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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Red O Dinner with Friends

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Red O Dinner with Friends

LeAnn Rimes and hubby Eddie Cibrian leave Red O after dinner out on the town on Saturday (July 9) in West Hollywood.

The 28-year-old singer and her husband were joined by a group of friends.

“Great friends, good times!” LeAnn wrote on her Twitter account after leaving dinner. “Love nights like this!”

Earlier in the week, LeAnn and a female friend were spotted doing a little shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian going out to dinner with friends…

Just Jared on Facebook
leann rimes eddie cibrian redo 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian redo 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian redo 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian redo 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian redo 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian redo 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian redo 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian redo 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian redo 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian redo 10
leann rimes eddie cibrian redo 11
leann rimes eddie cibrian redo 12

Photos: GSI Media
Posted to: Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes

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  • kel

    The good times will come to an end when her money is gone.

  • gwen

    She is so sexy! I really mean that. WEWE is such a beautiful woman.

  • gwen

    The major problem with this photo-op? It needs MOAR WEWE in short-shorts! :)

    1) Once again EC needs to allow WEWE more time with his kids(while JJ takes extra care not to mention that LeAnn is an awesome mom with the kids and even left out the photo of EC and his son on the surfboard , WEWE had no problems go south), This is why NBC/Playboy LOVES EC now. Imagine all the viewers that have been turned on by the fact that EC so loving pimps out his kids to all us fans. LOVE THEM BOTH.

    So aren’t we supposed to believe that EC is in love with WEWE? I see it, we all see it. because they hold hands and go out to dinner. That is love.

    This is the man that NBC/Playboy wants to represent them? YES! Because he is all man.

    2) It’s NOT STAGED. That is 4 photo-ops in a row,and we need more. WEWE and EC are ranked high and I love it.

    And so we must ask, what is wrong with having lots of WEWE promotions this week? Nothing I tell you

    It is sad that WEWE can’t enjoy ONE sec of her “blissful” life with “her family and friends” without haters saying stuff. Why? Why does she invite such anger. She is gorgeous.

  • gwen

    I wish I could taste her. Those shorts look great on her body.
    1) I do believe the tides are a turnin and we are clamering to see moar WEWE
    2) She is a good mom to her step-children
    3) She looks good in shorts. THAT is a given! HAHAHAHHAHAHA

  • http://bettyj2u/ betty

    LeAnn definitely a beautiful woman and a good mom to her step-kids. And Eddie is so handsome!

  • http://bettyj2u/ LeAnn’s Dad

    She has a body that makes me go oh-la-la.

  • Shay

    She’s nasty.

  • Francine

    Leann, dont you have anything better to do than tweet everything you do 24/7? Really, its begining to get nauseating!Doesnt Eddie Cibrian see how narcisistic and egotistical you are? The only thing you care about is tweeting bikini pictures and showing off! So hollow! Do something productive with your life!

  • helen

    eddie doesn’t seem to realize how big of a dork he has become since running around with tramp leeanne

  • Karen

    I’m really looking forward to watching Brandi Glanville on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this autumn. I’m also looking for to LeAnn go crazy as Brandi Glanville becomes a big celebrity on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this autumn.

  • Jan


    THIS! Can you just imagine how much insane tweeting Leann is going to do once the show airs?

  • tami

    Sorry, but Leann looks like Falkor from The Neverending Story:

  • Faman

    what show does he play in?? i remember the face but can’t put it with a
    How to Get More Followers on Twitter…The Easy Way <-good ish!

  • CJLOVE23

    Dog Face Rimes

  • http://hotmail tami

    Where does she get the money for all these vacations, expensive lunches/dinners, shopping? A mansion she owns has been vacant for years, she is supporting her husband, hasn’t had a hit song in years, and is pretty much a lounge singer anymore.

  • Kat

    Brandi is no better than Leann. Maybe she is mother an all but she shows off her tits and ass in her Twitter pictures..
    Posting in her bikini and talking about Leann and again, taking pictures..
    They are the same and that’s what Eddie falls for..
    Leann is just insecure that’s why she is doing this non stop posting and talking about how in love they are..
    She obviously is more in love with him than he is with her..
    But I have to say, she has gained some weight and looks really better than a couple months ago..
    She should go back to her old weight

  • JL

    Too bad about her ugly face.

