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Prince William & Kate: British Consul-General Reception!

Prince William & Kate: British Consul-General Reception!

Prince William and his wife Kate attend a reception held in their honor at the British Consul-General’s residence on Friday (July 8) in Los Angeles.

At the party, Will met up with his pal David Beckham for a quick chat. David attended the Royal Wedding back in April with his wife Victoria.

Earlier in the day, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, both 29, attended the Variety Venture Capital and New Media Summit at the Beverly Hilton Hotel directly after arriving in the United States.

FYI: Kate is wearing a Diane von Furstenberg dress.

10+ pictures inside of Prince William and Kate at the British Consul-General’s reception…

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prince william kate british consul general reception 01
prince william kate british consul general reception 02
prince william kate british consul general reception 03
prince william kate british consul general reception 04
prince william kate british consul general reception 05
prince william kate british consul general reception 06
prince william kate british consul general reception 07
prince william kate british consul general reception 08
prince william kate british consul general reception 09
prince william kate british consul general reception 10
prince william kate british consul general reception 11
prince william kate british consul general reception 12

Credit: Frazer Harrison, Pool; Photos: Getty
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  • kå simply àmazing!

    they average but not bad.nothing new?

  • Tastiger

    The color of kate’s dress is good…but the style is so blah…very disappointed in this dress. Is that the best she could come up with at her first US function? I thought her clothes for this part of the trip would be super stylish but I have to give her a zero for this one.

  • scrubnurseo001

    Kate, put some meat on those bones before your head causes you to topple over!

  • Bella

    She’s too thin…can’t be healthy. But she’s beautiful & nice dress!

  • cat

    So sick of these freeloaders!

  • Frozoid

    Odd body language between the couple. They don’t look particularly close and in the fifth photo in the top row, it appears that she is trying to block him out..

  • jane-lee

    Kate is always stunning since her wedding

    What beautiful dresses

    Beautiful hair

  • Curious George

    She is a pretty girl.. Hardly beautiful. Just like her sister. who is not beautiful. No matter how much the media tries to make it so.

    the close are very average. She is slim and can wear a lot of things, but her close for the tour have been boring and average. What I don’t understand is why people are so reluctant to speak the truth.

    I think everyone wants to create a new Diana. where her cloths are talked about. Not one outfit she has worn will be remembered.

    Stop making it something it is not.

    As I said she is pretty young woman. not beautiful. She and Will seem very happy together and comfortable. Mostly I think because they have been together for a long time.

  • amensister

    @Curious George

    FINALLY!!!! someone tells it like it is.

  • riri

    The dress is nice, the color is awesome.
    But what is this odd tour?
    The Brits are paying for them to vacation and visit the USA, why shouldn’t they pay for themselves?
    Kate is LOVING the media attention. In her mind she is some sort of movie star. She is an unemplyed girl, who likes to shop and take vacation all year round.

  • Tara

    Gosh so many stunning people, and Becks with William? Wow so hot in Ralph Lauren, and Wills is pretty cute as well. Love that they are “friends”.

  • anonymous

    Why the media keep trying to build Kate up is beyond me. The morning shows go on and on one of the British commentators went on to say she is also the Americans princess because we don’t have one? Say what? The only thing this girl have done is marry Prince William and dress-up and we should bow to that? But we should always remember Princess Diana, she was a humanitarian and that is why we should respect her son.

  • seijidan

    Such jealousy! Kate is beautiful. Just compare her beauty to all the women that stands next to her. She’s a timeless classical beauty. She has class and glamour in the sea of plastic women in Hollywood. Wished more women are like her. A sense of style, class, glamour, and sophistication. No more Kardashians, Hiltons, Lohan etc. I’d trade them all for Kate

  • Amanda

    She’s beautiful, timeless, and classy.

  • :)


  • ava

    I liked the short documentary on their 7-day Canada visit, it was pretty moving and admirable. They have SO much patience to stand out in the rain and in the blazing heat for 2+ hrs simply meeting and listening to people…I doubt I could do that and if I did, I would NOT be smiling, ha. The fact that they asked the cameras not to follow them into the Hospital was sweet and considerate. & it was so cute when they rowed away for a few hours in the boat by themselves with only 1 guide after the Dragon Race leaving all the bodyguards behind so they could have some quiet time for themselves away from all the lights and cameras. They’re my royal crush, ngl. Bye Wills & Kate xoxo

  • gotkatzy

    what’s with all the hating?

    If people actually took the time to get their facts straight..they’d know that Kate is a well educated, conservative, charitable, and grounded woman. During the time that she was with only dating William..she did work! She worked as an accessories coordinator for a british fashion company. Then she decided to leave and help with the family business. You guys remember when William went to Chile and did that expedition? Well did you guys know 6 weeks after William did that…Kate who didn’t know William personally at the time..was there with HER group of classmates and friends? Kate is her own person..she even said she’s NOT trying to be Diana..although the pressure is always there. She’s handling it quite well..and with CLASS. That’s one thing that I admire Kate for…with all the haters and pressures of being “royal” and one day becoming “queen” she’s always smiled, been respectful, and you can tell that William loves her.

  • Ray

    It’s against the protocol for her to wear prints?? I have seen solid colors only except that black and white dress for some casual evening events and a white shirt with black lace trims. Why should she be most stylish, daring or over the top? Her dresses are simple-looking and classy.

