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Gerard Butler: Ischia Film Festival Opening Dinner!

Gerard Butler: Ischia Film Festival Opening Dinner!

Gerard Butler hits the red carpet at the opening dinner on day one of the Ischia Film Festival on Sunday (July 10) in Ischia, Italy.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor is being honored at the festival with the Actor of the Year award.

Gerard was joined at the opening dinner by his pal Eli Roth, as well as director Paul Haggis.

Earlier in the day, Gerard went on a boat ride with Eli and rocker Sting.

Over the weekend, Gerard joined Leonardo DiCaprio at a dinner party that was also attended by Leo‘s mom!

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gerard butler ischia film festival opening dinner 01
gerard butler ischia film festival opening dinner 02
gerard butler ischia film festival opening dinner 03
gerard butler ischia film festival opening dinner 04
gerard butler ischia film festival opening dinner 05
gerard butler ischia film festival opening dinner 06
gerard butler ischia film festival opening dinner 07

Credit: Venturelli, Gigi Iorio; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Getty
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  • niknoks

    The disappointment of his smoking aside, the man does know how to rock a suit.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    he certainly does..I bet the suit he’ll be wearing tomorrow is really going to rock..:) Have a great evening niknoks..walking my’s cooler now

  • Try sitting ina office allday

    Gerry is looking fabulous !!!!! So many great photos in the past week.
    Can’t wait 2 see his new movies and all the interviews.
    As for the smoking -no-one is perfect – maybe he will quit again-one day?
    Love Love Gerry xx

  • BEAN

    This guy has no swag. He can wear the best suits, he just doesn’t know how to carry himself in them.

  • BEAN

    @niknoks: THAT is rocking a suit? Omg the fan boys and girls on here are deluded for real.

  • curious cat


    Niks, you bagged the #1 comment. The faster the photos come the better, so threads don’t get bogged down. To me he almost always looks good, except for the troll shot puffing on a weed in a beach cave, or so it looked. I have no quarrel with his looks. Just have the wllies about some of the reported behavior. But I think there are peeps I like on here and that keeps me coming back every time the dopes drive me away.

  • oldbutnotdead


    I do not know if it showed up on the other thread.

    Yay, new thread. Gone again!

  • TwatScot

    nice cheap suit

  • TwatScot

    Is he getting honored for ‘Gamer?’

  • superman


  • ria

    Aww, already introducing him to his mom, cute.

  • niknoks


    You just can’t keep away… stop procrastinating and get back to your lecture prep…. ;-)

    p.s Did see the vid on the last thread and loved it.

  • niknoks

    @curious cat:

    I know what you mean, I just try to ignore all the ‘wind-up merchants’ on here that are blatantly looking to start an argument. I like the fact we can just have random discussions on here about anything and everything when the ‘rational’ people are around.

  • curious cat

    Why I keep being drawn back to these threads I don’t know. I normally don’t pay much attention to the careers of stars. Somehow I got hooked on this one and to be honest, I think it’s more the fun of yakking with the good people here from all over creation. Actual hard news of Mr. Butler, if I want it, is available elsewhere, and I really don’t need the same old gossip about what women he might be seeing and whether he’s gay or not or whether people like his hair.
    But wow, reading about the wolf problems and the fish problems. And whatever else comes up.
    Right now I am rocking to Fleetwood Mac, which is old stuff, but I sort of vaguely missed them. I missed a lot living out of the country and mainstream pop culture for years. Amazing. Even now, I sometims find myself saying, When did THAT happen? I am clueless about big gaps.
    Soldier on, folks.

  • skin damage

    He needs to wear sunscreen.

  • Hello, Kitty

    Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.

  • coppertone

    @skin damage:

    ITAWY – all those sun freckles

  • curious cat

    @skin damage:

    Yes to sunscreen. Especially for northern European skin.
    I guess Fleetwood Mac goes back longer than I thought. But they went on for a long tine, /funny I wasn’t aware. Good music is good, new or old. Jeeps, I listen to Beethoven, Prokofiev, Cesar Franck, Antonin Dvorak, Khachaturian, who I actually saw conduct shortly before he died, Puccini, Bizet, Verdi, the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Anrew Lloyd Webber, many composer musicians who came and went. And so many Hawaiian musicians during the Hawaiian Renaissance. So much music out there. And supposedly we will never run out of new compositions because the combination of notes is infinite.

