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Leonardo DiCaprio & Gerard Butler: Dinner in Italy!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Gerard Butler: Dinner in Italy!

Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys a meal outside with Gerard Butler and others on Saturday (July 9) in Capri, Italy.

Leo, 36, also brought along his mom, Irmelin, for his relaxing vacation, where they all spent their evening eating and chatting with pals.

Gerard, 41, who has been vacationing in Italy as well, went shirtless on a boat ride earlier in the day!

It was recently reported that Leo may star opposite Beyonce in the remake of A Star is Born!

Last month, Leo was one of several celebrities that took part in a campaign to save California’s shark population. Others involved in the cause included Alexander Skarsgard, Ke$ha, Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, and more!

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  • MissPlaceCrystalBallHere

    @ dreem

    I don’t mean I’m a voyeur in a dream where she’s having sex with him. Even I’ve had dreams of passing by him and giving a squeeze. There are weirder things I could say, like the numerological matchups, astrology sync ups from when I felt she was born, but that is just too much to get into for me. And truly, something is telling me to shut the hell up. Maybe that’s shame, or some higher spirit. My mind is open. You’re already judging what I’m telling you, so what’s the point of saying anything more? I came here to just express what I’ve felt has been strange but true for me, and don’t have to justify anything to anyone if it’s not enough for them. Good night, it’s late where I am.

  • http://dreem dreem


    my apologies if I came across judgmental- your insight is fascinating, just didn’t understand that post. Could you please explain what kind of astrology sync ups and numerology? I am studying these and am excited someone here knows about it, esp in regards to leo.
    thanks! :)

  • Ethnicity

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: PLEASE DON’T SHUT UP, we’re all having fun here….just ignore people if they dont believe…can you tell us the astro make up and ethnicity of this girl?!? If you dont believe it find! We can all believe different things. Can you tell us some more weird things! :)

  • @MissPlace

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: if you don’t tell us who are you going to tell? I’m sure no one in your real life cares about this, what better place to give your input but on a Leo thread?!?! More want you to stay than go. I’m sure when mother teresa was alive there were people that didnt like her…now one is going to agree with anyone 100 percent so relax and SPILL!

  • Signs

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: what astro signs do you see for her? Thanx

  • http://dreem dreem

    actually everyone here likes you & your input. It just sparks imagination & questions as it is new to most.

  • before you go for good

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: can you tell us the numerological matchups, astrology sync ups and stuff from when she was born, there was a poster on here before called “Bar vs. Soulmate” and he said a whole lot about Leo and his sm matching up even down to her name meant something. Can we hear what you have to say. I wish I could find that post to show you…it might convince you to stay around!! Maybe someone can resurrect that post.

  • Love it!!


    omg, I’m really loving all the insights you gave us today. I’m gone for a few hours and I come back to all these cool psychic insights. :) Well if they do meet in this lifetime, I just hope they’re not old and decrepit by the time they meet. No offense to the older folks on here, but I think it’s better to meet your mate, when you’re still fairly young as opposed to when you’re already in your 50′s or something like that.. If they are meant to be together, than I hope they meet before they turn 40 at least.
    btw, I don’t think it’s appropriate to ask about their sex life to whoever asked that question, that should remain private and between the sheets of Leo and the girl !!

  • Love it!!


    I’m not a psychic by any means. I get hunches, and messages in my dreams sometimes.. numbers, signs and that’s where it usually ends for me. And it only happens once in a blue moon too, which really sucks cos I love all this psychic/new agey stuff :) But I just wanted to say that your messages really resonated with me big time, and I feel like you are truly tapping into something there. And everything you talked about regarding the girl and Leo REALLY rang true to me. You are good girl!! I was getting goosebumps the whole time I was reading your comments. That usually means to me that the reading is accurate. I listen to this psychic radio show and they say when you get goosebumps or some sort of physical reaction, it means that the message is true. Just FYI for anyone interested in this stuff :)
    I don’t think Leo or his SM/twin flame/perfect match or whatever people want to call it will ever be happy unless they meet eachother. They will always think about meeting eachother/being together until god knows when. Probably till their old and decrepit. I know I would never be happy unless i’m with the perfect guy for me :) It’s going to suck because the thought and desire will always be there not letting them move on and be happy with someone else.

