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Leonardo DiCaprio & Gerard Butler: Dinner in Italy!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Gerard Butler: Dinner in Italy!

Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys a meal outside with Gerard Butler and others on Saturday (July 9) in Capri, Italy.

Leo, 36, also brought along his mom, Irmelin, for his relaxing vacation, where they all spent their evening eating and chatting with pals.

Gerard, 41, who has been vacationing in Italy as well, went shirtless on a boat ride earlier in the day!

It was recently reported that Leo may star opposite Beyonce in the remake of A Star is Born!

Last month, Leo was one of several celebrities that took part in a campaign to save California’s shark population. Others involved in the cause included Alexander Skarsgard, Ke$ha, Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, and more!

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  • raven

    @chiming in: Thanks for the support. Leo better not let some other guy come between him and his soulmate. I agree with you as well, I like seeing the silly side of him instead of hearing the other gossip. I liked the predictions as well, although everyone has a different interpretation they were positive and nice to read.

    @well I never: Hi! *waves* I agree I would like to see him with someone with an edge to them, maybe that wouldn’t bore him.

    @it’s been happening: I also think that timing is what is preventing them meeting. Maybe the are not supposed to meet yet? Maybe they still have lessons to learn before they meet? who knows it could be many things? I do hope they eventually meet and soon. I do think that he needs someone very supportive to be his life partner because of all the drama and selfish people in the entertainment industry. I liked your comment about his sm being watched by other guys, lol. I liked your thoughts about what you think she might be like, what makes you believe she will be like you say? I hope its true though. I would love to see him with a smart woman that does not need his money or fame for advancement.

  • LMAO

    A Leo+Bradley Cooper sighting from People. Seems like Leo hangs out a lot with bachelor Bradley. There were tweets about Leo out in LA yesterday without Fake Blake. He was apparently in a museum ( with Lukas? ) and went to see a movie. The bellazon stalkers have the tweets.
    Interesting that People added that little question right at the beginning of the sighting…

    ` Where’s Blake? Leonardo DiCaprio added a new member to his posse – Bradley Cooper – during a night out at Beacher’s Madhouse inside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The guys snuck into the club before 1 a.m. and took a seat in the front row for the vaudeville show. DiCaprio cheered for the burlesque performers and seemed more animated than usual. Grabbing Cooper’s attention? The same troop of burlesque dancers.`

  • HAHA

    He was never going out with blake when are you going to remember tou musnt be so gullible.

  • HAHA

    He was never going out with blake when are you going to remember you musnt be so gullible. As if he’d ever go out with her he’s not that stupid.

  • CeCe

    Is Leo in New york or L.A and when is he going to Australia to film movie.

  • nobody wants it 2 b true

    everybody’s waiting for Leo soulmate but nobody really is wanting it to be so. i was wrong to have ever posted here, or to trash bar or flake. but it’s true, when u guys r told something, u just want something else. No girl of Leo’s ever going to be good enough here. Even the soulmate will be trashed here cos u guys are never going to admit that someone is actually Leo’s soulmate. I kind of feel that i know who his soulmate is, but coz i’ve been doubted and suppressed in my opinion and told over and over again that i m wrong and charged with allegations directly on here, i’m starting to feel u guys don’t want Leo to be with his soulmate, if she exists at all and lets juts leave it to that. Let Fate decide where and with whom he’s going to end up with. Psychics are no God. U all want Leo to find his soulmate and marry her, ask the girl too u know, maybe she’s not where he is.

  • showmance is tinkerbell

    @nobody wants it 2 b true: I am sorry, but whats ur moniker? And why have u been trashed before? But I agree But do tell for people like me who are neutral and just fans, who do u think is his soulmate? And what do u mean by – “maybe sh’s not where he is” ?

  • @207

    Showmance is NOT tinkerbell, FYI.
    Enough with the soulmate stuff. Leo is simply too shallow and self centered to be with a real woman, a soulmate. Get used to the idea! Leo is the kind of guy who falls for someone like Blake Lively or Bar Refaeli. Deal with it! He is not any better than his latest two girlfriends and probably that`s why Gisele made the right decision and kicked him out.
    PS: Leo was seen with Blake out for dinner in LA twice recently so clearly he is still with her. That`s says it all about him!

