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Leonardo DiCaprio & Gerard Butler: Dinner in Italy!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Gerard Butler: Dinner in Italy!

Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys a meal outside with Gerard Butler and others on Saturday (July 9) in Capri, Italy.

Leo, 36, also brought along his mom, Irmelin, for his relaxing vacation, where they all spent their evening eating and chatting with pals.

Gerard, 41, who has been vacationing in Italy as well, went shirtless on a boat ride earlier in the day!

It was recently reported that Leo may star opposite Beyonce in the remake of A Star is Born!

Last month, Leo was one of several celebrities that took part in a campaign to save California’s shark population. Others involved in the cause included Alexander Skarsgard, Ke$ha, Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, and more!

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    Leonardo dicaprio and blake lively got engaged secretly in panama during the weekend close source says to people magazine. They will not confirm nor denied, close source added also they will not share for the public now or in the future. Actor kevin Connolly, Lukas Hass, father george dicaprio were at the present. Di caprio took blake lively for secret weekend gate away to caribbean see with his pals were he reportedly asked her out. Blake was free during the weekend from the set savage film and decided to sneak out during the weekend with her hubby. It was a total surprise however it has been reportedly that Leo was talking to his mother for quite sometimes and had made his intention to his love bird for a while. It may be not surprise at all for them close to source says. Mom did not tavel with the crue instead Leo only took his close friend and dad with him to share the news. Leo apparently have met Blake’s family already long before they start dating official were they share home in los angeles city. Leo and Blake may not come out publicly and instead they decided to keep it quite. “I Don’t think Blake will wear her engagement ring anytime soon in the public says source close to the couple”. Source close to the couple added that “Both of there Rep has already decided that they will not share any information and deny any question about there secret engagement or personal matters” Close to the actors concluded.

  • LMAO

    Do you think posting it several times will make people take you seriously? Dummy!

  • jelo

    @LMAO:I could careless about these two, I am just posting it because i was shocked to here it. Anyways i checked out. Peace…

  • curi2

    This happened this weekend huh?Eonline says he was in Malibu Saturday night with his pals having dinner/partying?lol!
    Interesting about his mom though this is like the second time one of the rags reported that.Wonder if they are rehashing or what?

  • eww, I need some mylanta


    reading that made my stomach turn… EWWWWWW!!! why would you waste so much time on typing all that nonsense? LOL Just the thought of Leo kissing her and looking at her big nose is already making me queasy and now you gotta add these made up fairy tales to the mix?, Please don’t post that crap on here, save that for your therapy sessions in the looney bin.

  • Keep Dreaming

    You typed all that from your head! There is NO SUCH PIECE OF TRASH on People online or anywhere on the internet except from an idiotic JJ poster!!

  • great english!!

    @jelo BREAKING NEWS: “They will not confirm nor denied…” thanks for the laugh and the BS story!

  • intention to his “love bird”

    @great english!!:


    tell me about it, this line was hilarious too!!

    ” It was a total surprise however it has been reportedly that Leo was talking to his mother for quite sometimes and had made his intention to his love bird for a while”

  • Oh my god

    I can’t believe it, the fake story that i thought might be true. I read on an article that says that Leo was vacationing the summer in panama on sunday. But it doesn’t say that blake or other people that bs story mention. I am still holding my breath that this is not true. I can’t believe he is going to marry this fake nose flake. IMAO

  • Oh my god

    @Oh my god: Yes i read that article too. But it doesn’t mention anything special besides he was just there hanging out. Who knows, it might be that he was just getting away from flake lol.

  • flake

    I think people magazine are trying to make story out of it to sell magazine. No way they can get any information like this let alone engagement news from notoriously private person.

  • madly in love

    Ok i saw the the Caribbean article and did mention kevin, lucas and flake was there for short summer vacation but there is no mentioning his father. I think it is just for a summer vacation. But how come reliable source like people magazine turn it into engagement story without real information. They must have some inside source or this is just completely made bs story. I think it is just a vacation like the caribbean article says. I don’t believe one bit about people said.