  • ok

    @Love it!!: what do you have to bring to the table then? What’s your number or hunch? :)

  • happy

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: dear,thanks for ur informations! i have some questions too: as u told i feel u say leo’s sm is a weak person thats why she will be with another man just for support, i got right?! and u said ” Lots of people would go to Heaven to get their mate, but she’s the type who would go to Hell if needed. I wish they would get together. I don’t feel it’s for sure that they will get together, though.”what do u mean?! do u mean the reall hell or a sad life as a hell?is she a good girl or bad girl?is she under the name of god or under the name of devil?what do u really mean?!and do u mean maybe leo and his sm wont meet each other or wont marry together?! by the way,is another man a celeb/an a-lister?!did u see him too?if yes say something about it?!
    i feel u see leo’s sm to know what she do and etc by ur way,i got right?!
    i feel somehow u r a man and ur way for knowing is the soul fly,right?!if yes so thats why u cant say everything and i know what ur mean is why u cant say everything!
    can u say the name of leo’s sm or at least say the first letter of her name?!whats her eyes color? can u say what does her job in america?and is she in america right now or not?! how will they meet each other?!just say something more, i feel u def know the truth and say right!

  • http://deleted happy

    i feel u see leo’s sm to know what she do and etc by ur way,i got right?!
    i mean u see her even now while she is not with leo yet, right?

  • showmance is tinkerbell

    @happy: I am sorry darling, but ur definitely stupid. First, MissPlace means that SM is a strong girl but she has had an unfortunate and a painful life. Second, she is the kind of woman who would stick to her man no matter what. Third, MissPlace is a female, it seems. But I am as curious as you and I have the same questions for MsPlace. Tell.. MissPlace , you are a superstar here :)

  • WTF

    @showmance is tinkerbell: Oh My Gosh you lot are seriously nuts hahahahaha.

  • ?

    @happy: I dont think she knows details like a person name and eye color,…and if she did that would be way too much information to put on a message board.

  • http://deleted happy

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: is she beauty or not?u said” she’ll get enough comments on that if she appears in his life and looks as I’ve seen” why a lot of bodies talk about her look?is she ugly and others talks about her as leo’s other girls or she is so beauty thats why they talk about it so much?! what do u mean?!
    u said “Her looks, her background, everything about her will be dissected”!somebody said before leo’s sm will come to america by unusual way and she never ever talk about her past! do u mean nobody knows about her past and it will be a secret?what do u mean everything about her will be dissected?can u explain more?!thank u!

  • http://deleted happy

    @showmance is tinkerbell: why do u call me stuped?i said what i feel maybe i got right and u r wrong dear! leo miss place answer! at least miss place didnt insult!

  • MissPlace is Gone

    @happy: MissPlace has left the building and I don’t think she’s coming back. Happy stop being so nosey about Leo’s sm. Im not her and I’m annoyed you want to know her name. The girl isnt even with Leo yet and people are all into her business. How gross!! Would you want to know her streeet address too? I hope Missplace if she has that kinda information which I doubt she has will never reveal it. Come on people, dont be morons! Thank you missplace for the information that you provided but enough is enough.

  • Mari

    No idea if there’s any merit to this article, but if it’s to be believed, things are cooling off between Blake and Leo. I really do think this is going to be just a summer romance, which I think is good considering he just got out of a long term relationship. Leo should have fun and not get into another serious relationship right away.

  • HAHA

    @Mari: so why is there no pictures of then kissing or cuddling?

  • D

    @Miss Place
    Please don´t go.
    And if you´re still around reading, could I ask you, if you know how many past lives Leo and her were together? and what happened on those? because of the karma you say Leo, his mom and her share. I think this is one of the main issues of this whole situation. Thank you, I really appreciate it.

  • I love psychics!!