  • Not Cool

    First Leann does have her issues!!!! But Brandi u say some pretty cutting things on Tweeter to totally drive Leann crazy!! ie stay away from dimples….going to be hard no pun intended….Brandi is so bitter!! this is the funniest bitch fest in a long time…u gurls must be getting paid big time! And sorry but the chick Eddie gets with is the dark haired one who was JT’s backup dancer

  • Not Cool

    Have inside connection on Playboy set!! This is so fun……

  • Not Cool

    By the way people keep making fun of Leanns face!!! Has anyone taken a look at Brads I mean Brandi’s….. any one can have a nice body!! Not long old lady stick legs with no curve!! Too old skeletons…hang em in the closet already Eddie…go for a cute curvy one!!! With real boobies

  • amejean

    I am gay and proud of it. I am LeAnn’s biggest supporter. LeAnn supports Gays and Lesbians. When LeAnn is unavailable to service Eddie because of her incredibly busy schedule, I service him. Sometimes when LeAnn is servicing Liz I’m servicing her husband and Eddie at the same time. We are all very close. I have nothing against Eddie’s ex wife. She is extremely beautiful but she is not a lesbian so I can’t support her.

  • Dulcebrisa

    Liar ,liar pants on fire;-)
    You HATE Brandi and constanly insult her on twitter so don’t denied you have nothing against her.Of course Brandi is extremely beautiful that’s why she was a model,and is bulls{]}#%, that she doesn’t support the gay community.So stop saying lies about her.And it’s seem pretty clear
    that wewe pay you to insult Brandi. Bye the way English is not my first language ,but I think you get the message;-)

  • Wednesday

    Jared, really? Do you have to keep shoving these two down our throats each day? There are many celebrity sites and this one has gone way over the top for LeeAnn which can only mean money to Jared. Please find someone more interesting, more intelligent, more popular, and less narcisstic in your searches! More LeeAnn will definitely mean less of us on your site.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    This thread is really getting more and more our ridiculous. It appears someone is trying to continue this feud between Brandi and Leann with all this negative feed it isn’t cute and shows how shallow some people are.Making comments in other posters name trying to get people riled. Personally I past that stage after junior hi or middle school as they call it now.I considered myself to mature in high school to deal in such antics.For grownups to acts as juveniles is past pathetic. So you children continue play your games.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    ForLeann Stop,with all these silly threads about your bikinis .,curves, legs and new found friends. How can you mother children when you act so immature the important thing you learn about being a parent is it’s not all about you.It’s more to parenting than tweeting. Eddie could also use some tips .At least Brandi puts in the time with the kids when she has them.

  • Racy

    @Wednesday: Does anybody make you get on this site and look at LeAnn and Eddie. Sounds like you go out of your way to look for something that isn’t there. Jealous hearts will do anything, even if its a lie, to get their name printed.

  • Racy

    @amejean: I do not believe this poster is going to like what the real amjn has to say to them. Cannot wait to hear the reply.Ha Ha

  • Zooey

    WHY cant Brandi find a man to be in a relationship with?? She never out with a man just women!!!
    True Blood actor denied he fooled with her. OUCHIE.
    Brandi can’t get a regular boyfriend WHY???

  • Mckenzie

    Brandy is a drunky mother!! Keep her off the roads please!!!!!
    Poor kids have to ride in Taxi’s

  • !

    Brandi’s a great mom and she is going to be terrific on RHOBH.
    Leann is gonna go bat sh*t crazy.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Zooey What’s it to you.? Why the interest in her love life?. Men are like traffic signals there’s one on every corner. Good men are hard to find a man like Eddie on every corner. That’s why Leann is always on ALERT!!! @McKenzie But she is a good mother and always there for her kids that’s more than Eddie can say.

  • Gwennannie Bowl-RitaMacdd

    bettyj2u…if there’s an Eddie on every corner why does Brandi still pine for Eddie? Cuz he has some fine traits , good genetics and he’s smart enuf to leave Brandi for something soooooooooo much better.