  • losee

    @madly in love: The article that you talk about also mention that there were there for two days. I don’t know what they did for two days but if it was for engagement celebration, don’t you think that they will stay at least for a week? It smells pr from flake camp. lol They want everything what leo and flake do together turn into something completely wishful thinking. lol

  • wth??

    @Oh my god:

    what the hell are you talking about? where does it say he was in Panama on Sunday? and why are you writing in broken English in post #309 and than go back to normal in #310? LOL you feeling okay today?

  • 309-313 Same person!!!

    309-313 is the same mental patient! No article was ever written anywhere online or offline. Just because you have “free time” at the mental ward and have access to a computer, typing whats in your crazy imagination doesnt make it true! Its only makes you CRAZY!!!
    Leo has been spotted numerous time in LA over the weeking and FAKE Moley has been in new york filming gossip stupid girl( people really watch that suck show) No such story is in People.

    They are over!! Whether by nature or nuture THEY ARE OVER!!! Leo will be soon be going to australia in 2 weeks!! Will forget about Moley when he sees all those Aussie Beauties!!! Bye bye Fake Moley!!!

  • wth??

    oh my god and jelo= delpie, donie along with all the other monikers from #309-313… you must be really bored now that Leo and Blake aren’t hanging around each other that much anymore …you are such a boring LOOOOSER Delpie!!! stay away please, it was so much nicer without you messing up the thread.

  • losee

    Publicist Ken sunshine threaten people magazine to take there article down from this week issue that mention Leonardo dicaprio and Gossip girl star Blake lively has reportedly got engaged in Panama. “Life & Style”. Are you serious Leo? What! Are you going to sue every gossip magazine from now on that talk about your personal life You should have known better by now before you got involve with this girl. What on earth is thinking lately. He needs to go to Australia now and start filming the freaking movie.

  • losee

    @309-313 Same person!!!: What is your problem doll. I am not the person who you mention or talk about looser. If you didn’t read it like me or others, you can google it. Behave well next time. peace.

  • wth??


    are you from Panama or something? LOL I swear you must be the dumbest Leo fan ever! you need help Delpie!!

  • madly in love

    @309-313 Same person!!!: Hey, don’t associate me with other like you know me. By the way, this article looks bs to me losee. I think flake is in new york filming like that bi*ch said. But still, i don’t know how people mag come about a story like this?

  • Delpie es un IDIOTA

    Delpie es una imbecil y una analfabeta. La pobre no tiene nada mejor que hacer con su tiempo que aburrirnos con sus cuentos de hadas.

  • madly in love

    @Oh my god: Leo was with lucas, paris hilton and Todd on friday night. I believe he must have gone late saturday. I wish he left flake in panama on his way back. lol

  • madly in love

    @Oh my god: Leo was with lucas, paris hilton and Todd on friday night. I believe he must have gone late saturday. I wish he left flake in panama on his way back. lol

  • 317-323 Same person!!!

    no one believes this crap story!…ok! hahaha someone has a lot of time on thier hands!!!

  • In LA Sat too

    he went to Soho late saturday night/early Sunday morning but what do you care for logic and details!! Please…Of course Fake wasnt with him!! :) They are over for sure!

  • madly in love

    @In LA Sat too: I hope so.

  • looney tunes

    Don`t bother responding to this idi*t obviously talking to herself. Crappy English, NO LINK to any articles, Leo was seen in Malibu over the weekend, according to a tweet he was in SoHo House and another person tweeted that he was seen in LA ( check the bellafreak`s surveillance posts ). Don`t you guys remember someone did the exact same thing with Leo and Bar? Created a fake engagement announcement with the same crappy English and with no link? Come on!

  • Standing Ovation!!!

    @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere: @MissPlaceCrystalBallHere:
    Well done! Well done! Spoken like a true psychic.

