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Bar Refaeli & David Fisher: Tel Aviv Twosome!

Bar Refaeli & David Fisher: Tel Aviv Twosome!

Bar Refaeli and her rumored new boyfriend David Fisher leave the Oto Bar together on Sunday (July 10) in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The 26-year-old model returned home to Israel earlier in the week and tweeted something that was bothering her.

“Good morning !! Tel aviv is pretty in the morning.. I just wish people [would] stop honking!” Bar wrote on her Twitter account.

Last month, Bar tweeted that she broke her arm, but it looks like it has healed as she is not wearing a cast on either arm.

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  • L

    Awwww Bar looks so beautiful. Really showing Leo what an idiot he is. I dunno about the flip flops on her BF though….

  • Anne laure bernard



    handsome couple

  • superman


  • BEAN

    Leo is going to be a lonely old man I swear. Why on earth would he let that go! Well hope she is happy, and him.

  • jude

    downgrade from leo…he looks like a famewhoooree.
    she still needs to find a gym somewhere. she is soft sloppy looking

  • sourpatch575

    Well that was fast! Couldn’t find anyone better than Leo. Typical sluuu thingss.

  • lisi

    very pretty girl and he is good looking, glad she is dating someone closer to her age. hope he treats her well and not like leo did.

  • lisi

    fast? leo barely took a breath…dont know what people see in leo, he was cute in titanic but that was a loong time ago, in real life he is such a player.

  • ace11

    Looks like the Bar is OPEN for mr. fisher

  • Fan of Beauty

    @6Jude……. FYI, the guy is one of the richest men in Israel. He certainly doesn’t need Bar’s fame in life……

    GOOD FOR BAR! I am deeply happy for her. Eat your heart out, DiCaprio and stay with you Lively sl*t!

  • Nicki

    Way to go, Bar! David is one lucky guy. And from his face expression, I think he knows it:)

  • lola

    this guy is handsome , rich, and succesful..good for her, hope they are happy, and hope leo is happy,for however his latest hookup lasts.

  • Derek117

    Bar is still incredibly beautiful…which only lends truth to the Old Saying: show me the boyfriend of a beautiful woman, and I’ll show you a guy who’s looking for someone to cheat with.

    The Moral of the Saying: (many? all?) men are NEVER satisfied with what they have–even when they have someone as physically perfect as Bar Refaeli.

    Maybe she snores in her sleep?

  • betsy

    will people leave her alone now that she’s not Leo’s beard anymore?

  • haha

    Bar was one of many “victims” of Leo. Let’s fact it. He’s next George Clooney. Soon, he’ll be 40 and still single.

  • SashaT

    I’m still scratching my head….. trying to analyse what could go through a guy’s mind when he dares cheating in Refaeli’s back with a cheap actress who had tons of plastic surgeries and who’s face is longer than Jay Leno’s.

    Hope that this David dude deserves her, cause we want to see her happy for good.

  • OverHim

    Dang. He’s hot. Upgrade for Bar. Handsome and a billionaire. Go girl. Move on and have some fun with this new guy. She doesn’t owe Leo or the relationship anything anymore. Especially not after Leo made it clear he didn’t give a rip about her and gave their 5 year relationship less than a week or two publicly before starting and immediately flaunting a relationship with someone new (and maybe not even a week or two if there’s any truth to the stories that he and Blake were hooking up far before he and Bar actually broke up).

    If these two click and are good to each other, more power to them.

  • It’s all good

    Bar seems happy with her new guy, Leo looks happy with Gerard, good for them.

  • Sean

    He just wants to hit it and quit it. I Don’t blame him.

  • A

    David Fisher!? Nice job Bar!

  • Ter

    she still has a smashed up looking face and the same fat legs like she always had. I don’t think Blake is pretty, but Bar isn’t that great either, so stop acting like she’s this great beauty just because you hate Leo for dumping her.

  • pup

    They have the same eyes. That odd close togetherness. It’s wierd. o.o

  • Ter

    and of course, she went and got herself the richest guy in Israel. Who would have seen it coming? he reminds me a lot of a young Warren Beatty by the way.

  • Anonymous


    You’re right. Titanic was a long time ago. Leo was in his early twenties when he did that. And now he is in his mid-thirties, so obviously he won’t look like what he did back then. He actually looks amazing for a person his age.

    I don’t know why some people want Leo to look like what he did back in Titanic. He was cute, for sure, but he looked like a boy. Now he looks like a man.

    I also can’t believe how some people are commenting on how Leo did a bad job on dumping bar when just a few months ago the same people used to say she was a famewhore. Hypocrites I tell ya!

  • ria

    lol amazing? leo looks like a bloated pumpkin headed womanizer..good thing he moved on to gerry

  • Hello There

    Did she forget to put on her dress?

  • VictoriaGirl

    @Hello There:
    Exactly what I was going to say. She forgot to get dressed. I guess when someones a model or actress they can wear their underwear out in public and get away with it. People will think its fashion.

  • surelay

    He is so so short and thin.

  • cute


    closer to her age?? Davis is a 35 years old man. hahahahaha

  • toni

    wow 35? he looks a lot younger

  • Mari

    She is really, really pretty.

    But that dress she is wearing looks exactly like something I have to wear in bed. Just the colour is different. Weird!

  • Dasha

    who cares about her and her new toy boy?

  • tal

    so happy for her!!!!
    she’s stunningggggg

  • tal


  • Bar is


  • John

    she is very beautiful! have you seen her video for SI? na ked^? She is perfect! Blake lively is nothing compare to her!

    watch the difference!

  • sarah

    She looks amazing! good for her.

  • LMS

    Great! It seems she’s very happy! And what is so obvious from this pics.. She’s not hiding her face like she used to when she was with Leo!!

    Let’s go Bar!

  • ela


    She is not hiding because she now needs attention and exposure. Right now nobody cares about her.

  • Why

    @Dasha: well you obvbiously do…go away

  • Heart Necklace

    Oh my she’s wearing a heart necklace by Jen Meyer. I guess this means that Leo didnt dump her!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mlef

    Maybe the honking is the sound of people starving to death in Palestine.

    People sometimes just have no idea of what happening few meters beside, and I’m not only talking about her.

  • noname

    Haven’t been in Tel Aviv for so long :(
    maybe I’ll go there tomorrow :D

  • haha

    lol she hasn’t been written about 1 time on here since Leo dumped her. I was loving it. Why should we care about this irrelevant bar girl again? what is she? is she even a model? SI doesn’t even want her stubby a** anymore.??? smh.

  • eww

    she looks like a man

  • Cammie

    Iam not a big fan of her, but I would rather see Leo with her then Fake BLake…

    Fake nose, Fake Boobs, fake tan, A liar (nude pics), a brown noser, and her Huge PR TEAM

    I think Bar looks cute but I don’t like her dress

  • chubs

    Aw shucks I thought this never- has- been was dunzo once Leo kicked her to the curb.

  • sasha

    Bar is a real beauty but a jewish always ends up almost always with a jewish

    Bar and this man
    Natalie Portman & Benjamin…ect

  • ali

    Gold Digger !!!!