    @MissPlace is Gone:

    I second the motion. I think that asking the woman’s name is completely inappropriate. I loved hearing Miss Crystal Ball’s premonitions. I feel they were very detailed which is the sign to me of a very good psychic. She really tapped into some deep stuff there.. But it’s asking too much to know this woman’s name and what she does for a living and if she’s pretty or ugly? i mean what the hell? LOL.She more than likely doesn’t want strangers knowing too many personal details about her life.
    I want to hear about if they’re going to ever meet in this life time, and if not than what happens after that? do they have to reincarnate all over again and re-visit all the same karma all over again? that’s the part that would scare me..I rather get it all done and not have to revisit the same old patterns again. It’s like being stuck in the twilight zone when you keep re-experiencing the same things through your lifetimes because you can’t get past or learn whatever that experience was supposed to teach you. That would be my main concern for people who have these soul contracts that never get fulfilled.

  • so…

    How come that whenever Leo is out with Blake there`s only twitter sightings about them but when he is out with someone else there are other sources? Like E! has a sighting of him having lunch in Malibu with Lukas, Paris Hilton and her new boyfriend ( the guy who directed Hangover ) over the weekend. Or the People sighting of him out in LA with Bradley Cooper? Italy with his mom and godson posted on several websites. But when it comes to Fake Blake it`s only twitter…

  • cool

    @so…: well there is a reason why she’s called FAKE!

  • I hear ya sister!


    I don’t think he was ever that into her to begin with. He probably just wanted someone to hang out with for a little while. And also, I’m sorry, but I just don’t see Blake as even being his type. I don’t care how blonde or how tall she is. I don’t buy the “Leo has a type thing” either. And people keep forgetting that he’s a 36 year old man, nobody falls in love over night at that age, especially not with a 23 year old girl, that he has absolutely nothing in common with. What the heck are they gonna talk about? baking cookies or what dishes she learned to cook at Le Cordon blue? or what her favorite scene is in Titanic ? LOL

  • http://golden golden


    PLEASE come back it’s going back to shallow and negative comments again. help ! tell us about astrology sync ups.. how fun!

  • cool

    @golden: i agree i hope she comes back too….

  • iheartcomments

    Yes, I love the psychic stuff! If MissCrystalBall doesn’t wanna come back, I hope others will pitch in. Much more interesting than gossip. Well, a little more interesting…:)

  • http://dreem dreem

    my astro @my astro utopia:

    where’d u go? u never elaborated. any other insights? astro? how’s he know her already?

  • !?

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: thanks for shairing ur predictions! i just have 1 question dear explain why people will talk about the look /the background of leo’s sm?! is she ugly or so so beauty thats why peaople will talk about her look a lot?what’s the matter? at least answer this question! i’m so curious!thanks a lot!

  • London

    No way i’ve posted 3 of the same post seperate times within the last 12 hours and theyre still waiting to be moderated! :(

  • Horses For Courses

    WOW!! – Don’t check in for 48hours and look at all the things that pop up. Interesting insights here, and great for the positive vibes ( all though theres some not nice ones trying to creep in).

    In the spirit of this blog, (friendly debate and discussion:) I hope) I’m just going to set the cat among the pidgeons here- cause I think that a few of you are taking this far too literally. Bare with me- will be on my soap box for a minute and apologies if it turns into an essay. No haterism- am just saying (and offering different perspective and hoping to broaden a few views)…

    In terms of the ‘ethnicity’ debate. There are more ethnic groups than white, black (negro, aboriginal) and yellow (asian, middle eastern). I’m even cringing writing that description cause it seems terribly racist.
    However, for the record, causian is not technically used to describe ethnicity but appearance. That is- if you ask any aussie copper (policeman- to those who don’t understand our lingo) a suspect can be described as causian (white in appearance) but of eastern european descent – or ethnicity- (ie serbian, hungarian, romanian). (my uncle been on force for 20 odd years)
    Point being- ethnicity and appearance are no where close to being mutually exclusive. Therebye, not are all white people are the same ‘ethnic’ background. Same as not all black people are the same ( an african american is vastly different from an afrikaan, whose different again from aboringal whose different again from an islander). Ditto to the various asian backgrounds and middleeastern backgrounds.
    So heres a hypothetical for you: Leo is technically of mediterranian descent with italian daddy, so someone of different ‘ethnicity’ could actually include a girl thats English, Australian, New Zealander etc… They can all have brown hair- personally I don’t believe psychic predictions are not that specific. But think about- look at the promos for titanic Leo is a good 5 shades darker than Miss Winslet!! Just Saying!!