  • Speak Now


    Why the interest in Leann’s? People like Gwen need their OWN LIFE.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Why not use one name I know you are the same posters. Phonies!!!.Leann is the only one obsessed with Eddie.I’m sure he has fine traits,cheating,lying deceiving and good genes yes ,he had 2 beautiful sons with Brandi. The best thing happened to Brandi was getting rid of Eddie she is going on to bigger and better things RHOBH. Little interest in Leann she puts it all out here. We all have our own life we just don’t tweet it away.

  • Dude…


    Well said Betty, well said.

  • Dude…


    Well said Betty, well said.

  • Renee

    So amusing! All you got to do is follow Brandi and then you know exactly what Leann is going to do next! Months ago Brandi tweeted about the Red O and Brandi has always had lots of friends. Now all of a sudden, Leann is going to the same restaurant with “friends.” Yeah, whatever.

  • Green eyed Texan

    Leann is looking great – now she looks younger and not so much like a co/ke who/re like Brandi does.
    Brandi looks like a skinny pretzel covered in cellulite and a floppy pancake butt. Leann at least looks like she has some muscle.
    Keep telling yourselves that guys wan’t ‘soft’ fat women. We dont

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Speak for yourself Texan.You don’t know all men.Different strokes for different folks.

  • Luca

    Ha ha – poor fame whore has paid someone to take her photos! Eddie looks really pissed off with the whole thing now as he should. Sorry Eddie – you reap what you sow buddy. Don’t worry dude, you’ll be back here in Chicago before you know it wink wink….

  • Real Celebs Please!

    A lister news today: Matt and Kate had a baby boy and David and Victoria had a baby girl. Oh, and for the back page filler because something needs go there: D listers Leann and her Eddie went to yet another dinner.

  • amejean

    Eddie is STILL sleeping with Liz, so that is why I showed up and made posts 2, 3, and 4 in Gwen’s name and post 5 in betty’s name.

    Don’t worry, JUST JARED won’t do a thing about me making posts in your names because WEWE is paying them.

  • Mckenzie

    Brandi drinks and pops pills. She is a pyscho woman. WHY did he have so many affairs? She drove him to it!! Good luck finding a man. 40 year old boozer.

  • Racy

    Guess before LeAnn and Eddie go out to eat, they should check to see that Brandi hasn’t been there. Is that what you are saying? Of course they have people take their picture – they are in the ENTERTAINMENT business Duh! Thought Brandi was so poor she fed her kids at McWhowhos – didn’t we read that a while back? Don’t talk about anybody telling lies. You people have it down to a science.

  • Luca

    Hi @Betty – you hit the nail on the head. Good men don’t cheat. There are still a lot of us out there Betty. As a man Leann, I will tell you this, you will need to watch him hard. Marriage vows are all very well and good and you both meant them at the time but hey, he meant them the first time around and yet he cheated twice. Betty, Brandi doesn’t have to worry where her man is at night when he’s “working”. Leann always will. Trust? I don’t think so. Let’s see what happens in Chicago first shall we.

  • gwen

    @Speak Now:

    Hi Athena/amejean

    1) @Speak now

    Why the interest in us to the point where you start off each and every NEW thread by making posts in our names? People like SPEAK NOW need their OWN LIFE. So instead of starting off each and every post in our names, perhaps you should use your own name.

    In fact if you had your own life, you wouldn’t be so worried about me.

    2) @RACY

    Does anybody make you get on this site and look at the comments that we post about LeAnn and Eddie. Sounds like CBME/RACY goes out of her way to look for something that isn’t there.Like WEWE fanbase? Which is SO low that CBME/RACY has to post under 10-15 different names.

    So let’s recap and look at all the different names that RACY/CBME has used in this one thread:

    You made post 2-4 in my name

    Post 5 in Betty’s name

    post 28 as Zooey

    Post 29 as Mckenzie

    post 32

    So basically this staged photo-op has backfired.

    Jealous hearts will do anything, even if its a lie, to get their name printed. So that is why RACY/CBME made posts 2-4 in my name and post 5 in betty name, it’s because RACY/CBME was jealous? Thanks for making that very clear.

    And how exactly does RACY/CBME know what amejean likes and doesn’t like? Because RACY/CBME is amejean? As we can see RACY/CBME reply to that post was posts 28, 29, 32, and 33 right.

    3) @ Gwennannie Bowl-RitaMacdd

    Why does your post about BG pining over EC sound so familiar? Because you made the very same comment when you were posting here as CBME/RACY and then on CB when you were posting as irena.