  • niknoks

    @curious cat:

    Favourite Fleetwood Mac song has to be Dreams I think, The Corrs also did a beautiful cover of it…

  • curious cat

    Thanks Nik Noks. I came back because I feared I double posted. In the last few years I got into country music, which I always liked ok when I was exposed to it, but I didn’t hear it much. Now I adore Brookd & Dunn (who annoyingly split a couple of years after I discovered them but Ronnie Dunn of the big, lusty, resonsant, souful, golden tenor voice seems to be moving on just fine in a solo career. Brad Paisley (“he writes intelligent lyrics, sings with the passion of a storyteller and can make a guitar sound like a herd of stampeding buffalo,” one critic wrote) is a huge talent at what, 37. Josh Turner, also in his 30s, is gorgeous, with a deep baritone voice. Ian Tyson, Canadian singer, now in his late 70s, is great, also Canadian folk singer Gordon Lightfoot, in his early 70s. French folk singers Alan Stivell and Giles Servat , both in their 60s, I adore, only discovered them two years ago or so. You have to keep your mind and heart open to everything. : ) We have so much opportunity to be in touch with the world and don’t need to waste it in silly fights on these threads. I’ve so many interesting contacts with people all over the world through the internet. Why squander this resource?

  • Swansong

    Is he in Ischia to hook up with all the hoares again? He just can’t keep away.


  • Swansong

    I just looked at the close up. Oh My! What is this man doing to his sensitive Scottish skin? If he keeps this up he will end up looking older than his mother.

    Eli Roth is not very attractive but standing next to Gerry he doesn’t look so bad.


  • Mike

    Didn’t he used to be somewhat attractive? What happened?

  • curious cat

    can this be the same song caled “These Strange Times”" Because they sing about dreams and it is a powerful song.

  • Chara

    His left cheek reminds me of Bradley Cooper.

    His eyes are amazing.

    Who is the pretty girl in the pretty dress?

  • niknoks

    @curious cat:

    No it’s a different one, this is it…

    Fleetwood Mac version
    The Corrs Version

  • she

    For someone who is getting an award, isn’t he supposed to look a little happier? That what I was thinking when I looked at the pics.

  • Swansong

    LOL! Actor of the Year? Is that supposed to be some kind of joke? They must have nominated him because he is the only one that would have showed up to pick up the award at this cheesy festival.

    He had nothing come out yet this year and last year he has The Bounty Hunter and How To Train Your Dragon. In which of these movies was his acting award worthy?



    What? Is it “Give a hobo a make-over” day again? Who’s that?

  • Em

    Not a big fan of grey shiny suits, but to be honest he’d look good in a potato sack. I wish he’d look happier though, he seems sad and distant :(

  • TwatScot

    Getting actor of the year there is like getting ‘MIss Personality’ at a pageant: they give it to whomever is willing to make the trip.

    This year: the sloppy scot himself rolled up looking like someone’s drunk uncle. What’s with the shiny patina zoot suit?

  • Grapevine

    Hmmm, I wonder who this could be????

  • award


    I hate to say it, but I kind of agree with you. Josh Hartnett won it last year, if that tells you anything…..

  • niknoks


    It’s Lady Victoria Hervey and Gisella Maraengo, no great mystery.

  • Scorpio & Aries

    That Eli Bear juden basterd surpasses Gerard on my babe-o-meter.

  • Manson lamps

    @Swansong: Eli Roth is not very attractive but standing next to Gerry he doesn’t look so bad.

    Eli Roth is very attractive. I never thought I’d find a man with such a hairy chest so attractive.

  • FYI

    Gisella Marengo is in “Playing the Field”. She plays one of the soccer Moms.

  • Annie D

    Butler is totally gay. Why can’t anyone figure it out already? It’s so obvious. He’s never “with” any woman. Never. Fans have wondered where the “I slept with Butler” stories are. Again, he’s gay. And the men aren’t talking. He’s a better actor than anyone’s given him credit for because he’s kept his gay personal life private for years. Good luck to him and I hope he finds the man of his dreams.