    Next point. Having recently visited a psychic (My mother paid as she thinks I need change in life dirction or something :( !) I asked a couple of questions about what he was seeing (he talking to spirits, sees symbols and stuff). And no, I didn’t ask about leo- thats just silly-sorry (shrug).
    I asked about what he was being shown- is it a literal translation? His answer was no- and this was a face to face reading. He said the meaning is not always clear or black and white ( even if it seems clear). For example, in the mentioned leo ‘readings’ Miss crystalball says she says someone shorter- yes, this could be the literal meaning, HOWEVER, a difference in stature can also be representative of differing personalities (overt and reserved), a difference in public personas (how the world sees them), or a difference in egos etc…

    I’m not having a go at the psychics- its interesting to read the predictions. Miss crystal ball even had a disclaimer at the start. I just beginning to feel sorry for this woman- people are forming an idea of what they think she should be, and anything else people are going to hate her to the nth degree. Just thinking outside the box?!?!

    Ohh- One last thing- if the psychic time lines are correct (for the end of this year) that puts him square on Australian Soil- From August til end November. Just some food for thought!!

  • HAHA

    @so…: Why when im saying that u all thumb me down??

  • shame

    @HAHA: I just do not understand why you cringe at mentioning those different races, why are people ashamed of their color, ethnic origins etc.,why is it wrong to say someone”s black, white people are not offended by beiing called white are they? even though they are more pinkish!! just don’t get it

  • http://deleted somebody

    im not a native english nor dont know english very well as u. i dont know i got the right or not about these sentences when i read the miss place s comments and here it is:” Her looks, her background, everything about her will be dissected, maybe even vilified if she is not a supermodel with three PhDs”
    i think it means leos sm doesnt has a good body like a supermodel! can u say i got the right?!it means she doesnt has good looking?! what miss place wanted to say?! thanks whoever respond me!

  • HAHA

    @shame: dude i’m not talking about that so dont drag my name in

  • showmance is tinkerbell

    What is the meaning of “She told Leo that Blake was far too up herself for him.” ?

  • Mari

    @showmance is tinkerbell:

    I assume that means she was too into herself, too narcissistic.

  • Team Irmelin

    … if the story is true. Finally someone gave Leo the clue.

  • London

    Sorry to criticize i agree on a lot of what you said but you can’t tell races/looks in dreams or visions horses for courses was also right. Race is a part of the physical aspect of life she could be the whitest of whites from north sweden. So if you’re picking up on her vibrations person you are seeing is your brain at work it is how YOU are interpreting her or what you would like her to look like, your brain automatically fills in the blanks so that you are able to comprehend the dream (funny thing he’s in inception a lot of true facts) you should learn how to tell the difference between your soul and your mind that way you’ll see things more clearly. I’m very experienced in this matter i’ve had clear dreams/visions since i was a child noticing that these dreams came true even in a matter of days. Also you mentioned to believe in what resonates with you. Do you know how to tell what resonates with you(soul) and what your brain wants it to be(physical) things become much simpler after you master that.

    And i suggest to everyone here that you should meditate everyone with a soul is capable of accessing the spiritual realm. If there’s anyone you should listen to it’s yourself i swear by it no one can help you but you. Also your instincts are always right, it’s that little voice in your head telling you A is correct on a quiz and then you’ll be like naa i’ll go for B and then it turns out it was A. Listen to your soul! And i have a great website for helping you know your astral self so let me know if you want the website and i’ll explain more.

  • Mari

    @Team Irmelin:

    If this story is true, Iremlin should next address her son’s unfortunate choice of certain friends, i.e., Paris Hilton and Naomi Campbell. ; ) U really don’t believe that Leo and Blake are together anymore, at least not in any serious sort of way. He’s smart to listen to his mama.