  • CeCe

    @@207: How do you know he was with Blake do you know him personally!

  • @209

    Come on! Now we have to know him personally to believe that he is still with her? There were twitter sightings of them two nights. I know you`ll say tweets are not reliable but what would make you think they are not together anymore? Leo is not well known for flings… It`s hard to accept that fact that he is indeed this shallow and dumb, right?

  • cute

    I think Leo is cute, but when I tell my friends that Leo is so hot they think I am crazy! They say he is Gay or ugly. All my guy friends think he is so gay. I still think he is cute.

  • its not you

    @nobody wants it 2 b true: you are not his soulmate!

  • haha

    @its not you: If Leo got together with Kate Winslett, there would still be haters here! people who are not contented with their own lives live through other people, Leo is the one they can dream about and fantasise about, they are not really fans just dreamers

  • Horses For Courses

    UH- HUH! NOW this one we hope is true! Sounds like he’s lacing up his running shoes!!

    Dear Blake,

    FYI- you declare to the world that you not only want to land him as a husband- but your actually actively working toward it then 99% men are going to go ice cold. Just a heads up

  • Horses For Courses

    UH-HUH!! NOW this one we hope is true! sounds like our boy is lacing up his running shoes!!

    FYI miss Lively- when you publicly declare to the world that you not only want to ‘land’ the guy as a husband but your also actually working and scheming to achieve it- then YES most men are going to go stone cold

  • Horses For Courses

    Sorry for double was told the 1st didn’t go through

  • classic leo

    @Horses For Courses: @Horses For Courses: classic leo, goodness is that you feel sorry for blake but one really tends to laugh at it all. Blake knew he was with bar when he started chasing her. She gave in and got shot on yacht and in italy disregarding another woman’s feeling.

  • Horses For Courses

    Here’s another- not sure of validity of site- their grammar is atrocious: but heres the link:

  • my astro utopia

    Don’t let these twitter sightings fool you, in the bigger picture it means nothing. Whether these twitter sightings are real or not, Leo and Blake will be over this summer. Yes, its true that Leo does have a soulmate and when they get together it will seem like such an out of the blue scenario that people are going to be wondering wtf?!?! She is completely unknown to the celeb world and I’m now getting that Leo actually knows this girl already, so what might seem new and speedy to us has actually been a long time coming. He knows her but he doesnt “see her” AS YET! Think about that statement for a minute. Leo is going to have a thunderbolt AWAKENING where he will step up to the plate pretty darn quickly. It is Leo’s destiny to be with his soulmate, there is no other, there is no Plan B.
    As soon as you see this girl with Leo you will know that she’s the soulmate, not only because of the chemistry between these two but also because this will be a very stimulating relationship for us as well. People will be extremely drawn to them as a couple. Leo will be very protective of this girl and he will step up and be a man unlike in his past relationships. One major difference in the way that Leo will treat his soulmate and the way he treats his other girlfriends is that he WON’T be running away from the paps leaving the girl to fend for herself.
    Why would you run away from someone that is essentially apart of you?! Together THEY ARE ONE and this is why he would never leave her behind. He will be holding this girls hand constantly from the beginning to eternity, it doesnt matter if they’re on the red carpet or an ordinary street. Public displays of affection will be very omnipresent in this relationship but it wont be the kind that will gross people out. He will live up to his name and be quite the lion and be very protective of this girl. You don’t have to believe me but it matters not as what the wheels of fate have already set in motion is coming to an end for the groundwork of this relationship and out born from this will be a physical manifestation for all to see. A little birdie told me that this year will be an interesting one for Mr. Leo DiCaprio.

  • HAHA

    @my astro utopia: So how do you get your feelings? Dreams? Flashes? Instincts?