    I know you don’t want to call yourself a psychic, but by default everyone is psychic. To which degree people can see, hear, or feel is how they were brought up. Dreams. Visions. Hunches. Everyone has them. Just ask some of the wealthiest people? They would say they go with their gut instinct. I feel that the only time things really change is a person’s free will, your thoughts, or energy is shifting. Kudos to you my love you have the 1st Amendment to cover you. Everything is fair game. I’m a psychic and I can 100% agree with everything you said. It’s almost like your in her shoes and Leo’s shoes. Then again life has to play out. Just because you said what you said doesn’t make it official but you’ve really tuned into both their energies very well. Plus nothing is ever set in stone. Life is has unlimited possibilities.

    Everyone on this planet has at last 25 soul mates because of the accumulated past life your soul has in this life you are living you have 25 options. But which is the best one this life time. Which one will help you live the highest version of yourself?

    In Leo’s case has an equal, his other half his mate. Soul mate/twin flame what ever you want to call it. I feel that they are opposite signs. Taurus/Scorpio which is a very torrid relationship with so much intensity and passion, what he has she lacks and what she has he lacks. She is going to teach him to be more himself in the Hollywood world and to help him transition out of the Hollywood world and into the environmental stuff. I feel Leo will still act, but once he meet hers, he’s going to let be the shinning star. Leo is going to teach her to believe in herself help her see her star power.

    I am picking up that Leo’s soulmate can be anything! She can be an actress, producer, writer, novelist, director, business woman, fashion designer. She alone can build an empire without Leo. She’s looking for love, her true love someone to journey with her while she creates who she in the world. This woman is the modern renaissance woman. She doesn’t need Leo’s connections. People are drawn to this woman because of her energy. But right now she is not known and I agree she is working on herself spiritually, mentally and physically and career wise.

    Funny MissCrystalBall said, “She gets a slap in the face from the Universe, that’s him,” signs. I feel she wakes up every morning or most morning with a voice in her head being reminded that Leo is her soul mate. I feel she thinks, WTF! Seriously! She heards it, and doesn’t really believe it, even though a part of her knows the energy of it.

    She does have trust issue, probably rooted from childhood, so I can understand why she wouldn’t believe Leo is her soul mate.

    Soul mate or not, their energies are undeniable. It’s like a burst of like colliding to make one big bright light.

    I don’t know what she looks like, but I know she’s a different ethnicity, she’s petite from what I can see, and she has magnetic eyes. She is a powerful force. She has her own mission in life. She’s tied to mother earth. She’s a big part of the shift, the awakening. I won’t be surprise if she’s psychic. Not by profession, but intuitive.

    I do agree she dreams about him. They talk in dream time. And I know somehow there are signs in front of them of each other. With her she might encounter a person named Leo where she works. How often do you meet a Leo? I pick up a dream of them in the grocery store as they are checking out, she takes out the grocery recycle bags instead of using plastic and Leo with his hat on gives her a kiss.

    She has self love issues and I feel that is what is preventing her from meeting Leo, is loving herself enough that she deserves the “Cinderella” fairytale.

    She would be content with the other soul mate but I feel she recently met someone but ran the other way, because even though she had a connection with him, she would rather live her life at the highest possible version. She has a mission to accomplish this life time and it’s with LEO, so I agree who ever aid, there’s no PLAN B.

    The plan was to always have Leo be with his Soul MATE. There is freewill here, but it will do no good for them not to be together. The world will benefit on a larger scale if these to forces meet and help create a better world.

  • Questions

    @Standing Ovation!!!:

    Wow. What other signs would this girl have and how could she ignore them? What’s she supposed to do about it? So interesting this story!

  • http://isis1174 ichi

    wow, it’s sounds great, but, so opossite sings like fire and water, or earth, and it most be so hard really belive taht Leo is your soul mate, because it can be just a dream for a fan, so, how she can see the difference?

  • I love psychics!!

    @Standing Ovation!!!:

    that was lovely, thanks for sharing with us!!

  • http://deleted !?

    @jelo BREAKING NEWS:what r these nap trash u said?! i even searched in google and watch all news of leo in people mag however i knew ur lying but even assume 1 percent attention to searching then nothinnnggggggggg!even in this month leo never was in panama nor there is not any article about leo’s engagement in this month!what u want to say now?! u got to be that body who sent a fake news about leo and bar ‘s engagement without no links before then said she did it just for laughing to leo’s fans and now u r doing that again exactly similar! what’s ur problem? r u Psychopath?! ur words r Such as vomiting and all r fake! if u were right u were to be sent a link! i have Compassion and pity for u because u have this melancholic ways for making happy urself! by love i want to say to u check urself by a doctor u def. need it!

