazing don’t need to shout how amazing they are to everyone who will listen. ugh and when she was on regis and kelly or whatever talking about banning shark fin sales, it’s just like how pathetic can you possibly be. had she ever mentioned animal rights before? and she has to parrot the guy she likes in order to get him to like her back? maybe i’m overreacting but i just hate it when celebrities jump onto the cause du jour when the couldn’t give a rats ass about it four days ago. ever since blake has been shoved down our throats she has always left a sour taste in my mouth, but now i really can’t stand her. okay rant over!

  8. 483
    @tweets and @too funny Says:

    i agree with both of you how crazy it is to believe that leo is some model of perfection, and agreeing with whatever he does doesn’t make you a good fan. honestly what i like about him is that he does whatever he can for the causes he cares about (and things he cared about before he was a superstar, not just some cause he can stand behind to make himself look good!), but that generally he’s just a normal dude who isn’t perfect and doesn’t always do what people think he should do. lol i like to watch him being interviewed on leno or something looking nervous, because that’s normal! nobody is perfect, and i mean hell i’m an animal rights activist and like to do volunteer work, but i also like to go party with my friends and stuff. and i know how sh*tty i would feel if people said i was a bad person because i like to do things that normal people do, and i honestly can’t believe that he hasn’t gone insane with people scrutinizing everything he does all the time. and if he wants to date women who are in my opinion trashy, well it’s lame but i’m not going to hate on him for it. as long as he makes sweet movies i’ll be a fan!

  9. 484
    sos Says:

    New thread~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~lol it’s the exact opposite of what Us Weekly said same!

  10. 485
    too funny Says:

    @blake the obviously fake:

    I really love your post and I agree 100 percent with this line:

    “people who are truly amazing don’t need to shout how amazing they are to everyone who will listen. ”

    so true, that is what irritates me about her too. The “i’m so perfect, I can cook, i can act, I’m so domestic” crap. Like why are you bragging about that all the time? LOL People who are insecure are the ones who feel the need to brag about how wonderful they are all the time. Someone needs to send that memo to Blake.
    @@tweets and @too funny:

    good post, but I honestly don’t have a problem with him dating women who are trashy. What bothers me is the fake relationships and the PR stunts. I hate to see him being inauthentic in his personal life.. That really bothers me. he’s just been wasting his life away on these fake arrangements, and it’s upsetting when year after year, you watch the same thing unfolding over and over again. I’m like you, I love his movies, love him as an actor. Am looking forward to the Gatsby. :) but I’m still upset of what I’ve witnessed going on in his personal life for the past decade. I’d love to see change, but real change, not fake change LOL

  11. 486
    dreem Says:

    please come back and tell us more !

    @standing ovation!!! : why do u say about the sm that ” how much can one person go through before giving up”?

  12. 487
    showmance = tinkerbell = LMAO Says:

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: ur probably the only true psychic who’s come on this board. Come back immediately !!

  13. 488
    crystal ball? Says:


    why does meeting your twin flame before your ready suck? What happens if you do? Is this what happened with Leo and the sm?

  14. 489
    Mz Kunis Says:

    @crystal ball?: There will be a lot of conflict in the relationship if you meet when you’re not mature. Leo is not mature enough as yet. Leo is working on himself by dating all these woman so that he doesnt act like an @ss to his twin flame because that girl will not be having it.

  15. 490
    Standing Ovation!!! Says:

    @London: Yes London. I’ve emailed you at the findtruth2011.

  16. 491
    crystal ball? Says:

    @Mz Kunis:

    what happens if they meet but don’t date immediately?

  17. 492
    crystal ball? Says:

    @Standing Ovation!!!:

    does he know he’s doing this?
    r u mp crystal ball?

  18. 493
    to standing ovation Says:

    can u please stay in touch on my email too…….. it’s

  19. 494
    asian Says:

    scared of Leo’s SM being ASIAN!

  20. 495
    Isnt asian Says:

    Leo’s soulmate isnt asian! Sooorrrrrryyyy!!!!

  21. 496
    psychic or no psychic Says:

    Who knows who she would be. All these people with predictions or whatever work on MAYBES cuz nothing is concrete but what has God planned out for all of us. We just have to wait and see who she is and what all happens to him and his sm. Lets not all jump to any conclusions as yet. Time will reveal everything ITSELF just like it has so far.

  22. 497
    London Says:

    @psychic or no psychic: Phychics have access to that information thats why they are Phychics.

  23. 498
    psychic or no psychic Says:

    @London: BUT they are not GOD. Why r u soooooo offended? just chill dude. ok?

  24. 499
    really Says:

    @asian: shut up with your stupid comments already what’s wrong with leo’s soulmate being asian. When will people stop being so racist it doesnt matter what race anyone is you moron.

  25. 500
    London Says:

    @psychic or no psychic: Who’s offended?

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