  • Linz

    I don’t think the twitter posting are as reliable as we want them to be. Unless I see pictures I don’t believe the twitter crap. My personal opinion is they are cooling off. We really haven’t seen any pictures since the middle of June. That tells a lot! Personally he can do so much better! The rumors of marriage are hilarious.The fact that she wants to marry him is hilarious! Doesn’t she know him at all?! If Leo is smart he is getting his running shoes ready

  • raven

    @my astro utopia: that was beautiful to read! when you say he knows her but does not see her, what do you mean? Does it mean he knows her personally but doesn’t see her as a girlfriend right now, or does it mean he knows her spiritually but has yet to meet her in person? I can’t wait to see him being protective over her, aww! Could you tell us something about her? Yeah, I hope it happens soon!!

  • bar

    Maybe he’s doing his shoelaces up to run back into the arms of Bar lol

  • @@207

    @@207: you are the only one here with any sense at all!

  • happy

    @Horses For Courses: thanks a lot for ur links i hope thier break up officialy comes out right now forever in jj and others too!oh god thanks!
    @my astro utopia: darling thank u so so so soooooooooooooo much! these predictions r like water in desert! i love it and i def wish all these good predictions about leo and his sm be true and come in reall right now!
    @bar: leo is done with br forever and be with bl just for showing he is really broke up with bar forever in public and show it to br everything is over forever and ever!

  • http://deleted happy

    @raven: im not my astro utopia just i feel astro wants to say leo knows her spiritually but( somehow) doesnt meet her personally yet! but i hope astro answer ur question because it is the question of a lots!it seems all future tellers say the truth because all say the one as i know!just about time i dont know what really goes on!

  • MissPlaceCrystalBallHere

    Disclaimer: This is what I have seen, over several years. I take nothing too seriously. I could be getting messages, I could have a funny subconscious, an awesome imagination, or I could be outing myself as a nut. Meh, whatever. At the very least, be entertained.

    Leo, his mother, and his soulmate each have much karma to work through together. Think a “Psyche and Eros” kind of story. (It’s even more fitting as Leo’s mother is supposedly born on Valentine’s Day.) One of Leo’s main issues is never feeling loved for who he truly is, but more for what he is. There is no doubt Leo’s mother is influential with her son. She is the number one woman in his life and dethroning her takes some nerve to even imagine. Anyone ever date a mama’s boy? Then you know. His soulmate is daunted by almost everything about Leo. His fame, his money, the women, his mother, and his apparent inability to truly commit. Even the crap people are waiting to throw at this woman already is worrying. Her looks, her background, everything about her will be dissected, maybe even vilified if she is not a supermodel with three PhDs. If you’re not a gold-digger, who would be eager for that? She is aware of him and what he is to her, but she is wary of the world he lives in. She is an intelligent woman (gifted with words and music, but not as a career), is his equal in every way that matters, will make him want to be the best version of himself possible (and he will do the same for her), but the road there looks like the happy-trail to Mick Jagger’s peen: Not a fun one to follow at all. Add on top of that the past karmic b.s. to work through, and it might be that one or all of them will just think “Yeah, I’ll get back to you….Next life for sure.”

    Leo’s soulmate is a bit of an enigma. I feel that the spirit world has all but slapped her in the face with a “That’s HIM!!!” sign, but she’s not ready, feels he isn’t, and is just trying to work on herself. Not getting details, but she has been emotionally wounded to the point where trusting seems too dangerous to her. And yet, she is so bright, I get a sense of her being simply a beautiful soul. If you know her, you will love her, but she is not an easy one to know. She has a lot of light around and within her, but there is also a definite dark side. Not evil, just hidden and subversive. Darkly funny, even. Like Leo. I once had a vision (such a cheesy word) while meditating with medicinal herbs (think outside the box before you judge), and it was like I was watching a dream she and Leo were both in. She shared her sadness with him, told him about her life, and “Dream Leo” became the typical knight in shining armor basically telling her to “name names.” Dream Leo reassured her, said he’d protect her from everything, told her “I will give up all of them for one of you.” It was quite an experience. I can remember what she looks like, but don’t feel comfortable going in to details because she’ll get enough comments on that if she appears in his life and looks as I’ve seen, and I didn’t see her clearly. But roughly, in the dream, physically, she was not tall (about 5’5″-5’7″), she had dark hair, was not of his race (controversy over this is a fear of hers), and had the accent of someone who moved to the US young but still pronounced certain words as they did in their country of origin. I don’t remember thinking “God, paper bag, stat!” But I didn’t see her clearly anyway, if she even looks like I saw. *See disclaimer.*

    (I should actually be using the words twin flame when talking about Leo and his mate because we can have several soulmates, but one twin flame. There is no other like this for you. And that’s what she is to him, and vice versa.)