  • just to add

    This girl won’t be a fan of his. She ‘ll have her own life and purpose. She’ll meet him when they do, she’ll be fine. No issues to speak of. She’ll be loving all that is. Everything is down to timing. You really can’t meet your twin unless you are ready for that kind of union. So if she no longer dates, it’s certainly won’t be because of issues or trust, but simply because she has her life mapped out and is following it. Knowing one aspect of her journey leads to this man, is just that – one aspect.

  • just to add

    Their similarities are pitch perfect (and could probably be the same starsign) Thats what makes them one, they have strenghts and no longer need weaknesses, and they know they no longer need another to complete them. They are whole individuals. That, ironically is what brings them together. They have a mission and to be whole allows access to other realms to assist this planet. They will be able to help another see ‘whole’ in themselves, which is love, loving eachother as people is what we need (and have).

  • http://deleted !?

    @Standing Ovation!!!: dear u said”she is working on herself spiritually, mentally and physically and career wise. “please explain what do u mean she is working on her physically?! can u say about her look more?! and thanks for sharing ur informations!

  • nuts

    @!?: what a load of rubbish, you people are far too gullible and desperate

  • Leo and his buddies

    I see Leo has a lot of free time in LA and chooses to spend it with his buddies instead! I heart this dude. This is from today’s people “Caught in the Act”

    ” Leonardo DiCaprio may have grabbed dinner to-go, but the actor and his guy pals still turned heads as they waited for their food at Fig & Olive in L.A. The posse – featuring a who’s who of international stars, including British bad boy Alex Pettyfer and French soccer stud Thierry Henry – laughed it up in the restaurant’s indoor garden as they waited for their free-range chicken with roasted figs and polenta and filet mignon with mashed potatoes. “

  • Ted C.

    The bellafreaks posted some tweets from yesterday. There was some basketball game at Leo`s house, Tobey was there. There`s even a short video of them playing even though it`s hard to see anything… He seems to be spending a lot of time with his boys in LA while Fake Blake is in NYC.

    Dear Ted:
    What’s going on with Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively? There are constant breakup rumors and they weren’t seen together for a while. Are they over? Is it cooling off? Are they just low-key since there’s nothing (for her) to promote right now?

    Dear DiLively Dilemma:
    No official word on the status of their juicy relationship. But if they have gone their separate ways, that dirt you’re hearing about Leo’s mom having something to do with it may not be too far off. Total mama’s boy. Just like Justin Timberlake. Good luck to the gal who tries to tie either dude down!

  • Ted C.

    Oh, in the article Ted put the word `official` in bold trying to emphasize it for some reason…

  • NY Post

    This is from the NY Post from yesterday, not Page Six, it`s from Cindy Adams.
    `Weddings: We speak weddings. On the Isle of Capri the recent joining of Hollywood producer Ryan Kavanaugh to dancer Britta Lazenga brought Bradley Cooper, Gerard Butler, Ryan Seacrest, Leonardo Dicaprio. And Dicaprio`s wedding wardrobe? At this classy affair to which bride and groom imported their own photographer and makeup artist, Dicaprio sported a baseball cap. It was one long table, but he stood mostly propped against a wall. Non-celebs asking to take his photo were refused with: “No. This is a private evening.” And what was Leo doing? Taking his own shots of everyone.`

  • Ted C.

    * Italics not bold… Not that it matters the point is that word was emphasized.

  • HAHA

    @!?: You really have no clue. Now why would someone like they have described need to work on their looks? please think before you ask ,that was a really stupid question

  • London

    @Standing Ovation!!!: Have you noticed real phychics usually don’t call themselves phychics, miss crystal ball may have been right about some things but she never said she was 100% phychic. I can tell you know a lot about spiritual things but i can also tell your not so tuned in with leo and his soul mate (if you are tell me what his cycle is or where he is at, i know people who specialize in that)because your saying the obvious. Anyone that knows about soul mates could’ve said that, now what i want to know is how do you know? do you meditate? if so how often? do you do any research? i want to know because you are making quite confident statements that people are believing and i can see the holes in what your saying, i just want to see if your legit.