  • Mari

    Sorry – should say I don’t believe that they’re together anymore.

  • Horses For Courses


    Thank You! Some one else has a broader sense of clarity! I would be interested in looking at your website-out of curiousity. That other guy freaked me out a bit- not sure what to make of it. some seemed to think it was all good but I’m thinking more of a mixed bag.

    Good vibes to Leo.

  • not always true

    @London: sometimes its your how your mind project things that make you see them a certain way but sometimes you can dream of a person before you see them and it turns out they look the exact same way in the dream. I’ve dreamt of people before I met them in real life in my dreams and they’ve looked EXACTLY like my dreams minus the dream haziness font. She might be picking up on how the soulmate really looks or it might be her imagination but you can’t say for sure. Many people have astrally travelled in dreams where they have gotten exact precisions and it turned out to be true. The power of the human mind is amazing. You dont know FOR A FACT if she’s wrong or right. The fact that so many different psychics/astrologers/whatever you want to call them have said it is VERY interesting to say the least… I guess we’ll just have to wait to see! My bet is on the astrologers/whatevers! : )

  • Dana

    @287 sounds to me like his payback to her constant PR: He is so smitten by her, he cannot even think straight blahblah.
    I can hardly believe they are still a couple (if they ever were), after seeing him in NY flirting hard with that polish model…somehow I doubt they were just friends.

  • Leo4ever

    Leo is finally showing who’s the boss. Blake thought he was stuck… Really? Leo? She thought wrong. Leo does what he wants, anytime he wants. I don’t believe he has finished with her just because of the mother, but also because he was not so interested in it. He got tired, is not and never was his profile appear on the cover of gossip magazine because of relationships. Leo is much bigger than all that crap gossip.

  • I’m with Irmelin on this one..

    I think my favorite part of the Now Magazine story is this line:

    “‘But his mum says all she did was talk about Gossip Girl and how she’s a Chanel model”

    LMAO, I can totally believe that Irmelin doesn’t really like her, are at the very least probably finds her annoying, only because I’m annoyed by her and I don’t even know her personally. I can take someone like her in small doses, but she just seems like the type of person that would irritate me real fast. Virgos are the most perfectionist sign of the zodiac and Blake has an overload of Virgo in her chart, it would drive me CRAZY!! and I’m sure the same with Leo and his mama. Those perfectionist types that LOVE to talk about how wonderful they are, and how they are so great at EVERYTHING they do will drive even the most patient person insane.

  • so…

    Let`s just wait and see what happens. Is Now Magazine reliable? Why would a british tabloid report this first and not a US one? Sounds too good to be true. I want it to be true but you can`t be sure. The fact is that Fake Blake is working and there aren`t that many Leo sightings in LA either so they might just be low key. Or they are indeed over. I won`t believe anything for sure until there`s more proof.

  • jelo

    @I’m with Irmelin on this one..: Leonardo dicaprio and blake lively got engaged secretly in panama during the weekend close source says to people magazine. They will not confirm nor denied, close source added also they will not share for the public now or in the future. Actor kevin Connolly, Lukas Hass, father george dicaprio were at the present. Di caprio took blake lively for secret weekend gate away to caribbean see with his pals were he reportedly asked her out. Blake was free during the weekend from the set savage film and decided to sneak out during the weekend with her hubby. It was a total surprise however it has been reportedly that Leo was talking to his mother for quite sometimes and had made his intention to his love bird for a while. It may be not surprise at all for them close to source says. Mom did not tavel with the crue instead Leo only took his close friend and dad with him to share the news. Leo apparently have met Blake’s family already long before they start dating official were they share home in los angeles city. Leo and Blake may not come out publicly and instead they decided to keep it quite. “I Don’t think Blake will wear her engagement ring anytime soon in the public says source close to the couple”. Source close to the couple added that “Both of there Rep has already decided that they will not share any information and deny any question about there secret engagement or personal matters” Close to the actors concluded.

  • @jelo

    Thanks for your fairy tale. Very entertaining… definitely not funny! Don`t you have anything better to do?