    One other thing I do get the impression of is that Leo has competition for this girl. (Sometimes in life, you will prefer to be with a soulmate over your twin flame if things are too complicated to resolve with your twin in your current incarnation.) There is a bizarre love-triangle of sorts. This other helped Leo’s mate up when she was down, and she has a strong spiritual connection to him because of that. Plus, this other reads pretty awesome in his own right. Not in terms of what he has in the bank, but he is a powerful personality. Leo is THE match, but this guy would be the best friend you want to lick every now and then. I don’t feel she’s met this other in this life yet, but he’s there.

    Blake Lively is not his twin flame. It might be a PR deal, it might be a fling, it might be both, but eventually the reality of being together will set in and they will see that they have fallen for matter and not spirit. Bar had at least one past life love experience with Leo, and they were meant to find each other in this lifetime to remember how it’s NOT supposed to be, and to become aware of the shadow areas of their personalities. All of the women he has been with have been there to prepare him for his true mate. Meeting your twin flame before you’re ready sucks

  • Love it!!


    I got goosebumps when I was reading your predictions.. thanks for sharing that with us. Personally, I would love to see Leo with someone of another race, as a non-white fan, I wouldn’t mind it at all! It’s already two people that have mentioned that on here, so you guys must be on to something. I hope your predictions come true in this lifetime!!

  • loved it too

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere:thanks for sharing. Is Leo aware of this girl now? Does he know that she exist? Or he has yet to meet her?!?

  • Soap Opera Already!

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: Thank you crystal, much appreciated. Didnt another reader said that his soulmate would be someone that a lot of guys would be seeking attention from?!?So she has another soulmate out there for her?! Drama! Leo better watch it! :)

  • MissPlaceCrystalBallHere

    I would never call myself a psychic, and the only reason I posted was because this is a recurring message I pick up on and apparently I’m not the only one. Life is strange, who knows what “real” even means. The stigma with the word “psychic” is too much for me. Since none of you know me, I post freely. I also get the feeling Leo’s mate has been to this site. The constant hate towards any of his gfs must be heartwarming to her. No pressure, love!

    Anyway, I do get the impression he’s aware of her, but more in a “met on the astral plane,” “dreaming of you” kind of way. I don’t believe he has met her in the flesh in this life. I say that mainly because I feel you would see drastic changes in him simply from encountering and knowing this woman. I don’t mean like him suddenly smiling for paparazzi photos, but as in he will become, well, mature, I guess. Not boring or radically different, but he will never allow himself to be put in a position that might embarrass his mate or make her worry about his intentions. He has never been in love, I think, and when he sees that he is, he will not let anything jeopardize his relationship. Plus, I believe his woman would not tolerate it. She does have insecurities, but she’s not a doormat. And she’s at a place spiritually where I feel she could very well just watch him live his life without her and be content just knowing he’s alive, in good health, and at least having fun. For them to even have a chance, he will have to change some of those hardcore bachelor ways. No man in love goes to a club as often as he does.

    It’s ironic. The very things that make him one of the most desirable men in the world are the same things that make his mate wary of him. It’s not all on Leo, though. She has to face her demons too. And let go of a lot of crap.

    This isn’t all I could say, but I think I’ve said enough already. It’s a bit cool and unnerving that other people have had similar intuitions. Good luck to Leo and his mate, though.

  • cool

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: what kinda demons does she have?

  • MissPlaceCrystalBallHere

    @232 Marilyn Monroe kind of demons, I feel. Somebody once said that Marilyn Monroe played the best game with the worst hand dealt in the game of life, and I get the same impression with Leo’s mate. (If you ignore the gossip about Monroe, you’ll see she was a lovely person, more than just a pretty face, but that’s another story.) On one hand, I believe she’s as magnetic as they come, but I don’t think she believes she’s really loved. Somehow it’s been reinforced that she isn’t worth all the fuss. I feel she’s an old soul, and a misunderstood person. I didn’t say everything that happened in that “dream vision” I had because some of it is just frigging depressing and could be misinterpreted even if it somehow proved to be true. She is someone who only wants love out of life. The kind who would live in a hole with the man she loved, but life has not been an awesome experience for her. That’s what I feel.