    You know why i’m a bit sceptical with you because i am very in tune with MY spiritual self and some of what you’re saying is really not gelling with me like really. It’s one thing to say you would like something to happen but to then actually say it is going to happen is a different thing. I’m not going to leave it at that i am going to look it up more not just because of just jared but the whole subject fascinates me. I’m not being rude yeah i just want to find out the truth, all of us should work together but i do have experience and the truth is much more satisfying when it is in stone than when it’s not.

  • Mama knows best

    @Ted C.: @Leo and his buddies:

    If he hasn’t stopped seeing her already, than he’s probably trying to get rid of her slowly but surely. More time spent with his friends gives him the perfect excuse to spend less time with her. That’s how men (and some WOMEN ), usually do it so as to spare a person’s feelings. But in reality they just want to kick you to the curb. lol

    Thanks for the NEWS and Ted C. updates!!

  • Mama knows best


    I actually agree that some of the things she said weren’t gelling with me either. I was more taken by Miss Crystal’s reading. I really felt like she was incredibly in-tuned with something deep there. But I think a lot of people will interpret their intuitive feelings differently and input some of their own hopes and dreams about their own life in their as well… I think that may be the case with standing ovation in some of the things she said. Maybe this is what she wants to aspire to be in her own life (a successful, industrious, business woman?) and that’s why she wants to see the same for other women, including Leo’s SM as well? At least that was my feeling when I was reading her message. I could be wrong though.

  • Standing Ovation!!!


    I’ve already stated the fact that everyone has psychic abilities. Intuition, dreams, gut feelings those are abilities where you can see, hear or feel things and you don’t know why. Calling yourself psychic doesn’t mean you automatically become a reader or do it for a living. Our society has portrayed being psychic as some kind of voodoo, magic, or mystical but yet it is our very nature to see, hear, or feel things. With that being said, some one who is in tuned to their spiritually should know this. When you are in tuned to your spirituality you are open to the spirit realm which means you are open to other people because we are all spirit inside the human body which also means we are connected and when we are connected we can feel other people. Being on the Astro Plane, you know the possibilities are endless.

    I believe people who don’t call themselves psychic haven’t come to terms with their abilities and gifts to see, hear or feel. I also believe that if people where to say they could see, feel or hear, people would get away from you and think you are weird, but it’s normal to you. People don’t want to be called psychic because they are unsure of their abilities to see, here or feel in that aspect, they want to be validated, which means them unsure about themselves. Again being psychic and knowing things it’s not to impress or show off what you know, it’s to help other people see another aspects of life and to help them see and recognize their own power from within. At least that’s my mission as a Psychic. The best way to explore your psychic self is to be around other psychics and other spiritual people who are on that path. When you meet anyone one of them, they do not deny who they are. They will call themselves Psychic. Maybe MissPlaceCrystalBall is a younger soul, so she doesn’t feel comfortable being called a Psychic. She cares what other people think and I feel like her guides are telling her to say what she knows and to embrace that part of herself, instead of being called nuts or Looney.

    I meditate but not that often. I just started to get into astrology, I think it’s fascinating. I know what I know because it is what I feel and sense. I have my spirit guides who I never listen to but are patient with me. I can feel energy and help balance your chakras. I read a lot of spiritual and astrological, and new age books and surround myself with liked minded people.

    It’s really okay if what I’m saying isn’t gelling with you. Really it’s okay. I do appreciate your passion for the truth and to search for it and not settle. You have to find out the truth for yourself and everyone should do that. People what a lot off Constant Negative News and people believe in that. If the world started believing in Love, we would be a whole different world. Why not believe in the possibilities of a soul mate? It’s lovely to see all the different prediction. No one has to the right one. But it’s the idea that Leo’s fans what the most amazing woman for him, because he is amazing. Plus haters will always be haters until they learn to love themselves. HA!