    What gives you the impression that BG is pining over EC? Because she calls him out? Since WEWE SWF BG, then by your logic that means that WEWE is pining over BG, then right?

    “Cuz he has some fine traits , good genetics and he’s smart enuf to leave Brandi for something soooooooooo much better.”

    Like WEWE money?

    Seriously if EC had “fine traits, good genetics, or the smarts”WEWE wouldn’t be SWF BG. EC doesn’t want WEWE, EC is sleeping with Liz.

    BTW, what other poster spent a lot of time trying to convince us that EC was smart because he went to college? CBME/RACY. So Mckenzie is more than likely RACY/CBME.


    Wow, it’s another post from the BG twitter stalker. You know, she showed up posting as Karen, rachel, michela, leticia, portia, mandy, maine, and many more different names.

    Eddie is a drunky mother!! Keep EC off the roads please!!!!!
    Poor kids have to ride in Taxi’s

    5) ZOOEY

    “WHY cant Brandi find a man to be in a relationship with?? She never out with a man just women!!!”

    Wow, that sounds very, very, very familiar? Probably because you wrote the very same thing a month ago, only at the time your names was PORTIA. So why do you keep using all these different names to make these posts about BG?

    “True Blood actor denied he fooled with her. OUCHIE.”

    Didn’t EC also deny that he fooled with WEWE? He referred to WEWE as a speedbump, said that the media made up his affair with her, and made is sound like he would NEVER EVER touch someone like WEWE. So ouchies to WEWE. Speedbump? I thought EC was madly in love with WEWE.

    “Brandi can’t get a regular boyfriend WHY???”

    BUSTED. You made the very same comment when you showed up here a month ago posting as PORTIA. So why then would you use the name Zooey instead of Portia? So it’s safe to say that you also made the post as mckenzie.

    So let me guess, you are going to show up with even more different names to make these posts where you stalk BG twitter page.


  • poala454

    If this was a couple trying to get on with lives and be in love then I might agree with you but unfortunately this narcissistic, desperate ‘to hang on to her husband’, and ‘I’M HIS WIFE’ carnival show that she’s putting on is just sad and desperate. It will come back to bite her on the ass as no man (even with a backbone, which her husband is sadly lacking) will find attractive. She’s hammering her own death knell. Sadly no one is going to remember her for her career, does anyone remember her for that now or is it just for her desperate bikini poses?Twitter

  • gwen



    Nice Trick. So now you are opening up TWO WINDOWS and submiting the comments within sec of each other to make it look like you are not posting under different names. I noticed that you did the very same thing for posts 2 and 3.

    Remember when you tried to convince us that CBME and RACY werent’ the same person by posting in TWO different windows?

    Eddie drinks and pops pills. Eddie is a pyscho man. WHY did he have so many affairs? WEWE drove him to it!! Good luck finding a man. 40 year old boozer.

    PS- Didn’t you make the very same posts a month ago, only your name at the time was maine, karen, rachel, leticia, micheala, portia, and etc…?

    1) @RACY

    What exactly did WEWE expect was going to happen? If she didn’t want to get called out for SWF BG, then perhaps WEWE should stop SWF BG. We all know that WEWE is SWF BG.

    How odd that the people who are taking WEWE and EC pictures are always the same media outlets: JUST JARED, x17, Dailymail, and Gossip Celeb site. Seriously EC and WEWE have been staging back to back photo-ops since Friday, so we know that they called the paps.


    See I told you, CBME/RACY was posting as Pamela.

    CBME/RACy seems to have it down to a science, when WEWE staged photo-ops flop, out come the WEWE “fans”.

  • Jed


  • amejean

    LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Famewhoring at Red O with “Friends”(aka Eddie’s mistresses)

    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Love the Cameras — Are They the New Heidi and Spencer?

    Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been the reigning King and Queen of ridiculously staged photo ops for the past few years, though there may be some new competition on the scene. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian seem to share Heidi and Spencer’s flair for drama, posing for a serious engagement shoot and silly bikini beach strolls. Also like Heidi and Spencer, LeAnn and Eddie just love to share PDA in some of the most unusual places. Considering all of LeAnn and Eddie’s recent camera time, we’d like to know what you think — are LeAnn and Eddie the new Heidi and Spencer?