    Also, she would not make herself known to Leo if she thought it would hurt him in any way. Even in the most superficial ways. If he wouldn’t get an Oscar because some white-supremacist wouldn’t vote for him, she’d wait until he won to say “Hi.” Or be the secret gf. She doesn’t want to ride his coattails, doesn’t want his money, doesn’t want anything but the man. Lots of people would go to Heaven to get their mate, but she’s the type who would go to Hell if needed. I wish they would get together. I don’t feel it’s for sure that they will get together, though.

  • cool

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: it seems like leo has the same kinda demons though…it both seems that they’re looking for love…but I think Leo is looking in the wrong places…like you said no one knows you on here so please go ahead and share more. You could be wrong you could be right so what difference does it make? So many people have spoken on this topic and I don’t think anyone has the whole picture but people do have bits and pieces Im sure…
    Since you dont want to go into details about what this girl looks like can you tell us about what she likes to do? Her personality? Why will Leo be so much into her?!

  • MissPlaceCrystalBallHere

    He would be into her because she does not get off on the fact that he is Leonardo DiCaprio, actor extraordinaire. To her, he would be the funniest, sexiest, most interesting man simply because of who he is when no one else is around. And he would love her because in her he would find one of the the most humbling, generous, kind, naturally intelligent, and instinctively sexy human beings he’s ever met. Leo is a human, but he is an extraordinary human being, and his mate is the same. They are both people who leave a strong impression on others because they have a larger than life aura. Even though his parents didn’t live happily ever after together, Leo is blessed in them because they let him be who he wanted to be. The mate wasn’t so lucky. If anything I’ve felt is true, this woman had to battle from young just to be who she wanted to be. Again, I feel weird going into detail, but I get the “underdog” feeling from her. A strong character, but how much can one person take before they just give up? I’m not a fan of the woman who needs to be saved, and I don’t feel that this is the type of woman who looks to a man to save her, but, from what I’ve intuited and felt, she deserves a happy “Cinderella” ending. She seems to be the kind of soul who came in just wanting to live and let live, and got her @ss handed to her. Also, the other man who wants her is very hard to ignore. This other man was there for her when she needed, and it’s difficult for her to forget him spiritually. Even though she recognizes Leo, she also holds back because she holds it against Leo that this other man was there when he wasn’t. Even if that’s irrational, I feel it’s true. I can’t stress how attractive a spirit this woman has. She is almost like a beacon of light in darkness. I believe that’s why a lot of pain has come her way as well.

    Again, that’s just my intuition. If it feels off to you, trust in yourself.

  • cool

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: didnt you say that she didnt meet this other man in this life yet? So how could he be there for her when Leo wasnt if she hasnt met him in this life?!? And dont worry about what you’re revealing.. You might be wrong like you said so who cares? And if you’re right, there must be a reason you have this info to “put it out there” I know many on here like to hear about this stuff instead of the other crap.

  • MissPlaceCrystalBallHere

    I meant that the other was someone she hasn’t met in this life yet, but when she did know him, he was a source of strength for her and she has not forgotten him spiritually. You know how you meet some people, and without knowing why, you like them? Almost like you knew them in a past life and they were one of your favorite people? I feel this other is like that for her. She doesn’t know him yet in this life, but if she were ever to meet him again, there would be a strong bond, and it might be strong enough to make her desire to be with him. It seems that it would be easier with him, but it would eventually be more fulfilling to be with Leo.

  • cool

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: oooohhhhhh I get you…:) I think what you’re saying has a lot of truths to it. Do you think this girl went through a lot of different relationships like how Leo has?