    There are some wonderful psychics that I know who can pinpoint time and dates and their predictions are right no. But the reality is everyone of us has the ability to create our own reality. Doesn’t matter what a psychic says. I met a lady who did her first reading at 29 and being a famous psychic to the stars. But before 29 she was just a regular person. She had kids. She got a reading one day and a psychic told her she was going to be a famous psychic and was a famous psychic. Now she’s writing books and other things.

    My reading my sound generic for you, and even a bit reiterated, because most of the psychics on here have said same the same things. People have to understand that life happens and at every moment. So the soul mate is set in stone, but how or who when, where Leo will meet his soul mate is up to God/Universe.

  • Congrats to SO!

    @Standing Ovation!!!: Thank you SO!! I agree with you 100 percent!! Having intution can also be called “being psychic!” We are all naturally psychic and have lost our abilities along the way but its STILL there!! I’ve had countless experiences with this too!! Well said!!!

  • Standing Ovation!!!

    Every time she is asked why she isn’t with anyone, why isn’t she married or why can’t she find a nice boy. Her reply is always, I haven’t found someone that’s my equal, and in the same breath or in seconds she would get a call (assuming she’s at work) and the person at the end of the line, his name is Leo. These are examples, of signs. I don’t know what signs she actually receives but I’m trying to put it in context to your question how signs get to the soul mate. His name can be written on a car and she she’s the name while driving or one of his movies pops on. So, with that being said, it is the Universe giving her a slap in the face. Big time.

    The Universe gets really creative and I mean they know just when to nail signs on you. They’ll keep sending her signs till she meets him.

    She’s ignoring them because she doesn’t believe that she’s going to be with him. She has self worth issues. She doesn’t her worth when it comes to love.

    But regardless of the signs and where she is in her life, she does have her life path to follow.

  • Blake denounces rumors AGAIN

    did you guys see this?

    Isn’t it funny how it’s always Blake’s people who are denouncing these rumors? I think Leo is probably trying to find a way to get rid of her but he is stuck between a rock and a hard place. I just have this feeling that she is VERY ANNOYING, and I do believe that Irmelin doesn’t like her.

  • a spiritual guide?

    So, if Leos Soul Mate is Reading these JJ Posts, she will meet him in the near Future, maybe in some random setting, or location? Then, should this “Soul Mate” Ask Leo if a “Psychic Reader” told him that she would be HERE Today….?? – I believe “a reader” can Inform a person’s whereabouts, even Find the right “Soul Mate.” – This soul mate woman may not know how to respond to this “Chance, Spiritual Sighting / meeting” with Leo. — I mean, what Decent Woman is going to realize She is More than “A Fan” in a few minutes with Leo? By the way, what would she actually want to say to Leo, if She would meet him somewhere – in an open public place? -* It starts to look Staged, – if a psychic – gives a PREDICTION about when or where they would meet.- I also don’t understand How this could be a Fair way to meet a Decent Woman, Leo’s Soul Mate – I’m so Not saying I am disbelieving… just curious about this Supposed, Spiritual “Guessing”.. – What Clues Indicate a Propper setting / location for Leo & his Future Soul Mate? – Is Leo or his Friends seeking “psychic Advice” on when to meet this decent woman? – I’m also curious about this as well – Like I’ve stated, – I am Not disbelieving, just wondering this: – Why Must there be so many Predictions to this “Supposed” – Chance Meeting? – I know it sounds FUN – but so many Predictions indicated, this Woman needs to Get her life together, before she meets Leo. — Anyway, whenever this Happens… will Leo meet a Great Mate who has her Life in order?? – or – Will he Find her an Adoring Soul mate, who needs help in some “Cinerella” way. – Unfortunately, Most of the readers Make the “Decent Woman” out to be in need of a Complete Life Makeover. – so as a Female Leo fan in California, Thank you to all the readers here, for sending mixed signals about Leo’s Decent Soul Mate Woman. – Can’t wait for the Future to see how amazing this woman truly is for Leo.