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'Transformers' Tops Box Office for Second Week

'Transformers' Tops Box Office for Second Week

Transformers: Dark of the Moon took the top spot at the box office for the second week in a row.

The latest film in the franchise, starring Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, brought in an estimated $47 million in ticket sales.

Second and third place went to Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman‘s Horrible Bosses, with an estimated $28.1 million and Kevin JamesZookeeper, with an estimated $21 million. Both films exceeded studios’ expectations and had a strong showing at the box office!

Rounding out the top five were Cars 2 and Cameron Diaz‘s Bad Teacher, with $15.2 million and $9 million, respectively, followed by the Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts film Larry Crowne, which made $6.3 million.

WHAT DID YOU SEE at the movies this weekend?

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  • Glozell xD

    Great Movie it deserves :3

  • Wannabe actress


  • siennagold

    Rosie looks like wax figure in that photo.

  • scarjofan

    but here comes harry!

  • Tvlife

    better then magen? what you say?

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    i see rosie ^^

  • transformers

    i hate megan but in fact megan pretty and sexy

  • no

    megan better

  • Fama

    transformers..was a pretty good movie..don’t think it was the best of the franchise though..

    How to Get More Followers on Twitter…The Easy Way <-good ish!

  • top

    now megan jealous

  • angelina jolie

    goodbye megan

  • Mlef

    People have no f@cking taste….what a shame.

  • Lou

    Horrible bosses ……

  • Mlef

    This girls seems to have no brain and no one though on this

  • BEAN

    The movie was awful. This is sad.

  • s

    TF3 was awesome. Loved Rosie in it, she did a great job, hope to see her in more projects.
    Gorgeous girl with awesome personality!

  • Miss Kitty

    Just saw it and thought it wasn’t as good as the first but much, much better than the second. And I also thought Rosie looked beautiful in it and she did a great job acting.

  • Mlef

    If you are able to recognize her personality, then call the police, because apparently, she lost it few years

  • alex

    the shia labuef effect .tranformars 3 passed the 400 milion world wide in 1 week,shia labuef is money maker.for every dollat the studio pend the get 85 in return that is very impressive

  • veronica

    i have to say this shia LaBeouf kid is becoming hollywood first leading man.who would have guessed the even stevens kid will become such a star.

  • robert

    people horribel taste hate beautiful girl and love normal

  • dana

    TR3 is the best action movie of the year,its ashame that shia is leaving the franchise.the only reason i watched this movie.

  • carina

    shia Labeouf is hot .he is my leading man dream,hhhhhhhhhhhhh, i hope he leave that asian chick am shour he can do better than her maby me.

  • http://justjared saira

    Re: HB I am so happy for Jason Bateman and Charlie Day. Finally, they are being recognized for their talent. I knew Colin would steal the movie. He is so under appreciated as an actor. So sorry Jen’s self promotion for this movie fell thru. Big whoop she was talking dirty and acting sexy, as if that could pass for talent. The critics’ agree that she is the most ridiculous character/plot line in the whole movie. I am so happy that the underdogs are finally reaping the rewards for their talent, without some desperate has-been riding their coattails trying to suck off their glory. I hope for more starring roles for these guys really soon. Hopefully, with someone more talented like Kristen Wiig.

  • adam

    thats show you shia Labeouf fan base, this guy is huge ,i watched the movie becous he was in it, and i wasnt a fan,but i become one after seeing disturbia.i understand now why he have alot of fans.he have strange charm ,for his age he is only what 26? but but achieved alot with his career.other actors in his age tallked bout becous they are on tabloid magazine instead than movies ,the tipes of zac efrons or all the wanna be actors out there learn somthing from this guy

  • jaye

    Shia Labeouf promised that this Transformer would be better than the last. Epic fail! The first 40 minutes was a dud. The story line was barely there. While I didn’t expect this to be an acting tour de force, even the attempts at humor where lame. Shia was funny and likeable in 1 and 2, whatever he had in those movies was lost in #3. There was NO chemistry between Rosie and Labeouf. You don’t have to sleep together for that to happen, you just have to be able to pretend. Apparently she was unable and he didn’t want to.
    Let’s talk about Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s character; I can’t even remember her name. Her character really should have been left out of the movie; it didn’t need a female in it, especially this one. Just another piece of eye candy for Michael Bay and this one was totally useless.
    Huntington-Whiteley was dragged through dirt, glass, wreckage and never broke out in a sweat, never got a cut or scrape, make up never ran. She should have been dirty and grimy as hell, but at the end of the fighting she was as fresh as a daisy. Great going Michael Bay lol. This was just ridiculous. At least Megan Fox DID something in some scenes and she got dirty, she was IN the fight. Rosie just got pulled along and stood around trying to look stunned. Maybe Bay just thought Huntington-Whiteley was just too special to get down and dirty.
    To top it off there’s that scene where Huntington_whiteley was getting out of the car and of course Bay had to have a shot up her tight dress. Her cooch was darkened out for the movie, but I’m sure Bay got an eye full and has saved that clip for his special alone time, like he did the audition ( really a loose term here) video of Megan Fox washing HIS car with short shorts on.
    The fight scenes were ok. I did expect it would be better because of all the criticism about #2, but since the dollars were going to be made, I don’t think Bay felt the need to stray from his formula. He reused scenes from other movies and even stole dialogue from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. lol. I know no one goes to see these movies for the actors, but even the robots were dull this time around; we didn’t’ get to see much of their personalities.
    Shia Labeouf could hardly be called a leading man in this series of movies. ANYONE could have starred in these movies and they would have made big bank. Because anyone but a liar knows the technology and the Robots were the real stars. Let’s hope this is the end of the series or at least the end of it with Michael Bay at the helm. I have the dvd of the other two, but I won’t be buying the dvd of this one. I don’t have the slightest desire to see it again.
    Labeouf is a good actor in other movies, but I think everyone was just trying to get this one over with.

  • anybody?anybody?

    So good! It’s a must-see in 3D!! Shia is an amazing actor. I love him in the franchise, but I’m ready to see him in what he does after, like The Wettest Country in the World. I just wanna see more of him LOL Rosie is gorgeous and she did a pretty good, solid job. Next to Megan, Rosie has a lot more range

  • nora

    carina u stupid bich what the hell u got against asian girls.i dont think it mattersthat she is asian , i think shia likes her becous she is normal and down to earth.the important thing she makes him happy so all his fans should be happy for him.foucus on shia he is in a good place with his career talk about that in leave this girl be.

  • anna

    i want 2 see shia in other movies he is a great actor and blockbuster star.i wold pay money to see him sleep,thats how much of a fan i am.and the movie is making money becous of him i am 36 my mom is 60 even she became a fan after she saw eagle eye she is obssesd with conspiracy theory hhhhhhhhhhhhh she fall in love with shia how crazy is that.that is funny

  • http://justjared saira

    Saw T3 in IMAX 3D last week. LOVED IT!!!! Rosie makes Megan seem like Meryl Streep in the acting department. SHEESH! They should have just used a cardboard cutout…or a rock. She made my ears hurt.

  • Jordan

    Rosie was amazing in the movie, so beautiful! The 3D is so cool, I’m seeing it again tomorrow!

  • Kasey

    Go watch Horrible Bosses! It was great, might watch it again :)

  • nan

    SHE HAS NOOO SURGERY. HER NOSE IS NATURAL, everything. natural beauty.