  • lolita

    Gerry, go home, visit your family, walk in the beautiful highlands and get some rest my dear. Put the ciggies down, you have a much stronger will then the cancer sticks have on you. Enjoy your time at home♥♥




  • she
  • justsayin’too

    He looks better cleaned up, but something doesn’t look right in the close up with Eli. His eyes look strange. I still think he looks unhealthy and his skin is looking awful. He is such a handsome man to let himself looks so old and frail. I know there will be lots to disagree but just an opinion folks. Come back to good health GB and eat a cupcake or two.

  • GFW

    Appears a little detached here. Could be jet lag catching up. He did go from CA (US pacific time) to Italian time (6 hours ahead of me eastern time) and quiet a few more from CA time. Could be catching up to him by lack of sleep? Other than that love his loving gray. Paired with the pale blue is stunning. Gray really brings out those eyes the color of the sand and the sea.
    I think Italy is one step ahead here. This is his year, just hope he can find some peace and quiet soon enough (like at home in Scotland) to recharge those batteries of his listening to crickets chirp from his mom’s deck under the moonlight.
    Personally I think Hollywood is a bandit.

  • GFW

    PS, Need to say I just love his hint of a smile, and other photos have shone up with his winning, irony intended, smile! :o)

  • paisley

    Em & she… I agree with you – Gerry does appear to be somewhat distracted and/or unhappy lately. Maybe there are some underlying aches & pains from all of the surfing practice he’s been putting in. Possibly there’s just too much going on in his life right now and he’s not quite sure which direction to turn next.

    lolita I think you’re spot-on. after this he should head home to Scotland for a breather and to reconnect to those closest to him. It’d do him a world of good.

    curious cat & niknoks I think he looks great (a bit tired – he really needs to learn to not burn the candle at both ends) but I DO hope he gives up the ciggies again soon…

  • paisley

    niknoks & curious cat – it’s nice to converse with people who are genuinely concerned for Gerry’s well being, and do not use every single one of their posts to tear the man to shreds for his faults, whether real or perceived. Having said that every time I see him with a ciggie in his hand I want to sneak up behind him, tap his shoulder and when he turns around, spray him with a bottle of seltzer water. But only out of concern for him. ;-D

    To the doubters – Gerry is probably receiving the award for Machine Gun Preacher coming out in September. Buzz in several places is that Mr. Butler put in an outstandingly good performance and could very well take home an Oscar.

  • niknoks


    Back atcha babe…. :-)

    His smoking does irritate me but I’m more disappointed for him than in him. What annoys me most about it though, is his father died of cancer so he is more likely to be predisposed to it regardless of whether he smokes or not. I do want to give him a smack round the back of the head and tell him to ‘sort himself out’ but only out of love. ;-p

  • cubedweller

    Others are commenting on the smoking and weight loss. I agree he doesn’t look thrilled to be at this fest. Here’s Kaiser’s take:
    And I hate to say it but I agree with Fake Swansong. This whole Actor of the Year thing is ridiculous. I think these fest folk are trying to get ahead of the buzz about Coriolanus and MGP. It’s risky cuz if Butler gets a big meh from the critics for his acting, they will all look stupid together. If, however, these movies launch a big career boost and his work gets raves, the Ischia folk will look like effin’ geniuses.
    Hey – I’m hoping for great work in great films that are both big successes. We’ve been waiting patiently, and I hope they are terrific. But most of all I hope Butler gets off the cigs, and gets his smile back.

  • Midsummer’s Eve

    His looks remind me somewhat of Paul Hogan now. Seriously, I am concerned about him. Something isn’t right. Haven’t seen him laughing recently. Just some forced smiles and evil grins. Some say he looks good and he looks relaxed. I say he looks out of it, like he’s not present and his mind is somewhere else. I’m concerned about his return to nicotine but that could just be the tip of the iceberg. That long pinky finger nail could mean something far worse. I hope I’m dead wrong.

  • redOctober