  • MissPlaceCrystalBallHere

    I have never had the impression that she has had many relationships. I don’t believe she is a virgin, but I don’t think the number of people she’s been with can be counted on more than one hand. Not because she’s a prude, but because she doesn’t appear “easy” to handle. She seems to be the sort who can’t enjoy sex unless she thinks she’s in love, and she doesn’t fall in love easily. *insert trust issues here.”

    By the way, thank you, cool, for asking the questions. I’ve wanted to discuss this with someone, but I’m sane enough to know how strange it seems to believe you’re getting messages about celebrities lives. Now i just need someone to question me on Brad and Angelina, and my rambling spleen will be clean.

  • http://dreem dreem

    what’s the deal with brad and angelina and how’s it relate to leo and the sm?
    how has the spirit world shown leo’s sm that it’s “HIM”???

  • http://dreem dreem


    please see comment above thx

  • cool

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: hey missplacecrystal, I know you said that you’re not psychic and I respect that but can I ask you a question about my own personal past life if thats ok? Is there an email that you can make up where I can talk to you!?

  • cool

    @dreem: Brad and Angelina has absolutely nothing to do with Leo and his sm. There is your answer.

  • MissPlaceCrystalBallHere

    Not to derail a Leo thread, but I’ll briefly touch on Brad and Angelina. First off, I actually like Angelina. She doesn’t have to do half the charity work she does (but if you’re a cynic you’ll say she knows she’d better do at least half if she doesn’t want to be crucified as a homewrecker.) She is definitely one of those beautiful but insecure women. Anyway, from what my mind has picked up on or I’ve been shown, Aniston was the real deal for Pitt on any plane of existence. Pitt bought into the Angelina image, and she is an awesome woman, but it’s almost like they were karmic enemies in a past life, and now all of that energy, when coming from the male-to-female alignment, proved to be too attractive to deny, obviously. (Astrologically, squares, or tense synastric aspects between charts can be as attractive as harmonious ones.) Jolie is a soulmate for Pitt, but they’re relationship is about more than the two of them together. They are meant to bring a bigger message to the world about unity. Aniston is the woman Pitt would be happy scratching his @ss on a beach with, or anywhere else. Jolie is the one who will help him enlighten the world, bring about a broader meaning of love and family. I believe in soul contracts, and I believe Angelina and Brad both wanted to bring a message of unity in diversity to the world. Doesn’t mean she is his twin flame. Just the one best suited for this path.

    About how the spirit world showed Leo’s mate he was the one: I feel she dreams of him. This from dreams/visions/ughwhatever I’ve felt like a voyeur in. And she hates “Titanic.” I don’t get that she’s a fan, really. She thinks he’s a good actor, but with a “So what?” feeling to it. She is a humanitarian at heart, and doesn’t hold much stock in the entertainment business. “So you think you can dance? Great, do something to feed the hungry now.”

    I know I’m repeating myself, but even though I’m speaking like it’s fact, that’s only because saying “I might be a lunatic but” all the time would be too annoying to read. Looking forward to what others might be picking up on.

  • chica

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: MissPlace you’ve come to the right place because thats all people want to talk about here believe it or not many do not think you’re crazy and just wish the best girl FOR HIM… I hope you will stick around for awhile. It would be cool if we could have a site just to discuss Leo and his future soulmate and keep the jj trolls out. Somebody make one please..

  • Ethnicity?

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: we’ve had everything here from purple to gray so to speak so you telling us actually wont spill the beans but it is still fun to read as many people here dont take things seriously…we still wouldnt know. I’m very curious as to what she looked like to you and is her age closer to Leo’s?!?.

  • Brad & Angie

    For those who want information on Brad and Angie… they are together to show the world what you can do with being a celebrity , helping others… They have an agreement together but its about to end. Yes, they’re going to break up but it wont be nasty. They will still remain friends. They have retrospective soulmates waiting for them too.

  • Sex Life?

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: Can you tell us about their sex life? Will Leo bring it? Or will he be a dud in bed?!

  • http://dreem dreem


    she dreams of him? that’s it? Im sure many girls DREAM of him. how’s that set her apart? that’s not much of sign if any…and that could be ANYONE.

    also, do u know her astrology synastry with him?

  • True

    @dreem: lots of people dream of Leo! lol Heck, I dream of leo and I’m NOT his soulmate…