    She seems like a foolow the rule book girl; she would be more like Queen ElizabethSolid and stable. She’s not imitating Diana or wants to be like Diana for sure 1000%.

  • ellie’

    What a loving beautiful couple!!!!

  • CAT navy. ♥

    I read all your comments..What can I say..I think it is just the way you decide to see it.
    About Kate’s beauty : Oh well. Beauty is ALWAYS in the eye of the beholder, even if the whole world (i mean the mass media) are trying since AGES to persuade us that it’s not true. Beauty is how we feel it inside of us. PERIOD.
    It is up to each one of you to declare her a beauty or not, and if you don’t think that she’s stunning, who cares? Guys she’s not there to play the beauty, otherwise Will would have picked his girl in a beauty contest, not in his University! I think that the articles call her ‘beautiful’ not strictly for her body shape or facial features but for the whole figure she can make up! Diana is also said to be Beautiful (for example in Mario Testino’s shots) and we all know what that “beautiful” means in her case! I personally think that Kate has an incredible shining aura and I love to see that i’m not the one! But of course many of you can be not sensitive to it, it’s okay, but please stop saying “she’s not very beautiful” , it’s not a beauty contest, we’re talking about a young girl who is trying to get a role which is not easy!

    About Kate not having a job: I think that her ‘roayal’ status has PROs and CONs, you say that she got to be rich, well she was already rich as hell; you say she’s on vacation the whole year, I say that she cannot go outside her house to buy a lipstick that she needs security and would have lots of paparazzi trying to catch any wrong thing in her looks or act; you call it “vacation” without even remembering that especially for women to have a job is important as they need to “GET A LIFE” oustide their husbands and kids, and you don’t consider that Kate will be always stuck in the same house and if not with her husband or future children, she will be totally alone!

    I could go on forever, but honestly i don’t think we need to say all these things under each JJ post. Just stop hating. Just realize that “money” or “cameras attention” or whatever DO NOT always MEAN “happiness or easy life”. And you know what? You can go out one day and just be angry, not smiley at all, or whatever you do when you wake up at the wrong side of your bad, but THEY CAN’T. Only one picture showing one negative thing and hell is going to happen.

    So PLEASE. Please, guys. Stop saying it is easy to be them. They have many things people dream of, but they also have soooo maaaanyyy CONs….

  • Elisia

    Kate always looks so elegant and stylish! Love these two, can’t understand all the haters to be honest! I think they make a wonderful couple, and have completely revitalised the monarchy!

  • G

    Oh my God, no more shots from the side please. She has not butt!

  • gustav

    Royals they are all so stup@d….they only thing they can do is to travel all around the world with the money of the folk. They should all look for a proper job and pay their bills like the normal people

  • gustav

    Royals they are all so stup@d….they only thing they can do is to travel all around the world with the money of the folk. They should all look for a proper job and pay their bills like the normal people

  • girlfromVzla

    look at her hands they look so old..

  • Toni

    @seijidan: You must be out of your mind. She’s pretty but I would never compare her looks to classic beauty. She pretty, but she’s plain. She doesn’t have any oMG striking features like Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn. Shes just pretty and vote me down all you want I won’t care. She not that spectacular to the point where I have to hear about her everyday on the news and just stare at amazement.

    Anyways Kate needs to get some more meat on her bones. If she’s skinny here then in person she must be skin and bones. I do like her and William together and I think they are a beautiful couple and I can see them being sincere and kind. She not trying to be Diana and I dont think she wants to be so the comparisons should stop. She Kate and she’s her own person.

  • Orion

    Like someone before she’s not in a beauty contest, so stop bashing her. Does someone needs to be exceptionally beautiful just to exist?

  • Sarah


  • Sarah

    They are ROYALTY and CLASSY….not like those slutty ‘celebs” which u all love so much in hollywood

  • Sarah

    They are ROYALTY and CLASSY….not like those ‘celebs” which u all love so much in hollywood

  • Fleur

    @Curious George
    Please either go back to school or attend college! You don’t seem to write English well. The time you are wasting on this site could be better used in school where you would learn how to write and spell. Geez…

  • juniper

    William made a great choice marrying Kate. She seems very relaxed and comfortable in her own skin, she gives off a warm quality; you can see she is grounded.

  • gotkatzy

    William and Kate build their relationship on being friends first..back in college..where the paps and media in the UK was told to back off and let William be a student..and for once live life as a college student. In which the press/paps agreed and let William be normal for his college years. William and Kate met in the most normal way through mutual friends and maintained a relationship…that the other “royals” didn’t get he chance to do. Imagine..they’ve been together for 8 years…broke up for a bit in 2007 and got back together. I think that’s why people love this couple.Kate isn’t an aristocrat’s daughter..or some socialite. She was from a middle class family..a “commoner” that captured the Prince’s heart. Although, I find them quite dull sometimes….haha! I think they compliment each other very well and have the same interests and goals in life. Kate is just as generous and humble as William..and she doesn’t just stand there to look pretty for pictures. She actually socializes and is interested in where they are and what they’re doing..and what charity they’re participating in. If you actually watch videos of Kate and William..every city they go..places they visit..they actually talk to the crowd…eat the village delicacies…shake hands and get to know people. William definitely has Princess Diana’s humanitarian and kindness in him and I definitely see that in Kate too. She has this very warm and glowing aura about her.